CNN Poll – Democrat Candidates: Joe Biden Gains 7%, Kamala Harris Drops 12%…

The latest CNN tracking poll shows the top five haven’t changed. However, Joe Biden increased by 7 percent from the previous poll (was 22%, now 29%); and the biggest loser is Senator Kamala Harris who dropped a whopping 12 percent (was 17%, now 5%).
Sleepy Mumbles is leading the pack nationally with 29% support.  The communist Sanders is barely holding on to second place with 15%; and is being challenged by socialist Warren with 14%.  Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris round out the top five with 5 percent each.

[Poll Data pdf Here]

The next round of democrat primary debates will take place in Houston, Texas, over two days on September 12-13, 2019. The debate is limited to 20 candidates with 10 candidates participating each night. As of August 20, 2019, 10 candidates had qualified for the debate: Biden, Buttigeg, Booker, Castro, Harris, Klobuchar, O’Rourke, Sanders, Warren and Yang.

To qualify for the September debate a candidate must: ♦Receive 2 percent support or more in four national or early state polls (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and/or Nevada) publicly released between June 28, 2019, and August 28, 2019.
[Any candidate’s four qualifying polls must be conducted by different organizations, or if by the same organization, must be in different geographical areas.]
Additionally, ♦Candidates must also provide verifiable evidence they reached the following fundraising thresholds: (1) Donations from at least 130,000 unique donors; and (2) A minimum of 400 unique donors per state in at least 20 states.  The DNC will collect and approve this data harvest.  The ‘data harvest’ is the club cost of running in the primary.

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182 Responses to CNN Poll – Democrat Candidates: Joe Biden Gains 7%, Kamala Harris Drops 12%…

  1. Do y’all really believe the polls?

    • Bout as much as the pols.

      • Raptors2020 says:

        It’s my first real look at Kamala, and I see no political talent and little potential. Her appeal is purely identity politics. She’s like a 7-footer with 2 left feet. Once the basketball game starts, all questions are answered.

        • Camel’s talent is on her back.

          • And only to the very undiscerning individual(s)… all I see in her is HATE, and lots of it.
            If she reads’em, she must love my tweets. lmao

          • Den says:

            She has bruises all over her body where she’s been touched by 10 foot poles and I don’t mean Polish.

            • Pedro Morales says:

              I actually do believe some of the polls as a danger sign to POTUS. I do remember quite a few former Treepers who predicted a Red Wave. Remember? How did that work for us guys? Those of us who warned folks about the House in 2018 were called “concern trolls” and practically run off the site. It gave me no pleasure to be correct about 2018. There are warning clouds POTUS needs to be aware of. I wish he would lighten it up sometimes, joke around, play with Barron, and not punch down with losers like The Mooch. Let staff or a self a[ppointed hit dog handle these nitwits. Get out there and be positive. The July 4th visual of him, flags, flyovers, and the DC mall was awesome! It was like Reagan! His approval numbers jumped after that week across the board. That is what he needs to do to get all those suburban women who need a reason to vote for him. People love his policies but he needs to be less abrasive. Not all the time! There is a time and place for Trump to be Trump. But he has our votes. He needs more from others. I wish he focused more on the great things he is doing. Ignore the twats

              • willthesuevi says:

                2018 losses had nothing to do with job satisfaction or popularity of President Trump. We got rid of a bunch of RINO’s who either quit or ran away from POTUS Trump.
                I Trust President Trump’s strategy completely. No need for me to second guess him. He won against all odds. He won by not listening to the RINO “experts”. He will be fine. The down ballot people – that will depend on if they embrace him or not.

                • Pedro Morales says:

                  Losses? We were supposed to have a Red Wave in 2018. What happened? And why did all the Red Wavers disappear from the site and not take their medicine? I trust POTUS too, but it does not mean I am not concerned. Another come from behind win could be a helluva story. The MSM’s last shred of credibility goes out the window. Another night of depressed faces on the networks would be epic. But I think there are some warning signs.

                • willthesuevi says:

                  Pedro, since I wasn’t here commenting in 2018 I cannot apologize for you not having a “red wave – i told you so moment”.
                  I wanted a business mind as President, not a politician. I got what I voted for. I will not bitch because he is not a “polished politician”.
                  For me it is simple – I trust the man, period.

                • 4EDouglas says:

                  In 2016 it was the senate that was important.Trump knew this .He could not count on the lame duck RINO Ryan who did as much to get the Dems back in congress as Pelosi in my opinion. But, Trump outmanuvered the RINO?Never Trumpers by getting the Senate-and the various appointments -like the Judiciary through…
                  The the Dems self destruct before our eyes..

              • A Moderate Man says:

                You make solid points Pedro. But, Lisa Boothe was on Tucker last night and she predicted Sleepy would get passed in the coming weeks.

              • Vicus says:

                We *gained* in the Senate and barely lost the House, which is of no concern, given 45 fucking Repubs quit. This is unheard of.
                So yeah, you’re concerning trolling.

              • Elle says:

                Your point that people should not get cocky was lost completely due to your implication that the Republicans lost the house due to Trump and his mean tweets. Republican’s did not lose the house because of Trump or his mean tweets.

                • piper567 says:

                  C’mon Pedro,
                  I don’t quite get the part ab him “…get out there and be positive.”
                  Are you serious?
                  There is not a single speech, pubic appearance, award Ceremony, Oval Office grouping, helicopter presser, or Rally in which the President does not just burst with “positive” and optimism.
                  Maybe you need to watch him more, listen less to Pravda, and realize his Tweets are often all the actual news we get!

              • teabag14 says:

                I like your post very much, Mr. Morales, and I agree with many of your points. I was one who completely believed in a Red Tsunami, not just a measly wave. You can imagine the cognitive disonance I experienced when reality smacked me upside my head at the midterms. Then Jeff Sessions (“the silent executioner”) resigned & with that I had to accept that my own belief system about what was going on behind the scenes in this country was altogether faulty.
                Like you, I have never wavered in my support of PDJT, but I admit that I have cringed a time or two here & there, even though I mostly love his sense of humor & I love him. So I keep my eyes on one of the more important prizes – the Supreme Court.
                I know people who dislike PDJT’s personality so much that they are falling for the negative noise more & more. So I remind them: if you love this country, if you believe our constitution is the best in the world, & if you want the United States of America to survive & thrive, you will shut out the noise and keep your eye on the prize – our last, best chance of saving the country we love . . . THE SUPREME COURT.
                It’s a no-brainer. TRUMP 2020. ??? Keep America Great.

