Former AAG Matthew Whitaker Discussing Pending IG FISA Report: “Fairly Dramatic”….

This interview with former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was Friday evening. Mr. Whitaker gave a specific reference point for his expectation of the IG report on the circumstances surrounding the Carter Page FISA:

…”From where I sit, and from what I know, I think it is going to be fairly dramatic, what this investigation is going to show”…


CTH Research Opinion – Carter Page was irrelevant to the FBI objective.  The FBI/DOJ goal was to get the Steele Dossier into official investigative position so they could investigate.  The dossier claims were the cornerstone to launch the Mueller probe; but the dossier was only a tool for Mueller; not the goal.  The goal for Mueller and team was to generate evidence of obstruction…. which would be used for impeachment.

Or put another way…

To get impeachment, they needed obstruction.  To get obstruction they needed an investigation.  To get the investigation they needed evidence (the dossier). To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target.  The target was Carter Page.

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388 Responses to Former AAG Matthew Whitaker Discussing Pending IG FISA Report: “Fairly Dramatic”….

  1. gsonFIT says:

    So Sundance’s executive summary is really very important and not because it is great and sums up 3 years of his hard work and many hours of all our lives. More importantly as the general public starts learning the details about Russiagate we all need to be able to discuss them in a believable and succinct way.

    Not another commentator understands that obstruction was the goal from the beginning. We all take for granted what SD has shown us. 63 million people are going to be in even more denial once this info becomes public. The media certainly isn’t going to help


  2. Joe B says:

    I’m probably in a minority here, but the interview sounded quite positive to my ears.

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  3. Gymcy81 says:

    ” the game is not over,
    until it is over ”
    – Yogi Berra

    How is that relevant?

    Suggest that no one underestimate the obfuscation abilities in DC.

    (the ‘dramatic’ results of the investigation of the nefarious investigators has proverbial cart in front of the horse. The ‘dramatic’ opinion has no functional use in completing the follow up investigation game – successfully)

    Furthermore, the draft IG report (facts and potentually incontrovertible facts ) on FISA court process is supposedly not in very many people’s hands – at this time.
    [ or, is someone a draft IG report leaker? …sadly, or ‘dramatically, giving fuel to the nefarious folks.]

    I do not know


  4. Mongo Mere Pawn says:

    Sundance has it nailed. AG Barr is trying to preserve the institutions when a significant percentage of Trump voters not only want them burned down and replaced (metaphorically, of course), but actually know that the evidence justifies such a result. What the Obama Administration did and continues to do through infiltration of the Trump Administration and cooperative manipulation of the media, is to undermine the very notion of representative government. Tails they win, heads we lose, because that is the way the political class wants it and most of them vote Democrat or GOPe.
    Think about it. Hillary’s emails are in the NSA database at this very moment. They are also on Huma’s laptop. We also know that the Chinese obtained each and every one of them. We probably know that Hillary’s arrogance led to the deaths of numerous Intel sources as a result. Nothing will ever be done about it because the facade of competence must be maintained to avoid, quite literally, revolution.
    We know what happened, not just think we know. We know. And AG Barr knows we know. An attempted coup. But he can’t merely follow the evidence where it leads because it leads to President Obama. Director Comey met with President Obama, VP Biden, NSA Rice et al literally hours before he met with President-elect Trump, and the entire meeting was about Russian interference in the election. The original FISA and probably the first renewal had been obtained. The intelligence agencies had presented or was about to present a report that resulted in sanctions against Russia. President Obama wanted the handling of the ongoing investigation during the transition between his and the Trump administrations to be done “by the book.” Then Comey unilaterally attempted to get Trump to confess something to corroborate the dossier??? No way. President Obama was in on it from the get go. He was a charter member of the small group.
    And that is why nothing will ever come of it. President Obama, for all his many faults, remains somewhat of a third rail in American politics. And unfortunately, just like with Hillary, any attempt to prosecute the small group in DC will run into the problem that President Obama knew about and authorized the spying on national security grounds, even though we know it was political spying.

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    • Stephen R Baze says:

      I do not think the fat lady has danced so it ain’t over by a long shot. Remains to be seen who gets prosecuted and why, but some are surely coming. Perhaps not enough we shall see ? Barr has to know there must be prosecutions or it is over for USA !

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      • disgustedwithjulison says:

        I would prefer that it be exposed that Obama was part of the coup, but in the good of the country, President Trump publicly pardons him. This is the best that we could expect. He isn’t going to jail…but expose him and then make a big deal of pardoning him.

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        • Super Elite says:

          Lock him up. Lock him up. Lock him up.

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          • The Third Man says:

            Yes ! Yes ! Super Elite. Lock him up ! Lock him up ! Lock him up !
            Obama and his bizarre partner have done and continue to do more damage to the USA than Osama Bin Laden did in his wildest, most perverse, evil fantasies.
            Their freak show cult attacks all of Americana: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Betsy Ross, Junipero Serra, Lillian Gish, Kate Smith, Chick Filet, Andrew Jackson, the Bill of Rights…on and on and on.
            There are countries wherein he would have been executed already.

