Brilliant Play – President Trump Invites U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to White House “Win or Lose”…

Megan Rapinoe is the co-captain of the U.S. women’s national soccer team and a rabid hater of President Trump.  Ms. Rapinoe refuses to sing the U.S. national anthem; kneels during ceremonies to make her hatred for America visible; and grabs every microphone to tell the media about her politics in an effort to increase her resistance credentials.

The age-old axiom is: ‘be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it”. Today, President Trump brilliantly responded to Ms. Rapinoe.  First, by calling out her arrogance in declaring victory before she even played the World Cup matches; and secondly, by inviting the entire team to the White House “win or lose”.

The pressure is now upon Ms. Rapinoe. That pressure overlays a preexisting, unstable and tenuous psychological condition related to her tribal self-identification and commercial aspirations. This dynamic is a recipe for implosion. It will not end well for her.

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279 Responses to Brilliant Play – President Trump Invites U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to White House “Win or Lose”…

  1. czarowniczy says:

    (1) Paint drying…(2) Soccer…(3) Women’s soccer…

    Anybody ask WHY she’s playing for a team that represents the country she hates so much? She could play for Iran, another American hater, or Saudi Arabia, or….oh yeah, that’s right. Never mind.

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    • Interesting point czarowniczy.

      You would think that some one playing a sport that is not followed much at all by Americans would be trying to boost the viewership or at least the following of fans.

      But not this dumb a**.

      She is annoying at least half of the American population who might have encouraged their little girls to play the game.

      Now, I would encourage my grand daughters to play any thing but soccer.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        And let’s not forget this is one of the few countries where she could insult the country as she does and not get nailed to the wall when she comes home. Let’s see her do that in France or Germany.

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      • Bendix says:

        Not only that, Chloe. I have heard from so many men, not feminists, not particularly wanting to boost the cause of women’s athletics, who just heard about the women’s national team, thought it sounded interesting, and decided to check it out.
        Unfortunately, the team’s captain could not keep her big mouth shut, and turned these potential viewers and fans off, before they had a chance to turn the TV on, and watch a match.

        At a time when women’s sports still remain in the nascent stage at the national level, and what gains that have been made are being threatened by the “trans” lunacy, it’s really too bad the people who put so much blood sweat and tears into this team can’t persuade her to put a sock in that trap pf hers.

        She’s ruining it for the other women.
        The NFL was a longstanding institution, with a dedicated fan base of millions, and even that organization took a big hit when Kapernick started his antics.
        Women’s soccer can’t really afford to indulge this woman.

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        • Good point Bendix.

          A lot of little girls and their families might have enjoyed watching these women win.

          But after this foul mouthed rant I would not encourage any little girls to follow the Woman’s Soccer team.

          Who knows what kind of language or what kind of strange ideas are going to pop out of Megan Rapinoe’s mixed up mind.

          Her’s is not the kind of attitude I would want kids around.

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    • Peter Rabbit says:

      Perfect! Rapinoe just put the deadly curse on her team. Total stupidity to take focus off the game.

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    • judgeroybean says:

      There are millions of women in Muslim countries who’d do anything to be able to live in America. Why don’t we trade guys like this, and Rosie O’Donnell types, for women who’d be forever grateful for the rights and freedoms America hating women take for granted?

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  2. Madmax110 says:

    Stage 4 of Trump Derangement Syndrome. For help please Call 1-800-STFU

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  3. nimrodman says:

    Smarter than the average bear, that PresTrump

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  4. tonyE says:

    Men’s soccer, outside of the Mexican Leagues and the US MSL, is actually a very interesting game. You just have to understand how the teams are laid out, how they move, how they pass, how they set up the plays. It’s actually much more complicated than a typical NFL play. In some ways, it seems like basketball, but played on a much larger scale.

    OTOH, women’s soccer is slow. This is because women don’t have the running speed or kicking force of men. So the end result reminds me of watching boys playing soccer… mostly clustered around the ball. If women were to play in a 7/8th or 3/4 size field, it would be much more interesting.

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    • swissik says:

      Quite exciting for soccer fans are the German Bundesliga matches. In my area they are carried on FS1 and sometimes on local FN channel. The season ended about a month ago though. Then there are the British soccer matches but I have yet to figure out what the schedule is. I agree that men’s soccer is better than women’s although stats are claiming the women’s bring in more money. If true then the players wanting equal pay should be honored.

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      • Bill Brown says:

        Men’s soccer brings in a ton more money. It’s not even close.

