President Trump Delivers Remarks About ‘Surprise Billing’ in Healthcare – UPDATE: Transcript Added…

The White House is promoting a new healthcare initiative to confront the issues of ‘surprise billing’ within the healthcare industry. [SEE HERE]  Today President Trump delivered remarks on a new standard for informing healthcare consumers:


[Transcript] – 12:06 P.M. EDT – THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Yesterday, Secretary Azar announced a bold, new initiative to require drug makers to disclose the prices to consumers. And it’s going to be something, I think, very special. You may have heard about it; maybe not. But it’s the beginning of a plan of transparency. And I think it will have quite an impact. So, thank you very much. That was a job well done. Everybody said it. (Applause.)

Thank you all for being here as we address one of the biggest concerns Americans have about healthcare. The Republican Party — I have to say this — is, really, very much becoming the party of healthcare. You see what we’re doing. We’re determined to end surprise medical billing for American patients. And that’s happening right now.

I want to thank Secretary Acosta, Secretary Azar, and everybody else in the room for joining us. Some people with some incredible stories.

Thanks also to Senators Lamar Alexander, Maggie Hassan, Bill Cassidy, John Barrasso, and Representatives Kevin Brady, Devin Nunes, and Greg Walden. Thank you all very much. Thank you. (Applause.)

My administration has already taken decisive action to make healthcare more affordable for American families. We’ve vastly expanded lower-cost health insurance plans. That’s happening. And it’s been an incredible success.

We’ve begun a bold initiative to reduce the price of prescription drugs. And last year, drug prices saw their first decline in 46 years. First time in 46 years that drug prices have gone down. And now they’re going to be going down a long way further, including the fact that we may allow states to buy drugs in other countries if we can buy them for a lesser price — substantially less price. And that’s going to be very unique.

But we’ll allow them to go to other countries, because the drug companies have treated us very, very unfairly. And the rules and restrictions within our country have been absolutely atrocious. So we will allow them, with certain permissions, to go to other countries if they can buy them for 40, 50, 60 percent less. It’s pretty pathetic, but that’s the way it works.

For many years, drug companies gave foreign countries better deals than they gave our own country. Now we’re making sure that our great seniors share in the discounts given to other countries. And we will always protect patients with preexisting conditions, very importantly. The Republican Party will always protect patients with preexisting conditions. That’s the man right there.

In my State of the Union address, I asked Congress to pass legislation to protect American patients. For too long, surprise billings — which has been a tremendous problem in this country — has left some patients with thousands of dollars of unexpected and unjustified charges for services they did not know anything about and, sometimes, services they did not have any information on. They weren’t told by the doctor. They weren’t told by the hospitals in the areas they were going to. And they get, what we call, a “surprise bill.” Not a pleasant surprise; a very unpleasant surprise.

So this must end. We’re going to hold insurance companies and hospitals totally accountable.

And we’re joined today by families who have personally experienced some horrible injustices of surprise medical bills. Drew and Erin Calver from Austin, Texas. Drew, I’d like you to maybe come up, and Erin, to share your story. It’s a pretty amazing story.

MR. CALVER: Hi. I have insurance but was still stuck with a highly inflated medical bill. A lot of pain, stress, and fear with that bill looming over us. A highly inflated bill that I shouldn’t have to deal with.

And we hope that — we support the President that he’ll take it — the President’s call to Congress to take action and support, pass, end surprise billing, and also create more transparency in terms of medical bills. Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Would you like to explain what happened in your billing? Because it was sort of an incredible story.

MR. CALVER: Yeah. I had a heart attack two years ago and was driven to the nearest hospital. And although I had insurance, I was still billed $110,000.

The hospital threatened to send my bill to collections. And so, from there, all that stress and the fact that it was highly inflated, I was in shock when I found out some of the real prices of stuff I was charged for.

So I feel like I was exploited at my most vulnerable time in my life, just having suffered a heart attack. And so I hope that Congress hears his call to take action, close the loophole, end surprise billing, and just work towards transparency for the bills.