                • Bendix says:

                  Ann Coulter was pretty sanguine about the 2018 results.
                  That doesn’t mean she was sanguine about the RINOs who suddenly had to retire, etc., but she thought all things considered, the results were decent.
                  As far as what our president should or shouldn’t say, I have already stated my thoughts on that.
                  He can say, and should say, anything at all that he wants to.
                  He is standing up for our American right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and at this point, even our right to think what we think.

          • Big Jake says:


          • Dottygal says:

            You mean “Cameltoe”, right?!

          • Dottygal says:

            You mean “Cameltoe”, right?!

          • dottygal says:

            We call her “Cameltoe” Harris.

        • rcogburn says:

          And she has no identity! At least not one she’ll admit to.

        • Aeyrie says:

          We know QueMala well here in Cali. I have been known to call her Hillary 2.0, with all that implies.

    • A Moderate Man says:

      I have predicting for a while that Senator Warren will surpass Sleepy Joe and will choose Mayor Pete as her VP pick. They are a liberal progressive dream team and hit many of the chosen identities.

        • Pedro Morales says:

          Joe Biden is and will be the nominee. It was all pre-planned by the Dem machine. As Sundance says, its what they do. Its all they do. They do not have contigentcies. They do not regroup. They plan. They are predictable. The nominee is Biden.
          1- All of their polling indicates they need to pick up 2 states and 39 electoral votes out of FL WI OH PA MI. Biden as a “moderate” gets them there
          2- They flooded the zone with lefties to take down Bernie and give Joe a clear path.
          3- Biden needs to poll above 30% to isolate the field and secure the nomination
          4- The mega donors, insiders, and corporate elite are all on Team Joe.
          5- When he falters, Obama steps in with a Hail Mary endorsement to push him over the edge
          But Biden is finding ways to screw up. The gaffes continue. He decided to lurch left inside of staying in the middle. He has no energy. His memory is shot. And there is zero buzz in his sparsely attended speeches. The media elite sees this and is trying to warn the Dems. Hence the schism between the DNC and media. The MSM sees the handwriting on the wall and is trying to warn the DNC,. But the Dems do not change plans. They do not adapt. Biden is the plan and they are trying to desperately trying to get the media on board. The MSM clearly wants Lizzie. Biden has appeal in the Midwest that is dangerous for POTUS, but he could implode and the memory loss is scary to voters. If Trump goes hard and heavy on Lizzie he will be accused of bullying her and she gets sympathy votes. But Lizzie will not play in the Midwest. Biden is still dangerous

          • donna kovacevic says:

            Are Americans that stupid that if POTUS went tough on Lizzie Borden, they would accuse him of bullying? Hey even I as a Canadian know that POTUS does not chose M F black white purple whatever ethnicity he gives it equally where deserved and if America calls that bullying, well then you deserve to be a fkn banana republic. Shame on you and the stupid hurt feeling. You can dish it but oh no don’t you dare and hit back. I say Odjebi. God Bless PDJT and family.

          • I disagree. I think Warren is the “chosen one”. She is the one behind the CFPB that Mulvaney dismantled. Chief Lie-a-watha is completely corrupt and has been for decades.

            • nbkilgore says:

              There was a figure lurking from the shadows who is now bee lining for their sand box, the figure keeps making adjustments, occasionally scratching what appears to be a discomfort to the crotch.

      • Sentient says:

        I predict that Kamala Harris will be the nominee and that she’ll pick as her VP… Joe Biden. Half of that prediction is a joke.

      • Since Camel and Robert don’t even rate.

      • Marc says:

        The progresssive wing will come out strong for Warren but Mayor Pete’s only charm factor is being a homosexual, which will keep a part of the minority base of the Dems away from the duo. Warren is like the Ted Cruz for the Left. Polls strong with the wing of their respective party and those very engaged in day-to-day politics, but turn off the political neophytes and those closer to the center.
        Remember what Sundance said about Trump being a national candidate while Cruz was a regional candidate. Same is true for folks like Tulsi Gabbard and Gillibrand. ?If the Dems go with Warren on the top of the ticket, they’re willing to lose 5 to 15% of the Black and Hispanic votes and I know they can’t afford that in any swing states.

        • Newhere says:

          These are excellent points. I don’t see how dynamics produce a different nominee (Biden’s not a realistic candidate), and it does seem like the establishment has decided they can live with her. Do you think we might see a new entrant?

          • Marc says:

            I doubt it. The Deep State picks their figureheads years ahead of time. It was said that at Bilderberg 2012, they’d already decided Hillary would be the Dem nominee for 2016 and, of course, she was to win the election.

        • wightmanfarm says:

          If Dems don’t choose a black or hispanic, I don’t think they will win. Putting one on the ticket in 2nd place (VP) is an insult. I still don’t think America is ready for a woman president, if Hillary couldn’t do it, it can’t be done -at least for a while.

          • Sherri Young says:

            In that case, Big Mike Obama is their dream candidate.

          • trialbytruth says:

            Truth about women candidates.
            America does t care. We don’t vote on gender. We as anation vote o. Many.things but gender really doesn’t seem to be one.
            Look at Governors around the. Country. The glass ceiling is a myth and a talking point.

          • TreeClimber says:

            I as a female am less likely to think a woman qualified for such a role. Can some be? Sure, but I’m gonna vet her very very carefully.
            I’ve had male bosses and female bosses. By far I preferred the men.

            • donna kovacevic says:

              Unless you have a Maggie Thatcher forget about it, We had Kim Campbell for a quick minute here and what happened gone. What happened with the UK? Yup all gone.

            • 4EDouglas says:

              In Oregon we have Kate Brown-know her personally from business. Woman’s incompetent.

          • SharonKinDC says:

            I think it’s less the the US is not ready for a woman President, than the choices thus far have been poor ones. Eventually, there will be a female candidate who really has the chops AND personality to go all the way. As for Warren, while she isn’t stupid, she’s way too far left AND her personality/voice comes across as being a scold. Harris, who celebrated being the first Indian (dot, not feather)-American Senator, then mysteriously became an AA candidate. I suspect that has been a super turnoff*. (*along w/ her rotten ideas and nasty personality)

          • Marc says:

            I disagree. Obama was able to win despite being an unknown entity previously. I think a likable woman could easily win on the Democrat side if her opponent is a standard, stuffy Repub like a Romney or Paul Ryan type.

      • TarsTarkas says:

        I don’t think a tsunami of illegal voters could make that pair a winning ticket. They press so many wrong buttons for the POC they so loudly champion.

      • margarite1 says:

        I have never seen one thing to admire or of interest in Warren. She’s a lawyer and a liar.
        What experience does she have running anything but her mouth? Absolutely not qualified to run this country – despite what must be her massive ego is telling her.
        Would any board hire her to be their CEO? Impossible to imagine.

