Former FBI Asst. Director of Counter Intelligence Floats Conspiracy of President Trump Using Code Words To Trigger Nazis…

If you ever wondered why the FBI would ignore warnings from Russia about the Boston Marathon bombers; or if you ever wondered how the FBI could overlook the warnings from local residents about the San Bernardino terrorists; or if you ever wondered how and why the FBI would ignore reports from the Florida sheriff about the Pulse Nightclub terrorist; or if you ever wondered why the FBI ignored the repeated warnings about the Parkland shooter…. well, here’s the answer.  Try to fathom this focused stupidity.
Mr. Frank Figliuzzi is the former Asst. Director of the FBI for Counterintelligence. Figliuzzi is now an MSNBC expert.  The former FBI official is promoting a conspiracy theory that President Trump is sending secret coded signals to white supremacists. According to Figliuzzi, the President told government to keep U.S. flags flying at half-staff until August 8th, because Donald Trump was really saying heil Hitler.   WATCH (02:48)

This is a former FBI Counterintelligence Asst. Director.  According to the FBI logic President Trump is now “redflagged” as a subversive agent of a terrorist ideology.
If this level of total moonbattery was/is the focus of the FBI, then clearly this is the level of incompetence that explains why the FBI has failed miserably in their duties.

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506 Responses to Former FBI Asst. Director of Counter Intelligence Floats Conspiracy of President Trump Using Code Words To Trigger Nazis…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    8-8 =
    Infinity x 2
    What an IDIOT. Pickles tin foil hat alert. Red Flag on the field. Remove his guns.
    TDS Is REAL.

    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      What if I told you that TDS was what was driving the top echelon of the FBI all along, from the very beginning

      • Rynn69 says:

        desperatelyseekingmelania: I would believe you. The evidence is overwhelming.

      • TwoLaine says:

        You wouldn’t be telling me anyway I didn’t already know.

      • nats1mom says:

        I agree with you desperatelyseekingmelania!

      • GB Bari says:

        You’d be correct but also “preaching to the choir.”
        IMO Treepers who’ve been here even just a few months likely now realize that has been true for many years. Even before PDJT the FBI was corrupt. As is and has been the leadership of the CIA. They’re both totally out of control. They were allowed far too much autonomy and power. IMO. They are the base of the Deep State.
        IMO, They’ve become separate self governing entities, operating too often outside the laws and Constitution and like an iceberg – we only see a tiny part of their operations. The rest is kept hidden, out of everyone’s sight AND authority, including the Executive and Legislative branches, regardless of what they claim or tell us.
        The supposed “oversight” by Congress is mostly window dressing. The agencies pretend to be transparent to the oversight committees and the committees pretend to do their job. IMO.
        Our government spawned a monster that it now cannot control. IMO. YMMV.

        • Judith says:

          One could even surmise that these alphabet agencies are themselves infiltrated by various foreign spy networks. Making these alphabet agencies a Trojan horse for all kinds of treasonous activity, like instigating wars for profit, cashing in on the lucrative drug trade, human trafficking networks, presidential coups.. Who can we then trust to investigate the investigators?

    • Sentient says:

      Donald J Trump, born 6/14/46. 6+14+46 = 66. 66 divided by 3 = 22. 66+22=88. Equals Heil Hitler. Donald J Trump is Literally Hitler!

    • Baby El says:

      Haven’t seen this kind of stupidity since Calypso Louis Farrakhan and his “atone for the a-tone” speech regarding slavery 440 years ago.

    • Bob says:

      Is this guy Capt. Obvious…..if not, he must think we are as dumb as him.

  2. Revelation says:

    Who appointed Frank Figliuzzi?
    One Robert Mueller.

  3. sunnyflower5 says:

    Another PR nightmare for the FBI — right on heels of the return of Peter Strzok.

    • YY4U says:

      One crazy is one crazy, two crazies are a coincidence, more than two crazies (in FBI) are a pattern. Time to close it down and start over.

      • plane of the ecliptic says:

        YY, I hear ya; also like your point re transferring duties to the Marshals. We have to be honest with ourselves, the Bureau has been a mess since the git-go with Hoover. After all these decades it is clear it was designed that way. The ARE our Praetorian Guard for the Deep State. It is so, so sad. Wish it was not the case.

    • jnr2d2 says:

      Strzok: “the empire yikes back.”
      Figliuzzi was one step higher in Counter Intelligence. Would have been Strotzaka’s boss.
      This is definitely counter intelligence! As in NO intelligence!!!!

  4. The Devilbat says:

    What a sick SOB that man is and what a disgrace he is to the FBI.

    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      This would be pretty damn funny, to me anyway, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s real….. I could make some snarky, off-color comments to get a few laughs, but I also feel that would be rather inappropriate, when one considers this man’s resume, former position, and current mouthpiece / exposure.
      How in the hell did an absolute flake and dirtbag not only get such high level security clearances and positions of authority, but even GET INTO THE FBI AT ALL? Did he used to be normal, and suddenly have an unseen, undiagnosed mental breakdown? Or, did he used to be norml, and then succumb to the hierarchy’s “unofficialwink, wink” theories and opinions? While the former would be pretty bad, the latter is much, much worse… my humble opinion.

  5. AMK says:

    Are these people on drugs? How do they hallucinate their alternate reality ALL day, EVERY day????
    At this point, I just assume they are possessed.

  6. Bryan Alexander says:

    I thought that the Russians hated Hitler. These folks have got to make up their mind. Is Trump Pro-Hitler or Pro-Russian? Which is it?

    • Baby El says:

      Originally, Hitler and Stalin were buddies – until that little tiff over St Petersburg.

      • jnr2d2 says:

        Both were socialists that wanted to take over the world, and lead it. One was a nationalist, the other a internationalist(globalist). Different sides of the same coin.

        • Rhoda R says:

          And they were both planning to violate the Von Ribbentrop Pact as soon as it was advantageous to them.

          • De Oppresso Liber says:

            Obviously Hitler had no intention of honoring the Ribbentrop/Molotov Pact and was stalling for time; He wanted to finish his conquest of Western Europe (Britain) before fighting a war on two fronts. However, empirical evidence points to Stalin being caught completely off-guard.
            Prior to the June assault, the Russians had moved several Infantry divisions closer to the western border in general, and the shared border in Poland in particular. But, no orders had been given to alert the Red Army, and very few Infantry support units (Armor-Artillery-Engineers) were mobilized at all. Another disastrous problem would not be realized (except by the Red Army general staff, that is) until after the two armies engaged one another on the field of battle.
            Stalin’s purges of the Red Army’s officer corps would reap a terrible harvest of Russian soldiers’ lives. Stalin saw many senior officers as potential rivals, and was afraid of a military coup d’etat, while other, junior officers from formerly aristocratic families (in Czarist, pre-Revolution Russia), or from families who were formerly loyal to the White Guards, as serious threats to his power and regime. Estimates range into the hundreds of thousands of victims, most of whom were murdered, and a very lucky few spared to live the remainder of their pathetic existences in the infamous slave labor camps of Siberia.
            Immediately following the German assault, Stalin retreated to his dacha and got stone cold drunk for several days. When he was summoned to Moscow, he was convinced he would be shot. When he discovered the party was actually looking to him for leadership, he quickly regained his nerve, and the rest is history.

            • DelAware says:

              > He wanted to finish his conquest of Western Europe (Britain)
              > before fighting a war on two fronts.
              I am an American of part Karelian descent. Please incluse links to primary documents supporting your claim. I was taught by my Winter War relatives that Germany offered peace repeatedly to the British and was turned down in order that they might do the will of the Total War bankers and globalists who were infuriated that Germany wanted no part of that regime…and prospered. If the Germans wanted a “conquest of Western Europe, ” how do you explain Dunkirk?

              • De Oppresso Liber says:

                It is correct that Hitler made several peace overtures to the British. Hitler’s fanatical, racist ideology considered the British Saxons to be related (racially) to the Aryans and called the British “cousins.” Hitler also did not have the naval technology/strength in either assault craft, or more importantly infantry landing craft, with which to invade England; he also did not want to fight a war on two fronts; Hitler knew his Non-Aggression Pact with Stalin was nothing more than a sham, designed to buy time before he ultimately attacked and invaded the Soviet Union.
                Despite this, Hitler was confident the Germans could effectively launch a successful invasion after repeated rejections of his peace overtures. The British rescue of the BEF (and 125,000 Frenchmen) at Dunkirk occurred prior to Hitler’s aborted attempt at invasion, and was in fact one of Hitler’s erratic, psychological ploys, which were designed to convince Churchill that the two countries could ultimately be allies.
                I have no idea what the “Total War bankers and globalists” had to do with it, but my “supporting documents” in support of my claim that Hitler wanted “conquest of Western Europe” is history itself – from 1938-1940, Hitler DID conquer all of Western Europe from the Balkans to France, sans the British Isles (including Scotland & Ireland) and the neutrals Spain and Switzerland.

          • Tarstarkas says:

            The Germans were lucky at the start. The Soviets were in the middle of an equipment change-over preparatory for their own offense westward. Another year and the war would have turned out very different, all of Hitler’s vaunted panzers overwhelmed by endless hordes of T-34’s and KV’s. There would have been no need for Operation Overlord because by 1944 the Russians would likely have been looking at England from Calais. Orwellian history indeed.

      • Darren says:

        They were NEVER buddies. Both sides knew the pact would be broken. Both sides were buying time. To suggest they were friendly is downright wrong. Gosh Stalin killed almost everyone involved in the first tank technology sharing with Germany the guy was completely paranoid.

        • Zippy says:

          Watch the dark comedy film “The Death of Stalin.” What a bunch of scheming, back stabbing paranoids. Hey, I think that may resemble something more familiar and in closer proximity to us! Pssst! Did you hear that Trump is channeling Hitler?

    • usmclt says:

      The Russians were for Hitler before they were against him. /sarc

    • usmclt says:

      The Russians were for Hitler before they were against him. /sarc

      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        They had to sign the Ribbentrop/Molotov Non-Aggression Pact before they could find out what was in it….. /s

    • Rhoda R says:

      They can believe 12 impossible things before breakfast. And, since they don’t know history, they have NO problem with the Trump = Putin = Hitler thingy.

  7. desperatelyseekingmelania says:

    I guess if you’re one of the crazies who is already convinced by the MSM onslaught that “white nationalist terrorism” is the greatest threat facing the nation, that there is a hooded klansman behind every bush, that Republicans want concentration camps for minorities, then this isn’t such a stretch.
    But everybody else has to be laughing their heads off. Enough to where you wonder if he’s a plant.
    My guess is he will now disappear from the stage as quickly as E. Jean Carroll did after she said rape is sexy.

    • Terry says:

      Nope. He is a professional propagandist who has been spewing ridiculous lies about trump Russia collusion for over 2 years.
      Since that hoax is over, got to move onto another hoax which is “endangering the country “ … white nationalism.

    • Rhoda R says:

      Read the comments below his original tweet. No everyone is NOT laughing at him.

  8. Maga Truth Seeker says:

    You absolutely nailed it with your opening paragraph. How can anyone trust the FBI when you have former employees spewing such idiotic rhetoric?
    Bravo, Sundance.

    • Rynn69 says:

      Nobody trusts the FBI. What used to be F-idelity, B-ravery, and I-ntegrity is now F-raud, Bribery, and I-njustice.

  9. Adorable deplorable says:

    I’m sure it had to be Stephen Miller who wrote out a “coded” neonazi call in his speech because Steve being a Jew would want the code words Heil Hitler understood to fan the flames! As bugs bunny would say What a maroon!!!!!!

  10. Carly says:

    If you look up Frank Figliuzzi, you’ll see he has been relentless smearing Trump for some time. This is not an isolated incident of idiocy, but it serves as a shining example.

  11. Pa Hermit says:

    More dots to connect? Waco and Ruby Ridge come to mind! Maybe past time to restructure this agency, but new directions are definitely needed/required to correct this course!

  12. Daniel says:

    And it’s REALLY about Kevin Bacon!!!
    I don’t want to get labeled as a troll, but I hope people understand what I’m saying… this is truly conspiracy theory nutbaggery here. To give a public statement about national recognition of tragic occurrences and recognizing them with the flag isn’t even close to unusual or inappropriate. This is consistent with everything Trump has done since becoming president. Frankly, the flag spends more time at half mast that at the top in my view. But that’s what Trump does.
    “Dog whistles” and “hidden meanings” is beyond ridiculous. August 8th is not “HH” and if it were, of the ridiculous number of things HH could mean, why “heil Hitler”?
    Here’s what I think it means:
    According to this, Casper, ruler of the Maya city of Palenque was born on August 8th. I think Trump was sending a signal about the return of the Mayan rule to the Americas!! Trump is a South and Central American Supremacist!!!

  13. Free Speech says:
    It gets worse according to this report. Comey and Wray have been sweeping under the rug FBI agent affairs with CNN reporters. No pillow talk there, I’m sure.

  14. AnotherView says:

    Nobody in their right mind would trust anything from the FBI. They’re behind false flags, making up propaganda, and leaking to the media.

  15. Guyski says:

    Obama was the 44th President of the United States. 4 + 4 = 8, H is the 8th letter in the alphabet. Clearly Obama is Hitler.

