President Trump: “We Will No Longer Surrender This Country, or Its People, To The False Song of Globalism”…

We are living in remarkable times.  Often we forget, amid the noise within the challenges, to pause and reflect on the accomplishments.

“The nation state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony”…

And the journey continues…

The G7 in Biarritz, France, from the 24th to the 26th of August should be quite exciting.

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185 Responses to President Trump: “We Will No Longer Surrender This Country, or Its People, To The False Song of Globalism”…

  1. Rick Steves……….. Anyone see his latest screed paid for in part by our tax $$$$$ ?
    He all but calls our VSGPDJT a facist and misnames our country as a “Democracy ”
    The libs think they are so clever and O so much smarter than us President Trump supporters that they can mask the true goal they have to march on towards communism without our noticing.
    I used to like his show and have used his travel advice in the past as Mrs. Coveyouthband does food tours in Italy, but check this out. It is scary and appalling he would go out on this limb. His series and book is “Traveling with politics” or something along those lines.
    They really think we are stupid.


  2. snowfalling says:

    Great! Thank you for the video and the message, Sundance.
    People created to be free will never surrender their freedom so they live and fight through to home.
    Thank God’s amazing grace. Continuously pray for PDJT and his team. Very grateful.

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  3. Colorado Conservative says:

    Appreciated Sundance sharing this terrific video and the pictures above. Great way to start a Sunday. Snowfalling said it perfectly in the post above.

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  4. GP says:

    I have made some negative comments on Trump before. Recently, I have come to realize things are much more complicated than my perception. DJT is our best and only shot at turning the tide on globalism-more to the point is stemming/stopping the wealth draining of America.

    I am, however, completely convinced that the FBI/DOJ are beyond repair. AG Barr was the best we could do and that ain’t looking too good.

    So, though things are not all to my liking, even now, three+ years later, I shiver when thinking what might have been had Hillary won.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      GP: It’s an awakening that is needed across America. America must WAKE UP to the efforts to destroy it.

      While some Americans are turned off by Trump’s “tweets”, they are missing the critical big picture and what this battle is all about. Focusing on “tweets” and “personality” is EXACTLY what the enemy wants Americans to do. The enemy also seeks to divide Americans through rabid identity politics and hatred by preying on emotions and weaknesses in Americans. It is horrid. The enemy needs division because if people wake up to the fact the former Democrat party – now transformed into a leftist socialist/communist party) -is the enemy, they will lose their power through election defeats as well as in culture, media, and other institutions they seek to dominate.

      Nothing good comes from tyranny and groupthink. The Big Tech companies are censoring conservatives, Republicans, and any group that disagrees with the Democrat/Uniparty/Media/Globalist complex. Why censor if your position represents truth, what is right, and what is good? Americans must research credible sites(like this one and others and wake up to the TRUTH that 95% of mainstream media is propaganda and Democrat/Uniparty/Globalist narratives designed to shape public opinion on falsities.

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    • teabag14 says:

      Trump 2020. Our Supreme Court and our Constitution are counting on us. 🇺🇸

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    • drlou007 says:

      Thank God you have an open mind and can see what the Globalists are doing. Welcome.

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  5. Rynn69 says:

    TY for sharing Sundance. The pics accompanying the article were terrific.

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  6. William Schneider says:

    I needed that!!! Praise God fort this president!! Prayer is best hope to keep him in control as president for 4 more years.

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  7. “New World Order.” I was not even of any political bent back then. But that phrase gave me chills.

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  8. trnathens says:

    Joe Biden and other Democrats say that Republican Senators and House members are intimidated by Trump.

    By what are Republicans intimidated? Does Trump physically intimidate them? No. Does he owe them money or favors for help getting him elected? Hell no. So how does he intimidate them?

    We the People love him. THAT’S what intimidates both Republicans and Democrats. More and more Republicans are coming around, and so will Democrats and Independents who haven’t lost their minds.

    WE must stand resolute in our support, vociferous despite challenge, and continue to yell from the rafters to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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  9. Bubby says:

    Globalism has taken on new meaning for me since President Trump was elected and I found this blog. Globalism is more than just open borders, Diversity is a Strength, BS it’s the means to destroy America. Globalists want to suck every middle class manufacturing job out of us, they want all our cars, steel, aluminum, every critical manufacturing process for our defense/survival to be manufactured in third world countries! Once that happened we would be at the mercy of the third world run by globalists. The steel China produces is crap ask any welder! NAFTA was just the beginning. TPP would have caused more job losses. Yet globalism and all its destruction is still supported by Democrats, msm, the uniparty, Rinos, previous Presidents and DC elites? With President Trump we have taken a stand. With God’s help we will survive the globalist monstrosity–the so-called new world order and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Godspeed President Trump and Sundance!!!

