Wow, President Trump Crowd for New Hampshire Rally Easily Breaks Record…

President Trump said the MAGA rally at the SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire, beat all venue records for crowd attendance.

The anti-Trump media nuts immediately went bananas trying to disprove it.  The funny things is, not only was President Trump correct – he underestimated the crowd.

According to the Manchester Fire Marshal there were over 11,500 people inside the arena (pictured above), and around 8,000 to 9,000 outside watching jumbo screens (pic below).  The total exceeds 20,000. The previous record was 11,300 for an Elton John concert.

‘The Trump people wanted the fire marshal to let more people in, and at some point they say no,’ the official said. But there were tons and tons more outside. It’s not like they couldn’t fill the place.’  (via Daily Mail)

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150 Responses to Wow, President Trump Crowd for New Hampshire Rally Easily Breaks Record…

  1. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Doesn’t matter if you can easily vote from out of state on election day to decide Presidential Elections.

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  2. CarolynH says:

    Howie Carr said he and his producer got there early and couldn’t get in, they ended up sitting in car listening, but talked to people from all over New England who were there.

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  3. pgroup says:

    So much winning. But it’s not too much yet.

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  4. Perot Conservative says:

    Take NH and Minnesota.

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  5. mallardcove says:

    Yet Twitter allows #EmptySeatMAGATour to get to #1 trending where the left finds out of context pics of empty seats to make it appear like no one is showing up.

    It’s like these idiots have no idea what fire code capacity is. If the fire marshall only lets 11k into the arena, but they have it setup to where 2k people are standing on the floor instead of sitting in seats, of course there are going to be empty seats.

    Mamet Principle on full display. The left HAS to ignore that fact, as well as ignore the overflow crowd outside, to make the case that Trump’s rallies are poorly attended.

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  6. The Devilbat says:

    I wonder if there are any democrat candidates who could draw a larger crowd? Never mind, they have voter fraud on their side as well as media, facebook and Google propaganda.

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    • Mike in a Truck says:

      What bugs me the most- all these DemoTurds- do they ever stop to think how unliked they are? Look at PDJT crowds then look at theirs. I know they can count after all they count money real well. This is what’s known as a “clue”. Americans dont like youse guys.

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      • Rhoda R says:

        The real clue is that they ignore the size of Trump crowds, the letters from their constituents, the need for fraud to win elections, etc. which means that they aren’t in the least interested in what the American citizens want – just in their own power and corruption driven wealth.

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      • Aeyrie says:

        I get emails sent to me from DNC and certain candidate’s campaigns just to see how/what they are doing. They aren’t counting much money these days, Mike. They are BEGGING for donations! They sound desperate and worried. Sounds like their base is deserting them in droves.

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      • lovesplodeyheads says:

        Why do you think that the demonrats candidates hold meetings on hillsides and starbuds and fairs in Iowa? If they had a meeting in an arena and it was half full that would elicit an immediate comparison to the stadium overflowing candidate. They don’t want to have such a comparison this early in the campaign.

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          I saw Dukakis late 8n the campaign. I had to decide whether to do more grass roots hours that weekend, or devote an entire day to d4ive a few hours to see him at outdoor rally, then drive back.

          There was a stadium there. Surely 20k.


        • PBR says:

          Don’t count chickens before they are hatched. Make no mistake. Democrats are mobilizing at grassroots where it matters. I’m not sure, but I suspect there was a huge meeting all day on a workday in my neighborhood. Must have been 40-50 cars parked on the street and no activity outside.

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      • wondering999 says:

        Mike you are correct about the Democrats “Americans dont like youse guys” and clearly they don’t like Americans either… but there’s a masochist crowd out there (S&M crowd to be more exact) that has to be recognized and addressed. THEY DON’T LIKE US

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Yes Devilbat, and yet Trump still became President!!!

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    • joebkonobi says:

      …and globalist, China, Russia, EU and multi-national corporations!


    • Robert Powers says:

      The democrats will count the voters in the cemetery, down the street to make their numbers appear larger than “life”….

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    • shirley49 says:

      I would bet you could put all of the Dem candidates at a rally and they would probably not even get 1/4 the amount that Trump gets.


