April 26th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #827

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. Trump2020 says:

    The site I posted this one is an ultra bunch of liberals that go all crazy when this type of stuff shows up!


  2. henry says:

    CA continues to punish its citizens..


    The San Francisco Chronicle reported this “optional” tax is an initiative of the California Air Resources Board, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and a Bay Area non-profit. The tax has already been embraced by several high-end Bay Area restaurants.

    Money from the tax is supposed to go to reduce agricultural climate change emissions.
    While the liberals who frequent snooty Bay Area restaurants may like the idea of showing their commitment to environmentalism, whether they will actually pay the tax remains to be seen.

    Regardless, how long will it be before liberals in the Legislature make this optional tax mandatory?


  3. henry says:

    POTUS rolling….

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  4. agentcommonsense says:

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  5. youme says:

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Guess who else is working with Kushner? Stephen Miller and Kevin Hassert.

      The way Kushner appears to operate is to look at ALL sides of an issue then he looks for areas of agreement, then areas where compromise can be made etc etc.

      The article referenced even shows that he is doing exactly as I said. It even shows a very good reason why he brought her in… past attempts to do immigration reform have been stymied by the Agriculture lobbyists every time. This doesn’t mean that they will get everything they want this time, but they get a seat at the negotiating table.

      So, good!

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Wow, Sandra, that second paragraph of yours is perfect. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Doubt anyone could have said it better.
        Please say exactly this more often, many more need to read and hear this.
        Thank you so much for writing it.

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    • Albertus Magnus says:

      Kushner bashing belongs at Brietbart and other anti-Semitic sites, not here.

      Please and thank you.

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      • Alligator Gar says:

        I am sorry, but I will bash that twerp if I please. Not elected by conservatives and not liked by us either. He’s a big city liberal with his big city liberal wife. I don’t care what religion they are. You ass-u-me too much, as usual, Al.

        Just because somebody embraces the RELIGION of Judaism doesn’t make them a Semite. Ivanka is a Euro-mutt who embraced Judaism to marry pretty boy Jerry and his $$.

        And pointing out the disaster that these two embrace concerning immigration is merely pointing out facts. Explain, if you can, and you can’t, how pointing out their anti-American immigration stance has ANYTHING to do with their religion? Go ahead. I’m waiting.

        Please and thank you, indeed.


      • Amy2 says:

        Okay, who flipped Alligator Gar’s switch again?

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      • California Joe says:

        The owners of Breibart are Jewish so I wouldn’t think it’s an Anti-anything site.


  6. sunnyflower5 says:

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    • Perot Conservative says:


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    • Logan says:

      Interesting how Obama-era economic reports always turned out to be lower than expected (because the economy was always expected to be better) and now Trump-era economic reports are always better than expected (because the economy is always predicted to be in the tank because of Trump’s policies).


  7. JoD says:


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  8. Pale rider says:

    Alan Keyes has a good article. The foundation is the constitution of borders.

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  9. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • vikingmom says:

      Let the deal-making begin! Once the rats realize the ship is actually taking on water, they will start turning on each other…at least that’s my hope. We have waited for justice for SO long and have been disappointed SO many times. Praying that this time we will finally get the truth – and that the truth will set our country and our Constitution free!!

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  10. Perot Conservative says:

    I know its from Lawfare, but still an interesting revelation about White House staff allegedly using an app that immediately erases the message. Perfect for Millenials.

    And if Trump’s staffers use it, you’re telling me Obama’s staff didn’t?

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  11. Perot Conservative says:

    Opps. Lawfare / WaPo / Slate origin.

    “Troublingly, The Washington Post reported that Trump staffers “are so fearful of being accused of talking to the media that some have resorted to a secret chat app—Confide—that erases messages as soon as they’re read.” (Slate has more on the use of Confide.) Conducting official White House business in this way almost certainly violates the Presidential Records Act, which requires preservation of any correspondence or records not only of White House staff, but also of any individual in any part of the Executive Office of the President, including the National Security Council.”


    • bakocarl says:

      Just guessing here, but I’d bet those messages are preserved at the server level before they hit a staffer’s local workstation.

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    • Tom! says:

      The resistance movement against Trump within the various agencies were said to be using this or a similar app. It was understandable when the they did it, very concerning now that our side may be doing it.


    • California Joe says:

      The phone carrier like Verizon and the email provider like Google and Apple have every email or text you’ve ever sent or rec’d word for word!


  12. Dora says:

    by Dr. Alan Keyes

    Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to veto anti-infanticide bill

    Evers’ stance goes to prove that Deathocrats have no more respect for truth than they do for human life.



    • Katherine McCoun says:

      You know, I was Just thinking about her. Some say she will be indicted while others say it will never happen.

      I think it just might happen. If she is indicted and if Obama is charged with anything they will be among the last that are arrested &/or charged. By starting down the chain the build the case upwards. Eventually, so much will be revealed that even the general public will know it is obvious that she is dirty.

      Plus, the more time that goes by, the more of the underlings who squeal &/or are charged, prosecuted and jailed, the more she is shown to be 100% unelectable and the longer time the Clinton Foundation is starved for donations –>> the less power she will have and the less the DNC is motivated to protect her.

      The DNC base is already moving on and are much farther left than she is and do not care a hoot about her.

      Her time will come if she lives that long. Is the slow way what I want? No, but I can see the wisdom in not going right for the top culprits. Now, it will be obvious, undeniable fact v. being spun as politics + fewer and fewer people willing, interested or able to defend her. Fewer by the day who want to defend her, even on the left!

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      • duchess01 says:

        I understand your thinking, Kat – but, I believe both she and ‘that other guy’ will be indicted – if they have not already been – and their trial will not be public – just the charges – then, they and their cohorts will be no more.


      • nikkichico7 says:

        … maybe, just maybe …. they find her with a pillow over face like I believe they found Judge Antonin Scalia ….. 🤨 …

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  13. WeThePeople2016 says:


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  14. youme says:


  15. Dora says:

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    • flova says:

      And Joe Biden! Who is already trying to prove he’s younger looking than PT. LOL. It’s like the msm promoting Big Mike as another Jackie Kennedy while ignoring the beautiful Melania.

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    • RyderLee says:

      Of Course , Our President Trump !!!

      Pretty sure he could Out-Run me in a Gunny Sack Race if he wanted 😎

      I LOVE that he just Throws it All Out There !

