AOC Research Staff Fail – Ocasio-Cortez Embarrasses Herself During Finance Committee Hearing…

Jumpin’ ju-ju bones. I’ve seen people say that Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a hired actor without any cognitive intellect, and needs a script to avoid embarrassing herself…  I thought those claims were overstated, until now.

Ms. AOC uses a set of talking points during a Finance Committee hearing to question the CEO of Wells Fargo Bank.  The outcome is, well, rather stunning.  The whole segment is just goofy.  In the final question, reduced by poor research to framing a hypothetical, she asks: why the bank isn’t responsible for a pipeline clean-up they finance.  WATCH:


Should the bank who holds your mortgage be responsible for cleaning your kitchen after a grease fire?

Should the lender of your auto-loan be responsible for rotating your car tires?

If an elephant walks through your front yard, how many pancakes does it take to fill a canoe?

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556 Responses to AOC Research Staff Fail – Ocasio-Cortez Embarrasses Herself During Finance Committee Hearing…

  1. nikkichico7 says:

    It’s not about AOC … it’s all about the money the evil seditionists behind her who hired her to push this crap not to you but to the younger adults who are already ripe for revolution … that’s what the evil scum are working towards, … the new red guard/students. The constitution and bill of rights are the target 🎯

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  2. Donzo says:

    To call her Occasional Cortex is to say that on occasions her cortex functions. I see no indication of that.

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  3. The American Patriot says:

    The 16 y.o has no clue how the banking industry works

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    • JiminCO says:

      Occasional Cortex would fail as a lawyer, an art for which I am familiar. She makes it too easy for the witness to avoid the “gotcha” answer by inflating her questions with allegedly settled prefaces (e.g. “financing pipeline construction when it is WIDELY KNOWN that the project is environmentally unsafe”) that are just not true.

      This allows the witness to contest the premise. At least she should begin her interrogation by establishing what facts the witness can/must agree to, and then weave in her suppositions about conclusions. Nothing wrong with leading questions—she just has no skill at it, AND it exposes the probable truth that she’s been fed questions and rehearsed in the abstract with no ability to close the point. Note how, after being hit in the face with an answer, she states that she will move on. That isn’t done in the interest of limited time—she has stars circling her cranium and she needs to figuratively get out of Dodge before she goes down, but the whole arena sees the black eye anyway.

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      • Margarita says:

        “Note how, after being hit in the face with an answer, she states that she will move on. That isn’t done in the interest of limited time—she has stars circling her cranium and she needs to figuratively get out of Dodge…”

        Kamala Harris does this too, and she’s a lawyer. (Remember the Kavanaugh hearing?)

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      • Jon Santoro says:

        if these questions were posed in a court of law, they would have no subsistence and/or relevance. Any attorney would object to the form, badgering and demeaning. The questions are very one sided, they have nothing to do with any true line of questioning that can lead to anything discoverable and/or admissible.


        • PoCoNoMo says:

          They have nothing to do with any reasoning – but that’s not the point – the point is, that choice clips can be lifted from her mini-speeches masquerading as questions, and they’ll be played on the loop, for the benefit of all those 16 years olds Pelosi wants to enlist on the voter rolls. It is assumed that the kids will be doing the ol’ Hell Yeah Woot-Woot on their way to the polls.


    • Bonitabaycane says:

      “She” Guevara is an economic illiterate.

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  4. cheryl says:

    She was interviewed for the job as were other potential candidates. This was their most charismatic yet malleable choice. I can’t believe she won. Good luck on prying her out of office. Incumbents are notoriously hard to oust.

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    • aumechanic says:

      unless they are from the stupid party, were they just quit. least we got ryan out.

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    • Nessie509 says:

      The establishment Democrats will redraw the Congressional districts after the census. Hers could disappear as rumors have it.
      Don’t. Ever. Cross. Fancy. Nancy. Evah.!!

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    • cheryl, New Yonkers should be so proud of their choice. I know just one burrough elected her but to the rest of the county SHE is a New Yorker and represents what all New Yorkers think and believe. Sorry about that to any New Yorkers here, but the voting record up there pretty much sucks for caring about MAGA.

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      • Dave says:

        New Yorkers habitually make poor choices, e.g., Cuomo, DeBlasio, Gillibrand. AOC is just the newest face of the NY dems.

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      • SalixVeridi says:

        As a former New Yorkee, I can tell you that I despair that she claims she was from the Bronx. I grew up in the northeast corner of the Bronx, in a working class Italian/ Irish/ Jewish neighborhood. A wonderful time and place! I don’t remember anyone complaining.

        So she left the Bronx when she was five and ended up in Yorktown Heights, a very nice suburb of NYC…She is not “from the Bronx!:” First lie.

        She is still lying. She lies about her knowledge. She is a hired walking talking points bobblehead. Snarky and arrogant, she needs someone in the room to take her down a few notches, her comeuppance so to speak.

        My only fear of her is that the stupid millennials will vote for this garbage talk, because the young are always more idealistic, unless they lived a little longer and learned from experience and age.