        • A Moderate Man says:

          Your comment is accurate but Elizabeth Warren takes on the entities that everyone who is liberal hates… big banks, big corporations, insurance companies, student loan debt servicers, etc. That is an effective tactic in an of itself. She creates the feeling that she is for the little guy.

      • Newhere says:

        Why Mayor Pete? They seem to tick the same leftie boxes … professorial scolds. Identity-wise, White Woman and White Gay both have tinges of elitism among the woke. I think she’s got to go Person of Color, from a Western or Midwestern state. I see her with someone like Castro …

      • ilcon says:

        Wouldn’t Liz have to change from Indian to Cowboy?

      • SharonKinDC says:

        Maybe, but in a 3 way race for the nom, Biden might sneak by as the Fake Indian and the Communist are drawing from the same far leftist pool of voters. Regardless, POTUS Trump will win his second term.

    • sarasotosfan says:

      I believe most of the results are within the margin of error.

    • Jack Rail says:

      The poll is obviously racist.

    • yy4u says:

      Do we really believe the polls? NO! Why not? Because WE LIE! Who in his/her right mind would tell some pollster who already has your name/phone number and (probably) address that you are voting for Trump when people who vote for Trump are 1) harassed at restaurants 2) fired 3) targeted 4) get beat up 5) boycotted?
      They want desperately to know how many of us are out here so they can steal more than that number of votes.
      So believe polls when polls were so wrong on Brexit, Israeli election, American election, etc., etc., etc.

  2. FL_GUY says:

    CNN? If you believe anything they say, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you for a bargain price. The offer is certified by CNN!

  3. Joe O’Mara says:

    These just might be right. Consider you have stupids voting for stupids and polls taken by stupids.
    Who would argue ???

  4. trapper says:

    That may be the poll, but this is the book:

    • Sentient says:

      Even Buttgeek has a better chance than Beta O’Rourke.

      • olderwiser21 says:

        Buttgeek – I love that ’cause I can’t even say his other name.

        • Amy2 says:

          Boot-edge-edge. I’m only saying that because the president told me how to pronounce at one of his rallies. You really have to practice it though, and well, if pronouncing his NAME is too much work, then actually following his progress would be more!

        • yy4u says:

          Running the risk of being banned for being vulgar — I think it’s pronounced “ButtJUDGE”. I could be wrong about both the pronunciation AND the double entendre tho’

      • Sherri Young says:

        So how is Beta polling in Cuba? That is where he belongs.

      • trapper says:

        Every time I hear his name I hear music, but the admins won’t let me tell you what it is. [wink]

  5. Greg1 says:

    The irony is that Biden will likely lead the polling for quite awhile. If he gets the nomination it will be stunning. For a variety of reasons, one of which is that it will reveal how badly democrats don’t really pay attention to what is said in a primary race.
    If indeed Biden is the nominee…………….think how much fun President Trump will have with that. On the one hand Biden’s staff will still likely be trying to limit his exposure to the media………..who will happily comply and do all they can to ignore his gaffes, and at the same time they will be push polling trying to get the media to praise Biden as the only real choice in the election.
    And then……………….they will have no choice but to let him debate Donald J. Trump……………
    Man alive that’ll be fun!!!!!!
    Watching the media spin such a catastrophe in favor of Biden, when the entire world will recognize otherwise will be immensely funny!

    • Sentient says:

      In the last 70 years, the Democrat Party has never nominated anyone over the age of 57, with the exception of their 2016 nominee – who had to be thrown into her handicap van like a sack of concrete. They’re not going to nominate a septuagenarian. That eliminates Biden, Warren and Sanders. When you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains – no matter how improbable – must be the truth. It’s Harris. She checks off all of the intersectional boxes for Dems: Jewish (spouse), childless, woman, black, Indian, skank.

      • Camel Toe. She may comeback yet but that 92 year old woman destroyed her. Imagine what a 74 year young alpha male will do to her.

        • Michael Todaro says:

          She will “steal away into the night like an Arab, leaving nothing but camel dung and warm sand.” ?

      • seekingthetruth2 says:

        To be fair, skank is worth 15-20% value in the Demorat Party.

      • Newhere says:

        I long thought it was Harris. I now think Warren, unless they’ve actually figured out how to systematically fix the voting. People don’t like Harris. She’s a clear favorite on paper. But she doesn’t have the durable national appeal of Biden, Bernie or Warren. Warren was a hero to the left during the Obama years, and has broadened her popularity by constant Trump bashing. Your septuagenarian point is a good one, but it’s not literally impossible, and Warren doesn’t seem as old as Bernie or Biden.

      • olderwiser21 says:

        Sentient – well at least she and Hilldog have one thing in common – “skank” that is…..

      • First, let me say, I am nobody. But, since the Teddie White days, I have been fascinated by the uniquely American ritual of presidential politics.
        So, unless he falls down a flight of stairs, it’s Biden. He’s got the mega-donors. He’s got the “Super Delegates”. He’s considered “safe”, his wife said so yesterday. And, when faced with the juggernaut of MAGA, safe is exactly what the party elites want. They don’t want some wild-eyed loon to take down the entire party. They have plenty of those.
        Unless Main Street completely collapses, they’re in for a shellacking. The DemocRATS know it and they don’t want to risk their (imagined) “bench strength” to that kind of embarrassment. Recall the Walter Mondale sacrificial candidacy or the Kerry fiasco. Recall, too, that the DemocRATS’ political play book has been in place since the eighties (they called Reagan a “dummy” and “incompetent”, as well) and has proven somewhat successful. DemocRATS have elected two, 8-year incumbents in that time period and they actually had full control of government, for a, thankfully, brief period.
        In spite of the Clinton’s, the DemocRATS most recent President, Obama, is the titular “head” of the DemocRAT party. As Presidential candidate, Biden will traditionally take that mantle, win or lose, post 2020. He doesn’t want it! Post election, Biden will go back to retirement. Oh, he may hang around as a Candidate Emeritus, but he poses no threat to the Chicago cabal and their long range planning. To them, Biden is the perfect sacrifice.
        The rest of the dwarfs are running for Vice President or some such party hierarchy.

        • 4EDouglas says:

          Exactly Biden jumps into the volcano-sacrifice done to the Daemons of Dem politics,
          and the party can reconstruct after the left immolates themselves..
          Chicago then can get back to oligarchy politics…
          Of course there is that annoying law of unintended consequences….

      • Lulu says:

        I think there’s a lot of suburban women that would vote Democrat that won’t vote for a childless woman.
        Not to mention she’s an adulteress.

      • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

        If so re: Harris, the voters seem to have a hard time doing what they are told. She’s trying too hard to be all things to all people and it’s very transparent. Voters can see right through her. The advancement of Kamala Harris is her only guiding principle. She’s a Democrat because she’s from California. If she were from Texas she would be a RINO.

    • seekingthetruth2 says:

      Just for fun…first response, regardless of question, our VSGPDT says to Slow, Sleeping Joe….do you know where you are now, what day it is and who is the current Prime Minister of England…is it Margaret Thatcher of Theresa May?

    • mark lanctot says:

      “Come on man”
      HRC is running. She’s already planning a fund raising dinner.

      • sarasotosfan says:

        She will never top her last fund raising dinner. The Al Smith Memorial Foundation 2016 dinner was a classic. I watched it again last night.

    • yy4u says:

      If I remember correctly Sarah Palin kicked Joe’s butt in their debate. On the other hand, Joe kicked Paul Ryan’s butt in theirs.

    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      Biden will get all the debate questions ahead of time. And the people who feed them to him will get promotions. They will praised by the left for doing their moral duty. Donna Brazile is still employed in the MSM.

      • A Moderate Man says:

        Ugh, I am so glad Ryan and McCain are gone (not in the same way though). Now, if Mitt could just be quite that would be nice.

    • piper567 says:

      maybe they’ll cancel the debates bc, you know, some blizzard brought on by Climate Change.

  6. The big club should be pushing their candidate this Sep debate. Post Labor Day news cycle. I see FNN pushing Pocahontas and destroying Camel. Quiet on Crazy and laughing at Gropin.

  7. mr.piddles says:

    If Joe Biden is elected President, I’m moving to Greenland.

    • yucki says:

      Biden’s VP would roll in…
      We’d wait it out at Trump Tower-Greenland.

    • Impossible says:

      mr.piddles: now that, right there, is funny. If I were not laughing so hard, I’d tell you so.

    • olderwiser21 says:

      Piddles – I will go with you. Bwhahahahah!

    • covfefe999 says:

      If a Democrat wins I’m going to stop working and start riding on welfare. Get me some of that “free” stuff without having to pay for it.

      • mr.piddles says:

        I’d go back to get another college degree just ‘cuz I can. What to choose… what to choose…

      • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

        There does come a point in the advancement of the welfare state when one becomes a fool not to start sucking the teat.

  8. BestBets says:

    Whatever happened to Cory Booker? Now that his campaign is down the drain, does he still have to be Rosario Dawson’s boyfriend?

    • mr.piddles says:

      Booker’s gonna have to kick up his Earnest Voice a couple notches if he wants to get back into this thing. Beto’s seems to be working on some needed refinements to his Flailing Arms affectation, which is good for him. Animated is good, but don’t make it look like you have a condition of some kind. Kamala backtracked on skipping the CNN Climate Town Hall, so now she’s gotta burn a couple weeks of valuable time thinking of some Totally Woke Stuff about Climate Change beyond “it’s a real crisis, people. REAL crisis.” I think folks are just sick of looking at Mayor Pete’s face, to be honest. I know I am. Biden is leading, but the Dark Horse is ironically the ghostly white Pocahontas Warren. Aka Pale Face. She’s transparent in appearance, but not so in the polls.

    • Newhere says:

      HAHAHA! 🙂

    • Michael Todaro says:

      Booker and Dawson ? The term “beard” comes to mind. ?

  9. evergreen says:

    I’ll say it again. Biden is the ice breaker for a femme VP (Clinton, Warren, Harris) who will assume the presidency when he has to step aside for obvious reasons. Not that it will happen (better not), but that’s certainly an odds-on plan.

  10. Annie says:

    Heels up , UN LIKEABLE…and imho that is a huge thing!!!!

  11. calbear84 says:

    Can you imagine if the founding fathers came back to life and had a front row seat at the next Dem “debate”? You couldn’t blame them for thinking it was a vaudeville act.

  12. Newhere says:

    So helpful to have side-by-sides over time — because the way I look at polls is to put a bunch together and sort of squint, the way you do to obscure dots and pixels to see the bigger picture. Then I try to apply a big overlay of common sense!
    It was obvious form the fall of 2015 that if something didn’t jolt the field — like immediate mass dropouts right at a critical time — Trump would win. His 30ish% was enduring; the conventional wisdom was once the field winnowed, an establishment candidate would beat him; but not only did candidates have no plans to drop out — the numbers among candidates in the “establishment” lane barely ever broke double digits. Meaning even if the field ever did drop — way more votes were going to Trump than the smart money realized.
    So here’s how I read the current field. And let me flaunt a little cred on this topic as a cross-over voter — I voted twice for Obama, then Bernie, then converted to Trump. You can throw fruit at me if you want — but even as a Trump convert, I still have some sense of the democrat zeitgeist. (And let me state for the record: I’m voting Trump. period.)
    This got long, so let me start with the punchline: Warren. The top 3, all known commodities with national followings, are actually pretty stable, and pulling 60 or more percent collectively. Harris or Buttigieg flirted with top tier, but even if they flick back up, the lay of the land looks set. The key question was whether Buttigieg or Harris would knock off the obviously vulnerable Biden; Harris tried and looked like she might succeed, but collapsed (probably hastened by Tulsi’s brutal takedown). The MSM makes it seem like it all could still change; but it won’t. This was Harris’s test flight — and she crashed and burned. That’s it. That’s the answer. Same for Buttigieg; you can choose among several moments his campaign was effectively over — I pick when he told an irate black constituent of South Bend he wasn’t asking for her vote. Fork, done.
    The question is how do the chips fall among the top 3. It looks like somehow The Club has sanctioned Elizabeth Warren as acceptable and in all likelihood she’ll be the nominee. Really the only way to stop her is with a new entrant. If the Club wanted to stop this clown show, it could; which is why I think it must have made it’s peace with Warren.
    Biden’s number are illusory in the sense that he won’t be the nominee. It’s not a secret he’s lost his marbles and cannot hack a general election. What his numbers actually represent is the critical mass of the establishment vote: The non-socialist, corporate-Wall Street democrat douche bag vote. Look how low that percentage actually is. Even if all the voters of the hangers-on migrated to the establishment lane — it barely gets you to 50%. This means it’s not an establishment year. It’s a faux-resistance “left loud and proud” year.
    It’s Sanders or Warren, and it won’t be Sanders. At least half the party, including all of the establishment wing, still secretly or not-so-secretly hates him. But, some establishment voters might just go to Warren. They’d prefer Harris, Buttigieg or even Klobuchar or one of the irrelevant governors. But it’s clear one of their shiny newcomers hasn’t taken off, and I think they’ve reconciled that social wokeness ala Harris or one of the 3 Bs won’t carry the day without some believable economic populism. So they’ll have to accommodate the economic/green-new-deal socialists a little bit, and they’ve decided they can work with Warren.
    Bernie and Warren seem to pull from the same pool, but aren’t actually interchangeable, because some of the SJWs hate Bernie too. Warren would get all Bernie voters, but not vice versa. Some SJWs still don’t think Bernie isn’t sufficiently woke (I know it’s hard to believe, but there’s a lingering rift from 2016 in which Hillary had the SJWs convinced that Bernie was a closet racist/sexist — the whole “Bernie Bro” thing). Warren inevitably has some of the smoldering “I’m with her” voters who would never vote for Bernie. He has a built-in ceiling among the SJW far left (as opposed to the economic far left) that Warren doesn’t have. She’s got cred with both planks of the far left, Bernie’s SJW cred is wobbly. It’s also irrational; the SJW left won’t simply default to Bernie if he’s objectively their best option; some of them simply hate him.
    Whatever noise happens over the next months, it comes down to this: Both Biden and Bernie are fatally flawed candidates, even for a primary. Just as each has a sizeable faction convinced their guy is the de facto favorite, each has a sizable faction that would cut out a kidney before going with that particular “favorite.” And they won’t get each other’s faction — no crossover there. Not so with Warren. She has her own durable faction, and can pull all of Bernie’s and some of Biden’s and some of the loser 1-5% brigade. Which puts Warren in the prime spot. The dynamic will come into focus once Biden or Bernie drops out. Which one of them will, once he realizes he’s only helping the other by sapping support from Warren. Pressure will be applied. In short, the drama of the race is a game of chicken between Biden and Bernie but ultimately Warren wins.
    At some point, Warren will have a big enough lead (at least 30-35%) to outlast a primary field of hangers-on, or even win a head to head with either Biden or Bernie. With the top 3 breaking away and the others failing to sustain any gains, it would take some new entrant — and I can’t think of who would matter — to change things.
    And I think that for the very same reasons the Club seems to have made peace with her — she won’t make a dent in Trump’s MAGA movement.

