President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing the White House…

President Trump delivers remarks to the media as he departs the White House for a trip to Texas.  [Video and Transcript]

[Transcript] – 9:28 A.M. EDT – THE PRESIDENT: The economy is doing very, very well. We have numbers coming from companies that are beyond expectation. The tax cuts are working very, very well. So we’re very proud of the economy. Job numbers are as good as we’ve ever had, and more people are working right now than ever worked in our country before. We’re doing really well.

I’d like to congratulate Bibi Netanyahu. It looks like that race has been won by him. It may be a little early, but I’m hearing he’s won it and won it in good fashion. So, he’s been a great ally and he’s a friend. I’d like to congratulate him. That was a well fought-out race, I can tell you. But it looks like Bibi has won that race.

Go ahead, Steve.

Q Are you going to release the Middle East Peace Plan now?


Q Are you going to release the Middle East Peace Plan now?

THE PRESIDENT: So, the fact that Bibi won, I think we’ll see some pretty good action in terms of peace. Look, everyone said — and I never made it a promise — but everybody said you can’t have peace in the Middle East with Israel and the Palestinians. I think we have a chance. And I think we have, now, a better chance with Bibi having won.

Yes, please. Major.

Q Mr. President, have you been briefed on the —

THE PRESIDENT: Hold it. Major.

Q Do you believe (inaudible) law requires you to give Congress your tax returns?

THE PRESIDENT: No, there is no law. As you know, I got elected last time with this same issue. And while I’m under audit, I won’t do it. If I’m not under audit, I would do it. I had no problem with it. But while I’m under audit, I would not give my taxes. There’s no law whatsoever.

Now, I will say this: I would love to give them, but I’m not going to do it while I’m under audit. It’s very simple. Remember, I got elected last time — the same exact issue, with same intensity, which wasn’t very much because, frankly, the people don’t care.

What I have done is approximately a 104-page summary — and, really, in great detail — of assets and values. And nobody wants to go over that because it’s so good. I built a great company, one of the best companies. I have some of the greatest assets in the world. I did a good job. And now, frankly, I don’t care about them; I only care about the United States.

But I have no obligation to do that while I’m under audit. And no lawyer would tell you to release your tax returns while you’re under audit.

Q Do you want to see a binary choice for asylum seekers?

THE PRESIDENT: I think that the whole asylum rules, laws, and regulations have been taken advantage of by people that are very bad people, in many cases. These are the people running the cartels. They’re gaming the system; they have been for years. The only difference is our economy is now so strong that more people come up.

We have done a great job at the border with bad laws. It’s very important that the Democrats in Congress change these loopholes. If they don’t change them, we’re just going to be fighting.

Now, the other thing: We’ve built a lot of wall. A lot of wall. And it’s new wall. You know, when we rip down an old wall and then replace it, it’s called a “new wall.” And that’s what we’ve done. A lot of wall is going up. And every place we build the wall, it’s less and less.

But the power of the economy, it’s like a magnet; it’s bringing more people than we’ve seen in a long time.


Q Mr. President, what is your current thinking on releasing as much of the Mueller Report as possible? The Attorney General yesterday said (inaudible). Do you agree with that?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, the Mueller Report is interesting. After $35 million, with 13 — increased to 18 — angry Democrats — people that truly hated Donald Trump, truly hated Trump — they found no collusion whatsoever with Russia. But I could have told you that and so could most people. And so could have everybody that voted for me, which was a lot of people.

So after wasting all of this money and all of this time with people that were haters — people that worked on the Hillary Clinton Foundation, people that were absolutely haters of Trump — they found no collusion.

What has been found during this period of time are the illegal acts of getting this whole phony investigation started. And hopefully that’s where people are going now. That’s where people are going.

And it’s very interesting. It was an illegal investigation. Major, it was an illegal investigation. It was started illegally. Everything about it was crooked — every single thing about it. There were dirty cops. These were bad people. If you look at McCabe and Comey, and you look at Lisa and Peter Strzok, these were bad people.