    • jhynds says:

      You might get hired by the FBI or even CIA for that one 😉

      • Guyski says:

        The Dayton shooting was August 4th. Obama’s birthday was August 4th. Hmmm? ?

        • jhynds says:

          apparently, they’re gonna put you into SENIOR MGT immediately!????

          • Guyski says:

            August is the 8th month of the year. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. Things are getting freaky. ?

            • The Boss says:

              But September contains the root ‘Sept’ which means ‘seven’.
              Which means September and July got switched around.
              Or…was it August?
              Or is August supposed to be No.6?
              If so, then 6/8 means FH.
              That means, F**k Hillary!!

              • WRB says:

                You probably know this, but Julius Caesar inserted July, and Augustus Caesar did the same for his month. That made the remaining months 7 – 10 (Sept – December) misnumbered.

          • Baby El says:

            In the previous story about Strzok’s lawsuit, I believe they called him ‘Gifted’
            Let that sink in……

      • jnr2d2 says:

        And be made Director!!!!!!

  16. EricStoner says:

    Yes, a Code Whisperer! How do they keep uncovering our most closely held secrets? Genius, I tell you!

  17. Tiffthis says:

    This guy- what a stretch he made. Even my liberal Hollywood husband wasn’t buying that bs ?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      None of my business but I can’t help but say….. The really big stretch is being a treeper and having a “liberal Hollywood husband.” You must be an incredibly loving, patient person with Teflon-coated nerves.

  18. YY4U says:

    FBI needs to be disbanded and an entirely new federal law enforcement agency started from scratch. Current cases should be transferred to the Federal Marshalls or local law enforcement until such time as a real federal agency can be established. These bozos more resemble the Keystone Kops than they do law enforcement. Unless you fib to them (or even if they didn’t). Ask General Flynn.

  19. snailmailtrucker says:

    CounterIntelligence describes The FBI Quite Well !

  20. jhynds says:

    Someone help me understand “WHY” raising the Flag at Dawn or Dusk has anything to do with Hitler, regardless of the day? It’s a non-sequitur. Every August 8th, the flag was raised AND lowered on the Marine Bases where I served. Are the Military now all Neo Nazis now too?

  21. MM says:

    I can’t take much more of this stupidity coming from the FBI….
    The whole world is watching and laughing their butts off as these idiots keep running on TV to spew their nonsense…

  22. Ellie says:

    Really, the FBI building needs to be razed and the earth it has sat on salted. There is no saving this institution.

  23. UncleGrumpy says:

    This looks like a set back for the legalize marijuana crowd…

    • deeperinfo says:

      Please don’t attribute to weak drugs the deeper problems of TDS triggering latent bigotry, self-importance, substandard mental capacity and missplaced. self-righteousness.
      Sadly, they are broken, don’t know it, and can only attack and blame others.
      The guy could probably benefit from a little a little contemplative navel gazing, well, lots of it.
      Wouldn’t surprise me if he and mule-ears were mean drunks though.
      Maybe they were just born with integrity deficits, or they picked it up in the workplace. Either way, pot ain’t the reason, or excuse. This guy is ugly from his core.

      • sedge2z says:

        Mueller and this guy Frank Figliuzzi are so befuddled. However they are having their minds scrambled, plus suffering TDS, might be a disastrous combination.

  24. JMC says:

    This may throw considerable light on why the former head of FBI counterintelligence, Soviet mole and the most damaging traitor in US history after the CIA’s Aldrich Ames, to whit Robert Hanssen, was bagged after 20 years of betrayal only on his last dead drop to the Soviets before retirement, because a Soviet turncoat ratted him out.

    • jnr2d2 says:

      Think about it. These are the Counter Intelligence people that are going to ferret out Russian/Chinese spies and Cyber terrorist. As well as, Islamic, domestic and criminal terrorists????? GOD SAVE US!!!

      • deeperinfo says:

        Luckily the USA has miraculously avoided many more islamic variations of 9/11. Some were stopped by the FBI and I am grateful for that, but I can’t forget that FBI hq ignored warnings from field agents.
        Gladly, real field agents have stuck with it, and thwarted planned attacks that would have made recent shootings look like small, amateur wanna-bes.
        islam is our biggest domestic terror threat, by far.
        Ideological blinders in FBI hq (and CIA) LITERALLY puts our lives at risk.
        Seeing that jackhole like this got so high is disheartening and scary,

  25. All Hype says:

    Terminal TDS on full display right here with this complete nutcase. President Trump broke this screwball.

  26. Patricia Weir says:

    88 keys on a piano keyboard. OMG I’m a Nazi

    • deeperinfo says:

      Weren’t all old the Classical composers from Germany and Austria? Look for the codes hidden in 17”88” masterpieces and you will find the German version of The Protocols –
      Hmmmm, doesn’t President Trump like Mozart? See? That proves IT!
      Ban the piano, it divides whites and blacks, and it’s uneven numbers!
      Harpsichords? Don’t get me started..,

  27. Somebody's Gramma says:

    I gasped when I read your headline Sundance. And then I realized it was that idiot who spouts off on CNN. He’s not at the FBI any more!! LOL. Just like Brennan isn’t at the C_A any more!! It is fun, since I’m retired, to follow the insane political pundits and do a little research to understand what their agenda is. But, several of my adult children contacted me this morning with messages like “I’m scared. Is any of this true?”. This has happened several times within the last few weeks. The problem with the current situation is the media is drenched in TDS, Trump supporter hatred, and support for violence against us. So, yeah, it’s a bit frightening until you walk out your front door and look around. Most of your neighbors are just like you, regular folk trying to get through life. It’s pretty much the same at work or church or wherever you go. The Media has a bigger megaphone that any of us do, but they have zero power in real life. Zero. They only have the power we give them. Don’t give it to them. At least, that was my advice to my kids. I asked each of them to focus on something beautiful today. I got a peaceful picture of my most recent grand baby sleeping with a smile on her face, an adorable picture of two of my grandchildren hugging their dad, a video of the cat giving the big German Shepherd a good smackdown, etc. I think the best we can do is change the daily conversation on our own. Don’t let them live in our heads. Don’t let them stir us up. Don’t believe a word they say. Do not give them Civil War 2.0 they so desperately seek. My two cents.

    • YY4U says:

      Good advice, Grandma — The interesting point is that your children asked “is this true?” which means they’re questioning what the media tells them. In the past, people believed the media. Now MANY are questioning it. They might be quiet about it, they might not admit to their lefty friends that they’re no longer sure what they’re hearing is valid, but 4 years ago they wouldn’t have even asked “is this true?” Not saying we’re not up against a big hurdle what with Google and Big Tech taking the place of Big Media but journeys always start with a first step. “Is this true?” is a first step.
      Cat giving the big GSD a smackdown made me smile as I remembered walking into the kitchen to see our 12 lb cat sitting on the sink swatting our 130 lb. GSD on the head.

  28. Francis Moran says:

    Flags on land aren’t flown at half MAST. That’s a ship. So clearly this Figliuzzi is sending a message. That message is that he’s an ignorant deep state operative and swamp denizen and that he’s as nuts as pathological liar Brian Williams. Thank heaven this loony is no longer in or near intelligence and longer. He explains better than any words why radicalism is rampant. We were unprotected by nuts.
    Isn’t the President part of the nation? Obama never used any other word but “I” constantly

  29. HURRY UP IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP AND HIS CRAZY PENCE TOO IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH HE’S A NAZI HE’S A RACIST THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH … so we can “declare a State of Emergency” and install Hillary Clinton as President (forever) and then … “won’t life thereafter just be beautiful all the time?”
    Honestly, I wonder if these would-be propagandists ever bothered to take lessons from anyone with actual experience at doing it – such as the USSR-era “Pravda” – before they tried to do it themselves. Because the only thing they’re doing now is to make themselves look like cucking fidiots.

  30. Sharon says:

    I was watching about a 8 month old video yesterday with Lou Dobbs on with Tom Fitton talking about the corrupted FBI against our President and the things they were doing and Tom also mentioned about the corruption at the FBI in El Paso! ??

  31. JoeMeek says:

    Has America ever had a government agency that was a bigger pile of criminally corrupt, intellectually incompetent and down right mentally ill people than the FBI?

  32. pucecatt says:

    These people are flat out crazy , I’ve seen clips on other networks and it amazes me how they are blatantly lying to their viewers an a daily basis and it’s downright scary to watch , mind control is a dangerous thing . I wish somebody would pose as an anti trumper and go on one of these networks and just turn on a dime and give them a tongue lashing .

    • deeperinfo says:

      Or spout some obviously insane claims, and watch them all run with it on maximum outrage.
      Like, $6 Billion is missing from the State Department (did Pompeo and Ivanka do it?), when the real answer when they look ?, is, oops, hellery did it???!!!…

    • GB Bari says:

      “I wish somebody would pose as an anti trumper and go on one of these networks and just turn on a dime and give them a tongue lashing.”
      It would seem like a great tactic except for the fact that unless they know from online writings or prior tv appearances who you are and your political views beforehand, you’re not getting on their shows.

      • Judith says:

        We need to primary some democrats as well. If they can sneak in all those RINOS we can certainly give them back a bunch of DINOS.

  33. Lulu says:

    The FBI is an arm of the uniparty and their foreign masters. It should be abolished as its very existence is an existential threat to all Americans and the Republic itself.
    Not to mention an incredible waste of money where we pay morons way too much money to undermine our rights and then they retire after twenty years and live off of a cushy taxpayer supplied pension and overpaid gigs with government contractors and law firms that want their government connections to loot the taxpayers even more.
    If we shut down 75% of the federal government the country would immediately be a much more moral and free nation.

    • neal s says:

      I keep hoping that before PDJT leaves office, that he manages to get a reduction in force as a result of some government shutdown.

  34. JoeMeek says:

    Mental illness in the FBI is the closest earthy thing to eternal life.

  35. amjean says:

    Serious question: How do we eliminate the Department of the FBI?

    • Zippy says:

      Spock gives the odds of being able to accomplish that at one billion, three hundred eighty-five million, six hundred twenty six thousand, four hundred ninety seven POINT six seven five to one. That’s why I like Spock. He’s always so precise.

  36. labrat says:

    It’s chilling.

  37. Cyber says:

    Don’t forget, just last year Trump tweeted something on August 8th, but it was 2018! So that’s like Heil Hitler 201 HITLER! So lots of extra nazi stuff right there.

  38. Boboleary says:

    Frank Figliuzzi was part of the FBI team protecting Hillary’s Russian dealings in 2010. Re.ember Obama got the arrested Russians out of US very quickly in a spy swap. He’s just a schill, prostituting whatever is left of the FBI’s reputation.

    • sedge2z says:

      So Fighiuzzi of the FBI team that protected Hillary’s Russian dealings is now so crazy that he shouldn’t testify in a courtroom?

  39. I saw this and just started shaking my head. TDS is obviously a full blown epidemic. The only hope I see of eradicating it is employing a tactic of the left. Start performing post birth abortions on these people.

  40. I don’t even know how someone could think this up…totally insane and yes, as SD says, this is why the FBI is so incompetent…they are lower IQ people who have gone insane. Please take their guns away.

    • Sentient says:

      I’m calling in a Red Flag alert on this Figliuzzi guy. Problem is, I have to call it in to the FBI.

    • deeperinfo says:

      Hey, half of the people have to be below average intelligence; why do you want to discriminate and keep them from important positions of power. How unfair to the mentally weaker in our midst.

  41. Pale rider says:

    I’m pissed, when did president Trump start letting democrats write his speeches??
    No, the only code is democrate code, the code where they project their true intentions into the sky like a batman symbol.
    Folks they gotta go, they can’t stop trump head on so they are doing an end run at his “insane” staff.

  42. kelley says:

    Trump derangement syndrome case #300,559.. it is at epidemic levels! Scary!!

  43. LandonK says:

    Really?? Seems like MSNBC is not even trying to be good liars anymore. Soros and his fellow leftists should demand more for their money!

  44. Seneca the Elder says:

    You can’t make this shit up.

  45. trapper says:

    Hubert Humphrey, Batman!! Where is suspicious cat? This guy is batshit crazy.

  46. Baby El says:

    Being this stupid, is he able to feed himself?

  47. gunrunner03 says:

    The DoJ and FBI senior leadership needs to be decimated. The Washington office of the FBI needs be broken up and rotated out, and then agents from elsewhere assigned to DC to rebuild the office. Both of these organizations have deep benches, people ready to step-up and get the job done. This should be a priority for PDJT’s second term.

    • Rhoda R says:

      Better yet, fire everyone in DC, NVA and SDNY and replace them with trained and experienced LEOs.

    • Zippy says:

      “The DoJ and FBI senior leadership needs to be decimated.”
      See Spock’s projected odds of that above.

  48. Kerry_On says:

    Just to be clear. My tax dollars were help paying this imbecile’s salary?? He had performance reviews and evaluations and NO ONE picked up that his completely delusional behaviour? There is no saving the FBI. It needs to be burned to the ground and a new organization built from scratch.

  49. Comrade Mope says:

    Someone needs to check these guys for moonbat steroids.

