President Trump Removes Secret Service Director….

A little backstory…  Long-time CTH readers will note we have been recommending since candidate Trump first announced, when Donald Trump won the presidency one of the priorities should be to put the Secret Service back into the U.S. Treasury Department.

The reasoning for our recommendations beginning in 2015 was simple: the scale of opposition to an outsider as President would be off-the-charts.  DHS is a multi-layered matrix of conflicting political interests and career bureaucrats with internal agendas.

The recently visible political bias within the FBI is an example of the same issues likely to exist within another massive bureaucracy of the DHS.  Removing the U.S. Secret Service, and putting them back into Treasury, would give them operational independence and renewed clarity of purpose.  Current structures are just too sketchy.  That said, here’s the latest…

(CNN) United States Secret Service director Randolph “Tex” Alles is being removed from his position, multiple administration officials tell CNN.

President Donald Trump instructed his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to fire Alles. Alles remains in his position as of now but has been asked to leave.

The USSS director was told two weeks ago there would be a transition in leadership and he was asked to stay on until there was a replacement, according to a source close to the director.

Secret Service officials have been caught by surprise with the news and are only finding out through CNN, according to the source.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said later Monday that Trump has picked James M. Murray, a career USSS official, to replace Alles. (read more)


Statement from White House:


There has been something more opaque happening in the background recently…. This story is likely connected to several other elements yet to fully surface.  President Trump has excellent instincts.

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157 Responses to President Trump Removes Secret Service Director….

  1. Texican says:

    I’m guessing this has to do with the Mar a Lago incident.

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    • Guffman says:

      CBSNews is reporting that Alles was informed before the Mar-a-Lago incident that he would be cycled out.

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    • Kokanee says:

      I think it’s interesting the head of the Secret Service and the director of DHS gets fired within 24 hours of each other. I thought Kirstjen Nielsen was for the border but it could be because of Mar a Lago.


      • Roni says:

        Daily Mail reports the agents never liked him bc he was unprepared to fix the problems. He allegedly came his initial interview unprepared…… but General Kelly wanted him.

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        • wondering999 says:

          Random news about General Kelly and immigrant shelters, might be nothing, but still it’s some info

          “Trump’s ex chief of staff John Kelly spotted at Homestead child detention center…Kelly sat on the board of DC Capital Partners, the company that runs the facility. By Courtesy of WPLG – Channel 10”

          Also, DWasherSchultz and Donna Shalala and another Florida Democrat were denied access to this same shelter in Homestead…



      • casper5473 says:

        Alles appointment was virtually forced on Trump in April 2017 by then-Secretary of Homeland Security (and future White House chief of staff) John Kelly.
        “At one point, Kelly threatened he would resign unless Trump appointed Alles,” Ron Kessler, author of the critically acclaimed book “The Trump White House,” told Newsmax.
        Trump, in fact, had no intention of appointing Alles, a retired Marine Corps major general and old friend of fellow marine Kelly’s. The president’s preference was George Mulligan, a veteran agent and chief operating officer of the Secret Service.

        Of his two year stint at the helm of the Secret Service, Kessler wrote that its agents “are also unimpressed by Alles and largely ignore him. . . . Apparently, co-opted by Secret Service management, Alles proved to be the exact opposite of what was needed to reform the Secret Service.”

        Nevertheless, “Gen. Kelly wanted [Alles] in the worst way, and nobody else wanted him,” f

        How the snakes relate to one another in the mess is unreal. A true den of snakes.


  2. Ziiggii says:

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  3. yep…something is percolating. Wonder if it ties to, or if Nunes worked with Trump on timing of referrals to DOJ.

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  4. Sandra-VA says:

    Alles was a John Kelly hire…

    Very happy to see this change made, especially after the Mar-a-Lago incident.

    I am betting this is a lot more to this than we are privy to.

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  5. I agree that SS should move back to Treasury. I never supported the merger into DHS..huge bureaucracies lead to lack of accountability. Makes SS political..who knows what POTUS found out but I am wondering about his and his family’s safety and security.

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  6. Someone walks into the White House uninvited. Director of Secret Service fired. Do we need to look for a deeper meaning to the President’s decision?

