Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Remarks on State Visit, and First Lady Melania’s Attention to Detail…

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and U.S. President Donald Trump will meet up again on Sunday in Ohio as both leaders continue to emphasize the relationship.  Today, PM Morrison laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier, and then delivered remarks to diplomats during a celebration at the official residence of the Australian Ambassador.

Prime Minister Morrison shares his, and his wife Jennifer’s, experience yesterday with President Trump and First Lady Melania.  The official state dinner was apparently an overwhelming hit with the Australian leadership….  Good Stuff:

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57 Responses to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Remarks on State Visit, and First Lady Melania’s Attention to Detail…

  1. Katymac says:

    First Lady and President Trump sure do bring politics to a new elegant level. Attention to detail, as described by PM Morrison is mind blowing.

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    • treehouseron says:

      We always talk about how maybe President Trump’s life has prepared him for this job, and maybe even his shortcomings were God preparing him to save the country.

      Melania’s so private and we don’t know much about her, perhaps her life was also preparation for being First Lady. She seems really good at it!

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    • Pale rider says:

      Every flower, every placement of seating, every glass, knife and fork are as much for us AND the insane left, as it is for the prime minister. I love it. Perfection seems to be hated by the left, Competence, manners, morals, the list seems endless.

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    • dufrst says:

      Interesting connection between Australia PM visit and Indian PM Modi. UNGA at the end of the week! Big week for Trump but also Modi.

      The Indo-Pacific Alliance (US, Japan, India and Australia) is forming to counter and perhaps replace China economically as the major trading partner of each country. Time will tell. Much is riding on negotiations between US and China but contingencies must be made and so enters Modi for a week long US trip.

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  2. Cathy M. says:

    I believe that other world leaders have a much more positive opinion of Pres.Trump when they meet & talk in person than they did when they relied on his rallies and MSM reports.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Trump is a highly skilled people person. It is one of the top skills of a negotiator. Trump will modify himself to fit the person he is with.

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      • rvsueandcrew says:

        POTUS will “modify” but not at the slightest expense of his principles.

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        • Mrs. E says:

          Thank you, RVSue. We must be careful to not give away our character, integrity, and principles. I do believe that the president does not give way on principles. But since he is a dealmaker, I pay careful attention.

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      • MelH says:

        I think all civilized and educated people with class “modify” themselves to fit the person they are with.” We have MANY “celebrities” in our country who are much like Madonna, totally incapable of understanding the currency of positive commuication. Dennis Rodman comes to mind. A hero, in my mind, but a bit of modification would make his life so much easier and possibly more important.


  3. Sue Marks says:

    Pride in our country and contentment with thus lovely State Dinner/official visit from Australia’s Prime Minister, his wife, and many Australian dignitaries.
    It’s been wonderful & gratifying to witness.
    Thank you SD for your marvelous coverages of these events. VERY SPECIAL!

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  4. GB Bari says:

    PM Morrison spoke some very poignant words in those remarks. While his delivery was casual, the depth and sincerity of his feelings were quite evident.

    IMHO, POTUS and FLOTUS Trump are becoming the “gold standard” by which many other nations will measure their leaders’ effectiveness, statesmanship, and hosting graciousness.

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  5. treehouseron says:

    I’ll tell you what I think about everytime I see the Australian Prime Minister, and we’re talking about the friendship between the two nations. This is what I think about every time: The Australians fought with us, and died with us on D-Day. When we stormed those beaches the Australians were right there beside us, and I’ll never forget that for as long as I live.

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    • Bowman says:

      Actually no. We had some Air Force at D-Day but little in the way of ground troops. Our mutual support was mostly in the Pacific. Australian troops ,hardened jungle fighters , had almost driven the Japanese out of New Guinea When the American troops first arrived.
      General MacArthur wanted an American Victory for the Papers in the U.S.A. so the Aussies were pulled back and raw American troops were sent in to take the last two Jap. strongholds. The experienced Japs easily defeated the raw Americans and the Australians were sent back in to rescue them. Jungle fighting was different and the Aussies had learnt in Malaya and fighting back across the Owen Stanley Range the full width of New Guinea. Of course American Dakota “Biscuit Bombers” were invaluable in keeping the Aussies in the jungle supplied. There were no roads. While working together in many ways the Aussie boots on the ground tended to fight separately from the Americans. The Aussies went into the jungle to find the Japs. The Americans , with their superior support services , as the old saying goes , preferred to first clear the Jungle and then fight in the open. Non of this is derogatory to the Americans. They were brave men who soon learnt how to survive and win. Later in Vietnam the two allies again tended to fight separately because of their different tactics.

