President Trump MAGA Rally – Manchester, New Hampshire – 7:00pm EST Livestream…

Tonight President Donald J. Trump is holds a MAGA/KAG campaign rally at SNHU Arena in Manchester, NH.  The President is scheduled to speak at 7:00pm EST with pre-rally speakers and events ongoing.

UPDATE: Rally Video Added

RSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkGST Livestream Link


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363 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally – Manchester, New Hampshire – 7:00pm EST Livestream…

  1. bcsurvivor2 says:


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    • screwauger says:

      But DO NOT go over 40mph on that snowmobile or we will ticket you, fine you and take your toy. Stricter laws than Maine so, take that Motto for what you will.


  2. Troublemaker10 says:

    “Live free, or die” (NH state motto)!!!

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  3. Greg1 says:

    The man seems more energized the longer he speaks.

    Biden would have been on oxygen an hour and a half ago!!!

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    • Bill Hollinger says:

      And the half dozen attendees would all be fast asleep.

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      • Greg1 says:

        Sir, with all due respect, you VASTLY overestimate the number of attendees at a Biden rally/group nap.

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        • LoonsCall says:

          “group nap” lol


          • jeff montanye says:

            am i wrong or is trump’s technique new? he seems like he has been campaigning for reelection since he was elected the first time. and the comparison of his crowds vs. the democratic contenders is rather extreme in his favor.


            • Carrie2 says:

              Jeff, I agree with you as his technique has obviously been with him his whole life and it makes him a great presenter. If this technique were lost this stadium would never ever be so full. Remember, he had to fight NYC but there would be no ice rink or many houses for the lesser not wealthy people.


  4. nimrodman says:

    Live Free or Die

    ho, man, I can hear the liberal press’ heads exploding already

    “White supremacist dog-whistle !!! White supremacist dog-whistle !!! Gadsen Flag !!! yada yada yada”

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  5. bcsurvivor2 says:

    I would like to put my hand on our Presidents cheek and look into his eyes and say THANK YOU

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  6. woohoowee says:

    WINNING! Best President evah!

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  7. Lion2017 says:

    Thank you President Trump!!

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  8. This man still brings me to tears. KAG!

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  9. The Gipper Lives says:

    He was great…again!

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    • Carrie2 says:

      The Gipper, and no pompous but truly is for America First. For many years he knew what was happening or going to happen and finally made the right decision, run for the WH. The supposed candidates for 2016 democrats were not there long, and again in 2020 we will see the same happening as not one of the 2020 supposed candidates have the intelligence, cannot tell the truth, and are actually putting themselves first. Ain’t gonna work! They are so against our Republic and yet think they can walk away the winner of anything? NO!


  10. woohoowee says:

    WoooooHooooo! 2020 here comes PT45!

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  11. sunnyflower5 says:

    What a way to spend his “vacation”!
    President Trump love us!

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  12. nimrodman says:

    I see he’s still got the Stones’ song on the outro

    Thought I read they were pissed about that

    Maybe not so pissed if Trump organization paid them for the rights, that’s the only way I can see it’s still played … or some public-domain angle

    But I’d bet Keef and Mick and the lads are home counting that money

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  13. Harlan says:

    Donald Trump 2020

    …and 2024. Hey, their diety FDR did it.

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  14. mot2grls says:

    Wow! Best rally. His message and delivery were very much on point. I’d say he was fun but more disciplined in presenting his accomplishments, message, and vision.
    I love our President!

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      At first I thought he was a ‘quart low’ and maybe a tad tired… But as he went on I realized I was mistaken and it was, as you say mot2grls, ‘more disciplined’. I think he is in campaign mode and despite what people say, he does learn every minute of every day… Suburban Moms and others like the ‘more presidential’, more disciplined Trump… He can do that without losing his authenticity, humor or showman style. And it is the authenticity that sets him apart from every president — every politician — in modern American history. He is authentic even when he is full of sh!t (trolling), if you know what I mean.

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  15. bcsurvivor2 says:

    I’m just blown away…I actually love inspiring and thoughtful and compassionate and sincere. No words….we are so fortunate…thank you God for this extraordinary man.

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    • Rhi says:

      Amen! Has there ever been a more pro God President in our lives? Indeed, chosen/anointed by God.
      BTW, love your nic bcsurvivor2! Bless you, Grandma coveffe and all praying treepers. 🙏

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      • bcsurvivor2 says:

        My NIC…If you mean my green eye….It is an eye i used from the Toothless dragon from how to train your dragon movie. My DIL loves the movie (I do too) so I made her Toothless. He has a 6 foot wing span and i made the leather tail piece with the belt to hold it on to his tail. Had a blast making him.

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  16. Thank you Lord, for PRESIDENT TRUMP, and the fellowship afforded me here because of our PRESIDENT and SUNDANCE!

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  17. JoeMeek says:

    It is unfortunate to note, but America, no matter how well the economy is doing, can not be great as long as Criminal Organizations like the FBI and CIA continue to exist.

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  18. The Gipper Lives says:

    “They were men who had not learned the art of submission, nor had they been trained to the arts of war; our ‘astonishing success’ taught the enemies of liberty that undisciplined freemen are superior to veteran slaves. … As I was then, I am now, the friend of the equal rights of men, of representative democracy, of republicanism, and the declaration of independence—the great charter of our national rights—and of course a friend to the indissoluble union of these states. I am the enemy of all foreign influence, for all foreign influence is the influence of tyranny. This is the only chosen spot of liberty—this the only republic on earth….These are my orders now, and will be my last orders to all my volunteers….look to [your] sentries. Live free or die—Death is not the worst of evils.”–Gen. John Stark, a stalwart at Bunker Hill, chosen by Washington over higher-ranking officers for the Battle of Trenton, praised by Jefferson, victorious over Burgoyne at Bennington, coined the New Hampshire motto in this toast on the 32 anniversary of that victory, 1809.

