President Trump CPAC Speech 2019 – Video

President Donald Trump delivered a two-hour speech today at CPAC.

Here’s the video, the transcript will follow later.

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187 Responses to President Trump CPAC Speech 2019 – Video

  1. Jee Pacorn says:

    On the GND, The Master understands that ridicule is a ridiculously effective weapon!

    He gives the media material so they’ll play “gotcha” (today’s material is cursing, “stupido”, and his statements that his crowds don’t leave–some were, and I expect a shot of some folks heading thru the doors over Trump’s narrative that nobody ever leaves his speeches) , never realizing that their pettiness is pro-Trump fuel for half of the country.

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  2. H. Hawke says:

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    • CTH Fan says:

      Love this shot. See how strong he is here. Not a man to mess with. A truly natural born leader.

      God speed Mr. President.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      It truly was like sitting in a living room having a casual chat about events of the day with the President and friends especially because he kept talking to Jordan, Meadows, Sarah, different other people ….

      Lord, we are Blessed..

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  3. Katherine McCoun says:

    this is a better video than the stream I saw via the White House web site. the video that Sundance has posted shows the audience and various shots. Nice.

    Watching for the 2nd time, some I missed the first time, but most for the 2nd time. Just epic and so much off script that was fantastic as well as authentic and genuine Donald J Trump. Loved the insights

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Rush Linbaugh may talk for 3 hours straight sitting down, but our President can talk for 2 hours straight standing up. I bet Rush would have a hard time with that!

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  4. Daniel M. Camac says:

    SD, I apologize for not reading all the other posts before this because I know there are so many Treepers who have sent posts here but all I’ve got to say is Thank you for all you do. It is not in vain.
    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son.That whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
    I was raised Wesleyan Methodist so this was the verse I was taught and I said it at every Christmas show at church.
    God Speed to our VSGPDJT, Melania and Barron. We will not let them down.

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  5. hard masada says:

    Trump/Alex Jones/Roger Stone star in a new mini film.

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  6. J Gottfred says:

    I have my own UC Berkeley liberal encounter saga. In 1979, during the second OPEC oil crisis, I attended grad school there and daily walked through Sproul Plaza. The liberals were out in force this one day with their ironing boards prominently displaying banners protesting big oil. I thought it was funny to watch them set up. They carried an ironing board, protest banner, and lots masking tape to Sather Gate where they set up shop. You had to go through Sather Gate to get from one side of campus to the other and it was a natural funnel where student traffic was concentrated and they could engage students.

    But, by my second year I was so sick of seeing these mindless liberals protest that, out of principle, I instinctively became against cause they were protesting. I got a little to close to one of these yahoos and he shoved a petition in my face and yelled, “Here you want to sign this petition against Big Oil don’t you.” Without realizing the implications I yelled back, “No! I don’t want to sign it. In fact, I am in favor of big oil!”

    It was one of the most stupid things I have ever done. The clown came over his ironing board with his hands going for my throat. Fortunately his ironing board collapsed under his weight, he tripped, fell on his face, and I was able to escape with no harm.

    I learned then and there that liberals are not tolerant, violent, and will harm anyone who disagrees with their position. It is so dangerous to set one off.

    I am so proud of Hayden Williams. –And UC Berkeley, some things never change.

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  7. hard masada says: this show what the flag looked like

    Hope he sees this disabled (100%) Veteran who went into his local SSA office to complain about the tattered and ripped in half flag flying in front of their building. All he did was to ask the attacker (SG) to take the flag down but the SG declined this VET offered to take it down but he was attacked for his effort. Go to You Tube channel ricHARD Masada and there are three different types of videos displayed~~recorded by witness, DHS (no audio), and Police Body Cams (blurred by them)

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  8. rashomon says:

    There is absolutely nothing like a President Donald J.Trump entrance!

    I think I might replay this one every morn just to get started on the right foot. Good way to wake the family!

