Indian Summer – NBC/WSJ Poll: Biden 31%, Warren 25%, Sanders 14%…

Elizabeth Warren is the Democrat primary candidate with momentum.  While the top five names have not changed, the support is firming up.  Joe Biden remains at the top of the poll with 31 percent. Elizabeth Warren has now surged to second with 25 percent; and it appears most of angry Sanders loss in support has gone to ‘I’ma-git-me-a-beer‘ Warren.

NBC/WSJ Poll: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, holding distinctly different advantages, have separated themselves from the crowded Democratic presidential field, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows.

In the survey, conducted after the third in the Democratic Party’s series of debate, the former vice president draws 31% compared to 25% for the Massachusetts senator. At 14%, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders trails Warren by a double-digit margin while 15 other candidates receive support of 7% or less.

Biden builds his edge on dominance among three chunks of Democratic primary voters. He commands 49% among African-Americans, 46% among senior citizens, and 42% among moderate and conservative Democrats.

But after months of steady progress, Warren boasts formidable strengths of her own. She leads Biden by roughly two-to-one among liberals and Democrats under 35, breaks even among whites, and holds a double-digit edge among those seeking large-scale change in the post-Trump era. That last group represents a majority of the Democratic electorate. (more)

Pete Buttigieg remains at 7% support.  Kamala Harris drops to 5%.  Andrew Yang has ticked up to 4%. Senators Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar hold 2%.  Seven others: O’Rourke, Delaney, Gabbard, Steyer, Bennet, de Blasio, and Castro, draw just 1%.

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177 Responses to Indian Summer – NBC/WSJ Poll: Biden 31%, Warren 25%, Sanders 14%…

  1. TarsTarkas says:

    Warren is running for dictator. We had a taste of that in Louisiana, no thanks.

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    • frances says:

      Her platform is wild, there is a write up on it on ZeroHedge, unbelievable. And how in heaven’s name Biden has any support is beyond me. I am hoping for a Biden/Warren ticket and when he tanks on the campaign and in debates with Trump they both will go down.

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      • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

        That poll forgot Mickey Mouse, he would have surely scored so much better, Minnie would be proud.

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        • fractionalexponent says:

          New Disney Democrat rides:
          Make Believe Mountain
          Gender Country Safari
          Crack/pot Island
          Mud Hut Jungle Boat
          Cuckoo Castle
          Air Force One
          Oval Office

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      • Bill Durham says:

        The DNC realizes Biden has no energy, is not of sound mind, and has small crowds. They can’t prop him up anymore. He could never campaign full time to match POTUS. He would get smoked in debates. Time to reassess. The DNC will turn the dogs loose. They are going to order all the left wingers to get out of the race. This will put Lizzy over 35%, Bernie will be a non factor, and Joe gets out by Christmas. They want a single candidate by December to get the message down, mobilize the media, and get all the money to Lizzy. Trump has a billion dollar war chest. Lizzy is the chosen one.

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      • Nobodysfool says:

        Democrats in this and other polls are choosing the least of all evils. None of the candidates generate excitement and their rallies are pathetic.

        The drumbeat for a new candidate, someone that can instantly unite the party, fuel enthusiasm and send terror through the opposition grows. Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly promoted his Trump book on Hannity’s radio shied and predicted Biden will be the nominee, “unless Michelle runs”. Later Jason Chavetz predicted Warren will be on the ticket unless another person gets in the race.

        None of the current candidates will be the Dem nominee.

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      • Attorney says:

        Be afraid, among other things that our fellow citizens would vote for a known liar …some indian…and Khmer Rouge type politics. Truly astonishing stuff. The rot runs deep.


      • GenEarly says:

        Warren-Buttagig seems to cover All the democRat factions. Warren will become a Black Hispanic in her new race shifter illegal Alien disguise.
        But the Warren Cabinet is what will be insanely exciting to see.
        Trump or Bust, 2020!!!

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      • Peppurr says:

        I don’t get it with Biden support either/. DEFINITELY appears to have some dementia going on there. Warren’s bouncing off the walls as if showing she has energy. Is there a time limit for someone else to jump into the race?


  2. Eric French says:

    Warren’s gonna take this thing. She’ll get most of Bernie’s and Butiboy’s votes when they drop out, and that will beat Bumbling Biden in the end.

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  3. dsa says:

    Kamala ‘first tier’ Harris will soon be overwhelmed by the Yang Gang.


