Former AAG Matthew Whitaker Discussing Pending IG FISA Report: "Fairly Dramatic"….

This interview with former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was Friday evening. Mr. Whitaker gave a specific reference point for his expectation of the IG report on the circumstances surrounding the Carter Page FISA:

…”From where I sit, and from what I know, I think it is going to be fairly dramatic, what this investigation is going to show”…

CTH Research Opinion – Carter Page was irrelevant to the FBI objective.  The FBI/DOJ goal was to get the Steele Dossier into official investigative position so they could investigate.  The dossier claims were the cornerstone to launch the Mueller probe; but the dossier was only a tool for Mueller; not the goal.  The goal for Mueller and team was to generate evidence of obstruction…. which would be used for impeachment.
Or put another way…
To get impeachment, they needed obstruction.  To get obstruction they needed an investigation.  To get the investigation they needed evidence (the dossier). To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target.  The target was Carter Page.

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392 Responses to Former AAG Matthew Whitaker Discussing Pending IG FISA Report: "Fairly Dramatic"….

  1. pucecatt says:

    I haven’t read the dossier , was Carter Page in the dossier ?

    • Merkin Muffley says:

      Yes, many times.

      • Bill Durham says:

        Whittaker is a guy who actually knows what happened. So I would pay attention. Forget the tic toc clown show. Whittaker has seen the underlying evidence. Dramatic but not illegal? Or does he want to avoid over promising? Hannity had a rehearsal last night to reduce expectations. Sounds like we will get the excuse that procedures were not followed. And Chris wray will be implementing more training modules. Meh

        • Robert Smith says:

          I think people are getting overwrought over the word choice here. Sure, Whitaker isn’t in the DOJ anymore but I think he’s being exceedingly careful with what he says.

        • OlderAndWiser says:

          He knows jack shit. Why would he refer to Steele as Michael Steele, not Christopher Steele? He’s an empty suit. Wouldn’t trust a word he says.

    • mr. deacon says:

      Other than the FISA warrants, The Dossier (or its information under other pseudonyms), was the only place Carter Page was ever mentioned as being a Russian asset. No Dossier, no Carter Page. No Carter Page no investigation, no obstruction, no impeachment like Sundance said. Trying to find any honest information via an online search engine will only result in leftist spin, lies, and coverups. But no facts. Every leftist outlet is now going full bore linear panic bouncing off of and avoiding facts and the truth like a marble in a pinball game trying to say the Dossier had nothing to do with the FISA requests nor the Mueller investigation.

      • The choose “truth” over facts.

      • Dutchman says:

        No subject (Carter page), No investigation.
        No investigation, no excuse (obstruction trap) for Reps to say they they will vote FOR impeachment, so PDJT can be persuaded to resign, for good of party and country.
        And Graham was ingratiating himself with PDJT, in order to be “the Guy” that,would tell him, as his friend “Mr. President, they have the votes to impeach. You must resign.”
        Bet he had already rehearsed it.
        The Dems didn’t NEED an excuse, but the Reps DID. Ergo, the whole reason for Mueller was Mitch and the gang.
        THATS,the predicate, the reason for the whole thing.

        • Koot Katmando says:

          I been saying for months that Mueller was a tool of Mitch and the senate. I have come to believe the US senate is more of an enemy to the people than the current press.

          • Dutchman says:

            Certainly on a par. The Uniparty controls much, by controlling CONgress; they control Judiciary, with appointments, power to impeach and blackmail/corruption.
            The control the executive by controlling who POTUS can appoint to his cabinet, and through oversight function.
            The control IC, through SSIC, and Gang of Eight.
            And, they write the laws, such as Patriot act, or, don’t write laws, such as meaningful immigration reform, which demonstrates how powerful inaction can be.
            Definetly, all roads, all problems lead right back to CONgress, the deepest, dankest nastiest part of the,swamp is the,Capital building; CONgress.

            • underwhelmingposter says:

              They are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the head of government and are therefore strongly subordinate to the president as they can be replaced at any time. Normally, since they are appointed by the president, they are members of the same political party, but the executive is free to select anyone, including opposition party members, subject to the advice and consent of the Senate. Any Cabinet member may also be impeached by the Senate if it deems necessary to do so.

              • Dutchman says:

                Notice not ‘advice and approval’ of the Senate. Its more than an indication, the Constitution DIRECTS the Senate to Consent, after giving advise on appointments.

          • Linda K. says:

            It is hard to choose.

      • If I am remembering correctly, it is stated in the unredacted FISA application released some time ago, the information that Carter Page is an agent of Russia came from Department of State. Could be wrong, but I remember finding it odd since later it was stated he was being targeted for recruitment.

    • B Woodward says:

      According to the Steele dossier, Paul Manafort was like the master spy in the Trump Russia collusion conspiracy and Carter Page was one of Manafort’s agents.
      (from the Steele Dossier, page 8)
      “1. Speaking in confidence to a compatriot in late July 2016, Source E, an ethnic Russian close associate of Republican US presidential candidate Donald TRUMP, admitted that there was a well-developed conspiracy of co-operation between them and the Russian leadership. This was managed on the TRUMP side by the Republican candidate’s campaign manager, Paul MANAFORT, who was using foreign policy advisor, Carter PAGE, and others as intermediaries. The two sides had a mutual interest in defeating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary CLINTON, whom President PUTIN apparently both hated and feared.”
      Isn’t it interesting that Manafort and Page were not charged by the FBI nor Mueller for colluding with the Russians.

      • Dutchman says:

        Putin feared Hillary. God, thats funny. They shouldn’t have put that line in there, and then ask anyone to believe that THEY took the dossier seriously.

      • donna kovacevic says:

        The only One President Vladimir Putin fears is GOD and no person on earth.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Isn’t it interesting that Manafort and Page were not charged by the FBI nor Mueller for colluding with the Russians.
        NO ONE was charged with anything approaching ESPIONAGE or CONSPIRACY.
        It was Mueller’s “tell” all along that the investigation wasn’t a “Russian” one.
        (That and his constant rubbing his nose and pulling on his ear which is the “tell” for when he’s “lacking candor” under oath.)

    • Raptors2020 says:

      McCabe, under oath testifying to Congress, said the only thing they could confirm in the Dossier was that Carter Page went to Moscow.
      Shortly after that appearance I heard Alisyn Camerota, on CNN, lecturing our JIm Jordan that nearly everything in the Dossier had been confirmed. And you wonder why CNN viewers are so misinformed..

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      First of all…..
      It’s a 36 page spy story……you can read over a cup of coffee.
      Dear Lord,…’s exactly PEOPLE NOT READING IT that….in part….is the reason this got this far.
      IF everyone would have read it THE DAY IT CAME OUT…..MOST of them would have realized HOW ABSURD IT WAS.
      A British ex-spy comes out of retirement for one final mission
      discovers FIVE AMERICAN spies
      with “intel” based on:
      “I heard from a guy, who heard it from a guy, who heard if from a guy
      And does it in ONLY 3 MONTHS???????
      While not one………NOT ONE……………..of the “17 American Intelligence Agencies”….
      or the IRS
      It’s a plot from a Scooby-Doo cartoon
      With Trump saying..
      “…and I would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that pesky British Double O PP”

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        Oh and Carter Page IS in it…and if Steele is to be believed
        except he not.

  2. ozymandiasssss says:

    “Fairly” dramatic? Fairly is a word of diminution

    • KWC says:

      Yeah, what a whimpy statement. What’s publicly known is already dramatic – outrageously so.

      • ozymandiasssss says:

        Doesn’t sound promising to me

      • ?Gunny66 says:

        Didn’t Rooster Head say it was a “Nothing Burger”
        Just sayin…….As I believe friggin Gowdy……
        Bring us up……bring us down……wait…….
        How would a “Former” AG know what’s in the report anyway?

        • justlizzyp says:

          That was not really my takeaway from Gowdy’s interview last night. I heard it as a variation of ‘start asking the right questions!’ not ‘nothing is going to happen’.
          “Start asking the right questions” is, to me, a close relative of “destroy the predicate and everything else falls apart’. If the focus is only on the actions, then the ‘by the book’ defense (or Outrage Trap) comes into play. Prove that those actions were NOT based on any real, credible information and we may get somewhere.

          • LafnH20 says:

            ‘I heard it as a variation of ‘start asking the right questions!’
            As in charge under the “Right Statutes”.
            I did as well, justlizzyp.
            Hannity shut it down after that… Pronto.

            • Tl Howard says:

              Gowdy was trying to get Sean to see that you had to match an action to a STATUTE that identifies that action as CRIMINAL. Start this video at 5:05. In a few seconds, Gowdy says, “Ah ha” as Hannity identifies what is criminal!

            • justlizzyp says:

              There is nothing more frustrating to me than seeing what should be a slam dunk case lost because those drafting the charges caved to the outrage mob and overcharged. The charges in the Freddie Gray case spring to mind – how did they ever think they could prove premeditation? Had they charged what they knew they could prove I suspect they might have seen some convictions. Instead, a string of ‘not guilty’ verdicts.

              • Judith says:

                That’s why talking heads and trolls insert “sedition” where it does not belong. Can’t prove what did not occur. What *did* occur is TREASON, like the President said. I believe him.
                Big difference.
                This dance of the seven veils has worn thin. Who will reveal the naked truth? The predicate was what? Say it all together: TREASON, AKA conspiring and colluding with FOREIGN entities to remove our duly-elected President.
                Let’s start there and we’ll see what happens.

                • justlizzyp says:

                  It might play better in the courtroom to present it as a bunch of out of control intel types covering up their crimes. I don’t know that their plan would have been much different if the GOP nominee had been someone other than Trump. Trump’s personality just gave them lots of material to work with and some additional cover. If it were President Cruz they could claim some moral imperative to save the world from him but not as easily as they can with Trump. A complicit media selling the ‘short fingered vulgarian’ narrative has led to a significant portion of the country who believe that it was good, noble and right for them to do what they did when it was really just self serving. To successfully prosecute these guys, the charges and the focus will have to stay on the why – the why was not political – they’d have done it no matter who the nominee was. If they focus on ‘they did it because Orange Man Bad!” there is a really good chance there will be at least one juror who agrees.

          • JL says:

            Here’s the problem with the “lie to the court and you only are held in contempt and lose your law license” argument made by Gowdy and the Debbie Downers.
            Yes, it’s true that those are the consequences for a simple lie to a court. But those FISA applications were not simple lies to the court. Every application contains this text:
            “(U) The FBI has reviewed this verified application for accuracy in accordance with its April 5, 2001 procedures[WOODS PROCEDURES]; which include sending a copy of the draft to the appropriate held office(s). A copy of those procedures was previously provided to the Court.
            (U) VERIFICATION
            I declare
            under penalty of perjury that the foregoing information regarding Carter W. Page is true and correct. Executed pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, 1746
            To sign one’s name under that text, exactly as was done in the FISA applications, knowing that the Woods Procedures were not followed, is to commit the criminal act of perjury. And that brings up the problem with this argument. Everyone that I know of that signed those application claims that they did not read the applications. If you only committed simple negligence by failing to read the application before signing, the argument can be made that you did not knowingly lie to the court.
            The excuse given by the known signers, is that “so and so briefed me on the contents”. You can still make the argument that if they were only briefed, the signer could not have declared that the information is “true and correct”.

            • JL says:

              I tried to put under penalty of perjury in bold but failed in my formatting. Its in there in the second quoted paragraph, right above where the FBI official signed the document.

            • justlizzyp says:

              I don’t disagree with you – I just think if the focus is on the outrage of ‘they lied to the court and everyone else!’ because it is the most visible and painful of their offenses then we could lose them because they may be able to convince 1 juror that it was all justified based on what they ‘believed’. One sympathetic juror who is inclined to see ‘negligence’ instead of ‘perjury’ is all they need.
              We have to establish clearly and definitively that they either KNEW it was all bs when they signed those applications or that they were somehow criminally remiss in their duties (remaining willfully blind to facts and evidence that they SHOULD have know) and that is why I keep saying – attack the predicate.
              The FISA court is apparently a hot steaming mess of complacency that needs to be eliminated. They keep admitting that they’ve been played but they don’t ever do anything about it. Some gatekeepers.

            • Raptors2020 says:

              If you’re a lawyer, JL:
              What if Carter Page was part of the Coup, and he agreed in advance to be spied on? What if the FISA warrant was just boiler plate, just for show?
              If Carter Page was not a victim of illegal spying, is there a crime?
              Carter Page revealed recently he was a long-time asset of both the FBI and CIA. Seems like he’s breaking some bad news to us, gently..

              • johneb18 says:

                If Page was a willing participant, then the FBI going to the FISA court and STILL misrepresenting him as an agent of a foreign power conspiring to break US laws is DOUBLY DAMNING in my opinion, and was done for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of:
                1. Being able to leak the story to say, “Hey, look, the Trump campaign is under suspicion because of this guy, Carter Page,” which is in and of itself, useful to generate suspicion about candidate Trump from an “insurance policy” perspective, and,
                2. By getting a FISA warrant, and misrepresenting Carter Page and his activities, they are able to get surveillance on essentially anyone Carter Page came into contact with in the Trump campaign.
                I don’t understand how this gets the FBI off the hook. It’s worse.

              • JL says:

                I am not a lawyer. I did grow up as the son of a lawyer, and we certainly had many discussions. I would not recommend anyone accepting my arguments as legally sound, lol.
                The Woods Procedures also have a specific section that requires the FBI to disclose current and prior relationships that the Government had with the target of a FISA warrant. It will be interesting to see if the redacted portions of the FISA application contain those disclosures.

          • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

            Very astute observation.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        If you’re going to selectively pull quotes go do it at CNN or write your own Mueller report.
        “This is going to be such an important moment in our Nation’s history”
        -Matt Whitaker

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      “This is going to be such an important moment in our Nation’s history”
      Does that sound like diminution?

  3. ParteaGirl says:

    I’m up for some drama. Bring it on.

    • smartyjones1 says:

      Uncomfortable with the discussion about the IG Report being “limited” to the Carter Page FISA. There should be more dots connecting but perhaps they will hold back for further investigation efforts ongoing. Not feeling all that comfortable about this and the word from Paul Sperry on Twitter saying the report is being reviewed “for accuracy” by Comey, McCabe, Strzok & Yates.

      • Carrie says:

        Yeah- I saw that too : /

        • Linda K. says:

          The FISA against Carter Page was renewed 3 or 4 times, I believe. Rosey signed it the last time. But Comey signed one and maybe Yates?

      • Bob Calco says:

        I think that means they are targets for criminal referral.