        Women’s soccer is good in general (but men’s players far superior in skill) but outside international competitions there is not a big interest.

        I’m rooting for the American team but this is the kind of stuff that turns a lot of people away.

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      • Kenji says:

        Sorry my fellow Americans, but I am a raging soccer fan. Primarily the EPL and Champions League. I follow most all the players, including the $100M Transfer fee players. Yep. $100M + just for the privilege of buying the top players in the world … then you have to pay them $350K+ per week! All of the above said about the sport is accurate, and I must add that in my opinion top level Prof. Soccer players are the best athletes in the world (both upper body and lower body). Yes, men’s soccer is played as physically with the upper body as the lower. It is a full contact sport.

        I coached both boys and girls teams at a very competitive level, and Ioved coaching the girls … but let’s be absolutely honest … women’s soccer bears little resemblance to the men’s game. The worst pub team of fat old wankers could beat any of these WWC teams. The women’s game is wayyyyy slower with mediocre skill, mediocre power, and goalkeeping that is excruciatingly awful. Top level men’s European soccer is lightyears beyond this game the women are playing. Take Dyke Rabinhoe for instance … put her on the worst English Second division team of U21’s … and she’d never touch the ball. She wouldn’t get near the ball, even if she jumped on the back of any of the men.

        Yeah, yeah, I get it … women are supposed to be “equal” to men in every way … therefore the women’s World Cup has got to be “equal” to the men. Sorry. It’s not. Not. Even. Close. And I get really annoyed when the US Women’s team is compared to the men’s. Look! The American women always WIN! And the men always LOSE! I could bend your ears for hours as to why that’s an insane comparison. But suffice to say, I would take Christian Pulasic 1v5 against the best 5 women … and bet he’d humiliate them all.

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          “Best athletes in the world.”

          At any one stretch, how far, in yards, does a soccer player run? Might a soccer player run?

          What if the rules allowed any player to run anywhere at any moment?

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  5. Og Oggilby says:

    Megan Rapinoe Cancelled Wedding Bells; New Girlfriend Soon After, Wife-To-Be?
    June 19, 2019

    “Megan Rapinoe, a professional football player, didn’t profess the ordinary ‘coming out’ stories like most gay women. What’s more, she’s even become one-of-less gay individuals who’ve had a unique taste of relationship; breaking a marriage to beginning a new love-life…

    A new development in Megan’s love story might surprise everyone as she has broken up her engagement with her then wife-to-be, Sarah.

    As per the reports, Megan is in an affair with Sue Bird, American-Israeli baller….”

    Not surprising that she hates Donald Trump, apparently the first President afflicted with Toxic Masculinity.

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  6. Bill says:

    She’s just mad she can’t get chicks as hot as Trump does. Hater gonna hate.

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  7. Noonan says:

    “I wouldn’t pay attention to a World Cup match if it were going on in my backyard and the beer was free.”

    Lewis Grizzard

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    • mopar2016 says:

      I wouldn’t watch that crap for all the tea in China.
      If you can’t use your hands it’s not really much of a sport IMO.
      This pompous Rapinoe clown could take a few lessons from Amanda Nunes, a real female athlete.

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  8. bosscook says:

    It’s an honor to go to the White House…regardless of who’s POTUS at the time. I’m sure there are people who went to the White House when Obama was POTUS even if they couldn’t abide him. Just to be in such a historic home, OUR home, with such a rich history. It goes to show you what is taught in public schools these days. She’s not only unhinged, she’s a product of a school system that didn’t teach patriotism or history.

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    • Chip Doctor says:

      I remember a song on Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road that was about her kind.

      Dirty Little Girl.
      I’ve seen a lot of women who haven’t had much luck
      I’ve seen you looking like you’ve been run down by a truck
      That ain’t nice to say, sometimes I guess I’m really hard
      But I’m gonna put buckshot in your pants if you step into my yard
      When I watch the police come by and move you on
      Well, I sometimes wonder what’s beneath the mess you’ve become
      Well, you may have been a pioneer in the trade of women’s wear
      But all you got was a mop-up job washing other people’s stairs
      How she do it, how she do it, how she do it, oh
      I’m gonna tell the world, you’re a dirty little girl
      Someone grab that bitch by the ears
      Rub her down, scrub her back
      Turn her inside out
      ‘Cause I bet she, I bet she
      I bet she
      Oh, I bet she hasn’t had a bath in years

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    • Will says:

      I didn’t like the Marxist Obama but I wouldn’t insult my country or my flag like this butch chick did. Respect is respect. You may not like the current President but why insult your fellow countrymen oops country persons. What a low class loser.

