DNC Club Releases Debate Line-Up, Elizabeth Warren Positioned Over Sanders…

It’s important to remember President Obama’s ideological ally, former DOJ Civil Rights Division head Tom Perez, is the current Chairman of the DNC.  There are still two generally adverse camps within the DNC Club, though the boundary is much softer.

The professionals (former Clinton wing) and the activists (former Obama wing).  Tom Perez hails from the ideological activist wing.  The Democrat debate will take place in Miami and the group has been broken up into two groups over two nights.

Despite the nonsense that might be spun by NBC, the selection was not random draw (they never are) by the club. The DNC selected the candidates for each night and coordinated with NBC.  Interestingly, Elizabeth Warren is the biggest winner and Bernie Sanders is the biggest loser.  That’s a *tell*.  The DNC is shaping the perspectives of the college crowd.

By positioning Elizabeth Warren on the first night (highest rating night); and positioning her with little intellectual or policy challenge; it appears the Perez DNC activist wing wants Warren over Sanders. It’s also obvious Warren can critique Sanders without an rebuttal (smart move).  Additionally Beto will look like the goofball he is.  This helps assemble the college crowd to Warren (again, subtle but smart move).

Conversely, the DNC put Sanders against Biden, Buttigieg, Harris and Bennet.  Sanders has no-one to debate his communist bona-fides with.  Night two will be a swarm of social justice and me-too-isms…. and of course, high dose Orange-Man-Bad.

Data-Delivery Deadline…. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made the cut while Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, Rep. Seth Moulton (Mass.) and Miramar, FL, Mayor Wayne Messam did not.  This is almost certain to be a measure of value for the first required batch of data-delivery.

Likely de Blasio gave up his New York donor and candidate support file to make the stage. The DNC has all but admitted the data-value is the primary metric in determining support.  But the Club is going to have to be really careful with Bernie Sanders.

Bernie has the biggest and most valuable data-file within the entire DNC field. The club is going to have to find a way to export that file to Elizabeth Warren without pissing off Bernie too much… though we know from 2016 Bernie and Jane can be purchased, so it might just be an aspect of determining best price (likely is).

The first pair of debates are being hosted by NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo. NBC News said the positioning of candidate podiums onstage would be based on polling and will be announced at a later date.  Again, more shaping. Warren will be center stage on Night One, and Biden will be center stage on Night Two.

Et tu Tom?


[ps. Don’t forget, just like the republican voters in 2011/2012, most of the Democrat voters still have no idea how controlled this is. Only a small number of voters know how the big club operate and can fathom how Club strategies are executed (splitters etc).  The College Crowd is absolutely clueless – stunningly so.]


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197 Responses to DNC Club Releases Debate Line-Up, Elizabeth Warren Positioned Over Sanders…

  1. 100% YOOPER says:

    Come on guys, it’s gonna be Biden because the poll said so in my home state.



  2. clodfobble says:

    I really have a hard time listening and watching leftist idiots. The professional criminals sprinkled in these groups makes is much worse. However, perhaps a few minutes just for the chuckles but cut it off before the upchuck.

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  3. The Gipper Lives says:

    1. Snuffy’s “question” is actually a good indicator of where The Crime Family feels they are most vulnerable.

    2. Julie Kelley has a theory that the Obama/Clinton Crime Family recruited Russian Amb. Kisliyak to facilitate the Russia Hoax makes sense–especially if you consider Jeff Sessions to be a double-agent for the Deep State, which I do. Even more so when coupled with Brennan’s Moscow visit in March 2016. That is also why the Weissman Report was so insistent that no US person conspired with Russia–because so many Democrats did exactly that.

    3. If talking to foreigners about dirt is so bad. why did Democrats send Ms. Veselnitskya over to Trump Tower in the first place?

    4. And since she was debriefed by Glen Simpson after the meeting, doesn’t that also constitute “getting dirt on your opponent from a foreigner”?

    The same goes for John Brennan’s foreign spies.

    5. When Swedish telecom execs at Ericsson wanted sanctions relief to do business with Iran, they paid Bill Clinton $750k to give a talk, whereupon Granny granted their waiver. Why, that’s just good government.

    But if those Swedish execs wanted to talk to President Trump about the crooked deal, why, that’s not allowed!

    That’s the Democrats’ position: Bribery is fine–but exposing it is a crime!

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  4. OmegaManBlue says:

    I think it also makes it look like Warren was cheated and sent to kiddie table.

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    • That is what it is made to look like. I think of it like watching sports. One league, decision, conference has all the power, the other league, decision, conference has only one team which beats up on a the others in their league, decision, conference. Makes the one in the league, decision, conference look all powerful while not being challenged, weakened injured. The others get to beat each other to the point where they cannot compete.

      I won’t be watching either circus ring and hope SD will bring us his usual great analysis accompanied by humor.

      Extra large (double) 🍿 🍿 please.

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    • helix35 says:

      “Beto will look like the goofball he is.” And in this parade of clowns, that’s saying something.

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  5. mr.piddles says:

    I vote for Bill de Blasio…

    … to make a total ass of himself.

