DOJ: No Mueller Report Next Week – Meanwhile Schiff and Nadler Demand Report Details….

The most likely sequencing of the Democrat scheme has always looked to be: (1) Michael Cohen testimony; then (2) The Mueller report.

Cohen is scheduled to testify to Elijah Cummings House oversight committee Wednesday February 27th (10:00am) next week.  Today, predictably, the DOJ announces the Robert Mueller report will be *after* that testimony:

WASHINGTON DC – Special counsel Robert Mueller will not deliver his report to the Justice Department on Friday or next week, a Justice Department official told The Hill.

The news comes amid broad speculation that Mueller’s probe into Russia’s electoral interference is wrapping up, with several news outlets reporting Wednesday that newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr was preparing to receive Mueller’s final report as soon as next week. (read more)

Meanwhile, also anticipated, with Attorney General William Barr in place to receive and statutorily summarize the report from Robert Mueller, House democrats start posturing to impede AG Barr’s influence within the final report construct.

HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff writes a letter to AG Barr establishing a set of congressional demands to exploit innuendo and inference for their impeachment objectives.

[Link to SourceLink to pdf]

It is obvious how Pelosi’s primary team (Schiff, Nadler and Cummings) plan to exploit the Robert Mueller report for maximum political value, ie. impeachment goals.

[…] We also expect that the Department will provide to our Committees, upon request and consistent with applicable law, other information and material obtained or produced by the Special Counsel regarding certain foreign actors and other individuals who may have been the subject of a criminal or counterintelligence investigation.

[…] If the Special Counsel has reason to believe that the President has engaged in criminal or other serious misconduct, then the President must be subject to accountability either in a court or to the Congress.

Pelosi, Schumer and the House committee democrats do not want William Barr to be able to write a summary, a public statement, based on the report delivered to him by Robert Mueller.

Instead, the Democrats want the report from Mueller, including all the investigative trails that were exhausted, so they can exploit aspects of the inquiry that were not able to be proven, and weaponize “innuendo” and “possibility” for political benefit.

The process they are following is by design:

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291 Responses to DOJ: No Mueller Report Next Week – Meanwhile Schiff and Nadler Demand Report Details….

  1. thegoosefish says:

    Let’s look back in time and remember that Clinton whipped George H.W. Bush’s ass in 1992, denying him a second term. Bill Barr could just watch and shake his head. Hell, just about everybody gets a second term. But not Poppy, thanks to most likely some underhanded moves, commonly called “politics.” I know the Bushes and Clintons and Obamas all pretend to be all chummy and everything. All for show. Barr is no dummy. He knows where all the bodies are buried. He knows what to do, when to do it, and remember, revenge is a dish best served COLD.

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  2. ForGodandCountry says:

    *”no new taxes”

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  3. Blind no longer says:

    I had my doubts at first about Barr..but my gut tells me he is laughing his a$$ off at this ridiculous bunch of demands by these witch hunting committees! I think he’s going to give them the big middle finger when all is said and done.
    If they decide to leak..well let’s just watch and see who gets investigated and goes to jail!

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  4. spoogels says:

    The Mueller Joke–A leftie tells the truth.

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  5. Zorro says:

    Too revolted by the shysters that will sit in hearings with a name plaque stating “Honorable” on it to seriously respond now.

    I just want to say, at this time, that Sundance has nailed their plans. Maybe I should contact “No Nads”, Liddle Adam, and ShortCummings and ask them that I’ve been informed that their plan is x, y, and z and could their office confirm.

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  6. spoogels says:

    The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil War
    By Conrad Black

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  7. Get a Whiff of THIS, Schiff!

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  8. MightyMustardSeed says:

    Ha! I wonder how Barr likes being bossed around by Pelosi’s Pip Squeeks!

    Might have crossed his mind to give Congress and the Senate the Rosenstein response. Ha!

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  9. spoogels says:

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    • beach lover says:

      From the Strassel article above….

      “With a track record like this, who wouldn’t believe Mr. Schiff’s new claim, in the Ignatius interview, that the key to collusion rests in Trump finances—in particular something to do with Deutsche Bank ? But hold on. Where did we first hear that Deutsche Bank theory? That’s right. See pages 64 and 117 of the wild House testimony of Glenn Simpson—head of Fusion GPS, the organization behind the Steele dossier. It’s right there, stuffed in between Mr. Simpson’s musings that Ivanka Trump might be involved with a “Russian Central Asian organized crime nexus,” that there is something nefarious happening on the “island of St. Martin in the Caribbean,” and that Roger Stone is part of a “Turkey-Russia” plot.”

      Let’s hear about the secret meeting you had with Simpson recently. Shouldn’t you have to recuse yourself from the committee for that? And now the latest! Schiff is telling the MSM he is hearing from “high racking GOP members, on the QT, to keep up with the investigation”.

      yeah right.


