President Trump Impeachment Hearings Begin – House Judiciary Committee 2:00pm Livestream…

Today the House Judiciary Committee led by Chairman Jerry Nadler officially begins the House Impeachment Hearings.  Yes, these are impeachment hearings; they are just being presented under other names in an effort by Democrats to avoid the political fallout from holding impeachment hearings. They’ll get away with it because: (1) U.S. media are on their team; and (2) Leadership Republicans are idiots (and many also on the ‘D’ team).

The hearings will be broadcast live and -by design- carried on most media outlets. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Jerry Nadler, having planned the approach for several months, name their impeachment kick-off event:

“Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes”


[John Dean Testimonial embed below].


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379 Responses to President Trump Impeachment Hearings Begin – House Judiciary Committee 2:00pm Livestream…

  1. Og Oggilby says:

    John Dean: When I heard the early election polls on Trump, I got a knot in my stomach. “And it sits there to this day.” Johnny, we hardly knew ye….

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    • Jederman says:

      Was Dean’s intent with that statement to remove all doubt that he was only there as a Lefty shill.

      He should stop the drama queen act and proclaim, “I’m a Lefty shill.” It’s more lawyerly. Oh never mind, he was disbarred.

      Can’t think of a single witness to date in these dem clown shows that has ANY credibility or is of any use to the country.

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    • LULU says:



  2. MDNA I says:

    Florida Rep M.-Powell is owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian Oligarch who threatened 2 of Rudy’s clients who are money people for Trump

    Use Google Translate


  3. okapisage says:

    I was only able to tune in on this around 4:00. I can’t believe it! The three “witnesses” are not witnesses of anything! They are just stating their own personal opinions, overlaying them onto the Mueller report. But it’s just personal BIASED opinion. As I think Rep. Collins stated, Dean has sent out a total of 970 Trump-related tweets over the past several years, 100% of them negative. The two women are just substituting their own opinion in place of the Mueller Report where it didn’t say what was obviously hoped, as a “do-over.” What an absolute farce!

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  4. Mikgen says:

    So, the question to ask the Dim congress persons during this election cycle is “what did you achieve for your voters?”. And the answer will be “we re-enacted the Watergate hearings”.
    That’s going to be a winner.

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    • Jederman says:

      If they’re not that quick on their feet (and they’re not) they likely will knee jerk to the default, “Equallllllity, Juuuuuustice and Saaaave the planet…AAAAbortions” good stuff like that.

      Unfortunately, thanks to the most expensive but not so effective education system and of course the corrupt poodles in the MSM, close to half the country will be satisfied with those buzz words and vote a couple times for the dems anyway.

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  5. Yes, I’m afraid that at the end of the day this is turning out to be nothing more than a pathetic farce, in which washed-up lawmakers finally acknowledged that they spent nearly $40 million of the taxpayer’s money trying to re-create a “road map” from a long-ago and completely unrelated political victory that most voters today are much too young to remember.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Dean matter-of-factly confirmed what no one had dared say until now: that “Volume 2 was never anything more.” It was never intended to be a “special counsel’s report,” and it was legally useless for that purpose. However, it also was never intended to become public – available for anyone and everyone to review. It was supposed to be the deep, dark secret that could be “spun” in any way Trump’s opponents wished, in order to bring about the “inevitable” political conclusion that “Her Majesty, Queen Hillary” would at last regain her rightful throne. (So you spent $38 million tax-dollars for that? Collateral damages … suck it up …)

    What’s completely gone now – not only for the House Committees but by extension all of it – is “credibility.” The vaporous notion that any shred of this existed for any legitimate purpose whatsoever. Instead, the chairmen of several House Congressional Committees continue to avail themselves of the full powers of Congress with the singular and (un-)expressed purpose of ejecting a lawfully elected President of the United States from his office. At the orders of a one Hillary Clinton.

    But – it’s too late. As the AAG recently said in his letter to Chairman Nadler, “it is now well-established that …”

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      They don’t have the guts to actually convene an Impeachment Hearing.


      • Mark McQueen says:

        …the guts and quite possibly the votes…..


        • I’m fairly certain that several hundred Congressional Democrats DON’T want to commit political suicide. The “old guard” that is telling all of them to do this is – well – “OLD.” Very old. From a completely different generation of Washingtonians, who actually know (and care) who “John Dean” was.

