Breaking: Man Drives Car into Lobby of Trump Plaza New Rochelle, New York….

A man has driven a vehicle through the front doors of Trump Plaza New Rochelle in New Rochelle New York.  There are injuries from people who were in/near the lobby of the building.

Details are sketchy, but according to one report: “Workers at Trump Plaza New Rochelle say after car plowed into lobby, male driver got out and took a seat on a sofa. Said nothing. Several injuries but none are life threatening.”


Hotel Website Here

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171 Responses to Breaking: Man Drives Car into Lobby of Trump Plaza New Rochelle, New York….

  1. belle819 says:

    My God – have these people no shame.

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  2. Mark1971 says:

    Probably Alec Baldwin

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  3. Maybe he couldn’t get a reservation.

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  4. Blue Wildflower says:

    This is unbelievable! Prayers for the people injured.

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  5. Patience says:

    What’s next?

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  6. Kleen says:

    The mentally unstable Left will be celebrating this.

    Somebody needs to sue the MSM. They are vicious and encourage violence against the right

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      Mentally unstable is an understatement. Here’s one of the repulsive comments on another article. “Sadly, no person disgusting enough to reside there was fatally injured…”. Another asks, “Why aren’t we all doing this?”

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  7. stella1996 says:

    He will be hailed as a hero & will get a spot on CNN as a contributor.


  8. sundance says:

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  9. mopar2016 says:

    Hope it was just an accident, but I doubt it.

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  10. YeahYouRight says:

    Clearly, cars must be outlawed!

    Wonder which side of the aisle this guy calls home?

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  11. Johnny Boost says:

    Someone take away Biden’s car keys!

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  12. tuskyou says:

    I hope this really was an accident (medical emergency perhaps) but my gut tells me it wasn’t. Praying for the injured and scared sh*tless. Can you imagine–a car comes hurting towards you out of nowhere. Scary.

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  13. Accident my ass!

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  14. Kleen says:

    I hope everyone is ok. But this is too scary.

    The media made Trump and everyone around him a target by promoting hate, violence and attacks against the right.

    Things will only escalate from here.

    This was a terror attack that luckily, apparently didn’t take any lives. But the next one may.

    Hillary and her violent thugs are probably laughing. They wish they could personally do this and much worse as they have been expressing publicly. Many( Media/Democrats/Hollywood) of them have expressed their desires to harm or even kill this President. Zero consequences for that.

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  15. GB Bari says:

    FWIW, I can’t load the first two images in the article. Have large blank squares with a little question mark in the center. Third & fourth images load fine. All blockers/trackers are off but still no images # 1 or #2.


  16. sickconservative says:

    Is there a cure for TDS at this point.
    We haven’t really seen anything as to the derangement to come.


  17. Schmitty says:

    Does your insurance go up when you mistake the lobby as a drive thru?

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  18. Did he yell something about yallyhoo snackbar when he got out of the cat?

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  19. Patience says:

    Where is the license plate?

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  20. Arrest Soros says:

    So many cynical people jumping to conclusions already.
    TDS suffering leftist A-Hole wouldn’t be cool and calm after a stunt like this. He would have jumped out of the car and ranted and raved about the “evil Trumpf”
    I say an accident.

    By the way, those making funny about this bloke not being able to get reservations etc, I don’t believe this is a hotel. This is a residence apartment. You buy one or rent one.

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  21. L. E. Joiner says:

    Why aren’t there blocks in front of the tower that would prevent a vehicle from getting through? That car could have had a bomb in it.

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  22. GB Bari says:

    Could have been circumstantial. The New Rochelle hotel isn’t likely to have the President or any of his advisers or family in it.

    Give it 24 hours and we will likely know a lot more about this driver.

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  23. WSB says:

    Well, Louis Cappelli owes EVERYONE money around here, so there’s that…

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  24. maggiemoowho says:

    Yes, 4 more years with President Trump😃👍👍👍🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸KAG🇺🇸2020

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  25. MR52 says:

    Not sure what is going on, but something is this page is triggering a pishing virus to request renewal my Norton. I am switching browsers but it looks like adware has gotten a hold of my system. Time for some deep cleaning. Time to reinstall my adware.


  26. Herbert Kroll says:

    Someone who drives a Mercedes that i9s transitioning to be a Porsche, will probably be a Democrat.

