Nadler’s Lawfare Crew – Corey Lewandowski House Testimony – 1:00pm ET Livestream…

Following a subpoena for testimony, today the House Judiciary Committee, Chaired by Jerry Nadler, is scheduled to hold another made-for-media event with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.  However, this hearing will be slightly different.

Following the spring and summer failures by the Judiciary and Intelligence committees, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler changed the rules.  Instead of questions from congressional representatives, Corey Lewandowski will face questions from a group of lawyers contracted by Pelosi and Nadler.  The corrupt group of former DOJ and FBI staff lawyers -known colloquially as the “Lawfare Alliance”- has provided the lawyers.

The new Lawfare Committee 2.0 fiasco is scheduled to commence at 1:00pm ET.

Judiciary Livestream LinkFox News LivestreamPBS Livestream Link




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720 Responses to Nadler’s Lawfare Crew – Corey Lewandowski House Testimony – 1:00pm ET Livestream…

  1. zimbalistjunior says:

    SD, apparently Freddo is about to interview Mccabe on CNN in a few


  2. Rynn69 says:

    Just so we are all straight – the House of Representatives has now turned into Court TV. It was not a hearing, it was a trial. People elected to Congress are not asking questions, Lawfare attorneys with sick, rabid ideological motives are. This is not the function of a Congress.

    This attorney named Burke is one of the most despicable human beings I have ever watched on camera. The Democrats are not winning any of it. They are not only repulsive, they are losing. Americans are turned off by their bullying, harassing, smearing, ranting, and railroading citizens at their whim. Let’s just “IMPEACH!” everyone. How ’bout that?

    This clown show is an embarrassment to our country.

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    • Trump Train says:

      I am at a loss. If someone outside of an elected representative started to ask me a question, I would ask, who are you? What district were you elected in and represent?

      Oh, you were not well I am here to testify to members of the committee, therefore, you have no right, I did not agree to and will not be questioned by you.

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    • “Just let them speak. Just let them hang themselves high.” There’s no other way to shatter the fragile aura of legitimacy with which they now strive to cloak themselves.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      The silver lining is democrats showing voters just how low-down, useless, and obstructive they are to the issues we all know are important to all of us.


  3. CNN_sucks says:

    Burke is a nasty piece of sh*t. Definitely, there is money being demoncrats dog catcher.

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  4. evergreen says:

    Take the 5th. Or, decline to answer anyone other than an elected representative seated at the microphone. Or, have your attorney answer on your behalf that you will take no questions in person but from a seated representative.

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    • MelH says:

      Corey was absolutely STERLING! i seldom get to watch TV but was glued to this and watched Corey very gently and quietly let the Democrats make absolute freaks of themselves. He had them tied into knots they will NEVER get out of. And his ending soliloquy was brilliant and delivered with a tone NO one in that room will ever forget. Corey for whatever job he wants!!!!!!

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  5. CountryDoc says:

    I am suspicious. I agree this is a travesty, but are they really that stupid? Are we being set up to over react somehow. Baited to act in an “obstructionist” way

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    • The Boss says:

      Allow me to take a crack at your two questions.

      Yes. The democrats are that stupid. And desperate. VERY desperate…to hang onto power. They’ll just hang.

      No. The dems changed the rules and set up their kangaroo court to give the appearance of fairness and propriety to their ever-shrinking base of losers and half-wits, aka ‘useful idiots’. Chalk up today as another dem failure. There is no way to polish this turd.

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      • MelH says:

        TRUTH, The Boss!


      • CountryDoc says:

        Thank you. I put this question out to a pool of patriots that I know are more connected than I am able to be. It is good to hear your answer. I pray for the day when we can be free again — free from manipulative political terrorists. Able to have faith that the economics of this county are fair, and the markets operating unhindered by dishonest forces. That Laws encourage and support honesty, virtue, and goodwill, and the justice system is fair and impartial, and the legislative process is representative of a Godly and virtuous people. The servants of the government are grateful for their jobs and serve with honesty for the health and wellbeing of American citizens.


  6. Cathy M. says:

    From what I listened to thus far- Mr Lewandowski testimony was very impressive.

    I had to LOL when he responded to a Dem Rep (forget which one) asking him if he always places in his personal safe, his notes taken in meetings with Trump.

    Dem: All of them??

    Lewandowski: Yes, it’s a big safe . . and there are a bunch of guns in there also.

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  7. jx says:

    I’m no parliamentarian but I’d like to see the text of the rule change which Nadler claims permits these particular external attorneys to be considered “staff”. It seems dubious and may conflict with other provisions of the rules.

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    • daylight58 says:

      The best part is that our side could do the same when, inevitably, the shoe is on the other foot.

      Democrats, after all, have a history of making changes that come back to bite them on the gluteals when they lose power.


  8. Graham Pink says:

    When the clown car rolls up and those inside start asking you questions all you can do is make fun and laugh at them.


  9. Moe Grimm says:

    Very stupid move for Lewandowski to have let go what he did on Twatter. And PDT’s response. This isn’t the home team football game conversation and it did nothing but diminish the currency of what he otherwise did very well today in Mordor. Stupid HS schidt.


  10. Troublemaker10 says:

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  11. askandgettruth says:

    nadler was alot more jolly when he was grossly over-weight. he should spend more time feeding his commie face and take a food coma.


  12. bart says:

    Nadler reminds me of the Penguin character Oswald Cobblepot from the Batman film. A good nickname for him – Oswald Cobblepot. Trump could arrange to have a bat signal projected over the capital whenever Oswald’s committee is in session. Who knows, maybe the Batman will make an appearance. Maybe Oswald Cobblepot could subpoena the Batman.


  13. Air Crew says:

    In place of a photograph of the interior of the United States Capitol rotunda substitute one of the interior of a House toilet bowl because that’s more representative of Nadler’s hot mess.


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