THE PRESIDENT: You look very good now.

MR. CALVER: Oh, thank you. (Laughter and applause.) (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: So, when you got that second bill, you handled it, right?


THE PRESIDENT: The heart was okay. (Laughter.)

MR. CALVER: Yeah, luckily I made it through. (Inaudible.) Yeah.

MS. CALVER: Yeah. And we paid it.

THE PRESIDENT: Good. You don’t want to run for President, that I can tell you. (Laughter.) You think that’s bad. (Laughter.) But it is bad, and it’s a shame.

Also here with us today are Dr. Paul Davis and his daughter Liz from Findlay, Ohio. Dr. Davis and Liz would like to tell you about their story.

Hi, Doctor, how are you? Thank you. Please.

DR. DAVIS: Mr. President and honored guests, it’s an honor for me to speak to you today. My family, like so many others, was victimized by a surprise medical bill.

My daughter, Elizabeth, was charged $17,850 for a urine drug screening. If anyone is interested, I have the bill; you may see it.

She had successful back surgery in Houston, Texas. And, at a post-op visit, because she had been given a prescription for a narcotic pain reliever that she used appropriately and as directed, he just said, “Oh, by the way, I would like to get a urine specimen.” “Fine.” She did it. A year later, the bill showed up for $17,850.

This type of — you know, this test, at best, is worth $100. It’s — actually, you can get it for $10 or $20. And this type of billing is all too common not just among dishonest providers. The problem of improper medical billing affects most those who can afford it least.

We must put aside any other differences we have and work together to solve this problem. I am very pleased to see this issue being brought to the nation’s attention. And I thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Doctor. I see it. It’s — I sort of wanted to check it myself. (Laughter.) It’s almost not believable. You look believable, but look at — (laughter) — but he’s right: $17,850 for a urine test.

DR. DAVIS: The EOB says that they would have paid, if it was in network, $100.92.


DR. DAVIS: And that’s still an inflated price.

THE PRESIDENT: So $100, and you paid $17,000.

DR. DAVIS: We settled for less, but I won’t go how much less, but it’s a bizarre story. I’d love to tell you, but I was told to keep it short.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it says it right here. (Laughter.) That’s terrible.

DR. DAVIS: Thank you, sir. Appreciate this opportunity. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: It’s a pretty amazing story. I’m glad I got to see that bill. I don’t know. You’re a very believable looking guy. What do you think, Lamar? I think — I think he had — check it out. Lamar, check that out, please. (Laughter.) That’s pretty incredible.

But there are many stories like that. I’ve heard them for years, myself — friends, where they just come back and they get a bill that they can’t understand it.

And we’re going to be announcing something, I think over the next two weeks, that’s going to bring transparency to all of it. And I think, in a way, it’s going to be as important as a healthcare bill. It’s going to be something really special. And we’re doing a great healthcare bill, if we get the Republican votes during the election, 2020.

But this could be something that will have a tremendous impact. Maybe a bigger impact than even a very good healthcare bill. Maybe even a bigger impact than when we took away the individual mandate from Obamacare. That was a big deal.

But the numbers you’re talking about through transparency are tremendous. It’s the new thing. And we’re going to be announcing it, I think, over the next two weeks. And it’s going to be very comprehensive.

We’re also joined by Dr. Martin McKary, a top surgeon at Johns Hopkins University — that’s a good place — who has studied this issue closely. Dr. McKary, please come up. Thank you.

Hi, Doctor. How are you?

DR. MCKARY: Great. Thank you.

Mr. President, thank you for listening to the real healthcare experts, who are the patients and the doctors, not just the special interests. So thank you.

When someone buys a car, they don’t pay for the steering wheel separately from the spark plugs and the conveyer belt. But yet, in healthcare, surprise bills and overpriced bills are now commonplace and they’re crushing everyday folks like these patients.