      • L4grasshopper says:

        Normal procedures. Keep in mind that an IG investigation is an internal management inspection of processes and procedures. It is NOT a criminal investigation. If, during the course of the IG investigation matters arise or are discovered — or occur, as in the case of McCabe lying to the IG — the IG can make a criminal referral to the DOJ.
        It’s like a lot of folks haven’t paid attention to what the IG is and is not, and what he can or cannot do.

        • Dutchman says:

          Yes standard process. They don’t see the WHOLE report, just the part that applies to them. Stroxz sees the part about him, comey sees his part, etc.
          They can write,a responce, if they want, which I.G. CAN include, but isn’t required to.
          And yes, my understanding is Wray can make reccomendations on redactions, or what should be put in the classified appendix, but Barr decides.
          So, THIS is where the,rubber meets the road, on Barr. If the Summary and Conclusion, which will be,written by or at the,direction of “the prinipal” (Barr) match with the body of the report, and their are minimal materials put in the classified appendix, thats a good sign Barr is a housecleaner, rather than a cleaner.
          And, I’ll have to eat crow. Already got a nice big one picked out.
          If not, not. Been saying for some time now, THIS would tell us, apart from anything else, Barr, cleaner or housecleaner?
          We call it Horowitz’s report, but its REALLU Barrs, as he writes summary, conclusions and makes final detirmination on what goes in classified appendix.

          • dwpender says:

            Horowitz’s MYE report found rampant bias among the investigative team, but could find “no evidence” that this bias actually affected the results of the probe.
            This time Horowitz will again find evidence of rampant, rabid, seething bias (same players). Will he find that the bias IMPACTED the decisions to seek the Page warrants and/or the manner and form in which they were presented to the FISA Court?
            If Horowitz says “no evidence” the “bias” impacted the decisions, we have another whitewash. If he says there WAS an impact, his report puts us in a whole different ambit — both collateral consequences in existing prosecutions and to-be-filed 4th Amendment lawsuits, and the REAL possibility of substantive (not process) indictments.
            I don’t think Barr will override Horowitz’s conclusions on this critical issue, whatever they may be.

            • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

              Will he find that the bias IMPACTED the decisions to seek the Page warrants and/or the manner and form in which they were presented to the FISA Court?
              This is the difference between THIS report and all the other ones.
              The FISA Application process itself is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to root out decisions affected by BIAS, judgement calls, etc.
              It eliminates that fuzzy area that Comey and the rest have used to claim
              They had NO INTENT to break rules or law.
              IT’S REDUNDANCY through the Woods Procedure is there FOR THIS VERY PURPOSE.
              Not only that…
              The people preparing the application know THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS that their decision making will ultimately be held to ACCOUNT
              They are REQUIRED to sign off on their decisions UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY and must bring it before a JUDGE for approval ensuring it’s NOT FRAUDULENT.
              This means if Horowitz found even one instance that PROVABLE LIES are included in that application as “FACTS” or “VALIDATIONS”
              Go back and read Nunes’ Memo
              He directs our attention to 2 main things
              The Steele Dossier use in the FISA application in large measure
              Bruce Ohr was back-channeling info from Steele to the FBI
              (who in the hell is Bruce Ohr and where the hell did a Bruce Ohr quote come from?)
              IMHO: I think he was telling us that the FBI
              who we now know FIRED STEELE as a CHS in Nov 2016
              (“Do not use this individual as a CHS again”)
              represented to the court that BRUCE OHR “The DOJ’s Russian Mafia crime fighter”
              has given us all this NEW INTEL….
              in order to get one of the renewals
              While they knew the “intel” actually came from Steele (and for that matter, Nellie)
              (FBI Agent Joe Pietka was B.O’s “handler”)
              Look at the dates of all Bruce Ohr’s 302s
              That’s my hunch and I think there’s WAY more than just that one.
              (Kathleen Kavelec being another)

            • Dutchman says:

              I have been positing for some time that, aside from anything else, this FISA I.G. report will I think pretty clearly answer the question on Barr.
              I really don’t see how it can not.
              But,..we’ll see what happens,…

      • justlizzyp says:

        Wray can determine what he thinks should be classified all day long, but Barr has the final authority on the matter, so I expect we will see far fewer of those self serving redactions. And there is nothing Wray can do about it.

        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          And remember……
          Standing over them ALL is the PRESIDENT.
          Who said TWO YEARS AGO he was going to declassify these materials.
          And now
          There is literally NO LEGITIMATE EXCUSES to deny him that declassification as
          It’s was all a spy story……A FANTASY.
          POTUS can even site OBAMA’S OWN EXECUTIVE ORDER to do it.
          EO 13526
          Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) In no case shall
          information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail
          to be declassified in order to:
          (1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
          (2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
          (3) restrain competition; or
          (4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.
          And bullshit isn’t either
          (Though i guess AOC does think our bovine friends
          and their exhaustions….
          may actually be “national security”)

          • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

            Breaking News:
            Christopher Wray has disclosed the existence of
            a counterintelligence investigation possibly related to “RUSSIA!”:
            Apparently a young midwestern girl ran a covert operation called
            “Over the Rainbow”
            With 3 co-conspirators code named
            “The Scarecrow”, “The Tin Man” , and “The Cowardly Lion”
            who remain at large.
            When asked to comment Director Wray said:
            “I cannot comment for reasons of national security and to protect sources and methods”

      • Zorro says:

        What about the lovely Lisa?

      • ezgoer says:

        So the coup conspirators get to say what should or shouldn’t be in the IG report. What a joke. The whole game is rigged. And it’s not going to change.

        • littleanniefannie says:

          Let them redact. That would just tell exactly where to focus the investigation!

        • Dutchman says:

          NO! PLEASE pay attention. The coupists have NO say in whats in the report. They ARE,allowed to read JUST the part that pertains to them, and write a responce, a defence or explanation, which the I.G. may or may not include, its his choice.
          Then, it goes to Barr, who writes or,directs to be written, a summary and a conclusion section.
          And, Barr detirmines what is or usn’t put in a,classified appendix. This has,ALL been detailed in previous,articles, before earlier I.G. reports. They are in the,archives.

          • john says:

            A lot of shareblue people here Dutch, making comments designed to disillusion us. They understand but are deliberately obtuse in the hope we lose faith in PDJT to see this through to the end. Ive noticed their numbers growing daily here and on other Trumpian websites.
            Ive got news for them. Our President has said this can never happen again and that if it comes down to it, he will unilatterally declass everything. Promises made, promise kept. You can bet your life on these two promises.
            The sedition, treason and criminality will see the full light of day and the perps will either see prison/gallows or we will face civil war. There is no other likely outcome. We already know too much.

            • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

              (If that indeed is your real name)
              How do we know that YOU YOURSELF aren’t a secret SHAREBLUE agent pulling an
              X-K-RED 27 DOUBLE BLUFF TECHNIQUE on us???
              (just messing with ya’)
              (or am I?)

            • Dutchman says:

              Is ‘shareblue’ a nevertrumper association? I’ve been on here since 2016, and notice two types if troll types. One seem to be libertards, and they don’t last long, easily last long. The other seem to be more NT types, but also pretty easy to identify.
              If ‘turn about is fair play’ and for those who can stomach going to the comments,section of leftist sights, sewing seeds of descent, by harping on how the DNC is obviously rigging the debate process, and as in 2016 will cheat in the primaries might be tempting,…

      • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

        Who came up with the hookers peeing on the bed? Answer that question anyone please.

        • LafnH20 says:

          At this point, thehawkeyehoneypot, seeing as it’s untrue…
          Seems a bit irrelevant.

          • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

            Well id say its relevance is directly related to the key members of the coup. Whoever came up with the “wet dream” was likely a higher up in the coup. All these people should be in prison for what they have done & continue to do to our country. Even condeleeza rice had to shut down savanah gutherie on the today showthis week with more of the russia nonsense.

            • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

              it was a SHOCKER story…..meant to get headlines
              “Micheal Cohen went to Prague”
              just isn’t SEXY on it’s own.
              The pee-pee story is a transcribed “intel” version of
              Stormy’s boobs

        • Nellie Ohr, Ben Rhodes, or Vicious Sid would be my guesses.

        • Dutchman says:

          Somebody posted that it was originally online,as a joke or satire?

          • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

            I hope your right but ive heard it was a key piece of the steel dossier. A little sunlight shed on this would go a long ways in dispelling some of these urban coup myths.

            • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

              ive heard it was a key piece of the steel dossier.
              What do you mean you’ve “heard”?
              YOU DIDN’T READ IT????
              It’s only the KEY for the ENTIRE STORY OF TRUMP-RUSSIA Collusion
              Buzzfeed published it in Jan 2017
              for free….
              TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO
              Please tell me you read THE NUNES MEMO at least.
              For it’s arguably
              the WHOLE REASON there is an impending OIG FISA REPORT at all.
              Devin Nunes WENT THROUGH HELL to get it legally declassified so he could give it
              DIRECTLY TO US
              Least thing we could do is give him the common courtesy of reading it.

              • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

                I obviously need to be doing some reading. Most of us simpletons dident even know these documents were available to the general public. I will get on my homework assignment & report back soon mr stinkputin

                • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

                  The media IS the public.
                  Pretty much EVERY document the media talks about is available to the public.
                  However, the BEST ones are often those they do NOT talk about.
                  Like the Comey IG Report…..or the Mueller one.

          • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

            Also dident cardinal comey come at president trump with all this nonsense during a private meeting in the oval office? Knowingly lying to the president is a crime. Unless its done by the democrats to take out orange man bad.

            • Dutchman says:

              Oh, it was in the dossier. It was actually a key part. The idea was DJT was an agent of Russia, BECAUSE they had video of him doing this,with Russian hookers.
              Supposedly IIRC, it happened during the Beauty pagent DJT put on in Russia.
              Russia was using the film to blackmail DJT into being an agent.
              THAT was the story, as laid out in the Dossier.

              • Raptors2020 says:

                I’m surprised a grainy surveillance film of Russian hookers, with a Trump-like figure in the shadows, hasn’t surfaced. In this era of deep fakes, with the nearly infinite funds the Democrats have to throw around, and with all the Hollywood talent on their team?
                Paradoxically, I think it hasn’t happened because so many Democrats actually believe the story is true, and they assumed a real video would appear. I recall hearing Chris Hayes on MSNBC saying the odds of the video appearing were 50/50.
                Maybe our October, 2020 surprise?

        • Linda K. says:

          I think that is textbook Russian spy slander, prostitutes peeing on you, tag the traveling businessman with something really embarrassing , so you can blackmail him.

          • donna kovacevic says:

            That is an American movie, their dream, and it is BS.

          • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

            I thought is was something to do with big mike & ozero sleeping on the same bed. Im saying nellie ohr probably knows. Paging the beautiful miss ohr,- bueller…

        • chickenhawk says:

          Good question. I definitely wouldn’t have come up with that scene. I thought it was lame; as in who the f* cares.
          Let’s have a contest. Which demmiperv thought that scenario up??? Was it comey, strock, brennan???

      • Tl Howard says:

        That’s procedure. The people who are written about are given the parts about themselves and they have an opportunity to challenge points the IG has made.

      • amazed treetop downlooker says:

        Could this approach be another opportunity/trap set for these bad cop FIB’s goons to YET AGAIN be documented as serial liars if/WHEN ! they make “corrections” provably incorrect.
        Also, I’m guessing each of their “accuracy review” opportunities would/?could be mandated to be (?enforceably?) blinded from all the others’, so as to maximize the chance of their tripping up if/AS, I expect, they spin their disparate self-serving yarns.
        Treeper lawyers, IS there a watertight legal approach to accomplish this, such as supervised “eyes only” access whereby they are all called in & required to each individually review & respond to the IG report, but not released from supervised observation/no communication device access, i.e., CONTROLLED, till they have ALL responded, preferably in writing, so as to prevent any coordinated responses ? (My naive hope/wishful thinking only?)
        In a nutshell, could this really be a ruse to facilitate a potential “circular firing squad” event amongst rats, whereby the DOJ simultaneously gets PR brownie points for going the extra mile to “be fair” to the perps?
        I don’t know, but DOES seem ludicrous that the suspects be afforded any more opportunity to critique the IG report prior to its release than you or I would be, HA…NOT !

        • amazed treetop downlooker says:

          Thank you Dutchman, your answers to my questions weren’t posted yet when I started composing my post… delayed with several interruptions… with my questions.
          Next time, after I compose questions, I will need to re-scan the discussion thread BEFORE I hit submit, to check for new posts arising while preparing my post, which could prevent my needing to submit my post. Mea culpa
          Apologies !

        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          You can make bank that the main players are all talking to each other anyway to align their stories if necessary.
          That’s what the Lawfare / “beach friends” group does.
          But you’re right that their collective lies could be refuted by other evidence that’s been gathered, by whistleblowers (like in the Comey report) or anyone that might have “flipped”
          Good observation.

  4. Bogeyfree says:

    The Cliff Notes Version:
    To get impeachment, they needed obstruction. To get obstruction they needed an investigation. To get the investigation they needed evidence (the dossier). To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target. The target was Carter Page.
    Spot On Sundance – Oh how I wish PT would give you a call!

    • bonkti says:

      This is the essential elevator speech for the benefit of those who haven’t been paying attention.
      39 words we all need to repeat early and often.

      • LafnH20 says:

        Agreed. bonkti.
        Easy story to tell.
        A -> B -> C-> D-> E = Illegal FISA Warrant
        Illegal FISA Warrant = Illegal Investigation
        They did NOT start off with a Legal FISA Warrant (Obtained based on factual information ) and then begin SPYING….
        They CREATED the conditions (out of thin air) to Obtain a FISA Warrant ILLEGALLY …. In an attempt to Vacate The Presidency of Donald J Trump; thereby Taking Control of the VERY “Government of The United States!”

    • Albertus Magnus says:

      Sundance has this figured out. But PDJT is not trying to see anyone go to jail, particular the higher ups. Any notion to the contrary requires us to ignore his own interviews, ignore what we have seen for the last 2 years, and just allow ourselves to fall for the tick-tock peddlers marketing and promoting stories to tick us off so we will watch, click, listen to and donate.
      Let’s be smarter than that. We need to be.

