Apropos – Mad Maxine, Chairwoman of House Finance Committee, Doesn’t Know Feds Took Over Student Loan Program…

Boy howdy this video snippet of Maxine Waters is apropos of the bizarre results we get when voters put democrats in office. Ms. Maxine is Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee.  In 2010, as part of the Obamcare law, the U.S. federal government took over all federal student loans.  Apparently Chairwoman Waters was unaware of this….



Quite incredible those banking executives didn’t start laughing. Strong self control.

..”reclaiming my dime… impeach forty pies…. reclaiming my dime”…

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171 Responses to Apropos – Mad Maxine, Chairwoman of House Finance Committee, Doesn’t Know Feds Took Over Student Loan Program…

  1. jat says:

    This is what happens when you put that cuckoo Mother Jefferson in charge of somethin’.

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  2. spren says:

    I saw part of those hearings over the past couple of days and it made my blood boil. On Tuesday, I saw that dipstick senator from Maryland, Ben Cardin, defaming and mercilessly attacking the person he was “questioning.”

    Why can’t we (the voters) have our own kind of tribunal where we are allowed to call these cretins before us and demand answers to questions such as “why haven’t you done anything to resolve our southern border crisis to protect the American people, you know, those people you are sworn to protect and serve?”

    It is so disgusting to see these “nothings” pontificate and posture when non of them have ever done anything worthwhile in their entire worthless lives.

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    • dd_sc says:

      That tribunal occurs every two years. Not enough people want the answers to tough questions. Might stop their gravy trains from rolling on time.


      • hoghead says:

        “dipstick senator cardin” was just easily re elected to another six year term last November. At the same time, the sound-sleeper voters of Maryland also approved a state ballot question allowing ELECTION DAY VOTER REGISTRATION! Gee, what do the demons running Maryland have in mind?


      • mutantbeast says:

        Exactly, FAR too may people on the take from government. For example, most meterologists rely on government grants for the livelihods, so many of them suck up to the Climate change BS even tho they knows its false, because they dont want the gravy train to end. Same thing with the Federal Student olan program, theres actually ONE school of consmetology(called the Empire school) that has received 1/2 BILLION dollars from the Dept of “education” in the last 4 yrs , there “program is 4 one year and they charge a tuition of 28k for that one year(to learn how to cut hair?) Gee , where are the propaganda artists on that?


    • amaezed one says:


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  3. Retired IG says:

    Back when the midterm elections were taking place, I looked at the California polling results. Did so looking for smart people to vote down Feinstein, Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, etc. Was fearing for Devin Nunes. YAY he was reelected. Think that smarter people and with more time on their hands could discern what is in the water the people in California are drinking to re-elect persons such as these to represent them (except for Nunes)? Do real humans in CA actually vote? Or is it all AI electronic signature voting? I don’t know. Still think Maxine Waters needs to go through some sort of RENDETION and PROSECUTION regarding her INCITING VIOLENCE against ANYONE. What a LOSER. Most likely takes dictation from the Manchurian Candidate implant installed in her from day one. Of course, like the others, she doesn’t mind the implant because of all of the MONEY she is making off of spouting whatever she is told to ..However, I believe Maxine is proof that the Soros funded MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE PROGRAM IS IN FAIL MODE . LOL. Put a spray of glycine over the state of California. Will clear up all of the Roundup toxins in a heartbeat, The people will wake up. Will take some patience from all of us until they do.


    • tonyE says:

      It’s called “vote harvesting”… the Commies voted it legal.

      What happens is this: you go to sleep after voting in person and your Rep has a 5% lead. You wake up in the morning and find out that the commies delivered 10000 votes AFTER the polls were closed. Suddenly the Commie Kandidate has a 5% lead.

      That’s what they did all over the State.

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      • aarmad says:

        The democrats did this in several states in the last election. CA being the most egregious. It was around 7 races that changed to the benefit of the democrats. One at least 2 weeks after the election date.

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    • mutantbeast says:

      Mind you, one of the losing RAT candidates was the grandson of Hasram Nasrallah, the founder of HEZBOLLAH. They ran him against Duncan Hunter Jr, and some RINO Bushite “prosecutor” even tried to Ted Stevens Hunter, with a phony indictment over some fake news campiagn finance violations, which stragely enought were dropped after the election(just as in Stevens case)


  4. spren says:

    Some commentators on this thread have dissed the CEOs for not being more combative and contentious. I don’t see it that way. They were very professional and handled themselves in a manner that displayed why they have risen to the heads of the powerful companies they control.