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    • Brian McGregor says:

      It was Mar-a-Lago, not the White House, correct?
      But, It is the same thing, it’s the President’s home/office when he’s there.

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    • susanphd says:

      secret service allowed firearms to be present during the border patrol meetings with POTUS. someone called them out on this during the Q & A session. not the usual protocol. seems risky. I am not surprised the guy was fired. I think it was related to this event.

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      • GB Bari says:

        I had mixed feeling as about that (I saw that video where the young man speaking on the right noticed the sidearms and remarked about it.

        I thought to myself, If I were POTUS, I’d want ALL those officials who were trained and required to carry as part of their jobs to be carrying then near the border. Who knows what mayhem might have been planned by the cartels for POTUS’ visit…

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        • OSP says:

          I didn’t watch the presser (listened on the radio), but I took the comment about “not allowing guns” – with the accompanying laughter – was a reference to the biceps of one of the ICE or BP officers.

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  7. booger71 says:

    Can the Secret Service be put back under the Treasury Dept without Congressional action?

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  8. BSR says:

    Good move!!! This might also be an indication that some much needed house keeping is coming.

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  9. Here’s a quote from the article SD has linked to above:

    “The President in recent weeks empowered Stephen Miller to lead the administration’s border policies “and he’s executing his plan” with what amounts to a wholesale decapitation or the Department of Homeland Security leadership, the official says”.

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  10. Publius2016 says:

    Mattresses require extreme vetting! There were two main groups at the White House: Pence Team and Kelly Team…looks like for 2020, 45 is rolling with Team Pence!

    Personally, never understood why military establishment stayed with 44 after Benghazi…

    Remember, 2020 is everything!

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  11. BDCal says:

    Judging from the ears, Randolph “Tex” Alles must be a close Obama relative.

    On a more serious note, perhaps Tex was implicated in the bugging of the White House.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      In that sense he will be difficult to replace; as he carried his own personal dual radar antenna system. OK, drain the swamp!

      TRUMP 2020


  12. Brant says:

    Hmmm. Mar a Lago incident. A note above said agents put thumb drive in to check it. We all hope mar a Lago is swept clean constantly for prying eyes/ears. Deep state hates that. Wonder if this was a way to get stuff imbedded into the IT system.

    Who knows, make computers turn on cameras and listening devices when anyone walks in the room.

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  13. Sidney Powell says:

    There are a lot more who need to go. See my article today on the border crisis at and please share it widely!

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  14. gawntrail says:

    It’s been said that there is a lot of damage done to this country. Mueller circus now done means the gloves are off. No ‘obstruction’ fairy tale to blunt efforts by POTUS and team to start lopping heads.

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  15. Publius2016 says:

    Possible that now that the “Mueller Report” is completed, certain topics like who assisted Mueller are coming out…

    Remember, 44 labeled 45 an enemy of the state so that 21st Century Surveillance was conducted most likely starting in 2011!

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  16. Bendix says:

    I thought they needed a serious overhaul long before Donald Trump had even announced his candidacy.
    Some weirdo walked in to the White House while Sasha and Malia Obama were at home, there was the cavorting with prostitutes, they just weren’t what they used to be.

    I had hoped that working for a great guy like President Trump would get at least a handful of the “good ones” on his side, but maybe there aren’t any good ones anymore.

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    • Mandy says:

      “maybe there aren’t any good ones anymore.” This is what we’re up against, IMO. Not a survivable situation…

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      • DelAware says:

        Stop that RINO/NINO blackpill nonsense right now.

        There are countless millions of faithful, honest, non-degenerate Americans eager to work their hands bloody for the restoration of this republic. DESPITE the forces arrayed against them and seeking to trash them for even trying.

        We all have errors of judgment in our pasts. The Mockingbird Media exist in part to make sure that stepping up to leadership is accompanied with concerted programs of attack designed to cow all but the most fierce into submission. (And if they can’t find any errors of judgment, they invent them–as with Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump.)

        What they don’t realize is that, if they were more in tune with the Silent Purple Majority, and less vicious/gossipy/outright degenerate, they would help produce a much more moderate leadership by being humane, understanding, and mature.

        But by being vicious, degenerate, and adolescent, they ensure that only those with the most “killer” instincts end up being able to run the media gantlet and serve this republic.