      • MVW says:

        Two possible reasons Trump would have sabotaged the payback legal action against these criminals that tried to illegally stop his successful campaign:
        1. Podesta and Trump night of Trumps 2016 upset win made a deal, no drawn out legal battle stopping Trump from becoming sworn in on January 21, 2017.
        2. Trump made a deal with the ‘Deepest State,’ the ‘Cabal,’ the mythological super org running the Gruberments.
        The point is that Trump is giving us a rework of America in rapid, impossible time considering Uniparty RepubliRats before 2018 loss of the house that gave us huge tax cuts, etc., then the House passing to DemoRats in 2018, plus so many other impossible victories. Not a bad price, no justice for the worst criminal action by Obama / Hillary & Crooks Inc., no ‘lock her up,’ no Epstein to bring down the pedophiles in the world ‘elite’. No justice, and a delay in fixing the corrupt FBI & DOJ.
        No, this is all just drama for Joe & Jill America. There are so many tells that this is so. Here’s one, Comey acts with certainty that he will skate. Lois Lerner got off free. etc
        Chase this squirrel around the tree for 8 years. I gave up on it long ago for good reason. We got Trump & MAGA.

        • Tl Howard says:

          He has an election coming up. To identify AND GO AFTER the number one bad guy in all this, Barack H. Obama, would be trouble.

          • Dutchman says:

            Sorry, to disagree, TI HOWARD.
            #1 Badguy is Mitch McConnell.
            HE and RepubliCONS in CONgress, ordered Roosterhead to whitewash Benghazi, Lerner, Fast and Furious.
            And, he was fully on board with the Obstruction trap, because it,would give him an excuse, to instruct his,caucus say they would vote to impeach.
            And thats the,reason Comey etc. are confident they will skate; because,the whole thing leads not JUST,to Obama, but right to CONgresses door step.
            Particularly the gang of seven.
            Oh, and thru the SSIC, they were “all in” on the,2012 abuse of the NSA database, 702 searches, all of it.

            • Raptors2020 says:

              You’re making Paul Ryan jealous, Dutch. He wants his share of the credit, too.
              McConnell is equanimous enough to work with President Trump, at times very grudgingly. Ryan couldn’t wait to get away from Trump.
              Ryan may be dying to blast Trump, except Trump has the goods on him, and as we well know, will respond in kind.

              • Dutchman says:

                OMG, You are so right. I apologise for forgetting Paul, I guess because he’s out, and so not doung more damage, whereas McConnell is still in, and thwarting PDJT on Cabinet appointments, recess appointments, giving him the legislation he has asked for, …
                But, Paul said do taxes, and we will give you immigration, and bauked. Opened baseless, bogus ethics investigation on Nunes, didn’t use the legal authority available to him as Speaker, didn’t use legislation to force,Dem house members to votevon unpopular,side of key issues,…..
                Oh, and as Speaker, and Third in Line, his participation in the,Soft Coup was particularly aggregious.
                There, does that give credit where due, to Paul Ryan?

        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

          Two possible reasons Trump would have sabotaged the payback legal action against these criminals
          Literally NO evidence that this has happened.
          I gave up on your post after reading your post.

      • L4grasshopper says:

        Listen: Trump’s hands were completely tied until the Mueller activity was ended, and that only happened a few weeks ago when his appearance in Congress blew up the hopes of the Dems and GOP NeverTrumpers.
        In addition: This IG investigation regarding the FISA process is seminal to the whole spying construct. So until IT got completed, doing other stuff that might be related or integral to it would have been premature.
        Barr was only sworn in as AG 7 months ago!!! And he immediately spiked Mueller’s circus, and then appointed Durham. Durham has only been on the job officially since May!!!
        Look…we are all frustrated by this stuff. And if Barr and Durham are another Robert Wray redux, then the Republic is in trouble.
        But I don’t think so. I think Barr was being sincere when he said that yes, spying occurred, and that he was determined to find out if it was justified.

        • Robert Smith says:

          If Barr & Durham don’t get it done then Trump will go find someone else. Next!
          Meanwhile the ball keeps getting advanced.

      • gsonFIT says:

        Agree on the clickbait, but PDJT says “Witch Hunt…must never be allowed to happen again”
        The FBI is a zombie agency.

      • LafnH20 says:

        Albertus Magnus,
        As you know, President Trump does not have the authority to send/not send anyone to jail/prison. Anymore than he has the authority to release them. (Pardons notwithstanding)
        The President does not send people to jail/prison…
        The DOJ, via the Constitution, has that responsibly.
        Whether The President wants to, or not.
        Wouldn’t the President offering to NOT DO something with regard to “Possible Criminal Action(s)” in exchange for “Assurances”.. be an imprudent thing to do?

      • Linda K. says:

        I don’t think we know what Trump wants or not, but he keeps repeating that Bill Barr will handle it and he’s a great AG. I would say though, that Trump likes to punch back and these intel people really screwed with him and the country.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        But PDJT is not trying to see anyone go to jail, particular the higher ups.
        Not sure where you’re getting this.
        He was willing to give a pass during the transition to HRC but that was long before he realized exactly what the CABAL was trying to do and had done.
        Listen to John Dowds podcast interview with Byron York.
        They thought the “Russia Investigation” was regular old DC Swamp bullshit and would be disproved and OVER by DEC 2017.
        It was early-mid 2018 when Mueller SHOULD have ended his investigation and things like the NUNES MEMO started revealing the ACTUAL PLOT.
        Every move OR LACK OF MOVE has been to foil that plot and POTUS has said:
        “This can never happen to another President again”
        He DID NOT say the method by which that will be ensured.

    • Bill Durham says:

      No offense, but POTUS knows a helluva lot more than us. Do you think he sits in the corner and gets jerked around by the staff? If you were POTUS would you need to read a website to get your info? I think he knew what happened in March 2017 when he sent that infamous tweet. Now what he does about it is another issue. And how much he tells us is another issue.

      • Albertus Magnus says:

        Amen. But to recognize that truth upsets some people because then they believe he promised to lock them up, which he NEVER did and they cannot handle the discrepancy between the reality and those things they have convinced themselves are going to happen.

        • ?Gunny66 says:

          You state:
          “They believe”
          “They have convinced themselves what’s going to happen”
          Yes, both of these statements are true, but are not issues or causes for the President to take action.
          I believe the President has a bold plan that will be executed. But he cannot alter this plan every time people get pre- conceived notions or are impatient for action.
          The swamp is very deep. There are still many traitors in hiding. Much has been exposed already……..mostly due to his patience.
          And……any bold action now…..”prior” to the election may create a Government crisis…….which is exactly what the Dems want……
          Th President knows all what is going on……”That” is the main reason he can be patient……….Like a cat playing with a mouse…..
          Let Trump be Trump

          • A Moderate Man says:

            I think you are right to an extent Gunny. But surely PDJT has seen that extraneous but serious things can happen out of his control that could derail the impact. If he waits to long, maybe at the same time China has NOKO launch a few missiles at Japan and then what?

            • Dutchman says:

              IMHO, last first; China can’t get Kim to test intercontinental ballistic missiles, test nukes, or launch missiles that hit anything.
              Short range shots into the Ocean? Fine.
              THATS the,deal, and,Kim is sticking to it.
              Anything China could,do, PDJT has,ALREADY gamed it out. Iran toi.
              And been saying same,as Gunny. Very few if any PDJT supporters are actually not going to vote for him, if there,are no perp walks.
              On the other hand, trials with MSM playing up the “this is political retributiin” defence could actually lose him some votes.
              He doesn’t benefit from trials, politically and it could hurt him.
              Oh, and suppose he has,Kim visit the,W.H. in say,,OCTOBER and sign papers, formally declaring the,Korean war over?
              Actually and technically, its an aknowledgement of reality, but symbolically, like,PDJT walking into NK, its YUGE.

      • usayes says:

        Art of the Deal – see “revenge.” VSGPDJT will lower the hammer as only he can – of that, I am certain.

      • Arrest Soros says:

        @Bill Durham
        Yeah I agree mate. We also had confirmation that PDJT knows plenty when the Comey memos came out.
        PDJT questioned Comey about McCabe. PDJT knew McCabe was a dirty cop from the get go, so he knows plenty.

      • Raptors2020 says:

        Powerful people, including Trump, are routinely manipulated by their staff. Gary Cohn was removing documents from Trump’s desk he didn’t want him to sign, or even see. The Chief of Staff has a lot of say over who gets in to see the President, and who doesn’t.
        I think the March, 2017 tweet you refer to was that he’d been wiretapped? That came from a front page story in the New York Times. The Times screwed up and later quietly scrubbed that story in their archives. CNN may bitterly regret pursuing the Comey Memos.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        I think he knew what happened in March 2017 when he sent that infamous tweet.
        I don’t think he understood the significance or scale of what it REALLY meant though.
        Doubtful NSA Director Admiral Rogers knew everything either…..but had enough suspicions, it appears, to at least warn Trump about what he did know for sure.
        (Like he notified the FISA court)
        John Dowd (in Byron York’s podcast ) explains they thought this “Russia stuff”
        was just more DC Swamp crappola and would be OVER by Dec 2017.
        Which is why they bent over backwards to cooperate with Mueller.
        It appears they came to realize the true scope in early-mid 2018.
        And everything since has been calculated to putting it down.
        This OIG FISA report has been in process since before Barr and politically and logistically it makes perfect sense to let it come to completion on it’s own
        without any interference from Barr
        and making it more fulsome.
        There’s a lot of PROPHETS here on CTH
        Who have been ‘I TOLDYA SO-ING” FOR MONTHS about a Report
        Hmmm……where have I heard that before?
        Oh Yeah…..
        “The noose is tightening!”
        “The walls are closing in!”
        “It’s the beginning of the end!”
        Turns out the CTH PROPHETS HAVE learned a lot from the MSM this past 2 years.

    • billinlv says:

      ….and since the target was Carter Page, he was absolutely relevant and important…..and most likely in on the scam. Carter Page is not a good guy.

    • littleanniefannie says:

      Instead of giving Sundance a call, make him an S.C. I would hope his first addition to the team would be the lurking lawyer, ristvan. Have to wait for Sidney. She’s busy for a while longer.

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      For the upcoming FISA report specifically you can use this one
      The snake eating it’s tail analogy.
      To get the UNVERIFIED Steele Dossier
      they had to first put it in a FISA warrant
      which doesn’t allow UNVERIFIED material in it.

  5. Kleen says:

    We are dealing with dangerous criminals.
    Their victims have been through hell. Some died in jail.
    Iraq war was based on Clapper’s fake intel. Thousands died and Iraq is mess.

  6. evergreen says:

    But….Carter Page just “happened” to be there, waiting to be burned as a source? There are two parts to this. 1) Page was sent for a purpose to the Trump orbit, and 2) he was used for a purpose perhaps other than the original. Or not.
    Page is acting, but I can’t tell what play, because it’s pretty bad.

    • billinlv says:

      I agree with evergreen…..Page was never not working for the deeply corrupt FBI and was in on the scam and he is a very bad actor.

      • Dutchman says:

        According to Page, when he worked with the FBI, as an IC on the,Russians they offered to pay him, and he turned it down, said it was his patriotic duty.
        FBI agents probably thought he was a fool. “Idiot, we could get him $30-50,000 for this, at LEAST! Is this guy for REAL?”
        Then after the busted the Russuans, they told him what they wanted him to testify to (lies, perjury) and he refused.
        So, they thought he,was an idiot, and of no use,to them as a CI, as they couldn’t shape his,testimony. AND he had,a previous history that involved Russians.
        Personally, I think he,was a patsy. As Sundance has layed out, they just needed SOMEONE in the,Trump campaign. He didn’t HAVE,to be in on it.
        Until I see clear evidence otherwise, I am not convinced by speculation, based on his demeanor.

        • evergreen says:

          Well, he can’t exactly admit he took money that was not declared to the IRS now, could he?
          The ruse works on at least two levels.

          • Dutchman says:

            Sorry, I just ain’t buying it, agree to disagree. I have some sympathy for ALL the people whose lives have been upended because THEY wanted to “f*ck Trump”, and didn’t care how many peoples lives they ruined.
            Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, PapaD, that Russian gal, and yeah Carter Page.
            No one that I have seen has posted anything to prove that he was other than a dupe. Given the scum in the FBI/DOJ I feel until there is such proof, its ,…irresponsible to post that he for sure is,…anything. None of us know the guy.
            Imagine you had some expertise, that you thought might help the DJT campaign, and so you volonteered. And, sure MAYBE you thought thatcif he won, you might get avjob out of it.
            And then you are used by the plotters, as part of their plan to ‘get Trump’; now you need lawyers, your name and picture are in all the papers, your interviewed on TV, and all sorts of people,are impugning your motives, and accusing you of all sorts of things.
            Just doesn’t seem right to me, sorry.

        • raptors2020 says:

          Did Page agree to be spied on, paid or not? Surely when it comes to this FISA scandal, that’s an essential fact.
          Can you imagine the debacle if the FISA signees are charged, then Page gets on the witness stand and says “I gave Comey permission to spy on me.” A dark day for American justice..

          • Dutchman says:

            Oh, its already black as pitch, for American Justice. THATS why we need Sunlight!
            And yeah, getting a FISA warrant on someone that agreed to it, would be,..weird.
            Something haven’t seen mentioned much. In order to spy on an American citisen with FISA, Susan Rice as Nat. Sec. Advisor had to ‘sign off’, BEFORE they could submit the application.
            Not necesary for foreign nationals, but requried for U.S. citisens.
            Will this be included in the report? Or will that be buried in classified appendix?

            • dwpender says:

              I think you’re onto to something here. We spend a lot of time discussing Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Yates, Ohr, McCabe, Strozk, etc,, and justifiably so. IF we ever get to the bottom of the origins and management of this entire nefarious enterprise, IMO Susan Rice will turn out to be a central player in the entire thing.
              Lisa Page’s text: “[Redacted] says ‘this is being run out of the White House.’ ‘ I hope Barr unredacts this name ASAP so we can say who said this, and who was doing the “running.”

              • Dutchman says:

                Of coarse it was ‘run out of the W.H., and Obama wanted to be kept apprised.
                When a FISA app is,submitted to the FISC court, in a U.S. Citisen, either the POTUS or Natl. Security advisor must sign a waiver.
                But there was an unholy alliance between OBAMA WH and CONgressional Uniparty leadership, to enact policy changes detrimental to the country, “by any means necesary”.
                We say “politicising” intelligence. But its not Rep vs. Dem, as,..for instance Watergate.
                POLitics is about shaping POLicy, note the same root syllable. They have been using illegaly obtained ‘intelligence’ (702 searches of NSA database) to influence court decisions, key votes in CONgress and hearing outcomes, perhaps media reporting, and even public statements/positions of prominent opinion makers.
                They felt they had obtained the “keys to the kingdom”, and could take the country where they wanted with impunity, and NOTHING could stop them,…and then that bad orange man rode down the escalator!