  50. meadowlarkspring says:

    I thought it meant ‘Love and Kisses’.
    88, Or How Telegraphers Coded ‘Love and Kisses’
    Behold, the emoji heart of 1879.
    JAN 6, 2014

    • jhynds says:

      Good article! But at the end, he wraps up saying “And way up the evolutionary tree, at the beginning of the electrical era, we find this common ancestor, 88.” Is he saying NeoNazis are more evolved than others in the electrical era because our FBI friend certainly would 😉

      • sedge2z says:

        Also in this magazine “The Atlantic” if you clicked over to the next article, they interviewed a guy who claims he is a reformed white supremacist and that there is a lot more trouble ahead. ……according to him.
        But the history of telegraph code was interesting (88 = Love and Kisses)

  51. visage13 says:

    I thank God every day I walked away from the Democrat party years ago. I thank God every day I cut the cord on cable. The Democrat leadership and media are nothing but hateful people. It must be terrible to be them everyday and be filled with such hate for fellow Americans. Seriously, if my heart was filled with such hate as them I would be sick all the time. And for Frank Figliuzzi to infer that 8/8 is something other then August 8th, just shows his empty heart and soullessness. I am speechless as to how much hate these people have spewed since Saturday, a day which was filled with hateful monsters who gunned down human beings for sport.

    • Orygun says:

      My feelings exactly! I only wish we could turn the national on/off switch to off because this level of hate is causing some serious harm to our Republic. The agencies that exist to keep us safe from this type of hatred are themselves helping to keep the intensity level high.

    • stripmallgrackle says:

      I posted a comment yesterday about several CNN headlines I witnessed during a day that was out of pocket. I had no idea how hard the anti-Trumpers were hammering away at their unified message. It is clear that every time bad news breaks, no matter how far of a reach is required, it will be laid directly at Trump’s door step.
      Just prior to reading about Mr. Figliuzzi’s outlandish use of logic and evidence in complete disregard of observed reality, I was online learning what I could about sociopathic personalities due to an entanglement one of my son’s finds himself in.
      I was in the middle of the third article about traits to identify. There, while I was trying to gain some predictive insight about behavior patterns, I came upon this set of paragraphs under the heading, “The Prototypical Narcissistic Sociopath”;
      What would a prototypical narcissistic sociopath look like? While there are variations in the severity of symptoms, we can start to assemble a picture that will help you to identify these people in real life.
      Most likely, you’ve encountered these types of people in news reports. You may see them associated with serial killings or financial scandals. The prison population is composed of a large percentage of these individuals (70 percent in prison versus .2 to 3.3 percent in the general population for APD). At the less severe end of the spectrum, you might find these individuals climbing the corporate ladder (but stepping on people to get there) or holding positions of power in local and national government, as frightening as that might be.
      The scariest part is that people with this disorder will be hard to spot. They may be polished, well-dressed, successful, and charming. They may take part in charitable causes or charitable activities, not because they care, but because it makes them look good. To the outside observer, it might be hard to tell the difference.
      Fully enraged by the obvious connotations, I scrolled up to see when this screed, passing for medical science, had been published. What I found was even more telling:
      “Updated July 26, 2019”
      All I could think was, “You, pr*#ks. And you call yourselves professionals.”
      I could be jumping to conclusions here, but the wording was very specific to the description of a man who could easily call to mind the image of President Trump.
      Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I can’t escape the fear that this river runs deep and wide.
      And when trials begin to follow indictments, I fear that this river will run red.

      • visage13 says:

        Thank you for sharing that. Scary, they have no shame. “By any means necessary” is their motto.

      • stripmallgrackle says:

        Forgot to reference:
        Not making this up. Forgot appropriate quote marks to delineate. Sorry to confuse. Was typing faster than usual.

        • stripmallgrackle says:

          If the author is ever called on to explain himself, the predictable defense that he never mentioned anything about Trump will obviously be quickly deployed.
          To that I want to point out the obvious use of two well known concepts in psychology:
          The Primacy Effect: “What would a prototypical narcissistic sociopath look like? While there are variations in the severity of symptoms, we can start to assemble a picture that will help you to identify these people in real life…Most likely, you’ve encountered these types of people in news reports.”
          And the Recency Effect: “They may be polished, well-dressed, successful, and charming. They may take part in charitable causes or charitable activities, not because they care, but because it makes them look good. To the outside observer, it might be hard to tell the difference.”
          People tend to remember that first and last parts of what they read better than the middle.
          Oh, and the double reinforcement of doubt by suggesting twice that the reader may not be recognizing these traits while seeing them. I would also point out the clever segue from “real life” which is what readers are likely asking about, to “in news reports”, which is a bit more abstract. Not real life.
          Yeah, I’m a bit torqued about this little one-two punch. And then Figliuzzi playing Joseph Goebbels on TV.
          They may wait for the election, but I doubt they will wait another day more if things don’t go as planned. For now they are confident that their knowledge of mass psychology will accomplish their ends. After that, who knows?

        • Does this mean Dale Jr is a Nazi?

      • neal s says:

        It may be useful to know about the “Wayback Machine” or the internet archive.
        The link you gave as of Jun 11 would have looked like …
        In general to see how a site may have looked previously, start by heading over to and then enter your URL
        And then unless the web site owner has explicitly prevented from preserving the site, you will be able to see those times when that site was archived.

  52. trapper says:

    God spelled backward is dog. A Toyota spelled backward is a Toyota.

  53. letty bromenschenkel says:

    democrats need to return Hunter Biden’s crack pipe.
    gets worse every day

  54. Concernedcitizen says:

    Brian Williams seemed to buy what Figliuzzi was selling. Did we just watch a Comedy Central segment? Dumb and Dumber do the news.

    • neal s says:

      It is no longer possible to satirize these fools. The Babylon Bee is regularly reported as fake news. They have explained many times (and also right on the website) that the Babylon Bee is NOT news, but is supposed to be funny.

      • mimbler says:

        Snopes regularly factchecks Babylon Bee in order to get them blacklisted from FB. They know it is a satire site, but Snopes is one of the factcheckers FB uses to ban posts so Snopes does this to suppress political satire against libs.

        • neal s says:

          Perhaps it is time for Babylon Bee to sue both Snopes and FB for interfering with their business. I am sure the Bee gets some money from advertising on their web site. By knowingly getting them blacklisted on FB, it interferes with the Bees business.

    • stripmallgrackle says:

      MSNBC follow-up question: “Could you say that again?”
      MSNBC rebuttal: “Really?”

  55. Garavaglia says:

    This guy was great. I could not stop laughing as he was performing his skit…too much fun! Is he kin to Danang Dick?

  56. Bob says:

    The left has lost their minds, and they hate you plan accordingly.

  57. jbowen82 says:

    He’s auditioning to be the next Rachel Maddow.

  58. NJ Transplant says:

    It’s almost impossible to even find a white supremacist, let alone send them triggers. If there are so many of them, why are there only 2 (Charleston and El Paso)?

  59. MostlyRight says:

    In the end, the 3-letter organizations are still government agencies full of government employees. I’ve had to work with many, many government agencies in my half century and they are all trash. Sometimes you come across a good person fighting upstream, and when you do you always go to them, but for the most part dealing with government is a necessary evil.

    • Roni says:

      One positive in all this, the political bias in all these agencies, esp.DOJ/FBI/CIA, has been flushed out and exposed.

      • stripmallgrackle says:

        Breaking: Sociologist Dr. Laurence J. Peter’s 1968 book “The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong” which describes the tendency of organizations to promote under qualified people to higher pay grades and positions of responsibility in which they inevitably fail being reprinted. The publisher, William Morrow and Company, has announced an updated title for the reprint as well: “The Peter Strzok Principle. Comey Again?”

    • DelAware says:

      Shame on you slandering my husband and family like this. You have an agenda and it isn’t good government.

  60. CoffeeBreak says:

    Brian Williams interviewing this Fig-Loser guy…all I can do is lol.
    Another has-been alphabet schmo is telling our President that, once again, he must adhere to the “intelligence community”, then I must continue to point and laugh at the morons.
    Maybe this out-in-the-open moonbattery is a good thing. It could result in some shrinkage. Way too many of these crazies turned against half the population on our dime. Eff em by cutting down their size.

  61. Ad Rem – did my comment about firing Wrap end up in the dust bin or did I lose it in cyberspace?

  62. jimboct says:

    I see such buffoonery in multiple places.
    One: ex FBI with those looney thoughts
    Two: the msm embracing these looneys because Orange Man Bad.
    Do they really want to go there? Don’t they realize there isn’t a way back from all this garbage?
    Actual intelligent people are not going to ever believe these outlets ever again.
    Maybe they are playing to the uninformed masses but as joe would say “cmon man, what are you doing?”
    Not only is VSGPDJT breaking the deep state, he’s breaking the msm cabal.
    Godspeed Mr President.

  63. trapper says:

    We got TROUBLE!!! Right here in River City!!!
    Pockets that mark the diff’rence
    Between a gentlemen and a bum,
    With a capital “B,”
    And that rhymes with “P”
    And that stands for pool!

    • Rhoda R says:

      Pretty much.

    • SKYJACKER says:

      FBI to investigate alt-right conspiracy group and its shadowy leader know as “Pepe.”
      FBI Director Wray to assign “top people” to the probe immediately.
      “We have no greater priority at this time than to get to the bottom of this conspiracy.”
      Wray promised an investigation unheralded since the famous “Louie Louie” probe in the 1960’s.
      Wray said that some beach friends of top FBI analysts haD provided the decisive clue to the organization’s subversive nature and has caused the FBI immediately to assign a “High-Threat-Danger-Will-Robinson” (HTDWR) status to the group.
      “The clue turned out to be the very name of the alleged leader. Its an encoded reverse non-linear analog palindrome,” explained Wray, “and that’s always a big tip off.”
      “Pepe” aka “epeP,” explained Wray, “Now you can see it as clear as the nose on your face. Its diabolical!”
      Wray stated that the FBI has been monitoring the group since the infamous “HWNDU Affair” in early 2017, so they have a good idea of exactly what the FBI is up against.
      Wikipedia – LOUIE LOUIE Investigation
      In February 1964, an outraged parent wrote to Robert F. Kennedy, then the Attorney General of the United States, alleging that the lyrics of “Louie Louie” were obscene. The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated the complaint. In June 1965, the FBI laboratory obtained a copy of the Kingsmen recording and, after 31 months of investigation, concluded that it could not be interpreted, that it was “unintelligible at any speed,” and therefore the Bureau could not find that the recording was obscene. In September 1965, an FBI agent interviewed one member of the Kingsmen, who denied that there was any obscenity in the song. The FBI never bothered either to interview songwriter Richard Berry or to consult the actual lyrics that were on file with the U.S. Copyright Office.
      Informed of the investigation, the alt-right conspiracy group leader “Pepe” aka “epeP released the following statement through his press spokesman,”

      • Judith says:

        I hope you’re joking!

      • drummerboy says:

        actually Louie Louie is the first recorded song to have the F word in it. The drummer yells it out during the recording when he drops a stick. True.

      • trapper says:

        The numerical value of “nuts” in Chaldean Numerology is 9.
        The numerical value of “The numerical value of “nuts” in Chaldean Numerology is 9″ is also 9.
        So there you go then.

        • SKYJACKER says:

          According to the Mayan calendar tomorrow, 8 August 2019, will be 12 cycles, 18 k’atuns, 0 winals, and 16 k’ins since the beginning of the Great Cycle. That means tomorrow will be 12 Kib 14 Wo, ruled by the seventh Lord of the Night. The moon will be nine days old and precisely 5,101 of our years and 235 days will have passed since the creation of the universe, and therefore we are 23 years and 22 days until the final cataclysm that will destroy the universe.
          I calculated that all up and divided by your Chaldean 9 and guess what…
          It came out to 9 again!
          So, that proves it…
          “No matter where you go, there you are!”

  64. Bogeyfree says:

    Now play this with the possibility that Barr could come out and say no one in the FBI did anything wrong with regard to the Russia investigation other than a few policies were exceeded and that should pretty much end it for the FBI and credibility with 62M Americans IMO.

    • Rynn69 says:

      Bogeyfree: That 62 million is low-ball – the number is growing by leaps and bounds every day and far exceeds the Democrats tally sans illegals. It is the majority of American citizens.

  65. Asclepius says:

    These people have totally lost their minds.

  66. Darren says:

    I think this is an IG report strategy. If they are dumb enough to say stuff like this then they were dumb enough to think Trump was a Russian agent.

  67. 1970novass396 says:

    I have Zero respect for the F’ing FBI!

  68. Honest Abbey says:

    President Trump [correctly] declared all flags to be flown at Half STAFF…. not at Half MAST as that dingbat just stated.
    Seriously, the former FBI Assistant Director of Counter Intelligence doesn’t know the difference between the two???
    And Brian Williams’ response to the manic diatribe was precious…
    “That’s Chilling”
    Are these people for real? We’re in some serious trouble, folks!

    • Judith says:

      I’m not sure if they are really that stupid. But I am sure that they assume *we* definitely are! Exactly how big is that opioid crisis again?

  69. Trent Telenko says:

    I thought “Idiotocracy” was an old movie.
    It instead seems to be a bad reality TV show called the FBI.

  70. ristvan says:

    Lurking Lawyer here.
    Not only is this moonbattery, it is malignantly ignorant moonbattery.
    The general ‘half mast/staff’ (mast=ship, staff=land) flag mourning protocol for the US can be found at
    The specific statutory protocol used by PDJT is 4USC§7(m). For events such as El Paso, the norm is 5 days—so until sundown Thursday 8/8/2019. For example, the original 911 Bush half mast proclamation was also 5 days. As the 911 horror became more apparent, by presidential decree he then extended it to 10 days, same as death of a Vice President.

