Cummings Criticizes Border Conditions – President Trump Reminds Cummings of His Home District…

Charity begins at home; so too does good governance.  President Trump confronts Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings with the reality of his own district in Baltimore, Maryland, and the blight that’s been neglected for decades.

It is worth remembering that Nancy Pelosi changed the House Rules last year, and specifically changed the role of Elijah Cummings.  Within the Pelosi rules [page #2], the House Oversight Committee was modified to drop all other areas of government oversight, and focus exclusively on the White House.

On page #2 of Pelosi’s rules we see the key Oversight change. Pelosi sets up a new, much narrower, oversight priority for Chairman Elijah Cummings; specifically to tailor oversight to the White House and President Donald Trump. Additionally we saw the outlined time-schedule for hearings.

In subsection “k” the “clarification” is the narrowing of Elijah Cummings focus.  “Oversight Over the Executive Office of the President“.  This sets up the system for Cummings to target President Trump, his family, and all members of the executive branch as they relate to specific White House functions.

The Pelosi rules told Chairman Cummings to deliver his schedule for his investigation(s) to the House by April 15th, 2019.  Thereafter the hearing sessions targeting the White House would commence.  The objective of those hearings is Elijah Cummings role in the House impeachment of the President.  This effort is obviously ongoing.

Remember, Cummings represents a district that is so manifestly leftist and corrupt, when the riots broke out in 2015 Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told the police to stand down and give the rioters “space to destroy“. Yeah, remember her.

How did that career work out?

Or perhaps a reminder of Baltimore’s special prosecutor Marilyn Mosby; who once ruled from upon high in the congressional district.  Yeah, remember her.  How did that career work out even with all of the media fawning and praise?

Remember the six police officers she charged and dragged through the mud with fictitious accusations; only to see the evidence collapse in court and them being acquitted or having remaining charges dropped…

Or perhaps a reminder of the more recent Baltimore Mayor who was forced to resign as the FBI investigated her corrupt abuse of office.  That would be Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, who took bribes and graft through a pay-to-play bribery scandal for books she “authored” called “Healthy Holly”.

Want a city contract?…. buy some books, easy peasy.


Yes, there are rats in Baltimore.

Both kinds…

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335 Responses to Cummings Criticizes Border Conditions – President Trump Reminds Cummings of His Home District…

  1. James F says:

    Dummy Cummings just threw a huge boomerang at the President that he is paying for dearly.

    His own angry constituents were finally given an opportunity to point out the neglect and hypocrisy while all Americans have been shown a perfect example of how much our own citizens are suffering in conditions worse than what so-called refugees are allegedly fleeing from.

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    • Yy4u says:

      I see red when American citizens are living in squalor while we see spend billions on illegals,

      I see red when our military is sent to defend other countries but cant defend our own

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    • Cummings is a racist mental midget who could only be elected by a district populated by others just like him. He is the East Coast’s make version of Maxine Waters. Both are rabidly anti-white.

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    • luke says:

      Yes Trump has known how to manipulate the media to his bidding. That’s why I went strong Trump early. No other Republican could withstand the firestorm. Hell Bush was as establishment as you get but they crucified him. He’s part of the UniParty but even still being Republican you will be torched. This is war and that is why DT was necessary. So glad he’s been Regan like on his philosophical viewpoints. I admit was not quite sure if he’d cozy up to appease the left if he won. I couldn’t be more pleased with the job he’s done. I heard Levin say he’s 85% in favor of all his decisions. Trump even changed the conservative mantra of Milton Friedman economic views. While MF is great doesn’t matter if we are getting hosed by bad deals (NAFTA, China, etc).

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  2. sickconservative says:

    Socialism is for the people not the socialist.

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  3. Tiffthis says:

    Seems like VSGPDJT is done playing cordial and going for the jugular- like his friends across the isle do every damn day. I like it 👍🏼

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  4. Ono says:

    great essay Sundance!

    I live within a hundred miles of the Border with Mexico in California and the many legal Mexican migrants I know and hire hate the situation at hand.