People are getting hammered right now. When hospitals were built, they were built with a charter specifying — most of them — that they would be a safe haven or a place of refuge for the sick and injured regardless, according to their charter — regardless of race, ethnicity, or one’s ability to pay.

Yet, today, surprise bills are hammering everyday Americans. They’ve done nothing wrong. They work and have a job and they have insurance, and they’re getting hammered.

In my own profession of surgical oncology, we see now that half of women with stage-four breast cancer report being harassed by medical bills. That’s a disgrace to my specialty. That’s a disgrace to the medical profession. And that’s a disgrace to our country. We can do better.

Hospitals and healthcare can get their act together to provide one honest and fair transparent bill so we can restore medicine to its mission and finally stop the erosion of the public trust that we’re seeing.

Thank you, Mr. President. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Doctor. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you very much.

And I’ll go a step further: No American mom or dad should lay awake at night worrying about the hidden fees or shocking unexpected medical bills to come.

Today I’m announcing principles that should guide Congress in developing bipartisan legislation to end surprise medical billing. And these senators and congressmen and women that are with us today are really leading the charge. And I appreciate that they’re all here. Thank you all. Thank you all for being here. This is fantastic.

And I think it’s going to be a successful charge. From what I understand, we have bipartisan support, which is rather shocking. That means it’s very important. That means it’s very good. But that’s great.

First, in emergency care situations, patients should never have to bear the burden of out-of-network costs they didn’t agree to pay. So-called balance billing should be prohibited for emergency care. Pretty simple.

Second, when patients receive scheduled, non-emergency care, they should be given a clear and honest bill upfront. That means they must be given prices for all services and out-of-pocket payments for which they will be responsible. This will not just protect Americans from surprise charges; it will empower them to choose the best option at the lowest possible price.

Third, patients should not receive surprise bills from out-of-network providers that they did not choose themselves. Very unfair.

Fourth, legislation should protect patients without increasing federal healthcare expenditures. Additionally, any legislation should lead to greater competition, more choice — very important — and more healthcare freedom. We want patients to be in charge and in total control.

And finally, in an effort to address surprise billing, what we do is, all kinds of health insurance — large groups, small group, individual markets, everything. We want everything included.

No one in America should be bankrupted and unexpectedly by healthcare costs that are absolutely out of control. No family should be blindsided by outrageous medical bills. And we’ve gone a long way to stop that.

I think next week we’ll go even further — possibly the week after. It’s being drawn now but it’s one of the strongest things we’ve done as an administration. And I don’t think any administration has done more. If we get this the way we want it, over the next two weeks, I think you’ll see something that’s going to be great.

Our initiative to end surprise medical billing is one of many steps we’re taking to fix our nation’s broken healthcare system and to deliver better care, with more choices, at lower costs.

My administration is eager to work with both parties in Congress to save American patients thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars, and to give American families greater peace of mind. They’re surprised with these bills. It’s ruined people’s lives. They leave a hospital with something they think is going to be routine and they end up in court, and they end up going to court. And then they end up with lawyers’ bills that are bigger than anything they could have imagined. They get it from every side. We’re not going to have that anymore.

So today, I ask Democrats and Republicans to come together, to work together. Democrats and Republicans can do this. And I really think it’s going to be something that will be acted on quickly.

John, what do you think, right?

SENATOR BARRASSO: I believe it. Yes, sir, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Lamar, right?

SENATOR ALEXANDER: Mr. President, we’ll be bringing you a bill, we believe, in July.

THE PRESIDENT: Great. Going to be fantastic.


THE PRESIDENT: That will be — well, you have great support in the White House and we appreciate it. And I want to thank everybody for being here. And hopefully you won’t have any stories like that again, Drew. That was not good.

And your story was just terrible. I hope you negotiated it down very, very low.

DR. DAVIS: Not as well as I should have. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Not — not that close to the hundred dollars? Huh? (Laughter.)

