Tone Deaf – Creepy Joe Jokes about Touching Children During Union Speech…

Former Vice-President Joe Biden isn’t just creepy with his inappropriate mannerisms, he’s also tone-deaf about it.  During a speech today at a construction workers conference, Biden brings kids on stage and then makes jokes about touching them…. this guy is creepy.

Everything about this is stunningly wrong.  Making a joke about touching a child, while the children are hoisted on stage as props for political benefit is jaw-droppingly tone deaf, and quite frankly, sick, to anyone with common sense watching this display.


Judging from the various comments left on social media platforms, it is not just critics from one side of the political continuum noticing this… everyone is noticing it. This “creepy Joe” disposition is not a position Biden can recover from; especially if this is the manner in which he attempts to diffuse it. Today’s ridiculous attempt at humor, with children as props therein, is just exponentially nuts.

As of this moment, and unless something rather drastic happens to change the direction, Joe Biden is definitely running for the office of President.  However, that said, the Club is not stupid…. they too are watching this attempted pre-rollout.

Despite all of the traditional Club rules that align with supporting the former VP, there is a strong possibility Club leadership member will not be able to accept this behavior.  They may be attempting to wedge Biden into position with a blue-collar lane, but if today is the precursor of what can be expected, there’s no way he will hold support from any coalition.

Yes, the Club is inherently ideological; but they are also not blind to antics that ultimately work against their interests.   This is very interesting…

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257 Responses to Tone Deaf – Creepy Joe Jokes about Touching Children During Union Speech…

  1. PInky1920 says:

    Look at those poor kids with him.
    Sacrificed to Moloch at the altar by their brain addled parents.

    God only knows what kind of “family” they’re from. Maybe 2 moms, or 2 dads, or 2 dads who think they’re moms, or two binaries in “transition” maybe?

    Why is anybody surprised at all this? Leftists by and large despise children; they’re nothing more than disposable props. Kill them when you don’t NEED them. KEEP them when you’re selfish, demented views of “family” must be met.

    Leftists are evil; period. They only care about themselves and their insatiable desire for power and control, even over children.


  2. askandgettruth says:

    we need to keep this out in in front news.the MSM fake news outlets won’t cover anything that would hurt the commie dems. clinton got away with rape and crimes for over 30+ years by doing this the perverts thinki they will never get caught and stand trial.


  3. Elle says:

    Do those children belong to someone or did he get them out of his basement? Shouldn’t the parents be charged for child endangerment?

    This whole thing was just an ops, facilitated by the liberal press, to see if they could get past this, “Everyone already know about it, it’s not a big deal, move on.” That’s why they headlined with a grown woman who came back and said Biden was misunderstood. Didn’t you wonder why the press is willing to cover this 24/7?

    I saw many videos when Hillary was running (which seem to have since been scrubbed from the internet) where he was, IMO, repeatedly groping children right in front of their parents! The ones I’m seeing now are not nearly as bad as what I remember.

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  4. BillofRights says:

    Remember, Joe Biden never polled over 3% in his multiple unsuccessful presidential runs.
    Also, can’t forget this ~ ‘The Villages…starring JB


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