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        • FrankieZee says:

          If they don’t get each and every one of the Traitors, they will not stop because a few of the low level peons get convicted. Matter of fact, it would only embolden them to continue. And don’t think for one minute they do not want to destroy Trump and his entire family when he leaves office. In my mind this has to be a fight to the finish.

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          • Judith says:

            TRAITORS left unchecked *will* destroy the USA when he leaves office. All that stands between us patriots and their New World Order is the US Constitution.

            Globalists will pull out all the stops to destroy our Constitutional Republic. We are not the only side that vowed this can never happen again!

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          • lfdale says:

            Correct they wanted to destroy Trump and his family. IMHO they would try and do this even after crooked hildebeast won, they were setting him and his family up for prosecution after the election. They (obummer/hildebeast) hated Trump and they would have destroyed him personally if she would have won. Thanks to the great electorate Trump won and now it is our turn to show the world how corrupt the d-rats are,

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            • Nancy Murphy says:

              You are absolutely correct. But they didn’t just hate Trump, they were terrified of him. The “Lock Her Up” chants freaked them out. They had to have a means to thoroughly discredit Trump when he lost. Something like an insurance policy?. They never thought he would win.

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        • Will Hunt says:

          Having the mocha messiah exposed as the lowbrow/socialist/islamist/america-hating subversive fraud that he is would be more than sweet justice and victory.

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        • Retired USMC says:

          I strongly disagree. There is only one destination for a TRAITOR…the noose. Make a damn bird feeder out of him as an example of what happens to a Communist who betrays the constitution.

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        • CaptainNonno says:

          No pardon by POTUS! That would legitimize Obama. I’d rather have the public debate Obama’s guilt in perpetuity if he’s not indicted.

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        • Stella1996 says:

          Probably why Eric Holder was talking to David Axelrod saying Presidents shouldn’t be prosecuted after they leave office.

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        • mikeyboo says:

          “expose him and then make a big deal of pardoning him.””
          Disgusted-what an intriguing and brilliant idea!!!


    • PMadison says:

      MMP, You’ve said “Hillary’s emails are in the NSA database at this very moment.” I’ve heard comments like that a lot, but I’m curious if there is any real proof of that.

      It was my understanding that the NSA collects, in aggregate, the metadata from all electronic communication. But it doesn’t actually record or store the communications.

      Is there something I missed? Some revelation from a whistle blower or Snowden or the text of the law, that indicates that all emails are kept? This is a serious question, by the way. Not trying to argue.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      The 800 lb gorilla sitting on Barr’s shoulders is that this was a bipartisan coup.

      The institution he’s trying to preserve is the Republican Party.

      Comey and McCabe are so cocky because they’re in the role of Samson: they can bring the temple of the GOP crashing down.

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    • Bob Lynch says:

      It was Trump himself who let Hillary walk within hours of his election, which I thought then and still do that that act doomed his presidency because it signaled that the deep state is secure in its corruption.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Many people do not recognize the importance of the Bestial Bride of Bubba’s e-mails. It’s not so much that they’re hers, but rather that Ol’ Sparklefarts was ALSO using a personal e-mail account, as the friggin president, but under an assumed name.

      You cannot get her without getting him as well, and THAT is just not going to happen. Butt-lovin Barry from Man’s Country on Halstead in ChiTown can literally murder newborns on video in front of 1,000 democrats, and you won’t find a single witness. Sickening, repulsive, true.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        Sundance as in effect, told us, that our senate, operates as a corrupt and nearly independent UNI-PARTY, reporting to no-one, say for the knowledgeable voter aware of their corruption.

        We also know, that large portions of the FBI and DOJ are corrupt based on their coup attempt with help from the X President Obama.

        Add to this the CIA involvement in the coup attempt and MSM sources they control.

        All in all, its amazing that this government is not in the middle of another civil-war.

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    • cantcforest says:

      Not “metaphorically”


    • Will Hunt says:

      You write this as fact when, in fact, it is opinion – more specifically your opinion. None of us knows the outcome. If history has taught us anything it is that it the future can be very unpredictable The exact opposite of what you predict can happen or any variation thereof.


    • bjmatl says:

      If Trump and Barr won’t do anything about it that means they’re either compromise or dirty themselves. If they’re compromised or dirty and not going to do anything to punish criminals, then they become the enemy too.


    • Jederman says:

      “…will run into the problem that President Obama knew about and authorized the spying”

      In a just and sane country that would be obama’s problem not ours.

      IMO that unspoken rule about not prosecuting previous admins should cover only a limited amount of malfeasance.

      obama violated a time honored 250 yo tradition in this country. The peaceful transfer of power based on free and fair elections has been at the bedrock of our political system. The “people” get to choose every four years and everyone abides by the results.

      This is not the usual, expected Dem corruption. This goes way beyond what is “acceptable” in our politics. This is massive corruption for what? It was to ensure the “fundamental transformation” of this country. It was a coup in support of a socialist/statists takeover.

      It’s a big fng deal. If it’s swept under the rug or goes unacknowledged then we have handed our children/grandchildren a true scheisse sandwich and guaranteed the end of this country as we knew it growing up. Selfish and weak beyond communicating.