    • nb says:

      Newhere, August 21, 2019 at 3:39 am:
      Gold. Thank you.

    • USARose says:

      Thank you for the insight on the Democrat zeitgeist. You definitely have “cred” and I enjoyed reading your analysis. (I especially like that you’re voting P. Trump – period). Any guesses on VP? Keep your insights coming!

      • Newhere says:

        Thanks! She needs a POC, not from the east coast, who’s not a scold and who’s darling of the SJWs. (White Women are not natural darlings of the SJWs; look for Warren to do a lot of graveling and acknowledging privilege.) I always land on Castro. He’s a former Obama official and total establishment, which’ll please the masters.

        • yy4u says:

          Newhere gives the most sold analysis I’ve seen. Thanks. Warren is scary but them all of them are. I think Warren-Castro is a logical ticket because it’s all about identity and he’d bring in the Hispanic vote.
          “Rome was destroyed by such as these, my blue-eyed baby boy
          Barbarians not taught how to build know only to destroy”
          From a poem by the late Joy Loth.

    • SharonKinDC says:

      Good analysis. No fruit thrown at you! I do think it’s either Warren or Biden. While your reasoning on Warren as the nom is sound, I do think that she and the Communist are working, if not the same pool, then a Venn Diagram overlap, of voters. Thus, SloJoe might sneak in for the nom. Only one winning the Presidential race in 2020, is our VSG POTUS Trump, in that we are in total agreement.

      • Newhere says:

        I think that’s possibly true if neither Biden nor Bernie ever drop out. One needs to drop for her dominance to emerge, because it would consolidate Bernie’s votes and take enough of Biden’s to show she’s the front runner.
        I don’t as yet see the forcing event for Biden or Bernie to drop, but believe there will be one. If the Establishment wing wanted to stave off a socialist revolution candidate, it could have (Joe’s 30ish% shows that), but it needed to get behind a candidate that didn’t terrify sentient people. They made the same miscalculation with Hillary. They even cleared the field to up her chances — not grasping that a little-known, wild-eyed septuagenarian from the tiny socialist state of Vermont could give her enough of a run for THEIR money that they’d have to actually sabotage him. They didn’t grasp that insulting their own base and half the country would blow up in their faces.
        Joe is almost as much of an insult to voters as Hillary was. I don’t know why they keep calculating this way — my guess is they’d rather lose with than win with the “wrong” person — but who knows. I also think they’ve brought Warren under control to the extent they think they can manage her presidency.
        Joe will collapse like Jeb did when people actually start voting. That might be when he drops out.

    • deepdivemaga says:

      Great post, thanks for sharing.

    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      Bernie isn’t going to drop out before the DNC tells him to. And it will be when Biden has it wrapped up. That’s the plan anyway. Biden can screw it up by self destructing. Warren can’t take the lead without Bernie and/or Harris dropping out. And they aren’t going to drop out until it’s too late for her. That’s the way I see it. If the party leadership wanted Pocahontas, then they wouldn’t have all these other candidates there dividing the farther left vote.

  13. Guyski says:

    President Obama was a laissez faire president. He let people behind the scenes deal with policy (for their gain). Biden will fill the same roll, that is why he is prompt up. Warren is not that. She might get the nomination, but will these same people (the ones behind the scene) want her to be president?

  14. getfitnow says:

    It doesn’t matter who the nominee is, imo. They all have political glass jaws when it comes to absorbing POTUS’ counter punches. He will not hold back, no matter the color or gender. He’s got a wealth of opposition research to work with already. Too much is at stake.

  15. Revelation says:

    Its amazing that the only sane Dem candidate, Tulsi, is going to be eliminated.

    • willthesuevi says:

      I thought the same thing when the Democrats pushed James Webb to the side last time.

    • Vicus says:

      I was going to point that out.
      She made the mistake of going after Facebook’s censorship.

      • Newhere says:

        She was persona non grata before that. It’s because she never bought Russiagate and won’t go along with democrat globalism.

    • Newhere says:

      Exactly, because the dem goal is power and control, which means they’d rather lose than possibly win with the “wrong” candidate.
      I still think it would be a very strong move for Trump to compliment and even embrace Tulsi Gabbard. Trump still has appeal to factions of the disaffected left — he’s pulled a lot of them, but could pull even more — and a lot of people are steaming mad that she’s gotten the same social media/MSM treatment that conservatives have gotten. If he highlighted her non-interventionist foreign policy as essentially America First, and spotlighted her censorship woes, he’d grab more of the left (not that’s that a goal — but every vote helps!) and would highlight his own commitment on those hugely popular topics as nonpartisan. (It also would be another good troll of the democrats to call out their poor treatment of one of their own ….)