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  9. litlbit2 says:

    President Trump to Mr. Williams, “you have a wonderful attorney, I know her”, you should sue, you should sue the college, the city, the state..”. To the audience “you are looking at a very rich man”

    Bout time the push back starts, it should also include all MSM outlets and representatives as well as CEO, Corporations etc. They have deep pockets. Never back down. Gods Speed. Pay off your college debt with winnings from the college.🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍

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    • Annie Ok says:

      I agree, The left’s violence, however trivial, needs to start costing them a LOT of money and jail time. They are just out and out criminals and should be treated as such. When they pay no price for their aberrant behavior, they encourage others to do the same.

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      • jmclever says:

        I have to say that the aggregate effect is anything but trivial. My county in TN voted 70% for Trump but you never saw a single yard sign or MAGA hat. Communists play the long game. They know that they must put a chill on Trump now so as to take over the next generation. Look how patient they were in infiltrating the universities. They have conquered the grandchildren of the soldiers who won WWII without firing a shot and with being subsidized by the very people who thought they defeated them.


  10. Just finished watching and all I kept thinking throughout the entire speech was. ” I really love this man”.

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  11. linda4298 says:

    This is at the top of Netscape Trump slams Mueller, mocks critics in fiery two-hour speech
    (Note language in 1st and 9th paragraphs that may offend readers.) lol

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  12. Fools Gold says:

    Aw as in Awesome leader, Awesome man, Awesome President and Awesome Speech. I died laughing during the Raisin Cain joke.

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  13. Repost.. #GODBLESSAMERICA / #AmericaFirst / #Prayersfor Our President!
    I just watched, & finished Our AWESOME Presidents Speech..
    I have too say..
    **Are you Entertained**???
    Why, HELL YES!
    I LOVED it!
    “Off the Cuff”, Talking just like ,,,
    ONE OF US!
    SO WHAT? He had a few “Curse words” mixed in, SOMETIMES you have to use those words, too get your point across, IF Used in a manner,,, (as We used to say in the Military)..
    Mixed in, with FACTS & well,,, some Humor..
    This speech was just as good if not better, than the SOTU speech..
    It was like hearing MY PRESIDENT, talking to Me in My Living room, over a cold drink, (Or beer)..
    I’ve NEVER in MY Lifetime, NOR expect anyone in the Future,, to compare with OUR President,,, EVA!
    Politics seemed so…. (back in the Day, Canned, **STIFF**, you have to be this way or that) or Publicly Correct, while holding your Pinky finger out in such a manner….While holding a drink..
    STALE, BORING, Same “Schiff” different Day.. UNTIL…
    Mr. President Trump came along..
    I can “relate” to Him on a personal Level..He has made Politics EXCITING..
    Telling things “as it is” –>NO BS..<–
    LONG LIVE OUR President..
    (I'd elect Him for a 3rd term If I/We could)

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  14. Eric says:

    Part of the speech getting very little attention… President Trump blatantly said Republican Senators were being bribed by Corporate America on trade.

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    • Zorro says:

      Truth bomb.

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    • cccp3-o says:

      Trillions are at stake!


    • steph_gray says:

      Yes – and I distinctly got the impression he was 1) hinting at the fact that the yellowstream media is controlled by a tiny cartel of leftists at the top and 2) implying that he is starting to think about a solution for that problem.

      This and the EO on campus speech tell me that he is spending a lot of time thinking about the culture war and how we can fight back in it.


  15. Harlan says:

    “Why are they upset by that?”

    Mr. President, you are throwing a sizeable wrench into their socialist, globalist designs.

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  16. CorwinAmber says:

    still waiting for the transcript…but ya gotta figure the average speaker spouts somewhere around 100 to 150 words a minute, so a 120 minute speech should run 12,000 to 18,000 words – good luck with transcribing that! MAGA VSG POTUS!

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  17. avgjosephine says:

    Thank you, dear Mr. President, for more than I can express. I never talk like this but I have to say You are THE MAN. Thank GOd we have strong men and strong women standing with you.

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  18. franz dorn says:

    Great Speach.
    However, Graham is not pursuing Deep State.
    Mueller investigation continues.