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    • Whitehouse Clown says:

      Assuming Trump is reelected and takes the House, I believe a complete restructuring of the DOJ, FBI and other intelligence agencies.

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    • jackphatz says:

      Sorry kids.
      “fairly dramatic” means never having to say you’re sorry. Now had it been “extremely dramatic”…well that would have been a completely different outcome, like totally justice met.
      Barr may save the institution but not the country.


  5. 335blues says:

    “…I think it is going to be fairly dramatic…”
    America doesn’t need any more drama.
    AMERICA NEEDS INDICTMENTS of the perpetrators of the coup attempt.
    We will not allow our choice in the election for President
    to be overridden by criminals in our government intelligence agencies.

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    • Rhi says:

      “Fairly dramatic” would be when a 24 member swat team in full tactical gear breaks down the doors of all the coup conspirators at 5am simultaneously.

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      • David A says:

        How come the big multi party bust of the crooks never happens.

        The deep state wins buy breaking up one very big attempt to overthrow President Trump and HRC many crimes, into 100 smaller instances of over-site failure here, procedural error there. They purposefully NEVER
        connect the dots. ( Thus HRC had no intent, when intent was obvious and malicious)

        This IG investigation is no different. Just wait, they will even chop up the multiple instances of FISA abuse into separate actions on disparate individuals. It is like reading a full length novel with every page and paragraph in the wrong sequence. Eventually anything you can point at, they can say, ” yes, we looked at that here.”


  6. Austin Holdout says:

    It will be interesting if we ever learn which of the small group were “inside” enough to know the dossier was completely made up and which were sold the dossier BS along with the rest of us.

    Strzok strikes me as the kind of useful idiot they would have fed the dossier (knowing he was a Trump hater and would believe it) to and just sat back and watched him do his investigation thing.

    Nellie Ohr? Seems risky because her and her spouse could each be used as leverage to flip the others. She seems like the kind of useful idiot they could have said “Hey Nellie, walk down this street and see if you see any breadcrumbs that could lead to Trump”. And then send someone (Syl Blumenthal?) with the bag of breadcrumbs to walk a block ahead of her so she’d think she found real dossier evidence. Again, maybe just a Trump hater who was susceptible to suggestion.

    My guess is the number of people who knew the scheme are very few. And the number of “officials” who are walking around with a sick feeling in their stomachs about how they were used in the scheme and now their choices now are to tell the lie or get Arkancided. Not defending any of them-just thinking about how every time we learn new facts it just raises more questions.

    I hope that was still on topic.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      After election day 2016 the # of people involved became huge; Trump versus Washington. Evelyn Farkas told us: a mad scramble began in the federal bureaucracy, and the media, and both parties to get Trump.

      If there are to be charges, they must involve the events from November, 2016 to May, 2017. The Mueller probe was a fighting retreat. Impeachment of Trump for firing Mueller would have been their Battle of the Bulge. (I apologize for that strained analogy.)

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    • Linda K. says:

      I seem to remember at the time, that everyone who read the dossier, even Bob Woodward, thought it was garbage. So, no way anyone in intel thought it was credible.

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    • Clinton Inc, Dept. of State, DNC, CIA, FBI, Steele, and Russian Gov’t scraped the gutters for those breadcrumbs. Ohr/Fusion family was busy editing and distributing fake news because that’s what Fusion GPS does for a living. Strzok & Page knew there was “no big there there”; they reported that lack of fact up to McCabe & Comey at regular status checks. Mueller and Rosenstein shifted to obstruction by fall 2017 because they had “no evidence any Americans were involved in collusion.” MSM can’t look hard evidence in the eye because it would force them to acknowledge they “have become a hack” like Glenn Thrush. All because she wasn’t supposed to lose. To them it wasn’t doing crimes, it was picking on Deplorables.

      Tens of millions of everyday Americans like my in-laws are still in full TDS denial. And it’s the mid-level functionaries like Evelyn Farkas and Strzok’s assistants who have that sick-to-my-stomach feeling of dread.


      • Linda K. says:

        There is one more thought I had about Russian collusion, which is not actually illegal evidently, because Hillary did it to get her opposition research. I think these democratic clowns were hoping to find dirt on Trump, any dirt, while pretending there was an investigation going on russian collusion. The fact that Trump is clean, boggles these democrats, who are dirty inside and out. No one can believe it. So now, they are investigating some more. And look what they are doing to Kavenaugh, again.
        False accusers, like Blasey-Ford should be held to account for lying and making a false report! Comey should be held to account for using a fake dossier to try and get Trump out of office.
        These criminals have no moral compass and no honor until jail time sobers them up. They will keep trying till it costs them pain to lie like this.

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  7. here is how to bet on the McCabe indictment


  8. Aintree says:

    I join others here in praising sundance’s excellent “CTH Research Opinion” summation. It is a handy “nutshell” to use as a foundation that we can add all of the various actions by all the Coup players around the basic Coup plan and insurance policy.

    Matt Whitaker is an affable good-natured fellow that got caught up in the scandal for a brief time including being grilled by the Dem House jackals. He didn’t let them intimidate him during his “fiery testimony” as the MSM called it. Lou Dobbs is a Conservative living legend and a wise no holds barred host.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Matt Whitaker was on Fox recently saying, like Karl Rove said, it was time to move on.

