They’ve Gone Full Bananas…

Leftists might not have lost all their marbles, but there’s definitely a hole in the bag.

With the release of yesterday’s Mueller report news, the left-wing media voice behind AOC’s rising star, Cenk Uygur, is now saying President Trump colluded to win the 2016 election after the election  Goofy!



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226 Responses to They’ve Gone Full Bananas…

  1. richq11 says:

    Cenk’s followers are dumb enough to believe it!

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  2. Stephen Paul says:

    We know what happened ,Trump used his Russians to put the pressure on Mueller. If he did not end the fake investigation Trump would have the Russians poison him like the ex spy double agent in England. Has to be that ,I mean that California congressman insist he has seen evidence (Adam Shiff) !!!!!!!!!!! we need to investigate this cover up , best thing to do is get 40 high level party members and give them all big pay checks every week ,like $250,000 each and give them anything they need to force people to come and testify. We’ll get to the bottom of this

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  3. rah says:

    I have to say that watching the heads explode all over the media, democrat, and never Trump (but I repeat myself) world is quite enjoyable. It is obvious that they are determined to keep digging and just as obvious that the hole is collapsing on them and they’re going to get buried.

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  4. Sayit2016 says:

    Liberals are so stupid. They are demanding to see the report NOW !!! RIGHT now !!!! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW !! when Barr has clear.y stated the process.

    Idiot Juan Williams said if the WH gets to see the report that is DANGEROUS – what does Juan think the WH will do other then review the report ?

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    chuck Yuger and his marxist buddies.

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    Kids, these are the fairy tales the DIMs read to their pets at night. Remember, they can’t afford children.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      They can afford to kill them before birth a lot though….

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      • andyocoregon says:

        And right after birth, too.

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        • nimrodman says:

          Yeah, but they’ve said they make the baby “comfortable”
          … while doctor and mom consult
          … and then kill him

          That humanitarian concern, don’tcha know
          They’re all about compassion

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        • Beau Geste says:

          Yes, they want to kill babies (pre- and post-birth murder), but they think the death penalty for murders, rapists in California and elsewhere is immoral. Maybe because they want to protect the baby killers.
          I have a hard time even imagining a so-called physician killing a viable infant – especially “post-birth killing”. What kind of evil people are attracted to baby-killing? Psychopaths who kill infants for spare parts for rich people?
          Maybe California’s governor isn’t allowed by law to sell body parts from executed murderers? Maybe that is why california protects murderers, but promotes baby-killing?
          I think “what kind of person would want parts of a baby murdered for its parts”? People in San Francisco with San Francisco ethics? Psychopaths like the “doctors” who want to kill babies?

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          • TMonroe says:

            Speaking of governors and butchers, the Virginia version (and Lt. Gov and AG) seem tmore have waited out the news cycles with the help of a complicit press.

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          • Kimmy K says:

            Look up Cannibal Club in CA.
            A members only “club” serving meats
            procured from the finest sources.

            THEY ARE EVIL!!


            • Deplorable_Infidel says:

              Cannibal Club in Los Angeles Offers Young Healthy HUMAN MEAT to The Elites and Hollywood Filmmakers

              “…..As they say below, somebody has bequeathed them the bodies. How people can bequeath bodies to be eaten?? According to Which U.S law? If they claim bodies are young and healthy why should they die? and who can bequeath a young healthy body? The website says there are “administrations” and businesses who provide them the bodies…..”


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      • GB Bari says:

        No, that’s what Roe v. Wade was all about.
        YOU, the taxpayer, will afford to pay for their abortions.

        DemonRATs rarely ever pay for their own lifestyles.
        Surely you know that by now.

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        • TMonroe says:

          Yep; Hollywood could cover the cost of the butchery of the ones they use as arguments against any restriction (rape/incest etc.), but it seems to be about getting fed funding to flow to weaponized entities like planned parenthood to supplement the $$$ from butchering and selling fetus/baby parts.

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    Wait a minute!
    WE WON?

    Are we still Winning?
    Are we tired yet?


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  8. TwoLaine says:

    Best ever!

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  9. agentcommonsense says:

    So what does the dirty dozen have to say on twitter about Mueller report ?
    ANSWER.. Collins has a generic ” Look forward to seeing the entire report ”
    Rubio has a decent response
    I said #Putin interfered in our elections since October 2016 & supported & defended the #MuellerProbe. Now that the probe has ended the actions of those who supported Mueller but now attack his conclusions but they aren’t what they wanted them to be will be very revealing.

    And ZIP, zero, nothing from the other ten

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  10. TwoLaine says:

    You forgot the video!

