Chairman Nadler “Negotiating” for Mueller to Testify….

According to Reuters, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is negotiating terms for special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before the committee…  [I doubt this].

In my opinion, no-one in DC wants Robert Mueller to testify because they know Mueller was/is purely a figurehead for a corrupt investigative enterprise that was simply an extension of the 2016 DOJ and FBI effort.

Mueller was the 2017 cover that allowed the 2016 DOJ and FBI team to continue their efforts. Mueller didn’t select an investigative team, a pre-assembled TEAM that included Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and FBI Counsel James Baker selected Mueller; and they successfully leveraged DAG Rod Rosenstein to appoint him.

(Reuters) […] Nadler’s committee is continuing to negotiate for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, author of the report on Trump and Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, to testify before he leaves the Justice Department in coming weeks.

“Hopefully he will come in. It won’t be next week,” Nadler said. “If necessary, we will subpoena him and he will come.”

The House Judiciary panel has not set a date for Mueller to testify, but lawmakers had spoken tentatively about May 15. The panel is still negotiating with Mueller and the Justice Department. It was unclear where negotiations stood on Friday.

Barr has said he has no objection to Mueller testifying. But Trump has tweeted that Mueller should not testify.

The Justice Department told the House committee that Mueller is expected to leave his post in “a matter of weeks”, according to Nadler. (read more)

There’s no way Nadler wants to see Mueller solo at a congressional hearing, unless Nadler has total control over the situation… there’s far too much inherent risk from questions that Mueller would be asked; including the May 16th, 2017, meeting in the Oval Office.

Mueller and Weissmann together yes, but Mueller solo – no way.

Whoever advised President Trump (likely Senator Lindsey Graham) to tweet about not having Mueller testify is only trying to protect the institutional deep state; and that protection encompasses the familiar process to control information.

The DC system knows how to manipulate narratives and diminish risk.  Robert Mueller being asked questions about the framework and origination of his investigation is adverse to the interests of those who advanced and protected the insufferable investigation for two years.  The only way the administrative state officials will allow Mueller to speak without script is if they control everything around his appearance.

Robert Mueller had no more control or influence over the extended investigative unit than any other useful idiot has toward a similar effort.

Mueller is the DOJ equivalent of a corporate “chairman emeritus“, nothing more.

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190 Responses to Chairman Nadler “Negotiating” for Mueller to Testify….

  1. beaujest says:

    Put an apple in this pigs mouth and start the fire !

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  2. Bogeyfree says:

    Not knowing if Mueller will testify, I might suggest we take the time and assemble our top 20 questions for Mueller.

    Then once compiled we email them over to the loyal PT supporter on the committee to help ensure these questions get asked.

    IMO we have one shot assuming he testifies and our guys MUST be prepared and feed the critical asks!

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    • WES says:

      Bogey: As far a I know by a law passed by Congress a SC can not talk publicaly. So I doubt Mueller will be talking. I am sure Nadler knows this but then can say cover up! Just like Barr! Same sh*t! All propaganda!

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    • jc says:

      Is it your understanding that there is, or was, a secret agreement between the CIA and the FBI regarding the FBI portal to the NSA database? When were you first aware of the agreement? Did you approve the agreement? Were you ever aware that there was “contractor access to the NSA database”, and that those contractors were searching “U.S. persons,” and if so, in what year did you become aware of that fact? Is it your belief that the agreement was kept hidden from the FISA court until 2016 when Director Mike Rogers exposed and reported it?

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      • Mike says:

        Mueller realizes that the steady drip of new revelations undermining the predicate for his investigation raises more questions and he doesn’t have the answers. He must also be nervous about setting a date fearing that some explosive information could be revealed on the eve of his testimony, payback for what was done to Barr by the release of the Mueller letter. Also, the IG report is coming out soon. Does he want to testify before the IG report is released?

        The House goes on recess at close of business May 23 and comes back on June 3rd. Tight window for May.


    • PMadison says:

      “Mr. Mueller, a gentle reminder that you are under oath and with the evident lawlessness of our FBI and Intelligence Community, you should be aware some of your past conversations may have been recorded … Now, was there ever a discussion among your team about the desire to extend the investigation beyond the 2018 mid-term elections for maximum political impact?”

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  3. gsonFIT says:

    All these elite type aren’t very elite.

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    • Super Elite says:

      That’s because the so-called “elites” are actually bottom-dwellers.