And this was a — an attempted coup. This was an attempted takedown of a President. And we beat them. We beat them.

So the Mueller Report, when they talk about obstruction, we fight back. And do you know why we fight back? Because I knew how illegal this whole thing was. It was a scam. And what I’m most interested in —

Q (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me. What I’m most interested in is getting started.

Hopefully, the Attorney General — he mentioned it yesterday — he’s doing a great job — getting started on going back to the origins of exactly where this all started, because this was an illegal witch hunt and everybody knew it, and they knew it too. And they got caught.

And what they did was treason. What they did was terrible. What they did was against our Constitution and everything we stand for.

So hopefully that will happen. There is a hunger for that to happen in this country like I have never seen before, including all of the millions of people that voted for me.

What they did was disgraceful. There’s never been anything like it in the history of our country.

Q Mr. President, Senate Republicans have concerns about Herman Cain. Is his nomination safe?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I like Herman Cain. And Herman will make that determination. Herman is a wonderful man. He’s been a supporter of mine for a long time. He actually ran a very good campaign. And that’s up to Herman.

Herman is — you know, he’s already sat on one the Fed boards, and he’s just somebody I like a lot. As to how he’s doing in the process, that I don’t know. You go through a process. But Herman is a great guy, and I hope he does well.

Q Mr. President, since Stephen Miller is already, basically, running your Homeland Security apparatus, have you ever thought about making Stephen Miller the DHS Secretary?

THE PRESIDENT: No, Stephen is an excellent guy. He’s a wonderful person. People don’t know him. He’s a wonderful — been with me from the beginning. He’s a brilliant man. And, frankly, there’s only one person that’s running it. You know who that is? It’s me.

Q Mr. President, has anyone in this White House been briefed on the Mueller report, or have you seen it?

THE PRESIDENT: I have not seen the Mueller report. I have not read the Mueller report. I won. No collusion. No obstruction. I won. Everybody knows I won. And the pros knew it was illegally started. The whole thing was illegal.

I have not read the Mueller report. I haven’t seen the Mueller report. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care about the Mueller report. I’ve been totally exonerated. No collusion. No obstruction.

And I’m off to dealing with China. I’m off to dealing with North Korea. I’m off to dealing with Venezuela and all the problems in this world. I’m not worrying about something that never, ever should’ve taken place.

Q Did you see what happened to Candace Owens yesterday?

THE PRESIDENT: I did not see what happened. I did not see what happened to Candace Owens.

Q (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me. I did not see what happened to Candace Owens.

Q Congressman Ted Lieu played a little snip of audio and accused her of being a Hitler supporter, and then she slapped back at him.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think that’s a terrible thing. I think that’s a terrible thing that he would do that. I find her to be a very — I know her. I think she’s a fine person, a fine young woman, and I think that’s disgraceful that they could say that.

Q The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Southern District has spoken to Hope Hicks, Keith Schiller, and others in their investigations. Any response to that?

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t hear you.

Q The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Southern District has spoken to Keith Schiller, Hope Hicks —

THE PRESIDENT: I have no idea.

Q Mr. President, what are your thoughts on Kris Kobach for DHS? Is he a leading contender for you?

THE PRESIDENT: I respect him. I like him. And he’s somebody that, you know, I have a lot of regard for.

Q SDNY, Mr. President — SDNY (inaudible) into your finances up in New York. Are you concerned about that investigation?

THE PRESIDENT: My finances are very clean. I don’t think there is an investigation. If you say it, I don’t know. But I don’t think there is an investigation. My finances are very clean.

Q Mr. President, will Kevin be your nominee for DHS Secretary permanently?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I like him a lot. He’s doing a very good job. It could happen. We’ll make a determination.

Q Are you looking at others like Rick Perry or Matt Whitaker?

