They’re Ba-aack: Big Club Koch Brothers Announce Primary Efforts Against MAGA Candidates….

Well, we cannot say we have not seen this Decepticon maneuver before.  The open-border, pro-amnesty, globalist Koch Brothers have announced, yet again, they will take action in the 2020 primary races to remove any/all nationalist-minded blue-collar populist (MAGA) candidates…. in an effort, once again, to install their Wall Street globalist crew.

This is where the Koch Brothers join in common cause with Tom Donohue and Mitch McConnell. The Big Club is nothing if not entirely predictable:

OXON HILL, Md. The Koch political network for the first time plans to intervene in GOP primaries as part of a deliberate 2020 strategy to reverse years of essentially rubber-stamping the Republican Party in general elections.

Unhappy with Republicans and Trump on issues ranging from trade, to immigration, to deficits and debt, the Koch groups are scaling back their support for the GOP out of concern that they had become an organ of the party. Phillips said the network still plans to make a substantial investment in federal and state campaigns over the next two years. (read more)

The UniParty outline here is one of the political dynamics CTH has discussed for over a decade.  At its core elements the issue is Wall Street -vs- Main Street.   Each time the CoC and/or Koch’s start to realize Main Street is a threat to their multinational financial objectives, they pour money into defeating Main Street candidates. It really is that simple.

Those who have been politically engaged for a long time will note the previous threat, prior to Donald Trump, was the Tea Party.  After the 2010 Tsunami of Tea Party republicans, the Koch’s took swift action in 2012 to crush the rebellion.  Frustrated with the sheer political corruption of it all, and not willing to cede ground to their interests, Senator Jim Demint vacated his office.

By the time 2014 rolled around, the Kochs and Tom Donohue joined together and Mitch McConnell gave free reign to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to destroy the remnants of the rebellious Tea Party politicians.

How Mitch McConnell Crushed the Tea Party: (Part 1 SEE HERE) and (Part 2 SEE HERE). They’ve never tried to hide what they are doing, it’s just that too few people actually believed how bold they would be about doing it.  Those prior links are not to CTH articles, they are to CNN articles where Donohue and McConnell bragged about their success.

Look deep into the specifics of each series of events and you will clearly understand the frustration that remained in middle-class America.  That frustration gave rise to candidate Donald J Trump and the Tea Party common sense populists, once again rallied to confront the Wall Street multinational and globalist political enterprise.  The Tea Party evolved into Trump’s MAGA base.

For the Big Club there are trillions at stake, and they want multinational control. Globalism.

For Donald Trump he agrees. Yes, there are trillions at stake; only at the heart of all MAGAnomic policy he wants the middle-class to have control.  Economic nationalism.

So we fight.

Within that fight the various representatives of the Big Club, in this case the Koch Brothers, step forward to use their financial influence to push back against nationalism.

And so it goes…

Our fight would be much more effective if people actually understood the nature of the enemy that opposes us.  It’s not just leftists, it’s also the big club republicans; I call them Decepticons (deceptive conservatives).



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169 Responses to They’re Ba-aack: Big Club Koch Brothers Announce Primary Efforts Against MAGA Candidates….

  1. flawesttexas says:

    Koch = Soros

    They both stand for the same things.

    Need to find out Koch Candidates…and get the word out

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    • Dave Radetsky says:

      It’s easy to figure out, 90% of Republicans in office in Washington are globalist UniParty members.

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    • Risa says:

      One of my senators here in Oklahoma, Lankford, is a Koch-owned property.

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      • James Cool says:

        I think the politicians ability to do insider deals is fraught with corruption and if we could get that changed completely, the ability of the oligarchs to basically bribe politicians and life time incumbencies would end. Voting in either party is pretty much a waste of time. We have no wall and won’t, and the rich are just getting richer.


      • If I remember right it was a 7 person primary. I could be wrong but I’ve always thought that T.W. Shannon was the actual Tea Party person.


    • R Daneel says:

      Any eGoP who takes money from “Americans For Prosperity”, the Koch Bros group, needs to be outed.