      Keep Speaking the Truth , President Trump 😍


  16. Perot Conservative says:

    GDP Numbers

    2016 Q1 – 1.5% GDP (Obama)
    2017 Q1 – 1.8% GDP
    2018 Q1 – 2.2% GDP
    2019 Q1 – 3.2% GDP

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    • Dora says:

      That was some fantastic speech! I hope a lot of you were watching.


      • OHHHH YEAH…DORA…PDJT was firing on ALL cylinders and taking no prisoners…Deep State inlcude UN are about to find to be the Ugle UN when PDJT gets done…Signing the declaration in front of NRA…2nd Amendment Rights WILL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON!!! Following the US Constitution….Erasing obummer one day at a time…Wasn’t that a show? or song?

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  17. gsonFIT says:

    Just happened to turn on MSNBC and saw a reporter, Hans Nichols, at NRA conference. He was speaking on our economy and CONTINUED to commentate while the National Anthem was performed.
    Sad and poignant glimpse of of the direction the left is heading.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      There isn’t an ounce of patriotism in any of MSNBC or CNN’s show hosts.
      BTW, OANN has good coverage of the NRA convention.


      • gsonFIT says:

        Yes, I like OANN but I also spend a few minutes checking out left’s narrative each morning. I usually visit CNN’s website rather than cable station, but MSNBC is particularly difficult in that their webpage is all videos. So I spin by their station 2 or 3 times each day.

        This idiot was having to shout over the National Anthem to be heard

        When I am real sad, I youtube “Rachel Maddow election night 2016” (Cenk Uygur’s disbelief is great medicine too)


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  18. Nigella says:

    Is today the day?


  19. NJF says:

    Slept in this morning & wake up to hear 3.2% GDP. Simply amazing that magic wand POTUS has!

    Saw this excellent comment over at the_donald. Really great perspective, especially from. a New Yorker. He/she was replying to comments about Fed rate hikes.

    “The average person doesn’t really feel a fed rate change all that much. Smaller businesses looking for credit or still paying off existing debt on a variable rate are affected the most. What I see already happening though is small businesses are not taking out additional debt to expand, rather they are opening up other streams of revenue where possible. This type of expansion is actually a lot safer than financing as you can better deal with economic and market shifts without the fear of going belly up because of loan payments that have been steadily increasing for almost 3 years. It can definitely be more stressful in the short term, but long term has great benefits for the health of the company and the economy as a whole.

    But you are correct, consumer spending is still way up and is driving the economy in basically all sectors. I live in the rust belt right now in a town that was hit hard by NAFTA (we lost all of our major manufacturing in a 5-10 year period). Our unemployment rate just hit an 18-year low, while still above the national average, businesses out here are expanding, ESPECIALLY our manufacturing sector. Help wanted signs on almost every factory we have out here and our steel mills that have been shuttered for almost 2 decades are now starting to open back up. You now have a bunch of people entering or re-entering the workforce with really good paying jobs, this is driving spending and expanding our economy outside of manufacturing. People are buying homes again as well, which is a great sign. We still have a long way to go and the state as a whole (NY) is still hemorrhaging people left and right due to our wonderful state government, but pockets are starting to turn things over despite what Albany is doing.”

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  20. Ivehadit says:

    Happy birthday, Melania! WE LOVE YOU! 💓💓💓🎁🎂🎎🎈💓💓💓

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  21. Ausonius says:

    Voter fraud has been legalized by – of course! – California DEMS: have you heard of Ballot Harvesting?

    From Breitbart today, a call to arms and action:

    ““Ballot harvesting” involves using a third party, such as a well-trained political activist, to collect mail-in ballots on behalf of other voters and deliver them to the polls.

    There is no vetting of ballot harvesters, and no limit to how many ballots they can deliver.

    The tactic was legalized by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2016, over GOP objections. Hundreds of thousands of ballots were dropped off at polling places in 2018, making a difference in key races.

    Democrats argue that ballot harvesting is necessary to ensure equal access to the polls — just like other innovations, such as early voting and same-day voter registration. They say that anything that makes it marginally harder to vote is undemocratic.

    Democrats also accuse Republicans of trying to “suppress” the vote by pushing for safeguards to prevent fraudulent voting, such as requiring photo ID to vote or striking felons and non-citizens from voters’ rolls.

    It is worth noting that what Democrats are doing in California, which they want to export nationwide, is virtually unknown in the rest of the world.”

    (My emphasis above)



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    • CM-TX says:

      And that’s what the GOTV lists are used for. Register as many Dems as possible, they don’t really have to show up to vote, & many don’t.
      Leaving the question, how many on those lists are ever verified as truly eligible to vote? And who actually fills out all those absentee ballots on their behalf? Oh wait… voter fraud hardly ever occurs.🙄

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  22. andyocoregon says:

    Today’s edited email from Laura Loomer:

    I hope President Trump sees this one . . .

    In my latest video, I did my best to show the links between the terrorist group Hamas, CAIR’s Executive Director Nihad Awad, and our newest members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.
    Aside from that direct link to terrorism, my video shows the thin line that separates our national secrets from our enemies.
    That thin line has a name: Ilhan Omar.
    This Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota stood behind a podium just a few weeks ago and nonchalantly described September 11th as, “something that some people did.”
    September 11th was a terrorist attack by Muslims that . . .
    . . . left 2,977 Americans dead, and over 3,000 children missing a parent.

    Here’s something that chokes me up: over 100 babies were born after the attack who never had a chance to meet their fathers.
    Their grieving mothers were pregnant as the towers fell.
    On live television, these women watched their husbands die, placed their hands on their stomachs and felt the immediate burden of their loss both for themselves and their unborn child.
    “Some people” didn’t do that. Muslim Jihadists did that . . . and 18 years later, they’ve stopped hijacking planes because they’ve hijacked Congress.
    And one in particular, Ilhan Omar, sits on their Foreign Affairs Committee and has access to our national secrets.

    Ilhan Omar is that “thin line” that separates our national security from ISIS, Hamas, and any other Muslim group that wants to kill us.
    Do you trust her?
    Are you willing to tell those 100 children who grew up fatherless that, “it’s okay, she’s an American Congresswoman, we can trust her.”
    Hell . . . to . . . the . . . no!