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  9. scrap1ron says:

    This mentally unstable no class *************** should be kicked off the team. She’s an embarrassment to women’s sports.

    (Coment edited by Admin…)

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  10. Somebody's Gramma says:

    All the gay women I have known as acquaintances were molested and/or sexually abused or very neglected at a young age, and often by both parents. The sadness I feel for these women outweighs the anger at their behavior. Pray for them. Their anger and mistrust is deep seated. They need love and healing. Every sweet and innocent thought they had as children was viciously robbed from them. Not to say, we should praise or accept the bad behavior, we shouldn’t. The facts were well documented and published, but the gay rights coalitions have steadily destroyed the Truth about homosexuals in an effort to Normalize the “lifestyle”. It’s tragic really. Trump was hitting back at the arrogance and hatred, which is fine. He did not attack Gender. But he did highlight her so we all could take a look and decide for ourselves. Perfect strategy. I’m fierce when it comes to protecting my children and grandchildren. I recommend private Christian school or homeschooling to shield the children from the gay lobby’s infiltration of public education. But I also teach them to Pray for these souls. It is rare for an LGBTQXYZ person to be happy and fulfilled. Their lives are very difficult and often the anger builds over time. I looked at the woman’s picture filled with hate and anger, and felt so sad. Who did this to her?? I know, I know… Gramma has maybe too much compassion.

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  11. chancebarnsc says:

    “Megan should WIN first before she TALKS!”

    Perhaps she should also remember that in all likelihood, a bunch of pubescent boys could beat her and her team, so just how does she get off thinking she’s some great athlete?

    Australia’s National Women’s Soccer Team Lose 7-0 To A Bunch Of 15-Year-Old Boys:

    ‘Australia’s national women’s soccer team lose 7-0 to U15 boys’ :

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  12. listingstarboard says:

    The things angry lesbian couples are capable of–

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  13. Esther says:

    They may spell their names differently, but it seems that every overly ambitious Megan wants to get famous off of spewing hate at our president.
    Megan Merkel
    Megan McCain
    Megan Ripinoe
    Megyn Kelly

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few, think the other woman with Stormy was also a Megan. Seems like the name Megan is now synonymous with TDS as a career boosting platform for females who are nothing but ‘nasty’ *****es – ( witches).


  14. facebkwallflower says:

    Other players not vocal enough against this bullshitski..Would not be surprized if at least half agree with her but are letting her do the dirty work.

    Her teammates should suround her during the anthem, with backs turned to her so she cannot be seen. Then I would buy she stands alone and the soccer league is not anti-American.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      You can bet your ass that the woman coach of the team is a Trump Hater and probably a lesbian as well. That is why she lets Rapinoe get away with it.


  15. facebkwallflower says:

    Interesting observation on google search for citizenship or where born. Her bios say things like, “. . . .born on the laps of ……..” or “. . . .grew up in California.” with no mention of place of birth.


  16. Robert Smith says:

    I’m a big supporter of the USWNT. I think I’ve probably seen most of the US women’s world cup games over the years and rooted hard for them every time. I’m not a soccer fan in general so take that for what it’s worth.

    I haven’t yet watched a USWNT game this year yet. I think it might be my building level of unease with their use and echoing of their “platform”. Please. One of the tings they want is “fair” compensation — well beyond their value to the TV networks imo. etc. etc. I HATE when politics intrudes on my sports. In them though, I still see a lot of the young girls who played and competed in sports over the years at the local level. I don’t feel like they would ever make themselves bigger than the team, which I feel Megan is doing here. I’m cheering for the their team representing MY country. I’m not rooting for her.


  17. I’ve never heard of Rappinho ’till today. Now I’m culturally enriched.

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  18. Moe Grimm says:

    I KNEW this one was another cultural marxist bulldyke. The first time I saw her. I KNEW it. Another dyke under the delusion PDT is after her ilk. He’s never said or done a damn thing against them. Actually every indication is that he could care les.

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  19. Palmettoman says:

    Brilliant move by POTUS. He knows how to play their (haters) game better than they do. I’ve never enjoyed watching any soccer until this World Cup (still don’t care for the men’s).

    The girls play rough. Been fun to watch (except MR, that is…)


  20. jat says:

    She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to get Lindsey Vonn’d. *muhahaha*


    • Esther says:

      Why do people referring to the person Ripinoe as a SHE? Is it political correctness? We confuse the children when we misapply genders. As a female, I’m not one of whatever that is, and simply refuse to comply.