        Which is not going to go well for the Mockingbird Media. As President Trump is showing everyone, exposing their tactics.

        But hey, never interrupt the enemy when s/he’s making a mistake. I have always said about leftists the same things Sideshow Bob (Simpsons) did: “Your guilty conscience may force you to vote Democratic, but deep down inside, you secretly long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalise criminals and rule you like a king!”

        What neither side banks on is the power of the Purple Majority. We want to rule ourselves, in the model and example of our forefathers and our god.

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        • LeslieKay says:

          Beautifully stated!!!

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        • Otis Allen says:

          First time commentor after following SD 1.5 years. What an education!
          I like your comments since the enemy of our country is aiming at our special Trump and associates to discourage anyone from joining him on the front lines of this battle. I hope and pray Trump is training people for the battle that will continue after Trump’s Presidency is over in 2024.


  17. Texian says:

    There ya go Mr. President.. Just let Eddie Van Miller take the stage and shred ’em.. He’s on a roll..

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  18. Tiffthis says:

    Brilliant move PDJT 🥰

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  19. k4jjj says:

    Like punting Neilsen out of DHS, this could be a way of getting rid of all influences of Chief of Staff John Kelly’s tenure. Alles was a career Marine who probably served under Kelly. Neilsen was a Kelly choice. Kelly and his picks were NOT ON THE THE SAME PAGE with President Trump.

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  20. The Admiral says:

    ANYONE in Federal Law Enforcement, who does such a thing in a “non-airgapped” computer without forensic tools is an idiot who needs consequences, or a bad actor who needs to be investigated.

    This dipcrap needs to be suspended and investigated.

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  21. ristvan says:

    I don’t read much into this. PDJT is always listening to his folks, including USSS. Clue is James Murray, the replacement, is career USSS and now in a very senior position. Alles, installed by Kelly, had 35 years in the Marine Corps. After retirement Obama put him in CBP as an acting deputy director (think high middle management) in 2012. Went USSS in April 2017. Reports are this has been in the works for some time and was decided 2 weeks ago with a couple month transition planned. Looks like simply a soft removal of someone with insufficient experience for USSS, maybe causing a rank and file morale problems that PDJT would pick up on instantly.

    The negative PR ‘leak’ timing looks to me like maybe deep state retaliation for Nielsen firing yesterday for different reasons—although not fixing Alles cannot have improved her standing with PDJT. As further speculation, withdrawing Vitiello for ICE to ‘go in a tougher direction’ is IMO another Nielsen immigration effectiveness black mark. Stuff piles up, you counsel, observe after counseling, then act. Just normal tough senior exec personnel stuff at which PDJT excels (while proving he also works on Sundays), but which has been sadly lacking in DC.

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  22. Petey says:

    Gotta remember the secret service was a paragon of virtue during Obama s administration

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  23. H. Hawke says:

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  24. Perot Conservative says:

    Chinese spy (?) got through the first layer st Mara Lago.

    Michael Savage says in the Art of War, it is written there are 5 kinds of spies. He hypothesized she was caught on purpose, and a real spy is in place.

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  25. Amy1212 says:

    Tex Alles would not get the vote of confidence from my better half who served with him. Tex oversaw/made a lot of mistakes. Personnel problems were more than most. We were not fans.

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  26. getfitnow says:

    FTA – The ouster of Secret Service Director Randolph D. ´Tex” Alles on Monday was not unexpected, and, in fact, was welcome by most members of the law enforcement agency, sources tell´The sentiment at the agency is “good riddance,”´ they say. ´

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  27. Comrade Mope says:

    My guess is this has more to do with “the goldmine” found during the Oval Office renovation.

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  28. youme says:

    Evidence tainted? A search warrant is required when law enforcement seeks to examine the contents of an electronic storage device such as a .thumb drive.


  29. DelAware says:

    > Removing the U.S. Secret Service, and putting them back
    > into Treasury, would give them operational independence
    > and renewed clarity of purpose. Current structures are
    > just too sketchy.


    And hope the same can be done for the US Coast Guard–the republic’s Wall On The Waters.

    Established, fwiw, as the nation’s fleet of “revenue cutters” in 1789 to ensure bad actors were not avoiding the TARIFFS with which the US funded itself (rather than taxation of the hard working, creative, orderly, law abiding, and productive).

