President Trump and First Lady Melania Arrive in Biarritz, France…

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive in Biarritz, France for the 2019 G7 Summit.   U.S. President Trump will be meeting with Boris Johnson (U.S.), Emmanuel Macron (France), Angela Merkel (Germany), Shinzo Abe (Japan), Justin Trudeau (Canada), and Guiseppe Conte (Italy).


President Trump and the six other leaders of the Group of Seven nations will begin meeting Saturday for three days in the southwestern French resort town of Biarritz.

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40 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Arrive in Biarritz, France…

  1. Scott Wallace says:

    The Alpha Male has arrived!

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  2. GB Bari says:

    Wow. 😃
    Just…wow.. 😃

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  3. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    She is beautiful, as always. I love her dress.

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  4. Milenia Bracamonte says:

    Melania dress is Oustanding.

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  5. Charlie says:

    Clearly POTUS was not accepting her embrace he took her hand to keep her at a distance.

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  6. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Our Knock-‘Em-Out President and First Lady!
    I’ve been waiting for this all morning, so Thank You, Sundance for these photos!

    Beautiful Yellow dress–is that a signal to Yellow Vests…. “We’re With You”? heheh
    Perfect Smack to Sanctimonious Macron.

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  7. Kaco says:

    All eyes on Melania. Our beautiful First Lady, elegant and classy as always.

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  8. leftnomore says:

    “Boris Johnson (U.S.)”…all right, he’s become one of us!
    This get together Trump is finally freed from the cloud of Mueller.

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  9. SHV says:

    PDJT is fired up for the G7….Macron is trying to be cute and Angela and the EU pukes will be strutting around but:

    “Germany Heading Towards Recession, Says Government Report”

    “In June, Germany’s industrial production fell by 5.2 percent compared to last year, the biggest decline since the financial crisis of 2008. A no-deal Brexit could further weigh down Germany’s shrinking economy, economists at the Chancellor’s office believe. “The German government thinks that there is a “high probability” of a no-deal Brexit,” the London-based Financial Times confirmed.”
    “The hopes of integrating migrants into Germany’s export-oriented and technology-driven economy have failed miserably. “Almost every second unemployed person is of migrant background,” Germany daily Die Welt reported in March. “In case of persons fit for employment receiving unemployment that number was 57 percent.”

    As Germany goes so goes the EU…..into the sh*tter….PDJT will support Boris for Brexit…will say nice things about Macron, Angela, etc and will kick them in the teeth on their way down.


  10. Dave says:

    Our president against the global leaders

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  11. SHV says:

    I suspect the smug EU elites planned to stab PDJT in the back re: China tariffs and the Multi-Nationals….well, this puts the virtue signaling French and Germans in a real bind, re: Trump being “unfair” to the PRC:

    “Tear gas fired after days of peace as Hong Kong police, protesters clash”

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  12. I Hear You Now says:

    I pray that President Trump gets a good deep and restful night’s sleep tonight … He appears tired to me in this video (as if he did not sleep well on AF1 overnight).

    retweeted by Sundance


    • tonyE says:

      Jeez… really? Upset at the sleeping arrangements on AF1. Try sleeping on an LAX to Singapore flight with a change over in Japan. 20 hours if you time the stop over right and my company is cheap, so we all fly coach.

      At least with ANA you get 36″ knee room.

      I’d love to fly that route on AF1. First off I’m sure those are very nice seats and two, good luck trying to sleep on a bed roll on the floor of an airliner… first they won’t let you, second they are dirty.


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  13. Perot Conservative says:

    “Japan hints US trade deal is reached
    Point man Motegi says Tokyo able to ‘protect agriculture’ ”

    If they protect ag, cars, and gain more access to our markets – what did we gain?

    Japan is now in a “Diet” period, so if we don’t sign a deal this month, which Japan can ratify, we have to wait a full year.

    Japan previously has said they will only go as far as the TPP outline. But then will we impose a 25% tariff on imported Japanese cars?


  14. In the Land of Poz says:

    On of the WH reporters said on Twitter last night that Trump doesn’t like red-eye flights on Air Force One because he has trouble sleeping at those times on the plane (flight to G7 was midnight to 7am).

    In the pictures Trump does look like he needs more sleep.


  15. Sunshine says:

    He has a lot on his mind and he doesn’t seem pleased of wasting his time with a bunch of people who backstab him. The only one worthwhile is Boris Johnson. He can’t be blamed for not smiling.

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    • Sunshine says:

      I forgot to add Italy and Japan are worthwhile.
      I remember when I took night flights to Europe on business. Your biological clock is upside down upon arrival.
      So much to admire about President Trump and what to say about magnificent Melania?

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  16. xxxMatxxx says:

    Aah, Biarritz, what a beautiful place. I spent a summer there learning French when I was sixteen. Embarrassingly I did worse in the final exam than in the entry exam, which was all the fault of Marie-Louise, of course. If only… but I spare you the details.

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  17. We have the most beautiful First Lady in the history of the world!! Elegant, graceful, fashion icon… and if she were a liberal…would be on the cover of every magazine 24-7!

    She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! And she’s married to the greatest President to have ever been elected!

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  18. Patrick healy says:

    Yes how I do wish our wishie washie PM Boris was (US) as stated above. I will pardon the faux paux but we in the (UK) are stuck with a pygmy version of the real Donald Trump.

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  19. ahem says:

    Don looks younger every day.


  20. zonefreezone says:

    Calvin Klein dress.


  21. bigralphie says:

    Gee whiz, I SURE miss The Avatar Of Elegance, MooShelle, don’t you?

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  22. Super Elite says:

    Take a good look at the expression on Mr. Trump’s face. There is a man on a mission!!! Go get ’em Big Guy.


  23. bigralphie says:

    I know, I know – the ad hominem attacks (physical pulchritude – or glaring lack thereof – etc etc) are typically the province of the Vile Left (emotions not FACTS) but the fact that the so-called “fashion world” have their Mean Grrrl knives out for possibly THE most elegant FLOTUS this nation has EVER seen (Jackie O is profoundly over-rated but I understand she exploded onto the scene in juxtaposition to her frumpy predecessor Mamie) Melania – categorically refusing to mention her let alone get ONE feature in ANY glossy mag, what childish twits these people are. Legal immigrant to our nation (crickets), fluent in FIVE languages (deafening silence), would look like Aphrodite in a POTATO SACK (snooze), poses nude as that’s what MODELS DO – omigawd, what a tramp!


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