Sunday Talks: Representative John Ratcliffe Discusses McCabe’s ‘Soft Coup’ Effort….

Representative John Ratcliffe appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the DOJ and FBI ‘soft coup’ attempt headed by Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Ratcliffe also discusses the outlook with newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr and what actions he hopes AG Barr will take in the wake of mounting evidence that Andrew McCabe, James Baker, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and former Acting AG Sally Yates were coordinating an effort to remove President Donald Trump.


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95 Responses to Sunday Talks: Representative John Ratcliffe Discusses McCabe’s ‘Soft Coup’ Effort….

  1. flyboy51v says:

    I just assume Barr is 100% swamp-rat. Someone wake me up if I’m mistaken 🙂

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    • Tl Howard says:

      I suppose in order to figure out Barr we need the answer to this:

      Is he more offended by members of the highest positions in the DOJ and the FBI (and the rest of the intel community) 1) trying to remove a POTUS on fake charges because of either ideology or because they are puppets of outside forces OR 2) by how badly they botched doing it?????

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      • Ready Steady Go says:

        Trojan horse.


        • We’re knee-deep in attorneys in America. Yet we’ve got a new AG whose wife brushes knees at Bible Study with the main antagonist’s wife. Of course the Swamp will assure you that only a highly specialized niche of attorneys have the requisite experience to undertake this very unique job (i.e. a swamp denizen). I’d take smarts and honesty. But what do I know?

          Barr will correct some excesses. But tear the place apart like it needs? What in his bearing, pedigree and resume gives anyone the idea this guy will be a terror on wheels?

          His wife has been driven from Bible study in a fit of disgust.

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          • His wife *hasn’t* been driven from Bible study in a fit of disgust.


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          • Newton Love says:

            It all depends on Barr’s core values. Is Barr a rule of law guy, or is he a but they’re family guy.

            Go back a few years, and there was a horrible human living in a trailer park. His family were in trailers next to his, and saw and heard the terrible deeds. When prosecuted, his family said that they couldn’t turn him in because he was family.

            My family are all staunch rule of law people. If any of us were his relatives in the trailer park, he would have been reported after the first episode.

            Point of fact, one of my sisters was one of the witnesses against a long time family friend in a criminal case, and he went to jail. Law and order are more important than emotional ties. We hate criminals.

            If AG Barr is like anyone in my family, regardless of wives in Bible studies, Mueller will be held to account for his crimes, to the letter and intent of the law.

            McCabe, Eric Holder, and other criminals who aren’t in that Bible study, they have no emotional tie to use as leverage. They will have the law applied to them.

            Of course Barr will not go out of his way to burn down the whole DoJ / FBI. He will attempt to salvage the core by cutting the ones that we know about, but Barr may allow the less well known criminals to confess before he discretely fires them.

            Everything I’ve read about Barr from the old days is that he is a rule of law guy. I will continue to hope for a good Barr, while most Treeper posts scream that Barr is on the take and the world is about to end.

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            • 10-75 says:

              If Barr were a rule of law guy, he would have let justice run its course in the Vickie weaver case. fbi sniper Lon horiuchi (?), shot and killed an unarmed Vickie weaver, while she was standing on her front porch holding her baby. Prior to this murder, the fbi killed her 13 year old son. Horiuchi was indicted by, I believe, a Utah grand jury for murder or manslaughter. Barr worked very hard to squash this murder charge and protect the doj/fbi and he succeeded. Any man that is capable of that should not be the AG. He’s there to cover up and polish the turd that is the fbi and doj.

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      • andrewalinxs says:

        A small point in his favor is he was in DoJ pre 9/11 not post 9/11 meaning he was in the DoJ before the patriot act and counter terrorism retooling which is where a lot of the corruption originated from.

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        • jc says:

          Not so sure about the original day of FBI corruption. I agree that 9/11 became a reason to increase the tools the corrupt people in government can use.

          The FBI was led by J Edgar Hoover, who kept blackmail files on just about everyone in upper levels of government. He was the first director, and from the onset in 1935 to his death at 77 years old in 1972, no one dared to fire him. When he died, Nixon was ballsy enough to appoint someone other than Hoover’s #2 man, Mark Felt. Felt was supremely pissed off.

          Strangely enough, right about that time a group of numskulls led by FBI alumni G. Gordon Liddy broke into Watergate and did so many stupid things that they got caught. To some, it seemed like they wanted to be caught. Then, Felt became the source “deep throat” for Woodward and Bernstein, and did everything needed to bring NIxon down.

          History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

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          • Yeah Mark Felt withheld evidence of Watergate break-in crimes from Congressional oversight and DOJ/FBI investigators. When Nixon passed over Felt for the FBI Director position and hired a political beast, Felt got his revenge. He slowly leaked that evidence to naive cub reporters Woodward & Bernstein.