    • Rhoda R says:

      I knew that the five days was important but I didn’t realize where it came from. Thanks Ristvan.

      • ristvan says:

        Yankee Whiskey.
        Its fun to exercise my now aging legal research skills via the internet.
        This took less than ten minutes start to finish including my usual hand written notes and then typed comment, after seeing Sundance lead post just before dinner.

    • TarsTarkas says:

      At this point the Trump haters don’t give a f88K (that lowercase typing was intentional). Anything and everything is now on the table. The Castro brothers (the US versions) have already upped the ante, and any retaliation or defiance against their doxxing will be denounced thunderously as a hate crime.
      To paraphrase Carol Cleveland from Life of Brian, ‘only a true bigot denies his bigotry!’ Any accusation no matter how insane is now considered proof.

      • ristvan says:

        Just finished grilled lamb dinner to return.
        I agree with you.
        BUT, the more fully armed Treepers are with unassailable facts (here, 4USC§7(m), the better they will shoot when we finally ‘see the whites of their eyes’. Metaphorically speaking (hopefully’.

    • Dixie says:

      Thanks for bringing a bit of sanity back to CTH, Ristvan, even if it IS temporary.

  71. fred5678 says:

    Wonder what the nutcase former FBI thinks about Ty Montgomery wearing number 88 on his Packers and Jets uniforms to signify Heil Hitler to NFL fans.
    Now with Jets

  72. Bogeyfree says:

    Please tell me there is no close working relationship in Barr’s or Wray’s past with this guy.
    But I would be curious to know who he did work closely with when he was at the FBI?

  73. mugzey302 says:

    No wonder this guy is “former”.

  74. Marygrace Powers says:

    Entire FBI needs to be SHUT DOWN. TDS
    is systemic throughout the FBI. I don’t buy
    that it is only the upper echelon, it is the
    rank and file as well (Hannity). WHAT A JOKE.

    • Shyster says:

      I agree fully! The 40 to 50 FBI rank and file agents assigned to the Mueller team certainly weren’t “upper echelon” in any sense. These are the same fools who knew Papadopulos didn’t have the 10k on him and had to instead make a bogus PC arrest and who swarmed Roger Stone’s house in an early morning raid with automatic weapons, speed boats helicopters and multiple SWAT vans. Even worse, the rank and file had to know the rules and procedures were being broken since April of 2016, yet not one believed in their oath enough to place their job at risk in the face of a soft coup. They are all cowards and cover their asses over the country in a metastasis of the FBI as a once great institution.

  75. Zippy says:

    “If this level of total moonbattery was/is the focus of the FBI”
    It’s the “is” choice I’ll buy. Administrations come and go. Bureaucrats stick around… and obstruct. OR a few leave and sell their moonbattery services that fit the official (infinitely corrupt) narrative.

  76. MIKE says:

    My apologies, Adrem, but my cold anger got shoved into a blast furnace on this story. I’ll be a good boy in the future.

  77. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Figliuzzi was blinking in morse code:
    “I am a complete dipshit”
    And he did it EIGHT TIMES!

  78. MACAULAY says:

    This is Bagdad Bob type stuff. Perhaps this assclown is trying to set the bar so low for the FBI that a jury can be made to believe that it not a surprise for them to assume that the President of the United States was a crazy Russian Agent who ought to be deposed by the 25th Amendment or by wearing a wire into the Oval Office to try to entrap him.
    I would take my chances IF we could just get to a jury…on conspiracy charges for a dozen or so of these turds…Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Clapper, Rosenstein, Strzok, Orr…these would be a good start.

    • Rhoda R says:

      I wonder if Barr’s major problem is deciding whether it would be worse to try any of these bastards and have the jury come back with a “Not Guilty” verdict or just call it an honest mistake and move on. DC/NVA juries remember and the number of people buying into the whole 88 thing tells me that the TDS is so bad out there that getting a rational jury is going to be d@mn near impossible.

  79. Gas Port says:

    Search for ‘PETER PRINCIPLE’ and a photo of this imbecile will be displayed.

  80. Lottacats says:

    Mental illness left unchecked. Wow.

  81. RM says:

    his excessive blinking was morse code, anyone up to deciphering it ? S/ LOL

  82. Carson says:

    That pic of Christopher I.U.D.Wray says it all.

  83. candyman says:

    Market comment 8/8/19: Although there has been a surge in the number of conspirator/nutcases coming to market lately, it has not achieved true Tulip Mania yet. Looking for a strong upward spike in declared moonbats, intellectually dishonest and corrupt black hats in anticipation of upcoming reports. DJT LEAPS look good. Minsky moment to follow.

  84. delighteddeplorable says:

    This latest over the top moon battery pushes the meaning of f’n insane to a new level. Sure smells like desperation from here.
    However, the comments from CTH branches are some of the most hilarious ever. Keep ’em coming. ???

  85. Johnny says:

    Amazing that this idiot is legally allowed to carry a gun because, he is ex law enforcement. But a veteran of war has to beg for permission to have one to protect himself and family.
    The law needs to change immediately.

  86. Mike in a Truck says:

    Yo, Figliuzzi- you were a dumb ass back on the block and your still a dumb ass.

  87. Professor Woland says:

    Hold on to your hats because it is not going to ease up. Now that the “Russian collusion” has run its course, the “white nationalist” mantra or narrative is the unholy glue that will hold together the diverse coalition on the left. What unites them is what their are against (read:white men).
    Assault Guns are identified with white men so they are a proxy for them. Same with Russian collusion. In case anybody has noticed, Putin is blond with blue eyes so he was an extension, albeit a foreign one, for white men.
    Now that the liberals have exhausted sexism (Blazey-Ford, 19 women to come forward, Stormy Daniels, Elisa Machado, etc.) and the Russian Narrative has failed, look for the Democrats to pull out their old stand by, RACISM RACISM RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all they got left.

    • Raptors2020 says:

      The Nazi Aryan archetype still resonates on a primal level. How dark your skin tone still matters to Blacks. Obama/Kamala are black but not real black. Gillibrand is just too white. Skin tone will be determinative going forward. Liz Warren understood this, and became a faux Indian. O’Rourke understood this, and became a faux Latino. Trump made himself blonder, and became the Devil. As Christianity fades, the primitive rules return. Perhaps the white-haired Biden has achieved neutrality? Black, White, Asian or Latino, all go gray.

  88. sarasotosfan says:

    It took a while for me to understand his conspiracy theory, and in all my years I had never heard it. Soon they will be down to hand puppets. The msm’s decline will be a case study soon.

  89. It’s not that the FBI is stupid, it’s that it has been weaponized to facilitate the legislative and foreign policy objectives of the deep state. Want to get Project for a New American Century started? Ignore warnings from field agents. Want to disarm law abiding but gun owning citizens in advance of federal overreach? Ignore terrorist and mass shooter red flags.
    If elements within the FBI would go so far as to try a coup against a duly elected President, why should we take seriously any of their characterizations of events involving hot button issues like gun control? A high number of so-called “terrorist prosecutions” involved the entrapment of alienated immigrant males in plans hatched by the FBI. The FBI creates the crime that they then solve.
    If we know this, why does the President accept the FBI’s explanations for these mass shooting and other terrorist events? Especially when a leftist perpetrates one in a battleground state like Ohio, and the immediate response of the REPUBLICAN leadership of Ohio is to go all CT on the citizens of Ohio and propose to confiscate the Republican base’s guns because “something will be done.” Hey Governor DeWine, how about cracking down on marxists in the school system in Ohio? Or pharmaceutical companies who poison the youth with mood altering drugs? Or is that Mike DeWine is going Kasich on President Trump in advance of the 2020 elections.

    • elizabethross1776 says:

      I’m extremely disappointed in the so-called Republicans in my old stomping grounds who are trying desperately to out-RINO each other. I warned GOP family members that voting for DeWine was a complete waste of time, but they didn’t listen. There was only one pro-2A candidate in the race–a Libertarian. When it comes to enthusiasm for gun grabbing, DeWine was and is indistinguishable from the Dem he ran against.

  90. Firefly says:

    There’s a hate speech data base that lists all the numbers associated with hate speech. Figliuzzi could have looked up the number to instigate this. He did say someone could be purposely doing it. I didn’t even know about this until about 20 minutes ago. 88 also mean hug and kisses to radio operator as the excerpt below discusses. 14 also is a hate number- as are lots of other numbers. The left is driving us nuts with this- anything Trump says can be searched on the internet with some concocted twisted meaning. Just like discrimination code words – many don’t keep up or just don’t know. This seems intended to drive us nuts.
    “88 is a white supremacist numerical code for “Heil Hitler.” H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so 88 = HH = Heil Hitler. One of the most common white supremacist symbols, 88 is used throughout the entire white supremacist movement, not just neo-Nazis. One can find it as a tattoo or graphic symbol; as part of the name of a group, publication or website; or as part of a screenname or e-mail address. It is even sometimes used as a greeting or sign-off (particularly in messages on social networking websites).”
    “The number is frequently combined with another white supremacist numeric code, 14 (shorthand for the so-called “14 Words” slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”) in the form of 1488, 14/88, 14-88, or 8814.
    It should be noted that 88 can be found in non-extremist contexts. The number is used by ham radio operators to mean “hugs” or “hugs and kisses.” Also, a number of NASCAR drivers, including several very well-known ones, have used the number 88, resulting in various automobile stickers and other forms of merchandise sporting that number.”

    • Bulldog84 says:

      If you have a hammer, everything looks like nail.
      Why would I not be surprised if old Frankie had a hand in elevating Peter Strzok’s career? Don’t you wish Brian Williams would ask him?

    • DelAware says:

      Sounds like the ADL is hittin the Manischewitz.

  91. Garavaglia says:

    The jig is up my fellow deplorables..they have figured it out: DJT is a Russian/Nazi agent, the first of his kind. A “Rusnazi..or Nazruski” as it were.

    • SPMI says:

      Dammit to hell can’t we get to the bottom of this and bring truth back.what in bloody blazes are we waiting for. This is absolutely despicable.
      This is evil incarnate.

      • Garavaglia says:

        Eh…you fire em…somebody hires em back…then they sue you. At least in the case of Strozk..there will be others.

  92. Brant says:

    The FBI/CIA has always been advertised as a bunch of Dan Bonginos.
    I never watched offices spaces or whatever show that was. Wasn’t there some goofy guy on that show that the FBI was really like? But act like they were Dan Bongino? Peter Stroke case in point.

  93. MicD says:

    The fib’s totally ignored shooters in the crowd at LV Harvest Fest.
    Institutionally Corrupted.

  94. Bulldog84 says:

    Just — wow. And all with a straight face.
    Frank Figliuzzi on twitter: “Who is advising this President on counter-radicalization?”
    Answer: Well, gee, maybe it’s some of the folks you supervised at the FBI, Frankie. Or Chris Wray? Tell us, Frank, please. We are just grateful it isn’t Peter Strzok anymore.
    Among other things, this Nazi hunter supposedly worked on helping to “solve” the anthrax killings in 2001. (By the way, weren’t those supposedly domestic too?). Look where that so-called investigation got us; a pricey lawsuit and a suicide and no one was ever tried for the murders. Nice work. One of Mueller’s boys. And proud that he once had an office in Silicon Valley.

  95. jx says:

    This man is delusional. No wonder he had a top spot at the FBI.
    He must hide under his bed when it snows.

  96. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    The FBI has a reputation to uphold. They can’t be running around and investigating Muslims while Obama is in office.
    [Excerpt] (CBS/AP) WASHINGTON – The FBI was too concerned about political correctness and did not launch an investigation into a man who was later charged with killing 13 people in the 2009 attack in Fort Hood, Texas, despite significant warning signs that he was an Islamic extremist bent on killing civilians, according to a lawmaker briefed on the new report.
    In emails to a known terrorist, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan expressed his support for suicide bombings and killing civilians, while the terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, encouraged Hasan to stay in touch.
    “I would assume that (a) suicide bomber whose aim is to kill enemy soldiers or their helpers, but also kills innocents in the process is acceptable,” Hasan wrote in one of the e-mails to Awlaki, according to CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.
    But Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, told The Associated Press Webster’s report offers some new details that show the FBI was concerned about investigating an American Muslim in the military, and that is why an investigation was not pursued.

  97. Fools Gold says:

    Blink blink blink blink blink blink blink, believe, blink blink blink blink blink, me blink blink blink blink blink!

  98. SPMI says:

    Dammit to hell can’t we get to the bottom of this and bring truth back.what in bloody blazes are we waiting for. This is absolutely despicable.
    This is evil incarnate.

  99. I’m reading “Indian Country” by Kurt Schlichter. (I highly recommend)
    CW2 sure looks like it’s coming with all these Dunning-Kruger University grads running amuck.

  100. StandTall says:

    Sorry (but not really;) to say but after watching that video Sundance posted, proof the Left has finally fallen off the edge! That was the looniest thing I’ve heard in a while.. sigh.

