President Trump Massive Orlando MAGA Rally – 2020 Campaign Kickoff – 8:00pm Livestream

President Trump is launching the 2020 campaign kickoff tonight in Orlando Florida.  The venue is the Amway center and President Trump is scheduled to appear at 8:00pm EST. President Trump and Vice President Pence will announce their bid for a second term in the White House. First lady Melania Trump and second lady Karen Pence are also attending the launch.

UPDATE: Video Added


The “45 festival” events have been ongoing all day in/around the arena, and ongoing rally speakers are speaking to a massive audience.  There is a large media presence including outlets from all over the world.  Several live-streams are available:

Fox News LivestreamFox10 LivestreamRSBN LivestreamGST Livestream




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562 Responses to President Trump Massive Orlando MAGA Rally – 2020 Campaign Kickoff – 8:00pm Livestream

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

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  2. Arty Shellrep says:

    Together, we are breaking the most sacred rule in Washington Politics: we are KEEPING our promises to the American People.

    Because my only special interest is YOU!

    -President Trump-


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  3. A Great President Trump 2020 4 more years,


  4. StanH says:

    He’s simply fearless. Awesome speech!


  5. NC Nana says:

    We watched President Trump’s speech here at CTH. His speech was so powerful first our 11 year old grandson came in and started watching with us; shortly thereafter our 11 year old granddaughter came in to watch. Before it was over our granddaughter had made a Trump, 2020 sign and was it holding it up when they cheered the President’s remarks.

    The good thing about watching it on line was that we could pause the speech when they asked questions about what the President was saying.

    This morning I saw this opening prayer by Pastor Paula White on TheLastRefuge2 tweet. (

    Hallelujah! Amen!

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  6. dd_sc says:

    Melania’s yellow dress a shout out to the gilets jaune movement?


  7. Rynn69 says:

    Soros, Iran, China, Obama, Jarrett, Rhodes, Tlaib, AOC, Omar are the deepest and darkest haters of America. However, IMHO, never bet against the USA.


  8. emeraldcoaster says:

    Great kickoff—fantastic energy. POTUS made the case for all citizens to get onboard the Trump train. Only change I’d like is for a different logo, Keep America Great doesn’t quite do it for me. I agree with Deroy Murdock and others, we’re not there yet. Make America Even Greater says it better.


  9. Abolt says:

    I was there. It was electrifying, as usual. Don Jr. also gave a great speech. Couple things I would change:
    1) Get rid of the female “Pastor”. Sorry, don’t believe women can hold that office according to the NT. I realize that others don’t agree with me, but that’s the point. Why be decisive. No one would object to a strong male Pastor giving the prayer.
    2) Tell everyone including Don Jr., not to use GD in their speeches. Taking the Lords name in vain while at the same time asking for His blessings on Trump and our movement is contradictory.
    Other than that, all perfect!!

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  10. covfefe999 says:

    As we move further along into this election season I think it’s absolutely crucial that Trump explain to voters the importance of not only voting for him for President but of voting straight GOP in oither races. He needs to explain to the people who didn’t get it in 2018 that majorities are most important and the reason we’re still suffering the Dem circus is because we allowed them to seize control of the House. If they had done the same in the Senate Trump would be impeached. He must drill in this message every single time he speaks. Straight GOP in Nov 2020. Don’t even think twice about doing it.


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