    Tweet this to President Trump:

    “@realDonaldTrump please revoke access of our national secrets from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. @IlhanMN is a member who is Jew-hating Muslim who refuses to condemn terrorists. She has access to our secrets and we cannot risk another 9/11 #NeverForget #freeloomer”

    Let’s keep this pressure going.
    Stay tuned, and if you haven’t already done so, please support my work.

    Laura Loomer
    The Loomer Project

    P.S. I also wanted to share some positive news. The Drudge Report added me to its list of journalists! It may not sound like much, but it’s a huge acknowledgement of my work and I wanted to share the great news with you!

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    • Alligator Gar says:

      I would challenge the line: “@IlhanMN is a member who is Jew-hating Muslim who refuses to condemn terrorists..”

      AMERICANS were targeted on 9/11 regardless of religion. And it is AMERICA that is at risk because of this fiend in Congress. Let’s not single out special little groups of Americans for extra special over-the-top fawning, k? Divided we fall.


  23. rustybritches says:

    I heard this morning that Joe Biden has stolen PT Thunder in Mich and I think that’s funny they say he is ahead in the polls and now stealing his thunder and why He said nothing yesterday except to bash he President with a big lie to start his worthless campaign Well Biden I hope you do better than you did with being the VP You were pretty horrible..

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    • andyocoregon says:

      At least four children have died recently from complications of contracting the measles.
      And adults can be infected as well.
      Does anyone think it’s just a coincidence all these mostly eradicated diseases are now showing up in our country along with a spike in illegal immigration?


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      • duchess01 says:

        No, andy – there is a reason for everything – those who have had measles build up an immunity – those who have been vaccinated do not – imho


        • andyocoregon says:

          I beg to differ. If the measles vaccinations were not effective, over half a century of inoculations would not have been given.

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          • Katherine McCou says:

            1) there is a difference between vaccinations and inoculations. Yes, it is common practice to use the words synonymously but common practice does not make it correct or accurate. As conservatives and thinkers we must hold ourselves to accurate standards or we are no different than the dems/media and easily lead ignorant Dem sheep yelling for the green new deal, 12 yrs to live, and socialism for all because its “free”.

            2a) Your argument is that if it wasn’t working why would the gov do it? hahahahaha
            Yea, sure, they Never have ulterior motives and all fed bureaucracies are pure of heart, never influenced by deep pockets and cover ups. /sarc

            2b) Yes, always believe that “We are from the gov and we are here to help you” without question, data, longitudinal studies or critical analysis. /sarc

            3) The choice is being presented as choosing between being:
            vaccinated and healthy v. getting measles and having complications/dying.

            No, it is not that simple of a choice. We take vaccination choices Very seriously in our home and have studied many (not “both”) sides/aspects extensively. Consider the health risk factors of the vaccinations (this will be hard to find but look, dig and you will find they are not innocuous or simple). Consider the health risk factors of measles and the likelihood of real, long lasting complications or death. Compare and decide.

            There is risk to both and which choice we make, we risk we decide to is acceptable to us for our children should not be decided for us by the government.

            We are in the middle of the attempted clean up of a swamp mess –>> how can the same people who are aware of the swamp mess in DC and the fed gov trust the same entity on this issue? How do the same thinking conservatives who laugh at the cries of “but its science” regarding climate change take the fed gov and media’s word for the science of vaccinations? Think, people, think! Look at the data!

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            • lolli says:



            • TreeClimber says:

              I have nothing against inoculations. Highly suspicious of vaccinations – pushed by the same Big Pharma/Big Medical that’s all on board for abortion and untenable drug prices and end-of-life eugenics? Yeah, no.


            • andyocoregon says:

              Excuse me for not being a medical professional.

              And to each their own insofar as vaccinations go. I was vaccinated for measles as a kid and never contracted the disease even though several of my unvaccinated friends did. I did get the mumps as a teenager, but had never been vaccinated against that one.


              • Katherine McCoun says:

                Think about what you just admitted. You are not fully informed on this issue and have more you can learn. Maybe, just maybe, before you make medical decisions for the rest of us and our children via your support for gov forced vaccinations you ought to take the time to learn a little more.

                Yes, you had mumps and came out just fine, as did most children. Now, you are supporting those who want to force the risk of a vaccine on my child fir that and other childhood diseases.

                Vaccines are not benign and cause short term illnesses, long term health injury and death…just like the diseases they try to prevent. Pick your poison and I will pick mine.


            • andyocoregon says:

              BTW, “accurate standards”…………..PFFFFT on that.


        • Medicine Man says:

          The measles vaccine has a 97% lifetime effectiveness against measles. It’s basic immunology that the body builds up antibodies to the vaccine given. That’s why measles were eliminated in 2000 in the US..not from natural immunity but from the vaccine being given over the years.
          No offense, but this is classic. A lack of understanding of how vaccines work and immunology. I deal with it quite a bit.

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          • duchess01 says:

            Ok, Medicine – that is your experience – and your data – good on you – however, if you have already had the measles – you acquired the immunity without the vaccine – that is all I am saying.


            • Medicine Man says:

              Ok..true..but why would anyone want that method for their child or someone’s child?

              Here is a little bit of history before MMR…seems to always be lacking for my anti-vaxxer friends..
              “Before the measles vaccination program started in 1963, an estimated 3 to 4 million people got measles each year in the United States. Of these, approximately 500,000 cases were reported each year to CDC; of these, 400 to 500 died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and 1,000 developed encephalitis (brain swelling) from measles.”

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          • Katherine McCoun says:

            The number of deaths and long tern disabilities from measles may have been reduced/almost eliminated but they were replaced with equal if not greater numbers of children harmed by the vaccines themselves.

            Was it a net decrease or increase in harmed children? Think, please THINK independently and analyze the numbers.

            We choose to stick with the known risks of the diseases themselves v. the risks from the vaccines.

            Pick your poison, choose which set of risks you want for your child. But neither you nor the fed gov ought to be able to force a vaccines with all of their risks onto my child.


            • Medicine Men says:

              You have absolutely no data to back this statement up “more have been harmed than saved”. Thank God about the same amount of people believe we never landed on the moon.

              Only development of clean drinking water has saved more lives.

              Here is some data to actually back it up..from the study” According to Olshansky’s calculations, thanks to vaccines, 4.5 billion virus cases were averted and 10.3 million lives saved worldwide – including 2.7 billion and 6.2 million, respectively, in Asia alone. In the United States, about 200 million cases were averted and 450,000 lives saved.“

              And yes, I do immunology, infectious disease for living.