      I was surprised that passed without starting a conflagration.

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      • Judith says:

        A lot of resistance malarkey “passes” on FAUX news. In fact, their so-called “conservative” point of view is a case study in the UNiparty construct. That is, a case study in gaslighting and deception.

        Apparently, VSGPDJT prefers to keep his friends close, and his “FAUX friends” even closer.


  9. Beigun says:

    The stench of the “banquet of sedition” carries far and wide. Those that inhale power usurped become themselves most foul and corrupt. The cure to the body politic is painful, but necessary to secure the Republic.

    Sedition is the other side of the coin of Treason. A slap on the wrist ensures the Republic will not survive a second attempt, which is as worst as the original crime.

    Now draw and quarter those SOBs!

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  10. Ray says:

    Part of the problem is that even to gloss it over getting a sacrificial person held accountable in DC is almost immpossible if you are a Democrat.

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  11. Brant says:

    Somewhat on topic. Gen. Flynn. Could his plea, the lawyers he “hired”, and the length of time been a ploy to get certain people complacent, comfortable, in place, and monitored? Even internationally (Canada, Australia)? At a certain time he was told, “It’s time.”

    Sidney Powell was always the go to lawyer to wrap this up with a bow. Trash a woman lawyer in the “me too” environment? Yeah, right.

    Perhaps it really is about to begin.

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    • chipin8511 says:

      Per George Webb Flynn is not who you think he is a grey hat at best but he was in on it Trump take down per George once he realized Flynn was involved in Nuclear reactors deal just before trump was sworn in. Flynn is a lightning rod of sorts.


  12. Sporty says:

    It is with much dismay I feel some here conclude that our nation may be collapsing without much needed prosecutions. Look what our constitution requires from us! It ain’t over by a long shot. Don’t forgive the pun.


  13. I S says:

    What seems to be missing.. GHWB, BC, GWB, BHO were the most corrupt administrations ever Money disappeared, Syria, isis, Libya, Ukraine, Egypt, China, NK, Africa, Germany, Afghanistan Iraq, Iran money, They knew PDJT would Find out what they did, they tried to find anything on PDJT but he is clean, right down to his taxes. Comey came out before the election cause they knew she was losing, they had to cover their asses. Mueller, Comey Lockheed Martin, deputy attorney general, head of FBI, HSBC, uranium 1, the mortgage collapse, they just keep recycling the same people and the same game. We only know the tip of what they have done, what money has been syphoned off, it’s in the billions, trillions. Pelosi, Schift, nads, waters, Cummings, Mcconnell, Ryan, They use our tax money for their own gain period… We see it but they distract us with Russia, impeachment, yada yada….the game is so old

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    • BitchyPants says:

      I think a Major Audit is in order and I know just who could do it:
      Bring back Arthur Andersen as I believe they may have a bone to pick with The Dept. Of Un-Justice

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    • Rynn69 says:

      ^^^^^This. Absolutely correct.

      Americans know there were scandals in past Presidential administrations, but the real Great American Sellout that profited the connected political few started with Bush 41. It grew into an unholy alliance between the Bushes and the Clintons where they, and those connected with them, profited from these schemes. By the time Obama came along, he simply continued the pay-for-play enrichment and double-downed on criminality by weaponizing executive agencies – perhaps a tenet of Chicago politics. After all, Dirty Cop Robert Mueller was appointed FBI Director in 2001 and served in that capacity for TWELVE YEARS. All these “apprentices” learned from the snake at the top. That means this cabal of jackals have been in power for at least nearly two decades.

      I was disappointed in Condi Rice on GMA talking about her book. While everyone seemed to congratulate Ms. Rice for putting Guthrie in her place on the Russia hoax, Rice peddled that terrible adage that the RINOs and Dems always peddle: “some Americans feel left behind by globalism.” This is so insulting.

      No, that is NOT the problem Ms. Rice. America is all for innovation and forging ways to work within the world. Americans adapt to change with the best of them. What we are not for, is the globalists, CoC, Business Roundtable, multinationals, EU, and Dem/Rinos selling out the American working class for cheap labor. Cheap labor that has decimated American workers and enriched the elite few mentioned above.

      The rules of the game have been stacked against Americans. Unfettered H1B visa programs. Open borders. High corporate taxes driving manufacturing overseas (TY PDJT for fixing this with TCJA 2018). Illegal immigration laws that have allowed enrichment of the legal community and politicians while harming Americans in many ways. And the list goes on.

      That is the problem, Ms. Rice. Feathering their nests was more important than America and their own countrymen. Thus the Great American Sellout.

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      • Will Hunt says:

        Trump’s exercise of American economic might is stunning but goes largely unrecognized. This is the result of putting a businessman in charge. We’ve always had this power and now its full contact football.

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        • Judith says:

          Truth be told, I never cared for *ruthless* businessmen squeezing every last dime of profit out of our country since the 80’s. This was capitalism run amok, and Donald Trump certainly ran with the pack (which is why my husband has strong TDS).