  7. rustybritches says:

    Talk was Joe Biden had a rally in Same Area in NH and he had like 30 people there and some even said he didn’t show up don’t know how true that is but maybe first part of his taking more time away from his campaign Hope he just keeps right on going What a dud

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  8. dd_sc says:

    The total exceeds 20,000

    That’s a sell out crowd at Madison Square Garden.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Basketball: 19,812
      Ice hockey: 18,006
      Pro wrestling: 18,500
      Concerts: 20,000
      Boxing: 20,789

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      • mr.piddles says:

        Same for TD Garden in Boston. I’m sure there are a lot of venues like that. But still pretty impressive for Blue Country, U.S.A. (as in: all of New England). Even if the Dems eviscerate their own party this next time around (which seems to be the path they’re on), I wouldn’t expect Independents to just show up for a Trump Rally in any great number. So who knows… maybe folks are gettin’ wickit smaahht or somethin’.

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  9. I feel a landslide coming on. KAG!

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    • Mncpo(ret) says:

      Only if EVERY one of us votes and brings someone with us to vote. This next election will have MASSIVE voter fraud attached to it. Guaranteed.

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    • dufrst says:

      I don’t need the landslide. Just win dammit! I think Trump won’t waste time in CO, VA, and NV early in this race. I think he will spend most of his time in the states he won last time like PA, MI, WI, IA, NC, OH, and as always FL. For the sake of the popular vote, he should make some swings in TX and even CA or have some type of ground game to get the vote out in those states. The margin in CA was ridiculous! And the margin in TX was far too close last time (less than 10%).

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  10. Kerry Gimbel says:

    The 2020 Dems May have to start asking celebrity performers to show up at their rallies like Cher did for Hillary.
    Oh I forgot. That didn’t help her a bit!

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  11. snowfalling says:

    It’s good that more and more people understand that PDJT has been leading our country on the right direction. Hopefully all who support PDJT go to vote not only for PDJT’s re-election also for changing the congress.

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  12. Right to reply says:

    God bless Trump!

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  13. airl88 says:

    What is this???

    WTH? Thousands of Supporters Locked Out of Trump Rally as Hundreds of Empty Seats in New Hampshire Arena Went Unfilled


    • sunnydaze says:

      It’s just Hoff getting it wrong again.

      Apparently, he doesn’t understand Fire Codes, our that this (empty seats behind Prez) happens at EVERY rally and always has.

      The people w/ “bad seats” get up and stand on the floor in front of him.


      But I’m enjoying letting the Libs believe the stupid BS once again. Feeds their narrative that “Trump won’t win”.

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    • Debbie says:

      Not true. The fire marshal wouldn’t let more in. Empty seats only means more people were out of their seats standing on the floor. The crowd outside was 8,000 to 9,000. Close to 20,000 total.

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  14. That’s nothing. “FRANCONIA, N.H. — Warren speaks to crowd of hundreds in Franconia
    Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren campaigned Wednesday in Franconia as she continues to climb in the New Hampshire polls. Warren spoke to a crowd of more than 700 voters at a scenic farm in Franconia. see (eyes rolling)

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  15. john says:

    20,000 people out of a population of 1.35 million is 1.4% of the entire population of NH. That is incredible.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      And these are people willing and able to stand in lines for up to two days. Just think of the number of people who have job/family commitments or health issues that would preclude that.

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      • jebg46 says:

        Yes, that’s me. I broke a rib and couldn’t stand in line for hours or overnight. I’m less than 1/2 hour away, under 20 miles. I so wanted to be there, my friend had to work that night. Watched it live, fantastically electric.


  16. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Time to update:
    It’s full of Democrat nonsense. Trump has the record

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  17. Publius2016 says:

    Big news in NH! all local stations will report the TRUTH!

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  18. ElTocaor says:

    T-T-T-Trump and the Patriots!

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    This is not even counting another 10,000 or more online live streaming!!

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  20. leftnomore says:

    Elton’s response: “I believe a follow up show is the best response. If I can’t top his numbers, I’ll vote for the binch!”

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  21. InAz says:

    Record crowds, excitement, a President who actually cares about the average citizen.

    This is why the Communist Demoncrap scum cheat, lie, and engage in voter fraud… is the only way these Communist Cretins can win elections.

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  22. J W says:

    Dems have got to be thinking, “what’s the point?”