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          • Julian says:

            Yeh – Nixon showed them. Really put the FBI in its place!


            • jc says:

              In my view, Nixon’s experience is exactly why I am more skeptical than those folks who think Trump can just get right on solving this whole mess.

              First, just because Hoover died does not seem to me to be a good reason to believe that the FBI no longer keeps blackmail files on everyone, so Trump will have to pick his allies very carefully. Even if those allies would be completely on his side at the outset, it does not mean they will remain that way if blackmailed. Also, how many potential allies just don’t know if they have any blackmail material against them, but will be too afraid to do anything just in case. Or, how many of them are sure the FBI can manufacture something even if nothing exists. For example, look what happened to Kavanaugh thanks to “Beach Friends.”

              Second, those of us of a certain age remember Hillary, as first lady, getting caught with FBI files on her political enemies in the residence quarters at the Whitehouse. (The Tom Lantos interview of Craig Livingstone was classic.) So, the FBI has been willing to play ball with this queen B for a long time, and there is little reason to believe she lost all her access to dishonest folks. It matters that she survived that scandal unscathed, as well as all those other scandals, too. The whole cabal has skated every time. Why be so sure the whole cabal won’t skate again this time? And, if Trump tries to bring them down, he better not miss.

              Third, when the Soviet Union collapsed, we learned a whole bunch about U.S. traitors that the FBI should have known about, and never told anyone. Why? The only choices are: the FBI failed at their job, or the FBI could not be trusted to out certain Soviet spies. Either of those possibilities needs to be part of Trump’s analysis now. Maybe the FBI would rather keep a Soviet spy they can blackmail than protect the people of the U.S. The Nixon history with Alger Hiss suggests many different possibilities in this arena, and none of those possibilities should be encouraging to Trump.

              Fourth, major components of the media are either in on it, or completely willing to go along to get Trump.

              Fifth, a ton of USA voters can’t seem to remember last week, can’t string together any three related thoughts, and already know the answer to everything before they know any facts or details. Their stupidity has to be kept on the sidelines somehow.

              So hell yes, FBI 1, Nixon 0. It matters.


          • andrewalinxs says:

            I am referring to the Corruption of the post 9/11 counter intelligence community. It was largely created under GWB then corrupted and politicized under Obama.

            What you are talking about is general corruption of the FBI which is its own complected history.


          • Ray Runge says:

            Je, about the original date of corruption in the FBI——Think J, Edgar Hoover.


          • LEET says:


            “The FBI was led by J Edgar Hoover, who kept blackmail files on just about everyone in upper levels of government.”

            I am sure the blackmailing in D.C. has only become more prevelant since Hoover. I am convinced most of the swamp is either blackmailed or bought off through lobbying. That is what makes POTUS Trump such a miraculous occurrence.


      • Carson Napier says:

        That’s a damn good measuring stick.


      • Julian says:

        Why do you think Trump picked Barr?

        Because of 1)? Or because of 2)?


    • WVPatriot says:

      His actions will prove his allegiance — AMERICA or swamp.

      There is no grey area…period.

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      • Chip Doctor says:

        WVPatriot, you are right! No middle ground. Either you are for the constitution or against the constitution. AG Barr, which one are you?

        I will withhold judgment for a little while, but I’ll be damned if I will get sucked into 6 months of “is he a stealth white hat?” You got 30 days.

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        • WES says:

          Chip: I think SD indicated we would know within one or two weeks! Can’t remember his criteria?


        • Julian says:

          Rosenstein will get fired next week.

          We’ll know whether Barr is a White Hat by Independence Day.

          Give him 100 Business Days to prove his worth.


          • BitterC says:

            Rosenstein is not going to be “fired”. He announced his intention to retire after Barr was named.
            Barr said in his confirmation hearing that he was going to ask Rod to stick around for a while to help him get settled


          • BigMamaTEA says:

            Why is this thread commenting on Barr? This is not the topic of the thread. (Oh, I get it, everyone latched onto the last words of Rep Ratcliff)

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            • BigMamaTEA says:

              But since this thread is commenting on Attorney General Barr…..IF, and this is big, and we will have to see….but IF Attorney General Barr will get the DOJ and the FBI back to following some semblance of RULE OF LAW……in the next 2 years…….then maybe he will be rehired after Trump wins in 2020.


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      The relative ease of his confirmation has my “Oh shit!” radar lit up like a New Year’s fireworks extravaganza….

      The Uniparty did not behave like they’re very concerned with him becoming the AG. I pray he’s with the president all the way and is waiting to jump……we’ll see.

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      • Yeah that was about as quick as Mueller’s appointment as SC.


