Adios – BREAKING: Ninth Circuit Court Stays Lower Court Injunction – Migrants Can Be Returned to Mexico…

The ninth circuit court of appeals has ruled unanimously in favor of staying an earlier ruling from Federal Judge Richard Seeborg which blocked President Trump from returning illegal aliens (economic migrants) to Mexico pending their asylum hearing.

The repatriation/deportation program can continue. A major win for President Trump

(Via Associated Press) 4:45 p.m. – A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked a judge’s order that would have stopped the Trump administration from returning asylum seekers to Mexico.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay Friday.  (link)


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273 Responses to Adios – BREAKING: Ninth Circuit Court Stays Lower Court Injunction – Migrants Can Be Returned to Mexico…

  1. Sherri Young says:

    Yes, it is temporary but…the 9th Circus agreed with Trump?!!!!!

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  2. labrat says:

    See what happens when you threaten to send them to their neighborhood.

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  3. starfcker says:

    We either have a country or we don’t. The return of Common Sense will be very helpful and making sure we do

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  4. James Carpenter says:

    The 9th Circus agrees with Trump?
    Oh, great.
    Next thing you know, we’ll be dodging flying pigs and throwing snowballs in Hell.

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  5. joeknuckles says:

    Vaya con Dios, mis amigos. Don’t let that big, beautiful door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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  6. MTeresa says:

    Can the DHS please, pretty please with sugar on top………….deport the 9th Circuit Court?

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  7. amwick says:

    The 9th circuit said that Seeborg was wrong.

    From the AP The government says Seeborg’s order is erroneous and endangers the public during a humanitarian crisis at the border.

    So does he get a slap on the wrist or something? When will someone challenge a single judge issuing an injunction against the President?

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  8. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

    9th Circus must be getting the message. Unanimous pro-America decision. Unbelievable. There will be conquences for its lawlessness. Break it up. Settle all migrants in their fair sanctuary cities. Hahaha.

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  9. Snuzzy says:

    All of these “judges” in our country are a GD joke!! How dare they play with us, the American CITIZEN as they further their own ideology!!! What does the deep state have on SC Justice John Roberts??

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  10. lansdalechip says:

    Holy cow!
    The dog done caught its tail!

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  11. Darren says:

    Sending to sanct cities had a positive effect on the 9th. Lol

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  12. Rebelchick says:

    The 9th circuit black robes ride in to rescue the demonrats from their utter hypocrisy!!

    Still not tired of winning.

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  13. Revenant says:


    Paul J. Watford: Obama appointee, former RBG clerk.
    Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain: Reagan appointee. Senior status. Wrote majority opinion of Young v. Hawaii
    William A. Fletcher: Clinton appointee.

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  14. With all the good news of the day, this has to be the best. 9th Circus agreeing with PDJT.

    Darren, I totally agree that PDJT’s plan to bus the illegals to sanctuary cities and probably cut off Fed funding effected the 9th Circus’s decision.

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  15. Sue Fowler says:

    Constitutional Interpretaion:
    Invaders MUST ve returned to Mexico. EVERY LAST ONE.

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    now GTFO!

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    Drop them off at Nancy’s house on the way out. She has walls they will want to climb.

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  18. Sandra-VA says:

    Fantastic news!!! 😁

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  19. PInky1920 says:

    They’re gonna need a whole lot of defibrillators in DC….lol.

    They don’t know whether to *hit it go blind right now; Pelosi has probably soiled her Depends for the third time today…

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    • Southern Belle says:

      PInky, LOL! OMG! LOL! I thought my family was the only one to speak that phrase “don’t know whether to *hit or go blind!” LOL!

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    • andyocoregon says:

      I wonder how many of us rolled on the floor laughing when we heard this 9th Circus Court decision today? My wife came into the computer room and asked what I was laughing so hard about. Once I told her, she couldn’t stop laughing either.

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  20. Robert Smith says:

    It’s clear that woman in pink is a smuggler.

    She’s smuggling in a couple of puppies across the Sonoran desert.

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  21. Perot Conservative says:


    2. Notify deportees a return capture will be lose them all coyote $$, a felony, and deportation



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  22. simicharmed says:

    Very good is!..

    I also enjoy the thought these illegal aliens will be sent to each Sanctuary City across the Nation.

    These morons suffering from TDS in each of these jurisdictions need to pay for their idiocy. They want foreign alien freeloaders – they should get every one of them.

    Welfare checks is what the invaders are after…WELFARE CHECKS. Nothing else. Useless US Congress enabled this problem.

    Ben Carson said it the best during the Presidential Debates of 2016 – ELIMINATE THE GOODIES will solve the problem! (he actually said “goodies”)…. he was/is correct. All the Leftist Failed States provide abundant Goodies to the Illegal Aliens!

    Perhaps Campaign Finance Laws need to be enforced here…

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  23. Nigella says:

    Unfortunately it’s temporary and they are hearing arguments Tuesday.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about that. They wouldn’t have granted the stay unless there’s a substantial chance of the government prevailing on the merits. It’s rare for the loser on the temporary to come back and win on the permanent.

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  24. Tiffthis says:

    The 9th must have gotten a call from pelosi- since PDJT threatened to bus illegals to sanctuary cities/ states 💯. Nancy has finally learned that PDJT doesn’t bluff

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    • fractionalexponent says:

      Too late. Trump does things before he talks about them. He fired Comey while Comey was giving a speech in California. He cancelled Pelosi’s flight while she was on the way to base Andrews.

      The first bus of illegals will let out at her house tonight.

