Sunday Talks: Stephen Miller -vs- Chris Wallace….

White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller appears on Fox News to battle the open-border advocacy of TV host Chris Wallace.

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186 Responses to Sunday Talks: Stephen Miller -vs- Chris Wallace….

  1. nuwildcat1977 says:

    Chris Wallace: “Thank you sir, may I have another?” Ouch! Stephen Miller is a pro.

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    • Rex70 says:

      Wallace got LIT UP by Miller in record time…so damn funny! Miller (after Wallace attempts ambush): “Chris, as you know, I could go into great detail…” Wallace (after realizing Miller was about to throw the net over him!): “No, please don’t!” Absolutely hilarious. Somebody didn’t eat his fortified breakfast of lefty flakes before putting on his commie uniform this morning.

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      • swissik says:

        I watched Miller closely and could virtually see the gleam in his eyes. It was sweet to behold.

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      • kfish63 says:

        When Miller continually refused the bait from Wallace regarding answering affirmatively or negatively to whether any POTUS had used the Emergency Powers Act (being denied funding by Congress), and Wallace stated “Let’s move on.” Miller won. That is when I saw the gleam in his eye. Brilliant!

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    • Newton Love says:

      Chris Wallace is a consummate Communist, who pretends to be non-partisan. Chrissy is only tough on PDJT’s people, but gives a Kamala to Willy treatment to Lefties and RINOs. Chrissy deserves public derision.

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    • joe tentpeg says:

      Great. But Miller left a high hanging curve ball.

      He should’ve pointed at the fallacy in logic between the unconstitutional emergency order by Obozo…by his own admission, (and only taken AFTER he won reelection) on the ‘Dreamers’ (aka ‘schemers’) versus…

      …the valid constitutional emergency of securing the border against invasion.


  2. GB Bari says:

    Miller handled Wallace quite deftly. It was most entertaining to watch Wallace’s frustration mount as Miller slapped down every planned falsely* premised “Gotcha” question.

    *if the facts weren’t technically false, the context was. Typical strategy of the Lying Left.

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    • nimrodman says:

      GOP needs to do better countering this “your own Agency statistics suggest 90 percent of drugs are coming thru ports of entry yada yada”

      Counter with “well what are the Agency statistics for drugs coming in through intervening areas of the border?”

      Because there aren’t any
      Statistics, that is

      We don’t know how much is coming across the rest of the border
      To quote Rummy, it’s an “unknown unknown”

      So the entire narrative is a straw man

      Miller did ok, and got around to a response, but that Lefty narrative needs to be stopped right in its tracks immediately as it’s mouthed.

      It’s a talking point that’s been pushed out, you can tell because every Lefty outlet and talking head has been yammering it for about 2 weeks now.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Excellent point!

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      • Austin Holdout says:

        It is equally as inane as the left’s “most terrorists caught trying to come in the country are at airports” argument. My answer is “you mean those secured buildings where everyone is funneled thru passport control and individually vetted before entering? Jeez, what are the odds we’d catch more terrorists there than running across a field in New Mexico at 3 am?”

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    • Scarlet says:

      I have a crazy crush on Stephen Miller 😜

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    • Newton Love says:

      Impotent Wallace: “Yes or No (carefully crafted gotcha question)”
      Miller: (detailed refutation of the question)
      Impotent Wallace: “But Yes or No (carefully crafted gotcha question)”
      Miller: (even more detailed refutation of the question)
      Impotent Wallace: “We need to move along (to my next gotcha question)”

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  3. Summer says:

    Chris Wallace: Say yes or no! Yes or no? I don’t want to hear details, Steve, they are killing my out of context talking points. Reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time… just say yes or no?!

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  4. Christine says:

    My wish was granted! I wrote here just last weekend that I wanted to see the magnificent Stephen Miller do more interviews – and here we are!

    Perhaps he reads here, Sundance. 😉

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    • MelH says:

      I hope Stephen Miller reads here….I have more than once sent him messages that I hope he will come here to read all the love for him.


  5. Bill Taylor says:

    we catch drugs at the points of entry because we check there we MISS the drugs elsewhere as a direct result…the stat about 90% is pure BS in trying to say that is the ONLY place where drugs enter…..if police only ticket red cars for speeding the stats will reflect only red cars speed by the lack of logic on the 90% stats.

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  6. “open-border advocacy of TV host Chris Wallace.”

    I Love this…….

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  7. Pigletrios says:

    Chris Wallace drives me nuts….it’s always good to see someone put him back on his heels!

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  8. Anon says:

    Wallace dropped an unintentional red pill – the number of illegals caught at the border is pretty high and almost as high as visa overstays – and that’s just the number that were *caught*.

    Thought I was pretty informed, and those numbers surprised me. Wall is definitely needed. 400K a year?!?!? And wow Bush was such a traitor for promising a wall and then pivoting to a fake “virtual” wall.