  4. mr.piddles says:

    Je suis Corn Pop. #Biden2020

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  5. FL_GUY says:

    Who do these “polls” sample? The CNN staff or NY Slimes newsroom? They can’t be sampling normal people.

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  6. Magabear says:

    Indian Summer is one of my favorite songs by the band Poco. Written by Paul Cotton.

    “Indian Summer is on it’s way
    Cool at night – and hot all day
    Ain’t no black clouds filled with rain
    Santa Ana wind blew them all to Maine”

    Much more inspiring than the demonrat rat race.🙂

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  7. Nom de Blog says:

    Warren is perfect for Trump. He’d likely win 30% of the black vote; or at least he’d win that much of the folks who didn’t stay home.

    There aren’t enough faculty lounges for her to win. And people like me would redouble efforts to help Trump.

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    • Dutchman says:

      PDJT will get 30% of the black vote, or more, regardless WHO the Dems run.

      As for Warren having ‘the big mo’ (Momentum), it would perhaps be helpful to remember who had the ‘mo at this point in 2016 election?

      Remember Bernie, with his YUGE rallys? I’ma telling you, BIDEN is Hillary, Lie-a-lotta is Bernie. She will take a dive, when the time comes, peobably get a lake house out if it.

      TPTB in the Democrat party have their plan, and they are sticking to it. Just like Hillary, if they have to drag him up stairs, or toss him in a van like a,side of beef, BIDEN is their Candidate.

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  8. patti says:

    Oh boy this will be fun……

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  9. Don’t count ‘Corn Pop’ Biden out just yet. Corporate donation rumors are spinning already he picked up a major possible contributor from Poli-Dent . The major denture adhesive giant is touting his strong exhibition on the issue of ‘Gum Control’. Only rumors, at this time.

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  10. AtomicDawg says:

    Does anyone actually believe these polls? Biden has made at least a dozen fatal gaffes and we’re supposed to believe he has a commanding lead? Yeah, right…it’s totally legit.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Well, gee. Hillary went into the heart of coal country, and said she was gonna KILL coal.
      THEN she called half the voters a basket of deplorables.
      She was a HORRIBLE Candidate, all the,way from announcement to election night, had a whole freight train to haul her baggage, and yet they rigged the,debates, the primaries and thevpolls and news coverage to give her the nomination.

      So what, anyone want to argue that the Democrat party LEARNS from their mistakes?,…..anyone,….?

      Didn’t THINK so!

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  11. vikingmom says:

    Go, Lizzie, Go!! Cause the last time the Dems put a shrill, out of touch, entitled white woman who lies as easily as most of us breathe up against Donald Trump it turned out SO well for them!! Bahahaha!!

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  12. Raptors2020 says:

    What happens if we get to the fall of 2020 with Biden as the nominee, and he drops dead or becomes seriously ill?

    The Democrats will freak. The election will not be allowed to take place. Trump needs to address this, even if he prefers Corn Popper Joe as an opponent.


  13. Rynn69 says:

    Warren has ZERO chance.


  14. Johnny Boost says:

    Biden hasn’t said anything stupid in a day or two. His handlers must’ve stuffed him back in the attic.

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  15. We Want Biden. He’s Hillary redux, corrupt to the core and in even worse physical shape than Herself. He makes JEB! seem hyper-active. The prog lefties will not turn out for crazy old Joe.

    Trump in a landslide.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Here’s what would be Grade-A Fantastical about Biden taking the 2020 nomination… the MSM already KNOWS that he’s a Doddering Hot Mess and his campaign is a Dumpster Fire Superfund Site. So for a 4 1/2 months period, they’d have to face the following reality on a daily basis:
      1.) Joe Biden is the bumbling, stumbling, mumbling Democrat candidate
      2.) Donald J. Trump is the prohibitive favorite to come out on top in November (See #1)

      You can almost hear Ana Navarro now…

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  16. William H Gilkerson says:

    Poli grip is the one he covets.


  17. William H Gilkerson says:

    Sleepy Joe and the Chosen One sez.


  18. billrla says:

    Ah, yes. The illusion of a close race, the better to entertain the masses and convey an air of legitimacy.


  19. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Too late….
    According to Corey Lewendowski


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  20. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Nope. Nope. Nope. The dems have got to have someone else. Biden is a dead man walking. The same “youth” and “people of color” they are depending upon to vote, ain’t votin’ for him. Warren, no no no, the women in this country are wary of power hungry immoral amoral women who will walk all over their own family members for the sake of political power and position. Bernie again? No. Socialism. No. They’ve got to come up with someone else. This CAN’T BE all they’ve got. The polls lie. It’s not going to be this easy. My one cent opinion.

