Evil Strikes Sri Lanka During Easter Celebration – Over 200 Killed in Eight Bombings…

Horrific Islamic terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.  A series of Easter Sunday bombings at luxury hotels and churches filled with christian worshippers has left at least 207 people dead. Hundreds more were wounded. Police say most of the eight bombings appear to have been suicide attacks.


The government has identified religious extremists, but so far no group has claimed responsibility. Sri Lanka’s Defense Minister says police have arrested seven suspects believed to be linked to the wave of bombings.

(Via Fox News) […] The U.S. State Department confirmed in a statement that “several U.S. citizens were among those killed” in the explosions, though details were still emerging. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went on to condemn the Easter morning “terror attacks.”

“Attacks on innocent people gathering in a place of worship or enjoying a holiday meal are affronts to the universal values and freedoms that we hold dear, and demonstrate yet again the brutal nature of radical terrorists whose sole aim is to threaten peace and security,” Pompeo said in the statement.

A police spokesman said 13 suspects have been arrested in connection with the attacks. Police said they also found a vehicle they believe was used to transport the suspects into Colombo, along with a safe house used by the attackers.

The explosions collapsed ceilings and blew out windows, killing worshippers and hotel guests. People were seen carrying the wounded out of blood-spattered pews. Witnesses described powerful explosions, followed by scenes of smoke, blood, broken glass, alarms going off and victims screaming in terror.

“People were being dragged out,” Bhanuka Harischandra of Colombo, a 24-year-old founder of a tech marketing company who was going to the city’s Shangri-La Hotel for a meeting when it was bombed. “People didn’t know what was going on. It was panic mode.”

He added: “There was blood everywhere.”

The first explosion occurred around 8:45 a.m. local time, with the deadliest appearing to be at St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, a city about 20 miles north of Colombo. Other attacks occurred at St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo and Zion Church in the eastern city of Batticaloa. The three hotels – the Shangri La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury Hotel – all in Colombo are frequented by foreign tourists.  (read more)

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171 Responses to Evil Strikes Sri Lanka During Easter Celebration – Over 200 Killed in Eight Bombings…

  1. Carson Napier says:

    By arming Islamic Jihadis, including al Qaeda and ISIS, in Syria, the CIA is directly responsible for far more than 200 Christian deaths.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      I’ve heard they get most of their explosives from Iran, the #1 exporter of terrorism in the world.


      • Sentient says:

        Israeli bullshit. The number one funder/exporter of terrorism is Saudi Arabia – although mostly by unofficial, private sources – including members of the huge royal family. These are Sunni terrorists – as usual. 95% of terrorism in the last three decades has been Sunni, but Israel wants us to focus on Shia Iran, playing “let’s you and him fight”. Don’t fall for it.

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    • Michael Todaro says:

      Former CIA chief Brennan is a Moslem. What could go wrong?


  2. jx says:

    On April 11, the police got an input that terrorists would target 11 Churches in the country. It warned that Catholics would be the target of the attack.

    An Intelligence Bureau official in India tells OneIndia that the target was clearly the Catholics. The Christians who form 6 per cent of the country’s population were out in large numbers due to Easter. Moreover the attack comes 10 days after a warning was issued about Churches being attacked in the country.


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    • Michael Todaro says:

      And Mohammed Obama was forewarned by Putin about the inbred Moslem Boston mass murderers. In the end, Putin’s Russia will be USA’s greatest ally. It’s us against the Moslems. “Allies” France, UK, Germany et al are caliphates already.


  3. frances says:

    There is an under-reported, ongoing, well organized terrorist assault on Catholics worldwide. Who is behind this? May these latest victims rest in peace.

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    • Toenail says:

      For the life of me I just can’t figure out who would do this to Christians.

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    • keeler says:

      This reminds me…

      “A 53-year-old Hyde Park woman was arrested Thursday afternoon for vandalizing graves in a cemetery, according to Boston police.

      Police officers said they saw Deborah Gideon throw ***red powder*** into the air and decided to follow her car as it drove through Mount Hope Cemetery, where they say she threw the same red powder on gravestones.

      According to police, officers found a spray bottle, a ***gallon of red liquid***, containers of colored salt, powdered juice mixes and olive oil in her car when they stopped her. Boston Police have been tracking Gideon for months.

      Police say Gideon, a nurse for more than two decades, is allegedly responsible for ***recent vandalism to churches and memorials*** across the city, including ***the World War II monument*** in South Boston and ***churches in Dorchester***.

      Police say Gideon has been charged with vandalism of a gravestone and malicious destruction of property over $1,200 for Thursday’s incident. She appeared in court Friday where a judge ordered her to meet with a court-appointed psychologist.

      The psychologist told the judge she’s concerned Gideon may suffer from ***mental illness involving hyper-religiosity, believing she’s a victim of Christian persecution*** and reportedly ***told officers during her arrest, “God is going to burn you in hellfire.”*** She told them she was simply “casting prayers on buildings” and “anointing persons with the blood of Jesus.”

      Ms. Gideon is African-American. Dorchester, a predominantly black area of Boston, is the site of the largest mosque in New England. Additionally, it is not reported in this story that among the vandalized memorials was one to police officers.

