*Update*: DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Has Resigned…

According to multiple media reports, with a growing crisis at the U.S-Mexico border, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has resigned and President Trump has just confirmed via tweet:

UPDATE: Resignation letter below

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555 Responses to *Update*: DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Has Resigned…

  1. I don’t mean to sound sexist, but has it ever occurred to anyone that Nielsen was just not the right person for the job in many ways because of who she is? (please not that this is in addition to any other issues she might have)

    By that I mean that she is a beautiful blonde woman who cannot possibly appear to be macho, who is going up against some of the toughest, most brutal, murdering thugs on the planet and that includes probably half of the Mexican and other South American governments. Sorry, but the Bad Guys simply have zero respect for her. They don’t care about feminist culture nor do they particularly care about women and children in general.

    We need someone who is macho, tough, won’t take any crap and who looks the part. The bigger the dude is, the better.


  2. railer says:

    McConnell will pick the next Trump cabinet member at DHS, as ever. The interim guy is also a McConnell pick. That’s the challenge of divided government, Uniparty vs. Trump. McConnell and his paymasters are open borders, globalist, neocon, neolib, all of it. Trump has to fire them periodically and try somebody different, if they’re toeing McConnell’s line too much.


    • yy4u says:

      When Perot ran in 1992 on a third party ticket, he got most everything right and they knew it. But the honest ones said he wouldn’t have a party to support him. Our POTUS figured that one out and ran as a Republican, but he STILL doesn’t have a party behind him. But we are stuck with the Republicans until POTUS is out of office because they can’t be but so blatant with their Uniparty Globalism. But once he is out of office. we should strike. Vote Uniparty Globalists out of office no matter which party they say they’re in. McConnell should be the first to go now that we got rid of Ryan.

      As an addendum. The article on what the Brit establishment globalists are doing re Brexit is very similar to what the American establishment globalists are doing to POTUS. Just change a few words in the following article and it’s easy to see.


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      • dd_sc says:

        Why wait until.Trump is out of office? McConnell is up for re-election in 2020 along with some other RINOs.

        Re-election Trump with an America First Congress. At least flip the House back to Republicans.

        2020 needs to be a throw the bums out year.

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        • Dekester says:

          I think dumping McConnell would be a great thing. Of course my opinion is just that.

          It would sure disrupt things, but how would PDJT be able to win in 2020 without supporting the Turtle.

          God bless PDJT

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        • Brian Beard says:

          Run two candidates in KY to replace McConnel and Ryan and I will vote for them. Unfortunately most here are completely uninformed.


    • Sidney Powell says:

      Here’s my article today on the border problems–painful but true. https://t.co/k37A9qZ6FT
      Please share it widely.

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  3. Gassy says:

    Good riddance to another Bushbot.

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  4. Les Standard says:

    She was a loyal Bush globalist who tried to keep the US borders open and unsafe. Thanks for nothing!

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  5. Elle says:

    The Democrats are already using her resignation to push the 25th amendment angle. Poor Kirstjen. She thought Trump pressured her? To the Left, she is a bit like Anankin Sykwalker, in a position to help “bring balance to the Force” She’s been fired and the temptation to step onto their Dark Side will be strong; The ability to defend her honor, lucrative job offers, etc.. For her own sake, I hope she can resist because they will spit her out in short order. Time to walk away and keep your dignity Kirstjen.


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  6. ibid says:

    “more prouder?”


  7. Orygun says:

    That was a great letter! No snark and being thankful to have the opportunity to try to make the country safe. She pointed the finger at the problem and it lies squarely on the shoulders of Congress. The bunch of anti-American crap weasels.

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    • George 1 says:

      This woman was not a good pick for DHS Secretary. She is a liberal who would just as soon legalize the everyone than attempt to remove them. Having said that, the next Secretary is not going to do much better. The laws must be radically beefed up, a proper security wall installed and legal immigration severely curtailed. None of that will happen.


  8. InAz says:

    Soros thugs are now pushing for corporations to not hire anyone who worked in the President Trump Administration.

    Nielsen is being targeted already.


  9. mpmp2015 says:

    And there it ends…the most attractive U.S. cabinet secretary ends her tenure with the Trump administration. I trust President Trump’s judgment on this decision, I’m sure he had very valid reasons for dismissing Nielsen, but a part of me is very sad to see her go….she is so dreamy…


    • powderdayrules says:

      Please don’t post here about people’s appearance – she wasn’t getting the job done and was fired, and that is a good thing.


      • Q&A says:

        Oh, come on. Lighten up. The original poster trusted Trump’s decision. What more do you want?


        • powderdayrules says:

          Sorry if I came across as dumping on mpmp2015, I certainly didn’t mean to as we are in agreement about her firing by our President. I actually feel sorry for her in that thankless job, it would chew me up for sure.


  10. MelH says:

    This is what Hillary Tweeted today about DHS Secretary:
    Let’s be clear: This administration’s dehumanization and cruelty toward migrants will not stop after Kirstjen Nielsen leaves office. It is their principal policy.


  11. mike diamond says:

    The demo crates treat good people like Mrs Nielsen,like dogs it’s a shame,!


  12. The American Patriot says:

    Resignation in government = FIRED!


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