DR. DAVIS: I want to thank you for your leadership.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, and thank you very much. I appreciate it very much. Okay?

[Transcript continues in Press Q & A]

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59 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks About ‘Surprise Billing’ in Healthcare – UPDATE: Transcript Added…

  1. C says:

    This is the one. Amongst other things he’s doing, this is going to tilt a significant left demographic toward the right. I know so many people who have been destroyed by surprise bills. God Bless PDJT.

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    • sat0422 says:

      Yes, my husband has had multiple hospital and rehab interventions since 2011. Now that we are under Medicare and Insurance at the cost of $11,000 per year, we don’t have many problems. But, back in 2011, it was a nightmare when he developed MRSA after a back surgery that ended with 4 additional surgeries, hospital charges and rehab stays.

      It was a nightmare and only by the grace of God and my foresight to keep him on my insurance as well as the company insurance he had that ended with his employment status.

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      • sat0422 says:

        I am ashamed that the doctors who saved my husband’s life after cancer and treatment from 9/18-4/19 are paid so little for their efforts and knowledge and work. Something has to give. He has been served by dedicated physicians and is now free of cancer but he has suffered through radiation, chem, hearing loss, and eye related problems. It’s a journey that only the strong survive but I do worry that his doctors are paid so little when I see the settlement statements. We have both paid MEDICARE since time began and we both are insured secondary. It is a shame that the doctors are most at risk.

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    • Sentient says:

      I call them fake bills. I got one in 2017 for 5 days in intensive care. No surgeries, just monitoring after a bad accident. $116,000. After they processed it, through insurance (Medica), the bill changed to $14,000. I paid my $5,900 deductible and insurance settled the rest in full for $8,100. Considering that they collected over $18,000 in premiums that year for family coverage (between what I and my employer pay), they still made money off of me that year. So what purpose did the $102,000 of extra, fake charges serve? It makes people feel relieved that their health insurance “only” costs $18,000 with a $5,900/$9,900 deductible. The fake bills force people to buy insurance and make them think they’re lucky to pay the outrageous premiums. The insurance companies are making more money than ever before due to this scam.

      Liked by 3 people

      • CHenie says:

        Yep-and the hospitals and nurses and doctors act like they’re doing YOU a favor. I unloaded on a group of them a few years ago-and I was branded “a bad patient.”

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  2. BOB54 says:


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  3. dianeax says:

    In my experience MOST medical bills are a surprise!

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  4. EJS says:

    I remember when I was a kid and I was sick. Mom would say take the medicine and you will feel better. The medicine always tasted awful at first, but, in the end it usually worked. Our health care system is sick and we must take our medicine. Health care is bankrupting this country! The problem is the medicine will be really painful economically at first, but we would recover quickly. There is NO free market in health care! There is only monopoly and price fixing. C.O.N. laws are an example of anti free market. Health care is the only industry not required to post prices and can charge different prices based on ability to pay. There are already 100 year old laws on the books that can put and end to this crap here and now! Health insurance IS NOT health care just like car insurance is not car maintenance The overwhelming rate of illness in this country is associated with lifestyle choices! The food we eat, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and sedentary lifestyle. I an honestly disappointed that POTUS Trump has not done more to address these issues.

    Liked by 2 people

    • FH says:

      “The overwhelming rate of illness in this country is associated with lifestyle choices! The food we eat, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and sedentary lifestyle.”

      While surprise billing is a problem, the quoted point represents the biggest driver of, “health care” costs by far – the general unhealthiness of the population; I daresay that if you added up the next ten largest drivers that they wouldn’t equal this one.

      [You just left out abuse of both legal and illegal drugs]


      • Doc Moore says:

        But what about firearms? Is that irrelevant here too. I don’t know. I’m a Democrat.


      • Doc Moore says:

        But what about firearms? Is that irrelevant here too. I don’t know. I’m a Democrat.