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  21. namberak says:

    #3,481,013 on the list of things to care about, what this twit does, or doesn’t, do.


  22. GSparrow says:

    I’ve watched Women’s Soccer enjoyably for years but as soon as I saw Rapinoe protest on one knee during the anthem, I couldn’t watch the USA play for another second. The tacit team also appears to support her and her resentment of their own country.

    I’ve continued to watch the other teams play btut I doubt I’ll watch the final game because the USA is likely to be in the game. Rapinoe looks like a mean spirited, unhappy obsessed person and her political protesting and self aggrandizing at a major sporting event is a disgusting way to ruin the enjoyment for others by taunting them to dwell on her depraved, low information political views rather than the great talents of the other players in the tournament.

    Only fellow TDS patients will choose to watch her perform her antics and agree with her bitter anti USA sentiments.


  23. Wingman says:

    Rapinhoe has an acute case of TDS compounded with a case of penis envy causing her ridiculous hatred and resulting ugliness.


  24. Texian says:

    Since she brought it up.. Let’s approach the issue scientifically and unbiased..

    ‘..Homosexuality, whether by social or genetic means, is a defect because it doesn’t result in the furthering of the species..’

    Social Biology Professor
    University of Houston

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    • Brenrod says:

      Actually it might further the species by reducing the population and calling the gene’s of defective genetic lines.


  25. Megan Rapinoe is just doing what narcissists who are from California and Portland State University do. They don’t focus on their Team, Fans or Country, they focus on themselves first and last. Fox Sports has to love how Ms.Rapinoe has cost them half their audience and US Women’s Soccer has to love that Americans are rooting for their Team to lose…

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  26. CNN_sucks says:

    Rapinooe is wh*ring her profile for next sport gear endorsement.


  27. Bigref says:

    I have followed the USWNT since Michelle Akers set the bar very high in the first Women’s World Cup. I love the game the women play and the game the men play. Just as in tennis, the men’s and the women’s game are similar but different, just as different as the players.

    At a younger age, I was a FIFA licensed coach and a State level referee with nearly 1,000 matches to my officiating resume. There is no question that the women’s game is more tactical than the men’s, but the denigration I have read here serves only to augment the view that conservative men are Neanderthals. It is also idiotic. Do you only watch the 4 best NFL teams, or can you enjoy a game between less talented teams?

    Megan will never count herself among the stars of the USWNT. She lacks the intelligence required at the highest levels. In soccer, strategy and tactics are in the hands of the players on the field and they do not get “time outs”, innings or player changes very few minutes. The game doesn’t stop ever 20 seconds for substitutes or for the the leader to remind herself what to do next by reading his wrist.

    No, one dumbass is not going to stop me from watching these female athletes play for their country. Their athleticism, mental and physical toughness and dedication amount to the very best international sports team the USA produces, with the sole exception of the Olympic Dream Teams.

    Four years from now Rapinoe will be a footnote, far below the likes of Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, Hope Solo and many others who have made the USWNT the gold standard of the world.


    • sDee says:

      “the denigration I have read here serves only to augment the view that conservative men are Neanderthals. ”

      Quite an observation… that is far more deep and narrow in its bigotry than the handful of opinions of women’s soccer made above.


  28. Brenrod says:

    This team should not represent the USA, it has betrayed the trust and the agreement with the USA. All benefits from the federal government to this team should be ended. I want this team to lose.

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    • Brenrod says:

      I want this team to lose because it will bring an end to this absolutely disgraceful and shameless scandal. They are an embarrassment to the USA


  29. Brenrod says:

    It’s best if they lose as soon as possible so that we don’t have to continue watching this shameless spectacle.


  30. itsy_bitsy says:

    People who despise this country should not be allowed to represent it in world matches. Hate us if you want to, but represent me you do not! I think this woman is detestable regardless of her sports abilities! She does not, in any way, represent me or mine!

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  31. sDee says:

    It was Rapinoe who decided to move her team from the sports arena to the political arena.

    She forced a zero sum game upon her team and their fans.

    Another example of how America stands divided. It is not perchance.

    How Big Government Destroys Friendships

    The greater the number of decisions made in the political arena, the greater the potential for conflict….. the prime feature of political decision-making is that it’s a zero-sum game. One person’s win is of necessity another person’s loss.

    Unfortunately, too many Americans want government to grow and have more power over our lives. That means conflict among us is going to rise.


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