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  21. Sentient says:

    No matter how unlikely it seems now, I’m sticking with my prediction that Harris will be the nominee. You don’t have to win IA or NH to become the nominee. Bill Clinton proved that. You just have to remain plausible in those two states by coming in in the top three. After NH, Warren will be running low on old white cat lady voters. The democrat party has never nominated anyone in their 70’s. Ever. And they’re not going to run the 30-something mayor of South Bend Indiana just because he’s gay. Harris will win SC with black votes and then it’s on to Super Tuesday – which is a lot of Southern States and California. Warren’s going to wake up on March 4th and realize that she ain’t gonna make it. She may still hope she has a chance but Wall Street and the superdelegates will make sure Harris gets the nod over Warren.


  22. dissonant1 says:

    Well, way back when I thought Kamala Harris was the “chosen one.” So there you go. But I will say now that I think Biden will be the candidate.

    Why do I say that? Because 1) The Dems know they will not win 2020 no matter who the candidate; and 2) Because of that, this election will be about setting up 2024 for them. In 2024 Biden will be leading sing-alongs in some old folks home and re-telling “corn pop” stories over breakfast while he eats his cocoa puffs. They will not want to hurt Warren or Harris or any other “progressive” leftist candidate (other than Bernie) via a devastating loss in 2020. Let’s face it: Such a loss will seriously imperil leftist dreams for 2024. So they will not let that happen. Instead they will let the blue dogs and the moderates and the “old white men” take the blame for the 2020 loss, thus securing the future of the party as the “Democratic Socialists” forever. Yes, “These people are stupid.”

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  23. @ChicagoBri says:

    What we need to understand from 2016 is that Sanders was the anti-PIAPS vote. No one liked him especially, but he wasn’t her.

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  24. iwasthere says:

    IMHO, this is the DNC splitter strategy writ large. Under their rules, the delegates are only pledged on the first vote. Once the first vote fails to nominate, – its a brokered convention. Eric Holder? Micheal? Some governor? Holder (or anyone) would then run the general election fraud campaign as a (D) centrist – just like the House playbook they ran last cycle – they’ll openly reject the leftist open border, no energy stuff – with a wink and a nod – and attempt to give Trump a real run. Just appears obvious to me at this point, because they are toxic for a general election already, expect some type of clean slate. Meh, could be wrong, maybe the (D) are truly in this state of disarray and that’s the best the got to offer.

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  25. The Devilbat says:

    The question begs to be answered if we might see a Biden Warren ticket on the horizon? What a disgusting, un American duo those two morons would make.

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  26. John Rawls says:

    listening to all of warren’s screeching during general election won’t be fun.

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  27. lemmus1 says:

    Brokered convention. It’s going to be Michelle after all the counting is done and the deals made. The Obama coalition is still alive. Toss in the glass ceiling crowd and she will be their candidate.


    • I would agree but Michelle has never worked a day in her life. She is too lazy to agree to the schedule required to be elected. She doesn’t need it – they were bribed with a $65 million “book deal” and now they don’t care. She’s not coming back.

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  28. luke says:

    I figured most Democrats would be Buttgieg supporters. 🤷‍♂️


  29. Doppler says:

    I think it will be a Warren – Yang ticket. Warren has momentum, and who else has already been totally trounced by Trump, with the Fauxahontas thing, and shown that she can pick herself back up back up and come back swigging (a beer that is). People, even sheeple, respect fight in a leader. Biden is suffering dimentia. Sanders isn’t far behind, and sounds terrible, like he’ll cough up a lung. Trump himself has acknowledged that he attacked Warren too soon. So I think she’s the one.

    Among the rest, Yang seems to stand out, and the 70+ leaders need to choose some youth for their ticket. So that’s my prognostication.

    Trump will win in a landslide, especially if he learns to appeal to educated suburban women, who are turned off by WWF mudfights, but will respond positively to strong leadership polished by grace and temperance.


  30. fangdog says:

    Can you imagine the mental condition of anyone who votes for anyone of these democrat candidates over Trump? It is why I will not do business or have anything to do with a democrat. When my doorbell rings the first thing I ask did you vote for Trump?

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  31. Lucille says:

    Interesting find….

