Sunday Talks – Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Immigration Enforcement, Upcoming Mueller Testimony and Iran…

Senator Lindsey Graham traveled to the U.S-Mexico border region on Friday with Vice-President Mike Pence.  Graham appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss that visit and the politics of congressional inaction to stop the border crisis.

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68 Responses to Sunday Talks – Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Immigration Enforcement, Upcoming Mueller Testimony and Iran…

  1. DJT2020 says:

    Lindsey is all talk no action.

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    • All Too Much says:

      Other than the president, who in DC isn’t?

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    • DJT2020 says:

      Maria asked him point blank when he is going to introduce his magic bill that he keeps promising to introduce and instead of saying when he just starts talking about the bill that he said he was going to introduce over a month ago. I applaud Maria for asking but then she let him off the hook.

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      • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

        I’m not so anxious for Lindsey to pass a bill, it’ll just be loaded with amnesty and more H-Visas, extended Temp Protection Status etc.

        Of course he did offer he’s going to introduce a Resolution praising Border Patrol.
        Is that anything like a gold star Lindsey. I’m sure BP will wear it proudly…if they live long enough to escape the dems doxxing their home addresses and family info.


        • GB Bari says:

          Graham said his bill would prevent amnesty claims by border crashers from Central America. That’s the only country he mentioned.

          Hey Lindsay, What about the millions of illegal alien border crashers from the rest of the worlds shiithole countries???? Are You deliberately letting them continue to make fake asylum claims after crossing illegally?

          Duplicitous bastards. All of them. Maybe 20 out of 535 are honest and true patriots.

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    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Lindsey needs a primary challenger to hold him accountable

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  2. Chip Doctor says:

    I am not going to comment on this thread because I refuse to waste 21 minutes of my day listening to Lindsay Graham. I don’t trust him or his motives. Never, ever trust Lindsay Graham. Snake in the grass. Total swamp rat.

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  3. cantcforest says:

    I didn’t think a bad picture could be taken of Maria B. Totally bad thread. I didn’t think that Sundance could do such a thing.
    Thank you for all you do Sundance.

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  4. desperatelyseekingmelania says:

    Mueller is the next link in the chain above Acosta
    He will never testify


  5. permiejack says:

    I’m not really sure why Sundance continues to post videos of this swamprat. Other than to show us her duplicity.


  6. The Demon Slick says:

    All the talk about Mueller testifying, the house changing rules, blah blah blah blah. LINDSEY GRAHAM IS HEAD OF THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE!!! He can subpoena Mueller anytime he wants to. Make the rules how he wants to. Choose the date he wants. Why won’t he? And why won’t they ask him about it? Brutus!

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    • technerd says:

      Remember how Graham was adamant that a special counsel was needed to look into FBI and DOJ. He kept beating that drum until he had a one on one with Barr after his confirmation. Haven’t heard a peep about it since then. My guess is that he told to back off and let the DOJ run the investigation.


  7. ann says:

    “the politics of Congressional inaction.”
    Sundances sums it up. ✅

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  8. I am on Brave and just posted above.


  9. Gas says:

    Graham is not to be trusted. Ever.

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  10. Zorro says:

    Lindsey is not quite amphibious yet.

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  11. thomas says:

    Lindsey is part of the problem..

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  12. 1970novass396 says:

    The US congress doesn’t have the sack to fix the border. Lindsey Graham is pathetic at best.

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  13. Lindsey Graham is the King of ‘All talk and Zero action’…..It’s beyond infuriating….

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  14. AccountabilityPlease says:

    Graham mentioned an amazing fact: 30% of immigrant families are NOT families at all. They are illegals using unrelated children as a shield to beat immigration laws. What strikes me is how Graham slips that fact in like it’s a minor point. He and other republican members of Congress should be shouting this from the mountain top. That is, if they weren’t also member of the Uniparty.

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  15. Darren Bernat says:

    I am amazed at conservatives singing the praises of Lindsey Graham. He can not be trusted.

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  16. Eric says:

    Are the Epstein arrest and Mueller postponing testimony completely unrelated?

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  17. LafnH20 says:

    He’s just waiting… for his UNIPARTY pals…
    To come to their senses……

    Or is it a report….
    August recess?


    Nov 2020…..

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  18. mike says:

    The 30% with unrelated children should be charged with kidnapping and/or trafficking, immediately punished (e.g. worst confinement or even tried and executed for kidnap), sent back to proximate origin asap, offshore in a cheap, crowded boat if necessary.

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    • Debra says:


      Except perhaps these adults have a ‘marriage certificate’ that identifies the child as his ‘wife’. Now that ‘marriage’ is allowed to mean whatever a special interest group claims it means to them, a foreign marriage cannot be discriminated against (think Omar and her brother, for another instance).

      Maybe you know who to thank for ‘marriage perversion’ . . .

