President Trump Delivers Remarks to South Korea Business Leaders…

President Trump delivers remarks to a group of business and industry leaders in South Korea.  Some of the key quotes:  “It has been a great period of time for our two countries” –
“We re going to make a visit today to the DMZ with President Moon” – “Lots of good things are happening with North Korea” – “We have a very good relationship, the two of us” – “I understand they want to meet” (saying details were still being worked out as he spoke).
“I want to say hello” – “Let’s see what happens”  [A detailed transcript will follow]

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46 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks to South Korea Business Leaders…

  1. Marcia says:

    I am 71 years old and just reading about everything President Trump does just wears me out! We are so blessed to have him as President representing us here and abroad.

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    • 1800e says:

      We are within a year of each other in age and having been disgusted with our generation for so long for having done so much damage to our children and grandchildren, Mr. Trump alone is redeeming our generation and straightening out our mess. Thank you Mr. President!

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      • Muthaucker says:

        Comment deleted by Admin…

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        • Brian in CA4 says:

          Are you a boomer? A little sensitive about the subject? Get over it. Maybe you’re not the boomer norm, but most of them didn’t live up to their parent’s generation, in my opinion. I’m a gen-X’er and we’re not any better from my perspective. Have a nice evening.


          • Muthaucker says:

            You are damn right I am sensitive to BS. 1800e just slandered an ENTIRE GENERATION of people and when I objected, my comment was deleted. I have 4 children (3 active duty) and 6 grandchildren…I have not damaged anyone…1800e’s comment is disgusting.


      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        The fellow travelers were already legion and deeply embedded in education and Hollywood when you were a child.


      • kp says:


        Right thinkers are not the problem, never have been, never will be. We are the solution to the evil around us (on an individual basis) as we enlighten the younger right thinkers of our Lord & Saviour and God’s blessed plan.

        Satan and his minions are the problem.

        You can take pride (I’m proud of you) as your post clearly indicates you care for others. VSGPDJT is the manifestation of the answer to our continual prayers to our Heavenly Father!

        We live in historical times…enjoy yourself! God bless you and yours.


    • Carrie2 says:

      We are blessed with a President who knows how to “connect” with people altho they may be good or bad. He still is a great businessman and someone our country has needed for years.

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    • ecmarsh says:

      I am a 71 year also and completely agree.


  2. barnabusduke says:

    I’ll be awake much longer than usual this evening. Would not dare miss out on what may possibly happen only once in a lifetime…

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  3. redroostertail2003 says:

    H.I.S.T.O.R.Y. Could be made tonight! No sleep for me til it’s over!!!!

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  4. Working the room at the end

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  5. ristvan says:

    I was going to go to bed before midnight like usual since Significant Other is thankfully and restfully just now asleep tonight.
    BUT may have to make an exception. Wow.

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  6. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    There’s a big time delay but if you check out media they mostly blackout about Trump at the DMZ.
    Big possibilities today..! Meeting at the Border with some nice handshakes is very probable..
    Might Trump walk into NK?

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  7. 335blues says:

    The world appreciates and welcomes the talents of President Trump.
    South Korea is a great partner, and a welcome part of the free world.
    And they make great cars!
    The better part of America LOVES President Trump, and will re-elect him by a landslide
    in 2020.

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  8. DJT2020 says:

    Korean tourist company recently announces the closure of the DMZ to tourists…

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  9. Dear Mr. President,

    Make Executive Agreements with our Allies (who we support with our overseas Military Bases, Troops, Equipment and Sea-Lane Protection), for those ALLIES to BUILD the WALL by funding contracts with Fisher Industries (Foreman Mike).

    Then consider “FORGIVING” an appropriate portion of the REMUNERATION that you might otherwise negotiate for the above services we have been funding from our own budget.

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    • Imagine the implications of an announcement that SOUTH KOREA will BUILD the WALL as a SYMBOL of the world’s GRATITUDE for President Trump’s success in ENDING the KOREAN WAR, CLOSING the DMZ and ELIMINATING the DPRK threat of NUCLEAR WAR.