              This is just from the early 60’s.
              Small Pox vaccine has saved millions of lives..killed millions before the vaccine…
              But people don’t know their history..



              • Katherine McCoun says:

                200 million cases averted and 450,000 lives saved…..From these diseases but how many lives affected by vaccine injuries? 450,000 is Not net.

                We do know our history. We do know medicine and we do know medical research as I have mentioned multiple times.

                And, as I mention in another comment, most lives saved are not saved from the disease but from symptoms that are hard to mitigate in undeveloped countries – eg dehydration.


              • Katherine McCoun says:

                So, you just lump those who want to make their own choices for their own children in with the people who deny we have been to the moon? Weak and intellectually lazy.

                In a day and time when we Know the following agencies have indeed conspired, lied, covered up & have been weaponized against the American citizens, you think it is outlandish and crazy to disbelieve conclusions by the CDC? SMH
                DOE (both)

                At this point in history we KNOW that the CDC, doctors, medical studies, big biz & pharma companies denied truth regarding tobacco/cigarettes, trans fats, animals fats, etc.

                Why do you think that it is settled science that vaccinations do not harm? That there is a net gain in healthy adults due to childhood vaccinations? On what proof do you base your assumptions that vaccinations do not do more long term harm, injury, etc. to those vaccinated in developed countries?

                You are arguing that the diseases/viruses are bad. Yes, of course they are.

                You are arguing that those in 3rd world countries are better off. Probably because they die at a much higher rate than those who get the same diseases and have the same complications in 1st world countries.

                You ignore that we, in a 1st world country, have a rare chance of dying from the diseases (so world wide stats are irrelevant) because we can easily obtain medical care to mitigate complications.

                You ignore the harm vaccines do. You do not address that at all. I dare you to research and analyze what you find, if you can put aside your smug assumptions long enough.

                Those saved from death and long term injury from the disease are Not a net gain as you are not considering those who die and suffer long term injury from vaccines and/or die an early death due to vaccination injury and illness.

                Until you consider the full picture, I will make my own decisions for my own child. Not the gov or your business.

                Every argument you make, you echo leftist arguments for removal of guns from homes with children, guns period, climate change, socialism, etc., so be Very Careful what you consider your right to the exclusion of my freedom


                • Medicine Man says:

                  The argument of “my choice for my child only affects me” has the gaping hole that unvaccinated people carry infectious diseases to folks who are not eligible for the various vaccines (because they are say, immunocompromised, allergic or too young.
                  Your “choice” affects other people. It’s a fact that gets over looked in the classic anti-vaxxer argument.

                  In other news..here is a great video by Dr. Zeedog. Addresses many concerns parents have about vaccines. So good.


        • So I take it you are officially opposing the recommendation of President Trump, Duchess?

          As far as your humble opinion on how vaccines and immunity work, it’s totally unqualified by fact. (I know you mean well, but such misinformation can be lethal.) Lack of medical education is a much bigger part of the outbreak problem than illegal immigration.

          Measles is the most robustly infectious disease we know of. It travels much faster by plane than is ever possible through people crossing borders on foot. We see very few of the southern border-crossers in WA state. We have outbreaks because people don’t vaccinate, out of ignorance. They travel to parts of the world where vaccines are rare, and bring the disease back home.

          In areas where immunization compliance falls below 90%, “herd immunity” is compromised and communities are put at risk for new cases among infants too young for the shots, and those who can’t vaccinate for medical reasons (like being on chemo).

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          • duchess01 says:

            Mikey – I do not make decisions for anyone – but, myself – and it is up to PT what he recommends – there are arguments both pro and con – however, it is difficult to explain why measles are spread by the vaccinated –


            I don’t officially do anything but, offer my personal opinion and/or experience – I do not accept what I am told to believe – I have done my research – and that supports my opinion – however, each must decide for him/herself what they believe or do not believe – and make decisions based upon what they feel is right for them – infants now must receive a host of vaccines before entering school – many of them die from these vaccines or are irreparably damaged – no one wants to talk about that – imho – vaccines are not safe – but, that is another subject for research.

            People do not vaccinate out of ignorance – if they have done their research – who decided they are ignorant – people who travel to parts of the world are required to be vaccinated – our military is, too – so what are you saying?

            I am entitled to my opinion – as are you – nuff said

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            • When you have studied virology, I will consider your opinion equally qualified. I know you are an ethical person, but speaking about medical matters, you don’t know the material.

              It is not true (for one) that people are all required to be immunized before travel. It depends on where you are traveling to, and what those countries require. It’s easy to fly into many areas of Asia and Africa with few shots. I’ve done it. Some countries don’t even ask at customs.

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              • duchess01 says:

                Thanks for the info on travel – did not say for all travelers or all countries – so I thank you for your clarification –

                I do not have to be a virologist to have an opinion – I can research the science – read the reports – analyze the statistics – and form an opinion – as far as medical matters are concerned – no – I am not a doctor – but, that does not mean I do not know the material – after all – doctors write about their research in medical reports – journals – from conferences – and the like – people who want to know – do the research – and no – I am no expert – but, I do research and study to be informed – I am not speaking about medical matters – you are – and since this is an open forum – you are free to do so – however, do not assume what someone knows or does not know – attack the material – not the person.


              • Katherine McCoun says:

                studying virology studies the disease. Have you studied the vaccinations with equal diligence? Study the numbers of vaccination complications and compare to the disease complications. And, yes, we come to this discussion with a medical and medical research scientist background, fully understanding the language, methodology and statistical analysis.

                With vaccinations you are simply substituting one set of risks for another. You are not just eliminating the risks of the diseases. You are also adding the risks of the vaccinations.

                I notice lots of appeal to authority/medical degrees as well as discussion of the disease with no comment on the issues stemming from the vaccinations themselves.


                • Medicine Man says:

                  10 million lives negatively affected from vaccines?

                  Katherine..please share study that shows risk benefit you keep quoting.

                  Let me give you a hint..it’s not available..
                  It’s more a feeling or believe like religion.

                  Here is some data for you.



                • I had to pass university courses in virology and pharmacology as part of my medical imaging credentials, and I worked hospitals, urgent cares and family practice clinics for decades. College level virology (a semester course) does include the history of vaccines. Frankly, the history of vaccines is covered even in medical assisting classes at community colleges.

                  There are risks to using any medication. The more important question is risk vs. benefit. Which is riskier, vaccinations or the diseases they help prevent?


