President Trump Surprises Troops During Stop at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska…

En route to the White House from Hanoi, Vietnam, Air-Force One stopped in Alaska for refueling.  During the stopover President Trump delivered remarks to U.S. troops stationed at Elmendorf AFB.

President Trump was greeted by Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy who accompanied the president to a base hangar where U.S. troops were gathered.

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63 Responses to President Trump Surprises Troops During Stop at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska…

  1. delighteddeplorable says:

    LOVE this most magnificent POTUSDJT! 🇺🇸

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    • Bill Hollinger says:

      My wife said the same thing at the conclusion of this video. And to think so many in this country want to destroy this man. It’s incomprehensible to me.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      President Trump loves the troops and they love him. We the people will stand with our president through thick or thin. Now the socialist democrats would be wise to give up their stupid dreams of impeachment because Americans will have none of it. Deplorables have been putting up with constant abuses from the Left, both verbal and physical, for 3 years now and will not abide by them attempting to overturn the lawful results of the 2016 Election.

      TRUMP 2020

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  2. fanbeav says:

    The troops love President Trump! Unlike Obama! They were told by their superior officers to attend any trips made by Obama!

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    • Midwest Mom says:

      No rent a troop necessary….

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    • Dave Radetsky says:

      Yes, many of them do love POTUS. However, my brother in law has done work with many in the military and lives near 5 military installations and he can tell you that about half of the enlisted are not fans of President Trump. He tells me that about half are Obama lovers, just as many of the very top brass are, too. The lower and mid level officers are POTUS’s strongest supporters. POTUS has a big job dealing with so many in the military who are leftists. It was surprising to me to learn this. Our military need our prayers so that the leftists in there get weeded out.

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      • Bill Hollinger says:

        Those are the political generals. The left has cultivated and promoted them.

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        • crewdog52 says:

          The warfighting, non-PC generals and admirals were largely purged under Obama. The senior service schools (war colleges), which are mandatory for high command, are more suited for state department types than hard ass combat generals. To make matters worse, those being mentored and selected for the highest positions are often routed for courses at Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, etc. and they don’t exactly emerge more conservative than when they entered.

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      • Obama purged the military of leadership that refused to fire on American civilians. Trump needs to purge the military leadership of all the Obama appointees..

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      • convert says:

        Yup. The military upper echelon ambitious types are the same as all the other upper echelon ambitious types in other fields: the Left controls the gates to the world of the Elites. Your career will go nowhere if you support Trump or Sarah Palin. They consider that a sign of inferiority and evil. Sad but true. The rank and file may lean a little more right than the crowd on the street, but not much.


      • James Carpenter says:

        Thank you for an anecdote we must consider. When the time comes (and it is marching upon us, do not doubt), those who took the oath to defend against enemies foreign _and_ domestic will be faced with a Hobesian choice. Because they within the ranks, top to bottom, have the resources which may well decide outcomes, only then will we see who is who, what is what and perhaps glimpse the shape of our Republic’s future.
        History will call in Civil War II. Regardless of who writes it.


  3. Clarioncaller says:

    President Trump NEVER misses an opportunity to thank the troops, even when he has jet-lag. Now the people of Alaska need to implore Sarah Palin to put Lisa Murkowsky into retirement.

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    • Ken Lawson says:

      It would be great to see Sarah Palin in the Senate, but somehow it seems like she is staying away from politics these days other than a periodic comment on social media. I’ve wondered if it’s because of some of the problems her kids have had. It’d be great to see her get back into office.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Ken – yes, Sarah’s children have had very, very serious problems as they have gotten older, especially their oldest son. The press would have an absolute field day with her back in office. I doubt it would be worth it.


        • You do not know my children… and hopefully you’re wise enough to realize it’s idiotic to believe what how liberal media portrays Conservatives. Haven’t you learned?

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          • Ad rem says:

            Sorry you had to wait for moderation Sarah. There was a tiny typo in your email addy that caused WP to view you as a new commenter.


          • olderwiser21 says:

            Ms. Palin – I love you and admire you very much. I was trying to portray my understanding as to why you would want to withdraw from the public eye, but apparently I am mistaken. I wish your family all the best.


    • Tl Howard says:

      I’m serious when I say I don’t think she could beat her. Money talks in AK as much as it does everywhere.

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    • JG3 says:

      Would love to see how Sarah would handle the three, arrogant, freshmen big-mouths, we now find ourselves with.

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    • tampafan says:

      Murkowski did lose in the primary 2 terms ago to Joe Miller – Tea Party. Mitch just supported her run as an Independent to defeat him in the general. A strong, pro-Trump candidate could primary her, but will they?? Palin could beat her, but at big personal expense for a seat as a junior senator.