          Many US companies were thoroughly ransacked by raiders like Icahn. VSGPDJT apparently was a good study of these no-holds-barred businessmen. And he held his own through very tumultuous times.

          Now, he reveals a “soft spot” for the picked-over carcass of our once-great economy and the Constitutional Republic that afforded billionaires their golden opportunity. I think he puts himself in the category of “Don’t be mad at people who take advantage of us. Be mad at the folks in DC who allow it to happen.” I concur with that sentiment.

          With a good measure of gratitude and determination, VSGPDJT is in a unique position to wrestle back those marbles to render Wall Street impotent.

          Nobody deserves this turnabout more than those *wolves* of Wall Street and their greedy political cronies, who so readily exploit the sheep!


      • ibid says:

        Bush41 was CIA before he was anything else.
        With that in mind, this crap was already fermented around the time JFK got popped.

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  14. I would venture to say that there were a whole lot of people that knew this was a charade and were in on it. And when the whole truth comes out, some of the names of those involved are going to shock even those of us that have followed this since day one.

    Let’s just take one aspect of it. The “insurance policy “. Most of us think we already know what it is. I would disagree, based on what Devin Nunes has said. He is one of a handful of people who has seen the entire FISA application . He has stated a couple different times that the insurance policy is the part of the FISA application that we haven’t seen yet. And he has stated that just that part of it will shake us to our core.

    And think of it. How much more is out there that the public, and not even the Gang of Eight, hasn’t even seen yet. I think that by the time it’s all said and done with, most of the country will be in a state of shock. One that will cause the nation to rethink a lot that was taken as truth.

    We have often said here at CTH, and rightly so, that in order for our republic to survive, those involved must be brought to justice. Yet our republic must also be able to survive the truth. In its entirety. That is the time, when in every persons life, that complete trust and reliance upon God is required.

    God, I humbly ask you to be my strength when I am weak. To be my courage when fear overtakes me. To be my guide when I have lost my way. To be my wisdom when I know not what to do. To be my peace of mind when all I feel is chaos. Above all, remind me to be still…and know that You are God, my source of everything good. That with You, all things are possible. Without You, I would cease to be. Thank You Father. For everything.

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  15. Laurie Walker says:

    Regarding the Steele dossier. If you remember, the Steele dossier was peddled to the msm and the salivating dogs refused to publish it. While the fbi was trying to take down Trump, the other agencies were trying to get the fbi to open an investigation, peddling the dossier every which way. My guess is that the fbi buried it in the FISA to get everyone off their back, and did it in a way that didn’t break any laws.

    Now, let’s talk about Ukraine.

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  16. California Joe says:

    The high ranking German military officers who attempted a coup against Adolf Hitler were hung with piano wire and meat hooks…by the hundreds!

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    • BitchyPants says:

      I would be happy with all of the scumbags to line up in front of President Trump and God and each and every one of them give their full confession – all of it
      Tell them they will be cleared and then round em up…


  17. PVCDroid says:

    The majority of replies on this site treat Trump like he’s a vulnerable guy about to be outwitted by the swamp, my own thoughts sometimes as well. Nothing wrong with looking out for him but I believe we give him less credit than he deserves. It’s so impressive how he has managed these traitors so far.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Trump escaped Impeachment by the skin of his teeth. If he had fired Mueller, he’d be long gone. Many Republicans, including Miss Lindsey, were eager to vote Yes on Impeachment.

      Don McGahn may be the unsung hero in all this, for talking Trump down off the metaphorical ledge of firing Mueller.

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  18. GP says:

    IIRC the IG report delivery is several weeks away and IMO Whitaker is helping the tick-tock club.

    I cancelled my tick-tock membership 18 months ago.


  19. GTOGUY says:

    Rosemary Collier the Chief of the FISA Court already released a 99-page report stating that the FBI violated the laws by allowing Contractors to use “About queries”. Comey was named specifically in her report not long ago.

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    • David A says:

      That is one report. It is a different report, and that is how they win. What follows is a repost-
      The deep state wins buy breaking up one very big attempt to overthrow President Trump and HRC many crimes, into 100 smaller instances of over-site failure here, procedural error there. They purposefully NEVER
      connect the dots. ( Thus HRC had no intent, when intent was obvious and malicious)

      This IG investigation is no different. Just wait, they will even chop up the multiple instances of FISA abuse into separate actions on disparate individuals. It is like reading a full length novel with every page and paragraph in the wrong sequence. Eventually anything you can point at, they can say, ” yes, we looked at that here.”


      • Zippy says:

        “They purposefully NEVER connect the dots.”


        AND they foot-drag where investigations that should have taken a few months take a year or more as pointed out by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

        The process:

        Huge delay – drip – will not prosecute – huge delay – drip – will not prosecute… and on and on and on and on so that ONLY people still not bored to death and paying UNUSUALLY close attention put it all together which most definitely does NOT include the vast majority of the MSM that doesn’t WANT to put it all together in the first place or the vast majority of the US public who MIGHT “get it” on their own.

        After all, they need to hide the official proof which would come from prosecutions that this is a banana republic by using banana republic methods that most people will miss.