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    • H.R. says:

      I’m also looking forward to seeing how De Blasio will do, Mr. Piddles. Or rather, how the media and other candidates will try to take him out.

      He’s an experienced politician now so he knows a bit about “speaking with forked tongue” and promising freebies which he cares not a whit if they ever get delivered.

      However, he’s a “it’s My Way or the Highway” autocratic guy more so than a seller of dreams ala Bernie, so he may drop out quickly as I’m sure the DNC doesn’t want to fund him unless he shows he has the stuff to be “The One.” That said, I don’t think the DNC has him penciled in for that role.

      The debates will be telling and I’m hoping they will tell the tale of Bumbling Bill.


  6. mr.piddles says:

    Tom split the the Punch Bowl Turds… Delaney and Hickenlooper. Maybe they’re co-strategizing to go after the Hardcore Moonbats… Big Brother style.


  7. Lamont Cranston says:



  8. StanH says:

    Wanted poster for the 20 most dangerous to the republic, or as the projectionists say existential threat to the survival of the USA. The very system that allowed these idiots a platform they want to destroy. Useless as teats on a boar hog the whole bunch of them.

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  9. Jederman says:

    Without a corrupt and useless (to normal citizens) “news” media not a stinking one of them would have the slightest chance of avoiding complete annihilation in 2020. Wow, I’ve never seen such a useless mess. All they have is Trump hate. Can’t wait to see the real presidential debates.

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  10. teaforall says:

    I think on 6/26 Warren is front runner
    6/27 Biden is front runner
    Neither one will win.,
    In steps Hillary Clinton and VP will be Castro
    Inquiring minds want to know


    • bored identity says:

      Creepy Joe & Fauxahontas is their 2020. ticket.
      It will be rough, unless President step up his game on immigration, opioids crisis and continuing outsourcing ( car industry)…

      Ergo, Trump needs to stop pandering to groups that for a different reasons will never break out from voting for Weimerican candidates.

      Y’all mark my words; Trump will do in 2020 about the same among gay, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics as he did in 2016.

      This time he will do much worse with white female voters ( not as a result of any wrongdoing on President’s behalf, but mostly because of insane level of propaganda and pressure that white women voters are exposed 24/7 since Shillary’s epic implosion.)

      Google duckduckgo “Sailer Strategy” , if you still don’t understand why it will be so much harder for Trump to replicate 2016 if he keeps trying to impress Jarvanka’s Hamptonites.


  11. Mike says:

    Getting Bernies’ data is easy. Purchase another home for him.

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  12. Frbrdskmi8 says:

    Ummmm. Let’s see debate questions will be…Will you vote to impeach President Trump ? Yes. Do you believe President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election? Yes. Do you believe President Trump is obstructing? Yes Do you believe President Trump is insane? Yes Do you have an agenda, a plan for America and Americans to help our country succeed? Oh, look, a squirrel….Orange man bad, very bad. I know this is very sarcastic, but it’s reality and it makes me very angry. When are Americans going to wake up?


  13. GB Bari says:

    How many solid DemoncRAT voters knew in June 2006 that Obozo would run and win?
    My conclusion was – not many. Nor did many Republicans take seriously his candidacy early on.
    It was assumed to be Hillary’s election to lose.

    I don’t recall the media getting behind Obozo until the primaries. The first primary is about 7 months out. A lot can happen in 7 months.

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  14. Joshua2415 says:

    If you happen to live in a closed primary state, now would be a good time to consider changing your party affiliation to democrat (temporarily). VSGPDJT won’t be facing a primary challenge of any meaning. All of fun will be had goofing on the democrats and trying to mess with “The Club’s” big plans.

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  15. According to the theory of evolution, man (read human race) should be somewhere along a line of improvement concerning his overall condition. Right?

    So It would seem that the biggest case for the failure of evolution would be the Democrat Party Presidential candidates. I mean really. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rouke, Buttigieg,…. et al., et al. Or even just the whole Democrat Party, and throw in the voters too. Can you imagine living in a Joe Biden Voter’s head? Some things are too horrible to contemplate.

    I mean think about it. The greatest country in the world, and voting people there would elect Joe “sniffer” Biden. People with great potential cognitive power, imagination, a full range of emotional responses like no other creature, and they become, Joe Biden voters. Or Elizabeth Warren voters. Or et al. It absolutely boggles the mind, the insanity of it all.

    God said that in the last days He would send strong delusion on those who would rather believe a lie than the truth. Well you can see for yourself that the strong delusion has begun to take effect. It’s here folks.

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  16. scrap1ron says:

    So which side will Donna Brazile feed the debate questions to? If you’re not cheating you’re not trying.

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  17. Southrider says:

    Instead of ‘pros’ vs ‘activists’, wouldn’t it be more accurate to refer to them as ‘crooks’ vs ‘commies’? I think that better illustrates their likely tactics and allies. Lots of crooks in the RINO camp, the violent shock troops are all commie.


  18. askandgettruth says:

    would make a great poster on the best american socialist we have to offer, or this is what corruption looks like in america

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  19. askandgettruth says:


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  20. David says:

    They just left open an enormous opportunity for Tulsi Gabbard to seize the spotlight from the lineup of lightweights they set up for Warren.

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