      … as Xi shrivels into irrelevance. 😎


  10. DAVID A CRAIN says:

    What a shame! 95% or more of our citizens have no idea what this great man, sent with the grace of God to save us is doing on our behalf. The media coverage on ALL channels, including FOX is simply atrocious. Thank you Mr. President!
    P.S. And a huge thank you to Sundance as well.

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    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      It’s big in Asia..
      Checked some of the big ones and it’s #1 Theme. Should something more than expected happen it will blow up. FNC will probably run some pre recorded show even if Peace is declared today..


  11. Impossible says:

    I’ve been to Seoul about 30 times, it’s a fantastic city, very stylish, yet business-driven. The changes over the prior 2.5 decades has been unbelievable. Still, the courtesy shown to guests by corporate leadership is unparalleled (Japanese hospitality might be the single exception) — yet, it is a fiercely competitive place.

    That’s their dynamic: elegant and intense. The pride for These United States that President Trump exudes (strength and leadership is essential) was TOTALLY appreciated in that room: the feeling was mutual. The pivot from prior bureaucratic-laden, agenda-driven, power-grabbing politics, versus the current benefits of common-sense business-acumen leadership was palpable.

    I think only good can ensue from such a speech. I am glad that our President Trump praised a couple of the Samsung corporate architectural and infrastructure achievements, formality and recognition are paramount.

    And now a visit to the DMZ — wow.

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    • Skippy says:

      Thank you so very much for your detailed and keen insight gleened from your many visitis. I’ve always wanted to visit Asia (Japan and S Korea) but will encourage that reality on to my daughter and son at this point! Very exciting times and I admit I’m pumped tonight!


      • Impossible says:

        Skippy, thank you for your kind words. I think Seoul is amazing for its business energy and panache.

        However, for sheer travel “exquisiteness” you really should visit Japan. Especially, Kyoto, as a non-Japanese citizen you can purchase a JR Pass (Japanese Rail Pass): you can then then take (nearly) all the JR trains — it’s an amazing bargain (and way to travel) because travel in Japan is otherwise quite expensive. I’d say go with your son or daughter! I did so with my daughter and it is surely one of the most precious weeks of my life.

        I love how Sundance has given us the daily, no, near-hourly, account of President Trump’s travels and protocols throughout the world. The mutual respect of these world leaders is a lesson in respect. So tiring how our domestic press is so coarse and disrespectful. The reality is otherwise. I’ve found, for the most part, other nation’s citizens appreciate and respect Americans. Great statesmen (like President Trump) advance that attribute; foolish statesmen (no need to give an example) weaken EVERY citizen’s respect internationally. What a refreshing shift in diplomacy!

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      • Impossible says:

        True GB; it is said that South Korea is the nation that has most rapidly advanced from a third world to a first world status, Also, they have the highest tech-savvy capabilities per capita. (I do not think that they have a political party so irresponsible that per-capita citizenship is devalued for temporal, political greed.)


        • GB Bari says:

          I and many others will be curious to see if any significant health issues begin to arise from the South Korean population’s increased exposure to microwave frequency energy from the 5G networks blanket of radiating antennas.


  12. iwasthere says:

    He always strikes me as very comfortable with a group of business peers. And Man! What a contrast to: “You didn’t build that!”

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  13. Nigella says:

    Prayers for Our President

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    • Jan says:

      Absolutely. After the appalling display of 20 Democrat candidates who basically said FU Americans, one and all, and let’s bring in the world so you Americans can take care of them while we elite politicians live off your hard-earned money, I am enthralled with a man who has humor, looks at himself with humor and reaches out and says “let’s talk.”

      May God keep him safe and give him another 4 years. And may God give us the strength to save this Nation from our unAmericans, which includes a lot of RINOs.

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  14. sundance says:

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  15. Tl Howard says:

    PDT, 9:14 So they’re going to shake hands. Great, but why is POTUS looking so grim as the South Korean President speaks?


  16. Tl Howard says:

    Nice compliment to Lady Moon. I’m sure the South Koreans appreciate that.


  17. geoffcsaltine says:

    There are meeting at the DMZ soon P.Trump just said.


  18. trialbytruth says:

    I have been s making for A2 comments today and not seeing any. I suspect A2jas become very busy the.upcoming report ought to be a doozy.

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  19. fangdog says:

    The reporter must had used every word in the Korean language.


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