  101. Firefly says:

    Figliuzzi should look into this hate speech on Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s initials 83 are hate speech.
    83 is a white supremacist numeric symbol that stands for “Heil Christ” or “Hail Christ” (the eighth letter of the alphabet is H and the third letter is C, thus 83 is “HC”). It is typically used by adherents of the racist and anti-Semitic religious sect known as Christian Identity. The symbol derives from the older white supremacist numeric symbol 88 (“Heil Hitler”). As they do with 88, white supremacists sometimes pair 83 with the number 14 (a reference to the so-called “Fourteen Words” slogan), creating numeric phrases such as “14/83.”

    • Bob says:

      Surprised that figluzzi can even count to 88!

      • Orville R. Bacher says:

        And you think the FBI and all the other Alphabet Agencies couldn’t be infiltrated by Foreign Adversaries? Think again.

        • John Brennan equals Russian agent.

        • Raptors2020 says:

          One of the rules for success is to find out what is important to your boss, and make it important to you. The author Diana West has alleged James Comey was once (?) a communist. Despite Hannity’s reiterations that there’s only a few bad apples in the FBI, it only takes a few bad apples in leadership positions to make all the difference.

      • Jederman says:

        I’ll bet his family is proud.
        If Frank lives in a state with Red Flag Laws I’m thinking he qualifies for involuntary gun confiscation. Clearly he’s out there somewhere.
        Maybe his parents or his wife have already made the call.

        • Gort says:

          In a kinder gentler time in our past, Frank would placed in a straight jacket and locked in a loony bin, for his own protection.
          I believe the clinical diagnosis for his condition is Nutty As A Fruitcake.

      • Issy says:

        Have we seen any evidence he can?

      • Remington says:

        Bob…don’t assume that. Probably reading the teleprompter. These people redefine stupidity on a daily bases.

    • cplogics says:

      This is truly one of the most egregious examples of dangerous commentary that a national news outlet could possibly post. it is unbelievable that anyone with a scintilla of intellect could possibly espouse this on national tv. Unbelievable.

      • Tl Howard says:

        And the reason it’s being done is because “trillions are at stake,” (sound familiar?)
        I wish POTUS would deliver a major speech addressing the “trillions at stake”–time to tell Americans bluntly WHY the globalists are going after him. I fear waiting is a bad idea.

  102. If anybody with their brain functioning accurately thinks the FBI is anything but a self-perpetuating, self-serving, self-righteous bunch of con artists I’d like to spend 15 minutes telling them about my neighbor who encountered their graft, theft (yes- they outright stole personal property from him) and corruption 25 years ago! There is ZIP ZERO NADA that has convinced me that the pedophile J Edgar Hoover didn’t turned FBI into the best wolves in sheep’s clothing and enemies of American freedom years ago. They have always been the right arm and hammer of the swamp. Always. Their filthy fingers are deep in the hoohaas of Hollywood, DC, Big Banks and boardrooms. They exist to enrich themselves and their compadres at the expense of US Citizens. They have finally been exposed as the dirty bureaucrats they always have been. Don’t give me this crapnolia about “the good ones” suffering silently whole doing The Lord’s work. If these mystery agents had fidelity, bravery and integrity they would have blown the lid off this vile bunch of parasites years ago.
    The bottom line is this: We have been duped yet again by yet another fraud.
    PS I was raised in a law enforcement family. I love law and order, and the brave public servants who keep me and my precious ones safe. Sadly the FiBs are not numbered among these heroes.

    • Bob says:

      These idiots from a formally admired branch of our government turned it into a third world corrupt guard of sleaziness and personal agendas. Are we going to hold these people accountable and hang them for their crimes of treason?

    • Exfiltration of Wealth says:

      Massive speaks truth!

    • BillW says:

      Is this what it’s come to? MSNBC promoting conspiracy theories?
      Ok then, here’s a doozie for ya…and I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist, but by God, it’s hard not to take this seriously given how corrupt we’ve learned our DOJ/FBI has become:
      “(Natural News) The mass shooting events that have rocked America over the past two days follow the pattern of “FBI terror plots” documented by the New York Times and the Kansas City Star (see sources, below) as being created and carried out by FBI agents. These two shootings were initiated in the hours following the bombshell revelation that the FBI conspired with Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to destroy Clinton’s email hard drives as a means to eliminate any evidence of Hillary Clinton’s prosecutable crimes.
      Former FBI director James Comey is now known to have run multiple criminal schemes to illegally frame Trump administration officials while clearing Obama-era officials as part of a treasonous deep state plot to overthrow the United States of America, defeat President Trump and frame Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.
      It now appears abundantly obvious that the FBI is the most prolific terrorist organization in America, and this fact has been confirmed by the New York Times. Under the treasonous command of Barack Obama and James Comey, the FBI was radicalized and weaponized into a treasonous crime syndicate that routinely plotted and carried out acts of terrorism against the United States of America, all while covering up the damning evidence of criminality and treason that should have sent Hillary Clinton to prison.
      The FBI is running a massive, coordinated psyop on America. The goal is to demonize all Trump supporters, paint illegals aliens as victims and enraged the mind-controlled Left to the point of a mass armed insurrection led by Antifa terrorists (i.e. civil war). The deep state knows it is about to be exposed by Trump, Durham and William Barr, so it is running every “Hail Mary” operation imaginable to try to control the minds of the masses and depict Trump supporters as enemies of civil society.”

      • Bork man says:

        When I stormed area 51 the other day they were talking about that , I was smoking a mk ultra light ,and in the area were a bunch of tic tok people along with Zippo people and they were all nuts ,screaming about bleach bit and acid washing , all victims of FBI psyop ing .

    • Carrie says:

      Excellent comment and I’m enjoying the word crapnolia….

    • 335blues says:

      Well spoken MD.
      The FBI’s reputation is destroyed.

    • Raptors2020 says:

      Not frauds; like the DOJ, and most other federal bureaucracies, the FBI is now packed with leftists. Their preferred targets are neo-nazis and white supremacists, despite their scarcity on the ground. They’re reluctant to pursue the fellow travellers of Antifa. The FBI leftists are deluded but sincere.

  103. Rynn69 says:

    Former FBI agent Frank Fibliuizzi was seen today visually distraught and vigorously shaking a “Magic 8” Ball asking it “Am I Batsh$t Crazy” and the answer showing up . . . “Signs point to yes.”

    • Jederman says:

      What’s scary is while these fine public servants are doing back flips to come up with this embarrassing nonsense it’s likely the real terrorism threats are slipping through the wire. And laughing all the way. What a joke.
      This would not be so bad if he was a nutty “rank and file” agent, but he was management. Not only is the “premier” law enforcement organization in this country corrupted and political, they’re led by these Inspector Clouseau types with a political agenda.
      As I have said before, Wray is on a fools errand when (if) he is in “save the institution” mode. There is nothing to save.

    • LIG says:

      I came here for the comedy.

  104. gsonFIT says:

    I will never look at this guy with a straight face again. MSNBC should fire this idiot immediately

    • cplogics says:

      “MSNBC should fire this idiot immediately”. They won’t because they are equally crazy. We have a serious mental health issue in this country and many of those that qualify as mentally ill are designated contributors on NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, you name it. We are in deep doo doo, folks, deep doo doo.

  105. California Joe says:

    So every redneck White supremacist in the country has the secret decoder ring for President Trump’s very secret code word messages but the FBI and CIA don’t? I’d be really embarrassed to admit that if I were a retired FBI Assistant Director. No?

  106. History Teaches says:

    The frightening thing is that a big portion of society has jumped the shark into collective insanity.
    I’m not exaggerating or being rhetorical.
    The subconscious is enormously powerful. Pure emotional content. Constantly surging and intruding into waking consciousness.
    It can stimulate amazing positive things and trigger devastating evil. It is also uncritical, accepting what is programmed into it by suggestion.
    Normally our rational consciousness filters and processes whatever emerges and channels and regulates content along the accepted norms of the social society.
    Those norms vary in different societies, but are safeguards intended to insure sane social behavior as defined by those societies.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that we really are teetering on the edge of a complete breakdown of what sanity is.
    Nietzsche pontificate about a ‘revaluation of values.’ But he himself crossed the line into insanity at the end. His influence saturated cultural Marxism, which has become more and more detached from rationality and objectivity.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome is far more than a convenient label of scorn. It is a pathological infestation. A pure excursion into the abyss of insanity.
    Like everyone in a mental institution, they all fervently claim they are the sane ones, and not understood the way they should be. The fulcrum of balance between reason and emotion cannot be reset.
    These are chilling, scary times. And the MSM and swamp masters understand all this. They are coldly, cruelly detached from real emotions. They intentionally use every psychological tool to create a wave of insanity where certain individuals will crack and trigger events leading to full bodied, physical revolution.
    It’s been done before, and that playbook is always their bible.

    • Zippy says:

      “The frightening thing is that a big portion of society has jumped the shark into collective insanity. I’m not exaggerating or being rhetorical.”
      I don’t think its a big portion AT ALL. It’s just mentally deficient and/or disturbed people with large platforms making a lot of noise, aided by the corporate media. You’re falling for the same perception bias that has come from the usual, RIDICULOUS, politically motivated over-coverage of a statistically insignificant event to all but those involved – a mass shooting. An example from today of a mentally deficient and/or disturbed individual whose disorder is not fact-based in any way:

        • Donzo says:

          DeGrassi took a lot of flack for a recent comment about the shooting that the Leftists parsers of words found to not sufficiently empathetic. Being a genius I’m glad he did not take the bait.g Chicago’s south side can lose more in a few days, but I don’t hear any Leftists complaining about that as it doesn’t help their war on 2A. De Grassi who himself is a big liberal is absolutely right. Leftists revel whenever people are killed in mass shootings. It’s their other opportunity to make headlines and blame Trump. He is after all the master of the universe and responsible for everything that happens. /sarc

          • Jederman says:

            “Leftists revel whenever people are killed in mass shootings.” That is because they think they can use it as leverage for gun CONTROL.
            I guess the “mass” part is more emotional than 20-30 individual shootings here and there in oh, I dunno, chicago.

        • All Too Much says:

          I was in Chicago last weekend, seeing old friends and checking out the old haunts.
          6 dead 40 something wounded by guns.
          The city just kept on going, not skipping a beat.

      • Rynn69 says:

        Ms. Arquette,
        If your self-loathing and shame is so deep and heartfelt that it disgusts you, there is something you can do today to right the wrong you feel so deeply: sell your $16 million+ Pacific Palisades home now that you and your financier hubby Todd Morgan purchased and donate your wealth to a well-deserving charity.
        But you won’t. Because you, Ms. Arquette, are the worst kind of hypocrite.
        Spare us your BS and your compassion steeped in insincerity. Seeing you stand beside the beloved American flag is a great contrast in what is good in the world and what is not so good.

        • GB Bari says:

          I might be wrong but I think she was being sarcastic.

          • evergreen says:

            Sad thing is that it’s 50/50, and no one knows either position to be out of the norm now.

          • GB Bari says:

            For the record, I have done further research and, based on this over-the-hill has-been woman’s history of vile anti Trump comments, have concluded that she was quite serious in expanding her hatred to the U.S. flag and the nation.
            She is yet another TDS-infected idiot who deserves no attention for her blatherings.
            For the record, IMO..

      • Pale rider says:

        Notice the wind blowing her hair……on the opposite side of her head. Like a wind tunnel in that melon.

    • Jederman says:

      Big shout out to the msm (and that includes hollywood)!
      Without them this would be a normal, stable and prospering country.

  107. gsonFIT says:

    Figliuzzi is Marianne Williamson’s VP candidate. Also not sure if you guys know but she is the same Marianne that used to be on Gilligan’s island

  108. bacillus says:

    Yeah, except the flags won’t fly at half-staff until 88. It’s until 8/8, which is not a Nazi hate code.

  109. mr. deacon says:

    Well, at least we now know how Obama signaled his dogwhistles to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. I guess this clown thinks all the HMFIC’s signal the same way.

  110. Eyes Opened says:

    Donald John Trump is the 45th President. There are 15 letters in his name. The Dayton shooting occurred on the 4th day of the month. 45+15+4 is 64. 64 is 8*8. How does the president not recognize this endorsement of white supremacy when the FBI can see it clearly?

  111. jx says:

    8 is “V” on a phone keypad. V=Vladimir – it’s the Rooskies again!!!

  112. ilcon says:

    What will 99.9% Hannity do?

    • thetigerleg says:

      Man, I hate that rank and file crap he always goes with. If rank and file had a problem with the hoax their bosses were pushing, they would have all walked en masse just to make a point.
      It’s like sports radio. When they start of saying that so and so is one of the classiest guys in sports, you can bet they’re about to say that the allegation of him beating his wife is only an allegation. Classy, rank and file, credible. All just media BS words to distract from a dick being a dick.

      • dd_sc says:

        Didn’t a bunch of the rank and file threaten to walk out if Comey let Clinton off the hook about mishandling classified material?

  113. Gort says:

    In defense of Frank Figliuzzi, it is clear from watching that video that he is suffering from some form of organic brain damage.
    On the other hand, the people who watch that video and don’t immediately start laughing at such nonsense are simply suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • All Too Much says:

      You nailed it. The messenger isn’t the issue, its the people who believe it.
      Maybe the messengers social media following will identify those who agree with him. Red flag all of them.

    • Jederman says:

      I believe Frank was actually speaking only to those (TDS) people.