        So I am glad I left NYC in the 70s after college, when Giuliani was cleaning up the city, but I could never live there again. I am nostalgic for the old times during the 50s and 60s when growing up in NYC was the best place to be, but not now. The liberals have ruined the city, and like California, will be bankrupt sooner or later.

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  5. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Back in college was always told that there are no stupid questions. This is a case of a stupid person reading questions handed to her by other stupid people. Still, she often sounds like a sophomore stoner navel gazer searching for some profound revelation.

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    • vladdy says:

      Oh, geez. You just sent me on an immediate, intense flash-back! Read your comment, scrolled up to read the next, saw that picture…Yeah, I had the book, I had the LP; we would play it for friends…Don’t think I could have been triggered more by anything unless maybe it was a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic…how odd to see it as “a pre-legalization comedy.”


  6. George 1 says:

    If AOC is ever not a Congress critter anymore she can always join the cast of the View. Can you imagine the Titanic deep intellectual debates between her and Megan McCain.

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  7. RCA says:

    It’s quite disturbing – isn’t it? – to see how easily America’s enemies are able to identify an Achilles’ heel in our free election system of government. They saw a weakness, an opening on the battlefront, in their war on America, and they are going to take full advantage. It’s all fun and games to poke fun at the imbecile spouting gibberish, but she WAS elected, chosen for election by a clever group who do not love America. She was chosen to ‘primary’ someone from her own party, and bouncing off hers and others successes, we can expect more of the same tactics down the line. Mainstream Democrats and Republicans had better gird for battle.

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  8. Pokey says:

    Just like her Presidential predecessor, Barry Sotero, Ocassional-Cortez is a telegenic mouthpiece for the Global/Communist cabal. They are financing her political career and they believe that our education system has now produced a majority who believe all this pap. Do not underestimate this charade any more than the Dems underestimated PDJT. We laugh at our peril.

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  9. Redzone says:

    Any question she asked was very well thought out by her handlers and part of a much larger plan. As someone on here always says, nothing they do is by chance. Everything is part of a plan. It is likely consistent with the long term Socialist / Green agenda.


    • FrankieZee says:

      She has some serious Communists working for her. Numerous people who worked on Bernie’s campaign. They are writing all the questions for her. All she can do is read what they wrote for her. She can’t even do a follow up question, because it isn’t written for her. But she is getting huge press coverage so that makes her dangerous.


  10. mortgagesforthemasses says:

    Ignore this imbecile at your peril. There are millions of progs who think anyone remotely connected to a product or service they don’t like , is also liable financially for any detrimental issues arising from its use, and they get to decide what is detrimental.

    Remember that socialism needs other people’s money, and they will do whatever it takes to punish their enemies while enriching themselves and their cause.

    If they were to take control of the government their first order of business would to attacki all firearms and ammunition manufacturers, and anyone remotely connected. Disarming the America is necessary before they can create The World of Next Tuesday.

    Screw them and MAGA!

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  11. Cathy M. says:

    Ben Shapiro response to AOC

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  12. Daylight58 says:

    Under her logic (talking points)

    WF Bank issues me a car loan.
    I get drunk one night and drive impaired from the bar.
    I crash into, and kill, a pedestrian.
    WF is liable because they provided the car loan to me.

    Makes sense to me. Natch’


    • 813.52Ran says:

      Although . . . here in Alberta, at least . . .

      If you get drunk and kill a pedestrian, the bar and the waitress that served you drinks hours earlier ARE liable.


      • Sentient says:

        How about the bartendress? And does it matter if she’s now a US Congresswoman?


      • Daylight58 says:

        That’s a different scenario. They are contributing directly to the event by serving the alcohol, much as the owner of the pipeline who fails to appropriately maintain safe operations would be subject to suit.


  13. doohmax says:

    Actually her question is quite brilliant when looked at through the lens of a very uniformed base of voters. The question positions the Wells Fargo executive in a defensive position much like the old “do you still beat your wife” scenario. The Progressive base cares nothing about the legal details, they just look at Well Fargo as morally responsible for furthering the use of “fossil fuels”. There are many uniformed voters out there who will fall for this little game.

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    • Pokey says:

      It would be if had been asked by her and not the Communists, who are handling all of her activities. She is just the reader of the questions because she is nicer to look at than most of her Communist handlers.


  14. Heroic Dreamer says:

    I can’t laugh at this. AOC represents a type of thinking that is growing.

    This is not stupidity on display but rather the urge to control by whatever means possible.

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  15. Stephen says:

    Not only does she actually look like a horse…she is striving to be as smart as one some day!
    Occasional Kotex is an inspiration to communists world wide! She makes being sooooo stupid look sooooooo easy!

    I wonder how much her 1% parents had to bribe the Crew team at, like, Boston community college/taxidermy Skool!

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    • glissmeister says:

      Isn’t female stupidity supposed to be attractive? In the insect and floral communities the most attractive are typically the most predatory, the most dangerous.


  16. 1stgoblyn says:

    Someone posted on FB one of her tweets (supposedly) about Abe Lincoln founding the dims party. I usually try to confirm things before I digest them, so I went perusing her twitter feed and there was no such tweet (unless, of course, she deleted it). She says enough stupid shirt that no one needs to make up shirt on her.
    So, in the course of reading some as I scrolled my way back to Feb 12 in her timeline, I come across one that caught my eye. I do not remember the exact wording but it went something like, who is to say that just b/c someone receives something it has to be taken from someone else? I was flabbergasted.
    This one bears watching.