THE PRESIDENT: We have others, but right now he’s the man. He’s doing a great job.

Q Kevin?


Thank you. See you in Texas.

END 9:39 A.M. EDT

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60 Responses to President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing the White House…

  1. Love me some VSGPDJT……

    Liked by 11 people

    • Ready Steady Go says:

      When the Kennedy’s stole the election from Nixon, he Bent over and took it. POTUS 45 is not letting it go. he is letting everyone know what happened. This guy breaks every Washington rule. Go for it player!!! CNN is apoplectic today. They are stunned that Barr said that the Trump campaign was spied on. they all know it happened but they can’t believe he said. They were gobsmacked. They know Barr would never go out on a limb if he didn’t have the goods. I never believed in the big ugly. Gitmo won’t happen. But my cynisim is waning because there will be some level of Justice. Barr would much more cautious. CNN trying unsuccessfully to claim Barr is appeassing Trump. But they look worried. The senators looked worried. A AG just told Americans that POTUS was spied on. Barr knew exactly what he was saying. A great day!!!

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      • Ready Steady Go says:

        Jake tapper now claiming the Barr statements are unproven allegations. Lol! I love it when they grope for a narrative. They need the talking points from Media matters. And David Brock is still working on them. Dems now attacking Barr.

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        • mark says:

          Oh the delicious irony but flakey jake had no problem smearing Trump day after day with only a fake dossier as evidence.

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        • Greg1 says:

          Tapper has now started unproven allegations that Barr’s allegations are unproven.

          Tapper saying that Barr’s statements are “unproven allegations” was a foolish thing to do.

          It reveals Tapper’s bias against President Trump as even MORE self evident than it has been so far.

          It reveals Tapper’s attempt to start a new narrative.

          Tapper does not have access to the documents that Barr does………and anyone can figure that out. Therefore HE CANNOT KNOW WHAT BARR KNOWS.

          Tapper has made himself look even more foolish than before. And that’s truly saying something. I hope he keeps talking about that new narrative day and night. It will backfire…….magnificently. Juuuuust like the entire “RuusiaRussiaRussia!(!!!!)!” lie did.

          Isn’t it interesting that a guy who has spent over two years building his career on allegations that have now been DISPROVEN BY THE MUELLER REPORT refuses to admit his allegations blew up in his face and now begins with brand new unproven allegations against Barr?

          Liked by 5 people

          • GB Bari says:

            Fake News Tapper is going to get schooled on how an honest and law-abiding Justice Department can turn “unproven allegations” into proven accusations, charges against the perpetrators, prosection of the perpetrators, and punishment for the guilty.

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      • Some old guy says:

        Stunned like a vampire to light, are they to the truth.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Disgusted says:

        Thank you for putting your thoughts into printed words here for all of us to read and agree with! But if left to my own devices, I just am not so charitable!


    • suejeanne1 says:

      yes, we love him here in our household (Mom and me) – whenever we see him on tv, we say a prayer, a strong prayer, together, holding hands –

      God bless you, President Trump!

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  2. TonyinLA says:

    “And this was a — an attempted coup.”
    “The whole thing was illegal.”
    “And what they did was treason.”
    “There is a hunger for that to happen in this country like I have never seen before, including all of the millions of people that voted for me.”
    From POTUS. Not some smarmy low rent congressman bleating “collusion”. They conspirators should be very worried today.

    Liked by 24 people

  3. LBB says:

    I’ll repeat here. Another great job by our President in the scrum.

    Liked by 6 people

  4. deepdivemaga says:

    Sundance, I’m sure you are very happy about this comment:

    ” *What I’m most interested in is getting started.*

    Hopefully, the Attorney General — he mentioned it yesterday — he’s doing a great job — *getting started on going back to the origins of exactly where this all started*, because this was an illegal witch hunt and everybody knew it, and they knew it too. And they got caught.”