      I do not know if Ms Gideon is a radical BLM/black nationalist activist, or Muslim, or both. However, her methods and targets suggest she is at least one of these. Local media completely avoided mentioning the fact that, whatever her motivation, she committed a series of anti-Christian, anti-police hate crimes throughout the greater Boston area for at least two years. Just a bunch of things that happened, apparently. It’s not as if she was a white man who sneezed within 50 feet of hijab after all….


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  4. smurfette says:

    The jihadist waits patiently in the queue, facing an array of tantalizing Easter dishes of brioches, roast beef, cheese, desserts, paid his $50 Sri Lankan to dine, then while one hand is holding a plate as he finally arrives to be served..kablouie he activates the bomb! Some kind of cruel joke on himself.


    Carrying a plate, the man, who had registered at the hotel the night before as Mohamed Azzam Mohamed, was just about to be served when he set off his devastating strike in the packed restaurant, a manager at the Sri Lankan hotel said.

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  5. 6x47 says:

    Sri Lanka should definitely ban bombs and suicide bombings.

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  6. mikeyboo says:

    Clearly, to quote Ilhan Omar, some people did something.”

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    • Nowut Ameen says:

      That is an amazing series of coincidences. Could there be a common factor, such as a computer glitch or maybe sloppy housekeeping? Increasingly, it looks like Christianity is hazardous to the safety and well-being of its followers. Maybe some common sense regulations are needed?


      • Daniel says:

        And after all this and OTHER attacks on Christian sites, locations and events, are we really supposed to believe the strange series of events of Notre Dame (false fire alarm followed by actual fire 20+ minutes later?) are some sort of accident?

        There is a grey line between rational and objective thought and being willfully stupid.

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  7. frank field says:

    Only koran and muslim obeying folks do this. ONLY TRUE MUSLIMS.

    Don’t think otherwise. Stand strong.

    Grace to one and all who LOVE.


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    • Realist says:

      When Muslims commit acts of TERRORISM they do so following the example of Mohammad as they are encouraged to do and following the ‘Death to KAFIRS’ instructions in the Qur’an. A Christian on the other hand who commits an act of TERRORISM is going AGAINST all the teachings of Christ.

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    • We cannot pin this on the Muslim faith but on the misguided actions of extremists. The leaders of the Muslim Congress had written to our intelligence and security agencies around 11th April voicing their concerns at some of the extremist breakaway groups and urging urgent action. Names and addresses were given. Unfortunately due to hideous factional in fighting between our President and Prime Minister the information was not relayed to those in charge
      They are now acting on that information and rounding up the extremist group but 300 lives claimed and our hopes for the future in shambles again.


  8. jebg46 says:

    Heartbroken. Beyond words, our holist day, God help us all, amen.

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  9. Blind no longer says:

    This is sooo horrible! May God heal the injured and comfort the grieving families.

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  10. Jason Ross says:

    Media not using the word ‘Islam’ at all yet.

    From the BBC: “It is not yet clear who is responsible, but Sri Lanka’s defence minister has said they were probably carried out by one group”

    Amazingly specific, that report

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    • Realist says:

      The Anti American, Anti British, Antisemitic, Pro EU, Pro Palestinian, Homophile, Islamophile Extreme Lefturd BBC is a National disgrace,

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Just who the Hell does the BBC think do all the suicide bombings of Christians and Americans?
      MSM is a bunch of naive cowards.

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      • mike says:

        …or complicit traitors.

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      • Daniel says:

        They are not naive. Internally, you know their agenda does not permit the truth. These people are actually old enough to have known and appreciated that clear and stark reality 20+ years ago. If they were 20-something, “maybe” naive is the word. But these are 40-something+ people and should absolutely know better because these political/agenda changes are roughly 20 years old. Naive means they don’t know any better. This is something worse.

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    • Nowut Ameen says:

      In the UK publishing factual information about this event could be prosecuted as a hate crime.

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    • Daniel says:

      Christianity is the enemy of communism. Islam is a useful idiot. We are meant to understand and see “all religion” as inherently dangerous. So just nevermind the incredibly obvious reality that Christianity, and Christianity ALONE is responsible for the present day first world we all enjoy today and the rest of the world aspires to achieve.

      The way forward is to specifically and precisely state this reality. It’s time to come out of the closet with Christianity. It’s not “offensive.” It’s not politically incorrect. It is simply the healthiest thing for society… globally.

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  11. Daniel says:

    Reminder: You are a good person, and politically correct, if you are able to suppress any sort of blame or accountability to anyone who has actively or passively enabled this to become “normal.” If you make these sorts of connections and/or learn about Islam, you are not a good person.


  12. daniel1335 says:

    Isaiah 57:1-2
    The righteous perisheth and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken from the evil to come.
    He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.


  13. 6x47 says:

    Waiting for the anti-Semites to notice there weren’t any Jews at the Easter services.


  14. Demoncrats says:

    Well past time to outlaw the worldwide hate group called muslims. muslims are the apex hate group on the planet. Their warfare ideology calls for the rape, enslavement, and murder of all non-muslims.


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