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  9. Police: “Our statistics show that 99% of criminals are black.”
    Chris Wallace: “Where do you patrol?”
    Police: “We only patrol in black neighborhoods.”
    Chris Wallace: “Oh. Okay. Whatever you say, Statistics don’t lie.”

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  10. William Schneider says:

    Stephen Miller is a stud!! I love this ferocious debater for the truth-and Trump’s team. The truth is winning with warriors such as Stephen. Trump has a great skill at gathering great talent for his team. Go Stephen. Give that man a beer.!!

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  11. emeraldcoaster says:

    As my kids say, Stephen Miller is da bomb! Not only did Miller skin the pansy-@ss Wallace, he did it with a continuous flow of unassailable facts. I’m really glad he’s on the Trump Train.

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  12. Rgt says:

    Demanding yes or no answers, you would have thought Wallace was a Dem at a committee hearing!

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  13. Gary Lacey says:

    Mrs Wallace isn’t in the same league as Miller, for that fact, I haven’t heard a MSM urnialist that can go toe to toe with him .
    Might be the reason we don’t hear enough from him, a tenacious debater.

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  14. PVCDroid says:

    “your own Agency statistics suggests 90 percent of drugs are coming thru ports of entry”
    “Our stooges occupying key positions within the Administration have told us to say that 90 percent of drugs are coming through the ports of entry”

    This continuous narrative fails with just the slightest scrutiny. How would they know and it would have to be a wild ass guess anyway.

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    • Amy2 says:

      Stephen Miller: You don’t know what you don’t know.

      I have a thought on my the dems are harping so much on the “ports of entry.” The term makes it seem that there already IS a physical border, because otherwise, why would you need ports of entry? It’s a psychological thing.


  15. Daniel says:

    I absolutely LOVE that man, No-homo. He’s just awesome. And his closing statement was simply perfect.

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  16. OUkid75 says:

    When I read in the President’s statement after he signed the Act, those delicious words “These are impermissible forms of congressional aggrandizement,” I thought I recognized Stephan Miller’s fingerprints all over them. I could just picture him looking down his nose at Congress and uttering that phrase.

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  17. GSparrow says:

    Grand Master of the Debate Stephen Miller is incredible.

    “Open border, Globalist Gatekeeper” (SD) Wallace’s futile attempts to continually dumb down the conversation by trying to cut Steve off every time he was exposing the truth in detail was infuriating. Wallace tried to stay at his low grade, negative, talking point level but Stephen pushed back.

    The group think Dems that are infected with TDS are permanently detached from reality and some independents and “moderate” Dems likely never hear detailed explanations on most important subjects unless they seek it outside of the politically corrupt manipulative MSM. These “enemies of the people” end debate by disingenuously labeling the opponent a “racist” or in the case of Trump’s border efforts, a “manufactured crisis.” These deceitful labels close the minds of their duped minions.

    P Trump’s border policies will be proven correct and courageous to anyone that still has a rational mind left after this hideous, dangerous Dem resistance fades into oblivion or regains power and ruins the country. Any political movement that places the best interests of their country 2nd or 3rd or 4th to their inane political obsessions will not be remembered kindly.

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  18. Treehugger says:

    I run my errands when he’s on but I would have liked to see this one

    I like it when Britt Hume is on with him – stealth bomber


  19. James Street says:

    I don’t remember Chris Wallace’s interviews of Obama so I went back and watched some on YouTube. Wallace would ask Obama a softball question and quietly sit back in a relaxed posture for 3 or 4 minutes and not interrupt while Obama answered.

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  20. Danimal28 says:

    Right once again, Sundance: Chris Wallace = Swamp Guardian. God bless Stephen Miller.

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  21. bour3 says:

    Dropped at “I didn’t need to do this.” That is to say, the beginning.

    Dummkopf must know that “I didn’t need to do this” refers to going though Congress for funding. But absurdist nepotoid Wallace is having it mean Trump didn’t need to do anything at all so it’s not an emergency.

    Now, why would I care to listen to anything after that? Listening to Wallace is like listening to a doll made of pantyhose stuffed with cotton balls.

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  22. Proud American from Texas says:

    Wallace is duplicitous. It doesn’t matter if another President has asked for money and then been refused by Congress. There is always a first time. But to be clear, Congress did set money side for the wall or fence.

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  23. jim says:

    Glad to see Miller wearing suits fit for a grown up. Maybe someone could have a discussion with Jared about that.


  24. mike diamond says:

    Steven Miller is right on!Chris the wallace acts like a girl !

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  25. Harlan says:

    Wallace may as well be on MSNBC. He is one of the reasons I no longer watch FOX NEWS.

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  26. SwampRatTerrier says:

    Steven Millar: “…you’re out of time…..”



  27. digleigh says:

    IMHO, Wallace got a call from his globalist multi’s….”Why the heck did you let that little pr–k get the best of you?? No bonus money for you”, lol!! He is our wonderful little pr–, who is actually not one, is thorough, does his homework, is a patriotic fellow and who we adore!! GO forth Miller!! You are great!!!

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