President Trump Tours Pratt Industry New Plant with Owner Anthony Pratt and Prime Minister Morrison…

President Trump tours a new cardboard manufacturing plant in Ohio with plant owner Anthony Pratt and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.   During the tour President Trump stopped to make remarks to the traveling press pool:

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37 Responses to President Trump Tours Pratt Industry New Plant with Owner Anthony Pratt and Prime Minister Morrison…

  1. David Osterloh says:

    My old county seat Wapakoneta, Auglaize county now live one county over ,Mercer county Ohio, Celina, the county seat, This part of the state is rural, farm country, Very conservative, but it seams even in tough times we keep working. Great to see (video) Trump doing his thing would have loved to be there but the cows needed to be milked. MAGA, KAG

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  2. cthulhu says:

    Anthony Pratt seems to be getting grooming tips from BoJo….

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  3. Loren says:

    Excellent! Capital working to it’s finest. That is what happens when you have free and fair trade.

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    • Lack is not all says:

      I love to watch Alpha men discussing business. I feel so happy that the Obama era is gone and the Crooked Clinton era never was. Life is good.

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      • Loren says:

        I will never forget how Capital defeated the Soviet Union. It’s all about the peoples attitude and perspective of the future. If enough people perspective changes, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. God rewards a positive attitude!

        If you look at the doom and gloomers, the end is nye. How can that attitude and perspective win/gain anything. People tier of that as time moves forward.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        Me, too. Watched the whole thing, and was mesmerized.

        The losers who refuse to witness what’s going on, have no idea what they’re missing. I think we should take advantage of them. 😉

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      • NICCO says:

        That calls for a big AMEN!!! And HALLELUJAH!!!

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  4. dufrst says:

    Jobs, jobs, jobs! The relationships that Trump makes and has had are benefiting this country. Truly extraordinary! Great relationships with business and world political leaders. We’ve not had a leader like this in a long time. MAGA!!

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  5. bluebongo says:

    The inscription Trump signed said, “Obama didn’t build this”.

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  6. Vince says:

    More cardboard = more shipping.

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  7. I finally realized that this is a paper mill. I have fond memories of my first big technical writing job; it was for a paper company in Maine. I was part of a large team of writers who went in and wrote their operations and training manuals. I love writing about machinery…describing how it works…it’s really quite creative. We interviewed the engineers and the operators.

    My favorite writing projects were in the manufacturing environment. Love those machines and people who operate them. I think this plant is probably light years away from the one I worked in. Wish they would have shown more of the machinery.

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    • ristvan says:

      Not just a paper mill. A recycled paper mill. Take that, GND! See more surmised details below.

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    • HellInAHandbasket says:

      @Littleflower481 – What did you think of the weird smell, coming from those paper plants of Maine? I remember driving back down to MA from Moosehead Lake and there was one spot on the backroads heading down toward Portland, boy-oh-boy the smell was awful! That was probably 35 years ago, but I will never forget how awful that smell was. From what I understand most of those plants are gone now, or they use different processing techniques. I can’t imagine living in the area …wow!!
      Maine is still my most favorite of places for all things outdoors, although I’m no longer in Mass, retired to Arizona, so it’s no longer on my short list of places to go for the weekend (ha). … But, still I hold many, many, many fond memories of Maine.


  8. Baby Hurley says:


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  9. ristvan says:

    I feel the need to explain some important story details to Treepers, as one of my clients while in Germany was a Finnish paper maker —you buy Melita coffee filters, you buy them from him (yes, a single person who you can find by researching his Swedish VASA college prank involving the Pavlo Nurmi statue on VASA’s poopdeck when finally raised). And, been to VASA, done that.

    So, an ordinary paper machine is several hundred yards long…several football fields long. In concept, it is very simple. But to make it run continuously, is very complicated. You take wood pulp fibers, add water, put the pulp slurry into a furnish head box at one end zone. That head box drips a slurry line onto the paper machine’s continuous moving woven metal belt. The slurry water drips out as the belt moves along, then the wet ‘felt’ is processed thru a series of heated calendar rolls before being wound up as a paper on the other end zone. ‘Simple—not’.

    The pulp composition of the furnish, and then the calendaring, determines whether cardboard, tissue, TP, or paper towel is the resulting product. Hardwood pulp ==> tissues. Softwood pulp==>newsprint and cardboard. Mix and match is a big deal (short fiber v long fiber, fine fiber v coarse fiber, recycled==>shorter but could be coarse or fine diameter…)

    Now consider this amazing new Platt Industries Ohio plant dedicated by PDJT today. Input is not pulp, is just waste ‘paper’. Means they have invented a $0.5 billion paper recycling machine. Easiest is, we take in and recycle only used cardboard. Maybe better than that, but even that simple thing is a BIG deal. And this half $billion plant then produces new recycled cardboard for Amazon Prime and USPS boxes without harvesting a single tree for new pulp.

    No wonder PDJT agreed to cut the plant ribbon. A Green machine without the New Deal.

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    • David Osterloh says:

      He is using any kind of paper or cardboard, just must be “clean”, no food scraps, rocks, dirt etc, have seen the loads come in, huge bales of used paper and cardboard, white to brown, uses it all, all goes to corrugated cardboard or sheet board flats, cut to fold, simply amazing

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    • Bonus: Pratt not only secures a sustainable competitive cost advantage by avoiding the cost-of-complexity, but gains consistency-of-recycled-inputs opportunities for automation and robotics that minimize both labor content and cost. Like POTUS said, he’s a KILLER.

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      • Did I forget that Pratt will be translating his cost advantage into unbeatable pricing to displace competitors for Amazon and USPS business, which are the biggest, most consistent and fastest-growing market for his products?

        That lost market share will throw slow-to-invest competitors that listen to the M$M purveyors of “recession uncertainty” into a profitability tailspin, if not death-spiral, with escalating costs of more frequent clean-outs and setups for shorter and less-consistent runs on higher-labor systems with lower capacity utilization.

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    • Vince says:

      One more thing about used cardboard, it is/was one of our biggest exports to China.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Must not be that much, because a lot of Chinese made products I have bought in the past came in horribly inferior corrugated cardboard that was soft, poorly laminated, and already deteriorating upon arrival. Their cardboard wasn’t much good for anything beyond paper mache.


  10. SHV says:

    Interesting short bio on the Pratt family:

    “Anthony Pratt, Australia’s Richest Person Ever, Wants To Give Away Record-Breaking $1 Billion To Charity”
    Interesting comment in that video, when he said that he told PDJT that if he won the Presidential election, then he would invest $10 billion in the US.

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  11. spoogels says:


    Now we need a plastics recycling plant
    Who will step up?

    Also imagine of you fused recycled paper and plastic together to make bricks to build homes cheaply?

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  12. With my AM coffee not yet sipped I clicked on my beloved Treehouse and my bleary eyes read: “….President Trump stopped to make remarks to the traveling cess pool:”

    LOL!! truer words were never “seen”.

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  13. Graham Pink says:

    You wrote traveling cesspool wrong.

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  14. NC Nana says:

    Watch the Pratt Industries employee meet and talk to Pres. Trump at 6:58. He must be explaining the process to POTUS. He only has eyes for the POTUS. He is introduced to the billionaire owner of the company and immediately turns his eyes back to the POTUS. Then he is introduced to the PM of Australia. Same reaction as to the billionaire owner, acknowledges him and instantly turns back to the POTUS and continues explaining the significance of his job.

    The 4th man – I assume is the plant manager. He is grinning from ear to ear.

    I hope that is how all the Ohio voters are in 2020: their eyes upon President Trump to keep our economy going. KAG. This is a great video!!

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