U.S. Moves Carrier Group into Region Amid Escalating Hamas Rocket Attacks Against Israel…

More than 600 Iranian-funded Hamas terror missiles have been fired into Israel from Gaza. Four Israeli civilians have been killed.  In retaliation, Israel has carried out military strikes against Hamas leaders in Gaza.  President Trump tweets support for Israel.

GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Rockets and missiles from Gaza killed four civilians in Israel while Israeli strikes killed 14 Palestinians, most of them militants, in surging cross-border fighting on Sunday, according to Gazan officials and the Israeli military.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he ordered the military to continue “massive strikes” against Gaza’s ruling Hamas group and Islamic Jihad in the most serious border clashes since a spate of fighting in November.

Israel’s military said that more than 600 rockets and other projectiles – over 150 of them intercepted by its Iron Dome anti-missile system – have been fired at southern Israeli cities and villages since Friday.

It said it attacked more than 260 targets belonging to Gaza militant groups. Gaza officials said Israeli air strikes and artillery fire killed 22 people, including 10 civilians, since Friday.

A rocket that hit a house in Ashkelon on Sunday killed a 58-year-old man, police said. He was the first such Israeli civilian fatality since the seven-week Gaza war in 2014.

Another rocket strike killed a factory worker, a hospital official said. The military said a civilian was killed near the border by an anti-tank missile fired at his car from Gaza and a fourth died when a rocket struck the city of Ashdod.

In Gaza, Islamic Jihad identified seven fighters killed in Israeli strikes, while medical officials said that six civilians also died.

In what it said was a separate, targeted attack, Israel’s military killed Hamed Ahmed Al-Khodary, a Hamas commander. The military said he was responsible for transferring funds from Iran to armed factions in Gaza. Hamas confirmed Khodary had been killed.

The attack on his car was the first such killing by Israel of a top militant since the war five years ago. Israel had suspended what Palestinians call an assassination policy in an attempt to lower tensions. (read more)

In response to the escalating attacks, National Security Adviser John Bolton announces the U.S. is moving military into the region.

“In response to a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings, the United States is deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the U.S. Central Command region to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force. The United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or regular Iranian forces.” (WH Link)


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249 Responses to U.S. Moves Carrier Group into Region Amid Escalating Hamas Rocket Attacks Against Israel…

  1. Sandra-VA says:

    And what were the Palestinians doing to provoke the snipers into shooting? Israel is incredibly restrained when it comes to those rioters at the border fence. Hamas etc have been attacking that area for over a year.

    Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel since beginning of the year.. they claimed it was an accident each time. Yesterday, they sent a barrage of 600 or more. Where did they get those missiles?

    What would you have Israel do? Allow the Palestinians to kill Israelis? Take down the fences so that Israel can more easily be attacked? Perhaps Israel should just let Iran obliterate their country from the map as they loudly say is their goal?

    Personally, I am skeptical of people who seem to take the side of the Palestinians.

    Did you know that the Palestinian children are raised to HATE Israel/Jews? They are literally taught from the time they are born to hate. By the way, they are also taught to hate all “infidels” and they sing songs about chopping off our heads (as evidenced by a video from a school in Pennsylvania the other day).

    The plight of the Palestinians is of their own making. They allowed Hamas/Hezbollah to take over… they want jihad. I say let them suffer the consequences.

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  2. Pegm says:

    I need some help here from folks a lot smarter than I. California democrats just voted to keep President Trump from being on the 2020 ballot. How is this even constitutional? Since it’s a federal election, can our 55 electoral votes be voided? I certainly hope so.


    • Pegm says:

      Sorry, wrong thread. Just so angry.


      • Matt Musson says:

        The Constitution sets out the requirements for being a President. The states cannot change them without a Constitutional Amendment. The courts can overrule California, but not until someone ‘with standing’ brings suit and proves harm.

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      • Matt Musson says:

        The Constitution sets out the requirements for being a President. The states cannot change them without a Constitutional Amendment. The courts can overrule California, but not until someone ‘with standing’ brings suit and proves harm.

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    • mike says:

      What’s a scream, is that we still don’t really know about whether Obama was a (un)qualified natural born citizen, given reasonable questions about his various circumstances and his own prior assertions of foreign citizenship.

      Probably we need to arrest some of the 2008 / 2012 officials for dereliction, or conspiracy. However, we won’t be asking O’s certifier for the HI birth certificate, since she already died in a plane accident… The 2020 snowflake officials, I’m fine with conspiracy charges, or uncivil civic action.

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  3. Again, Iran escapes retaliation on their own soil. Until this happens, nothing changes.


    • mike says:

      I don’t think we should drop bombs on Iran. Stamped out MAC-11s and shears for beards would be my preference …


  4. Zippy says:

    The USS Abraham Lincoln is the first aircraft carrier to field the new F-35C stealth fighter.


  5. Brenrod says:

    New weapons need testing, especially the F 35


  6. jeff montanye says:

    the palestinians, or at least hamas, are acting like likud mossad tools. they will never win this pathetic “war.” they are not gaining political traction. they make it easy for netanyahu and trump to ignore their policy positions. the future is going to happen without them.

    the only practical route to power, wealth and happiness for the dispossessed, disenfranchised arabs in eretz israel is the same way the mexicans conquered by the u.s. in 1848 found it: migrate to mexico (other arab lands or other nations generally) or become voting members of the u.s. (israel).

    if the palestinians renounced violence and petitioned for israeli citizenship with full voting rights they would get it and those five million arab votes, assuming no migration, would transform israel into a far less hostile power for everyone involved: the arabs living in israel (and gaza), other arab and muslim nations, the u.s. (yinon wars, etc.) and the entire world (muslim diaspora). and certainly the zionist jews living in israel.


  7. Southrider says:

    Reporting yesterday indicated US activity was in response to ‘intelligence’ on Iranian plans obtained by the US from Israel.
    Remember going to war over those thousands of ‘launch ready’ WMDs Iraq had? Gee, I wonder how much ‘intelligence’ we relied on was from Israel.
    9/11? Remember this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f06k5BrF9mY
    Israel clearly knew what was coming. Did NOT really warn the US. In fact, may have compromised our ability to prevent the attack.
    So, Israel is no ‘friend’. Nor are moslem nations.
    Let them fight it out.
    They have something of a track record for it.
    Lets get out of the middle east. And Jared out of the White House.


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