    It reminded me of the Admiral who had to respond to Democrat Hank Johnson’s idiotic question about Guam capsizing if we moved too many troops to one side of the island. All he said was “I don’t think that will happen.” Of course, he was a government employee and had to be concerned about how they could destroy him, but I do see similarity in how these CEOs responded to the idiocy of Democrats. And the long game is that they knew that so many people would see what had happened and that even the evil bank CEOs could come out looking good!


  5. Maxine is nothing But hater and Dumb lying porpaganda liberals,👎👎👎🤥


    • mutantbeast says:

      Uglier than AuntEsther is a commie, and her husband helped cause the 2008 banking “crisis” by helping loot Indy bank leading to its failure, which triggered the entire “crisis”. Her husband (Sydney Williams is his name) was on the board there and made over 5 million on the scam. Funny, these RATS like Mad Maxi Pad, Fines wine, Claire McCasjetHo, none of them use there married names, its so they can hide all the taxpayer $ they are looting to there families. Fine slimes husband has become a billionaire because DIFI has been letting his comapany take over low cost Federal lands for 2 decades now and re selling them at a huge profit. After of course, Fine swine uses the Federal laws again st the prior owners to force them out first.


  6. Shirley says:

    What is really scary is that these are the dimwits trying to run our lives and tell us what to do. They all need to be term limited.

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  7. Pyrthroes says:

    Wigmore’s low peasant cunning goes only so far… based on lack of curiosity, inability to conceive abstractions, absolute absence of self-awareness (“humor”), this creature’s basic IQ ranges from 88 +/- six points. For the record, Morgan Stanley’s CEO Jamie Dimon probably registers about 160, within the top one-tenth of one percent or higher of multi-culti populations.

    Wikipedia: “Research published at the University of Oxford characterizes Dimon’s leadership style as paradigmatic of ‘founder centrism’ – a founder’s mindset, an ethical disposition towards the shareholder collective, and an intense focus on exponential value creation. Dimon is one of the few bank Chief Executives to become a billionaire, thanks in part to a US $485-million stake in JP Morgan/ Chase.”

    Compared to Dimon, Wigmore is a true Plumber’s Friend.


  8. lettruthspeak says:

    Don’t forget that these gutless weasel representatives like Madmax Waters don’t do any real work. They don’t do any of the research behind the questions they ask, they’re “unelected people” do all that. Therefore, it really illustrates how incredibly ignorant, uninformed, and outright stupid their staffs truly are when they allow these misfit congress critters to make utter fools out of themselves asking truly idiotic questions.

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    • dd_sc says:

      They other aspect of that scenario is that she (maybe) and her staff know the federales took over student loans but don’t care because the average person does not – especially the illegal aliens. This hearing is just a venue for Waters to get “student loan crisis” on the docket.


  9. dd_sc says:

    And Alexadra Ocasio-Cortez is moving up the food chain of that committee.

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  10. Micheal Jones says:

    They should have burst out laughing and called her STUPID!


  11. leslievb3 says:

    My response would have been, “I am glad to come answer any legitimate questions Congress may have, however, I would ask that questioners be more informed in regards to policy and process”.


  12. is it me or is getting senile or more stupid than the day before??? this is the best this country has?? a horse can stomp his hoof and count better than this incompetent idiot. her and cortez should start a fan club for the most incompetent buffoons in goverment. a real sad time for this once great country.

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  13. She is quite possibly a #$&*ing idiot…actually, she is a #$&*ing idiot.


  14. @ChicagoBri says:

    Am I wring in recalling that the federal takeover of student loan programs was part of the Affordable Care Act?


  15. Linda Jean Burkett says:

    Waters couldn’t find bank corruption in student loans like Shifty couldn’t find collusion as chair of the intelligence committee.


  16. Cam Heck says:

    Maxine Waters; another example that Darwin is a plant in the Dumocrat party. #DarwinDoesDumocrats


  17. Cam Heck says:

    Maxine Waters; are proof that Darwin is a plant in the Dumocrat party. #DarwinDoesDumocrats


  18. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    “I know we took over the student loan program! My momma didn’t raise no dummy!”


  19. Dee Paul Deje says:

    “We’ve been out of the student loan business since 2007, except for Guam, but we’re going to stop that too because we sent so much cash there that the island might tip over.”


  20. mike diamond says:

    Maxinnnnneeee,should be fully investigated! She is hidding a lot of stuff!


  21. mutantbeast says:

    the only thing Uglier than AuntEsthee Watters “knows” is how to perform Lewinskys on her buttmastahs, whether they be black white or Chinese commies.


  22. mike diamond says:

    How much does mad max owe on all the text books she ate the covers off of?!!!!!did she go to college!???or just take a online course!????


  23. cheryl says:

    All those FEC filings against Democrats seem to disappear into thin air.


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