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      • Ele says:

        I’m sure they have thought of that too and will generate a new organization, with a name like, “Build The Wall!” or “Americans For The Second Amendment” or “Americans for Americans” or something like that. That/Those organizations will provide the funds.

        Their candidates will win the primaries unless there is enough involvement and enough good candidates to split the votes away from the Koch patsy. And then that candidate will win because the Democrat candidate will be a far, far worse option.


    • Dutchman says:

      Ghomert said it, in his brief review of Mueller corrupt career;
      Anyone in Congress who publically stated “Mueller is an honorable man, and must be allowed to continue his investigation”, is the enemy.

      It really IS that simple.

      I KNOW we shouldn’t make fun of someones name,..but COME ON!
      Koch and CoC, two big cocks, screwing America?

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    • jmuniz1 says:

      The Kochs control 70 percent of the Republican party. Rubio Paul Not Cruz anymore our President bought him. They control almost everything.


  2. Okay you have outdone yourself with that disgusting, hilarious picture. A picture says 1000 words (I think that’s how the phrase goes) and this one truly says it all! The pic of Trump saying “shit like this is why I was elected” is also hilarious and spot on! it is because of these f*****s that I identify as a conservative independent, not a republican. Unfortunately I am “represented” (notice the sarcastic quotation marks) by Romney. Ugh.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      Yose: I like that term, “Conservative Independent” That could be the new party.

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    • Dave says:

      When I got “smartened up” and abandoned the dems many years ago, I also became an independent, specifically, I registered with the Constitution Party here in Florida. The only thing I’m missing out on are primaries, but I’m hearing that one day we’ll have” open primaries” here.


      • Dutchman says:

        IMHO, a LOT of people say that, about primaries, cause they don’t understand how the Uniparty manipulates the primaries, to their benefit, and our detriment.

        They know MOST voters don’t pay attention, till AFTER the primaries, so its during the primaries that they pull the most shenanigans.

        If we don’t understand how the enemy operates, how can we defeat them?

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        • HonorDefendBuckeye says:

          I register by party specifically to participate in the primaries which is where the decisions get made. Have not had a lot of luck, but there have been times when the primary helps more than a little.

          Consider — without the primary wins by PDJT, we would have been confronted by a choice between Exclamation Point Bushie and the Cougher from Chappaqua.

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    Would it not be nice if the Koch Brothers, disparaged and despondent over the winning ways of Pres Trump, decided to go big or go home and primaried the likes of Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, et al, for failing in the Koch Brother’s mission?

    Ah well, a girl can dream…
    Guess we shall have to do it ourselves. Where is our Conservative Chick to take on the Big Boys?
    Andrew Breitbart, looking to you again for inspiration.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    Would it not be nice if the Koch Brothers, disparaged and despondent over the winning ways of Pres Trump, decided to go big or go home and primaried the likes of Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, et al, for failing in the Koch Brother’s mission?

    Ah well, a girl can dream…
    Guess we shall have to do it ourselves. Where is our Conservative Chick to take on the Big Boys?
    Andrew Breitbart, looking to you again for inspiration.


  5. Brian Beard says:

    Please someone field a candidate who can beat McConnel.

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    • cantcforest says:

      Matt Bevin, Kentucky governor. He ran a good race against McTurtle before he ran for governor. Not in Kentucky, so there may be a better candidate, but I sure don’t know who it might be.


  6. GSparrow says:

    One positive about this development is that it proves conclusively that the Kochs have zero control over PDJT and don’t see that ever happening.

    The Koch brothers have joined the “elite” category of anti-Trump, ultra wealthy conniving manipulators that will seek to usurp a fair and free democratic election in 2020. As sundance pointed out, they can politically weaponize their wealth and crush grass roots movements like the Tea Party and any other movement they and their incumbent politicians can not control. They probably believe this power is absolute when it is unleashed upon the (so called) “ignorant,” undeserving, fickle, uniformed masses and their latest attempt to effect real change at the ballot box.