  20. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    If the Sundance analysis is correct, a shorthand plan and timeline for the Spygate Insurance Policy can be outlined as follows:

    Opposition Research + Target (Carter Page) yields Evidence (Steele Dossier) yields Investigation yields Obstruction of Justice yields Impeachment

    In this timeline of the conspirators’ plan, the election of Donald Trump as president on November 8th, 2016, occurs as a contingency plan trigger event occurring between Investigation and Obstruction of Justice. The timeline implies that the contingency plan to impeach Donald Trump if he becomes president was hatched well before the 2016 election. Possibly as early as March, 2016; and possibly even earlier than that.

    Stated in terms of an Insurance Policy, as Peter Strzok labeled the conspirator’s plan, the election of Donald Trump as president is equivalent to dying before you are forty. Unlikely, but if Hillary Clinton loses and your side intends to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election, then you need an insurance policy just the same.

    Suppose Comey, Yates, Brennan, and Clapper are eventually indicted under 18 USC 1018, false attestation on official documents related to the EC transmission and to the FISA warrant application. What will the prosecution be offering as the alleged motive for the crime?

    Will the prosecution go so far as to present the Insurance Policy’s plan and timeline to a jury as proof that a seditious conspiracy against Donald Trump existed within the highest reaches of the CIA, the DOJ, and the FBI; and was in fact hatched as an insurance policy against a candidate who had not yet even been elected?

    Will a jury empaneled in a Washington DC courtroom choose to believe the undeniable evidence that a conspiracy of sedition against the incumbent president actually existed well before the candidate even took office, and involved one or more criminal acts on the part of high ranking government officials?

    Liked by 1 person

  21. richterbn says:

    Shocking to see the once esteemed FBI frame innocent victims; ruin lives of innocent people while protecting the real crooks. The FBI covered up the biggest crimes of the last 30 or more years and who knows how many crimes they committed?
    What good are they?? The FBI appears to be taxpayer-funded powerful and thuglike organized crime. As snakes, they are much harder to catch and prosrcute.
    Lets start by completely defunding them.

    Liked by 2 people

  22. Rynn69 says:

    In light of this article, we need a new slogan for the FBI. My contribution:

    At the FBI, we don’t eliminate crime – we create it.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. RAC says:

    Thank you for two of the most helpful paragraphs I’ve read in a long while.
    First one starts “CTH Research Opinion ”
    Second one starts “Or put another way”
    That’s it in a nutshell, the insurance policy. Simply put it explains so much, that for me, previously didn’t click into place.
    All the endless groundless harping on about impeachment.
    I never understood it, thought it was just empty childish awkwardness.
    But they’re clinging onto it because it was their one big idea, it’s all they’ve got …..err all they had.


  24. MelH says:

    Today, for the thousandth time, a panel discussion on FOX found value in the one true thing that came of the Mueller Investigation: “At least we found that for sure the Russians meddled in our 2016 elections.” Has anyone here seen or heard any PROOF of that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • TJ says:

      “To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target.”

      They also needed a RINO to fuel the cookie-cutter “conservative” nevertrumpers to divide, distract, and dupe Trump’s diverse base of republican(small R) voters, so they called on the GOPe poster boy to help the FBI and Hillary Clinton.

      “One person who was provided a copy of the salacious document, written by former British spy Christopher Steele, is Arizona Sen. John McCain. But McCain, who has already acknowledged providing an early version of the dossier to former FBI Director James Comey, denied this week that he also gave a version to BuzzFeed, which published it on Jan. 10.

      “I gave it to no one except for the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now,” McCain said during a testy exchange with The Daily Caller on Wednesday.


    • LULU says:

      It has been my understanding that the Russians had meddled in other elections. What they do. In 2016, weren’t there some Facebook ad placements? The difference in 2016 was the casting by anti-Trumpers of their meddling as a conspiracy with the Trump campaign to get him elected. Considering Hillary’s largesse to the Russians, that should have been laughed out of DC… There was no logic there. But they gave it their wildest shot…


      • MelH says:

        Yes there were a few Facebook ad placements, but most were AFTER the election and we got to see them all and none had any value for either candidate. It couldn’t be called “meddling”, but Brennan and Company will make it sound as if 28,000 votes were stolen from Hillary because of those ads


  25. dallavise says:

    Just remember what he is fighting. If you think PDJT is going to deliver us back America 1776 style, than you are mistaken. The swamp cannot be taken out, as has been proven over the last 2 years, at least not this quickly. It will take several administrations and may never happen, but if we let him, PJDT will enact the biggest political shift in American history over 8 years of his presidency. He will go down as one of the greatest presidents ever, assuming there is still integrity in the historical record. I’m sure he will be looked at much like Andrew Jackson, flaws abounding, but so much greatness achieved. This flawed but great man is our best last hope.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Plenty of weasel room built into this FISA report. I’m taking Gowdy’s cautions to heart. Gowdy knows Weasel well.
    – The IG investigation is only on FISA abuse, not on the big picture soft coup.The IG can narrow the scope to ignore dealing with the context.
    – FISA abuse and Crossfire Hurricane was, in Comey’s telegraphing weasel words, against individuals, not targeted at the Trump Campaign/Transition/Administration.
    – Established precedent is for no criminal charges for FISA abuse. Mueller in 2003 told Congress he’d fix at least 75 cases of abuse by developing Woods Procedure. Snowden evidence in 2012 of repeated FISA abuse was publicly ignored. Collyer’s 2017 report on thousands of cases of FISA abuse (85% of FISA’s) was ignored.
    – DiGenova said 2-3 months ago that Horowitz was going to conclude the first FISA was legal but the renewals were not. Then the Kavalec notes were leaked, which forced the IG to delay release and re-work his report. If true, this means Horowitz was ready to rubber stamp the first FISA as legit which would allow FBI to downplay validation issues and Clinton sourcing as administrative lapses!
    – The role of the IG typically is to minimize damage to the institution, and they are consistently good at it. The FISA program is too important to harm. Even Devin Nunes passed FISA reauthorization before he released his memo on Carter Page FISA.