      • One upon a time, before Barry from Hawaii, I had a real healthcare plan, I had an endoscopy – the doctor and facility were in network and covered. The anesthesiologists were not. The bill was about 1500. I don’t remember but that is close. It was a surprise.

        Now, I would wait until I was so sick Or in so much pain I couldn’t stand it before going. I pay for company provided healthcare I barely use because I now have 7000 deductible for healthcare. We have others for prescriptions, eye, and dental as well. I know this is a bad idea and I run risk of higher bills and being sicker in the long run but I don’t have 7000 to pay out of pocket every year.

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        • Amy2 says:

          I had a real healthcare plan too. The premiums were low, the deductibles were reasonable. My company could afford to give us $1500.00 in an HSA every year, that we could spend on deductibles, maintenance and extras. And by maintenance, I mean physicals, gyno, colonoscopies, etc. Now that all these things have to be included in our healthcare, it doesn’t do me any good to have a plan. My deductible is $3500 per person, and I have no HSA except the one I now put money into. What a mess.

          Eliminate alot of the requirements, and let us buy across state lines. That alone would bring down a lot of costs.


        • Austin Holdout says:

          Same here. Last year we paid $13k in premiums, $11k out of pocket and our insurer paid $0. If we had gotten to $13.5k, insurance would have kicked in. And the only major thing that happened was we both had regularly scheduled colonoscopies. Thank you Obama.


      • MAJA says:

        It’s funny how American’s diets and subsequently their health began deteriorating when the USDA started pushing their food pyramid which was heavy in carbs and light on protein. If I was suspicioous, i would think they catered to the big corps pushing sugar and processed foods. This is the same food plan they push in institutions, schools, and to the public through doctors, nutritionists, public service announcements. Now they pretend that high diabetes and heart disease rates are because of the stupid people, not the training they’ve imposed. Yes, we have personal responsibility, but i refuse to ignore what they’ve done.

        IMHO, price transparency in pharma and the medicine is everything. The gig is up.

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        • CHenie says:

          I”f I was suspicioous, i would think they catered to the big corps pushing sugar and processed foods.” (I won’t point out your spelling errors, but stand-by, somebody will)

          Some people just cannot fathom that things like this are done on purpose. None of these things are just coincidental. You and I are just part of a HUGE ongoing, auto-replenishing customer base and the object of the exercise is to extract as much wealth from each customer as possible.

          One reason health-care costs are so high is that someone has to pay for Maria, who is here illegally, to drop 3 or 4 anchor babies free of charge. Or for Julio, also here illegally, to have kidney dialysis 3xs/week.

          The NWO is already here. YOU are paying for it to happen. It’s insanity.


    • Perhaps, in the long run we can deal with ALL of the problems in the health care industry BUT FOR TODAY, he was addressing surprise billing. That’s all. There are so many problems with the medical business, insurance business, health business, free medical treatments for illegals etc. It would take days to years to talk about that. POTUS didn’t fail you for not talking about what you wanted to hear. He talked about THIS issue. Honestly, getting 300,000,000 people to adopt a perfect lifestyle will probably be the most impossible task to accomplish. Let’s start with the easier ones first.

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    • Jim in TN says:

      Medicare and Medicaid billing have destroyed the concept of a single price. They strong arm the medical people to take less money than things cost. And they make it illegal to charge anybody else less than what the govt pays. So one charge has become many.

      Then insurers come in and negotiate payment packages. Every little thing is discussed and argued. The end result is that everybody pays different amounts for the same billing code, but the govt pays less than everybody else.

      Tried asking for prices once. They really didn’t even have that concept.

      But the govt interactions have forced a proliferation of separate charges. And since that is what the govt does, that is then what the insurance companies do.

      The result is that each and every participant in healthcare charges separately. Had arthroscopic knee surgery in ’87. Separate bills from anesthesiologist, and physician assistants, and Doctor, and hospital. And they charge for every little thing that is done.

      As doctors have merged into clinics, they have begun pulling some things back. Why let some lab charge for standard bloodwork when they can hire a specialist nurse for all the doctors in the clinic?