  16. wightmanfarm says:

    When will Mitt enter the race? His ticket will be Mitt & Mike (Romney/Lee). They’ll get the Morman vote.

  17. GB Bari says:

    I like the speculation but I’m unable to participate.
    I have decided that trying to predict exactly what mentally unhinged, illogical, and irrational fools are going to do in the future is somewhat of a fools errand itself. Sundance has determined – and proven – that the DemoncRATs always have a plan and that they stick to it, sometimes even to their own detriment.
    That they won’t be planning anything that is truly good for America is a given.
    That they will try to present a platform that directly opposes President Trump’s MAGA agenda is a given.
    But since nearly all of the DemocRAT candidates proposals have the characteristics of the prior two statements, to me it’s purely a coin toss on any day as to which candidate can fool their base sufficiently to gain the most votes. Biden has held the lead the longest so far, but there’s a long road ahead – and many primaries – to the DemoncRAT National Convention.

    • H.R. says:

      GB: “I have decided that trying to predict exactly what mentally unhinged, illogical, and irrational fools are going to do in the future is somewhat of a fools errand itself.”
      Yup. Strike. Nail. Head. Hammer.
      I realize that politics is all about perception and getting people emotionally hooked on what a candidate can make voters believe they can do for the voter. None of the campaign talk has anything to do with the reality of governing if a candidate is elected.
      It’s all social and economic unicorns, pixie dust, and cray-cray.
      Since I don’t buy into social and economic unicorns, pixie dust, or cray-cray, I have no concept of how people who do buy into all of that will actually vote. I am incapable of thinking like the voters that the Dems are trying to hornswoggle.

  18. Niagara Frontier says:

    Remember that the Dems changed their rules back in 2016. Superdelegates have no power until after the first ballot. (They can only vote on the 1st ballot if the outcome is not in question.)
    I suspect none of the current crop arrives at the convention with enough delegates to win on the first ballot. Having Biden, Sanders, and Warren (and maybe Harris after California) clustered near the top almost ensures that. It’s in Dem’s interest to drag this out as long as possible. A long primary season allows them multiple candidates daily trashing and bashing the President while sucking up a lot of free media along the way.
    Besides, It’s the only way the superdelegates and the Dem elites get control back of the nomination. They might even push for a “unity candidate”, somebody not even on the current radar.

    • Sherri Young says:

      Hence, Big Mike Obama.

    • yy4u says:

      Sooner or later Trump bashing will get old. I think we saw it in the Dem. polls when Kamala attacked poor old Joe for being a “racist”. Joe didn’t tank, she did!
      Even Democrats are getting sick of watching wackos take a whack at a human pinata, calling anybody who’s white a “racist”.
      And Joe didn’t even give it back the way Trump would.
      Our problem really isn’t the Dems. Our problem are the Dems like Romney and Ryan who have infiltrated the GOP and run as Republicans and then vote like Democrats. Think McCain in ObamaCare.
      That said we have NO CHOICE but to vote a straight Repub ticket in 2020 to protect POTUS. The moles can’t come out of the closet else they lose their power so they can only do so much hindering w/o outing themselves.

  19. If Warren gets nomination, which I think she may well get by overtaking stumbling , sleepy Joe , she will be the 3rd Dem nominee from Liberal Mass. running for President in last 9 Presidential elections dating back to H.W.Bush vs Dukakis in 1988 ( 30 years plus ) Would be – 3 Clinton runs (Bill and Hillary ) , 3 Mass Dems ( Dukakis , Kerry and Warren) , 2 for Obama and one for forgotten Al Gore . Hopefully they never learn of limited National appeal of Mass. liberal breeding ground candidates , even with full Media and Hollywierd support .

    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      Only when all the Kennedy worshippers are dead will the Massachusetts liberal lose its sex appeal within the Democrat ranks

  20. beachbum31 says:

    Dances With Hops leapfrogs Bomber Harris

  21. Zorro says:

    The next Demosocialist debate will feature “racism and recession”. Virtue signaling will be rampant with Spartacus declaring nothing trumps his skin color as he hold up the back of his hand to Biden’s face.

  22. covfefe999 says:

    The Dem Party leaders must be crying. They went from having the best candidate they’ll ever have, novelty half-black Barry, to another very strong candidate, corrupt Hillary, to this mess. lol
    On our side we need to vote like Dems. Straight GOP ballot in Nov 2020 people. Straight GOP. Don’t even think twice about it. Make Trump win and give him the House and Senate majorities and we’ll be flying high! Ginsburg will be forced to retire, Trump will be able to appoint a 3rd Supreme Court nominee. 🙂

  23. amwick says:

    Whenever there is a story about a poll, I look at the methodology. Even something as simple as the dates… Aug 15 through Aug 18, Monday through Thursday… days when many people are working… hmmmm,,, and this poll is roughly 1/3 land lines and 2/3 cell phones… hmmmmm… The impact of using cell phones for polls really leaves me wondering. Obviously, I am skeptical….
    Can’t help it.

    • Dave Sanderson says:

      The biggest “methodology” issue with this poll (and any other poll that does it) is to give info about the candidate instead of giving ONLY their first and last name as it would appear on an actual election ballot. In the real world ballots don’t say “Former Vice President” or “Congressman for ____” or “Senator for _____” …. a genuine poll would give JUST their names, which would make Biden’s number higher and ALL others lower, due to current name recognition and no other factor.

  24. The Democrat culture are Nothing But lying porpaganda a long with fake news media will stand for Destroy This Great Nation for socialism can’t allow happen 2020,
    We must fight contiue stood with a Great President Trump and Re-elect 2020,

  25. dawg says:

    Sundance, is the Republican primary run the same way? Did the candidates in 16 have to meet the same type of criteria and provide similar data to qualify for the debates?
    “Additionally, ♦Candidates must also provide verifiable evidence they reached the following fundraising thresholds: (1) Donations from at least 130,000 unique donors; and (2) A minimum of 400 unique donors per state in at least 20 states. The DNC will collect and approve this data harvest. The ‘data harvest’ is the club cost of running in the primary.”

  26. Jack Rail says:

    The Dem poobahs have already written off 2020, but they’d rather a fooling drool Biden than any of the other jive arse pretenders.

  27. Larry says:

    Can anyone explain the difference between “Tribalism” and “Racism”? Other than skin pigment, the thoughts and feelings are the same.