  10. simicharmed says:

    It’s rather ridiculous each of these Communist (aka Democrat), leaders are demanding a report they already helped create. Every one of these political hack members on the Mueller-Squad have surely been updating and working with their Congressional partners-in-crime during the past 2-years.

    These demand letters are simply Theater…. Since leaking the report is illegal, theatrics must be activated.

    The script has already been written regarding this “Report” and it will play out as they have planned.

    It’s going to be fun to watch them be forced re-wright scripts, when many will fail, due to poor planning and such. Democrat Communists indeed pre-plan their misdeeds but they are not very good at strategies.

    Race, Sex and Abortion (among a couple others), is all the Democrat Communists have in their playbook….hasn’t been updated in 50+ years!

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    • Does anyone who has a clue NOT believe that Weissmann has a hot line to the Demoleadershit? I thought not.

      In their playbook, are you reading chapters on Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton & Jack Kennedy, and Northam & Cuomo?

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      • simicharmed says:

        Today’s Democrat Communists (that surely includes the numerous Communists parading as Republicans in Congress too), are blatantly predictable.

        They have no mystery-to-their-madness. No legitimate message and no legitimate answers.

        Very boring and unappealing. I have no idea how they have a public following in an alleged civil society.

        Cretins and the mentally deficient may find them appealing….

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  11. Pyrran says:

    Gee whiz, Adam, we’ll get right on that. Call us back in two years. We’re too busy right now ordering Magic Markers in bulk to so we can work on Mueller’s report for ya.

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  12. spoogels says:

    Bill Barr’s Hot Mess
    He arrives at a Justice Department that is in desperate needs of an infusion of credibility.

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  13. Zorro says:

    Rudy has disappeared. Is Rudy’s role over?

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  14. dave casper says:

    Adam is a demon.

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  15. Another Scott says:

    All the demands they are making make them look desperate. Points to their current lack of political power. When the Dems were in power they were on the other side telling us to pound sand.

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    • They ARE desperate. What all the pearl clutchers neglect to ask themselves is WHY are they so desperate. Of course they are not going to get the report next week. BUT, it has NOTHING to do with Schiff, Pelosi, or any other sky is falling narrative of Cabal plan involving Cohen hearings.

      Where is POTUS next week? Oh, right, Vietnam (NO significance in that venue? LOL). Who is he meeting, Chairman Kim Il Sung of North Korea. What is POTUS and Kim about to do? Oh, perhaps de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula, and END THE 70 plus year Korean War. Do you think that POTUS would want ANYTHING interfering with HISTORY? Of course not.

      This summit has ALL been PLANNED for MONTHS. Then, we get a blurb from CNN. you know FAKE NEWS central a week before that historic summit that the Muller probe would be released next week (DURING THE SUMMIT). Nothing to see there right?

      Could it be, that the Cabal and their MSM minions, want to try and RUIN POTUS’s moment to shine in history with a bogus report release report? NAH, right? WAKE UP!

      The report IS going to be delivered soon, probably by the first few days in March, but NOT when POTUS is 6000 miles out of the country, about to make HISTORY and end a 70 year war, as well as a historic de-nuclearization. GEEZ people.(eye roll)

      The Cabal wanted to change that coming narrative, so they leaked the Mueller release next week so THAT would be all they could talk about. Come on guys, you CAN”T be that jaded to miss this, can you? The DOJ ENDED the CNN fake news farce, and squashed that narrative, so NOW what do we get? A Schiff memo to Barr, trying to boss him around. LOL they are TOO predictable. PSST, SHIF is up to his bulging eyeballs in the attempted COUP. Why would Barr pay him ANY mind? Answer he WON’T. If the Dems insist on Mueller’s satire being public ally released, ONLT POTUS or SCOTUS can make that happen.

      Please step away from the ledge, stop watching or reading fake news, take a breath, and look at this from a DIFFERENT prospective. POTUS is WINNING. This is now PAST the tipping point. IT CANNOT be stopped or delayed any more, despite the trials and narratives trying to do so. This FARCE and Coup will be fully exposed, ended, and punished SOON. Patience grasshopper. GOOD things come to those who wait! Throw the pearls in the garbage, they are NO LONGER needed. MAGA!


  16. spoogels says:

    Jeffrey Rosen, Trump’s pick as deputy attorney general, is the un-Rosenstein

    I hope they’re right.
    Remember Sessions?

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    • WSB says:

      The only downside is that Rosen has been working with Mrs. Turtle at Transportation.

      It just occurs to me that PT has had Elaine in the exact position for him to monitor anything nefarious if anyone in the DOT were colluding with Taiwan or China.

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  17. Judiciary says:

    Diane Feinstein says AG Barr isn’t prohibited from giving the report to Congress. She fails to mention he’s not required to do it either. Notice how she disrespectfully refers to the AG solely by his surname without his title. That’s arrogance in my opinion.

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  18. Dr Fate says:

    Schiff is a nothing happening twerp who doesn’t believe a thing that comes out of his own mouth.