          • andyocoregon says:

            Quite correct, Invisible Mikey. A measles emergency has been declared in southern Washington state due to the unvaccinated culture groups.


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      • henry says:

        It isn’t just illegal immigrants. They are bringing in far worse. The problem with measles is the stupidity of anti-vaccers and youtube’s lack of restrictions for these idiots and their junk science.

        The other problem with youtube is the number of people who now believe in a flat earth thanks to all the videos posted on that lunacy.

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        • Alligator Gar says:

          Go ahead and stick your kid with MMR. It is cultured on cell-lines taken from aborted babies from the 1960s in Scandinavia. It contains xeno-DNA. And it is swimming in “proprietary” crap they won’t even disclose what it is. The Japanese have an alternative that is cultured on chick embryo cell lines, but the FDA will not permit it to be imported. I wonder why? You can fly to the UK or any Commonwealth country and get it, though, or use it as an excuse to visit Japan and pay out of pocket for it.

          If you are pro-Life, you cannot in good conscience give your child vaccines cultured on cell lines taken from murdered babies. That would be MMR and chickenpox vaccines. There are alternatives, but our demonic deathcare industry in this country will not permit healthcare. It’s so much easier to inject cancer-causing disease and human and animal DNA into our children (see the early polio “vaccine” which had monkey pox DNA and is presumed to be the cause of so many soft-tissue cancers in Boomers.)

          Dr. Mary’s Monkey is a good book on this. Children of God for Life is a good organization on “clean” vaccine alternatives.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I believe you are misinformed, AG. Your characterization of the history of these vaccines is badly distorted and not entirely factual. The current MMR vaccine was cultured in the WI-38 human lung tissue medium. That strain came from exactly TWO aborted fetuses (in 1961), and no new fetal tissue has been needed since.

            Why were they aborted in the first place? THE FETUSES HAD RUBELLA and would have been born with the severe birth defects caused by “German measles”. The sacrifice of those two (already doomed) individuals has saved millions of lives since.

            They TRIED culturing MMR on animal cells before that. Those cells introduced animal viruses into the batches, and contamination could not be avoided. We could now be immunizing people with a side effect of things like mad cow disease if we had kept up along those lines.

            Here’s a more complete and truthful version: https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/articles/human-cell-strains-vaccine-development

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            • andyocoregon says:

              Statistics don’t lie.
              “Even though a safe and cost-effective vaccine is available, in 2017, there were 110 000 measles deaths globally, mostly among children under the age of five.”


              Liked by 1 person

              • Katherine McCoun says:

                A) many of the deaths would have been prevented if the children lived in developed countries and/had access to western medicine. Note the breakdown of how many passed due to dehydration, for example.

                Also, you are making the naive assumption that
                Measles = X # of deaths and long term disability
                Vaccination against measles = zero deaths and disability

                No, one must account for the death and disability caused by the vaccinations themselves.

                Then decide if it is a net increase or a net decrease and which parents would rather have, the death and disability risk that comes with measles or the death and disability risk that comes from the vaccines.

                Apply all laws of logic. It is not settled science.


            • Katherine McCoun says:

              Invisible Mikey – so you are ok with aborting babies/fetuses that are deformed and handicapped? You are ok with late term abortion based on deformities?

              Since you want to be accurate: The *fetuses* did NOT *have* rubella. Their mothers did. The fetuses were only *at risk* for fetal abnormalities. It was not known if they did have abnormalities as the technology to determine this was not available at that time.

              The babies were abort *just in case* they were abnormal. Sad!

              Only two were used….so? How much of Mengle’s research is ok to use? What is the medical communities stance on Mengle’s research? Why is it ok “if only two” were used?

              Again, it was not known that the infants were deformed/disabled. It was only suspected.

              Sick to justify this!


              • So your point is that I’m “sick”, because we have a philosophic disagreement? You could have lead with that.

                Look, I can’t alter research pursued while I was a child. Sometimes we can do good with what originally came from bad actions. Two fetuses were aborted. As a result, Wistar Labs harvested a cell line that has been used to save millions. Don’t make “the perfect” the enemy of “the good”.

                We’re all sinners. It’s unavoidable. The upside is you can learn from your mistakes and use what you learn to benefit others.


                • Katherine McCoun says:

                  No – not sick because we disagree.

                  Sick because you supported late term abortions that were done just in case the child was deformed/disabled.

                  You say: ” THE FETUSES HAD RUBELLA and would have been born with the severe birth defects caused by “German measles”. The sacrifice of those two (already doomed) individuals has saved millions of lives since.”

                  the *mothers* had rubella. At the time of abortion it was unknown if the infants were disabled/deformed/non viable. That was *NOT* known. They aborted just in case they were.

                  Indefensible to say it was *only* two and they were aborted for good reason.

                  Justifying murder of babies for “science” is sick.


    • paulraven1 says:

      On this issue I think I take the side of the state. There are simply major public health issues that require a governing set of rules not subject to individual exclusion. These are rare and must be carefully circumscribed, but they are real.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Medicine Man says:

      I’m a doctorate level clinical pharmacist who works in immunology/infectious disease research and development for a living.

      The measles outbreak has left the anti-vaxxers scrambling because we are now seeing the result of what a highly infectious disease does when vaccination rates drop below 90%.

      Pediatricians are one of the lowest paid physicians but they are the most passionate about vaccinations. The $$ aspect doesn’t add up.

      Yes, mortality rates measles is low, but we still have quite a bit of morbidity from measles when children are infected. Why would be want to do that to a kid?
      Finally, we put children at risk who aren’t eligible for the vaccine when we have unvaccinated children (and now infectious) children in the population. Immunocompromised. The very young (who aren’t eligible). Children who haven’t completed the series.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Katherine McCoun says:

        Thanks for sharing your credentials. My husband MD, PhD, top 10 medical school. Worked in RTP pharma companies (including Glaxo before buyouts, etc.) before moving on to research universities. After much research, he firmly disagrees with your opinion.

        The lack of long term studies (most studies that claim to study adverse reactions and effects only follow the patient/subjects for a matter of days/weeks) and the markedly shorter and less stringent process by which vaccines are approved v. other pharmaceuticals were eye opening to him.