    This power is not absolute if enough “ordinary” people are mobilized against them. What concerns me the most however, is if the movement that elected Trump with the aid of frustrated independents and some Dems can be resurrected in 2020. The lives of many of these frustrated voters have likely improved due to the booming economy and other positives so will they still be re-energized to vote again? I say Yes, it’s possible, if all of them have not been indoctrinated by the duplicitous MSM and if they know the battle is not yet over and the gains that were achieved can easily and quickly be reversed (and much worse) by the socialist Dems or a Koch controlled majority RINO party.

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  7. The Far Side says:

    Now my milquetoast senator Lankford will speak up. He’s received his marching orders.
    For shame…


    • Risa says:

      An fellow Oklahoman here, I am disgusted by him.


      • sat0422 says:

        I keep asking “where are the elected Congress Critters and why are they not back home more often to sell the President’s MAGA agenda?” Well, I guess the answer was right before my eyes.

        So, do these Koch zero brothers want socialism or just more money and power?


  8. Concerned Virginian says:

    So—where is RONNA MCDANIEL and the RNC on this situation, hmmmm?
    Is she already holding meeting with the RNC to weed out the Koch supporters and wannabes?
    Is she already ferreting out the Koch money replacement Big Donors (where are the MERCERS, the ADELSONS)?
    Is she already mapping out the necessary strategy to a) MAKE SURE that there is plenty of funding on board for ALL Republican races in 2020, even for the “maybe RINO” types?–and b) ensure that “Uncle Mittens” keeps mitts OUT of the race including as a Ross Perot-clone?
    And is she’s NOT doing the above, FIRE HER and get someone who will.

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    • Adelson is very ill, undergoing cancer treatment.

      But I believe POTUS via Brad Parscale has amassed quite a large sum, mostly small donations if I recall correctly.


    • sat0422 says:

      Ronna, niece of our “friend” Romney needs to stop with the 3 a day fake pleas for money. I get Trump emails all the time and twice I have taken a bite. Then I realize that it only goes to the GOP who may or may not be supporting Trump’s agenda. I guess the double and triple matches may be coming from the Koch brothers…ya think?


  9. Kent says:

    Donald Trump has not attacked Mitch McConnell at all since he was elected. In fact Trump supported McConnell’s fake approach to repealing Obamacare. Trump has signed all the huge corrupt lobbyist written funding bills McConnell put together. No vetoes. Trump fought the Freedom Caucus when they tried real repeal of Obamacare. When the Freedom Caucus begged Trump to do what he had promised – full declassification of all the documents related to Mueller’s investigation before the 2016 election – Trump did the opposite. He reneged on his promise. So far, on spending and immigration Trump is doing exactly what Mitch McConnell wants.

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    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      Not true. The recent Government shutdown was because POTUS refused to go along with Ryan and McConnell on another budget deal. McConnell was furious at POTUS and he despised the Govt. shutdown. Also, McConnell wanted another Supreme Court pick than Kavanaugh.

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  10. elizabethraynorshort says:

    Unfortunately, McConnell is one of my senators. The reason for that is every time he has a real conservative as primary competition, he and Tom Donohue get together and spend bottomless pits of cash telling lies 24/7 on KY media. Same in 204, when they defeated our now Gov. Matt Bevin ( our own Donald Trump) the same way. Please see the following and forward the link to your friends and family in KY to help us finally Ditch Mitch in ’20.
    Thank all of you!

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    • sat0422 says:

      I believe that campaign reform needs to prohibit TV or radio advertising two weeks prior to any election. Put a stop on the last minute lies….
      Every citizen in the USA needs to get behind voting reform efforts to stop computer voting, illegals voting, and the counting of provisional/absentee votes after the regular count. They all need to be completed within two or three weeks of the actual election and the votes counted and sealed prior to election day. Hey, I’m no rocket scientist but I can smell a rat a mile away.


  11. Dave Radetsky says:

    My view isn’t that it’s up to McDaniel, it’s up to us. How many candidates do we already have in the pipeline that we’re working in our local communities to make known to voters now and then build up to win in the 2020 congressional primaries? My bet is that very few people are working on that and by the time we do, it’ll be too late to make much of a difference. We should be starting to work on it now if we expect to win in November 2020. It’s not that far away.