          These *OLD* people hatched a preposterous scheme to put an *OLD* (and thoroughly corrupt) woman into the White House, then put an *OLD* man into the prosecutor’s seat whereupon he filled his ranks with *OLD* Democrats who – to a (wo)man – “hated the President.” Still determined to bring their plot to fruition, these *OLD* (wo)men actually still believe that they can not only persuade their *young* colleagues in the House to follow their bidding, but that they can persuade the Senate to do the same.

          And, it simply isn’t going to happen. These people spent years abusing both the intelligence and the justice system for purely political purposes, always assuming that “*OLD* Hillary would win” and bury everything. Now, it’s payback time, and they’re not going to be able to send an **innocent man** packing, having unwittingly spent $38 million dollars of taxpayer money proving that he was.

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  6. Justin Green says:

    So I only got to watch the first 10-15 minutes. Worth watching the replay? I can fast forward through the liberal questioning.


  7. Tim Godfrey says:

    Load gun, aim at foot, pull trigger.

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  8. Esther says:

    Its mistake to think that these hearings are a farce. Sure they are kabuki theater, but at same time they keep injecting poison onto the voting population. In this ‘bubble’ of those who can still reason and think for themselves, we may see through the scam. Unfortunately it is the people with TDS who this threat is meant to influence, the weak-minded. If the comments on twitter and social media are any gauge, the low IQ and deranged left are eating up like John’s gospel. They were utterly p*ssed that the networks showed the crashed helicopter instead of Dean. This is their red meat.
    It is time Trump supporters seriously take a look at the Dem’s base and work to understand how rabid, ignorant and impressionable on the low end, and how entirely corrupt they are on the other end. It is important to recognize that these people have totally bought in to the Alinsky styled lies and propaganda.

    This is why Lindsey Graham’s statement to Martha McConnell today is important. He says he is ‘done with the Mueller investigation.’ Those who look for him to change his spots to help Trump by hauling Mueller into the Senate keep forgetting who Lindsey is – the sidekick of No Name McCain. That sell-out leopard will not and has not change his spots. Over 20 GOP senators just exposed themselves as disloyal traitors to Trump and his efforts. These include all the leadership positions on the Senate Committees. There is deafening silence coming from them, not even the appointment of judges is happening as they promised.

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    • Yep, Nancy and crew are going for the evening news sound bites as well. Between the Dem base and the low info voters, this is ALL they are hearing. Nothing else.

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      • billrla says:

        conservativeinny: My elderly mother has NBC playing all-day long. It’s nothing but Orange Man Bad, Weather disasters and flesh-eating disease outbreaks, plus video loops of little children being ripped out of the arms of desperate “asylum-seeking mothers” by Orange Man Bad’s border control agents.


        • Linnéa says:

          Re: ‘Yes, these are impeachment hearings; they are just being presented under other names in an effort by Democrats to avoid the political fallout from holding impeachment hearings.’

          Perhaps the dwindling audience of Rachel Maddow can be convinced ‘Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes’ is an actual or even ersatz impeachment hearing but I suspect everyone else has tuned this out. I’m fatigued. I expect most everyone else is too.


  9. LULU says:

    Look at that photo of Jerry Nadler. That is a sick old man. An empty bag of very tired skin. I believe he has bigger things to worry about than Donald J. Trump. Or maybe he sees this as his last hurrah? (His only hurrah?)

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  10. pacnwbel says:

    An e mail has arrived from Mitch McConnell asking us to support President Trump on building the wall and criticizing Nancy for throwing wrenches in all the wheels, please send money to the Senate Conservatives Fund so they’ll vote for the wall. What is this? extortion for every issue we pay them handsomely to solve? It seems that no one in office is capable of doing anything unless we first send them a pot of money. How I wish a thousand citizens could march into Congress and make citizens arrests and clean out the lot of them. (with one or two exceptions.)


  11. Calvin Cotcowski says:

    America is not in question here is it? The lie of Palestine and Palestinian people are. Please stay focused. There has NEVER been a Palestinian Nation. Maybe you should read a history book (not a heathen liberal one) and learn how and when America was founded and her proud history having been founded by men inspired by God. Protestant ones too. Lol.

    But hey, keep swinging for the fences guy.

    So, when Jesus returns, where will that be? HINT: Not PALESTINE since it is eternally nothing.

    Trump 2020.

    If you want the truth read the Bible. That’s about the only place you will find it these days. It’s up to you to believe it or not.



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