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      IF Page was a willing participant in this FISA warrant.
      AND Comey and his Investi-COUP friends actually SAID this to Horowitz.
      Because in one fell swoop they have handed Barr the ANSWER to the question he posed from the GET-GO
      The one that got him in “hot water” with the TV people in the “cable news ecosystem”
      and every DEM on Capital Hill.
      “Was there SPYING?” (i.e. political surveillance)
      Because they would be simultaneously be admitting they were spying
      Think about THEIR argument here.
      In order to get the surveillance they wanted
      (which clearly wouldn’t be PAGE)
      they had to first run a
      By filing a FAKE FISA warrant on their own CHS???
      And why would they need to do this??
      Because the STEELE DOSSIER itself would NEVER pass muster to get
      a LEGITIMATE FISA warrant
      Yeah…..good luck with that one.
      Even BONDO BARR cannot whitewash that away.
      ESPECIALLY since POTUS could order the declassification he said he would wanted to do TWO YEARS ago……
      Declassification that has NO STANDING to be refused since…..
      Russian collusion
      Steele’s Dossier
      and finally under this scenario
      ALL FAKE
      Trump can order declassification based on OBAMA’s EO 13526
      Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) In no case shall
      information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail
      to be declassified in order to:
      (1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
      (2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
      (3) restrain competition; or
      (4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.
      SD commented in a post that the swamp protects itself in all cases except
      if somebody does something SPECTACULARLY DUMB
      If they tried to use the excuse Carter Page was working for us all along…..
      well that would fall right in that category
      Cause it would also explain 2 years of head splitting Carter Page interviews
      (and I guess Carter would finally stop answering FOX’s phone calls)

  7. Leon0112 says:

    Do you think Carter Page was a plant in the Trump campaign ?

    • ozymandiasssss says:


    • evergreen says:

      Stzrok (or Lisa Page) said they were going to (or did) burn a source–Carter Page. Page cannot just “happen” to be attached to the Trump campaign. The odds of an FBI insider from this small group actually being in position by complete coincidence are impossible, not just improbable. Therefore, he was there for a purpose that they had in mind. Burning him means they were flipping to Plan B and ditching whatever Plan A may have been.

      • Dutchman says:

        We have no idea HOW many people the counter intelligence division had, as CI’s.
        One came forward recently, that billionaire.
        They could have hundreds, and the kind of people that,COULD become involved in political campaigs, obviously.
        Oh, and Deripaska, the,Russian.
        In there careers,,Stroxz and McCabe probably had many people like this.

  8. Carrie says:

    Whittaker mentioned Carter again- so it does look exactly like Sundance says, Carter was critical in bringing in the dossier, less so than Papadopoulus (although it might be being spun like that now because the entire Papadopoulus story has already surfaced with Stefan Halper- so they shift to Carter who is presumably a willing FBI informant). I am growing a bit wary about Wray having any say at all in the redaction department , but hopefully Barr pushes back hard on those senseless redactions. Please, please let there be some serious declassification documents included in this report and I’m also really hoping we find out about Sessions once and for all. It caused quite a bit of consternation on this website for a while!

    • Lee Moore says:

      If Carter Page was a willing FBI stooge, that means he can’t sue for having his rights interfered with. But it doesn’t make the FISA warrants kosher, and it doesnt stop anyone else from suing if their communications were intercepted pursuant to a frauduently acquired FISA warrant.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        IF Carter Page was a willing FBI stooge…..
        he long ago contacted Horowitz/Barr/and or Durham to spill his beans
        to make sure when this all comes out he doesn’t end up with a Comey “affiliation”
        and minimize the blowback of
        being despised by all the FOX viewers he bullshitted the last 2 years.
        One thing is for sure…..after this FISA Report fallout ends
        Comey will no longer be useful to ANYONE and will be avoided like the plague.
        (Remember his Hatch Act violation cost HRC the election says the MSM/Dems)

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Carter was critical in bringing in the dossier, less so than Papadopoulus
      PapaD is not mentioned in the dossier so there’s no way to connect him to it.
      Page, Manafort and IIRC a later updated version, Flynn
      and of course Donald Trump
      were all mentioned in it and 3 of them we know had FISA’s
      If Page FISA is fake (i.e. he was a willing participant)…..
      and MIFSUD is a Western Intel Asset…..
      They’re 2/3 ‘s the way to proving the entire Russia story was FICTION—
      start to finish.

  9. mg says:

    North to Alaska on the pontoon plane in safari wear eating salmon like a bear.

  10. “To get impeachment they needed obstruction. To get obstruction they needed an investigation. To get the investigation they needed evidence (dossier). To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target. The target: Carter Page.”
    So succinctly stated. “THE PLAN” In A Nutshell

  11. CopperTop says:

    Page worked both sides. He sent a letter to Comey asking to be interviewed to stop the intrusion into his life. If he thought DOJ was going to screw him…he inoculated himself with that letter
    I have mentioned in the past but good time to remind. Even if Page never ‘owned’ his role in agreeing to being ‘listened’ to, the whole business with Cohen being in the FISA also provides cover to DOJ.
    There are Woods review angles that can be covered if there is no ‘possibility’ of subjects being interviewed by the DOJ. A prevention to an ‘interview’ would be if a person has attorney client privilege. All the affiant had to assert to upper mgmt is that there is atty client privilege attached to a subject of the FISA.
    The dossier whether verified or not included the President’s atty. False FACT. But didn’t matter.
    The whole business of arresting Cohen was to get POTUS to assert that Cohen WAS his atty. The whole point of Page was to get that dossier to include Cohen.
    Therefore the coup plotters will shop for juries/judges who will deem all of this as eeking by to a FISA that is valid.

    • justlizzyp says:

      That letter should have stopped the FISA warrant dead in it’s tracks, should it not? My understanding of a Title 1 warrant is that it is only issued in instances where the government has NO other means of getting any info. If the target sent them a letter 1 month prior to the warrant application offering to come in any time to answer questions….

      • CopperTop says:

        Great follow up. Been asked before and the answers were:
        A) The letter reportedly never made it to Comey. Page has the Fedex receipt that it made it to the building but no proof it got to the not to the Comey admin desk… *sigh*
        B) The application included the dossier. Once the approval is made all fruits become game as reason to continue to pursue the targeted individuals (Page) AND subjects (Manafort, Cohen,…etc). Cohen is the only one that matters here since they had FISA on everyone else already.
        REMINDER: It’s a sham. But tit’s enough for the coup plotters. They will use it to avoid going to G Jury. With the Craig fiasco …anyone in DC will find in favor of Democratic personnel and convict conservative ones it seems.

        • justlizzyp says:

          I’m not sure it’s enough for the plotters though – it MAY be enough, provided everyone focuses only on their actions. Their defense is basically ‘we were doing exactly what we’re supposed to do when we have evidence of spying and related crimes…by the book!’
          Their biggest problems are:
          Page was never arrested or charged, in spite of 1 year of the most intrusive surveillance possible.
          There is more and more evidence showing that they should not have believed what they say they believed and that they probably didn’t believe it. And that, had they followed proper procedures COMPLETELY (by the book) they wouldn’t have found it credible. Procedure is your best friend when investigating a sensitive matter and there are far too many deviations from procedure for them to say they did everything ‘by the book’ and too much showing that if they had they’d have ended the investigation.

        • raptors2020 says:

          Coppertop: I sense you have a lot of valuable information, but you go too fast. I get that volunteering to be interviewed partially invalidates spying (as it should in a free society), but you lose me with your Michael Cohen references.
          Tell us again how Carter Page relates to Michael Cohen?
          Or if anyone else feels qualified; draw the link from Page to Cohen.

          • CopperTop says:

            Cohen was a false fact in the dossier. Page was under scrutiny as a Russian spy because of his association to the campaign. The application asks the court to allow spying on Page due to this association. The affiants only responsibility is to tell the court the reason that the warrant is necessary and that there are no other means to find out the same info.
            The affiant has a document that mentions a “Michael Cohen”. Whether this is the right person does not matter because they can claim they cannot interview Michael Cohen due to his attorney client privilege in matters relating to Donald Trump (subject not target of warrant) or the campaign (again subject not target of warrant). They don’t have to dilberate whether he can be interviewed; they only need to assert the bar to the interview.
            This is why Michael Cohen was arrested. If Trump said ‘he’s not my attorney’ then they would prosecute for election violations and possible FARA violation. If Trump said (and he did insist) “he’s my atty…privilege is attached” then the warrant to discover what exactly Carter Page was doing with Russians eeks by as valid. The govt just needs to assert they need to find out how could this person M Cohen who is potentially a campaign related attorney be associated with Carter Page’s trips to Moscow that same year. They can assert that they see no means to question him and the warrant is the only way.
            The government did not do this at the start but figured out how to cover themselves after the fact by arresting Cohen.

            • OlderAndWiser says:

              Regarding Michael Cohen: Most of you do not know the history here. Michael was a partner with a fellow named Gene “The Taxi King” Friedman in the NYC taxi medallion business, which is dominated by Russian immigrants. Gene was in serious trouble with the local government and with the feds (IRS) and was being investigated prior to Trump’s election. The SDNY had him in their crosshairs.
              Gene publicly bragged about his partner being Trump’s lawyer.
              To date, Gene has not gone to jail for anything. Michael has.
              The feds used the dirt they had gotten on Cohen to squeeze him to get to Trump. Nothing personal – just a means. All the inside information is that Cohen was in serious legal trouble and did whatever he could to save himself and his family. In the end, he did go to jail, but his family was not left destitute.
              I’ve provided all the info that is known publicly; there is more known privately.
              You draw your own conclusions as to the exact conversations that occurred between the feds and Gene, and between the feds and Cohen and others.

  12. Elric VIII says:

    …”From where I sit, and from what I know, I think it is going to be fairly dramatic, what this investigation is going to show”…
    We don’t want drama. What about indictments?

    • ozymandiasssss says:

      He mentioned that as what sounded like a remote possibility to me

    • Linda K. says:

      If they don’t indict these people for conspiracy or something very serious, they will have to close down the Department of Justice, the FBI and CIA as beyond repair and totally discredited and corrupt.

  13. Bogeyfree says:

    They made up a document, used the media to help sell it, then slipped it in via back door into the FBI, who used it on the FISA Court to gain 4 FISA warrants, knowing it was bogus, all so they could spy and investigate on candidate Trump and then President Trump and his associates with the clear intention to get him to obstruct their investigation so they could impeachim.
    I want to put this on a huge sign right outside AG Barr’s office so he has to see it every frickin day!
    It was a clear coup with specific intent to take down a sitting President of the United States!

    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Bogey, Excellent summary! A coup is a coup is a coup no matter how you slice it.
      If the honest people in high places do not indict, prosecute and convict based on all the overwhelming evidence we know exists, then the American people will have no other recourse than to do it ourselves.
      And I don’t think anyone wants that…..but no one wanted the American Revolutionary War either did they?

    • Carrie says:

      It’s actually just a variant of the “Wrap-Up Smear “- copyright protected by Nancy Pelosi.

    • Kathleen Schilling says:

      And that is the insurance policy!

  14. mikeyboo says:

    POP! goes the weasel!

  15. CNN_sucks says:

    So, Whitaker are taking over the tick tock from Hannity? Come on, man. We are starving here of justice. Sending Comey to prison is a start.

    • 56packardman says:

      Enough of the tick tock. It’s way past time to lock some of this crew up. If any of these people walk – and it looks to me as if they all will – you can kiss this once-great country good-bye and rip the Constitution in two. No one will respect any aspect of government after these coup-meisters walk …

  16. Ernesto Ledesma says:

    Dobbs, like Hannity and Ingraham make very long statements and the guest is reduced to say things like “that’s exactly right Laura”, “you are spot on Lou”. But they get millions for getting the face into my 19 inch screen every night, so what so I know.

    • Richard Verney says:

      Lou Dobbs is much more measured than is Hannity. Further, he does not constantly talk over and interrupt his guests, and allows them to say what they wanted to say, unlike Hannity.

    • sunnydaze says:

      That’s why I can’t watch them.
      It’s frustrating, cuz they have great guests that I *would* like to see, but the guests can’t get a word in edgewise. So I’ve basically given up.

      • BitchyPants says:

        Every Day – Every Day With The I Hate Hannity – Why Does It Have To Be Every Day?
        Did if ever occur to anyone that some people like Hannity?
        Hannity is THE NUMBER 1 show on cable news?
        What you will see on Hannity you will NEVER see on those other shows?
        Oh and I Love Matt Whitaker too – is it true if you have a gigantic head your brain is larger than the average person?

    • Amy2 says:

      19 inch screen? Do they still make those?!

  17. margarite1 says:

    You know what Sundance? In a short paragraph you made perfect sense of the whole damn thing.
    l wish everyone would read your blog. You are the Thomas Paine of our time….and at an equally critical time. I really appreciate what you do.

  18. California Joe says:

    Carter Page was the FBI’s own boy and they used him against the Russians for ten years. Page was never a Russian operative so any FISA application that claimed he was….WAS FRAUD! 18 USC 1001. The Feds have prosecuted thousands of people for fraud against the government and I know because I was part of it. So, start prosecuting Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Page then get Lynch, Brennan, Clapper and Obama!

  19. RJ says:

    “Punishment…Disciplinary action?
    These are weasel words offered up by Whitaker…then he drops indictment. Who are you kidding?
    This guy’s presentation is merely to show the “escape road” that is going to take place and how it is to be sold to the American people.
    This lawyer has no idea how to speak to the average American citizen.. What a con job he is presenting. No anger, just words that say expect the game to be played out this way.
    Here is the roadmap to letting the bad guys off the hook! I have no faith this “skinhead” intends to tell us the truths of the matters before the American people, he is heralding the forthcoming escape plans of those who are dirty!

  20. GB Bari says:

    IMHO, the only thing that would be “dramatic” for most long term Treepers (who’ve followed the saga via Sundance’s painstaking research and analysis) is if the top 8 or 10 coup conspirators are actually indicted, prosecuted, and convicted. Anything less is and has been simply maintaining the status quo.

  21. Bryan Alexander says:

    There are likely dozens, if not hundreds, of CIA/FBI affiliated people who are “on the payroll”. Or put another way, if they are needed, the change jobs to get into a specific sphere of activity so that they can be sources for the FBI/CIA.
    Carter Page was a CIA source//informant in Russia. He likely knew he was going to be used as a source for the CIA/FBI working for Trump. His bumbling, no-nothing cluelessness is all an act.

    • American Heritage says:

      Page has disconcerting, never-changing facial expression that looks as if he has been trained like an actor to never betray any real feelings. He’s always wide eyed and almost smiling no matter what he says or what is said to him. I’m inferring spy training of some kind.