        He based his opinion on the actual studies and research papers, not on summaries/opinions by others who had read them. He also researched who funded the papers (grants, etc. – impressive how willing the pharma companies are to fund favorable papers) and if the papers were published by universities or by the interested parties (ie the actual pharmaceutical companies). What kind of per review did they undergo and what job positions did the author’s have at the time of their research &/or publication and shortly thereafter (funny how new jobs seem to open up after certain publications).

        Here on this site many are interested in connecting the dots. Interesting to do that with the CDC, pharma companies & the elected officials who push legislation.

        Point? THINK for yourselves! Analyze and deep dive. Research and take the choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate seriously. Both have serious risks. Neither choice is risk free. Choice your poison/risk. But NO ONE should be in a position to foist that choice on your own children! Vaccinate if not vaccinating is too risky for you but don’t force me to choose that risk for my child.

        Just like every prescription drug, vaccines come with a company insert. Those inserts are not usually offered but we always ask for them. You can ask for them from your doctor when they are giving your child a pharmaceutical (yes, vaccines are pharmaceuticals and not benign OTC meds). Read the manufacturer’s insert by Merc. Learn what the ingredients are and what the risks are. Learn what the side affects can be to the vaccinations.

        Here is a link to read all available inserts:

        Liked by 4 people

        • I wish we had more on this site that have this opinion…do the research, come to a conclusion and discuss it in a proper forum…Thank you for what you have eludicated about the measles epidemic. Also, there is another aspect that a lot of people are not seeing …The HOMELESS POPULATION. Hated Seatle when I was there last year…way too many people living on the streets….thanks again for you’re reply!!!


        • Medicine Man says:


          Thanks for sharing your husbands credentials, but no offense..I rather have a discussion with him back in forth than a spouse. Case in point, my wife is a podiatric/surgeon..I hear her talk all the time about those things..I don’t speak much on it.
          What is your husband’s speciality?
          It’s great he is a physician. In the medical profession as you know, there are specialties for a reason.

          Sure Pharma has done some shady things but when it comes to the benefit of vaccines over not using vaccines it’s pretty easy to see. We count dead bodies from the turn of the 20th centuries vs the 21st century. It’s just that simple.
          Like you say..”think”..

          It’s just this simple.


      • duchess01 says:

        Another opinion, Medicine – Thanks for posting…


      • Medicine Man says:

        Awesome data. Thanks for posting.

        I have it but not in this nice slide.

        I’m glad we aren’t turning into a info wars site.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Katherine McCoun says:

          400 measles deaths a year are now substituted for how many injured by the vaccines? The 400 saved are not a net 400. How many are vaccine injured to save the 400? Why are the 400 who would otherwise die from measles more important than those children injured by the vaccines?


          • Medicine Man says:


            You keep posting this about more deaths (or the same saved..a wash) from vaccines than if you didn’t use at all.
            In scientific discussions, we always like to back up statements with some types of facts.
            If you could link some that would be great..reputable source ..and not from Dr. Mercola or “vaccinesareposion.com”.

            Otherwise it’s just a hunch you have…that’s ok too..but
            it’s how we have a scientific debate.


            • Katherine McCoun says:

              For someone focused on facts, research, details and data you aren’t paying attention.

              I did not say “more” deaths and long term health injuries from vaccines. I am have pointed out that the lives saved by vaccines are not a net # of lives saves when one considers/factors in those injured by vaccines.

              I did link. You must not have read it. I linked directly to Merc – which is Not Mercola but the pharmaceutical company that makes the MMR vaccine.

              For someone bragging about their medical background I am surprised that you didn’t recognized Merc or bother to read the links or pay attention to the other details in my posts. I hope your read your CE and journals with a greater comprehension. You don’t just read the abstracts, do you? SMH

              I recommend that you do some eye opening research:
              1) learn the process for vaccine approval and compare it to other pharmaceutical approval processes
              2) learn how many longitudinal studies have been conducted on vaccines
              3) learn the negative affects reporting criteria

              My husband, MD PhD top 10 medical school, worked at a very specific pharma company and knows from the inside exactly how the reporting is conducted, the criteria and the time frame for negative side affects. Very eye opening!


              • Medicine Man says:


                This has turned kinda fun but obviously we aren’t going to chance each other’s minds.

                Yes, you linked Merck Package insert on MMR..the second link (when clicked) goes to the PI also. This tells us about the original clinical trials, adverse events yes…but doesn’t doesn’t prove your point on a wide public scale regarding numbers of lives world wide (after approval) saved vs say injured from the use of the vaccine. That was want I asked you to link. That question is not answered in a simple PI.
                I have provided data where vaccines have saved 10.3 millions lives since the early 60’s. You haven’t provided any data showing 10.3 millions deaths caused by vaccines.
                I fully understand the difference drugs and vaccines in the approval process. What normal folks don’t understand is the FDA approval for a vaccine doesn’t guarantee it will be used by health care practitioners or paid for by the government or insurances. It has to go before the ACIP (advisory committee on Immunization Practices). They are “branch” or a committee that reports to the CDC. Everyone on that committee have to be free of any conflicts with pharma. They look at the data and recommend if a vaccine is to be added to the schedule. No recommendation, not going to be paid for and not used. Simple..it’s not this way in normal Pharma. Normal Pharma doesn’t have an independent committee deciding if the data is good or not. All depends if a company can convince an insurance company to pay for it..rebates etc.
                Regarding your husband, sounds like he is bright fellow..was his speciality in immunology or infectious disease? You understand it makes a difference.

                My responses is to educate other folks on here regarding people on the fence and the process. Keep this thread from going infowars.


                • Medicine Man says:

                  This is a great video by a guy who is an MD…
                  Answers many questions for parents who have legitimate questions…best video by far..


                • Katherine McCoun says:

                  Eye roll – my husband *IS* an MD and *IS* a research scientist and has worked in pharma. Why send us videos of other MDs? He is an Internal doc — short residency and not in a field that deals with vaccinations or research? Yes, excellent med school and he matched well for residency but his area of expertise makes him no more of an expert in this field than any other doc.

                  If you are going to use another MD as an “expert” then find one who does more than what we have already done.

                  Note: I watched the first couple minutes out of politeness to someone here at the treehouse.
                  a) he did exactly as my husband did on the subject: read the journals, studies, etc. He has no special knowledge or research. Just ’cause he is an MD doesn’t mean he has any additional knowledge on the issue than any other MD
                  b) he focuses on the wakefield “study”. issues go way beyond one guy and we never even heard of him until after we had done our research and made our decisions.