      • gsonFIT says:

        Most of them are playing life as a game. They dont know what they are missing. 73 year Vet and FBI head is little more than a lackey for Weissman. Goes to Church but it appears his moral compass is defective. All his decisions were made for him and in advance

        He isn’t living life. Life is living him. What a waste, really.

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        • James P. Ryan says:

          A moral compass can point Mueller in the right direction, but it is up to him to proceed in that direction. I would hate to be him right now, knowing that I allowed myself to be co-opted into such a nefarious scheme by such vile people.


  4. Kleen says:

    Lol, Trump Tweeted against having Muller testifying, now the mentally unstable marxists will demand he does.

    That is the last thing Democrats need.

    They don’t want Muller testifying. They were bluffing.

    Too much info coming out. By the time Muller testifyies, who knows what will out? FISA declassified?

    Then what?

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    • datagooroo says:

      That’s what I thought. President Trump knows if he says he doesn’t want Mueller to testify, they have to say the opposite, so his saying Mueller shouldn’t testify means they have to push for him to testify.

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    • Jaap Titulaer says:

      My thoughts exactly. So when there seems to be a risk that he wont appear, Trump should tweet again asking whether it is such a good idea. LOL.
      And the ranking member can show some bipartisanship in helping the chairman to arrange it. I’m good with May 15th.
      With or without Weissmann.
      And an open session, std format: all members equal time. Only members to ask questions.

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      • josco scott says:

        They all DID obediently believe him, of course.
        And I can’t imagine how Mueller could avoid hurting the Narrative — he’s shameless but he’ll surely be aware of being under oath so…

        I’d love to have the Good Guys lay into Weissmann.

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      • OmegaManBlue says:

        Without Weissmann, we don’t want to waste any time on Weissmann now. We don’t want Mueller passing any questions off to him. Let Mueller look the fool.


    • Amy2 says:



  5. Ospreyzone says:

    No chance Mueller will appear in an open forum for questioning. He’s a bureaucratic moron that would fold like a cheap suit without Weissman holding him up. 5-minutes with Jim Jordan is all it would take.

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    • jeff montanye says:

      i’d pay per view for chris bollyn to have five minutes with him on 9-11, his first big corrupt investigation (he was head of the fbi before and for twelve years afterward).


  6. Bill says:

    I know this doesn’t mean much, but I was at a funeral on Monday. John Brennan was there and he was one of the speakers. He spoke for quite a bit. As I sat there annoyed as hell that I had to listen to this prick speak, I further annoyed myself because I didn’t detect any worry in this man during any of his interactions with people nor during his speech. He was way too calm for someone that should be feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders as the walls close in around him. I got the impression he’s not too worried about all this and it really annoyed me. Sure he’s been in the spot light for years and learned from the best on how to compose oneself, but I can’t imagine no matter how well trained that someone wouldn’t show some worry on their face during times when not engaging with others. Every time I looked at him when he wasn’t with anyone he didn’t let any tells of worry show on that ugly face.

    Brennan was good friends with my buddies family. It was my buddies father who passed away two weeks ago and his family is liberal and loved Brennan. They were very close friends and next door neighbors. Hence the reason he was asked to speak at the funeral.

    The other thing that bothered me was the fact my buddy that was with me is a big conservative. He doesn’t follow current events closely like I do, but he’s dyed in the wool conservative. I said to him, “can you believe we have to listen to this criminal talk right now?” He responded with, “what are you taking about? Fill me in after the service.” That right there told me that there is no way the general public/sheep has any idea what’s going on. Just goes to show how powerful the PMSM is and can keep the masses In the dark. If my buddy didn’t know about it then we have a LOT of work to do to get this information out in the public realm. I gave my buddy the link to CTH and told him to make sure to read up on everything.

    Overall it wasn’t only depressing because of the loss of my friends father, but those two extra add ons helped make the ceremony even more depressing.

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  7. The Gipper Lives says:

    “If you don’t make Mueller testify, we won’t make Don Jr. testify.”

    You know I’m right.

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  8. Kris says:

    So why isn’t Nadler threatening to subpoena Muller,and have him face a battery of lawyers to interrogate him for hours?

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  9. Kris says:

    So why isn’t Nadler threatening to subpoena Mueller,and have him face a battery of lawyers to interrogate him for hours?