      But ObamaDoesn’tGiveADamnCare has made us see much more of these costs. They have separated deductible and out of pocket and they have excluded some things from one, the other, or both. And they force you to argue with them to pay the charges.

      And if you are not lucky enough to have a good package from your employer, the costs for these abusive plans are quite high. Much more than the combined contributions of you and your employer.

      As long as the govt keeps mucking around, the problem is only going to get worse.

      Liked by 2 people

    • LafnH20 says:

      Health insurance IS NOT health care just like car insurance is not car maintenance.

      Thank You, EJS!!

      EXCELLENT Analogy!

      So simple.
      “Who” can say they Don’t Understand.

      If they can’t grasp this… Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to VOTE!!


      Liked by 4 people

    • sat0422 says:

      I disagree. It is not the health care that is bankrupting they system. It is the government that has stolen our money we paid in. It is the government that is now responsible for illegals and any other condition that man can create. Those of us who have paid our dues should not suffer.

      As for cigarette smoking, etc. who do you see saying NO? Who? These will be the same ones who want to advance marijuana use and call it safe and without side effects. Go figure. How many are checking their foods and where they come from. I try to avoid anything that comes from China. I figure China is the #1 reason we have so much cancer in our society.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Troublemaker10 says:

    Trump is going to make Republicans the party of great healthcare whether they want it or not! 😁

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sentient says:

      If the Republicans don’t ignore the wishes of the health insurance companies and get rid of the fake bills and other scams, we’re eventually (and probably fairly soon) going to get Single Payer – which will put the health insurance companies out of business. So the insurance companies have two choices: get honest or get killed off by Medicare For All.


  6. tdaly14 says:

    EMATLA passed in 1986 allows anyone to be treated at a public emergency room, clinic care without the ability to pay. It was designed for real emergencies, but the last 20 years illegals and Americans have abused it. I say repeal it!

    Liked by 9 people

    • MAJA says:

      A few years ago i dug into the tax payer funded regional hospital system and found that while they are required to provide life saving or emergency services to illegals, many of them went above and beyond by providing prenatal care, maternity care, dentistry, and other ongoing medical care. All this was expressly against their charter, but no one stopped it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • GB Bari says:

      Why does anyone think that doctor in the press conference was charged $17K for a urine sample? The hospital was trying to make up for the losses from treating illegal aliens and other folks who have no insurance and no money. And it’s a huge number of people especially in urban areas.

      That’s why people with insurance are so often overcharged for many services in the voluminous and often-complex billing that usually follows a hospital stay or emergency room visit. It’s wrong and I hope this effort by the Administration exposes it and addresses it.

      But then the medical care providers will have to recover their costs from elsewhere if they cannot overcharge plating customers. THAT will very quickly expose the TRUE costs of “free” healthcare.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Chgonana539 says:

        You mean like you and I are required to have auto insurance but illegals drive without it and no one does a thing.


        • CHenie says:

          Yeah-kinda like that. The horse left the barn 30 years ago…and now you can’t even close the door as it has rotted off its hinges.

          Awful hospitable of Americans to work their asses off at lower wages (thanks to illegals) to then have what’s left taxed in multiple ways to support the very people that are causing all this in the first place. It’s insanity.

          Under Trump, immigration has increased 9x’s that of 2017- Catch and Release has been EXPANDED under Trumps watch. There are several things Trump can do W/O Congress but refuses to act. Kris Kobach explains here:


  7. When the gentleman approached the podium to tell his story of the $17,800 bill for a urine test on his daughter, President Trump lowered the microphone for the gentleman. What a classy move!! That man is the President of the United States and he had the manners, empathy, and class to lower a microphone for someone else. That small gesture speaks volumes of what a great human being POTUS is.