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    • HonorDefendBuckeye says:

      “We’ll lick ’em today boys, or Molly Stark sleeps a widow tonight.”

      John Stark at the Battle of Bennington – A somewhat uncertain quote, but something of the sort was stated.

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  19. Southern Girl says:

    There is a saying that says, Eyes not have seen or ears have not not heard, what God has in store for those who love Him. Think on this. The gates of hell cannot prevail. No matter how hard they try. They know who they are. Our president is at this place and time for a purpose.

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  20. Troublemaker10 says:

    This felt like the first 2020 campaign rally to me. Trump did a great job defining the Dem party and highlighting the difference between them and the repub party. Gonna be a fun, fun campaign year.

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  21. Troublemaker10 says:

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  22. convert says:

    I pray that the American people will come out from under the lies of the press and realize what a Dem presidency will mean: they will violate any and all laws and precedents and make sure we live in the hellish world they envision for us where our every move, word, and thought is monitored and every deviation from their script severely punished. I particularly pray that American women will come to their senses and realize that the day will come when a woman is the best candidate to lead our country, but Warren or Harris ain’t the one. Not even close. I feel encouraged when I see these crowds, but when I see how the media is now so outrageously lying and distorting and omitting info vital to the continued functioning of our system, I get pretty discouraged.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Find out how or from whom the media gets its money. Then go after that source. If it is corporate, DOX it and organize a significant boycott of it’s products and/or services.
      If it is private, DOX it and start a continuous effort to publicly shame it. MSM corporate sponsors should all be shamed from supporting the 24/7 lying and misinformation.


    • eagle931 says:

      You said, “I feel encouraged when I see these crowds, but when I see how the media is now so outrageously lying and distorting and omitting info vital to the continued functioning of our system, I get pretty discouraged.” That’s the point of the media’s effort, to make discouraged, isolated and helpless. Don’t let them because it actually is the opposite: we are the majority!


  23. Rynn69 says:

    President Trump’s father would say “Everything my boy touches turns to gold.” I am sure his father is smiling down on PDJT with unbelievable pride. What a rally!

    In quiet moments I think about the unbelievable accomplishments of PDJT. America could not have asked for a more experienced leader. He loves America and loves the American people. The cleanest, most uncorrupted fighting patriot to have led this country in decades. God Bless our President and our Beloved Country.

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  24. Troublemaker10 says:

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  25. sucesfuloser says:

    I watched the GOP video, at first I didn’t like the idea but as I watched, it was shot very well and when the President waved or called out to someone the video focused on the person receiving the praise; nicely done.

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  26. Alison Wilson says:

    My husband and I were there last night along with a couple of friends. What an experience! We waiting in line for 4 hours but couldn’t get in so stayed outside to see the Jumbtron. Don’t let anyone fool you about the protestors! Three notable take aways about them. 1) there was probably no more than 100 – 150 (some news outlets are trying to say ‘hundreds’, 2) Everyone had to walk past them to get in line. They were not very enthusiastic. They weren’t yelling and screaming, and their signs were homemade. All that tells me is that they either did not staunchly believe what they were dong, or were intimidated by the size of the crowd. 3) They began to disperse just after the President arrived and began to speak even though they could have stayed. Their space was still cordoned off. And some stayed to hear the president’s remarks quietly and respectfully.
    Also, About halfway during his speech some of others outside began to leave to beat the traffic home. When you are watching on a jumbotron, it is not much different than watching on a large screen TV. The difference was the enthusiasm in the crowd. So if you look at pictures of the crowd outside at the end of the rally, add about another 3rd to get the true sense of the size.
    Then there were the many that left when they realized they could not get into the venue and didn’t want to stand in the plaza. When they people we could see stopped getting in line, it stretched about 7 tenths of a mile and was three to four people deep. When we got as far as the first police barricade, we discovered that we were just one of THREE lines. The other two had been created to contain the square block area that had to be policed from the air.
    And lastly ~ there were people from all over New England that knew they would never see him in their state – people around us were from Connecticut and had driven over 4 hours, people from Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine. There is incredible support for this president all over this area. More than I would have dared to guess.

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  27. wodiej says:

    I love that I can love and respect my President.

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    • listingstarboard says:

      I love that I can love my President again, especially after 8 years of disliking Bush and LOATHING Obama.

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      • wondering999 says:

        Although I didn’t hate either Bush or Obama, I have felt for a long time that The Management were not people I could wholeheartedly support (for many reasons).

        It was weird that April Glaspie told Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. WTH?

        The CNN videos of bombing Iraq were horrifying.

        The disintegration of our cities, our educational system, our industries have displayed the gross mismanagement of the elites, if not outright hatred of our nation and people.

        Hurricane Katrina’s mispreparation and aftermath were unbelievable.

        I don’t hate the rest of the world. I don’t fit into any of the gross bigoted categories taught in our universities and parroted by the media.

        And Trump is courageous and has yuge dreams of a better world. Trump may speak for me, and I pray that God will work through Trump, for good of all


  28. StanH says:

    Man-o-man he killed it. Not to be redundant, but this man is a force of nature. Follow his lead, he runs right at then. They will hide under the ene-media’s skirts as they hurl invective, distortions, and outright lies all picked up and sold to the hypnotized leftist bum brigades as truth. we must save the savable.

    Rock-on President Trump real America loves and appreciates your courage, you sir are absolutely fearless.

    KAG! …by calling a commie a commie.

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  29. mag7978 says:

    Late to comment but thank you all on hand for the updates. God Bless President Trump, the USA and ALLLLLL treepers. ty all


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