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  12. Concerned Virginian says:

    Hey folks—
    please check out the Presidential Politics thread this evening where our friend
    shared some very serious and sad news about his health. It’s further up on that thread (page 5).

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  13. Tina says:

    Look at this photo from this old men.
    I hope Iam going not blind after see that.
    So can you show next time nice young men?


    • Dave says:

      The five losers standing there in their underwear remind me of the type of guys who could never get dates when they were teens! They’d go to the beach and always strike out! Never at a loss to offer advice, I remember telling one to stick a rolled up pair of socks down his bathing suit, and let me know how it works out. Well, he comes back and tells me he did what I told him, but still, the girls would all turn away. I said, “Show me what you did.” Boy, did he ever! I advised him, “Next time, put the socks down the front!”


  14. WeThePeople2016 says:

    IMHO, I think that POTUS gave the RINOs a warning. If you go against me and you are up for re-election, I just might endorse your opponent. He kept pointing out how he picked winners in the Primaries. He also brought up that the GOP in the House are more united behind him but he hinted that there are still problems with the GOP in the Senate. He also pointed out that the Dems all stick together but the GOP does not. He is saying now to the GOP backstabbers – you are forewarned.

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  15. Retired USMC says:

    Funny…I call them back stabbing RINOs..and they are worse then the commie left.


  16. deplorable says:

    Tim Phillips, who runs Americans for Prosperity, the Koch grassroots arm …

    Note, “Americans for Prosperity” is “Koch Brothers”.

    Phillips said the network still plans to make a substantial investment in federal and state campaigns over the next two years.

    Koch brothers admit their campaign contributions are INVESTMENTS (ever hear of investing in an election?). So be sure they are looking for a “return on investment” from each and every candidate they “invest” in. Remember that when you see candidates that receive contributions from “Americans for Prosperity”.

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  17. JonB3 says:

    … and don’t be fooled by traitor McConnell’s support fo Bret Kavanaugh ~ They have traitor and compromised chief justice John Roberts to side with with liberals from now on … Don’t believe me, just look at his last three votes !!!

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      … yup… and at the rate Roberts is moving, he’ll make David Souter look like Antonin Scalia by summer.


  18. hard masada says:

    Stone is actually a victim of the COKE Bros; they’re paying Herr Mueller’s freight as are the (D). COKE Bros and Geogie Porgie Soros are all in the same caldron.


  19. Deplorable_Teacher says:

    Koch Bros = support for ALEC
    ALEC = Conservative legislative efforts
    Conservative legislation ≠ Open borders
    Kochs fund ALEC, yet they oppose MAGA while supporting (illegal) immigration and open borders.

    Who will explain this to me?


  20. Rob says:

    What are some effective ways of fighting this? I’m at the end of my rope and can’t gather the strength to deal with this crap any longer.

    If anyone has any practical suggestions, please make them!

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  21. rashomon says:

    A government OF Wall Street, BY Wall Street, FOR Wall Street…that is The Problem. And it’s been going on since the Industrial Revolution, escalating when our banking system was privatized with The Federal Reserve, which was guaranteed a constant source of money with the income tax and professional government servants that could be bought off with lobbying dollars.

    Follow the money. We don’t have FREE markets; they are manipulated 24/7/365-1/4 plus.

    And when you can’t FOLLOW THE MONEY, look to the trusts, foundation, NGOs, shell corporations and tax havens hiding the proceeds of scams devised in the back rooms of law and accounting offices under the wesaponized eyes in the halls of Justice. Foundations for the Rockefellers, Kochs, Clintons et al. Book and media deals for The Zero and partner. Off-shore bank accounts for all.

    ?: Why are The Big Banks BIGGER than evah? They must be fIrst in line to be broken up, followed by the media, the data collectors, BigPharma, BigAg, and BigEd. Dissolve The Fed and U.N.with all its unelected, insufferable entanglements. Bring back local control, the gold standard,audit the DoD anditscontractors…especially its contractors.

    Those boxers and briefs should look embarrassingly baggier when the arrogant grifters are gelded from graft and ill-gotten gains.

    Oh, and build the friggin’ Wall.