    Liked by 11 people

    • RobInPA says:

      “And if you, you self-proclaimed ‘journalists’, if you were doing your job you would know it too and report the truth to the American People.”

      Liked by 1 person

    • sundance says:

      Liked by 17 people

      • Deplorable Canuck says:

        Is this the first time Trump has used the word ‘coup’?????
        He’s been pretty careful with his language….

        Liked by 7 people

      • MaineCoon says:

        Wow. In 75 seconds President Trump summarizes what Sundance has been investigating and we Treepers have concluded based on Sundance’s evidence.

        Wow. POTUS has a way with words. Botton line guy. In 75v seconds he has educated the WORLD.

        Liked by 6 people

        • thirtyrounds says:

          This 75 seconds of statements by POTUS, the use of very specific wording…. especially the verbiage “coup”. Magnificently Huge statement …Think a minute here…. POTUS has all the goods… ALL. THE RATS SEE THE WATER RISING…. matter of timing now.

          Liked by 2 people

      • GB Bari says:

        And the MSM will put on their totally fake “WE’RE AGHAST” faces and “horrified” reactions…only to be proven fools after the investigation ultimately reveals PDJT’s statements to be entirely true.

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  5. Janice says:

    After our Attorney General spoke today i saw some very white washed faces! Winning!

    Liked by 5 people

  6. SharkDiver says:

    I love how these impromptu sessions prevent the narrative engineers from being heard, thereby eliminating the grandstanding. I wonder if Acosta even shows up for all these since he can’t get any camera time.

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  7. Sofa King says:

    I feel the tide turning….

    Careful… A cornered rat can take your nose off…

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  8. Derangement Syndrome says:

    The worm has officially turned.

    The only way the Deep State can hope to cover any of this up, is bargaining with the Trump DOJ to play along with the leftist taking point that “Russians interfered in the election.”

    It wasn’t **Russians** after Trump, it was **US Intel Assets**. This fact needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

    Liked by 15 people

    • steph_gray says:

      If I were able to photoshop, I’d get a picture of the Dune character Paul Atreides riding the giant sand worm into the camera, with Barr’s face on Paul A., with the caption:

      The Worm Has Turned

      (Anything to help win the meme wars!)

      Liked by 4 people

    • suejeanne1 says:


      and every time they try to make it about the Russians, then we need to say “Uranium One – the American people should know what was done with OUR Uranium – not YOUR Uranium, Hillary Clinton!”

      Liked by 3 people

    • dutzie60 says:

      Just heard John Solomon on Hannity radio show say that he thinks (heard I can’t remember which word he used) that Ukraine is prepared to admit they interfered with the campaign on behalf of Hillary and worked with some in her campaign.

      Boom if true.

      Liked by 7 people

  9. andyocoregon says:

    One thing this mass invasion of foreigners has accomplished is to shine the light on our archaic immigration laws. It’s so obvious they need to be rewritten and tightened up for the current crisis we are in. If we were being attacked on our shores by a foreign government’s military, we’d have new protective laws passed overnight. The only difference here is no military weapons are being used in this invasion, at least not yet.
    It’s pure insanity to allow great hordes of foreigners to be turned loose in our country awaiting an unlikely immigration hearing in the way off future.
    Wait until the home invasions and inevitable murders, rapes and thefts reach an intolerable level. Maybe then Congress will wake up and do their jobs. Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll just have to suffer through decades of violence and mayhem from these foreign invaders.

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  10. arze says:

    Trump: “What they did was treason.”

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  11. DJT2020 says:


    Liked by 1 person

  12. Chip Doctor says:

    PDJT is 100% correct. This was horrible. It was treasonous. It was illegal. And it should never ever happen to another president. The gloves are coming off. It is time to rumble.

    Collins, Nunes, Meadows, Jordan, Barr and Graham (disclaimer….. never ever ever trust Lindsay Graham). Nice little team.

    Oh… I forgot the big one. POTUS. Get your popcorn.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Chuck says:

    “And what they did was treason. What they did was terrible. What they did was against our Constitution and everything we stand for.”