    Make Ca Red Again

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  5. fangdog says:

    I wonder if the Black democrats of today hate America more than the Black slaves hated America during slave time?


  6. Al Martino says:

    Awesome piece, Sundance!
    Best to you from Al & Noah


  7. #ESET



  8. James F says:

    “Hate fact!”

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  9. tempejeff says:

    Marilyn Mosby is desperate for a real strong relationship. She needs to be told, there are limits to raw ambitions.


  10. Brant says:

    I have often noted/asked what was the demographic of overseers in the 1800s when democrats held slaves.

    Democrats continue to maintain plantations now and the overseers are the same demographic. Nothing has changed.


  11. Lester Smith says:

    The dems are the Sally Struthers of party’s. Raise hell how bad the illegals have it while eating a ham sandwich. All complaining but not helping solve anything. Make no mistake about it these aholes raise campaign money off the backs of illegals. Why solve a gold mine right.

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  12. Troublemaker10 says:

    The girl who made the Baltimore videos is Kimberly Klacik. Her Twitter self description is:

    Kimberly Klacik
    Baltimore County Republican Central Committee| Political Commentator|#ProTrump|CoHost of #SuperCitizenUSA|

    Here is an interview she did in April last year:

    Here is why she is making the Baltimore trash videos:

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    • Troublemaker10 says:



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  13. Bigbadmike says:

    Elijah Cummings is a racist. He hates white people but he uses the white guilt libs to keep blacks from improving their lives so he can enrich himself. He is no different than a drug dealer who keeps his customer base addicted to crack or heroin. Wake up people. He is destroying your lives to live large. Throw him out with the trash and set yourselves free. Quit pretending your still slaves. The only slave masters are black grievance provocateurs like Cummings, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson whoopie, and Moochele. President Trump is showing you the way out of the Wilderness. What have you got to lose?

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    • Linda K. says:

      Cummings sometimes has a look in his eyes that I read as fear. Fear he will be found out to be the phony he is, in way over his head. He is no match for Trump once the actual battle starts and facts begin to matter. None of these dem pols are used to real accountability. They just help each other along.


    • PBR says:

      you know things are bad when four (bratty) Congresswomen tell Pelosi, “Be careful what you say- we are 4 women of color”. Really stupid, outrageous, audacious, and really bad.


  14. RyanG says:

    What the President tweeted today was accurate and truthful.
    I live in Northern Baltimore County. In a small town called Monkton. It’s horse country. Trump Country.
    Somehow through gerrymandering Elijah Cummmings is my Congressman. He is also a congressman for Baltimore City and Montgomery County.
    How you ask? Because our congressional district looks like a Nike swoosh symbol. GERRYMANDERING!!
    We are disenfranchised and Baltimore City (which we all love) is a now 3rd world shit hole.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      I sometimes wonder why we don’t just put a ‘grid’ over each state and determine the area a representative will own by the population that falls into grids instead of using ‘scribble art’ to define a district. Both parties call out the other for gerrymandering for votes. Just stop it.


  15. @ChicagoBri says:

    That is his best tweetstorm ever.

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  16. Perot Conservative says:

    A few likely white people President Trump could criticize:

    1. The US Armg Corps of Engineers who said we couldn’t build a wall up a 30-degree grade.

    2. Their commanding officers.

    3. Their civil engineering instructors.

    4. The bureaucrats who haven’t built one mile of new fence on our southern border.

    5. The lawyers who can’t get the paperwork and bottlenecks solved to start construction on one mile of new fence in 2.5 years for our ‘builder’ president.

    6. The PACs who could donate to the defense funds of General Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Hope Hicks, and others.

    7. The person who leaked the information about the ICE raids to the WashPo.

    8. The individuals responsible for monitoring, managing, and auditing over $70 Billion wasted in Puerto Rico.

    That’s a start.