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  22. JoD says:

    The Fruit of the Loom Five…a true classic!


  23. Chick-fil-A Traffic Jam says:

    I hate to ask because I think I know the answer… but what are the odds they pull it off and kneecap the MAGA movement like they did the Tea Party 😦


  24. Newton Love says:

    Sundance wrote: “… Each time the CoC and/or Koch’s start to realize Main Street is a threat to their multinational financial objectives, they pour money into defeating Main Street candidates. …”

    Yes, but recent elections have shown that more money doesn’t mean that the money candidate will win.
    HRC outspent Candidate Trump 2 to 1
    Irish Bob outspent Cruz by more than 2 to 1
    Bredesen spent $4.5M versus Blackburn’s $3M
    et cetera.

    The old time link between money and victory has been broken. If PDJT endorses someone running for a house seat, the Deplorables in that district will elect him.


  25. They want all illegals here for low paying job,


  26. cali says:

    Anyone having followed @Sundance over the years see this for what it is because it is exactly as expected. Their intent and goal has not changed and in fact are our enemies within and the MAGA agenda.
    Having said that I am always the optimist and this upcoming election will not go as planned by a long shot. Quite a few who are running simply trying to evade or escape pending indictments that remain sealed as of now.
    They really are dumb enough to hope running for the white house election gives them cover to escape justice long overdue for their seditious and treasonous activities during the Obama white house years and the 2016 election.
    That will not be the case and by time next year many will be missing from the scene that includes some of our own duplicitous republicans who continue to sabotage and conspire against the president.

    So the media designated front runners are all a ruse while the media influence will take a hit long before this final sprint to 2020 election arrives.

    Let them plan, let them scheme, let them believe in their own infallibilities but even more watch some of them just disappear from public view without any explanation.

    Being the optimist by time the Mueller ‘dossier’ hit the news, the OIG report without redactions added and the FISA declassification everything will change – everything.

    I would not be surprised if we even get to learn about all the monetary bribes taken by politicians in California and DC to keep the border open that will even shock the CNN viewers. When the El Chapo trial began to enter the phase of naming names who enabled El Chapo and his Sineola cartel to use the open border for his drug activities the Bailiff was instructed to close the court room doors while clearing out any reporters or spectators present.

    Enjoy these many wannabee presidential candidates for the time being making their grandiose promises. None of it will ever come to fruition.
    The voter fraud investigation report will add another sledgehammer to the democrats who could never win without voter fraud. That too will come to an end as I cam convinced voter ID will be the law of the land. No more fake excuses will do!

    The election of president Trump was not just another 4 yrs election – no because everything will change before he lives office in 2024 to safeguard this republic from ever being defrauded again.
    President Trump sacrifices his time to give us our country back.

    That was always the goal ergo why he was recruited for these tumultuous tasks. It is his way of giving back as he so often stated. We also know president Trump does nothing half assed.

    In the meantime enjoy watching these puppets believing their own bullchit in being electable because they are not!


  27. BigTalkers says:

    These are LEFTISTS, plain and simple. They just haven’t “Progressed” to the point where they’re as outspoken as their Fellow Travelers who comprise today’s Socialist Democrats. Not quite yet!…


    • BigTalkers says:

      So in next year’s Primaries, you’ll be able to vote for the Dem #1 candidates (the Green Dealers), or Dem #2 candidates (the majority of our current Republican Senators).


  28. saintoil says:

    We all know the score with these globalists. But let not our attention be diverted. This is a dark time. Many here are past waiting, some days I am the same, if our POTUS is waiting for Mule report to act then I give him that. Our President speaks truth to power but we are hungry for action. I am optimistic Barr will act. The Trump presidency can’t stand two Jeffies in a row while all the demons of hell have been unleashed upon him.


  29. saintoil says:

    RR is the devils tool here. He is the power behind the whole coup. Imagine an assitstant convincing you that you, “his boss”, must recuse to allow his intelligence investigation to continue. Sessions had the smallest balls in the world. Or maybe just dirty. RR still sits in his DOJ office.


  30. Robert W says:

    Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma is a globalist in sheep’s clothing.


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