          • Katherine McCoun says:

            *AGAIN* –>> I have not said and never will say that vaccinations have damaged an equal number as lives saved. I did not say that. I said that the reduction in deaths and long term injuries/disabilities from measles/mumps/rubella are not a net as vaccines also cause death & long term injuries/disabilities. I never said vaccine injuries/deaths cancel out or equate to the same number saved. re-read the posts. But it is not a 100% net gain of healthy adults. One must account for the ill health they cause many people.

            And I must choose which risk I want for myself and for my child – the disease risk or the vaccination risk. Because we live in the US with easily accessible medical care in case of complication, we choose the disease risk (after much study and thought by my medical school/phd/pharma husband so please let go of the medical professional angle in your arguments as that is getting old – we are educated and studied the subject in depth from an “insiders” perspective, level of knowledge and understanding).

            The numbers saved by vaccines in 3rd world are different than those of 1st world countries because it is often not the course of the disease that kills but the weakness of the child (lack of sanitation, proper food, over all ill health when attacked by the virus, etc.) and the lack of proper medical care in general as well as lack of access to medical care in the case of complications (eg many die of dehydration v. the disease itself when a simple hydration IV would allow the child to continue fighting &/or recuperating from the disease v. dying).

            I send people to the medical inserts because many think that vaccinations are completely benign, with zero risk, which even a casual reading of the medical inserts proves not to be true.

            Vaccines have risk. Weigh the risk of the disease (esp. if one is in a country with readily accessible western medicine to treat complications and note that a “complication” can be as simple as dehydration) against the risk of the vaccination.

            Example: among 12-23 month olds, febrile seizure rates of 8.5 per 10,000 7-10 post MMR vaccination. No thanks. And that is just 1 possible side effect. Most side effects are common but if one adds up the risk of all side effects combined one realizes that that there are significant risks with the vaccines just as there are risks with the diseases.

            My husband added each ratio/fraction so that he had a total risk factor for each vaccine but I am not replicating that tonight! Might be interesting and eye opening exercise for you if you like fiddling with numbers. The risk was to high for us to vaccinate our child.

            Link here. Add each risk factor ratio for a total risk factor ratio. ex: if side effect a is 1:1000 and side effect b is 1:1,000,000, etc. then they all need to be combined for a total ratio of side effect risk for have at least 1 side effect from the vaccine.

            Each vaccine has its own list of side effect frequency. The sheets only list per side effect and do not give a frequency of having any side effects per X dosages.
            Here are others if you are interested in really crunching the numbers to assess risk:

            Please note: one serious issue with reporting adverse events (negative effects/vaccine injury) is that the if the event does not occur within a matter of a few days or even hours, it is thought that it cannot be connected to the vaccine and is therefore not reported or improperly reported.

            Note that most acknowledge vaccine injuries are only those that are immediate to the vaccine and no pervasion for delayed onset or damaged that is undetected an not immediately obvious/acute. Ex: MMR has a rate of up to 10% side effect of arthritis in some populations. That will not be obvious in the first 48 hours!

            Other sites we used when studying the issue:

            Last, but not least, was a comprehensive study of each and every other ingredient used in vaccines including current, their side effects, etc. Nope, not our child!


      • duchess01 says:

        Nice chart, andy – Thanks for posting.

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  24. citizen817 says:

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  25. Bendix says:

    IMO, this piece deserves to be an Op-Ed in all our major newspapers.
    It is scrupulously fair to our president, finally, as it labels many of the criticisms aimed at him as what they are, people’s perceptions and opinions.

    Funny, the writer refers to the president’s “childlike” manner of speech.
    That was something I noticed about him, that he sometimes sounds like a little kid. Many of his supporters have disagreed with me on that one, but I don’t see it as a negative, it is part of what endears him to me.

    I really think everyone should see this. It deserves to be read in its entirety, as it covers a lot of ground without being at all disjointed.
    Many might be offended by the term, the Thinking Class, but there is a rather large group out there who think that is what they are, so IMO it is important to understand who we are dealing with.


  26. sunnyflower5 says:

    Wow! Chris Cox’s, of the NRA, introduction of President Trump was outstanding!

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  27. henry says:

    Two minutes and twenty-two seconds of sheer babbling stupidity from both buffoons.


  28. Skippy says:

    Gosh I love our President! An incredible man as is our Vice President. Watching NRA speach now.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Bendix says:

    Here are some highlights from the piece I referred to above. I broke my post up for easier reading.

    “In this universe of paradox, inequity, ironies, and fake-outs one strange actuality stands above the rest these days: that the much-reviled President Trump was on the right side of RussiaGate, and the enormous mob of America’s Thinking Class was on the wrong side — and by such a shocking margin of error that they remain in a horrified fugue of outrage and reprisal, apparently unaware that consequences await.”

    “To make matters worse, this odious President happens to be on the right side of several other political quarrels of the day, at least in terms of principle, however awkwardly he presents it. The Resistance, which is to say the same Thinking Class groomed in the Ivy League and apprenticed in official leadership, has dug in on the idiotic policy position of a de facto open border with Mexico, and embellished that foolish idea with such accessory stupidities as sanctuary cities and free college tuition for non-citizens. Their arguments justifying these positions are wholly sentimental — they’re stuffing little children in cages! — masking a deep undercurrent of dishonesty and cynical opportunism — not to mention putting themselves at odds with the rule-of-law itself.”

    “Meanwhile, by some strange process of psychological alchemy, the Thinking Class assigned Islamic radicals to their roster of sacred victims of oppression — so that now it’s verboten to mention them in news reports whenever some new slaughter of innocents is carried out around the world, or to complain about their hostility to Western Civ as a general proposition.”

    “The Mueller Report was much more than just disappointing; it was a comically inept performance insofar as it managed to overlook the only incidence of collusion that actually took place: namely, the disinfo operation sponsored by the Hillary Clinton campaign in concert with the highest officials of the FBI, the Department of Justice, State Department personnel, the various Intel agencies, and the Obama White house for the purpose of interfering in the 2016 election.”


    Sorry about the length, but I’m getting too excited.
    The writer seems to believe that those involved in this are going to get theirs.
    I thought he was being much too optimistic, but now I find myself daring to hope, as well.
    God bless our president.
    Praise God for giving us this man, this unlikely hero.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      I stopped reading that text above when it referred to President Trump as “odious”.


      • Bendix says:

        Part of the problem with posting excerpts, andy.