  17. JonB3 says:

    Here’s the formula:
    * Black leftist attacks PT with Lies.
    * PT tells truth about corrupt Black leftist.
    * All Leftists and Media call PT a Racist !
    * Corrupt GOPe say nothing … They’re the walking Dead !

    Thank God for PDJT

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    • tucker7518 says:

      President Trump didn’t like how Cummings yelled, screamed and sneered at Kevin McAleenan in the last hearing on immigration and conditions at the border. Cummings said, “What about the children sitting in their own feces, and not being able to take a show, Man”? Cummings then went on a tirade for 5 minutes. McAleenan quietly said, “I don’t allow defecating in my holding centers”.


    • RATs, RINOs and the GOPe are despicable. They should be forced to live in boarded up row houses in Baltimore.


  18. The Gipper Lives says:

    Daily Caller:

    The wife of House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings used her charity to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars into her private LLC, according to new documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.
    Maya Rockeymoore Cummings’s charity receives funding from organizations with interests before her husband’s congressional committee.
    Multiple charity watchdogs said the previously undisclosed financial arrangement between Rockeymoore Cummings’s charity and for-profit company raises red flags.

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  19. Troublemaker10 says:


    • Dr. Frank Leibold (Democracy Doctor) says:

      The most revealing and blatant fact is Pelosi changes the Charter of the Oversight Committee to only investigate the White House = Trump. Most have missed this?


  20. Maquis says:

    Everything about Cummings just screams Bond Villian.


  21. Newt Love says:

    I’ve been in Annapolis, MD for 20 years, but my wife’s family goes back 5, 12, and 15 generations in Baltimore city, depending on which family tree branch you choose.

    EVERY one of her family have left Baltimore, finding more civilized life outside of that once great city. Baltimore is morally, ethically, and politically bankrupt. There are more boarded-up row houses than occupied ones. The trash is in huge piles. The rats and cockroaches no longer run when confronted. The rats are especially brazen.

    Don’t let the well paid and corrupt (D) politicians and city workers lie to you. The city is a hell hole that no human living there wants to stay. PDJT is right, calling the hypocrite Cummings out on his 32 years as a slum lord congress-based thief is appropriate.

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  22. Troublemaker10 says:

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  23. Being from VA I can assure you Maryland sucks and Baltimore is the equivalent to an unemptied porter john. Why else would people be fleeing the state.

    POTUS again with another truth bomb the whole nation realizes but the never will because they are in the Washington bubble.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Why doesn’t he ‘truth bomb’ the Army Corp of Engineers who say we can’t build a fence up a 30 degree grade?

      Or the bureaucrats, legal bottlenecks, and Resistors preventing one new mile of fence being built in 2.5 years?


  24. Alex Pazzo says:

    Awesome. Now do San Francisco, Detroit and NYC !!!


  25. 6x47 says:

    This also casts anything Elijah Cummings tries to do against the White House as petty retaliation for the President’s Tweets about him and his district.


  26. freepetta says:

    Oh yes, I remember the great racial harmony during the Obama Administration we all experienced. 🙄

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  27. 1stgoblyn says:

    When my children were young and made a mess, I made them clean it up themselves. To this day they clean up after themselves. They don’t wait for the government or someone else to do it. Why can’t the citizens of Baltimore (and all other dim controlled cities like Detroit, LA, San Fran, etc.) get together and take care of the problem instead of waiting for the government to do it for them?

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    • TwoLaine says:

      I agree, however, where did the Federal Assistance Funds go, that they never should have rec’d in the 1st place, for LETTING their own city burn down?


  28. Manowar says:

    Living high on the hog at his voters’ expense. Typical pol.


  29. TwoLaine says:

    So today Faux is playing a new game.

    Yesterday AM on F & F they do their segment on Cummings, an apparent black man, talking down to the Border Patrol head, a seemingly white man, about conditions at the border vs the putrid conditions in Cummings’ district of Baltimore. Then President TRUMP tweets about it, and now, today, they are asking if it’s fair TRUMP went after Cummings, or is it racist?