    My guess? The affiant and one or two others will get referrals, plus a few others will be reported internally to OPR. Of course the MSM will downplay, dismiss and move on. But the report will be important fodder for two key audiences: We The People, and John Durham.

    I pray that Durham’s review is more decisive than his previous CIA investigations – files sealed, zero criminal charges filed. He has nailed a Governor and an FBI agent, and he’s earned an apolitical reputation.

    The IG report is the start not the finish. First we f*** McCabe. Then we f*** Brennan!

    Liked by 2 people

  27. dudedont says:

    Swallow the spider to catch the fly…


  28. scrap1ron says:

    Don’t tell me, show me.


  29. rusty shacklefjord says:

    1.Rove is 100% right.
    2. Its time to “grow-up” and move on. Accept that there is only the “uni-party”.
    3.Consider the last few Presidential nominees:
    Romney, Mccain, and they chose Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt, with Rove’s support.
    Consider having as RNC chairman, fulltime MSNBC personality Michael Steele.
    4.Face it: Conservatives literally couldn’t “conserve” the girls bathroom.
    5. Sydney Powell is brilliant.
    6. But where are the “conservative” men of her caliber and tenacity ?
    7. What an embarrassment, a woman fighting the battle for the “conservative men”.
    8.The beautiful and talented Attorney Sydney Powell will win, of course.
    9.Rove is the oligarch’s “dancing monkey” and he just told you:
    “….listen you bitches, no one is going to jail, get that fact thru your thick skulls and move-on,
    besides, isn’t there some Nascar or the NFL on your TV right now?”.


  30. SW Richmond says:

    “This time we’re really gonna get ’em!”

    Liked by 1 person

  31. TradeBait says:

    They need to just stop talking and start arresting and convicting. We the People are over “the show” and are ready for justice. This isn’t going away. It will have repercussions for decades if they do not do what is right. That’s not a threat – that is a promise.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LULU says:

      “The show” has gotten to us in great detail. Especially those of us who read Sundance’s articles every day. It took years. The rest of the people – the voters – need to see this information out in the more public arena. We can help that by using our computers to spread CTH articles far and wide with our personal recommendation.

      Few here are lawyers. Those who are are more sanguine about the need to put solid cases together and catch and convict the biggest fish. Arrests and perp walks and indictments are worth zip if the evidence isn’t sufficient to bring convictions. In a matter this complex, solid cases do not come together quickly. Consider how long it has taken Sundance, day by painstaking day, to develop his information and get it to us. The courts have to deal with evidence – hard evidence – not just reporting and opinions..

      Liked by 1 person

  32. Zippy says:

    This was more than “fairly dramatic” and look what happened, so don’t get your hopes up:

    FISA Court Rolls Over, Plays Dead
    Aug 28, 2013

    A newly declassified opinion shows FISA court “oversight” in the face of egregious, unconstitutional and potentially criminal government misconduct means nothing.

    Last week, thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s excellent FOIA work, we got the gift of a newly declassified 2011 FISA court opinion. The opinion finds that the government misled the FISA court for over three years about the details of its illegal and unconstitutional surveillance programs. These lies hid from the court the fact that every year, the NSA is collecting at least 56,000 emails – and possibly many more — between innocent Americans who have no foreign connections and are suspected of no crimes. That’s bad, but the worst part of it is, when the government’s lies were finally exposed the FISA court demanded … that NSA analysts read our private messages right away, so they can be used or deleted more quickly. In other words, the government got not a slap on the wrist, but a pat on the back.

    This was the third lie in less than three years that the FISA court had learned about. The judge described one such pattern of lying in Footnote 14 of this newly declassified opinion. There, the clearly outraged judge said the NSA had misrepresented so frequently and systematically how it conducted its program to collect and query Americans’ phone call records that the agency had utterly subverted the Court-mandated oversight regime for that program.

    So what did the court do when it found out it had been lied to, that purely domestic communications were fair game, that untold numbers of innocent people were being illegally spied on, and that all the safeguards in place needed to be rethought?

    Nothing, really. The court suggested the NSA should train its analysts to notice when their queries turned up an MCT – i.e., an Internet transaction containing multiple messages — and then to look carefully at all the by-catch. If existing procedures allowed them to use anything in those purely domestic messages that they were never supposed to have collected in the first place, great! Otherwise, only after collection and review, should the information be deleted. The NSA adopted this approach, and continues to blithely collect Internet transactions containing wholly domestic communications between innocent Americans to this day.