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  11. sundance says:

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  12. alliwantissometruth says:

    We were once a nation of sane, intelligent and serious adults. We’re now a nation of insane, petulant and ridiculous adult aged children

    Those ridiculous adult aged children have installed a thoroughly corrupt and criminal “government” that has zero concern for traditional protocols or Constitutional authority, and are so out of bounds with their reach into the absurd, we may as well change the name of our country to “The United Clown Show of America”

    In present day America, the most thorough, exhaustive and intrusive investigations are not proof enough if they don’t result in the desired outcome

    Even investigations that have the benefit of the awesome full power of a weaponized federal government, and includes one sided political bias, corruption and criminality, does not clear a mans name in the eyes of the clowns that “represent” us

    But of course, when the game is to frame an innocent man for political power reasons, nothing ever will clear his name

    We have gone so far beyond the constraints of a sane and civilized society based on law and order, it’s frightening

    The left has empowered power hungry politicians to act as if nothing is out of bounds. There’s simply no shame in their tactics, no insanity that’s too far, no deception that’s too great

    Manipulated and indoctrinated adult aged children blindly following their power hungry criminal masters. It’s just too bad they could take us all off the cliff with them

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    • GB Bari says:

      We are but one generation away from….

      …an Idiocracy.

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      • Michael Todaro says:

        GB Bari makes a good point but it appears the “generation” to which GB Bari refers is already upon us with all it’s insane fury attacking us 24/7. We’ve actually got Moslem jihadist in Congress as per the dictates of the Moslem jihadist who polluted our White House for 8 years. MAGA/KAG ! (Screen Omar for explosives)

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        • GB Bari says:

          Yes they morons are here.

          But fortunately, they are not in charge of much, yet.

          Congress is still under the control of dinsaurs like Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and the somewhat younger but middle aged McCarthy. If one looks at the ket committee chairmanships in either House or Senate, none of the anti American communists are in charge, yet.

          And that power won’t change hands easily. Already the more center-Leftwing element of the DemonRAT Party are figuring out how to hold the over-the-top radicals like AOC and the New Muzzie Girls at bay for awhile.

          It’s 2019. A generation is on average about 25 years. Unless conservatives and moderates actively recover control of a part of our culture at least equal to the Left, the government of 2040 may not be recognizable by anyone who voted for Bill Clinton.

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    • Yep! “We’re now a nation of insane, petulant and ridiculous adult aged children”. This simply means that the Democrat Party can be the If I don’t get my way then I’ll go home and take my ball party. Just give me my participation trophy and my pacifier and leave me in the corner to stinky in my Pamper!

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    • Michael Todaro says:

      Well said alliwantissometruth. MAGA/KAG !

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  13. Joemama says:

    We are letting the cultural marxists define the narrative again. The mueller report found no collusion by PDJT with the Russians. This is not a victory by PDJT, this is proof of criminal activity by hillary clinton, comey, strzok, lisa page, andrew mccabe, the FBI, the DOJ, the MSM, fusion GPS, 3 letter agencies around the globe, etc.

    The MSM is pretending to be upset. They knew that this whole investigation was a lie before it started. They are part of the criminal cabal.

    We should not be celebrating, we should be demanding justice. Muller & all should be indicted and tried for treason.

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  14. GSparrow says:

    i watched brief clips of Maddow in the past but I recorded her entire show last night.

    Initially, I thought, she seemed smarter than I gave her credit for as she rattled on coherently without seeming to even take a breath. But after a few minutes, my initial surprise wore off and reality intervened. Most of us have talked to an elderly person in a “retirement” facility or other location and taken every seemingly articulate word the woman or man are saying, seriously. But, after awhile, you begin to notice repetitions and other odd clues that something is not right.

    Eventually, you realize the person has senile dementia or is under the influence of a psychoactive drug or other medication and everything they were saying was just an habitual performance based on past memories etc. The more I listened to Maddow, the more she reminded me of those past experiences. When I FF and briefly listened to her interact with her guests, it literally seemed like they were recording in an insane asylum.

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    • Michael Todaro says:

      Plus Maddow is weirdly gender confused. Where are all the insane asylums when we really need them? There was a time when she would have been institutionalized and rightly so. MAGA/KAG !


  15. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Yes 2Laine, that idiotic TYT talking head Sink Uygur had a momentous profanity-laced meltdown on Election Night along with his co-hosts . It was fabulous to watch them implode on Utube replays. They were convinced, like their fellow travelers, that Mrs. Clinton had an 87% chance of winning. Apparently they still haven’t gotten over it and like the loser HRC they are still looking for excuses. Maybe they can blame it on those 26 Russian trolls indicted by Mueller who were spreading hilarious memes of Hillary the Barking Dog?

