Obama Lawyer Greg Craig Found Not Guilty of Lobbying Violations…

Greg Craig was accused by special counsel Robert Mueller and lead litigator Andrew Weissman of  FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act) lobbying violations; and later charges he lied when questioned about them.

The Greg Craig FARA pursuit was similar to special counsel accusations made against Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, and special counsel threats toward the same objective against George Papadopoulos.

The sketchy use of potential FARA violations to capture targets was a specific technique deployed by Weissmann.  However, the difference between Manafort and Flynn was Greg Craig decided to fight (including fighting claims he lied about the lobbying construct) instead of taking a high-pressure DOJ plea deal.  Today a jury rejected the accusations.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Prominent Washington lawyer Greg Craig was found not guilty Wednesday of lying to the Justice Department about work he did for the government of Ukraine in a case that arose from the special counsel’s Russia investigation and that centered on the lucrative world of foreign lobbying.

The jury deliberated for less than a day before clearing Craig, a White House counsel in the Obama administration, of a single count of making false statements to federal investigators.

The swift verdict was a setback to the Justice Department’s crackdown on lobbyists who do unregistered work for foreign governments and came as prosecutors have been ramping up enforcement of a decades-old law meant to police foreign influence and promote transparency. U.S. officials hoped a conviction would demonstrate an aggressive approach to lobbyists who fail to register their foreign work or who give false information to the Justice Department to avoid identifying themselves as a foreign agent, as Craig was alleged to have done.

[…]  One juror, Michael Meyer, 60, said he was agitated that prosecutors, including Mueller, had devoted resources and attention to the case given the more serious allegations that he said were illuminated by the special counsel’s work.

“I just could not understand why so many resources of the government were put into this when, in fact, actually the republic itself is at risk,” Meyer said. “I was deeply offended personally … that this particular case was brought against this particular man.” (read more)

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102 Responses to Obama Lawyer Greg Craig Found Not Guilty of Lobbying Violations…

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Those last two paragraphs of the AP story roaringly highlight the mental abilities of those Swamp Yahoos in D.C., or lack thereof.

    That juror, Michael Meyers, actually bought the contents of the Weissman Report, hook, line, and sinker, proving the Swamp Creatures have no ability to reason or logic information and merely accept what Fake News spoon-feeds them. Iow, mental midgets.

    Also noteworthy is Meyer’ attitude toward the defendant. If that is not jury nullification, then nothing is.

    Pres Trump needs to move more departments out of D.C. as soon as possible, the sooner the better. Until then, thanks to the like of these Swamp Yahoos, we are screwed.


  2. molonlabe28 says:

    In looking at this failed prosecution, I focus more on the DOJ prosecutorial overreach than the extent to which politics played a part in the outcome of a trial.

    This is yet another case involving poor prosecutorial judgment on the part of the DOJ.

    The DOJ doesn’t have to pursue every activity which could arguably constitute a violation of the criminal laws.

    It didn’t have to prosecute Mike Flynn, George Papadalos, and Roger Stone.

    It didn’t have to try to beat Jerome Corsi into submission with a plea bargain deal on a case in which it didn’t even have the evidence to secure and indictment (think: ham sandwich). Mercifully, he stood up to the asshats at the DOJ (Jessie Lieu).

    And, if it was going to prosecute Craig, it should have taken the low-hanging fruit by also prosecuting Tony Podesta, whose name and position are far better known to the general public than Craig’s.

    This is what became (or continued, as the case may be) at the DOJ under Jeff Sessions.

    Barr needs to clean it, and its sister (or subsidiary) organization, the FBI, out root and branch.


  3. Dim Osmab says:

    And after this you think Mccabe and Comey can be indicted?


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