  10. tgimacb says:

    Imagine ol Jerr Bear on his knees begging #Marine #Mueller to bail out #Nadler.
    Lips pouting, throat swallowing, eyes closed.
    The democrat #Hummer
    (motorboat, motorboat…)


  11. Gary Lacey says:

    This sets up something interesting, Mueller might have to follow Trump’s directive of executive privilege, now that would be a hoot.


  12. Guffman says:

    Where is the fearless media?… We haven’t heard so much as a single word from Mueller or anyone from his assembled angry democrat team since Special Counsel was formed… NOT A SINGLE WORD in TWO YEARS!!!

    Fake News Media, where are you?? Get them going in or coming out of a building, a vehicle, their homes… anywhere. It can’t be that hard to corner one of them.


  13. Nowut Ameen says:

    How about Mueller answers questions from Congress members for 30 minutes each, then staff attorneys question him for another 4 hours. After that, he can take a bathroom break.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      How about we do a door knock at 5 AM with full guns blazing and CNN is accidentally trampled in the aftermath.

      I do not advocate violence. 🙂


  14. TwoLaine says:

    “Chairman Nadler “Negotiating” for Mueller to Testify….”

    This is code for the DIMs are interviewing Mueller behind closed doors and without their R counterparts, just as they did Blasey-Ford & M Cohen, and are strategizing their Q & As, as well as coaching the witness. Nothing will be left to chance, and everything will be for the maximum benefit of the circus DIMs and their media lapdogs.

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  15. Bulldog84 says:

    There’s no possible way Mueller will testify.

    I have a theory that might be irrational, but I think Barr (himself a former spy, if one is ever really former) has been put in place in part to ensure that the house is cleaned at DOJ and FBI — but that Mueller, with his history of questionable results in the investigations of 9/11 and the anthrax poisonings (and involvement in more, such as delivery of uranium to Russia as well as securing the release of two CIA assets arrested in Moscow in 2013), will remain untouched. This means that it’s time for attention to be diverted away from Mueller and onto lower hanging fruit.


  16. HerbyGal says:

    Whoever advised President Trump (likely Senator Lindsey Graham) to tweet about not having Mueller testify is only trying to protect the institutional deep state;

    I took the tweet as POTUS goading the democrats into having him testify. They always want to do the opposite of what President Trump suggests, right?

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  17. askandgettruth says:

    why don’t you and the others in the HOUSE CLEAN YOUR OWN HOUSE first and then maybe you can throw stones. 2 face people like you and your like never get the work done in which you hired to do. all you all care about is your AGENDA, not what is good for this country. you been here TOO LONG. TERM LIMITS !!!!!!!!!


  18. ATheoK says:

    “House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is negotiating terms for special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before the committee”

    Extended negotiations with Mueller?

    Short negotiations that were mostly absurd demands with Attorney General Barr; when these negotiations stall, NappiAdler immediately resorts to the subpoena he’d been threatening for months.

    The alleged negotiations with Mueller is a charade. Badly played charade that is so obvious that democrats may be forced to slip Mueller into a fake interview at Congress; i.e. any testifying will be throttled into carefully moderated Q/A.


  19. namberak says:

    “… is continuing to negotiate for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, author of the report on Trump and Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, to testify before he leaves the Justice Department in coming weeks.” The coming weeks?! Why isn’t that POS off our payroll now?! That aside, I’d put the likelihood of his testifying, in open session anyway, at slightly less than my pet unicorn coming home after having run away fifty years ago…

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  20. Bill Henslee says:

    Questions for Mueller might serve to destroy his Sainthood. Like why no serious probe into Uranium 1 or the Clinton Foundation under his Directorship of the FBI. He resigned shortly thereafter, so how about his tax returns to check for any bribes from the Clintons.
    That’s just for starters if I was on the committee.

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  21. boomerbeth says:

    The only strategy he knows is ENTRAPMENT, he likely stole from someone else.
    He is SOUL-LESS.
    He is a LAWLESS fraud.
    He is the Wizard of Oz 2.0
    He can’t cut it as a private’s attorney.
    Did you ever hear him testify to Con-Gross?
    He is Chance Gardener from “Being There”. His answers to questions are circumlocutions that make no sense.

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  22. shipley130 says:

    It was pretty sweet for the democrat politicians that the FBI entrapment team also got on the Mueller special counsel team. The team already knew what happened since it was them making the stuff happen.


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