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  23. Marygrace Powers says:

    Phenomenal NH crowd/
    Standing O was quite emotional.

    Very first thing President Trump said,
    “I will NEVER, EVER LET YOU DOWN.”❤️🇺🇸

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  24. jus wundrin says:

    Warren draws 700, and the MSM excitedly says that its a huge crowd!

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      How much did Lizzie Borden pay them?


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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Attend a Lizzie Rally and get a Free PhD from Harvard Law School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Bill_M says:

        And a genuine “Fake Indian” feather in your choice of bright yellow, puce, or pink.

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        • nimrodman says:

          Young adults at Coachella Music festival had been snapping up full feathered headresses that had become “the thing” this year and last

          Until they ran afoul of lefty scolds, who berated them for disrespect to Indians – correction, Native Americans – correction, Indigenous peoples

          So the pretty girls who had fun dressing up in them and taking selfies for their instagram pages (they looked oh-so cute) got their fun ruined by their fellow travellers

          Hard to have fun there in lefty-land without triggering anyone

          “No feathers for YOU!”

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  25. Minuteman says:

    So VSPDJT drew a bigger crowd than the Queen of England.

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  26. calbear84 says:

    People are fired up big time and it’s only August! Trump Train a rollin’ all the way to 2020!

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  27. TeaForAll says:

    20,000 attend the rally inside and outside. Just imagine how many of us were watching at HOME
    The HITS keep coming and NOTHING and I Mean NOTHING will stop a landside coming 2020
    Luv My President

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  28. joebkonobi says:

    Love the lion caricature at the end of the article Sundance. Hope the UniParty rebound see it!

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  29. Brian L says:

    That must chap some asses something fierce.

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  30. permiejack says:

    I just saw this correction on cnn……….NOT!

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  31. Judiciary says:

    A guy boasted about Warren’s supposed 700, which was really 600, at her NH speech or rally, whatever it was. He was mocking Trump’s expected numbers at this NH bliw out rally. I hope he hears the real news.

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  32. Francine wendelboe says:

    Yep, I was there and saw for myself. I was there since noon as a facilitator for admission. Once the motorcade arrived, the line of people had to be sent blocks away to come back around and many left after that so it would have been bigger. They allowed a HUGE number on the floor literally right up to the stage, so if there were some empty seats in the nosebleed area behind Trump, they would have been filled to every seat. I was in the 5th row right behind the POTUS.

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    • GP says:

      I just watched the nearly 4 minute standing O POTUS got at the NH rally. WOW-that’s something for NH.

      I am saying that based on Sherrie, who was my first wife and from NH. I haven’t seen or talked to Sherrie in over 40 years, but I am positive she isn’t a Trump fan. Sherrie was um, you know usually listening to Carol King, smoking weed, and doing macrame. (She was quite good at the macrame).

      I just realized this is pretty much a useless post-sorry

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Francine: Thanks for the on-site report. Appreciated.


  33. ezgoer says:

    The Democrats don’t need big rallies. They get 110% voter turnout. GOP never complains about that.

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  34. sunnyflower5 says:

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  35. sunnyflower5 says:

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  36. Graham Pink says:

    Progressives live in their own fantasy world.
    Fortunately reality always wins.


  37. sunnyflower5 says:

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  38. Alleycats says:

    …thought bubble re the pictures above…
    Ahem, hey yall leftist marxist communist whatever the flip you want to call it; you know who you are.
    Let me introduce you, this is The Monster Vote.

    We made some more friends along the way.

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    • spren says:

      They have no clue regarding the immensity of the “Monster Vote.” It came out of no where in 2016 and bit them in their fat behinds. I sense that the new version will dwarf the previous one. Not only more independents, but many more black and Hispanic voters as well.

      I think internal polling done by the Dems has them very concerned how much support they are losing among blacks and Hispanics. This new “pivot” to racist, white supremacist, etc are all gas-lighting attempts to scare “their” people back into their proper spaces.


    • Jeff says:

      Reminds me of the “Tombstone” line:
      “And I’m bringing Hell with me!”


  39. Bill says:

    The best part about the media down playing the trump crowds and enthusiasm is that they are angering the base to the point that even those that wouldn’t normally vote will show up just to stick it to them.