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  6. Chris in Australia says:

    Sundance, I read here every day, and have done so since 2015.
    I just want to say that I really appreciate the coverage you have given to our Prime Minister here on the Tree House.
    Hopefully, more Americans will know are more informed about my country, Australia.
    Of course, you are all welcome to visit and see what our culture is all about.

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  7. Michael Kunz says:

    Well said Chris, Yes great coverage, I’d like to hope that many Aussies are behind your sentiments.
    Mike in Tasmania

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  8. CTH Fan says:

    I really like this man. Speaks from the heart and just like POTUS does not need a TelePrompTer.

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  9. Laurie Walker says:

    Waltzing (walking on foot) Matilda (a sack with all you belongings in it) is called the unofficial National Anthem of Australia, written in 1895 and catagorized as bush music.

    I watched a video of the song by an Austrailian country music singer and a version at an outdoor classical music concert in Australia. At the outdoor concert, the audience was singing, swaying, hugging and wiping tears from their eyes.

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  10. huecowacko says:

    Wonder if Alexander Downer was discussed at all.

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  11. Michael Kunz says:

    Unlikely, regarded in Aus as a weak kneed drongo.


  12. dogsmaw says:

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  13. wodiej says:

    Wonderful. ty Sundance

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  14. Pyrthroes says:

    Pres. Trump in his low-key, strategic way –spreading a “still, small” whisper of the truth, vs. Foghorn Leghorns’ habitual “Institution, Constitution, and– Prosperity”– wins friends and influences people. Unless, of course, you’re a ChiCom commandant, a Brussels-sprouting Enarque dirigiste, a scimitar-waving mullah-dullah fresh from the seraglio.

    Witnessing these carefully crafted protocol occasions (this is only Trump’s second magical State Dinner), we think: Window-dressing, excellently done. The very thought of Biden, Sanders, some inexcusable Rumpfed Ronyon in blighting One World “Save the Planet” mode, parading about in some frayed gunnysack, is cause for serious revulsion.

    USA! USA!

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  15. grlangworth says:

    Proud to be American represented by that couple.

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  16. MicD says:

    MIchael – If Downer from Down Under didn’t have such a Russian first name
    wouldn’t surprise me it wasn’t his real one at all.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    So… The Mooch-Omarosa Offense was a BUST? Snoozefest?


  18. Danimal28 says:

    My brother is a career Air Force officer and is married to an educated, no record Aussie. As such it took FOUR YEARS for her to obtain US citizenship. Contrast that with southern border illegals. That should tell you the story of who both political parties want. Very touchy subject with me.

    Morrison seems like the real deal and I hope so.

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  19. David Smith says:

    There’s much more to this than meets the eye. Trump and Morrison champion personal values that the West is rapidly losing in the street by street Culture Wars …. the importance of the individual responsibility in society, the positive values of Western civilization, the strength of Jude’s-Christian tradition, the fact that principles and responsibility matter, and above all the value of “mates” …. peoples of similar values who stand together against common challenges and enemies. Five Eyes is important but personal chemistry and shared values are deeply felt and respected. Thank God Morrison’s Centre-right Liberal Party defeated the Marxist -infected leftist Labor Party in the May elections. We can breathe a little easier in Oz but vigilance and struggle must be maintained.

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  20. spoogels says:

    Revealed: The presents Scott Morrison gifted to Donald Trump, his wife Melania and son Barron to mark the ‘mateship’ between the two countries

    This one esp is v poignant:
    Morrison has it specially commissioned by an Australian sculptor:

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  21. Philip DeLozier says:

    This very warm meeting between Statesmen of two great countries gives me a flicker of hope for our future. Melania, the country admires and loves you despite what the lamestream media cesspool says about you.


  22. lisaginnz says:

    I’m PRE embarrassed for the lame-duck NZ PM Jacinda Ardern who is to meet with Potus soon. She will a) look horrible (she’s WAY out of her depth as NZ PM) and b) probably insult Potus or Flotus in some way and c) maybe have her unmarried father of her baby invited, too – change diapers right on an historic table or something – yet the NZ/other leftist media will just LOVE her!

    Keep in mind the class of the AUS PM and wife – and contrast it with the LACK of class for upcoming NZ PM an unmarried partner.



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