    TRUMP ~ 2020

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  16. Tl Howard says:

    The fact that these “newsmen and women” (all of whom are American, I do believe), are not HAPPY that after a thorough investigation of almost 2.5 years and millions of American tax dollars their POTUS is clean, shows that they, like us, always knew he was, that the initial accusations were false. THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE THROWN IN THEIR FACES EACH AND EVERY TIME THEY BRING THIS UP.


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  17. Kent says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice…since our own government won’t own up to it…if Putin would just spill the beans on what REALLY happened concerning Uranium1 and billary and the bammy admin…the Iranian trainwreck….and so on…

    People like Cenk Mueller….errr….uyger….cortes…..Andrew Weissman…Tlaib……keith Ellison…really don’t deserve to live in this nation….they should be forcefully relocated to a land which is already ‘fundamentally transformed’ into the Marxist shithole they wish to make America…and there are many of them out there…or maybe just to the most dangerous locale in world at this time…mexico…they could watch it all implode in living color…..if they survive…

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    • Michael Todaro says:

      Moslems have no business DICTATING POLICY in The United States of America. PERIOD ! In fact, if they persist, Moslems have no business BEING in The United States of America. MAGA/KAG ! (Screen Omar for explosives)

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    • Dave says:

      What kind of name is “Cenk”? I’ve been calling him Oink! Oink Igor! Sounds better…reminds me of bacon, served by a hunchback waiter!


  18. Carrie says:

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    • Kent says:

      …from the very beginning? There really is no other answer….mueller and crowd should be arrested for misuse of taxpayer funds…abuse of office…an attempted coup against a sitting president…instead they likely made a million $$$$ EACH covering up yet more clinton criminality…and that of those who have done so for years…

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  19. Tom Idlewood says:

    Reading about the end of the Mueller probe on the CTH has been an epic adventure for the past 24 hours. Learning about all of the gnashing of teeth by the Democrats, the on-air crying of Rachel Maddow, and the many pained voices of the Fake News enemy media. I, as do others, feel robbed of 2 years of the Trump presidency. Of course, plenty has been accomplished along the way, but I will admit to a certain degree of gaslighting I fell victim to as the hoax dragged on and on. It’s been wonderful to share the joy of other CTH contributors over this great news.

    Count me as one of the MAGA crowd that became impatient for the witchhunt to end. I wrote several times to POTUS that he should FIRE Jess Sessions and FIRE Rod Rosenstein, after McCabe’s 25th amendment BS. That was clearly intended to get POTUS to fire RR. Was that ever bad advice! Had my advice been followed, the obstruction trap would have been sprung, and we’d be enduring the impeachment of President Trump.

    From here on out, I am reminded that I am not a political tactician and that I should take comfort in the fact the POTUS Trump is eminently more qualified to run his presidency than I am.

    I’ll sit back and enjoy the show, as its now getting really interesting. Our turn……

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  20. OnlyInAmerica says:

    Ohhh brother! Good grief Charlie Brown!


  21. Pyrthroes says:

    Remarkable how little one’s active, fun-filled days are sicklied o’er once you remain entirely oblivious to anything Rats’ coprophagic media may do or say.


  22. Queequeg says:

    Stand Down…The DDNR (Democraps Do Not Resuscitate) has been initiated.


  23. covfefe999 says:

    Are they going to explain this by claiming Mueller was incompetent and unable to find the obvious evidence that Trump is guilty of something? 🙂

    I know we’ve all been through a lot of frustrations and it hurts to watch Trump and his family and associates go through hell, but dang it’s fun to watch the Dems continually implode. And if Barr is a good AG we might actually see some legal action against the traitors. Not holding my breath but it would be nice.


  24. Joshua2415 says:

    So you see the truth is that Trump actually LOST the election in 2016. Then he COLLUDED with Putin to gain access to the TOP SECRET Russian time machine (rumored to be powered by Doritos) so that he could go back in time and change the vote tally’s in MI, PA, WI and OH and STEAL the election from Hillary.

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  25. Steve Herman says:



  26. rsanchez1990 says:

    He was gonna have more flexibility after the election. Oh, that was actually Obama…


  27. Me says:

    Yes, I’m sure Mueller read his tweet and slapped his forehead in frustration because he didn’t investigate Russia up down and sideways.


  28. MattG says:

    Colluding after an election? Yes that’s called “cultivating a foreign policy.” Or more simply, “doing your job.”


  29. dayallaxeded says:

    Spread the word that Cenk is a Gulanite and let Turkish an MB interests destroy another of their own. Dude is insufferable. Don’t care how or by whom he’s taken down.


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