  114. thetigerleg says:

    Gee, I went to weddings on both 8/8/88 and 8/8/08. Didn’t know all those old Jewish ladies were Nazis at the 1988 one. Also 7/7/07 was really popular because it was a Saturday. I think that’s dog whistle code for people who identify as lemurs trapped in human bodies. Madagascar was a HATE film. Hateful. Hateful. Hateful.

    • DelAware says:

      Don’t you laugh, 8-8-88 was when night lighting came to Wrigley Field. That’s gotta qualify as some kind of hate crime!!!

  115. George Marcom says:

    That Figkiuzzi blinks faster than any other liar I’ve ever seen!

  116. Carrie says:

    At its height, Aryan Nation had 200 members. There is another new nazi group right now (with socialist in the title) has maximum 400 members. We are being generous if we say all in there are about 2,500 new nazis in the US right now. In a population of about 360 million. I believe there is a book comparing Hedgehogs to Foxes. Hedgehogs are experts in an area that is very specific and they specialize in it. But they tend to not be good team players and are very rigid in their thinking and therefore often wrong (think economists). Foxes are more global thinkers, changing their opinions as they continue to gather wide swaths of data. They tend to be good with others and are relatively modest because they keep tweaking their goals. This guy is a hedgehog on steroids. He is so in deep with his BS specialty he will miss every other big bomb going off around him because he is hung up on the minutiae. Apparently the FBI is full of narcissistic hedgehogs (no offense to those adorable creatures).

  117. dd_sc says:

    If you ever wondered why the FBI would ignore warnings from Russia about the Boston Marathon bombers; or if you ever wondered how the FBI could overlook the warnings from local residents about the San Bernardino terrorists; or if you ever wondered how and why the FBI would ignore reports from the Florida sheriff about the Pulse Nightclub terrorist; or if you ever wondered why the FBI ignored the repeated warnings about the Parkland shooter….
    If those 50 FBI agents working with Meuller were watching these people (and that group in the NM desert) instead of working the Russia hoax, maybe could have stopped a couple before they left their neighborhoods.

  118. Donzo says:

    That picture of Wray gives Gowdy a good run or his money for who best should hold the title of Roosterhead.

  119. JRD says:

    Oh geez, I wonder what Figliuzzi thinks Trump was signaling when Covfefe beat Kentucky Oaks winner Serengeti Empress in Saturday’s Grade 1 Test Stakes, battling that foe all the way to the wire to win at the premier racing meet in the country, Saratoga Race Course – The August Place To Be
    Hey dork, TRUMP RULES !

  120. StanH says:

    And just think, we’ve been paying this idiot to develop his kills.
    It really is alarming that this guy was Ass. Dir. of the FBI. The cream of the crop. Let that one sink in. Wow!
    I want a refund.

    • Carrie says:

      It’s so true. This combination of arrogance and ignorance is just breathtaking when you think of the position he had.

  121. MIKE says:

    Well, since we’re all being cryptic an’ stuff, I’ll just repost two of my favorite anagrams…
    old west action= Clint Eastwood
    president barack obama= an arab backed imposter

  122. Zippy says:

    Ya’ gotta admit, one of the first things a Nazi would do would be to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

  123. Bubby says:

    I wonder if crackerjack FBI Agent Frank Figliuzzi ever investigated the number19?
    “There in the middle of this Mall is the Washington Monument, 555 feet high. But if we put a one in front of that 555 feet, we get 1555, the year that our first fathers landed on the shores of Jamestown, Virginia, as slaves. In the background is the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial. Each one of these monuments is 19 feet high. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, Thomas Jefferson the third president, and 16 and 3 make 19 again. What is so deep about this number 19? Why are we standing on the Capitol steps today? That number 19, when you have a nine, you have a womb that is pregnant, and when you have a one standing by the nine, it means that there’s something secret that has to be unfolded.” Calypso Louie’s numerological digression at the Million Man March! Hat Tip to Mark Steyn

  124. Peoria Jones says:

    1.) Start noticing people who start most of their sentences with the word “I.”
    2.) Count the number of times they say “me.”
    3.) Count how often these people use the phrase “And I’m like…”
    4.) Note how often these targets use the words “the” and “and.” It’s YUGE.
    It ain’t no coinkydink. These are your subversives, and these are the code-words they have subverted. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.
    There are other unspoken codes as well – green hair, women with unshaven armpits, dirty fuzzy slippers for shopping, loud music with vulgar and violent language, and the stench of boiled cabbage and urine.
    If you note any of the above, please immediately report to the authorities.

    • Jederman says:

      obama comes to mind. By authorities are you referring to that ball of fire Frank Figliuzzi?

      • Peoria Jones says:

        Well, he’s not with the FIb anymore, so we can’t ring his phone off the hook. But he’s certainly still an authority, cuz he’s an MSNBC employee.

  125. CorwinAmber says:

    sheesh…makes me wanna rethink every official interaction I had with the bureau over the years, sigh

  126. grahampink says:

    That picture needs a thought bubble over his head saying (“burp” I think I ate to many paint chips this morning)

  127. mr.piddles says:

    8/8 = 1. There can be only one: Satan. Donald J. Trump is a Satanist. The word “Satanist” is comprised of 8 letters. Coincidence? You be the judge.
    Furthermore, 8/8 = 1; there are 8 letters in “Satanist”. 8/8 x 8 = 8. A sign of significance? Or just math? Again, you be the judge.
    Finally, there are 12 letters in “Donald J. Trump”; there are 8 letters in “Satanist”. The Greatest Common Denominator (GCD) of 12 and 8 is 4. Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States. 44th President + 1 Satanist = 45. Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Think about it.
    We live in evil times, people. Evil, evil times.

  128. Donald Krause says:

    The number 8 is an Angel number. It is a fantastic number.
    “The meaning of number 88 (in numerology) is that you have prosperity and abundance in your life every single day. … It’s a message of encouragement that your thoughts and actions will lead you to financial abundance and prosperity.”
    I did not know PDT was into numerology.

  129. John Schaper says:

    Every time I decode a secret message with my Trump decoder ring, it says to buy some type of breakfast cereal. One time I bought Alph Bits and it spelled out “Gnorts Mr. Alien.” That happens to be “Neil Armstrong” backward. Coincidence? I think not.

  130. joeknuckles says:

    During what years was Fuglywuzzi in a position of authority at the FBI? What successful attacks occurred during that time?
    He needs to be thoroughly roasted for this stupidity.

  131. Badabing says:

    First application of a Red Flag seizure of weapons should be on Figliuzzi. Total nut case.

  132. 335blues says:

    That man is a psychopath.
    He seems dangerous to the public, and the President. He should be questioned
    by the secret service and then committed
    to a psychiatric ward

  133. The Gipper Lives says:

    My first car was a Delta 88 that my Dad gave me. Looking back, I now realize he was a Nazi recruiter.

  134. Orygun says:

    Sheesh! Who knew there were so many funny people reading the CTH. It is like I am not reading the comments on Going Postal. 😉

  135. william chan says:

    The FBI has self-destructed and must be disbanded in shame.
    Every conviction based on FBI testimony must be thrown out.
    A BIASED/BRIBED FBI means ALL FBI sworn testimony is questionable and unreliable.
    A BIASED FBI means every court case outcome in which the FBI has been involved is questionable.
    A BIASED FBI means that everything from WACO to Oklahoma Bomb to 9/11 must be reexamined.
    Every legal case in which the FBI has been involved must be reopened and retried.
    Crack Whores have more ethics and morality than the FBI.
    The FBI lies, perjures cheats ….. how can their testimony “under oath” be accepted in court?
    The FBI did a criminally irresponsible job of investigating the Oklahoma City Bomb that was born in Sanilac county, Michigan, and the Militia Culture permeating it. There were TWO militias up there. (1) The CITIZENS Militia, with 85 year old Hattie Farley, which OPPOSED the Sheriff and the “Good Old Boys” and (2) The violence prone, RACIST, PRO-sheriff “element”.
    Sanilac county Sheriff Virgil Strickler was BFF and business partner with David Rydel, “commandant” of the “united States Theatre Command” militia which is named in the FBI “Project Megiddo” report for Y2K. Strickler let the Rydel militia use the department’s shooting range. LOUD explosions on the Nichols farm were repeatedly reported to Strickler, So what do you know! when the Feds raided the farm the evidence was cleaned up. James Nichols stated in his speech at the Dearborn Centennial Library that the FIRST person he wanted to talk to was Strickler, which he did BEFORE talking to the FEDS. James was welcomed home as a HERO when he was released from Federal custody. All described in Nichols’ book “Freedom’s End”
    The “support network” for the bomb extended to the very top of Sanilac County. Worth Township in Sanilac county, had a Supervisor, James Payne, who flew Confederate flags on his property for decades. He drove around with a Confederate license plate, and had a Black Lawn Jockey holding a Confederate flag standing right at his door. Sheriff Strickler REGULARLY passed that lawn jockey and saw the flags as he entered Payne’s home to socialize

  136. nuthinmuffin says:

    i hate to say this, but we need to keep an arkancide list of our own for when the time comes…and i fear it’s sooner than we think.

  137. Garavaglia says:

    He needs his own show on MSNBC. I would watch it,,,no such thing as too much laughter.

  138. covfefe999 says:

    This guy is totally PSYCHO. Wow. Sick. Needs help!

  139. The Gipper Lives says:

    “Sorry we were too busy to catch Manning or Snowden, but Hitler told us to wiretap Trump.”

  140. TraderJoe says:

    This guy is a total disgrace. Can you imagine having idiots like him running our country. Mature Adolescent.

  141. Boots says:

    Some will believe part, maybe all, of what this dangerous psychopath is saying.
    I have family members who’ve been propagandized into hating Trump because they believe everything MSNBC says about Trump.
    MSNBC and CNN are the two MOST DESTRUCTIVE FORCES in America.
    Without them the Democrat Nazis wouldn’t have a platform.
    Some, who clearly see with fright and horror the depths and magnitude of the evil masquerading as the Democrat party, might be tempted to at times wonder why these mass shooters waste their time and ammo on innocents, when there are much more deserving targets.

    • Pale rider says:

      My three siblings! I quit talking to them when trump was running. I can’t imagine now. GD this GD that. I’ll pass.

  142. Gary Lacey says:

    This insane SOB makes my case, the FBI murdered Seth Ricth?

  143. Just Some Guy says:

    It’s very likely this moonbat wacko still has security clearance.
    And if he does, Trump should have it removed ASAP!

  144. covfefe999 says:

    August 8 is the following National Days:
    National CBD Day
    National Happiness Happens Day
    National Frozen Custard Day
    National Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day
    National Dollar Day
    All Nazi activities, obviously. That fourth one is most disturbing because it’s well known Eva Bruan used to cook Zucchini for Hitler. I don’t know about custard.

  145. Gort says:

    The fact that this lunatic was allowed within 50 feet of of an FBI building is disturbing. The fact that he was allowed inside an FBI building is proof that there is something seriously wrong with the FBI. That he was in fact an FBI employee demonstrated the FBI is a seriously dysfunctional institution. The fact that this wackadoo was the Asst. Director of the FBI for Counterintelligence is irrefutable evidence that the FBI needs to be completely dismantled and the J. Edgar Hoover Building bulldozed into rubble — very small bits of rubble.

  146. covfefe999 says:

    I feel some really great memes comin’ on. 🙂 And Joe Dan Gorman, wow, the guy is never without material for his shows is he?
    We’re going to take this one and run with it, like we did with deplorable and Pepe. Heck I didn’t even know what Pepe was until some Demtard started yapping about it.

  147. Cathy M. says:

    The FBI will never change. The FBI screws up, Congress has hearings on it, Congress throws more money to FBI to fix the problems, the FBI problems are never fixed and it only gets worse..
    Decades ago during a Congressional hearing,Sen. Grassley was questioning an FBI official (I believe it was Mueller). I recall Sen Grassley telling the FBI official that the only thing the FBI was good at was Public Relations.
    That hearing concerned the issues cited in the link below.
    A 2002 release on Sen. Grassley’s official website. As you can see FBI’s old habits still remain & have only gotten worse.

  148. Tl Howard says:

    Barr and Durham have a grave responsibility not only to get these folks but do so as swiftly as possible or else when the crimes are revealed, half of America won’t believe them.

  149. The Gipper Lives says:

    Wikipedia: “February 2007 – The Department of Justice Inspector General reported that “over a 44-month period the FBI reported 160 weapons and 160 laptop computers as lost or stolen.”
    Has any checked the garage of The Spy Who Hitlerized Me?

    • Stolen from the white hatted FBI or the black hatted FBI? They couldn’t have exculpatory evidence about PDJT could they? Nah – never happen.

    • Linda K. says:

      Hmmm. They took their computer and their gun and there were 160 of them. Anyone checked HR lately? I think that was the last place Peter Strzok was assigned.

      • jeff montanye says:

        speaking of whom, strzok was a very high ranking counterintelligence agent and he thought he and lisa could freely text, safe from ever being found out. they even needed an “insurance policy” in case trump was elected but their fbi phones were somehow immune. counterintelligence isn’t short for counter to intelligence is it?