    • Amy2 says:

      “Tribalism” is like “pro-choice” and “Racism” is like “anti-abortion.” It’s the weaponry of semantics.

  28. Ivehadit says:

    Do we still think that none of these will be the actual candidate in November, 2020?

  29. trialbytruth says:

    Still a.twenty person debate. I have said it before I will say it again. This is designed to be a brokered convention.
    Once no one gets 50Percent on the first ballot. The super delegates get their power back. It will also allow them to draw some eyes as it will appear something special is going on.
    This allows the club to choose the best undamage candidate to run against Trump IF they think he/she/it has a chance of winning. If the club beleives it is unwinnable they will offer up a sacrificial lamb.
    Okay so from my perspective it’s time to choose the lamb for roasting. Who will the club choose. Do they show their “support” of all their divergent groups and thereby teach their base a lesson that the three legged geld with a tutu, a tattoo of Satan, and Rosie O’Donell as a rider can’t win the Preakness. Perhaps, or they may choose a beautiful loser, a candidate attractive to old school dems in an effort to revitalize the party.

    • And the winner is ? ? ? Hillary and mike

      • trialbytruth says:

        Hmmm it is possible they would throw hillary to the wolves again and the move back to the middle was the Bill Clinton stategy. IF Hillary ran that campaign she would still lose but she might be able to retain some of the less insane base. Unfortunately for the Dems she ran a campaign of entitlement and odds are she will again. That will anlienate even more of their base.
        Big Mike would only come in IF the dems really believed she could win he/she/it is sadly (for the dems) their strongest candidate. Her only real qualification (stop me if you heard this before )
        Partner of a former White Hoise inhabitant. Of course he/she/it is black and a female or something


    Can we dispense with the nonsense of Mooshell Obama swooping in to “rescue” the CrazyCrats aland run for POTUS?
    SHE will have to answer to a national audience for all the MUH RUSSIA HOAX and all the illegal spying her husband did on his watch. More and more is being revealed everyday and it’s not just theories. It’s PROOF.

  31. Big Jake says:

    Camel toe sunk herself with the big anti-gun push. Even among many Dims that’s a bridge too far.

  32. Dave Sanderson says:

    Regarding this Democrat poll data …in the early 2000’s I worked for a polling firm. ALL of these Democrat numbers would be VERY different (Biden higher; all others lower) if their names appeared on the questionnaire exactly as they would appear on an election day ballot = first name and last name, but no mention of “previous Vice President” or “Congressman from____” or “Governor of ____” etc. etc. ,,,if JUST their names appear then EVERYBODY’s number drops due to lack of name recognition and Biden’s number rises because of better name recognition.
    I promise that Democrats know this from their confidential internal polling, whose data is never made public. If their internal polling data this year were made public thousands of snowflakes would be slashing their wrists ….right after slashing our GOP tires.

  33. willthesuevi says:

    For me – I honestly do not care who the Democrats nominate. Not one of those clowns are worth a pinch of salt.
    The only person that can beat President Donald Trump is himself.

  34. donnymo says:

    Long time listener, first time caller!
    It’s clear as day to me that Elizabeth Warren will be the Democrat nominee in 2020.
    1) The Democrats will not, will not, will not nominate a 78y/o white man who has been in DC for 45yrs. It’s anathema to the “narrative” , it does not comply with the long game at all. They need a woman. They realize an incumbent with a strong economy has never once been defeated in American history. This is about cementing the future democrat narrative and progressive identity.
    2) The squaw has smoked the peace pipe and come to a truce with the Wallstreet donor class. The globalists no longer fear her…at all. CHECK.
    She is favored by the Seattle/San Fran tech “elite”. CHECK
    Hollywood is spreading their money around liberally at the moment, but they will coalesce around her and when they do she will be held in far higher regard than Hillary. CHECK.
    3) The squaw has no bad blood on her tomahawk. She is the only one (ONLY ONE) on stage that can unite the Clinton, Obama and Sanders wings of the party. The pow wow will be held in her big tee-pee….or nowhere at all. The fact she’s been a national figure for years yet still carries no bad blood is remarkable.
    4) Will she lose some black voters (as opposed to Biden)? Yes, certainly, but she will more than make up for it with millennial’s and suburban housewives that depend on “The View” and Yahoo News for the political understanding. The risk that this group see’s Trump v. Biden….and simply shrugs their shoulders and stay home is a far greater risk than the blacks who leave the reservation.
    She’ll be able to hold the usual 60% – 65% of Hispanics. Trump will improve on his 28% from 2016 and they know it. Nothing they can do there. She probably does better than Biden does with Hispanics in the end anyways.
    6) The squaw will retain just as many rank and file “centrists” that always vote (D) as Hillary did. She’s super organized on the ground, draws crowds (12k in Minnesota), and is actually the most likable person on that stage once you accept that Biden is a nearly brain dead relic of the 80s.
    7) Finally, that damned DNA test. They can’t stop Trump from clubbing her relentlessly over the head with it… but they’ll use that for the “racism” and “woman hating” narrative. The media will “fact check” the vast career benefits she got from it.
    My fellow Deplorables….Trump v. Warren 2020 is an absolutely huge opportunity to pick up a couple seats in the senate, win back the House and let President Trump off the leash to hammer home our agenda in it’s entirety. Guys, we haven’t seen nothin’ yet. He can change the course of history with a second term.
    This is happening.

    • Newhere says:

      Totally agree! Great points
      (BTW, the smart money pundits are always on about white suburban women, whom Trump won in 2016, but they just can’t believe aren’t just terribly offended by Trump … I think that’s a key part to the Establishment coming around on Warren …..but I think as usual, they are WRONG)

    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      Pocahontas can’t get the votes to pass Joe while Sanders, Harris and all the others remain in the race. And we know Sanders will do what the party machine tells him. If they tell him to stay in, he will.
      Biden has to collapse somehow (plausible) for anybody else to move to first place.

