Former AAG Matt Whitaker Has Left Justice Department…

Interesting to note.  Though it’s not really a surprise, many thought former AAG Matt Whitaker would be retained within the DOJ in some anti-corruption capacity/effort; that is not the case. It would appear AG William Barr did not make an effort to retain him.

WASHINGTON DC – Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has left the Justice Department. Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec says Whitaker’s last day was Saturday.

Whitaker was replaced last month when William Barr was confirmed as attorney general. He became a counselor in the associate attorney general’s office. (more)

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271 Responses to Former AAG Matt Whitaker Has Left Justice Department…

  1. bessie2003 says:

    Good. He did his job, place-holding; always a good sign when someone recognizes it’s time for them to move on.

    Now Barr has a clear field, well, a clearer field in which to work since the world is waiting on RR’s lat day, then, let’s see what Barr does.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      typo: should be “RR’s last day” (which can’t come soon enough)

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      • nimrodman says:

        These “clear field” and “needs his own team” concepts …

        … it’s almost as if I were hearing them for the very first time

        … too bad no one (senior advisers? Chiefs of Staff?) ensured those same advantages on behalf of President Trump for the past 2+ years.


        As I’m resigned we’ll be saying more and more in this changing nation of ours:
        “Que lastima !”

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    • Countrywatch says:

      I understand your references and I think you are right, bessie.

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    • PVCDroid says:

      OMG – I’m afraid this is Barr not wanting anything to do with fact.


    • Carrie2 says:

      bessie2003, but this doesn’t mean that Trump may have a great position for him as he is one smart cookie.

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    • Linda K says:

      I thought Whitaker was a good man to keep on. You need good men, unless your intention is to do no good. Shame.

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      • bessie2003 says:

        He seemed like a breath of fresh air.

        He did his job, but we don’t really know anything about him being good or bad because we really only know what the media tells us to know; other than that we only have rumors, anecdotes and innuendo as to what a person is all about so I’ve finally gotten to the point of show me.

        I might have to move to Kansas, the show me state 🙂


  2. trapper says:

    A good sign. Too many containers of three-day-old oatmeal and leftover meatloaf lurking in the back of the fridge. Just empty out the whole damned thing and start over. Maybe some good stuff gets tossed. So what? It’s Fresh Start Monday!

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  3. mpmp2015 says:

    Remember at some point in time, we all placed our hopes on John Huber to clean up the swamp….yeah we’ve been misled before by the DOJ. It appears the DOJ is the only cabinet department Trump has not gotten a handle on. It’s one thing to have rogue HUD, Transportation or Agriculture departments, but none of these as important as the DOJ. There are still too many swamp characters at the DOJ for them to carry out Trump’s new policies.

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  4. Emily Summer says:

    Barr is a swamp rat. Remember Randy Weaver’s wife and baby and dog that were murdered by an FBI agent? Barr tried to shield that agent and not hold him accountable. He is part if the corrupt DOJ.

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    • redline says:

      I strongly suspect you’re right. I hope and pray daily that President Trump can pull in a few strong leaders and directors who will truly deserve his trust, and ours. Such patriots seem to be in very short supply in DC, and among those advising our President.

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      • josco scott says:

        It was hard enough to get vote for Barr. So someone more clearly and obviously not Swampy would not have been passed through Senate.

        Not sure if it’s a matter of Barr being better now or if he’s the best the Senate would give us.

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  5. bitterlyclinging says:

    President DJT knows who’s with him and who’s agin him.
    Otherwise he would have asked Whittaker to hang on.

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  6. mikeyboo says:

    It was always understood, when Whitaker was appointed, that he would be a “place holder”. Now that Barr is confirmed, Whitaker is moving out-no intrigue, no shock.

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  7. Julian says:

    This is Bobby’s Buddy Billy Barr Draining the DOJ Swamp!!

    MAGA KAG!!


  8. GSparrow says:

    Matt might be most remembered for the comments in the video clip. What he actually did behind the scenes in the DOJ, we don’t know so I can’t accurately judge his brief AA/G career. The Dems never miss an opportunity to attack and bully and Matt was subjected to the 6 hour Adler Committee prosecution. 22 days later, Barr expressed his appreciation by jettisoning Matt from the DoJ 22 days later. The saying “Only In America” is taking on a new unflattering meaning.

    So far just like the last 2 years, the merciless Dems are unrestrainedly running up the judicial score and freely harassing their opponent–the Trump Admin–while Hillary is still freely dividing the nation from her media’s pulpits and the Dem House is beginning their 2 year persecution of Trump, his family and their associates. Did a good guy just get dumped from the DoJ or not when they seem to be in very short supply.

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  9. railer says:

    Hard to read this. Barr has been the king regent since his December nomination. It’s not unusual that a Whitaker might leave so quickly on Barr’s confirmation, but then again Barr is Deep State and a Swamp Creature, so there’s inevitable concerns that he’s got some skullduggery underway. Getting rid of Whitaker gives Barr more room to do what he wants, but it might not be what the country needs.

    Rosenstein is still in place, notice. NOBODY believes he’s what the country needs, no patriot at least.

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    • GSparrow says:

      The past 2 years have proven that distrust, skepticism and pessimism regarding the DOJ are reasonable reactions to any changes. It is not known when or if reasonable faith and trust in the department will ever be the norm again.

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  10. recoverydotgod says:

    Whitaker is smart to help the transition and get out of Dodge.

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  11. Kristin says:

    I get very discouraged at constantly guessing who’s swamp and who’s not. We have not heard from Barr. We do not hear or see Wray.
    Nothing seems to happen to clean up the swamp. Nobody is getting punished.
    I too, do not feel very warm and fuzzy today.

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  12. Linda K says:

    Good golly Mz Molly! I wish there were 82,000 sealed indictments against these bums, but would be happy to see even one. It is pathetic. The dems hatred of Trump is not rational, they need a slap in the face to clear their heads. Get Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Ohr, in front of a Grand jury. That little priss, Samantha Powers and her unmasking mania, make them answer. Let’s get Hillary in a jumpsuit, so she can beat her wine addiction , be a lesson to other public servants about having their own “server” and face the horrible harm she has done. Humble them. Mr. Barr, these people have to pay for this and not just by being fired..


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