      • SSI01 says:

        With this level of deductive reasoning within the FBI – well, this is how they look at any Trump conservatives left within the rank and file and build nonsensical cases against them to force them out of the agency. Having been there, and observed this from afar, I can tell you how this works: You do something or espouse something of which they do not approve. Those with whom you interact – (HR and/or your Unit Security Monitor – or your first and second level management – or co-workers who are of a liberal bent of mind – or even your PFT coordinator) are quizzed about your statements/behavior. The focus is on any peculiarity THEY decide is worthy of further study or attention. Since this sort of internal inquiry means you could possibly lose your security clearance, you are warned the inquiry is taking place. 80-90% of those finding out will cease and desist whatever is bothering everyone else. Liberalism in the FBI and other organizations continues to have its way. The bold few will continue. Their clearance will be suspended. Once that happens the onus is on YOU, the victimized, to get it reinstated. They’ll just shrug their shoulders and say, “Sorry, just doing my job. You were exhibiting odd behavior, you know.
        SPLC guidelines show you to be right in line with “X” organization’s thinking.”

    • mrdjt says:

      This guy was the Deputy Director of Counter Intelligence. It was the Counter Intelligence section that started the investigation into the Trump campaign that led to the dossier and the Special Council. Really makes you wonder the real reason behind the investigation.

  150. Pew-Anon says:

    If this level of total moonbattery treachery was/is the focus of the FBI, then clearly this is the level of incompetence corruption that explains why the FBI has failed miserably in committed treason against their duties.

    Fixed it for you.
    This is not incompetence we are witnessing here. The sooner we come to terms with that the better.

    • Observer says:

      FIB has repeatedly acted to support Democrat narratives. Focus on White Supremacy? Really? How many lunes were there in Charlottesville? 1000? 2000? For what the media billed as a nationwide rally. Pretty poor showing
      The left managed to draw in 5000-10000 Antifa nuts who had no excuse for being their except to fight. Media cares not.
      All the media remembers about Charlottesville is that they were able to deliberately mischaracterize something the Pres said to make him look bad.
      Whenever media mentions it, remember that the person who is informing you is deliberately trying to deceive you.

      • Pew-Anon says:

        I propose there were exactly 0 white supremacists in Charlottesville. The whole thing was staged, with leftists LARPing as the obligatory Nazis.

        • The Central Scrutinizer says:

          Jason Kessler, one of the organizers of Charlottesville was a big participant of Occupy Wall Street and was an avowed liberal until he decided to change sides and become a White Supremacist. I wonder what caused him to change???? Could it have been a nice payday from a “concerned” lefty who wanted someone on the inside to keep them informed as to what the evil Right was up to, or to maybe stir things up when they needed a change of narrative?

      • PBR says:

        Did anyone think it very mysterious that the helicopter was downed on that day in Charlottesville? I heard very little about this. They never said the reason. The two officers (I think) did not survive and I guess neither did all the footage they captured. HMMMM….

    • Observer says:

      FIB has repeatedly acted to support Democrat narratives. Focus on White Supremacy? Really? How many lunes were there in Charlottesville? 1000? 2000? For what the media billed as a nationwide rally. Pretty poor showing
      The left managed to draw in 5000-10000 Antifa nuts who had no excuse for being their except to fight. Media cares not.
      All the media remembers about Charlottesville is that they were able to deliberately mischaracterize something the Pres said to make him look bad.
      Whenever media mentions it, remember that the person who is informing you is deliberately trying to deceive you.

    • Garavaglia says:

      Yes. They are not inept, they are intent.

    • PBR says:

      BRAVO_ Pew Anon

    • PBR says:

      This is the height at moonbattery. What if this happened in September? Would it still be 88? Would it be 9-9 or 9-11? What complete hogwash.

    • farrier105 says:

      The movie BREACH tells the story about how the head of FBI CounterIntelligence was actually working for the Russians for years.

  151. SnapperCheeks says:

    I guess if telling it like it is in clear & simple terms and stepping on dishonest toes is code, then President Trump is guilty as charged. I’m still waiting on someone to explain how his persuasive speech (code), i.e. “rhetoric” (yet another overused term), promotes hate and violence, indicates mysogynistic traits, pushes racism and homophobia, supports white supremism and love of nazi idealism (for starters)…AND encourages disrespect. Yet he’s a horrible orator right? Perhaps putting the spotlight on those dishonest toes has become too much huh? (That was code for WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!)

    • Observer says:

      It only works if you do not look behind the curtain. Unfortunately too many are so under the MSM spell that they cannot ever see or comprehend the existence of the curtain.

      • TarsTarkas says:

        Remember, a bigot always denies their bigotry . . .
        Silence when accused of bigotry is proof of it, because any decent person would indignantly deny bigotry. And of course denials of bigotry when accused of it is proof of bigotry, because you wouldn’t need to defend yourself if you weren’t a bigot.

        • Super Elite says:

          Salem witchcraft trials are in vogue this year: they hold you underwater; if you drown you are not a witch, if you live you are a witch.

        • The Central Scrutinizer says:

          I haven’t heard many talking heads in Conservative Media point out the fact that when POTUS used the term “infested” to describe the conditions in Baltimore, the leftist media’s first inclination was to equate that term with Black or Brown people.

      • ms doodlebug says:

        The majority of our population is too wrapped up in their own lives to realize what impact the Federal government has on their lives. Most of the people I know say they aren’t interested in politics or don’t have time to keep up with what our government is doing.

  152. mr.piddles says:

    I think I read somewhere a long time ago that the number 8 is supposedly “my number”. Like in some astrology somethingorother. Does that make me a Nazi? Should I change my number? Suggestions for a new number? I’m really sorta upset by this whole episode now!

    • John says:

      and number seven is the lucky number.

      • warrprin1 says:

        I was told decades ago that mine is three. I still haven’t figured out the significance – because there isn’t any.

        • Sam Fox says:

          I am going with 13. I was born a Friday the, you guessed it, 13th.
          Wahddaya mean, unlucky? Jesus & the 12 , that equals, you guessed it, thirteen. I like a lot of numbers.
          I don’t believe in luck. I go for good fortune.

          • thetigerleg says:

            Actually, 13 would make you 4. You always reduce to single digits. My number 4-12-1962 is 7. 4, 1+2 = 3, 1+9+6+2 = 18 = 1+8 = 9. Then 4+3+9 = 16 = 1+6=7. So when anyone asks my age I say 7 and then act like it is.

      • Debbie says:

        And 1 is the loneliest number. Lol

    • Zy says:

      Yes you are a Nazi. The number 8 makes you SS.

      • TarsTarkas says:

        Does that mean anybody who owns snakes is a Nazi? After all they HISS . . . .
        Lizards do too.
        The flywheel has come off the engine of the Democratic party and is now caroming wildly around the interior of the car, smashing everything and everyone in its way. Unfortunately we are fellow passengers inside that car. If we get through the 2020 election without a hot coup attempt I’ll be happy. Because I think this insanity is to try to convince people that Trump has to be removed before the election or they’ll keep on escalating. We’ll calm down once he’s gone! Trust us!

      • Linda K. says:

        There’s no beating a crazy FBI agent. Can’t fool him! Comey probably hired him for guidance.

      • Alfred Brown says:

        My mom inherited a 1950 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 from my dads aunt when she passed in 1960.
        It had less than 10k miles on it.
        My mom hoped behind the wheel, took me to my kindergarten class and went to register for college at the new U-Mo, St. Louis extension. Less than 10 years more she had a PhD from St.Louis U.
        She and my Dad both missed that the Oldsmobile company was trying to signal hidden post-war Nazis that the new Reich was trying to arise!
        I’ll have to sit down this weekend and figure out what all these other numbers ad up to.
        I will point out what Sundance has noted: When Hanity is vouching for the rank-and-file FBI, I am looking for a brick to throw at the TV. Where are the Right-Wing Leakers, exposing the left corruption!
        The same FBI that says there is a White supremacist under every cofveve table is the one that said POTUS was a Russian Agent for the last 2.5 years!
        The whole agency is corrupt, and not to be trusted, or even taken seriously, by the Citizens of the US.

        • Gary Thomson says:

          I’m with you on your Sean Hannity remark. The FBI has been corrupted at the top and that means the corruption has spread. Don’t know how wide or deep but we can be certain it has. There were numerous forced resignations and firings at the FBI senior levels as more and more of them were shown to be in the corruption scheme to undermine President Trump. I know such a corrupt management structure had a down-stream effect on the entire FBI team. Rank and file figure out real quickly which side the bread is buttered. The whole organization needs a thorough house cleaning and Christopher Wray is not the guy to do it. I would not trust anyone from the FBI. Anyone approached by the FBI is best served by clamming up and getting a good attorney.
          My dad was a federal prosecutor and because of him I used to have a high level of respect for our Justice Department and its investigative arm, the FBI. But not any longer. I know my dad, if he were still alive, would be saying the same thing – CLEAN HOUSE!

    • PBR says:

      I looked up just “8”. The Meaning of Number 8
      “The number 8 is generally read as indicating material abundance and career success, but in the context of Angel Numbers it usually means much more than simple material gain. … In fact, you can think of angel number 8 as being a critical step between these two most spiritual numbers.Apr 4, 2019
      I just guess it’s numerology.

      • wondering999 says:

        LOL Somebody needs to retweet that back at the relevant moonbats. Don’t they know their Angel Numbers?!

    • Patricia Weir says:

      Yes. You are no doubt a Nazi. I’m a pianist. The piano was 88 keys. Thus, I’m a Nazi.

      • Gary Thomson says:

        LOVE IT! I wish DJT would get a hold of that remark and tweet about all of the NAZI pianists out there in the hither land. He could have so much fun with it.

  153. J W says:

    Paranoid delusions must be trending now for the left since their so strung out on Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  154. D3F1ANT says:

    Wow. What a wackadoo. But the Leftists eat it up…

  155. Tl Howard says:

    I truly believe a guy who says something like that and who once worked for the FBI is being paid to peddle that to the loonies.

  156. lgstarr says:

    Can you believe his dour demeanor and facial expression and heavy-laden with gravitas delivery? Part of the façade of officiality and legitimacy.

    • glissmeister says:

      How many lies, I wondered. How many lies has this guy told from the witness stand.
      We require mental health screening for cop hiring, but not these guys. Maybe that needs to change. Maybe we need mental health screening for prosecutors and their investigative cohorts too.
      Maybe the institutional underbelly of poor mental health, behavioral pathologies and character faults concentrating in “the modern authority community” is the greater problem being revealed in this continuing fiasco of misconduct.
      It’s not like they could pass the screening to become a real cop.

      • Deb says:

        The Ivy League and other “elite” schools are basically just churning out sociopaths at this point. If you aren’t able to conform to the ideology, you don’t pass. So the graduates are either looney, or they are comfortable lying. And so we have idiots and pathological liars running the world.

    • Gary Thomson says:

      He was personally trained by John Kerry.

  157. CNN_sucks says:

    If we are not dealing serious issue of mental illness, that FIB will be laugh at. But media has allow this lunacy mainstream. Red flag law should not be approve. Look at what this lunatic were saying. Is that the kind of law enforcement we want to entrust our lives? Himmler also likes numerology and astrology, too. This is a projection extraordinaire.

  158. ann says:

    Trashing Americans by proxy.

  159. ezgoer says:

    The FBI needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom. Start by firing corrupt Chris Wray — tonight. If you claim to want to drain the swamp this must be done —and fast.

  160. Linus in W.PA. says:

    What was the words that Lyin’ Brian Williams said? It was “chilling??”
    The P.O.S. had to keep a straight face, and act all concerned at the steaming pile of feces this FBI squid was spewing!!!!!!!!
    I’m going to projectile-hurl!!!

  161. grumpyqs says:

    This 88 numerology BS was the last straw for me. I have no idea what has happened since my time there, but this is NOT The America I grew up in, defended and raised my family in. Criminality, supremacy egos, adultery, lying, false testimony, leaking classified, sex with reporters, etc, etc. The organization is STILL resisting and MUST be dismantled in a careful manner to salvage the good people that I know want and need to continue their critical work.

  162. HillaryisGuilty says:

    We need to keep an eye on Comey. When lacing up his running shoes, he ties them with little nazis.

  163. DeWalt says:

    This is for real and not just the FBI. Remember Agent Dan Love of the BLM. If I were good with names I could go on forever.

  164. Cowboy79 says:

    So if Obama was President 44, then 44 = 8 x 5 + 4, or 8 x 4 + 8 + 4, or Heil Hitler, 2 times, + Heil + Devil , if the letters correspond to the sequential numeric value of the English alphabet and Figliozzi’s secret decoder ring actually works. Gee. Who’d have thunk it? Like some kind of mathematical miracle. / Sarc Off/
    Makes sense to me. Trix are for Kids. Numerology is for the insane.

    • wilski says:

      Continuing, Obama #44 and served 2 terms; 2 x 44 = 88.
      Heil Hilter !!
      Hilter attempted to destroy Europe; Obama attempted to destroy USA.
      45 MAG (Making America Great) ; when you absolutely, positively have to send a message.

    • Gary Thomson says:

      The decline of western civilization – We’ve gone from number theorist (and genius) Leonardo Fibinacci to number conspiracist (and lunatic) Frank Figliuzzi. It’s all summed up in that one short example. SAD!

  165. islandpalmtrees says:

    Frankly, it looks like the IC started with the Dossier, then upped their game to Dossier II, volume 1 & 2 and now, not be out done by their previous efforts they have moved on to Numerology. Can’t wait to see what is coming next week, maybe Tea Leaf reading or Crystal Ball reading. However, their has been roomers that they are moving in the direction of Voodoo per CNN.
    Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts.