      • Jederman says:

        PT has a say in this, sorta. If all else fails he can tweet him to death like he did Sessions. I agree the lack of real resistance was suspicious.

        Worst thing he could do is a pretend investigation that drags on with no results, similar to what we saw from the emasculated R’s in congress (Benghazi, F and F, IRS…) during obama’s reign.


    • smurfette says:

      The more I research the less I like.

      Barr received a routine questionnaire from the Judiciary Committee asking him to disclose his past work including pro bono activities “serving the disadvantaged.” The “disadvantaged” that Barr spent the most time helping was an FBI agent who slayed an Idaho mother holding her baby in 1992. Barr spent two weeks organizing former Attorneys General and others to support “an FBI sniper in defending against criminal charges in connection with the Ruby Ridge incident.

      Here is a summary of Barr’s career:

      *Barr was a full-time CIA operative, recruited by Langley out of high school, starting in 1971. Barr’s youth career goal was to head the CIA.

      *CIA operative assigned to the China directorate, where he became close to powerful CIA operative George H.W. Bush, whose accomplishments already included the CIA/Cuba Bay of Pigs, Asia CIA operations (Vietnam War, Golden Triangle narcotics), Nixon foreign policy (Henry Kissinger), and the Watergate operation.

      We need General Kelly back.


      • Sayit2016 says:

        “We need General Kelly back”.

        No we don’t.

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      • Rileytrips says:

        Barr was younger then, and being a liberal was being for our Consitutional Rights…now it means something totally opposite. He is older/wiser now and has had years to see the fruits of his early days and the efforts of those around him then play out. He has beloved grandchildren now. I think he is on board with saving this Republic and following the rule of law – which he states he loves, as he loves his country. We shall see.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        How does we need General Kelly back follow from that?


    • Rock Knutne says:

      flyboy51v ~

      I’m afraid yer gonna have a nice long snooze.


    • Rip Van Flyboy wake up! We have front row seats to the last gasp of liberty.


    • Diana Allocco says:

      Joe DiGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing love Barr. So that’s two points in Barr’s favor.

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    • Zaza says:

      “I just assume Barr is 100% swamp-rat. Someone wake me up if I’m mistaken”

      98-99% chance that you are entirely correct, This Ratcliffe, tells a nice tale but smiles like a total weasel. He is telling a partial truth that the govt agents are largely not relivable but in fact liars. At least he is willing to admit the obvious truth, most GOVT employees are lying weasels. Thanks for that much,,…. SIMP.

      Will Bill Barr do schite? Most likely not.


    • casper5473 says:

      I am going to trust Joe diGenova’s respect and recommendation. Are you awake buddy. lol. diGenova trusts Barr.


  2. Carson Napier says:

    If God were to speak to me and say, “I will destroy al Qaeda/ISIS, or I will destroy DOJ/FBI. I will let you choose”, my choice would be that God destroy that which is the greatest threat to the Republic, which is clearly the DOJ/FBI.

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  3. Monticello says:

    Is Barr an honorable man?
    Comes down to this……. we’ll know very soon.

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  4. Disgusted says:

    I have not seen any other reference to Maria’s statement here that Shiff is claiming he wants to keep investigating, OR the other claim included here thst teo cabinet members said THEY would support President’s removal! WHICH cabinet members and where else can this be seem or where is the link?


    • farmerren says:

      Here’s where I went looking. And I’m soo curious as to if this is true. (Baker)


      • montanadi says:

        Only McCabe claimed to have a couple of cabinet members on board. IMO that is utter nonsense. These cabinet members were either too smart or too loyal to involve themselves in a coup or sedition as it is. SPECULATION was that it was Sessions and Kelly. That is preposterous.


      • Bucky Badger says:

        The krassenstein bros ( are the most ardent and frequent anti-trump tweeters on @realdonaldtrump. I would respect their reporting at the same level as CNN or worse.


    • Thx farm for posting a link on 25th. Here’s a summary and link on Schiff’s endless investigation. It’s vague enough to search MY bank records and tax returns.
      (1) The scope and scale of the Russian government’s operations to influence the U.S. political process, and the U.S. government’s response, during and since the 2016 election;

      (2) The extent of any links and/or coordination between the Russian government, or related foreign actors, and individuals associated with Donald Trump’s campaign, transition, administration, or business interests, in furtherance of the Russian government’s interests;

      (3) Whether any foreign actor has sought to compromise or holds leverage, financial or otherwise, over Donald Trump, his family, his business, or his associates;

      (4) Whether President Trump, his family, or his associates are or were at any time at heightened risk of, or vulnerable to, foreign exploitation, inducement, manipulation, pressure, or coercion, or have sought to influence U.S. government policy in service of foreign interests; and

      (5) Whether any actors – foreign or domestic – sought or are seeking to impede, obstruct, and/or mislead authorized investigations into these matters, including those in the Congress.