  22. Don McAro says:

    I ma but mad…north north west

  23. bessie2003 says:

    I remember that post too. Think it was someone calling themselves Wolfmoon. Paraphrasing here, also said there will be times we would all be on the same page, other times we would disagree with one another, and that in the end, if we hung on to this wild roller coaster ride we (the nation) will win in the end.
    Sometimes I think this seventeenth letter business is the part of the roller coaster ride that began the distraction, disassociation, other times think, we each have just so much we can take before we say enough! and step back for a while, not quite ready to get off the roller coaster, but darn close.
    In the end, we just have to stay the course so KAG will be the foundation for the next generation. I miss some of the poster’s from those days too. Though understand why, because personally have never liked roller coasters.

  24. Garavaglia says:

    I had a fairly good day.

  25. MikeN says:

    This doesn’t make sense. The dossier was written and the FISAs were acquired before Trump was elected, and before any Mueller investigation.

    • Jim in TN says:

      These things were attempts to scuttle Trump’s candidacy, but they were also insurance policies in case he won.
      I see lots of people think it was to all disappear when Cankles lost. I disagree. They were going to make an example of Trump after he lost. Primarily to make sure no interlopers ever dared contest them again. But, does anyone think the Hag was going to rest until she saw Trump locked up the way his supporters chanted about her?

    • Amy2 says:

      Wasn’t the last one after he was in office? What I’m stuck on, is what was the required NEW info that warranted the last three?

      • LafnH20 says:

        Good question, Amy2.
        Prolly based on “Findings” born out of the Illegal Investigation or maybe ole nellie… or mayb….
        Illegal Investigation…

    • Jambo says:

      It was an insurance policy. In the unlikely event that Hillary lost then the pieces would be in place to attempt to remove the rightful President.
      Thankfully for the USA President Trump is an honourable man and did not obstruct even thought they tried every trick in the book to make him do so.
      The impeachment will go ahead based on nothing, which is good for 2020, but if the coup plotters walk then that’s terrible for the future of the country.

    • Allard Otten says:

      They were setting up to destroy Trump after Hillary won.

  26. Bill Durham says:

    Yes albertus. What we want to happen and what POTUS wants to happen are 2 different things. All he promised is to declassify and that it should never happen again to another president. POTUS knows how to play the game. For all we know, POTUS may want to use what he has as leverage. They pulled a Hoover on him. He may want to pull a Hoover on them. Donald Trump can play dirty too. I would be more concerned with that than jail. If he sits on enough things, how many favors can he call in? How much of his agenda does he get? What if he had Mitch in his Back pocket for 5 more years? What is that worth? What if he can leverage most of the swamp? What’s more important, his agenda or a few skunks in jail?

    • romy911 says:

      President Trump’s agenda and election to a second term is the MOST important. They (US Congress, Wall Street, Hollywood, Academia, Canada, China, Iran, France, Britain, Germany and the leaders and powerful of many more countries) are continuing to try to remove him or keep him from being re-elected.
      As disappointing as all this is, we have to support and do everything we can to re-elect President Trump. He was never supposed to be President and “they” are not going to give up.

    • john says:

      Since he is limited in term Id say his agenda and jail/gallows are equally important. One will be completely dismantled and todays status quo reestablished without the other.

  27. Mac says:

    I’m going to have to disagree here. The Steele Dossier was largely irrelevant to the Mueller SC operation. Naming a SC required a criminal investigation. All that the Dossier would supply would be “corroboration” for the Counter Intel operation, which would not suffice to trigger a SC investigation. Also, the timing for the use of the Dossier was well before the election. And, it was used to justify a Title I FISA warrant on Page, to allow nearly unfettered surveillance of the Trump Campaign. The Dossier was originally concocted as a political weapon to keep the Trump/Russia Collusion meme alive through the campaign. But, the FISA court, was reluctant to issue a T1 warrant based upon the information which the FBI provided. Hence the use of the Dossier, along with a friendly judge. The media loved the SD, because they were totally committed to the Collusion fairy tale. But, it did nothing for any potential impeachment attempt, if Trump won, which the conspiracy did not expect to happen.
    Once Trump won the election, the conspiracy had to change gears, again. Now it had to come up with a way remove Trump from office. It boiled down to the 25th Amendment or impeachment. As Rosenstein pointed out, famously, the 25th was out. So, what crimes could they drum up to justify impeachment. How about obstruction of justice? It worked against Nixon. So, they set up Flynn, hoping that Trump would shut down the investigation. That did not work. So, they run Rosenstein in as a stalking horse to get Trump to fire Comey. This is successful and Andrew McCabe opens a criminal obstruction investigation, with Trump as the target, the day after Comey is fired. Within days, Mueller is named SC and both the Collusion CoI investigation and the Obstruction criminal investigation are transferred to the SC’s office. And, it was game on.
    The reason that this whole fiasco is falling like a house of wet cards is because it was a slap-dash series of operations, the objectives of which were never realized, which required the conspirators to engage in ever more risky activities to be successful. However, they were never successful. And, that places them at increased risk.

    • JL says:

      The 25th Amendment was never really an option, because all Trump had to do to counter it was write a letter saying it isn’t necessary, and it’s nullified. It was never written or intended to be used to remove a President who is not incapacitated.

      • raptors2020 says:

        That would require a Supreme Court Test, would it not? What the 25th means, since its never been invoked? The constant talk from day 1 of the Trump Presidency, about Trump’s mental health, surely has a purpose beyond name-calling. Why would mental illness not be grounds to remove a President? A crazy President could still write your letter.
        The third option, being overlooked here, is to force the President to resign. They failed to oust Andrew Johnson or Clinton, but they got Nixon to resign. And this time they were following the Saturday Night Massacre blueprint; get Trump to fire Mueller, then offer resignation or impeachment.
        The turmoil surrounding the attempted invocation of the 25th might have been enough to drive Trump to resign. The news media could certainly be counted on to call for his resignation with near-unanimity. After enough tumult, the Republican Party senior leadership march to the White House and demand Trump resign, for the good of the country. That’s what they did to Nixon.
        I think that was the plan. Drive Trump out, by hook or by crook. Why it failed, we’ll someday know. When he wouldn’t go, they moved to plan B, the Mueller probe. I reject the possibility, on common-sense grounds, that they were prepared to wait, at the outset, 2 years for a special counsel to conduct a sham investigation, followed by an impeachment circus. They wanted Trump gone. Now!

        • gnome says:

          A crazy president could well let the Supreme Court know he is capable of retaking the office. If the people want a crazy president they have the right to elect one, and the Cabinet or the Supreme Court have no right to interfere. One man’s crazy is the people’s reformist.
          It’s called democracy.

        • Mac says:

          If the conspirators could have found something either criminal or extremely salacious on him or any member of his family, they would probably have tried to use it to force him out of office. But, they had been digging for at least a year, by the time he was inaugurated, and had found nothing which would cause his resignation. The SC investigation was multifaceted. It was designed to tie up the President and his administration to keep him from realizing his agenda. At the same time it was being used to attempt to build a case for impeachment against Trump. And, the SC investigation ran for as long as it did, because they kept hoping to find something or to get one of those indicted to compose incriminating testimony against Trump. Once the House went Dem, in 2019, then the SC tent was quietly folded and the impeachment operation was turned over to that body.
          Remember, this whole series of operations, against Trump, were responses to events that the conspirators did not foresee. And, the biggest thing that they failed to foresee was Trump’s election. There was NO impeachment plan until after the election. Then a crime had to be manufactured to justify both impeachment and the SC investigation. That “crime” was obstruction of justice based upon the firing of James Comey, which was engineered by Rod Rosenstein who then turned right around and appointed a SC to investigate the action that he justified in writing to Trump. The frosting on that cake was that, as Rosenstein had provided the justifying opinion for firing Comey, he should have immediately recused himself from any over-sight of the obstruction investigation. But, that never happened.

        • jl says:

          The 25th amendment was ratified in 1967. The meaning and intent is fairly well known and understood, as it is a relatively modern amendment. It has been invoked multiple times by multiple presidents. Often when entering the hospital for surgery, or as in the case of the assassination attempt on Reagan. George W, invoked it a few times for colonoscopies.
          Section 4 is the part that has never been invoked. It was intended for situations where the President is not able to invoke the sections that temporarily pass power to the VP. I don’t think it ever even occurred to congress that it could be used to remove a President that the opposing party thinks is crazy. In order for the President’s “I’m fine” letter to be overruled, it requires support of the VP and a majority of the principals in the cabinet OR a 2/3rds majority of both the House and the Senate.
          Not going to happen, and if Democrats attempted it and failed, it would have disastrous repercussions for them.

  28. Jim in TN says:

    Never forget, Whitaker was Session’s Chief of Staff. Once Sessions was recused, it was Whitaker’s job to turn a blind eye to all these shenanigans that he is now criticizing.
    And, for all the fun it was watching Whitaker deal with Congress, he did not do much to fix this mess when he was acting AG.

    • Arrest Soros says:

      Exactly Jim.
      I don’t trust Whitaker in the lest. He was acting AG for a few months and did nothing despite the reasonable assumption that he had a good idea what the cabal was up to while he (Whittaker) was Sessions Chief.
      Don’t take anything this crook (or clueless, take your pick) says at face value.

      • Linda K. says:

        I actually like Whittaker and don’t think he is calculating, just careful. I do not like Rosenstein, McCabe or Comey (who makes really strange faces when speaking in public).Their deceit seemed apparent to me…

      • LafnH20 says:

        Whittiker is a private citizen…. no?

    • JL says:

      Something that people kind of miss, is that the AG is a political appointment. The vast majority of DOJ employees are career employees. If an AG starts micromanaging the department and making individual prosecutorial and investigative decisions and ignoring the organizational structure, that AG corrupts all those investigations and prosecutions.
      AG’s have to follow policy and procedure. They can enforce the rules, but they can’t make decisions that they aren’t prescribed to make.
      Technically they can, but then you turn into a Holder or Lynch. We’re better than that.

  29. JRD says:

    Americans aren’t looking for drama.
    We have plenty of that from the “drama queens” in the DC swamp and their lying media.
    Americans wants ACTION.
    We want people to be held accountable for their seditious actions.

  30. pucecatt says:

    Didn’t Carter Page work on McCains campaign? This guy Page gets around and I also think the guy knew what he was doing and was sent into the Trump campaign by not only CIA , FBI and McCain .

    • evergreen says:

      I recall reading a long time ago that Page was either a donor to Clinton or traveled in her circles, in a comfortable, fellow traveler way. Don’t recall where I read it.

  31. Zorro says:

    Trust Stealth Matt.

  32. Genie says:

    Strzok declined to tell Jordan when he first saw the “dossier.” Steele and Nellie were likely told to keep cranking out additional parts as situations developed, including weaving in Carter Page. If nothing else, these guys are party good at adapting the plan as they go.

  33. Ausonius says:

    I am not so sure America wants action: how many could even come close to explaining just the major dots, the major ins-and-outs?
    America is employed, starting businesses, expanding businesses, and watching President Trump providing Chinese checkmates to the Chinese spies and thieves who have cudgeled us for 20 years.
    I think President Trump knows this, and senses that only a very small percentage of us (I include myself) would like to see some indictments, jail time, and a general comeuppance against these conspirators of a near coup d’etat. I think he might sense, however, that – politically – such things are a losing proposition which risks turning these people into “martyrs” and also risks distracting America from America’s main business…namely, business.
    He will lament them, he will speak the truth about them, he will crow about their failure to unseat him, but I have a sense that their prosecution is just not a priority…which explains why Shrillary is allowed to run loose.

    • dkzlda;la says:

      If Trump does as you say, the Deep State will be back as soon as he’s gone. And they’ll deserve to be and to win. Then, finally, they can lock you, me and Trump up in jail.

    • Allard Otten says:

      Hillary is going to skate because she will claim that the emails on the server were placed there by a hacker. That’s why she made the big deal of reading her emails in Venice the other day. Those are ‘her’ emails, she ‘doesn’t know’ how the ones erased/found on the server could have gotten there.
      The server is tainted evidence, because the custody chain has been screwed with, so some poor eastern block hacker/sucker will have to take the rap for planting manipulated emails.
      This is a dog and pony show. The real story is incriminating evidence that the deep state places on personal computers that is used for blackmail, That dirty business has to be unraveled and exposed while still protecting innocents who have been victimized. If the perps know some clemency will be involved by agreeing not to release damaging and false info on victims, that would be the route traveled, rather than having them know that they will be hanged at dawn, so release they the dirt because there’s nothing left to lose. McCabe, for example, says he has dirt on everybody. That doesn’t mean it’s all true.
      Highest priority at this point is to expose and neutralize rogue operators in the justice system and invoke protections to stop it from happening again, all while protecting innocent victims. We don’t need a Beslan 2.0.
      My opinion.

  34. chojun says:

    I feel like based on what we can understand from McCabe’s strategy the dossier was important to obtain the FISA warrant(s). They needed the FISA as an insurance policy against illegal spying that had been done prior. The dossier was sloppily assembled; everyone in the dossier’s chain of custody knew it was dubious political research but moved forward with it anyway.
    This fact alone means it was a strategy hatched from desperation. Their insurance policy in case Trump were elected.
    When read from a certain perspective the Strzok-Page texts not only reveal political bias but also reveal confirmation bias likely created by Brennan’s EC which originated crossfire hurricane. The FBI very likely believed Brennan’s bullshit until interviews with Steele at the DOJ began to show that they had been manipulated the entire time. FISA became their exit strategy.
    The plan to remove Trump likely didn’t begin until around the time he was inaugurated. Mueller’s appointment was likely always about an obstruction trap – the only way Trump could be removed using the legal system. We will probably find out that this strategy played out in Congress because of the need to impeach (Paul Ryan) and convict in the Senate (John McCain). A lot (LOT) of Congress believed the garbage they were also fed by Brennan. Don’t forget that brennan’s efforts also involved Congress.
    Don’t forget about how many GOP congresspeople retired that year. Were they forced out?

  35. warspite2 says:

    Believe it when I see it.

  36. xcontra says:

    Whitaker is a zero. Until the prosecutors get a few of the Weasel Squad into prison, I am going to consider Whitaker and all these guys as worthless

  37. Zy says:

    Jerry Nadler is “fairly dramatic”.

  38. Life Coach says:

    Carter Page is/was Naval Intelligence, UN Intelligence, Counsel on Foreign Relations, CIA & FBI. Swampy, as swampy gets. He worked for the FBI on the Russian energy case for 3 years. No one else thinks it’s strange that he just happened to find his way into the Trump campaign a mere 60 days after his case with the FBI is finished?
    What a lucky coincidence for the FBI! The opportunity to tell the FISC “Look at all his contacts with Russians” (never mind they were as part of his undercover work for the FBI), just fell right in their laps didn’t it? Suspicious cat, is suspicious.