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  25. joeknuckles says:

    For the illegals that we can’t deport, I have a few suggested holding areas for them. All are in Hawaii, where it will be easier to round them up for deportation.
    1) Kaanapali Beach—-that strip of Beach between the overpriced hotels and the ocean
    2) Oprah’s humongous estate on Hawaii, the one with the 120 million dollar driveway.
    3) Zuckerberg’s place on Kauai.
    4) that small island which I can’t recall the name of that is owned by a tech billionaire.

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  26. tav144 says:

    Yeah, because Trump was gonna send them all to their backyard.

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  27. sundance says:

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  28. Rocket says:


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  29. Carson Napier says:

    Did the Ninth Circuit Court reprimand Federal Judge Richard Seeborg for his misbehavior in making his unconstitutional ruling ?

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  30. Katherine McCoun says:

    This is it for the night. Ending the flow of news from the internet on a good note. See you all tomorrow for more winning!

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  31. jk36 says:

    A side point: “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Really? So FEDERAL CIRCUIT JUDGES disagree with each other all the time…yet we are supposed to know all the laws and not violate them. Yet trained professionals, who attended law school, who study and live it each day don’t agree on what it says…but we are supposed to know all the laws and not violate them. Really?

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  32. Chip Doctor says:

    Ann, please tell our VSGPOTUS that you are sorry for being such an ass.

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  33. Landslide says:

    I think I read last week that Stephen Miller proposed sending lots of lawyers to rule “on the spot” regarding asylum claims. Then back they go. I don’t know if that is an actual plan or not.

    I also read that only a tiny percentage actually qualify for asylum status. Maybe as low as 3%.

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  34. Treehugger says:


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  35. MAGAbear says:

    Wat?!! The 9th Circus did something right?!!

    The left just keeps losing. It’s a beautiful thing. 😉

    Now, back to my NHL playoffs binge watching. The action is furious!!!

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  36. andyocoregon says:

    I had my TV next to my computer on Fox News and when Shannon Bream’s show came on, I could have sworn she referred to that court as The 9th Circus Court. I replayed it 3 times and I could swear that’s what she said. Lovin’ it.

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  37. GB Bari says:

    Howww sweet it is……

    (h/t to Jackie Gleason)

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  38. hard masada says:

    Me thinks them looney-lefty judges watch closely what AG Barr said up on the hill (he’s NO “Fool on the Hill”) and they is a thinking ‘ hay y’all we best wertch r’s a peas n que’s, looks like thar’s reel LAW in duh countree, NOW!

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  39. andyocoregon says:

    LOL! Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, California tonight is doubling down on stupid by calling President Trump’s plan to send illegals to Sanctuary Cities is “RACIST!”. And she said Oakland is a safer city than most other U.S. cities due to all the illegals that live there.
    C’mon, Libby, we know that’s not rain you’re spraying on our legs.

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    • Zorro says:

      Wouldn’t she want Oakland to be even safer? A city can never be too safe.

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    • mashall says:

      The Executive Branch / DOJ didn’t charge her for Obstruction of Justice for Aiding Illegals by warning of ICE Operations.
      Libby Schaar, Mayor Of Oakland, needed to be the Example of what happens when Elected Officials Violate Federal Laws Aiding Illegal Aliens.

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  40. H.R. says:

    All right. Where is the real 9th Circuit and what have you done with them?

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  41. k4jjj says:

    President Eisenhower put illegals on large ships at California ports and shipped hundreds at a time WAAAAY down the west coast of Mexico, nearly to Guatemala, and dumped them ashore. No short BUS ride to Tijuana. Once word of that got out, a million illegals SELF-DEPORTED.

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  42. Derangement Syndrome says:

    I would like to give props to the only Obama appointee with any integrity, Jeh Johnson.

    I watched him go on MSDNC earlier this week and say we absolutely have a crisis at the southern border. I also distinctly remember Jeh Johnson being shocked that the DNC refused to hand over their “hacked” server, when they were asked multiple times to for closer analysis.

    Whoops, almost forgot Obama appointee Admiral Mike Rodgers also has integrity, so there’s 2.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Well, on an integrity scale of 1-10, Jeh Johnson is a 2 and Mike Rogers is a 12… But I join you in giving Johnson his due for telling the truth about the current situation… Perhaps a guilty conscience… Perhaps a blind squirrel finding an acorn… Rogers, on the other hand, will go down as a hero in the Russian Hoax Passion Play…

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  43. Snuzzy says:

    I don’t care what the ninth filthy circuit has done, still drop the illegals that ARE here off at their sanctuary doorsteps now!! Every one of them!

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  44. Zorro says:

    You spelled Crazie wrong😃.

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  45. Tree observer says:

    Is too much popcorn bad for you? I had started with some small bowls with Doug Collins . Then the Mueller conclusions I admit to over indulging a bit. But with Barr”s “spying” , Nunes referrals,, Christiegate at the southern border, and now the 9th circuit? I’m going through a lot of those tasty kernels. Sure tastes good! Tastes like winning.

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    • steph_gray says:


      But if I were still drinking – I quit on New Year’s mainly to cut calories, taking off 6 pounds so far, but also in quiet tribute to our VSG – I’d say this calls for 🥂.

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  46. Ironclaw says:

    It sounds like the President has been given a few days to empty out the criminals they’re holding right now back into Mexico. He should do so immediately and then turn off all immigration until the problem is actually solved.

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  47. sDee says:

    Ninth Circuit judges rule as they are told to rule.

    Perhaps threating to dump the illegals in the Globalists’ sanctuary cities had the desired effect?

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  48. Dennis Leonard says:

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