    Liked by 15 people

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      So true ! Our President adjusts the mike whenever he calls someone to the podium. It’s the “little things” that reveal character and class. It amazes me that some people can’t see it.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Doc Moore says:

        Those who cannot, or choose NOT to see his class are those who have a very, very great deal of class. Democrats. Of course theirs is all LOW…but they have so much they cant recognize the real thing.

        Liked by 4 people

    • sat0422 says:

      We are experiencing the greatest President this country has ever had. Just look at the evil that tries to bring him down everyday!. Look and pay attention. Vote Trump in 2020,

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Big sean says:

    What a master civic person, negotiator, knowledgeable, in top of issues, prepared, ready for more, and believes in god. Fully competent, and good humor!

    Liked by 3 people

  9. gingergal says:

    This is what I have been waiting for. I can’t tell you how many times I received bills after the visit, only to end up in tears with my husband screaming at them on the phone over fraudulent billing.

    Sometimes we get it dropped, most times not; regardless it’s stressful and time consuming fighting and being fearful of going to do doctor for fraudulent coding.

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  10. Let us not forget GVT interference in the market place IS the ROOT CAUSE of the healthcare mess beginning in WW2 with wage and price controls and Supreme Court rulings thereafter!

    Anyone doubting this is invited to look for themselves.

    Also Medicare essentially setting rates hasn’t helped on little bit either.

    IMO MORE gvt is NOT the answer.

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  11. MattyIce says:

    A great POTUS and an even greater man. Thank you Lord for giving us Donald J. Trump!!!

    Liked by 7 people

  12. Piggy says:

    How about a real surprise from the health insurance…I mean “healthcare” industry and put out some cures instead of sitting on them.

    Or another surprise and stop allowing illegal aliens to use the “healthcare” system that further drives up costs.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. AdmiralCrunch says:

    As a Canadian I might need someone to explain surprise billing to me. I can infer some from the term, but otherwise am completely unfamiliar.


    • gingergal says:

      Doctors have been allowed to code for multiple issues during a visit. For example you go in to see your doctor and you ask a question. If he answers the question, he can code that as a consultation in addition to the standard visit. Even if you don’t ask a question, and they offer information about a procedure you may need, it can be coded as a preoperative consultation.

      A lot of times insurance doesn’t cover these additional codes, so the cost is passed on to the patient. When the bill comes, you see an additional cost, not covered by insurance, so the cost is usually 100s or 1000s of extra dollars. Surprise!

      Liked by 3 people

      • AdmiralCrunch says:

        That’s insanity. It should be made painfully clear at the time of purchase of any good or service what you’re getting and what you’re paying.

        Liked by 2 people

      • sat0422 says:

        and a lot of times they have provided life saying services and advice and they are still treated as dirt. Husband is a living example after surviving Cancer and MRSA.


  14. Attorney says:

    Awesome if true, the billing scam is vile.

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  15. sucesfuloser says:

    A hundred percent I’m happy to see this. Doctors have gotten rude with their ability to increase.
    I went in for a simple gall bladder extraction, belly button surgery. On the morning of the $1,500 operation, I tell the doctor a stone left the pack and was in the duct, instead of checking it out, he treats me like I don’t know; for three months I had been putting up with stones and morphine, I knew.
    When I awake, was cut open from chest to hip, had to walk around with a colonoscopy bag coming out of the side for ten days, he finally stops by the room and tells me when he went in to get the sac, he hit a stone on the way and tried digging around it. The Hitchcock Center hits me with a $47,000 bill. 10 years ago. Last month I go for an x-ray, my leg is going bad, he had left the tools inside and had clamped off the artery to the leg. I heard he went down to Nashville and sells gall bladder operations to the wealthy C&W.


  16. Sanders says:

    I just got a bill for $68 from a visit to the ER after a motorcycle accident 5 years ago. The bill said it was for “Hospital Services”. Odd, since I paid my insurance deductible at the time of the visit and the insurance company paid everything else.

    Five years! I told them they could whistle for it. Talk about surprise billing.