  19. theresanne says:

    Got our hotel reservations for July 4th Celebration in DC! Can’t wait!

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  20. William Schneider says:

    This 2 hour talk illustrates clearly that this man Trump is God fearing and God supported. How else could any man be so strong and effective in the face of enormous opposition from his dis tractors. When Trump says he can feel the love in this room I believe he is referring to the love of both the people present and the God carries him and gives him strength. May God continue to bless American and our leader Trump. I thank God for Trump!!

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    • cali says:

      @William Schneider: ^^^^^^^^^This!

      Speaking off the cuff and from the heart is what we love about this president.
      He did not use a teleprompter nor a script because what’s in his heart comes out in words. That’s the beauty of a sincere man who has no need to lie.

      He is genuine and the real deal!

      My favorite among many was in reference to Mueller when he said “They try to get you with bullshit”!

      Like Michelle Malkin before him the fake republicans like McConnell et al are on notice.

      My favorite from Michelle was “Diversity is NOT our strength – unity is”!

      President Trump soon will let the dogs out…….! 🙂

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  21. Scott Blankenship says:

    Been lurking here for 2 years. Sundance, you do the best work, thank you.
    It’s hard to put into words how intimate and powerful this speech was. I appreciate the dynamic of this group and just wanted to say.. we all felt it.. I know you felt it. The ground shifted with this speech. What are we really in store for? This is an amazing time. Long Live Trump!

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  22. Moxy masculinity!


  23. bluebongo says:

    POTUS had me when he hugged our great flag. I’ve never seen a President do that, and that gesture said even more than he did during his dragon energy 2 hour speech.

    God bless you sir, and God bless our great country.

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  24. I hope CTH produces a complete transcript. The WhiteHouse transcript (released on the 23rd) is substantially incomplete, and VOX dropped one that is also incomplete. NOTHING about PDTs comments regarding 1st Amendment and that PDT has an EO ready to sign that will pull back federal funding of colleges and universities that do not honor and support our 1st amendment!


  25. Nathan Hale says:

    Slow on the uptake here, but are we evolving into multiple political parties?

    Something like Socialist, Nationalslist, Religious, Globalist?

    Perhaps the Jackass and Elephant will evolve or die?


    • GB Bari says:

      That would not be the American way.
      It is a battle for the heart and soul of each of the two major parties between the corrupt Establishment of each party and their upstart challengers.

      The Establishment Dems are battling the Hard Left Radical Socialist newcomers. It’s nasty and deadly serious but the media is working overtime to shield it from the public.

      The Neocon USCoC-financed Establishment Repubs are battling the Tea Party, pro-Trump forces. PDJT won the presidency, but few MAGA challengers won Congressional seats – being trounced by the Establishment incumbents.

      IMHO the Establishment Senate Repubs were secretly glad to see the loss of the House in 2018. Took a lot of pressure off the Senate Repubs to have to deal with any pro-MAGA legislation.


  26. steph_gray says:

    Because of weekend events I didn’t get to watch the speech until this morning over coffee, and what a highly anticipated treat it was!

    I too kept thinking “I just love this guy!” every five minutes.

    By the way, he didn’’t really speak for the full 2 hours.

    At least a third of that time he was briefly silent, listening to cheers and applause. ☺️


  27. Beverly says:

    Just a footnote about Daniel “Razin’ Caine”: he flew CAP [combat air patrol] over Washington, DC, on Sept. 11, 2001. Fighter ace, and a Real Man.
    He and Dan Creedon, head air traffic coordinator at Washington Approach Control, had to work out an instant way the civilian ATCs and the military pilots could understand each other, and they did in an atmosphere of crazy urgency when no one knew who was flying what at which targets and when.
    See the thrilling book “Touching History” by Lynn Spencer, first-hand accounts by the pilots, ATCs, NORAD military guys, etc. about the US aviation community’s response on 9-11.
    “Lynn Spencer nails it — the dynamite, inside story of heroism on that fateful day. You’ll live through hellish decisions with the real players. Well-written, breathtaking.” — Major General Don Shepperd, USAF.


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