    So in the face of illegal, unconstitutional and potentially criminal conduct — conduct about which the NSA repeatedly lied to the FISA court — the FISA court “corrected” the problem by requiring … banner warnings that something might be an MCT, and an extra round of review by NSA analysts. The real problem – that the NSA regularly collects Americans’ most private communications that the law does not permit it to collect and lies about it to the FISA court – was simply waved away.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. sarasotosfan says:

    I was unaware that Andy McCabe had a history with General Flynn that may well have influenced his actions against Flynn:

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Somebody's Gramma says:

    I hem and haw over what kind of outcome I truly want. The Devil on my shoulder says, “burn it all down! traitors to GITMO!!”. The Angel on my shoulder says, “Justice is mine sayeth the Lord”, “I’ve given you Trump and He’s fixing the most important stuff”, “Let’s move on”. When you realize how complex the spider web of corruption is, dismantling it is like defusing a complex nuclear bomb. Maybe it’s better to bury it, rather than risking blowing your face off. I don’t know what the answer is. In my life experience, I have had to accept that some people are deeply self-centered with no moral compass other than self interest. You can’t fix those people. But, you can walk away from them and make sure they never have any future power over you. I think that is the best I can hope for. Whether or not any of the swamp creatures go to GITMO or not, procedures and processes can be put in place so that it never happens again. Anti-climactic for sure, but might be the best we can all hope for. Plus FOUR MORE YEARS. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. waicool says:

    this bears repeating

    “To get impeachment, they needed obstruction. To get obstruction they needed an investigation. To get the investigation they needed evidence (the dossier). To change the dossier from oppo-research to evidence they needed a target. The target was Carter Page.”


  36. Why do I have the feeling that Comey, McCabe et al are going to end up dying comfortably in their beds at home, without ever feeling any consequences for their evil acts?


  37. askandgettruth says:

    once again all we hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH ! Barr is the creature from the black lagoon, he has been the swamp for a very long time. the #1 person behind all this is the traitor hillary clinton and her band of traitors.


  38. thomas says:

    🤣 😂🤣😂… The only dramatics i want is several people behind bars and we all know who those people are..


  39. jleonard14 says:

    “Fairly dramatic”? If after everything, people here get excited about this…you’re too far gone. Nothing..,ever…happens.


  40. Just Beachy says:

    I want to see people go to jail, but more importantly, I want to see all this linked back to BHO sooner rather than later. I know that is unlikely, but I have a feeling the dems haven’t trotted out their real nominee yet. I want to be sure former first lady MO is not an option.


  41. islandpalmtrees says:

    Did someone from the FBI, intercept the “Mysterious Missing Letter” from British National Security Advisor to General Flynn? Why – perhaps to keep the FISA renewals coming?

    This letter questions the validity of the information in Steele Dossier. This letter was sent prior to the signing of the second round of FISA warrants.

    Remember: UK Intel and Obama’s Deep State Tried to Stop Trump in 2016 – UK Did More to Interfere on US Election than Russia

    A couple of days after this, on January 13, 2017, the Brits sent a private letter to the Trump team –

    Multiple witnesses have told Congress that, a week before Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, Britain’s top national security official sent a private communique to the incoming administration, addressing his country’s participation in the counterintelligence probe into the now-debunked Trump-Russia election collusion.

    Most significantly, then-British national security adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant claimed in the memo, hand-delivered to incoming U.S. national security adviser Mike Flynn’s team, that the British government lacked confidence in the credibility of former MI6 spy Christopher Steele’s Russia collusion evidence, according to congressional investigators who interviewed witnesses familiar with the memo.

    This report from the Brits was another example that the Mueller team and the FBI had that showed that the dossier was bogus and so was Trump – Russia collusion.

    (Recent reports in the British press now confirm that the Brits knew of Steele’s bogus dossier before candidate and President Trump did.)

    So has anyone asked Sir Mark Lyall Grant about the memo?


  42. islandpalmtrees says:

    No FISA renewals, no Mueller investigation, no obstruction investigation, right? Seems simple enough but prove it.


  43. islandpalmtrees says:

    Did Mike Flynn’s team have their own FBI spy? if so, then did they get the hand-delivered memo?


  44. Midnite says:

    Wouldn’t you think if Flynn had the letter, Sidney would too? I’ll bet my shoelaces, that letter was intercepted before Flynn ever saw it and knowing who arranged for that to happen would be very enlightening. Susan Rice got a copy, so she’s be one of the first persons to see it and realize how important a communique it was, maybe start there and work your way down the food chain.


  45. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    It will be interesting to see what and how much info was not turned over to IG or was indeed destroyed.


  46. Charlotte O'Hara says:

    Declassify all of the remaining Kennedy assassination documents and out the deep state’s involvement in President Kennedy’s death to prove once and for all this has been a long term, institutionalization of treason’s treacherous tentacles in the highest levels of our government. President Trump is simply the latest victim of this continuous deplorable behavior since J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.


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