Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses “Spygate”…

In the second segment with Maria Bartiromo, Senator Lindsey Graham discusses the 2016 surveillance and spying operations against candidate Trump, president-elect Trump, and finally President Trump in 2017.

As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham outlines his approach toward inquiry of the DOJ and FBI.

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29 Responses to Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses “Spygate”…

  1. amwick says:

    Isn’t that a Mark Meadows video??

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  2. Rondell Gerbs says:

    Lindsey Graham looks younger in. This. Clip of him.


  3. SpotTheSpook says:

    Uhm, that’s not Lindey Graham!


  4. principled says:

    Still hoping with my cold anger that it really happens.

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  5. Slowly I turned..Drip by drip..Piece by piece..biding my time..watching the rats..waiting to see how long it takes for the rats to start biting each other apart..Tails in the traps..springs snapping..Oh happy days..
    Popcorn and soda..comfy chair..CTH and Sundance..Life doesn’t get much better!

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  6. ALEX says:

    What I liked was Senator Graham tying in the Justice Kavanaugh witch hunt into this and the fact democrats are discarding all evidentiary standards which our laws are based upon to smear political opponents…..even using Fake Dossier style material to corrupt our intelligence agencies for political means. I like where this is going.

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    • William Schneider says:

      Alex it is time to forget and forgive this man. He is a warrior working to stop the hateful dems . Please give this man a break!! If he is not against us he is for us!! Pray the man’s success. What you think about comes about.


      • WDS says:

        Never uttered a peep about the border in nearly 20 years in office yet collaborated with the Gang of Eight on amnesty at every turn. 2007 speech to racist group LaRaza claiming amnesty was near and those against it (legal citizens) were “bigots”. Continues to vote for and expand the Nat’l Defense of America Act for more surveillance in the name of safety. Will continue to “try” and get to the bottom of an issue, Clinton’s or Democrat spying right up until the day he is unfortunately re-elected. Graham is a UniParty hack. You forgive him, don’t come crying to us when he reneges on his rhetoric because we WON’T forget his record.

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  7. All Too Much says:

    LG is a new man, and he is on a mission.

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    • Yeah – a mission alright – just to get re-elected. I doubt for one minute he is for “law and order” unless it directly benefits himself. Although, something did make him “snap out of it” during the Kavanaugh hearings. The jury is still out….until his Senate committee starts sending referrals to the DOJ for possible prosecution. Bottom line – – I don’t trust him.

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      • boomerbeth says:

        Kavenaugh was a forced nomination. He ain’t a conservative at all. He’s a swing vote & maybe more liberal than swing.
        A wasted political fight,

        He made a deal with the Devil, Roberts.
        His appointment was a Bush demand.
        Trump thought they would then get off his back.


  8. Bob says:

    When is the media going to turn this stuff off? The people can recite the daily news verbatim. The same stuff rehashed. There is enough evidence on the whole Obama Administration to put the under the jail…just get it done so we can go on wining…because if we don’y The 2020 election is going to be vicious and violent….let’s make sure it’s a landslide and not a blood bath.

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  9. evergreen says:

    Graham is good at presenting a different image, depending upon the circumstance.

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  10. DeAnna Vaughn says:

    If they can do this to the POTUS, imagine what they could do to we “average Joe’s”? How many lives have been destroyed by these corrupt officials that we know nothing about? Scary indeed.

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  11. trialbytruth says:

    Lindsey asks why was the UN unmasking??? Is he referring to Samantha Powers here or is there more to this?

    Regardless of the meaning here i am starting to think that the motivation of simply not getting POTUS elected for these seasoned insiders is not enough to put careers and family at risk.

    The theory of fellow travelers and a happenstance of crazy libs all pushing in the same direction. ( the give them the tools ,unmasking, wide distribution of material, a few well placed leaks and the hive will do your bidding without direction.) Although usually my favorite variation on the outright conspiracy theory at most times doesn’t hold here.

    I am starting to think this was indeed a foreign power endeavor, Funding, access and guarantees. It may have started as an attempt to buy state secrets and favors from the Clintonistas. And morphed into the CYA we see now. Regardless of who the activators are I think there is a trail that will lead to a foreign source as originator, could be a adversary and it could be an “ally”.

    I really am starting to sense a long term infiltration of agents in key positions. Resistance came together to strong and to organized. This seems bigger then what the Clinton Mafia could pull off. BIG pockets of money and power are required for boring bureaucrats with 15 years in to put it all at risk.



  12. William Schneider says:

    I continue pray for LG and believe he has grown truly sick of the corruption in Washington and wants to fight to clean things up with Trump. Yes he wants to win re-election -but if that means fighting with Trump to save America and MAGA let us all cheer him on. All this talks about not trusting the man ins unchristian and non productive. We need to support !00% those who are playing on the Trump team now. LIndsey is now a warrrior for the president . Lets give the man some prayer and support. I know I will.


  13. boomerbeth says:

    JAG Lindsey is a chameleon.

    All talk. He has had more tv appearances than anyone on the talk show circuit since he was appointed a prosecutor in the house impeachment of bj kkklinton.
    I never trusted him after that kangaroo court circus.
    Free publicity for another shot at potus. That’s all.


  14. Fools Gold says:

    Lindsey has one mission! It’s. It’s called “my ass first”! I’m sorry but I’ll never call Lindsey a patriot or associate him with Americans first…


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