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  27. Paul B. says:

    The media has done nothing but minimize or excuse physical attacks on the right – that is, when they even report them. Consequently they are feeding the violent anger that increasingly characterizes the left.

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  28. Chieftain says:

    No bumper stickers; probably just a straight up accident.


  29. Eric says:

    Was he radicalized by CNN?

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  30. Judith says:

    After a driver purposely drove his car into a nearby mall and zoomed down one of its corridors, there were large round planters constructed at each entrance to prevent a recurrence.

    Unfortunately these times demand such safety measures. Trump Tower needs a large decorative planter or other barrier to block cars from barreling through the entrance. People also hit the gas pedal inadvertently and crash through storefronts. This happens more than you would think.


  31. CNN_sucks says:

    Another mental?


    • Roberta Dalton says:

      You say mental….Jerry Nadler sounds like, didn’t like the way today’s hearings went so he thought he would take out another ‘real estate’ from Trump….remember Our President called him ‘Fat Jerry’ years back…from what I seen today, Our President was right…


    • Lester Smith says:

      Mentally ill ho a Democrat it all makes sense now. Car took a hard left or should I say leftist.


  32. Genie says:

    That wreck probably will increase the value of the car. Someone with plenty of disposable income and terminal TDS will be proud to buy it for a good cocktail party story.

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  33. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    I’m going to go ahead and say this was on purpose. I’ll apologize if I’m wrong.

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    • Someone who has enough money to buy a very expensive car had an accident in a high profile way. This person, realizing that there was an accident, got out of the car and sat on the sofa waiting for police. Now they will be horrified to find out they’re tomorrow’s front page news. Jeez. People make mistakes. I don’t see anything nefarious here. And…. if I’m wrong I’ll apologize.

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  34. Kris says:

    Alec Baldwin?

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  35. jojotom01 says:

    “Breaking: Man Drives Car into Lobby of Trump Plaza New Rochelle, New York….”

    I like your headline. You start out with the one thing he didn’t do!


  36. leftnomore says:

    The article did say it was a “breaking” story.


  37. bofh says:

    Well, at least it was a very classy car. It is, after all, a building with the Trump name, and it’d be really tacky to have an old clapped-out Buick in the lobby.

    BTW, just for some context: New Rochelle is an old town (founded by Huguenot refugees in 1688) and was one of the first “suburbs”, being about 15 miles out of downtown NYC. For those old enough to remember early television, “Rob and Laura Petrie” (Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore) were supposed to live in New Rochelle.

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  38. Derek of Florida says:

    My guess the driver was three sheets to the wind, a dem,likely, but sh!+ faced.


  39. Burnt Toast says:

    Map street view shows that it would be really easy to drive straight into lobby like that…
    if you wanted to.

    But kind of hard to drive in “accidentally”.

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  40. Maquis says:

    Oh sh*t happens.


  41. Former lurker says:

    The driver is a mean dude named Corn Pop.

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  42. California Joe says:

    A senior drove his car through the front entrance of a Publix Supermarket and kept going until he hit the meat counter!


  43. Danny Mitchell says:

    Attempted mass murder. Democrat at work.


  44. That’s a recent Benz C-Class coupe. On the lower end of the Benz range but ain’t cheap.


  45. Fannie says:

    I was at work when a lady drove her car into the building because her flip flop got caught on the gas pedal.

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  46. tigsmom says:

    The Trump property handled the event way better the TPTB would have even imagined.

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  47. Kay Sadeeya says:

    Has the FDA approved the vaccine for Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) yet?


  48. Kay Sadeeya says:

    I might be wrong, but how many times have we heard these things occurring with Trump; and the words from the drivers; “I lost control of the car” as they went careening toward Trump’s motorcade, these last three years? (I think there have been three events so far).

    I don’t remember these things happening to presidents before Trump.

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  49. Texian says:

    Why all the fawning over a foreign passenger car.. It’s the equivalent of a Ford Taurus, a Toyota Camry.. Mercedes aren’t expensive because they are better.. They are expensive simply because they are Foreign.. Same with Ferrari’s..

    A Texas chicken farmer actually made American cars fly.. Literally..

    Even Ferrari couldn’t do that..

    Once upon a time in America..


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