    • CopperTop says:

      Tucker at one point moons ago asked him “Are you a Russian Spy?”
      “No I am not a “russian” spy.”
      Implication at the time was that both he and Tucker knew what he meant by his remark. That he worked IC for years and that he was working IC while on the Trump campaign.
      Whether he was complicit in how he was used is a matter of ‘measure’. By an arm or a fingernail. The latter with a bamboo skewer possibly a la George Papa.

  39. xsnake ralf says:

    On the edge of my seat…..since “fast ‘n furious.” Decade ago?
    Benghazi…..VA scandal….IRS scandal…..the old bag’s emails….and on ‘n on.
    I’m at the point now…..just let me know when someone……anyone…..gets indicted.

  40. Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

    As much as I and everyone else here wants to see people locked up, remember, these criminals were CUNNING law enforcement top dogs. They met and discussed this frequently. I’m certain CYA was involved in all their discussions. What “reasonable doubt” arguments they could raise as they went along.
    These rat bastards were The sleaziest of the sleazes. It excruciating to say but it will take someone flipping on the entire scheme and a smoking 155 mm howitzer to convict.

  41. jojotom01 says:

    “I can’t remember the poster here (Wolfgang, Wolfpack??)”
    Is this the post you are referring to (Jumpin’ Ju-Ju Bones, What a Year, December 31, 2017):

  42. appraisher says:

    The fact that no one involved in this completely exposed, ham-handed attempt at a Palace Coup has been put in prison yet is…Breathtakingly Dramatic!

  43. OlderAndWiser says:

    “Michael Steele”? This guys is clueless. Another empty suit.

  44. jx says:

    The last paragraph is excellent. It’s such a succinct summary.
    Whitaker speaking about “discipline or even prosecutions”… what planet is this guy on? Discipline? HR action doesn’t cut it, Whitaker.

  45. sladdk says:

    Without convictions, the last remaining people concerned about traditional American values and the rule of law will quietly die away. I wonder what the US will be like if Trump skips prosecutions. Personally I don’t care about MAGA w/out prosecutions. No reason to save an immoral nation.

  46. ezgoer says:

    IMO Trump is resigned that nobody will be indicted or prosecuted for the coup attempt. He’ll be happy if the whole thing is dropped as long as they leave him alone and stop trying to impeach him.

  47. Deplorable Canuck says:

    “To get impeachment, they needed obstruction. To get obstruction they needed an investigation. To get the investigation they needed evidence (the dossier). To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target. The target was Carter Page.”
    There it is in a nut shell, the whole damn conspiracy. Brilliantly summarized!

  48. Nessie509 says:

    Maybe President Trump has a choice? Indictment of a few, former Department heads, or destroying the Democratic Party.
    He would likely choose the latter. That would assure his re-election, increase seats in the Senate and retake the House.
    President Trump wants to be the guy who returned America to financial greatness. If he is re-elected, he might actually reduce the debt as he said he wanted to do.

  49. Republicanvet91 says:

    “…”From where I sit, and from what I know, I think it is going to be fairly dramatic, what this investigation is going to show”…”
    I find it interesting that Whitaker believes things are going to be fairly dramatic, while Gowdy, et. al. are suggesting we don’t get our expectations up.
    …who to believe….

  50. gsonFIT says:

    So Sundance’s executive summary is really very important and not because it is great and sums up 3 years of his hard work and many hours of all our lives. More importantly as the general public starts learning the details about Russiagate we all need to be able to discuss them in a believable and succinct way.
    Not another commentator understands that obstruction was the goal from the beginning. We all take for granted what SD has shown us. 63 million people are going to be in even more denial once this info becomes public. The media certainly isn’t going to help

  51. Joe B says:

    I’m probably in a minority here, but the interview sounded quite positive to my ears.

  52. Gymcy81 says:

    ” the game is not over,
    until it is over ”
    – Yogi Berra
    How is that relevant?
    Suggest that no one underestimate the obfuscation abilities in DC.
    (the ‘dramatic’ results of the investigation of the nefarious investigators has proverbial cart in front of the horse. The ‘dramatic’ opinion has no functional use in completing the follow up investigation game – successfully)
    Furthermore, the draft IG report (facts and potentually incontrovertible facts ) on FISA court process is supposedly not in very many people’s hands – at this time.
    [ or, is someone a draft IG report leaker? …sadly, or ‘dramatically, giving fuel to the nefarious folks.]
    I do not know

    • Gymcy81 says:

      …or ( doubtful ) the ‘drama’ is meant to provoke a response that could expose other needed information.
      I do not know
      Love thy neighbors…

  53. Mongo Mere Pawn says:

    Sundance has it nailed. AG Barr is trying to preserve the institutions when a significant percentage of Trump voters not only want them burned down and replaced (metaphorically, of course), but actually know that the evidence justifies such a result. What the Obama Administration did and continues to do through infiltration of the Trump Administration and cooperative manipulation of the media, is to undermine the very notion of representative government. Tails they win, heads we lose, because that is the way the political class wants it and most of them vote Democrat or GOPe.
    Think about it. Hillary’s emails are in the NSA database at this very moment. They are also on Huma’s laptop. We also know that the Chinese obtained each and every one of them. We probably know that Hillary’s arrogance led to the deaths of numerous Intel sources as a result. Nothing will ever be done about it because the facade of competence must be maintained to avoid, quite literally, revolution.
    We know what happened, not just think we know. We know. And AG Barr knows we know. An attempted coup. But he can’t merely follow the evidence where it leads because it leads to President Obama. Director Comey met with President Obama, VP Biden, NSA Rice et al literally hours before he met with President-elect Trump, and the entire meeting was about Russian interference in the election. The original FISA and probably the first renewal had been obtained. The intelligence agencies had presented or was about to present a report that resulted in sanctions against Russia. President Obama wanted the handling of the ongoing investigation during the transition between his and the Trump administrations to be done “by the book.” Then Comey unilaterally attempted to get Trump to confess something to corroborate the dossier??? No way. President Obama was in on it from the get go. He was a charter member of the small group.
    And that is why nothing will ever come of it. President Obama, for all his many faults, remains somewhat of a third rail in American politics. And unfortunately, just like with Hillary, any attempt to prosecute the small group in DC will run into the problem that President Obama knew about and authorized the spying on national security grounds, even though we know it was political spying.

    • Stephen R Baze says:

      I do not think the fat lady has danced so it ain’t over by a long shot. Remains to be seen who gets prosecuted and why, but some are surely coming. Perhaps not enough we shall see ? Barr has to know there must be prosecutions or it is over for USA !

      • disgustedwithjulison says:

        I would prefer that it be exposed that Obama was part of the coup, but in the good of the country, President Trump publicly pardons him. This is the best that we could expect. He isn’t going to jail…but expose him and then make a big deal of pardoning him.

        • Super Elite says:

          Lock him up. Lock him up. Lock him up.

          • The Third Man says:

            Yes ! Yes ! Super Elite. Lock him up ! Lock him up ! Lock him up !
            Obama and his bizarre partner have done and continue to do more damage to the USA than Osama Bin Laden did in his wildest, most perverse, evil fantasies.
            Their freak show cult attacks all of Americana: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Betsy Ross, Junipero Serra, Lillian Gish, Kate Smith, Chick Filet, Andrew Jackson, the Bill of Rights…on and on and on.
            There are countries wherein he would have been executed already.

        • FrankieZee says:

          If they don’t get each and every one of the Traitors, they will not stop because a few of the low level peons get convicted. Matter of fact, it would only embolden them to continue. And don’t think for one minute they do not want to destroy Trump and his entire family when he leaves office. In my mind this has to be a fight to the finish.

          • Judith says:

            TRAITORS left unchecked *will* destroy the USA when he leaves office. All that stands between us patriots and their New World Order is the US Constitution.
            Globalists will pull out all the stops to destroy our Constitutional Republic. We are not the only side that vowed this can never happen again!

          • lfdale says:

            Correct they wanted to destroy Trump and his family. IMHO they would try and do this even after crooked hildebeast won, they were setting him and his family up for prosecution after the election. They (obummer/hildebeast) hated Trump and they would have destroyed him personally if she would have won. Thanks to the great electorate Trump won and now it is our turn to show the world how corrupt the d-rats are,

            • Nancy Murphy says:

              You are absolutely correct. But they didn’t just hate Trump, they were terrified of him. The “Lock Her Up” chants freaked them out. They had to have a means to thoroughly discredit Trump when he lost. Something like an insurance policy?. They never thought he would win.

        • Will Hunt says:

          Having the mocha messiah exposed as the lowbrow/socialist/islamist/america-hating subversive fraud that he is would be more than sweet justice and victory.

        • Retired USMC says:

          I strongly disagree. There is only one destination for a TRAITOR…the noose. Make a damn bird feeder out of him as an example of what happens to a Communist who betrays the constitution.

          • Judith says:

            I have to agree. Destroying our Constitutional Republic is *not* an option. The sooner that the Turtle understands this, the better.

        • CaptainNonno says:

          No pardon by POTUS! That would legitimize Obama. I’d rather have the public debate Obama’s guilt in perpetuity if he’s not indicted.

        • Stella1996 says:

          Probably why Eric Holder was talking to David Axelrod saying Presidents shouldn’t be prosecuted after they leave office.

        • mikeyboo says:

          “expose him and then make a big deal of pardoning him.””
          Disgusted-what an intriguing and brilliant idea!!!

    • PMadison says:

      MMP, You’ve said “Hillary’s emails are in the NSA database at this very moment.” I’ve heard comments like that a lot, but I’m curious if there is any real proof of that.
      It was my understanding that the NSA collects, in aggregate, the metadata from all electronic communication. But it doesn’t actually record or store the communications.
      Is there something I missed? Some revelation from a whistle blower or Snowden or the text of the law, that indicates that all emails are kept? This is a serious question, by the way. Not trying to argue.

      • chipin8511 says:

        They are in Chris Wrays office Comey had a copy. PMadison

      • islandpalmtrees says:

        Hope you find this helpful.
        Former NSA Technical director has already made this clear when he talked about the so called DNC hacking. The NSA collects something on the order of 85 percent plus of all communications in the world. So, yes the corrupt SSCI is running the NSA Database and the NSA Database is tied into the GCHQ Database and so on, in order to produce the 5Eyes organization.
        All of the above is being understated.
        The real question is: Why has Barr, just not picked up the phone and told the NSA, I want the following information for declassification?

    • Raptors2020 says:

      The 800 lb gorilla sitting on Barr’s shoulders is that this was a bipartisan coup.
      The institution he’s trying to preserve is the Republican Party.
      Comey and McCabe are so cocky because they’re in the role of Samson: they can bring the temple of the GOP crashing down.

    • Bob Lynch says:

      It was Trump himself who let Hillary walk within hours of his election, which I thought then and still do that that act doomed his presidency because it signaled that the deep state is secure in its corruption.

    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Many people do not recognize the importance of the Bestial Bride of Bubba’s e-mails. It’s not so much that they’re hers, but rather that Ol’ Sparklefarts was ALSO using a personal e-mail account, as the friggin president, but under an assumed name.
      You cannot get her without getting him as well, and THAT is just not going to happen. Butt-lovin Barry from Man’s Country on Halstead in ChiTown can literally murder newborns on video in front of 1,000 democrats, and you won’t find a single witness. Sickening, repulsive, true.

      • islandpalmtrees says:

        Sundance as in effect, told us, that our senate, operates as a corrupt and nearly independent UNI-PARTY, reporting to no-one, say for the knowledgeable voter aware of their corruption.
        We also know, that large portions of the FBI and DOJ are corrupt based on their coup attempt with help from the X President Obama.
        Add to this the CIA involvement in the coup attempt and MSM sources they control.
        All in all, its amazing that this government is not in the middle of another civil-war.

    • cantcforest says:

      Not “metaphorically”

    • Will Hunt says:

      You write this as fact when, in fact, it is opinion – more specifically your opinion. None of us knows the outcome. If history has taught us anything it is that it the future can be very unpredictable The exact opposite of what you predict can happen or any variation thereof.

    • bjmatl says:

      If Trump and Barr won’t do anything about it that means they’re either compromise or dirty themselves. If they’re compromised or dirty and not going to do anything to punish criminals, then they become the enemy too.

    • Jederman says:

      “…will run into the problem that President Obama knew about and authorized the spying”
      In a just and sane country that would be obama’s problem not ours.
      IMO that unspoken rule about not prosecuting previous admins should cover only a limited amount of malfeasance.
      obama violated a time honored 250 yo tradition in this country. The peaceful transfer of power based on free and fair elections has been at the bedrock of our political system. The “people” get to choose every four years and everyone abides by the results.
      This is not the usual, expected Dem corruption. This goes way beyond what is “acceptable” in our politics. This is massive corruption for what? It was to ensure the “fundamental transformation” of this country. It was a coup in support of a socialist/statists takeover.
      It’s a big fng deal. If it’s swept under the rug or goes unacknowledged then we have handed our children/grandchildren a true scheisse sandwich and guaranteed the end of this country as we knew it growing up. Selfish and weak beyond communicating.

    • Whitehouse Clown says:

      Assuming Trump is reelected and takes the House, I believe a complete restructuring of the DOJ, FBI and other intelligence agencies.

    • jackphatz says:

      Sorry kids.
      “fairly dramatic” means never having to say you’re sorry. Now had it been “extremely dramatic”…well that would have been a completely different outcome, like totally justice met.
      Barr may save the institution but not the country.

  54. 335blues says:

    “…I think it is going to be fairly dramatic…”
    America doesn’t need any more drama.
    AMERICA NEEDS INDICTMENTS of the perpetrators of the coup attempt.
    We will not allow our choice in the election for President
    to be overridden by criminals in our government intelligence agencies.

    • Rhi says:

      “Fairly dramatic” would be when a 24 member swat team in full tactical gear breaks down the doors of all the coup conspirators at 5am simultaneously.

      • David A says:

        How come the big multi party bust of the crooks never happens.
        The deep state wins buy breaking up one very big attempt to overthrow President Trump and HRC many crimes, into 100 smaller instances of over-site failure here, procedural error there. They purposefully NEVER
        connect the dots. ( Thus HRC had no intent, when intent was obvious and malicious)
        This IG investigation is no different. Just wait, they will even chop up the multiple instances of FISA abuse into separate actions on disparate individuals. It is like reading a full length novel with every page and paragraph in the wrong sequence. Eventually anything you can point at, they can say, ” yes, we looked at that here.”

