Senator Rand Paul and Senator Lindsey Graham Discuss John Bolton Removal…

U.S. Senator Rand Paul supports the removal of John Bolton as National Security Advisor due to an abject difference of foreign policy with Bolton.  Also, Senator Lindsey Graham cautiously supports the removal of John Bolton from a concessionary position that Trump is correct, and the endless foreign intervention needs to have some conclusion.

Beyond the orange-man-bad democrats, and their new found political love for Bolton (their former nemesis), interestingly the strongest DC and media voices against Bolton’s removal are foreign policy voices primarily concerned about supporting Israel (Ted Cruz, Mark Levin etc).


So far today CTH notes no-one is mentioning Bolton’s failed policy on Venezuela. That policy/effort was all John Bolton; ….and that brings another point into the picture.

Can you imagine what interventionist policy Bolton was starting to formulate surrounding Hong Kong?

Typical war-hawks like John Bolton, and those within the ‘industrial military‘ circle, do not value the more forceful use of economic strategy to accomplish national security objectives.  The economic approach is easily President Trump’s preferred weapon; and right now the biggest geopolitical confrontation is the U.S. -v- China.

Hong Kong is a part of the geopolitical dynamic; but it is a part President Trump is able to carve out from the larger issue.  No doubt the Bolton approach would have been to send troops in/around Hong Kong, eventually drawing a conflict with Beijing.  A person like Bolton would be exactly the wrong person in the game of economic chess.  In my opinion Trump’s China trade strategy is much better off without Bolton mucking it up.

Here’s Graham:


With Bolton gone, might we see Tom Bossert re-enter the administration?

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180 Responses to Senator Rand Paul and Senator Lindsey Graham Discuss John Bolton Removal…

  1. Southern Trumpette says:

    Tonight I am more hopeful than ever that Trump will get us out of these never-ending wars. Canning Bolton was definitely a step in the right direction.

    It’s horrifying to think that we have been in Afghanistan for nearly two decades and sickening
    to think of all the young soldiers killed or maimed in the Mideast.
    Please bring our troops home, President Trump…. ASAP.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      “It’s horrifying to think that we have been in Afghanistan for nearly two decades and sickening to think of all the young soldiers killed or maimed in the Mideast.”

      That’s the problem with people like Bolton. All they seem to know is “send in the marines”. I believe we need to have a strong military but I am tired of the “war is the answer” to every problem coalition.

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  2. dufrst says:

    I like Rand Paul and he’s right that Trump needs a someone who will actually assist him in developing and furthering his foreign policy strategy of negotiations using economics as leverage to achieve America’s objectives versus the military option all the time.

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  3. Frank says:

    Bolton was always bad news. Like General Mattis, all he wanted was more war. And when he didn’t get his way, he fumed and raged about how wrong every other option is. I’m glad he’s out.

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    • Nick says:

      When you have alot of foreign interests in a country, its politics stop representing the interests of the its people. Officials and media personalities make whole careers essentially lobbying for foreign nations, and the reasons for policies look very confusing. The foreign nations cant really be faulted for promoting their own interests, its up to the host country to say enough is enough.

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    • Lady Sid says:

      I agree, Frank. I have always thought that Bolton was a legend in his own mind. I think that walrus mustache flapping away when he talks probably annoyed the President no end, kind of a vanity thing, and quite honestly it’s the President we should be listening to, not some attention-hound advisor.
      AM Talk show host in Nashville is saying how bad it looks for Trump to have had 3 National Security Advisors in 3 yrs. This guy also inferred that Trump must be having an affair with Kelly Ann Conway because her obstreperous husband is constantly criticizing Trump and Trump has not yet fired Kelly Ann, so therefore “affair.” Huh? That was sort of out of the blue!

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  4. Zippy says:

    In our annual military posture document, China has gone from a “partner” to an “enemy,” something it should have been all along if it hadn’t been for the clueless rationalization that what is in fact an organized criminal operation would ever liberalize and democratize.

    The Chicom fatcats in charge, their 0.1%, will remain insanely wealthy no matter what pussy-foot agreements they PRETEND to agree to and then NOT comply with. The ONLY thing they fear is internal revolt and we should be doing absolutely everything possible to make that happen.

    Is the U.S. Destined For War with China? (w/ Harvard’s Graham Allison & Kyle Bass)


  5. Zippy says:

    Oil Tumbles On Report Trump Discussed Easing Iran Sanctions, Leading To Bolton Eruption And Subsequent Termination
    11 Sep 2019

    As Bloomberg reports, President Trump discussed easing sanctions on Iran to help secure a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani later this month, prompting now former National Security Advisor John Bolton to erupt, and “argue forcefully” against such a step, according to the report.

    More notably, there already was support for de-escalation of sanctions with Iran, because during the Monday Oval Office meeting, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin voiced his support for the move as a way to restart negotiations with Iran, the Bloomberg sources said. At this point, Bolton exploded.

    “Bolton made sure to block any and all avenues for diplomacy w/ Iran, including a plan being brokered by Macron,” Suzanne DiMaggio, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said on Twitter.

    “The French are offering Trump a facing-saving way out of a mess of his creation. He should grab it.”




  6. Newhere says:

    It’s impossible to know the full nature and extent to which Trump is forced to operate under the thumb (or thumbs) of ensconced criminal power brokers throughout Washington, the financial world and the “intelligence community;” the fact Trump finally ditched Bolton — citing his displeasure with Bolton’s advice — suggests Trump never truly wanted Bolton (was Bolton’s agenda not obvious from the beginning?) and finally is in a position to cut him loose. Which suggests something key has changed. Please, let there be more moves like this!

    Reactions to Bolton are clarifying. Republicans are unified in opposition to the disastrous Iran deal; but not for the same reasons. Compare Gen. Flynn to John Bolton, and the difference gets even more clear. It’s patriots vs. the neocons. Bolton and his ilk pretend to be the former when in fact they’re the latter. Let’s hope President Trump is now in a position to appoint a patriot.


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