    Semper paratus!

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  30. simicharmed says:

    Perhaps President Trump (if it’s not already the case), has “his own” team protecting him and family.

    Sorry folks but I have lost ALL trust in the Federal Government for ALL things…sadly.

    Deep State is not a deep swamp (well maybe it is too), but it is DEEPLY embedded into every Federal (and State and Local), entity that is allegedly “serving the people”…

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  31. omyword says:

    Working for Frankenstein? Diane Fienstein. She has been seen in questionable places at questionable times in china and her handler…er driver…. Er….office boy, a chinese agent.

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  32. Dave Sanderson says:

    The Secret Service reports to Homeland Security, meaning that Homeland Security Director Kirsten Nielson (fired on Sunday, April 7th) was this guy’s boss. and he was axed the next day. Kirsten Nielson got her job at the recommendation of Trump’s former Chief of Staff General Kelly; she was his aide for years.

    So 3 related dominoes have fallen …1 > Gen. Kelly, 2 > Kirsten Nielson 3 > Tex Alles. Trump smelled major issues and has cleaned out those 3 (for starters) … who knows, maybe more to come. Are we having FUN yet?!

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  33. MfM says:

    Anderson Cooper is saying that sources are saying Trump called Alles Dumbo.

    Of course no names were given as the source. Trump might have, but I would have thought he would have come up with something better, if he wanted to label him. Dumbo was a much loved character and doesn’t bring up negative connotations for me.

    If Alles is being fired for reasons that he wasn’t loyal or screwed up, Trump likely did call him something a while lot nastier than Dumbo.


  34. spoogels says:

    More Fascism in Action: Top Liberal Groups Send Out Communist Blacklist of Trump Officials to US Corporations:

    I’ll post the names next
    Kelly is among them
    Karma is a bitch


    • spoogels says:

      Here is the blacklist:

      ● Matthew Albence, Executive Associate Director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement
      ● Nathalie Asher, Acting Executive Associate Director, ICE Operations
      ● Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services
      ● Matthew Bassett, Assistant Secretary for Legislation, HHS
      ● Rachel Brand, former Associate Attorney General
      ● Joseph Edlow, Deputy Attorney General, DOJ
      ● Eric Hargan, Deputy Secretary, HHS
      ● Gene Hamilton, Counselor to Attorney General, DOJ
      ● Jonathan Hayes, Office of Refugee Resettlement, HHS
      ● Thomas Homan, Former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
      ● Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Press Secretary
      ● Sarah Isgur Flores, Former Spokesperson, DOJ
      ● Lynn A. Johnson, Assistant Secretary for Family Support, HHS
      ● John Kelly, Former White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Homeland Security
      ● Kathy Kraninger, former Associate Director for Government Programs, OMB
      ● Scott Lloyd, Former Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement
      ● Kevin McAleenan, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection
      ● James McHenry, Director of Office of Immigration Review, DOJ
      ● Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to the President
      ● Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security
      ● Carla Provost, Chief of U.S. Border Patrol
      ● Jeff Sessions, Former U.S. Attorney General
      ● Judy Stecker, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, HHS
      ● Jallyn Sualog, Deputy Director of Office of Refugee Resettlement, HHS
      ● Ronald Vitiello, Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
      ● Steven Wagner, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration for Children
      and Families, HHS
      ● Maggie Wynne, Counselor for Human Services Policy, HHS


      • Orygun says:

        Over half the nation would consider anyone helping to clean the country up of criminals shows some integrity and patriotism. Like everything else it will backfire on them. Any place who wouldn’t hire you based on this would be a lousy place to work anyway.


      • AmericaFirst says:

        Rachel Brand as I recall went straight to Arkansas as corporate for Wal-Mart.


  35. John-Y128 says:

    Seems a good case could be made for eliminating the DHS, a knee-jerk reaction to 911, created under W.; they are just another feckless big[ger] who were supposed to be our Homeland Security panacea, but their hands are tied by our Laws and Courts.

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  36. Orygun says:

    Saved the best line for last! “President Trump has excellent instincts.”
    Considering he is a one man wrecking crew to the DS. The more obscure players are a little harder to ferret out. But out they go!


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