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  17. taurnil says:

    “If an elephant walks through your front yard, how many pancakes does it take to fill a canoe?”

    Now that made me chuckle, never heard that one before.


  18. wodiej says:

    As guilty and greedy as WF is, they can’t be responsible for what someone does with a property after they finance it. If they were, they would lose their a**. And ICE is not caging people.


    • glissmeister says:

      They’ve been lurking in the weeds for the last 100 years waiting for their American moment. Chicago hosts a coven of Red syndicates.

      Ever heard of the infamous Eugene Debs School of Labor? They’ve got the DNC returning to its home town to celebrate the final conquest of the post-Clinton institutional zombie we call the Democrat Party. It’s been dominated by national and transnational socialists for decades. They’ve even spawned official committees (caucii) in Congress!


    • glissmeister says:

      Have you noticed how many of these advocates are 1st generation, immigrants and unlawful infiltrators here illegally?

      It’s also interesting how many of the tech insiders influencing policy of internet firms are foreign nationals here on work visas.

      There is a fundamental national security issue having a domestic culture of programmers and internet leaders dominated by a workforce, managerial of executive culture who are not multi-generational Americans; by persons who are instead foreign nationals or mostly unassimilated formerly foreign persons.

      This is part of the problem we face in the modern era.

      Even forced segregation is making a rapid comeback under the umbrella of neo-Phrenology. Eugenics and Racialism are being openly practiced and advocated within the corporate and university institutional cultures.

      This is dangerous stuff. Incredibly dangerous and regressive. Recall that Progressivism, Eugenics and Scientific Socialism were integral to the governmental policies and policy thinking that produced TWO world wars in the 20th Century, many tragic minor wars, Che, Castro, Pol Pot, Mugabe and Idi Amin, and the entirely of the Baath Party and other authoritarian totalitarian governments.

      The scourge is back and IT’S HERE!


  19. Rocko says:

    Seriously.. They will come for your 401k’s and IRAs.. Biggest untapped pile of money they can’t touch


  20. mike diamond says:

    SOC isthe poster child for the far left,and the liberal news media,little missgreen jeans can t even run a coffee shop!

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  21. Garry Smith says:

    Oh boy oh boy. Sad to see the waste from putting idiots into positions thinking they can act responsibly. No wonder so many people are leaving MSN and the democrats are forced to resort to auditions for political figures. If not so tragic it would be a joke.

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  22. gmandet says:

    I’m so happy, I love CTH and everybody here, it’s a marathon not a sprint, and common sense cannot be acquired, how you were raised either you got it or you don’t

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  23. Dave says:

    The version I’m familiar with is, “You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make him go on the paper!”

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  24. Rob says:

    Most of you people have NO IDEA how devilishly, fiendishly clever this creature from hell is.

    STOP calling her stupid.

    And START fighting her on the (de)merits of her policy positions.

    The plan is to use the very MECHANISMS OF CAPITALISM AGAINST ITSELF.


    (I am screaming because nobody is listening. You’re all having too much fun calling this creature “stupid.”)


    • Christopher Lee Hartsock says:

      It’s unavoidable. She IS stupid.
      I tend to think of her handlers as dangerous, sure. But she is the nerf-tip on their spear.

      We’re not lost, Chicken Little. We’re obviously watching her very carefully.
      So carefully in fact, that we spend more time jumping on her stupidity than we do celebrating things like the first Korean-American, a Republican, gaining office and being SANE.

      Here’s why I have fun calling her stupid: Her opponents are smart, and see this coming.
      She is a GOLDEN GIFT to the next election.

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  25. gymcy81 says:

    There are the interest puppets in the public theatre
    and there are the puppet masters behind the curtains pulling the hard to see strings.

    Here is a more specific clue, a hint, as to whom is whom, to consider, including video:

    As wise Grandfather said to his grandson decades ago:
    “Do not take any wooden-nickels.” Thank you Grandpa.
    As usual, there are a lot – in various words and forms – being offered to Americans.
    i.e. As a safeguard….
    “Prove all things,
    hold fast to that which is good.”
    Thessalonians 5:21

    …love thy neighbors…
    Mark 12:7

    The devil tempted Jesus for 40 days…yet….Jesus (100% human and 100% god) wisdom and virtue was solid… It is written…
    Luke 4:1-

    Lent is here….
    There is ample to learn…


  26. Old School says:

    She reminds me of high school – Mock Trial.


  27. Danimal28 says:

    Yep – “Justice Democrat” actors at work. 76 of their actors won primaries and 7 are now sitting congresscritters.


  28. redthunder238 says:

    It’s hard to even listen to her speak. I feel bad for her.

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  29. Richard Orberson says:

    The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Behind AOC the Justice Democrats is an American progressive political action committee founded on January 23, 2017, by Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, and former leadership from the 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Uygur and Kulinski are no longer affiliated with the group

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