  55. Austin Holdout says:

    It will be interesting if we ever learn which of the small group were “inside” enough to know the dossier was completely made up and which were sold the dossier BS along with the rest of us.
    Strzok strikes me as the kind of useful idiot they would have fed the dossier (knowing he was a Trump hater and would believe it) to and just sat back and watched him do his investigation thing.
    Nellie Ohr? Seems risky because her and her spouse could each be used as leverage to flip the others. She seems like the kind of useful idiot they could have said “Hey Nellie, walk down this street and see if you see any breadcrumbs that could lead to Trump”. And then send someone (Syl Blumenthal?) with the bag of breadcrumbs to walk a block ahead of her so she’d think she found real dossier evidence. Again, maybe just a Trump hater who was susceptible to suggestion.
    My guess is the number of people who knew the scheme are very few. And the number of “officials” who are walking around with a sick feeling in their stomachs about how they were used in the scheme and now their choices now are to tell the lie or get Arkancided. Not defending any of them-just thinking about how every time we learn new facts it just raises more questions.
    I hope that was still on topic.

    • Raptors2020 says:

      After election day 2016 the # of people involved became huge; Trump versus Washington. Evelyn Farkas told us: a mad scramble began in the federal bureaucracy, and the media, and both parties to get Trump.
      If there are to be charges, they must involve the events from November, 2016 to May, 2017. The Mueller probe was a fighting retreat. Impeachment of Trump for firing Mueller would have been their Battle of the Bulge. (I apologize for that strained analogy.)

    • Linda K. says:

      I seem to remember at the time, that everyone who read the dossier, even Bob Woodward, thought it was garbage. So, no way anyone in intel thought it was credible.

    • Clinton Inc, Dept. of State, DNC, CIA, FBI, Steele, and Russian Gov’t scraped the gutters for those breadcrumbs. Ohr/Fusion family was busy editing and distributing fake news because that’s what Fusion GPS does for a living. Strzok & Page knew there was “no big there there”; they reported that lack of fact up to McCabe & Comey at regular status checks. Mueller and Rosenstein shifted to obstruction by fall 2017 because they had “no evidence any Americans were involved in collusion.” MSM can’t look hard evidence in the eye because it would force them to acknowledge they “have become a hack” like Glenn Thrush. All because she wasn’t supposed to lose. To them it wasn’t doing crimes, it was picking on Deplorables.
      Tens of millions of everyday Americans like my in-laws are still in full TDS denial. And it’s the mid-level functionaries like Evelyn Farkas and Strzok’s assistants who have that sick-to-my-stomach feeling of dread.

      • Linda K. says:

        There is one more thought I had about Russian collusion, which is not actually illegal evidently, because Hillary did it to get her opposition research. I think these democratic clowns were hoping to find dirt on Trump, any dirt, while pretending there was an investigation going on russian collusion. The fact that Trump is clean, boggles these democrats, who are dirty inside and out. No one can believe it. So now, they are investigating some more. And look what they are doing to Kavenaugh, again.
        False accusers, like Blasey-Ford should be held to account for lying and making a false report! Comey should be held to account for using a fake dossier to try and get Trump out of office.
        These criminals have no moral compass and no honor until jail time sobers them up. They will keep trying till it costs them pain to lie like this.

  56. here is how to bet on the McCabe indictment

  57. Aintree says:

    I join others here in praising sundance’s excellent “CTH Research Opinion” summation. It is a handy “nutshell” to use as a foundation that we can add all of the various actions by all the Coup players around the basic Coup plan and insurance policy.
    Matt Whitaker is an affable good-natured fellow that got caught up in the scandal for a brief time including being grilled by the Dem House jackals. He didn’t let them intimidate him during his “fiery testimony” as the MSM called it. Lou Dobbs is a Conservative living legend and a wise no holds barred host.

    • Raptors2020 says:

      Matt Whitaker was on Fox recently saying, like Karl Rove said, it was time to move on.
      I was surprised that passed without starting a conflagration.

      • Judith says:

        A lot of resistance malarkey “passes” on FAUX news. In fact, their so-called “conservative” point of view is a case study in the UNiparty construct. That is, a case study in gaslighting and deception.
        Apparently, VSGPDJT prefers to keep his friends close, and his “FAUX friends” even closer.

  58. Beigun says:

    The stench of the “banquet of sedition” carries far and wide. Those that inhale power usurped become themselves most foul and corrupt. The cure to the body politic is painful, but necessary to secure the Republic.
    Sedition is the other side of the coin of Treason. A slap on the wrist ensures the Republic will not survive a second attempt, which is as worst as the original crime.
    Now draw and quarter those SOBs!

    • Raptors2020 says:

      I pray for Sedition charges, as well, but the Sunshine Patriots who get queasy because of Trump’s mean tweets, surely won’t have the stomach for a Sedition crisis.
      Peggy Noonan, the voice of the Republican Establishment, thinks the Squad is so angry and radical because Trump hasn’t been tactful with them. Can you imagine prim Peggy’s reaction to a Sedition civil war?

  59. Ray says:

    Part of the problem is that even to gloss it over getting a sacrificial person held accountable in DC is almost immpossible if you are a Democrat.

  60. Brant says:

    Somewhat on topic. Gen. Flynn. Could his plea, the lawyers he “hired”, and the length of time been a ploy to get certain people complacent, comfortable, in place, and monitored? Even internationally (Canada, Australia)? At a certain time he was told, “It’s time.”
    Sidney Powell was always the go to lawyer to wrap this up with a bow. Trash a woman lawyer in the “me too” environment? Yeah, right.
    Perhaps it really is about to begin.

    • chipin8511 says:

      Per George Webb Flynn is not who you think he is a grey hat at best but he was in on it Trump take down per George once he realized Flynn was involved in Nuclear reactors deal just before trump was sworn in. Flynn is a lightning rod of sorts.

  61. Sporty says:

    It is with much dismay I feel some here conclude that our nation may be collapsing without much needed prosecutions. Look what our constitution requires from us! It ain’t over by a long shot. Don’t forgive the pun.

  62. I S says:

    What seems to be missing.. GHWB, BC, GWB, BHO were the most corrupt administrations ever Money disappeared, Syria, isis, Libya, Ukraine, Egypt, China, NK, Africa, Germany, Afghanistan Iraq, Iran money, They knew PDJT would Find out what they did, they tried to find anything on PDJT but he is clean, right down to his taxes. Comey came out before the election cause they knew she was losing, they had to cover their asses. Mueller, Comey Lockheed Martin, deputy attorney general, head of FBI, HSBC, uranium 1, the mortgage collapse, they just keep recycling the same people and the same game. We only know the tip of what they have done, what money has been syphoned off, it’s in the billions, trillions. Pelosi, Schift, nads, waters, Cummings, Mcconnell, Ryan, They use our tax money for their own gain period… We see it but they distract us with Russia, impeachment, yada yada….the game is so old

    • BitchyPants says:

      I think a Major Audit is in order and I know just who could do it:
      Bring back Arthur Andersen as I believe they may have a bone to pick with The Dept. Of Un-Justice

    • Rynn69 says:

      ^^^^^This. Absolutely correct.
      Americans know there were scandals in past Presidential administrations, but the real Great American Sellout that profited the connected political few started with Bush 41. It grew into an unholy alliance between the Bushes and the Clintons where they, and those connected with them, profited from these schemes. By the time Obama came along, he simply continued the pay-for-play enrichment and double-downed on criminality by weaponizing executive agencies – perhaps a tenet of Chicago politics. After all, Dirty Cop Robert Mueller was appointed FBI Director in 2001 and served in that capacity for TWELVE YEARS. All these “apprentices” learned from the snake at the top. That means this cabal of jackals have been in power for at least nearly two decades.
      I was disappointed in Condi Rice on GMA talking about her book. While everyone seemed to congratulate Ms. Rice for putting Guthrie in her place on the Russia hoax, Rice peddled that terrible adage that the RINOs and Dems always peddle: “some Americans feel left behind by globalism.” This is so insulting.
      No, that is NOT the problem Ms. Rice. America is all for innovation and forging ways to work within the world. Americans adapt to change with the best of them. What we are not for, is the globalists, CoC, Business Roundtable, multinationals, EU, and Dem/Rinos selling out the American working class for cheap labor. Cheap labor that has decimated American workers and enriched the elite few mentioned above.
      The rules of the game have been stacked against Americans. Unfettered H1B visa programs. Open borders. High corporate taxes driving manufacturing overseas (TY PDJT for fixing this with TCJA 2018). Illegal immigration laws that have allowed enrichment of the legal community and politicians while harming Americans in many ways. And the list goes on.
      That is the problem, Ms. Rice. Feathering their nests was more important than America and their own countrymen. Thus the Great American Sellout.

      • Will Hunt says:

        Trump’s exercise of American economic might is stunning but goes largely unrecognized. This is the result of putting a businessman in charge. We’ve always had this power and now its full contact football.

        • Judith says:

          Truth be told, I never cared for *ruthless* businessmen squeezing every last dime of profit out of our country since the 80’s. This was capitalism run amok, and Donald Trump certainly ran with the pack (which is why my husband has strong TDS).
          Many US companies were thoroughly ransacked by raiders like Icahn. VSGPDJT apparently was a good study of these no-holds-barred businessmen. And he held his own through very tumultuous times.
          Now, he reveals a “soft spot” for the picked-over carcass of our once-great economy and the Constitutional Republic that afforded billionaires their golden opportunity. I think he puts himself in the category of “Don’t be mad at people who take advantage of us. Be mad at the folks in DC who allow it to happen.” I concur with that sentiment.
          With a good measure of gratitude and determination, VSGPDJT is in a unique position to wrestle back those marbles to render Wall Street impotent.
          Nobody deserves this turnabout more than those *wolves* of Wall Street and their greedy political cronies, who so readily exploit the sheep!

      • ibid says:

        Bush41 was CIA before he was anything else.
        With that in mind, this crap was already fermented around the time JFK got popped.

  63. I would venture to say that there were a whole lot of people that knew this was a charade and were in on it. And when the whole truth comes out, some of the names of those involved are going to shock even those of us that have followed this since day one.
    Let’s just take one aspect of it. The “insurance policy “. Most of us think we already know what it is. I would disagree, based on what Devin Nunes has said. He is one of a handful of people who has seen the entire FISA application . He has stated a couple different times that the insurance policy is the part of the FISA application that we haven’t seen yet. And he has stated that just that part of it will shake us to our core.
    And think of it. How much more is out there that the public, and not even the Gang of Eight, hasn’t even seen yet. I think that by the time it’s all said and done with, most of the country will be in a state of shock. One that will cause the nation to rethink a lot that was taken as truth.
    We have often said here at CTH, and rightly so, that in order for our republic to survive, those involved must be brought to justice. Yet our republic must also be able to survive the truth. In its entirety. That is the time, when in every persons life, that complete trust and reliance upon God is required.
    God, I humbly ask you to be my strength when I am weak. To be my courage when fear overtakes me. To be my guide when I have lost my way. To be my wisdom when I know not what to do. To be my peace of mind when all I feel is chaos. Above all, remind me to be still…and know that You are God, my source of everything good. That with You, all things are possible. Without You, I would cease to be. Thank You Father. For everything.

  64. Laurie Walker says:

    Regarding the Steele dossier. If you remember, the Steele dossier was peddled to the msm and the salivating dogs refused to publish it. While the fbi was trying to take down Trump, the other agencies were trying to get the fbi to open an investigation, peddling the dossier every which way. My guess is that the fbi buried it in the FISA to get everyone off their back, and did it in a way that didn’t break any laws.
    Now, let’s talk about Ukraine.

  65. California Joe says:

    The high ranking German military officers who attempted a coup against Adolf Hitler were hung with piano wire and meat hooks…by the hundreds!

    • BitchyPants says:

      I would be happy with all of the scumbags to line up in front of President Trump and God and each and every one of them give their full confession – all of it
      Tell them they will be cleared and then round em up…

  66. PVCDroid says:

    The majority of replies on this site treat Trump like he’s a vulnerable guy about to be outwitted by the swamp, my own thoughts sometimes as well. Nothing wrong with looking out for him but I believe we give him less credit than he deserves. It’s so impressive how he has managed these traitors so far.

    • Raptors2020 says:

      Trump escaped Impeachment by the skin of his teeth. If he had fired Mueller, he’d be long gone. Many Republicans, including Miss Lindsey, were eager to vote Yes on Impeachment.
      Don McGahn may be the unsung hero in all this, for talking Trump down off the metaphorical ledge of firing Mueller.

      • Nicolette says:

        Nonsense. Trump is the wisest sage of our era. He got where he is because he is a multi-gifted man. Nobody talked him down.

  67. GP says:

    IIRC the IG report delivery is several weeks away and IMO Whitaker is helping the tick-tock club.
    I cancelled my tick-tock membership 18 months ago.

  68. GTOGUY says:

    Rosemary Collier the Chief of the FISA Court already released a 99-page report stating that the FBI violated the laws by allowing Contractors to use “About queries”. Comey was named specifically in her report not long ago.

    • David A says:

      That is one report. It is a different report, and that is how they win. What follows is a repost-
      The deep state wins buy breaking up one very big attempt to overthrow President Trump and HRC many crimes, into 100 smaller instances of over-site failure here, procedural error there. They purposefully NEVER
      connect the dots. ( Thus HRC had no intent, when intent was obvious and malicious)
      This IG investigation is no different. Just wait, they will even chop up the multiple instances of FISA abuse into separate actions on disparate individuals. It is like reading a full length novel with every page and paragraph in the wrong sequence. Eventually anything you can point at, they can say, ” yes, we looked at that here.”

      • Zippy says:

        “They purposefully NEVER connect the dots.”
        AND they foot-drag where investigations that should have taken a few months take a year or more as pointed out by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.
        The process:
        Huge delay – drip – will not prosecute – huge delay – drip – will not prosecute… and on and on and on and on so that ONLY people still not bored to death and paying UNUSUALLY close attention put it all together which most definitely does NOT include the vast majority of the MSM that doesn’t WANT to put it all together in the first place or the vast majority of the US public who MIGHT “get it” on their own.
        After all, they need to hide the official proof which would come from prosecutions that this is a banana republic by using banana republic methods that most people will miss.