    HELLO?! Anyone home?

    Someone smart on the R side needs to put forth a bill that Congress and the President are red, white and blue, and if you can’t be and act red, white and blue, i.e., in the interest of the American CITIZENS, who you took an oath to serve and protect, then you don’t belong in Congress. You are fair game, but only as red, white and blue.

    Simple. Put an end to the racist trash talk forever. Tare it out of their hands now.



  30. covfefe999 says:

    I’m really liking these tweets by Trump. No mistakes this time, no personal attacks, he stuck to the facts .. and the facts are damaging. Democrats are desperately trying to seize control of the narrative to manufacture their outrage of the day (especially because of the Mueller flop, they’re in a big hurry to move away from that!), but they’re not succeeding. It’s too easy for anyone to go to YouTube and see real footage of what Cummings’ district looks like. Reality, facts, are almost always unpleasant for the Dems to deal with.


  31. Screaming Eagle says:

    Truth stands on its own, lies take ever constant bolstering. Dem pols and Marxist Media are screaming because they are tiring. To many lies to defend. Keep kicking them Big Donnie, right where it hurts most, in their own backyards. Just like Elvis sings it here:


  32. Mr. T. says:

    There is no denying that Baltimore has some serious problems. There is only one grocery store chain that has or had stores in that area, and they weren’t cheap. You know there are problems there when those grocery stores have a number of security guards in the store at the same time, some of them armed. The area around Camden Yards, where the Orioles play, has gone through a lot of redevelopment over the years, but they still have security guards, many who are armed, working in stores and the grocery store in that area. I think many of you saw what the hooligans did to the Camden Yards area during the riots a few years back. After the criminal mayor ordered the police to back off and let the rioters vent, destroying a lot if businesses in the process, that idiot mayor actually had the nerve to request federal funds to clean up and repair the damage. Unless something changed, she was denied the federal funds because she is the one who allowed it to happen in the first place. How many of the criminals who destroyed property and looted businesses, were ever prosecuted by Mosby for their illegal wrongdoing? I can’t recall a single one being held accountable.


  33. wodiej says:

    A fox smells their own hole.


  34. Daniel says:

    As this ongoing attack on Cummings continues, I can’t help but think it’s being laid on a bit thick and am reminded of a technique of distraction where a patient about to receive an injection has some other form of discomfort applied to distract the nervous system from the pain of the injection. From what might the president be distracting his patient?


  35. fred5678 says:

    Cummings complains about an overwhelmed BP not keeping a few diapers changed, while Cummings himself FAILED TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT FOR HIS OWN THREE BASTARD CHILDREN, each by a DIFFERENT girlfriend or hook-up, until he married a wealthy about-to-be felon.


  36. bayrat65 says:

    Mr. the rats is washington are going to say and do everything they can to stop your attack on their corruption. Dont stop, the light of Justice and Truth burns HOT!!! Cant stand the heat, stop the attacks.


  37. Mark Sosebee says:

    Baltimore vs Parkland…Trump vs Cummings.
    First let’s give credit where credit is due…Baltimores population is 620000 vs 32000 Parkland (Parkland FL where the school shooting happened in case you missed it)
    Total # MURDERS 2003-2017 (Doesnt include 2018 when the mass shooting killed 17)
    Baltimore Murders 3930 vs Parkland 1…yes ONE, UNO 1 person was murdered in Parkland. Yet Cummings was all over the media screaming and shouting… Mr. Cummings, my mama always told me to “Sweep off your own porch before you start sweeping on someone elses”.. You my friend had one of the dirtiest porches ever… 3930 MURDERS in 15 years vs 1 …You have a lot you should be spending those tax dollars on other than illegals being comfortable. Sadly its not whats best for your neighbors its whats best for your career. Do whats best for your state and #StepAsideElijah

    Now back to giving credit where credit is due #TrumpWasRight Cummings.. YOU have 4 MURDERS PER DAY in your district.. It’s all in the CityData #TheBodiesArePilingUP


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