    The President has said the word.

    Liked by 8 people

  14. lurker2 says:

    Q Do you believe (inaudible) law requires you to give Congress your tax returns?
    THE PRESIDENT: No, there is no law.

    What a stupid question! What idiot reporter asked that? You think there’s a “law”? Look it up then. Announce it to the world. Sheesh.

    I couldn’t care less about his tax returns. If he’s under frequent or constant audit, that’s good enough for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. TradeBait says:

    I detect some teeth clenched respect from many of the idiot box fake reporters. The TX impromptu presser he just had was an eye opener and the fake news had nowhere to hide.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Kristin DeBacco says:

    I like my President just the way he is. He is perfect for America.

    Liked by 9 people

  17. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Four More In 2024. We got 2020.

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  18. The conspirators who tried and failed to takedown our president need to remember how it ended for the Lincoln conspirators .. and then ask themselves; Is their day of reckoning at hand?

    Liked by 5 people

    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      Anyone else noticing that none in the media are addressing Trump’s “TREASON” remarks from the last weeks?

      Wouldn’t they attack him for saying such a dangerous and outrageous word?
      This to me shows there’s actually fear around.. is it?

      Liked by 6 people

      • Greg1 says:

        You know, that is an EXCELLENT point! They sure didn’t hesitate to pounce when President Trump said Obama had “tapped” his wires!

        Makes sense to me that they are at LEAST getting worried. You’d think they would be livid with their “sources” during the coup attempt, but they will never turn on them because of their hatred of President Trump and conservatives.

        Liked by 2 people

  19. sejmon says:

    They are quiet about it……because they participate in coup against ours PDJT and they know it …filthy traitors !!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  20. SmurfetteX says:

    Remember the video on Lord Rothschild from the UK today, and that their bank headquarters is the Italy Rothschild Bank, Florence and Venice is where their mafioso started the usurious loan sharking business.

    The process of bankers creating money to loan out money which requires interest to pay already is unsustainable. More wars exacerbates indebtedness – which can never be resolved. This is what happened to Greece and Ireland…but they have no army to fight the Bank. — E Michael Jones, Principionomics

    Trump’s casino start up faltered because a third of his slot machines failed to work on Day 1. Vault 7 CIA technology. Where was he forced to go for help? We are fighting principalities with technology and designs too on making people sick to buy Pharma.

    Bankruptcy, anyone? 🙂


    • rashomon says:

      When oncologists get paid 6% of the cost of every prescription they write for chemo, which drug are they going to favor? The $100 one or the $100,000 one? Ten years ago they cost was 1/10 that price. No wonder people are going bankrupt over medical bills.


  21. Tom Idlewood says:

    I am sure glad I’m on the MAGA side. I would not want to be a swamp creature now. I am LOVING the winning!! I may be able to go off my anti-depressants now.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Chuck says:

    I wonder if and when some of these reporters will realize that they willingly participated in treason, a coup attempt and sedition.


  23. trapper says:

    From President Trump:
    “And this was a — an attempted coup.”
    “And what they did was treason.”
    “There’s never been anything like it in the history of our country.”

    He said it. He named it. And now it’s out there, an attempt to overthrow the government. I expect 10 minutes on this in Tucker’s introductory monologue tonight. Tune is as he spreads the word. Bump his ratings through the roof.


  24. Margaret Berger says:

    I would like the UK and Australia to admit to their part in this too.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. JonS says:

    So glad POTUS is on our side and I’m on his side. He’s a bigger man than me. He smarter than me. He’s 13 years older, and has way more energy than me. He fell on his sword for us, and lived to vanquish his foes, without being vindictive. God bless him

    Liked by 4 people

  26. mike diamond says:

    Trump= best President ever! The news media is a shame!


  27. mike diamond says:

    Thanks Sundance for all you do !God Bless you and your family!


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