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    • James Carpenter says:

      Donald Trump’s telemere’s indicate a long, long life. He is running circles around people half his age. Me? I’m kinda glad he and I are on the same side.

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  4. Tl Howard says:

    What this POTUS could do w/out a “resistance” led by Big Media and its puppets in Congress. Today, Lamar Alexander, the old fart RINO.

    Also, it appears the Israelis are pulling the same number on Bibi.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      IMO, Soros and Obama started undermining Babi 2014, 24/7 to have him removed, retire, or go to jail. Appears there are several in Israel with mush for brains or AOC’s relatives.

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    • Lady Sid says:

      A Republican gas bag, that’s for sure. I’ve learned since moving to TN in 2000 not to trust 80% of the Republican elected officials. Lamar is one such, and I’m not a fan of our new Governor Bill Lee. Too smarmy. Similar to immediate past Gov. Bill Haslam. Not Trumpers. Glad to see hard-hitting Rep. Mark Green on tv w/ Lou Dobbs tonight. He was a nominee for Army Secretary (Trump) a few years’ back.

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      • jmclever says:

        I grew up in TN and at the time, Alexander was an improvement to Ned Ray McWherter, but he has become a disgrace to our state!


    • jmclever says:

      Interesting how the globalists target the only two nations who serve God and that have a democratic process to elect their governments.


  5. White Apple says:

    Notice Trump flew East from Washington DC to Vietnam with a stopover in London. Trump also flew East from Vietnam to Anchorage with a stopover in Alaska. The reason being in the Northern Hemisphere the prevailing jet-stream and winds are west to east. Thus Trump had a tailwind the whole flight. At times,I have experienced jet-streams with winds in excess of 200mph……saves time and fuel if you are vectoring West to East.

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  6. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    He is so magnificent! I’m so proud of this man!

    Thank you, Sundance, for showing us all of the things he does.

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  7. Paul says:

    I have to wonder if it has anything to do with Murkowski and voting on the resolution regarding to national emergency…

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  8. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    Don’t you feel like President Trump is like the parent who went away for a night and the kids(congress) went crazy and now he has to come home and put things right? Lol

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  9. fractionalexponent says:


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  10. clipe says:

    Is it just me, or is President Trump looking/growing more healthy and hale as the slings and arrows bounce off him?

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  11. Serena says:

    Love our President!!!!

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  12. Bill Hollinger says:

    It was interesting to hear him talk about defense systems, saying they have about a 6 month window and we are constantly having to improve them because of this. I’ve often wondered about this. Also he dropped the bit about our missile defense being effective against any missiles regardless of its speed. And 54 F53s are being delivered.

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  13. GB Bari says:

    This is a great recharge for POTUS’ soul and spirit after having to bail on Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Kim and hearing the noxious sewage gurgling out of Cummings’ Cohen the Clown Show.

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  14. He did not even look tired–unbelievable!
    It is heartening to hear details of the military expenditure that President Trump worked so hard to obtain. Did I hear correctly–34 (!) F-35s to be delivered soon! These stealth fighters give us an incredible edge.
    It is also fantastic that POTUS is once again advocating for missile defense–interception of any incoming missile arriving at any speed–as POTUS said, like targeting a needle in a haystack, literally. This again reminds me of Reagan’s Star Wars which was equally derided but ultimately prescient.

    All in all, POTUS hit a lot of strong singles despite the lack of the hoped for home run. If Kim has any sense he will get his head, and his generals, onboard with full denuclearization.

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  15. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    The Russians could never afford 54 stealth jets.


  16. BobC says:

    Here’s what amazes me every time PDJT kicks off a rally or impromptu gathering. In the first seconds of speaking he has connected with the audience, and I mean C.O.N.N.E.C.T.E.D!!!

    THE PRESIDENT: Wow. Thank you very much. So, we’re coming in and we’re landing and I say, “You know, I have a choice: I can stay on the plane and relax as we fuel up, right? As we fuel up.” Or, I said, “How good are they out there?” Somebody looked at me and said, “They’re the best.” You’re supposed to be the best, right? You’re right on the front. (Applause.) I said, “All right, so let’s go.” Put on the tie. Put on the shirt.

    But I wanted to be with you. And it’s an honor to be with you, I have to tell you. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, right now, at ease. Let’s have a little fun, right?

    AUDIENCE: Hooah!

    I’ve never known or heard of anyone else with this talent. Connecting to the people and not demanding they connect with him. Awesome!!


  17. Sandy says:

    Wonderful, amazing, awesome President.
    Love him. God Bless President Trump and the the troops!


  18. jmclever says:

    “Thank you for doing such a fantastic job.” That makes the hard work and sacrifice of our armed services a little easier to endure for them. I love MY PRESIDENT!


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