        The writer is talking about the way a considerable portion of our media and political types think about our VSG.
        He then goes on to defend our president on the many issues they attack him on.

        I think it’s vital to see what someone who understands the thinking of the MSM has to say about their treatment of PDJT.


        • andyocoregon says:

          Well, I see and hear enough President Trump bashing that I tend to avoid seeing it when possible. I realize you were quoting another author, but I choose to avoid seeing criticism of Our President. When I see President Trump referred to as “odious” I quit reading and go elsewhere.
          I wasn’t criticizing you. I just stated I don’t care to read someone’s mischaracterization of President Trump. I can always go to CNN or MSNBC for that.


          • Your Tour Guide says:

            Kunstler is a liberal.

            Also a deep thinker on various issues. Dead wrong on
            some of them, but will generally research more then one
            side of an issue.

            Been reading him for years.

            “Home to Nowhere” was written about being stuck
            in a car going to a suburban cul de sac connected
            to nothing. Agree with some of what he wrote in it.
            We had zoning that made sense at one time. Where
            you weren’t REQUIRED to get in a car to do things.
            Retrofitting older areas, bypassing gentrification
            that prices the average Joe out of the process might
            achieve some of what he writes about.

            He’s a deep thinker, but he’s also a collosal snob.
            Realistic enough to think past some of the elites,
            but hasn’t been exposed to anybody outside of his
            educational, writing, drama subset enough to get
            a good grip on the difference between educated and
            “wise”. Needs some introduction to persons of
            lesser means with collossal (word of the day)
            common sense.


  30. tuskyou says:

    “They tried for a coup but it didn’t work out so well”….. “I didn’t need a gun for that one”!

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  31. deplorablegracie says:

    Our favorite President looks handsome on CSPAN

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  32. sunnyflower5 says:

    That’s right. Call it what it is, Mr President.
    Who would have thought it could have happened in our country.
    It was was like one of those third world shit hole countries leaders was running our country.

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  33. AmericaFirst says:

    The Executive Order placing Clearances is beginning, though not formally until June:


    But what I would like to see is more retro-active vetting of that which barely took place, if at all, of the Ilhan Omar refugee types:


    And this addresses the move to an arbitrary importation of 10,000 Syrians:


    Best of all of course is to follow through on Candidate Trump’s great idea of using “Safe Zones” close to their home countries. What do we need with 10,000 Syrians? Really? Time to go home, and stop trying to turn us into what you left.

    Make America America Again


  34. citizen817 says:

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  35. sunnyflower5 says:

    Collusion Delusion was a complete fraud!


  36. andyocoregon says:

    “Collusion Delusion”


  37. tuskyou says:

    “Democrats are obsessed with hoaxes, witchhunts and delusions”

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  38. henry says:

    From the angle, doesn’t look like it was really thrown at him….

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  39. WeThePeople2016 says:


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  40. tuskyou says:

    UN will get a formal notice we will reject this treaty. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  41. Zippy says:

    The REAL story of the Wikileaks release of the Manning files starting at 9:20 if you want to skip the CV of the Wikileaks insider being interviewed. Wikileaks had a large team sanitizing the files, but a UK Guardian “journalist” was the one who published links to partially redacted files (300 names already removed by WIKILEAKS, not the Guardian) in the possession of the Guardian. Wikileaks called the US State Department to immediately report the problem, but were ignored. The DOD testified during the Manning trial that no one was harmed due to the release.

    Most likely, the REAL sin he’s being prosecuted for is the DNC leaks. Don’t mess with the Deep State.


  42. GDP TRACKING @ 4.4% for 2019 !!!

    “2019 Starts off with a Bang in the First Quarter with Strong Economic Performance”

    Congressional Budget Office and the Federal Open Market Committee on average projected four-quarter real GDP growth in
    • 2017, 2018, and 2019 of
    • 2.2,
    • 2.0, and
    • 1.7 percent, respectively.

    In actuality, real GDP grew
    • 2.5 percent in 2017,
    • 3.0 percent in 2018, and in the Q1 of 2019 grew at an annualized rate of
    • 3.2 percent.

    Over the past 25 years, the Q1 estimate has, on average, been
    • 0.9 percentage point lower than the average of Q2, Q3, and Q4 estimates. 

    Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) now estimates that the partial government shutdown in 2019:Q1 lowered the overall growth rate of real GDP by
    • 0.3 percentage point at an annual rate

    In the absence of residual seasonality and the government shutdown, real GDP growth in the first quarter of this year might have been up to
    • 1.2 percentage points higher, implying an annualized growth rates of
    • 4.4 percent.


    • Disposable Income & Consumption Growth
    • Manufacturing Expansion & Plant Equipment to Grow Supply
    • Intellectual Property & Productivity-Systems Investments
    • Net Exports are UP … before USMCA and China Deals kick in
    • Inventories are UP … covering Production & Logistics Delays (Workforce gaps)

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  43. NJF says:

    Says it all.

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  44. NJF says:

    Omg. This scares the he’ll out of me.

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  45. henry says:

    Ok, now you’re not just being stupidly annoying – you’re being f**king stupid and annoying.


    Seriously? Why should I get my license renewed if they don’t need one and won’t be arrested?
    Democrats are beyond stupid.

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  46. Perot Conservative says:


    April 26, 2019
    The Hill: DHS expedites border wall replacement in Arizona, Texas

    “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Friday that it two issued waivers to expedite replacement of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona and Texas.

    “DHS said in a statement that it would be replacing about 53 miles of wall near Yuma, Ariz., and El Paso, Texas.”

    “A DHS spokesperson told The Hill that the replacements will be funded by appropriations available to the Department of Defense.”

    “A DHS spokesperson told The Hill that the replacements will be funded by appropriations available to the Department of Defense.

    “[1] It noted in a separate statement that funding for the 26 miles of wall in Arizona will come from Customs and Border Protection’s fiscal 2018 budget and is not related to President Trump’s national emergency declaration. The department did not specify where funding for the El Paso project would come from.

    “The waivers were published Wednesday and [2] construction also began as early as Wednesday in Arizona. One of the two areas covered by the waiver is the area around the Arizona Land Port of Entry.

    ” [3] The department said the waiver allows it to circumvent certain construction project laws, but that “DHS remains committed to environmental stewardship.” It said it will coordinate with federal and state agencies to minimize the project’s environmental and cultural impact.”

    [ ] – my highlights


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