  69. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    If the Sundance analysis is correct, a shorthand plan and timeline for the Spygate Insurance Policy can be outlined as follows:
    Opposition Research + Target (Carter Page) yields Evidence (Steele Dossier) yields Investigation yields Obstruction of Justice yields Impeachment
    In this timeline of the conspirators’ plan, the election of Donald Trump as president on November 8th, 2016, occurs as a contingency plan trigger event occurring between Investigation and Obstruction of Justice. The timeline implies that the contingency plan to impeach Donald Trump if he becomes president was hatched well before the 2016 election. Possibly as early as March, 2016; and possibly even earlier than that.
    Stated in terms of an Insurance Policy, as Peter Strzok labeled the conspirator’s plan, the election of Donald Trump as president is equivalent to dying before you are forty. Unlikely, but if Hillary Clinton loses and your side intends to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election, then you need an insurance policy just the same.
    Suppose Comey, Yates, Brennan, and Clapper are eventually indicted under 18 USC 1018, false attestation on official documents related to the EC transmission and to the FISA warrant application. What will the prosecution be offering as the alleged motive for the crime?
    Will the prosecution go so far as to present the Insurance Policy’s plan and timeline to a jury as proof that a seditious conspiracy against Donald Trump existed within the highest reaches of the CIA, the DOJ, and the FBI; and was in fact hatched as an insurance policy against a candidate who had not yet even been elected?
    Will a jury empaneled in a Washington DC courtroom choose to believe the undeniable evidence that a conspiracy of sedition against the incumbent president actually existed well before the candidate even took office, and involved one or more criminal acts on the part of high ranking government officials?

    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      I recommend a change of venue to somewhere like Alabama, or Texas, maybe Arkansas, or even Missouri……

    • youme says:

      Where ever an overt act of the coup conspiracy took place is where the entire case can be prosecuted. It is not limited to Washington D.C.

  70. Rynn69 says:


  71. Rynn69 says:

    In light of this article, we need a new slogan for the FBI. My contribution:
    At the FBI, we don’t eliminate crime – we create it.

  72. RAC says:

    Thank you for two of the most helpful paragraphs I’ve read in a long while.
    First one starts “CTH Research Opinion ”
    Second one starts “Or put another way”
    That’s it in a nutshell, the insurance policy. Simply put it explains so much, that for me, previously didn’t click into place.
    All the endless groundless harping on about impeachment.
    I never understood it, thought it was just empty childish awkwardness.
    But they’re clinging onto it because it was their one big idea, it’s all they’ve got …..err all they had.

  73. MelH says:

    Today, for the thousandth time, a panel discussion on FOX found value in the one true thing that came of the Mueller Investigation: “At least we found that for sure the Russians meddled in our 2016 elections.” Has anyone here seen or heard any PROOF of that?

    • TJ says:

      “To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target.”
      They also needed a RINO to fuel the cookie-cutter “conservative” nevertrumpers to divide, distract, and dupe Trump’s diverse base of republican(small R) voters, so they called on the GOPe poster boy to help the FBI and Hillary Clinton.
      “One person who was provided a copy of the salacious document, written by former British spy Christopher Steele, is Arizona Sen. John McCain. But McCain, who has already acknowledged providing an early version of the dossier to former FBI Director James Comey, denied this week that he also gave a version to BuzzFeed, which published it on Jan. 10.
      “I gave it to no one except for the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now,” McCain said during a testy exchange with The Daily Caller on Wednesday.

    • LULU says:

      It has been my understanding that the Russians had meddled in other elections. What they do. In 2016, weren’t there some Facebook ad placements? The difference in 2016 was the casting by anti-Trumpers of their meddling as a conspiracy with the Trump campaign to get him elected. Considering Hillary’s largesse to the Russians, that should have been laughed out of DC… There was no logic there. But they gave it their wildest shot…

      • MelH says:

        Yes there were a few Facebook ad placements, but most were AFTER the election and we got to see them all and none had any value for either candidate. It couldn’t be called “meddling”, but Brennan and Company will make it sound as if 28,000 votes were stolen from Hillary because of those ads

  74. dallavise says:

    Just remember what he is fighting. If you think PDJT is going to deliver us back America 1776 style, than you are mistaken. The swamp cannot be taken out, as has been proven over the last 2 years, at least not this quickly. It will take several administrations and may never happen, but if we let him, PJDT will enact the biggest political shift in American history over 8 years of his presidency. He will go down as one of the greatest presidents ever, assuming there is still integrity in the historical record. I’m sure he will be looked at much like Andrew Jackson, flaws abounding, but so much greatness achieved. This flawed but great man is our best last hope.

  75. Plenty of weasel room built into this FISA report. I’m taking Gowdy’s cautions to heart. Gowdy knows Weasel well.
    – The IG investigation is only on FISA abuse, not on the big picture soft coup.The IG can narrow the scope to ignore dealing with the context.
    – FISA abuse and Crossfire Hurricane was, in Comey’s telegraphing weasel words, against individuals, not targeted at the Trump Campaign/Transition/Administration.
    – Established precedent is for no criminal charges for FISA abuse. Mueller in 2003 told Congress he’d fix at least 75 cases of abuse by developing Woods Procedure. Snowden evidence in 2012 of repeated FISA abuse was publicly ignored. Collyer’s 2017 report on thousands of cases of FISA abuse (85% of FISA’s) was ignored.
    – DiGenova said 2-3 months ago that Horowitz was going to conclude the first FISA was legal but the renewals were not. Then the Kavalec notes were leaked, which forced the IG to delay release and re-work his report. If true, this means Horowitz was ready to rubber stamp the first FISA as legit which would allow FBI to downplay validation issues and Clinton sourcing as administrative lapses!
    – The role of the IG typically is to minimize damage to the institution, and they are consistently good at it. The FISA program is too important to harm. Even Devin Nunes passed FISA reauthorization before he released his memo on Carter Page FISA.
    My guess? The affiant and one or two others will get referrals, plus a few others will be reported internally to OPR. Of course the MSM will downplay, dismiss and move on. But the report will be important fodder for two key audiences: We The People, and John Durham.
    I pray that Durham’s review is more decisive than his previous CIA investigations – files sealed, zero criminal charges filed. He has nailed a Governor and an FBI agent, and he’s earned an apolitical reputation.
    The IG report is the start not the finish. First we f*** McCabe. Then we f*** Brennan!

  76. dudedont says:

    Swallow the spider to catch the fly…

  77. scrap1ron says:

    Don’t tell me, show me.

  78. rusty shacklefjord says:

    1.Rove is 100% right.
    2. Its time to “grow-up” and move on. Accept that there is only the “uni-party”.
    3.Consider the last few Presidential nominees:
    Romney, Mccain, and they chose Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt, with Rove’s support.
    Consider having as RNC chairman, fulltime MSNBC personality Michael Steele.
    4.Face it: Conservatives literally couldn’t “conserve” the girls bathroom.
    5. Sydney Powell is brilliant.
    6. But where are the “conservative” men of her caliber and tenacity ?
    7. What an embarrassment, a woman fighting the battle for the “conservative men”.
    8.The beautiful and talented Attorney Sydney Powell will win, of course.
    9.Rove is the oligarch’s “dancing monkey” and he just told you:
    “….listen you bitches, no one is going to jail, get that fact thru your thick skulls and move-on,
    besides, isn’t there some Nascar or the NFL on your TV right now?”.

  79. SW Richmond says:

    “This time we’re really gonna get ’em!”

    • SW Richmond says:

      The two-tiered justice system on full display.
      No one will fix this except we, ourselves.
      Do you understand?

  80. TradeBait says:

    They need to just stop talking and start arresting and convicting. We the People are over “the show” and are ready for justice. This isn’t going away. It will have repercussions for decades if they do not do what is right. That’s not a threat – that is a promise.

    • LULU says:

      “The show” has gotten to us in great detail. Especially those of us who read Sundance’s articles every day. It took years. The rest of the people – the voters – need to see this information out in the more public arena. We can help that by using our computers to spread CTH articles far and wide with our personal recommendation.
      Few here are lawyers. Those who are are more sanguine about the need to put solid cases together and catch and convict the biggest fish. Arrests and perp walks and indictments are worth zip if the evidence isn’t sufficient to bring convictions. In a matter this complex, solid cases do not come together quickly. Consider how long it has taken Sundance, day by painstaking day, to develop his information and get it to us. The courts have to deal with evidence – hard evidence – not just reporting and opinions..

  81. Zippy says:

    This was more than “fairly dramatic” and look what happened, so don’t get your hopes up:
    FISA Court Rolls Over, Plays Dead
    Aug 28, 2013
    A newly declassified opinion shows FISA court “oversight” in the face of egregious, unconstitutional and potentially criminal government misconduct means nothing.
    Last week, thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s excellent FOIA work, we got the gift of a newly declassified 2011 FISA court opinion. The opinion finds that the government misled the FISA court for over three years about the details of its illegal and unconstitutional surveillance programs. These lies hid from the court the fact that every year, the NSA is collecting at least 56,000 emails – and possibly many more — between innocent Americans who have no foreign connections and are suspected of no crimes. That’s bad, but the worst part of it is, when the government’s lies were finally exposed the FISA court demanded … that NSA analysts read our private messages right away, so they can be used or deleted more quickly. In other words, the government got not a slap on the wrist, but a pat on the back.
    This was the third lie in less than three years that the FISA court had learned about. The judge described one such pattern of lying in Footnote 14 of this newly declassified opinion. There, the clearly outraged judge said the NSA had misrepresented so frequently and systematically how it conducted its program to collect and query Americans’ phone call records that the agency had utterly subverted the Court-mandated oversight regime for that program.
    So what did the court do when it found out it had been lied to, that purely domestic communications were fair game, that untold numbers of innocent people were being illegally spied on, and that all the safeguards in place needed to be rethought?
    Nothing, really. The court suggested the NSA should train its analysts to notice when their queries turned up an MCT – i.e., an Internet transaction containing multiple messages — and then to look carefully at all the by-catch. If existing procedures allowed them to use anything in those purely domestic messages that they were never supposed to have collected in the first place, great! Otherwise, only after collection and review, should the information be deleted. The NSA adopted this approach, and continues to blithely collect Internet transactions containing wholly domestic communications between innocent Americans to this day.
    So in the face of illegal, unconstitutional and potentially criminal conduct — conduct about which the NSA repeatedly lied to the FISA court — the FISA court “corrected” the problem by requiring … banner warnings that something might be an MCT, and an extra round of review by NSA analysts. The real problem – that the NSA regularly collects Americans’ most private communications that the law does not permit it to collect and lies about it to the FISA court – was simply waved away.

  82. sarasotosfan says:

    I was unaware that Andy McCabe had a history with General Flynn that may well have influenced his actions against Flynn:

  83. Somebody's Gramma says:

    I hem and haw over what kind of outcome I truly want. The Devil on my shoulder says, “burn it all down! traitors to GITMO!!”. The Angel on my shoulder says, “Justice is mine sayeth the Lord”, “I’ve given you Trump and He’s fixing the most important stuff”, “Let’s move on”. When you realize how complex the spider web of corruption is, dismantling it is like defusing a complex nuclear bomb. Maybe it’s better to bury it, rather than risking blowing your face off. I don’t know what the answer is. In my life experience, I have had to accept that some people are deeply self-centered with no moral compass other than self interest. You can’t fix those people. But, you can walk away from them and make sure they never have any future power over you. I think that is the best I can hope for. Whether or not any of the swamp creatures go to GITMO or not, procedures and processes can be put in place so that it never happens again. Anti-climactic for sure, but might be the best we can all hope for. Plus FOUR MORE YEARS. LOL.

    • Nicolette says:

      M Scott Peck the author psychiatrist said even he could not fix those types of people. He called them People of The Lie.

  84. waicool says:

    this bears repeating
    “To get impeachment, they needed obstruction. To get obstruction they needed an investigation. To get the investigation they needed evidence (the dossier). To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target. The target was Carter Page.”

  85. Why do I have the feeling that Comey, McCabe et al are going to end up dying comfortably in their beds at home, without ever feeling any consequences for their evil acts?

  86. askandgettruth says:

    once again all we hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH ! Barr is the creature from the black lagoon, he has been the swamp for a very long time. the #1 person behind all this is the traitor hillary clinton and her band of traitors.

  87. thomas says:

    ? ???… The only dramatics i want is several people behind bars and we all know who those people are..

  88. jleonard14 says:

    “Fairly dramatic”? If after everything, people here get excited about this…you’re too far gone. Nothing..,ever…happens.

  89. Just Beachy says:

    I want to see people go to jail, but more importantly, I want to see all this linked back to BHO sooner rather than later. I know that is unlikely, but I have a feeling the dems haven’t trotted out their real nominee yet. I want to be sure former first lady MO is not an option.

  90. islandpalmtrees says:

    Did someone from the FBI, intercept the “Mysterious Missing Letter” from British National Security Advisor to General Flynn? Why – perhaps to keep the FISA renewals coming?
    This letter questions the validity of the information in Steele Dossier. This letter was sent prior to the signing of the second round of FISA warrants.
    Remember: UK Intel and Obama’s Deep State Tried to Stop Trump in 2016 – UK Did More to Interfere on US Election than Russia
    A couple of days after this, on January 13, 2017, the Brits sent a private letter to the Trump team –
    Multiple witnesses have told Congress that, a week before Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, Britain’s top national security official sent a private communique to the incoming administration, addressing his country’s participation in the counterintelligence probe into the now-debunked Trump-Russia election collusion.
    Most significantly, then-British national security adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant claimed in the memo, hand-delivered to incoming U.S. national security adviser Mike Flynn’s team, that the British government lacked confidence in the credibility of former MI6 spy Christopher Steele’s Russia collusion evidence, according to congressional investigators who interviewed witnesses familiar with the memo.
    This report from the Brits was another example that the Mueller team and the FBI had that showed that the dossier was bogus and so was Trump – Russia collusion.
    (Recent reports in the British press now confirm that the Brits knew of Steele’s bogus dossier before candidate and President Trump did.)
    So has anyone asked Sir Mark Lyall Grant about the memo?

  91. islandpalmtrees says:

    No FISA renewals, no Mueller investigation, no obstruction investigation, right? Seems simple enough but prove it.

  92. islandpalmtrees says:

    Did Mike Flynn’s team have their own FBI spy? if so, then did they get the hand-delivered memo?

  93. Midnite says:

    Wouldn’t you think if Flynn had the letter, Sidney would too? I’ll bet my shoelaces, that letter was intercepted before Flynn ever saw it and knowing who arranged for that to happen would be very enlightening. Susan Rice got a copy, so she’s be one of the first persons to see it and realize how important a communique it was, maybe start there and work your way down the food chain.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Nothing new in the video.

  95. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    It will be interesting to see what and how much info was not turned over to IG or was indeed destroyed.

  96. Charlotte O'Hara says:

    Declassify all of the remaining Kennedy assassination documents and out the deep state’s involvement in President Kennedy’s death to prove once and for all this has been a long term, institutionalization of treason’s treacherous tentacles in the highest levels of our government. President Trump is simply the latest victim of this continuous deplorable behavior since J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.

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