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  10. jbrickley says:

    Globalism most certainly exists and those behind it have positioned themselves to profit greatly at the expense of everyone else. Global conglomerates who have many companies under their umbrella have obscured ownership. They control both supply and demand across multiple countries around the globe. They control the price of products and commodities and the banks are complicit. They go beyond governments. They wield tremendous power and influence. Like a gambling establishment the globalists always win. They have rigged the global markets and they are pulling all the strings. They bride governments to give them a free pass. International corporations and conglomerates control everything. It is what dystopian and sci-fi writers have been warning about for a long time. Corporations exceeding the power of governments. The elite behind these companies are hidden yet they are the true the power across the globe. Old money and old families participate. They hate Trump with a passion because he’s awakened people around the world. Others have picked up the mantle and stirred up the people. America is still very unique because of We The People. Because of the structuring of our government and the Constitution and Bill of Rights we can stand up and shout and make our voices heard and we can vote. But we need to distribute many more red pills. Far too many are asleep in their delusion and distorted world view. All these people who support Leftist views are merely pawns in the grand scheme. They are “useful idiots”. The globalists want everyone to stay ignorant and stay asleep while they grab more and more power.

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    • But … they really don’t win, except for a tiny elite which amasses an improbable amount of currency units. They’ve rigged the game to become unplayable. They’re betting on centralized command and control. But the systems they develop are intrinsically unstable, prone to exploitation, vulnerable to faults and to wrong guesses, and fail to leverage the power and the ambition of the workers themselves. They shut down competition and in so doing lost the tremendous benefits of it.

      As the people wake up to the possibilities that are finally re-emerging, savvy businessmen will too. And these “globalist” enterprises might prove to be easy pickin’s.


  11. The Vibe says:

    I love the optimism and hop these photos invoke. I remember what that felt like.


  12. President Donald John Trump has turned World governments around!

    Thank you Mr. President!!! History will show, you are the greatest president the United States of America has ever had! You are a fierce warrior and truly a Man of the people!
    This citizen will forever be grateful for your sacrifice and all the attacks you have taken daily since taking office!

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  13. I forgot something very important on my previous post… THANK YOU Sundance for reminding us all just how much President Trump has changed everything!!!

    We need a reminder of all the truly great things this man has done for us all. I know I get bogged down in all the Deep State tactics and sometimes forget just how much Donald John Trump has forever changed the face of the world and politics here and around the globe!!

    Thank you for reminding us just how fortunate we are to have this man fighting for us and even citizens around the world!! I pray for you today and everyday for spreading the truth and being the great American Patriot you are!

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  14. TJ says:

    Love the new compilation and edits of “our movement” speech, thanks for sharing.

    “The spirit of 1776 is not dead. It has only been slumbering. The body of the American people is substantially republican. But their virtuous feelings have been played on by some fact with more fiction; they have been the dupes of artful maneuvers, and made for a moment to be willing instruments in forging chains for themselves. But times and truth dissipated the delusion, and opened their eyes.” –Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Lomax, 1799. ME 10:123

    Heaven on Earth – The Rise and Fall of Socialism


  15. Has anyone verified the source of this video?
    There are eerie undertones of white nationalism/supremacy. In the years I’ve read CTH I haven’t thought of them as far right? But this video is. It shows the German AFD, party which has an antisemitic wing, the music is reminiscent of what was used during the years before WWII, the word Unite reminds me of Unite the Right- the white supremacists who are filled with hate.


  16. Pyrthroes says:

    From he Dark Age “Holy Roman Empire” (sic) to the post-Napoleonic Concert of Europe (“Vienna”) extant 1815 – ’48, then 1871 – 1914, flexibly incorporating Austro-Hungarian and Spanish Hapsburg Empires, Continental banking/commercial and dynastic interests have long sought to tamp down conflicts in the balance-of-power mode familiar to Great Britain and Italy’s medieval City-States (most notably Venezia).

    This has never worked, and probably never can… as Amsterdam, London, Zurich understood, “apoplexy at the center, anemia at the extremities” drives Europe’s centralizing dirigistes on one hand, entrepreneurial opportunists drive the other.

    However aspiring rentiers may bleat-and-squeak, “no-one is expert on the future”– ossified, security-seeking Establishments of any nature are invariably overtaken by events. And not only that; habitually suppressing tendencies to growth-and-change, Old LIne socio-cultural elites discover, of a sudden, that their eternal verities have gone a-glimmer overnight. (See Robert Graves, “Goodbye to All That”, 1928.)

    One thing is certain: In Europe and the world, the years from 2020 – 2120+ will make three centuries of Western transformations from 1725 seem still as a millpond.


  17. To me, “globalism” is like an infernal poker game where everybody is looking out for their opponents’ interests but not their own. So, everyone’s got a scowl on their face because nobody’s winning.

    The global circulatory system of money is anemic because the people who are working are not the ones receiving the benefit of their labors. Globalism has only “worked” due to massive government support, largely by the Communist Chinese. In truth, it will never work.

    What will work? “[My_Country] First!” My country is playing the game to win, and will cede nothing in a trade negotiation that doesn’t benefit my people first. Your country, sitting at the same table, is of course doing exactly the same thing, but, “I’m for my country, not yours, and you’re for your country, not mine.” Such negotiations are very difficult and your garden-variety elected politician wouldn’t have a clue how to do it successfully.


  18. Kabuki says:

    Perfect, encouraging. Thank you, Sundance, for this & everything.


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