  166. islandpalmtrees says:

    After watching the actions over the last two years of the IC. I would not allow these guys to have a butter knife much less depend upon them to protect our Nation.

  167. Cowboy79 says:

    But Wait… There’s More (apologies to Ronco).
    If you rotate the Rainbow Transition Ring on the Figliozzi decoder, it reveals HH or 88, could be:
    Herbert Hoover (31st President)
    Henry Hazlit (economist)
    Henry Harrison ( 9th President)
    Hydrogen Hydroxide (water)
    Heaven Helpus (a contraction)
    and many more Factual Examples of the Endless Possibilities within Mr. Figliozzi’s mind.
    Nice to know Mr. Figliozzi has covered so many possibilities so very succinctly.
    /sarc off/

    • PBR says:

      Hugh Hefner. Harry Houdini, H H Holmes (America’s first serial killer) whew- moonbattery

      • Cowboy79 says:

        Hubert Humphrey, Herr Heraclitus, Herr Horatio. Oh My. The possibilities are only limited by the Rainbow Ring of Herr Figliozzi’s imaginary decoder ring’s Imagination.
        Figliozzi must have been a Nazi. Nazi’s were very much into the occult. My Hairdresser knows for sure. /sarc

        • Ackman420 says:

          Hungry Hungry Hippo
          What? Noooooooooooooooooooo?
          The FBI says conspiracy theorists are now flagged for domestic terrorism. Well, there you go FBI. Get the f@ck on it you treasonous bastards.

        • Sam Fox says:

          Cowboy, hey, GO DALLAS!! 😉
          I understand that hitler was into the occult. Probably lot of staff as well. I think that is the invisible power is behind what is going on. No sarc.

    • Cowboy79 says:

      We are deploying Alinsky’s rules for radicals. Rule 5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
      The tactics of your enemy can be your friend.

  168. Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

    This is truly scary. That someone in that position would posit something so stupid is just downright scary.
    How much you want to bet this guy and peter stroke were buddies?

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Yes, the scary part is that Figliuzzi thought anyone would believe this nonsense. Perhaps it’s telling that he when to MSNBC with it? I wonder if he has thought about giving up those drugs.

      • Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

        Now we have top levels of the FBI entirely gaslighting an audience.
        I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
        Scared is the proper term.
        The scariest part is that audience that is sucking up every word and taking it as gospel. A responsible FBI director would collar this guy and stick an apple and his mouth.

  169. islandpalmtrees says:

    All this talk of the FBI has made me think of the SSCI. Anyone know what these people are up to this week? I feel like somebody should be watching them. Probably the same way a kindergarten teacher feels on the playground except these children get to carry guns.

  170. cthulhu says:

    Top. Men.

  171. Cowboy79 says:

    Opposition elements seem to know well how to insulate themselves from criticism and yet remain a “quotable source” for the media to use as a bludgeon against those who oppose them. The way they do this is to create a “web presence” that Requires any comments may only come from “paid subscribers”. Might it be possible to copy that model in a totally separate, unrelated forum, so that an opposing view might exist? Just a question. Sun Tzu kind of thing. Might not be the proper place to say such things, but I’m stunned by how effrortlessley they do it. Observation.

    • islandpalmtrees says:

      May I humbly suggest, that you research how propaganda is paid for and who is paying for it now. You must have noticed how phrases are repeated in the MSM from different stations.
      Note: it’s now legal for our government to use propaganda on it’s own citizens, thanks to a Law from Obama.

      • luke says:

        Yep see my statement below. Don’t excuse this man as a buffoon as Rush L did. This man has purpose He knows exactly what he’s doing.

        • Cowboy79 says:

          He “knows what he’s doing” insofar as he is allowed to do it.
          He is operating on the belief that he pays not price for his actions, and that he will not be opposed, or his opposition will be thwarted. Change that picture, and he folds like the coward he is.

  172. taxpayer here says:

    What an utter buffoon, making a buffoon of himself!!!

  173. luke says:

    Heard this on Limbaugh these people are out of their minds. But not that guy; he knows exactly who he’s trying to rev up. Nah he’s a different breed altogether. The most vile kind of human that walks the face of the earth.

    • Cowboy79 says:

      That is why applying the Alinsky Rules to him is paramount. Ridicule first. He isn’t a different breed. He’s the same old breed. BS artist and Coward. No Quarter Given. Kick him to the curb, philosophically speaking. Numerologist Extraordinaire. Make it stick. Sometimes, snake oil salesmen need a ride out of town on the philosophical rail.

  174. Ackman420 says:

    That guy looks like a freaking psychopath.

    • glissmeister says:

      “Beltway Normal”
      Bet he’s big cheese in the union. The picture we are missing is how much of serial misconduct is a product of government employee union culture, and how much of that culture is sympathetic to or in cahoots with the international socialist and international labor movements long march to systematically infest governments and major institutions around the world.
      They’re in our schools, our universities, our prisons, our municipalities, state and federal institutions. They dominate the culture. They dominate the Democratic Party.
      The distemper, the sloth, the entitlement, the self-obsession, the insider dealing.
      And they come to dictate, not to listen.
      To rule, not to serve.

      • DelAware says:

        My husband is a union civil servant, a veteran, a patriot, and does the work of six retired boomers.
        Stop insulting workers like my husband, who left far more lucrative positions in the private sector to serve the public good.

  175. Memo to Frank Figliuzzi : Per RUSH LIMBAUGH “Barack Obama is the 44th president; there’s 8. His middle name? Hussein! There’s an H. There’s an 88. So Obama is also “Heil Hitler.”
    Folks, the whole of the FBI, is this Corrupt and should be Eliminated…PERIOD.

  176. RightAroundTheBlock says:

    I ate twice today…
    Am I in trouble??

    • Cowboy79 says:

      Depends on what you ate, who you ate it with, how you ate it, who saw you eat it, whether or not eating whatever it was might have violated applicable laws, or, if the idea or thought of eating whatever it was might have offended some group who opposed the concept of eating it. In other words, you are a slave to the elite who now control your life. On the other hand, you can kill it, cook it, eat it, and shoot anyone who interferes with your meal. That’s kind of how I prefer things, given the options.

      • Cowboy79 says:

        I spoke poorly. What i meant was that you have a right to eat to survive and anyone denying you that is inhumane. Within the laws of God and Man, you have a right to survive.

        • RightAroundTheBlock says:

          Things are devolving so fast around here it is no longer relevant “what I ate.” Two ates make a wrong! To make things worse, neither ate was vegan. One swine, one fowl… on the barbeque no less…
          Screwed! Right???
          So I asked my four year old daughter what she thought of my dilemma, as she tends to offer sage advice under such duress. She flashed me the “ok” sign daddy.
          My temporary sigh of relief was quickly exhausted and turned to dread as I remembered what that sign “really means.”
          Needless to say it was a very difficult decision but my Proggy friend tells me I did the right thing. We turned her in to the Ministry of Control. I hope someday they let us visit her while she is re-educated.
          For my offense, I am subject to one ate a day, consisting of a cut grass.dandelion salad in an edible birch bark bowel. I will be dressing that with a light pond water algae recipe my Prog handler, I mean friend, so kindly offered me.
          Wait, am I being targeted..? Can any in the Refuge please help, this may all be a set-up, is algae vegan?

  177. Cowboy79 says:

    This is why you deplatform the platform. Exit FB and all of them. Live your own life, value personal contact, and let the rest of them keep digging their own hole. Divorce yourself from their nightmare. Worked for me.

  178. Dixie says:

    Laughed until tears rolled down my face through most of the 442 comments…..
    Treepers are the best at hilarity.

    • Super Elite says:

      Ooh, this is bad. Who is driving the 88 car now that Dale Earnhardt isn’t driving any more.

  179. Jim Raclawski says:

    there is something odd about this dude’s rapid and seemingly uncontrolled “eye blink” pattern…. he is trying to send a “morse code” signal…. much like some of the Hanoi Hilton residents were able to “dit-dot-dit” to pass info….. let me see if I can translate —– dit..dit…ditditditdot.. yes I’m getting it…. here…. “I am a prisoner…. I can be…. no ……. I can do cloud busting……..hefp.. no. h e. l. p me…”
    then it goes “gibberish” . .. sorry that’s the best I can do…..
    man…. this guy is righteous!

  180. steviedawn says:

    This guy was probably an SES, or at the very least a GS-15.

  181. LibertyOne says:

    And does ANYONE wonder WHY the FBI has lost all respectability and credibility? Using this psycho’s “logic” maybe we can therefore deduce that Barack(Insane) H. Obama was a “Heil” or worse yet “Hitler”!

  182. Liz schneider says:

    This is the ‘most insane crap’ ive heard from ‘the left’ ever!!..when are they going to ‘wake up’ and realize we’ve caught onto their BS?!..they look like a bunch of ‘braindead fools!…they are laughable at best!..

  183. Liz schneider says:

    This is the ‘most insane crap’ ive heard from ‘the left’ ever!!..when are they going to ‘wake up’ and realize we’ve caught onto their BS?!..they look like a bunch of ‘braindead fools!…they are laughable at best!..

  184. warspite2 says:

    And yet we keep losing. Another day of no declassifications and Hannity, et. al., barking about, “just be patient”. They do not seem to get it. Those FBI folks who leaked to media? Exposed by the IG report or whatever. Punishment? Basically none. No IG Report is going to save the day. Do not depend on Bill Barr or anyone else. Declassify all the docs or accept the future consequences will be a bunch of bad actors getting away with their malfeasance.

  185. merrly says:

    By them saying that, it means as always, the exact opposite. The deep state are using these tactics and others to trigger mass shootings and have been for a long time. That is like conformation of it.

  186. RobInPA says:

    Please, let me explain. . .
    The body, mind and soul of this completely unhinged buffoon and lunatic has obviously been taken over by some under-developed alien species, and he is blinking out a message in Morse Code that he’s been ‘abducted’, so to speak.

  187. Danimal28 says:

    Dear God… Why am I not surprised? The communists were right, they have subverted our institutions and we are too dumb to notice.

  188. Williams seemed unaware of what this nutbag was saying,
    Lost in thought, Brian was probably remembering when he interviewed Hitler.

  189. John-Y128 says:

    Imagine behind the scenes at the FBI counter-Intelligence with this hack at the desk, glad he’s gone! And who would of guessed B.W. was suck a complete fool for his paycheck.

  190. John says:

    It looks like this guy “partially” figured Trump out.
    8 – 8 does represent H – H.
    But “H – H” doesn’t mean “heil Hitler.”
    Pres. Trump was actually referring to (H – H) The late VP Hubert Humphrey.
    POTUS was secretly signaling his Underground forces that he will defeat VP Joe Biden, In the same manner that his “hero” (LOL), Richard Nixon defeated VP Hubert Humphrey.
    Simple FIB counterintelligence logic. (Focusing on “counterintelligence.” – Against Intelligence.)

  191. itsy_bitsy says:

    My lord! What is really scary is that this jerk was in such a position of power! All of our top security divisions need to be purged of these dingbats and “globalization” fruitcakes! This whole thing reads like a very bad novel!

  192. cantcforest says:

    Sorry, Treepers. This was such an over-the-top, but not unexpected, example of the Swamp/Deep State in our country that I can’t really appreciate your hilarity… but don’t stop.
    BTW, you’ve just shredded CTH gravitas.

  193. Holy Moly! What kind of Kool-Aid is served on the 7th Floor of FBI HQ? Are they all nuts?

  194. TrumpsterinPa says:

    FBI is lost. Obama corrupted it to the core as well as DOJ. Transformation in these area’s and judicial. Incredible damage. Scary times.

  195. MR52 says:

    Kinda gives a new meaning to Crazy *’s

  196. Mike-SMO says:

    Sounds like the FBI is angling for an insanity defense for Treason. Sounds extreme but they got nothing else to keep away the firing squad. [Me! Me! Me!] Just saying……
    Actually, transfer to border security in North Dakota and Montana starting in November sounds like a good solution. I bet there are still lots of unheated FEMA trailors available.
    The thought of J. Edgar in a dress was sort of entertaining in a disgusting sort of way. Now, not so much. [Do I have to bring my own ammo?]

  197. SSI01 says:

    So every time the Germans threw an 88mm shell at our aircraft or troops in WWII, they were saying “Heil Hitler?”
    I am SICK UNTO DEATH of the level of logic being displayed by so many in the management of the FBI lately. What’s worse is the knowledge this guy came up through the ranks where this “moonbattery,” as it’s called, had to have been noticed by someone in the past but was never taken as a reason to fire this guy as quickly as an opportunity presented itself – and they MUST have presented themselves.

    • SSI01 says:

      If any serious person or persons in Congress ever needed a reason to put on the green eye shade and the sleeve garters, order out for lunch AND dinner for a committee, pull up the books, and reexamine with a finely-toothed comb and a heavily-jaundiced eye the budget of the FBI and where it is directed, THIS is it. To think this nutjob actually had a role in determining where budgetary resources were spent within the bureau. I don’t know why we’re laughing. This insane behavior was directed at US.

  198. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    Nonsense. Everyone knows that coded Hitler instructions come through your Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.

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