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  17. curator55 says:

    “Surprise and Excessive” Billing is a very important issue that needed to be addressed and this effort will appeal to a vast majority of voters.

    You Tube has countless videos on the subject that have been broadcast over many years but finally Trump is doing something

    Here’s a Nov 13, 2014 example:


  18. This issue is medicare driven. “Surprise bills” are generated by Hospitals (NOT MDs).

    Medicare is in the business of racketeering and Larceny By Conversion. This evil entity is the head of a cozy relationship between the insurance industry and government who consistently conspire to rip off patients and MDs enriching themselves all along the way. Hospitals are in on this too. Their lobby is interconnected with insurance companies and giverment. It’s the top down way of squeezing all the money possable out of the doctor and the patient.

    Here’s a little boots on the ground info for you. My wife is a MD. She nets 35% less income than she did 12 years ago. She works regular hours (M-F 8-5) but also does charts after dinner for 2.5-3 hrs. nightly. Let that sink in. While costs to the consumer have gone through the roof MDs are being worked like mules with compliance driven tasks and squeezed out of business. Many MDs are looking for another profession or occupation. It simply does not pay to see patients any longer. To put this into prospective our local US Postmaster is paid more by the Giverment than my wife who is a FP. What’s the incentive to practice medicine if there’s no money in it? 12 years higher education to earn less than some schlub who manages postal workers? (Sorry Kasich I’m sure your dad was a great American- but he didn’t save lives for a living)

    A trustee of our local (evil as hell) hospital told me Medicare is beginning to squeeze them on charges as well. Apparently there is no money left in the patient and the MD so the locusts are moving on the hospital. I wonder how that’s going to work out? Maybe like a viper biting itself to death.

    I can easily predict exactly how this is going to look in 10 years if we persist in this direction: Healthcare will be administered to patients by barely educated affirmative action hires who earn 30k/yr and hospital time will be severely rationed. Patients will be required to pay massive “insurance” premiums for this sh*tshow. Quality healthcare will be an old man’s happy memory and medical schools will be begging for enrolees because nobody in their right mind will want to practice medicine in the third world hellhole medical system formerly known a USA free market health care.

    Get the giverment the hell out of healthcare. Abolish Medicare. Make any mandatory payment system illegal- tax, insurance et al . Fully deregulate insurance and pharma. Neuter the FDA. End the Hospital scam known as “Certificate Of Need” (aptly called the CON). Allow MDs to compete for patients by price. If this happens drugs will be dirt cheap, MRIs will cost $200 and your primary care visit will be $50- and your healthcare quality will be concierge level good.

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    • My sympathies to your wife massivedeplorable.

      My brother also was a MD as was so grateful that he could retire last year.

      He was more than tired of all of the work and entanglements that he had to put up with because of the massive government intrusions.

      He would look longingly back on the days of the 50’s and the 60’s when our MD uncle would come over to our house and talk about work with our dad.

      Those were the days when MD’s had a relationship with their patients and often made “house visits” to see their patients.

      Now days receiving medical care is more like piece work.

      The patient sees a PA or a nurse of some one in the office takes blood and maybe once in a while you see the MD.

      A hospital is a scary place with all kinds of people running in and out of your room poking you and looking at you.

      Some places send robots in to talk to you, not live doctors.

      We call this progress.

      And it costs a whole lot more.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Great post, thanks!


  19. Fools Gold says:

    I got to tell you, I thought I flew around at 10-30k feet and seen much of what’s happening, I’m a dummy dummy by this mans standard of uncommon sense and brilliance. In my 62 years I’ve never seen a a guy or gal as quick on his feet and mind that can even come close to DJT. Ever heard the term he’s one in a million? He’s one in 100 billion. God bless this man. You’d have to be an atheist to not get what I’m trying to tell ya.,interesting times folks, interesting times indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fools Gold says:

      By the way it to me 1 hour to watch this video because I only get 1-2 bars living out in the booney but it was well worth the watch!


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