    His posturing, demands, requests, accusations are nothing more than a stab at the next news cycle, while fooling his delusional base into believing he’s really anything more than a circle jerk participant with his own breed.

    Think of him as the left’s version of Trey Gowdy. A lot of talk and no results ever.

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  19. Sandy says:

    Neither should a former Secretary of State be above the law.

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  20. visage13 says:

    i say release it all, full transparency so then they can try to spin it but it will all be out there. If he just releases a summary their will be more lies, fake narratives & fake investigations. Not that the full disclosure will stop them from doing that anyway but at least the info will be out there.


  21. Trump Train says:

    I am really starting to hates these peoples guts. These dems are a viral infection………they have no meaningful value to human life……….

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  22. Palmettoman says:

    They are setting the stage for the report not showing anything so they can then say AG Barr hid the collusion in his report to Congress. Just something to keep their base “wee-wee’d” up.
    buncha commies!!!

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  23. andy says:

    Adam schiff is more afraid the report will be released to the public.

    The report should fully outline the scope of the informants used and the informant’s reports to Cross Fire hurricane. The report would show no probable cause existed and no suspicious activity.

    Adam NEEDS the report to be kept confidential. Adam NEEDS the collusion theory to persist.
    Adam is propositioning himself with an escape route.

    Adam needs to take the swat to the rear and stop trying to cover his ass. Let it go or go down with it.


  24. Fools Gold says:

    Don’t get me started trying to communicate over a phone with only a thumb to type with. Can we agree Trump has the biggest gonads in our life time? Yes! Do you believe the last time America was great was when kids were taught in a school/church teaching the Bible principals and foundation? Yes!

    In my mind that is MAGA in a nutshell! There I said it!

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  25. The language in Schiff’s letter is so ridiculous, despite all assurances otherwise, taking another shot at claiming that “misconduct or criminal conduct” by President Trump. The letter is written that way specifically to be used in MSM headlines. They KNOW there was no misconduct or criminality, just want to LIE and use this hoax language.

    More and more I see the Demon-rats and leftists misusing language to advance their devious and criminal aims.

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  26. Santiago1314 says:

    This is a Letter from Dems, asking Barr to go get himself FIRED.!!!… Comey was Fired for Disclosing “Hillary’s Dirty Laundry” that fell short of “Prosecution” by DOJ.


  27. The footnote in Schiff’s letter references the original May 17 scope of work, not the Aug. 2 amendment. He only did that so he wouldn’t have to redact anything. That shows the letter was written for the MSM and their NPC masses, not to get the full story from DOJ.


  28. lansdalechip says:

    Dear Chairmen,
    William Barr
    PS (Pound sand)

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  29. casper5473 says:

    “lets say this guy Smolett is not charged with anything. Should there be a public report about why he wasn’t charged? The answer is no. There shouldn’t be. What value are reports about innocent people? It is that they ruin people.” Joe diGenova

    Exactly, you don’t make public reports when nothing is found. The fifth amendment applies to all for due process, even Trump you moron Shifff.


  30. NavyBuckeye says:

    Unfortunately for Schiff, Pelosi and the rest, it doesn’t matter what they want, Barr can do what he pleases with the report.

    These fools, who have their hands in the cookie jar with this whole thing, should be careful with what they demand. They should. They just might get what they want and a whole lot of stuff is declassified and shared… just won’t tell the story the way they have been trying to portray it.


    • Lester Smith says:

      They want information so be it trump declassify everything including all info that spells the hole plot. Watch what you wish for Adam and gerry. Give these SOBs what they got coming. Trump needs to stop listening to the aholes telling him he is obstructing. When the report is out whats he obstructing only them being exposed.


  31. I can not a imagine people more stupid than Elijah Cumming or Adam Schiff. Is it just my imagination or has congress and the senate gone completely crazy.

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  32. Gary Lacey says:

    Barr could withhold that report due to an DOJ investigation of Mueller criminality, ie, Roger Stone misconduct lawsuit.

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  33. So, what if there is no report; Mueller only supposed to write a support if he found any criminal activity. Otherwise, according to former Trump lawyer Dowd, he only hands in a piece of paper that says Decline. So, send the Dems a copy of the piece of paper saying Decline.


  34. I think this is a sign Barr is working for the President. Told Mueller no deal with releasing report next week; clearly a political move to divert attention away from POTUS’s Vietnam trip.

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  35. dogsmaw says:


  36. Hebo Sabe says:

    “Meanwhile Schiff and Nadler Demand Report Details….”

    What? No leaking?



  37. zucccchini says:

    I will believe it when I see it. There is not going to be an Mueller report per se’ cause there is nothing to report. There will be a summation ONLY if Barr finally sends Mueller a note to cough it up. Only if he is shut out of money. Only IF something besides nothing is happening. For a year and a half the reports are ‘next week’, surely next month. Mid this, mid that. UGH.


  38. Dan B says:

    Full disclosure huh? Ok, let’s try that and see where the stink leads, you little Schiff…


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