    It also doesn’t lull the main base in to thinking its a shoe in so they make certain that they vote.

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  40. MIKE says:

    I think our president has the DNC busy trying to recruit Elton John for their 2020 presidential Primary.
    Elton/Bernie (taupin) 2020!!


  41. Reloader says:

    Many are concerned about the massive Fraud to be expected by the Democrats, and vote harvesting and other criminal manipulations of votes in the 2020 election. SwampRatTerrier stated in this thread that, perhaps, “President Trump’s got something up his sleeve!”

    This President has confronted criminal conmunist China in a way that would make all previous Presidents swoon and pass out.
    This President has basically solved the 70 year old crisis in North Korea in a way that no one, NO ONE, could ever have imagined.
    This President has brought America back from the brink of a concerted effort of destruction which the three previous, perhaps four previous, Presidents intentionally facilitated. Plus Carter, almost forgot.

    I find it hard to believe that VSGPDJT does not have a winning plan to THWART the Fraud and Deceit in the next election. Compared to what he has done, it doesn’t seem that difficult.

    He WINS. Get used to it.

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    • sedge2z says:

      The concern about Democrat voter fraud will encourage all Trump supporters to get out with friends and vote…..WINNING again & not tired yet


  42. ATheoK says:

    Those aren’t the same pictures the liberal media was flinging around claiming seats were empty.


  43. Graham Pink says:

    Ya but but Elizabeth Warren had 700 people at her rally.


  44. A S K says:

    FOX NEWS shouldn’t have interrupted the president. He was the only reason we had the television turned on. Out of nowhere comes that air head blonde who we have turned off. FOX hosts have a rude way of interrupting knowledgeable guests with pure stupid inane pointless time wasting remarks, with a sole purpose to hear themselves being stupid. We love President Trump, and his rallies should never be interrupted. It simple is annoying to we the people. Advertisers take note. No German auto makers sponsor president Trump. Therefore we would never buy a German piece of sht. Every friend or neighbor we know wants out of their Hitler-mobile. Angela can sit on it sideways. KAG.


  45. warhorse says:

    there would have been more outside watching, but the police were turning people away and telling them to go home. myself and my girlfriend were turned away, as were hundreds of other people behind us.

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    • spren says:

      Trump lost NH by 2700 votes while there were 80,000 election day registrations allowed to vote. Most of these were probably college students/activists bused in (car-pooled in?) to commit voter fraud. I believe NH has refined its election laws since 2016, but formerly all you had to do to prove residence was to prove you stayed the previous night in a NH motel or residence.

      I think this multiple-voting by college students is one of the bigger areas of voter fraud being committed, and one that should be easily curtailed. Imagine a student who is from Pennsylvania and is attending a college in Massachusetts who is able to vote absentee in PA, vote in the MA college town, and then bus over into NH and vote once again! Think how many times this ruse is being committed across the country

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  46. itsy_bitsy says:

    Once again FakeNews spreads lies about the number of attendees at Trump rally! What else is new? Do these stupid leftist commies ever tell the truth? HELL NO!


  47. StanH says:

    The only way the left and the cabal as a whole wins, is by cheating. More importantly President Trump knows this that’s why we’re hearing voter ID in his speeches. He’s a man of action, my guess he’s working the problem.

    KAG! …by voting in mass. The left and the uni-party must be politically crushed.


  48. fuzzball010 says:

    Watching the huge crowd in that stadium listening to the President, and seeing the massive sea of red caps, it’s clear that Trump is now invincible. The awesome size of this massive American movement instills terror in the Deep State and the Democrat Party. America is back, again. If you’re a Democrat and you love your country, seeing this happening can often make you think, “That looks like a lot of fun. Why don’t I join them?”


  49. John says:

    Joe Biden Drew Only 30 Supporters in New Hampshire During Trump Rally

    “The Eagle-Tribune, a local Massachusetts newspaper, reported the former vice president’s campaign only enticed “about 30 supporters” to attend an event held in Manchester, New Hampshire at the same time Trump was hosting his rally in the state.”

    “We are here because we are standing up to hate just down the road,” Biden’s New Hampshire organizing director told the handful of people that turned up for the event. “This is our moment, our chance. We need to talk to people now about what [Joe Biden] can do.”


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