    • rcogburn says:

      Great first call and welcome! Re: that huge opportunity…100% agree – with ANY of these keystone cops!
      My 2 cents –
      Biden –
      Pitch: “2020 is all about bamboozling enough dumb deplorables in PA, WI, MI to win.” He’s the Dem to make that happen. As it turns out, deplorables aren’t dumb at all. Jeb! didn’t fool us and neither does Jeb! 2.0
      Joe 2020 is Jeb! 2016 who was McCain 2012, Mondale, John Kerry, Bob Dole, etc. Guys like this usually win the nomination, then lose the general. Jeb! managed to do both. If Joe gets the nom, he deserves to be upgraded from Jeb! 2.0 to McCain 2.0
      Heels Up Harris –
      Pitch: “2020 is not about issues, it’s about identity politics, voters want something they’ve never had: a clean, well spoken African-American. Plus she’s a woman. Her parents are both foreign born, meaning she’s not African-American; spent her youth and teen years in a foreign country (Canada), returned to the US for college, entered US politics via adultery, has family ties to the Black Panthers, and has no clear positions on issues.
      Heels Up is young, unknown, already compromised, and will do as told. She’s the closest think the they’ve got to Obama, at least on paper. Don’t count her out.
      Vladimir Lenin-Sanders –
      Pitch: “workers of the world unite.” Keeping him off the ticket could be more important to the DNC Tsars than winning the WH. They HATE him. Problem is, Lenin-Sanders commands a vast mob of raving lunatics who LOVE him, as the DNC painfully learned after they screwed him in 2016.
      Besides his own party seeking to destroy him, his biggest problem is the the Trump economy. Either way, he’s gone.
      Pale Face –
      Her pitch: we need the lunatic mob to win, and I’m the rich, White, female wacko leftist for the job. After we tank Sanders, the mob will come to me.
      The more Pale Face can pull in the far left mob, the stronger she is. Right now, she is winning. But rest assured, Pale Face won’t be going off the reservation. She’s 100% establishment (look no farther than her profiting off subprime housing).
      Chasten’s Husband Peter: running for VP, a book deal, a job at MSNBC, or all three.
      Beta: replaced Williamson as the joke of the race.
      The rest: irrelevant.

  35. Dave Sanderson says:

    Fascinating Possibilities!
    In 2020 the Democrat national convention is July 13 – 16, so we will know who their nominee is by mid-July. The Republican national convention is August 24 – 27, 5 weeks later.
    Think about what could happen during those 5 weeks and would happen if I were running things!
    Trump’s DOJ (Barr + Durham + Huber etc.) could indict the entire slimy mob of Spygate coup plotters! (maybe even Hillary, if there is a just God in heaven) …perp walks! …4:00 am FBI raids on their homes with lots of cameras recording! …Sean Hannity + Tucker Carlson + Laura Ingraham 3 consecutive hours each weekday night! + Rush Limbaugh 3 consecutive hours each weekday afternoon! …not to ever forget Sundance right here at CTH and The Last Refuge2/Twitter! ….ALL FOR 5 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS AFTER THE DEM CONVENTION SELECTS THEIR CANDIDATE! So, from late August until election day November 3rd Republicans get to bury the Democrat candidate in an unremitting avalanche of dirt, with so many Republican TV commercials that we’ll be cheering out loud at home but also wanting to throw shoes at the TV due to the sheer volume of political commercials.
    We’re all losing patience with the seemingly endless delays / non-prosecutions of Swamp dwelling Democrat coup plotters, but the scenario above would make it all worth the wait. It COULD happen this way …….hey … dreams are still free, and still untaxed …here’s hoping!

  36. rayvandune says:

    The REAL race:
    Biden 29%
    Hookayrs 17%
    Sanders 15%
    Warren 14%
    Buttigieg 5%
    Harris 5%
    That’s how the race looks if you combine “no opinion” and “somebody else” (not on the whole list), call that “Hookayrs”, and rank accordingly.

  37. Loren says:

    Wait till they only have one! Then the insanity begins. Hard to believe it can get worse, but it will.

  38. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    Kamala Harris is not Constitutionally-eligible for the office of the POTUS.
    Anyone that does not acknowledge that fact should attend Vattel 101 classes.

    • piper567 says:

      Bruce, ristvan, a regarded Attorney who frequently posts here, had put that notion to bed, many, many times.
      won’t get too much mileage here.

  39. Tparty says:

    This seems to be a flavor of the week poll, especially from Fake News CNN. It’s like they promote outlier polls to boost certain candidates in order to maximize data collection on each candidate which ultimately ends up in the clutches of the DNC.
    The downside of this strategy is that moderates are getting terrified of the possibilities and can’t find a candidate which represents their interests, values or preceded policies. Just saw a video from Tim Pool, moderate democrat, who is agrees with a recent poll showing 1/3 of dems (The base) fear the policies promoted by the majority of their own candidates. Absent minded Biden is their only choice… which will not due for Leftists.

  40. Bendix says:

    Here is my take. When the others have all lost enough ground, dropped out even, then Crazy Old Joe’s mental infirmities will become of paramount importance, and some new will step forward to save the day.
    Rules and deadlines, you say?
    Did we not just see the Democrats rig things against Bernie, in Hillary’s favor?
    Did we not see the Democrats rig things against Hillary, in Obama’s favor?
    They will do what they want to do, when they want to do it.
    They already have an anchor baby running, don’t they?

    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      I am much more wary of “candidate to be named later” than I am of anybody on the list under Biden

  41. The Gadly says:

    D*mn! If those poll numbers are correct (and I have no reason to disbelieve them since they are Dems asking each other about other Dems) the field is winnowing down and they’ll have a clear winner by convention time. I was so hoping for a 3- or 4- way split at the convention

    • covfefe999 says:

      We might be able to make a split. If Trump is unopposed, then those of us who live in states where we can vote in either primary can muck with the Dem primary and force some idiot like Marianne Williamson to win a state, and Amy Klobuchar to win another, and on and on. It would be so awesome to force the Dems to choose their candidate at the convention. They would be months behind Trump then.

  42. Cocokn says:

    Obama won because he knew he could not say what he would do if voted in. Surveys always revealed folks liked Obama personally, NOT his policies.
    Now, these candidates are being very blunt about what they would do and Americans don’t want it.
    The last 2 Democratic Presidents had no father figure and were free thinkers with some sexual deviancy in their past.

    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      Don’t underestimate the MSM’s ability to normalize the Marxist platforms of the parlor Bolsheviks on the D ticket. However, that ability only goes so far, as evidenced by the 2016 election results. But it can get them in striking distance.

  43. markone1blog says:

    The more the new Fox and old CNN promote their pro-Democrat polls, the more I am determined to vote for President Trump.

  44. Min says:

    Methodology seems iffy re: randomly reading candidate names to participants. Given the well recognized primacy and decency effects )cognitive biases in which the first and/or last item(s) are most readily recalled), the random method might be vulnerable to bias.

  45. Comrade Mope says:

    I think I have found the “Secret Democrat Candidate”. James Comey. Now, before you laugh hear me out.
    How does he keep from being arrested? By becoming a candidate. The FBI is loath to arrest someone campaigning, generally in the months leading up to an election. Those months can easily be turned into years by a former director. How better to twist everything President Trump says and not get sued? The Resistance would continue. The election would become a jury trial in a he said/she said case.

  46. Brucevhh says:

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