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    • TwoLaine says:

      I believe that is being done. Barr said it is one of his #1 priorities at the bagpipe meeting.


  19. boogywstew says:

    Maria Bartiromo could be Sophia Loren’s daughter.

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  20. GSparrow says:

    Not impressed by the negative comments about Maria. Her picture is OK to me. Is it hangovers or social media trolls paying a visit to CTH?

    Maria steadfastly takes on the most difficult issues and interprets them honestly and fairly unlike most other show hosts in the massive corrupt media that lie, distort and disparage POTUS and his admin. daily.

    She’s a good looking talented show host that is having a positive influence on her country.

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  21. California Joe says:

    Just like Trey Gowdy another all talk and no action! Just feed us the usual Conservative fodder like school prayer, 2nd amendment and Roe v Wade. Just blowing smoke up our butts!


  22. paulmafinga says:

    If they do a DNA test on Grahamesty it will come back 100% RINO. If McConnell schedules HR 1044, the Green Card Giveaway, watch what he does. McCarthy, Nunes, Jordan, and Gaetz voted for it.


  23. magaskook says:



  24. magaskook says:



  25. I just heard on local news how to avoid being picked up by law enforcement!
    They had a lawyer on giving advice and it was closed captioned in spanish…

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  26. erm9164 says:

    Graham is just compiling a “best hits” list of phony conservative boundaries to make into 30 second ad buys so he can once again flood the South Carolina airwaves to save his sorry RINO was.We will be inundated with ads promoting him as Kavanaugh’s savior and the President praising him for his help.Nobody with any name recognition will come forward to challenge him and he will coast to reelection,only to take up the fallen banner of his dead lover in the next term.And the real reason you won’t see his magic bill is because he knows it would be the one thing that could bring him down.


    • erm9164 says:

      Bonafides,not boundaries.Sheesh.


    • MDNA I says:

      “Graham is just compiling a “best hits” list of phony conservative boundaries to make into 30 second ad buys so he can once again flood the South Carolina airwaves to save his sorry RINO was”

      SO you’re prepared to lose the seat to a Democrat whose vote in the Senate would most likely be outright damaging to the President every time?

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  27. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    Maria Bartiromo represents the best of national media…she is intelligent, honest, intuitive, nimble, forthright, anti-sensational, no-drama, and absolutely stunning…..PURE CLASS. All REAL women can hold her up as THE POSTERGIRL for what is THE IDEAL in a business/news journalist/television personality.

    Thank you, Maria, for the gravitas you bring to an industry which, in these times, fundamentally lacks it.

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  28. MDNA I says:

    “All G-d’s creatures have unto them a purpose” – a friend used to repeat this saying, w/ a very cynical tone (it was to make you wonder what that purpose is)

    If Lindsey Graham’s “purpose” in the grand scheem is to be a good cheerleader & surrogate, & help re-elect Trump & keep a Senate Majority, I can think of worse arrangements in this universe than that

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  29. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Lindsey must be Spanglish for hot air.

    What a blow hard. “I’m gonna do this, I’m not going to allow….” blah blah blah.

    He talks as if he had no idea how bad things are until he went to the border with VP Pence.

    Btw I get so sick of ppl claiming obama The Deporter in Chief deported 3 mil. Let’s be clear, those weren’t interior removals, his admin counted heads they turned away at the border at deportations.

    Anyone notice since McCain passed (Allah, may peace be upon him-spit), Lindsey is now free to go in FOX?

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  30. TwoLaine says:

    This idiot played golf with President TRUMP yesterday and then came on the tubes today, F & F, and trashed him.

    He said for POTUS to concentrate on policies, not people, regadRing The Mouth Squad tweets.

    Hey Idiot, he IS focusing on policies. YOURS and THEIRS! YOURS, because you are the IDIOT who stuck us with this bull crap for DECADES. DO YOU JOB and Shit your pie hole until you are a contributing member of society instead of THE PROBLEM!



  31. TwoLaine says:

    He said that “DIMs are the party of free healthcare”.

    BO, NO, NO, NO Lindsey! The YOUNIParty is the party of free healthcare. YOU had chance after chance after chance to repeal ObamaCare and you refused. The gubt even shut down over this and you caved to The Kenyan. As you all did repeatedly. You and Johnny Songbird McStain.

    We gave you all the power if the purse, both the House and the Senate, and The Presidency? What more did you need?

    Same sh1t, different month. 😉


  32. RJ says:

    After how many years? All talk, no action. more talk, still no action. And what lurks on our horizon?

    More talk, with little if any action to be expected…I wonder why? Oh, I know, you all expect a really big bomb just before the 2020 election that will “expose” the evils that have followed Trump for 3.5 years. Yea, just as the race is about to end you expect that “long shot” to get out front and win!

    Carlos Danger will get back his laptop computer before that ever happens!


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