    “Buttiġieġ is a Maltese surname, derived from the Arabic kunya أبو الدجاج (‘Abū d-dajāj), meaning chicken owner or poulterer.” I’d put up comparison photos between Buttigieg and a Maltese dog but I have too much respect for our canine friends.

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  32. wodiej says:

    Liberals are their own worst enemy.


  33. Guyski says:

    For now, it is best to assume these polls are being manipulated to establish a narrative.


  34. Zabadak says:

    My thought is, what does this say about the so called “main stream” democrats? Not all democrat voters are freeloaders, malcontents, troublemakers, radicals, perverts, socialists, commies, progressives, illegals, dead voters, liars, cheaters, Godless, baby killers, anti-Semite Jew haters, satanist Christian bashers and unpatriotic Americans. Just to identify some who make up the modern democrat party, so forgive me if I left out a few more groups.

    Must be (IT MUST BE) the greater majority are working and paying taxes, obeying our laws and going to church. I have to believe that they can’t be this misinformed, uninformed, and willingly sticking their heads in the sand 24/7/365. Do they stay home? Do they crossover and vote for PT? Do they stay silent while their party is taken over by these radical, socialists leftists who are trying to destroy our country? Should that happen, this falls squarely on them. Do they realize this? Do they even care?


  35. Just add Bernie’s poll #s to Warren to get where the Dem’s sit. This will force a big clash at their Convention, to be decided by Superdelegates. Like SD says, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

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  36. dd_sc says:

    Not only ban fracking, but Warren will also be in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    Now there’s a disaster.

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  37. John-Y128 says:

    Indian Summer, cute, but it might be next year for Pocahontas takes the lead in the DNC polls., she sure is ‘Workin It’.

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  38. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    Who the heck are they polling? I think it 100% made up. I don’t even think Democrats are paying attention because they know in the end they will vote for anyone who is running against Trump.

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  39. donnymo says:

    It’s going to be Warren. Already in the bag.

    She has the crowds, the small donors and the boots on the ground in the states that matter.

    She’ll continue to build steam and blow the doors off Iowa. That force will push her over the edge in NH too, possibly widely.

    Two huge wins will fracture the black vote for Biden in South Carolina just like it did Hillary in 08′. She very well may take this too as Dems begin to fall in-line.

    She’s really no worse a candidate than Hillary was. Yes, her platform is more radical and socialist, but she doesnt carry the baggage and really is more likable. When you see her on the stump or the debate stage she’s clearly a cut above Clinton despite the nonsense coming out of her mouth.

    Thinking she takes Buttigieg or Klobuchar as VP to attempt to win back the Midwest.

    This will be the most fascinating election in our time.


  40. Mr e-man says:

    Whoever wins the nomination, ballot harvesting and outright voter fraud including illegals voting will make it a very tight race. If they just do it successfully in Florida, they will beat Trump. Electoral math does not add up well for Republicans due to CA and NY.

    And don’t forget that Trumps message will be muted by Liberal social media. We will see it here but most of America will be shut off from it. They will not know the truth. They are already openly and brazenly suppressing Conservative content right now and now one is doing anything about it.


  41. Eric French says:

    This just means Bumblin Biden is toast. Normally the support from those who drop out spreads more or less evenly among those who remain, but I don’t think that’s going to happen…that support is going to Warren. Gonna be Warren.


  42. Elle says:

    Snap! I thought when Gabbard was excluded from the last debate that we had dodged the bulletin of the pretty faced, pre-selected globalist puppet, who is a wolf-in-sheep’s clothing. Did I mention she served in the military? Yeah, a short stint that made HER a brilliant global strategist, unlike all of those other military members she slandered as stupid animals.

    But now I hear there is another two night debate which means additional candidates on the docket. I warned over a year ago they would keep her out of the limelight as long as possible to prevent scrutiny, so every half-wit will think she’s just great because …. just like Obama she is a carefully managed image who will do the globalist bidding. I hope team Trump is prepared for the bait and switch I fear is coming.


  43. In the Land of Poz says:

    Trump will need some new weapons against Warren if she becomes nominee. “Pocahontas” has been saturated already. Suggestions:

    – Call her “Grandma Trotsky”.

    – Brand the Democrats as “the party of Law Professors” (Bill, Hillary, Barack, Liz) or “the party of lawyers”, who “make their money by getting elected”. The last Democratic nominee for president or VP to not attend law school was… Jimmy Carter in 1976.

    – Say that “she’s 1 in 1024” (or “1 in 64” to use her most optimistic figure against her). Mock her DNA test while making a backhanded remark that she’s not all that special.


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