      Here’s some quick counterpunches that House Minority Intel Committee members can pursue:
      1) Did Steele or Fusion GPS actually pay for, or receive, any dossier elements from current or former Russian gov’t officials? If so, then the Dossier was a work product of Russian gov’t. Did Brennan, Harry Reid, Winer, Nuland, Ohr, etc. attempt to bypass Five Eyes review of Russian-influenced Dossier and distribute to gov’t officials, and what was US Gov’t response? What evidence did Yates rely on when informing WH Counsel that Flynn lied?
      5) Did Schiff meet with Steele or Simpson during an ongoing investigation? Did Schiff leak Trump Jr. email with changed date? Did Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Clinton lie to congressional committees in an attempt to obstruct their investigation? Did Clinton Campaign/Perkins Coie/Sussman attempt to mislead the Trump-Russian investigators by submitting knowingly false dossier elements? Did Warner attempt to meet with Steele privately during an ongoing investigation?

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    • snarkybeach says:

      Shifty Schiff said HIS people will keep investigating the criminal president after Mueller turns out the lights.

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    • grlangworth says:

      Don’t you find it interesting that Rep Ratcliffe revealed that ‘Shiffless’ disqualified his unrevealed, purported ‘evidence’ as being NEITHER kind that is recognized by law.

      ‘Shiffless’ has apparently invented a new kind of evidence.


    • clairbee says:

      Schiff is on TV almost daily saying he is continuing to investigate,. He has claimed he has no actual evidence or circumstantial evidence but knows Trump is guilty of everything.


  5. Tl Howard says:

    I keep thinking of George Bush the younger laughing and joking with Obama and his wife, knowing as he had to have known, of the attempts to set up Trump.

    I realize that Bush, having been on both sides the fence, as a loser -when his father wasn’t re-elected- and as a winner, when his father was elected and when he himself won twice, understands as well as anyone the dirty rotten games of high stakes politics, but I’d have thought that he’d put his foot down at downright sedition, which is what this conspiracy was and still is.

    I could tell when Rush was interviewed by Chrissy today that Matthews no more thinks of this plot to take down POTUS as sedition any more than he thinks of MSNBC as a news network.

    Of course I also realize he doesn’t know much detail either as he is no different from all the other swampers to whom this story is something they wish would go away.

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  6. Andrew McCabe is still operating under the assumption that DOJ concludes every internal investigation with the words, “DOJ declines prosecution.” Heck of a gamble, but I wouldn’t take his bet.

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  7. lawton says:

    I think if Rosenstein wasn’t part of this Barr might let a few people go down to clean the place up some but since he is buddies with Rosenstein he won’t do anything but let McCabe be nailed for lying or something like that.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Short of many indictments and prison sentences, you can compose your song lyrics about the Swamp food that Mr Barr enjoys after bible study.


  8. amwick says:

    Soft coup? Oxymoron much. SMH

    Dear Lord,
    Please guide AG Barr along the path of justice.

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  9. MACAULAY says:

    John Ratcliffe was extremely impressive in this interview.

    He is ready for national office, perhaps Senator—should replace Cornyn.

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    • Landslide says:

      He is in a national office; U.S. Congress. BUT….replacing Cornyn as Senator in 2020 would be a great idea! (imho) Cornyn just turned 67 and has been a Senator since 2002. He probably has no intention of leaving.😏


  10. jsg2020 says:

    barr is swamp reason mcCabe STILL has NOT been arrested


  11. KnowSERENoFear says:

    Only one way to solve the FBI – Dissolve it.

    It is NOT a constitutional organization and therefore it is unlawful and everything it is done is unlawful.

    The DOJ is an unlawful organization as well. The AG was was a part time position for nearly 100 years. Funny…the DOJ was started by US Grant as a means to force Democrats to follow 13 & 14 Amendments…IOW’s to control the racist democrats.

    Federal prisons are illegal. Most Federal crimes are illegal.


    • GB Bari says:

      Ok, I’ll bite…..

      Which Federal crimes aren’t illegal?


      • KnowSERENoFear says:

        UCMJ crimes. And crimes committed on authorized Federal property….forts, ports, DC.


        • GB Bari says:

          Semantics problem here.

          Last time I checked, all of those crimes are “illegal” as well, by definition.

          “Illegal” means unlawful. It doesn’t refer to which law or set of laws are being violated.

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          • KnowSERENoFear says:

            Apologies…i didn’t communicate this very well

            Unconstitutional. Against the Rule of the land…therefore, illegal…unlawful.

            There are vast amounts of laws in this country derived from administrative law…extra and Supra to our constitution. But anything the Federal government does outside the box of the constitution is illegal.

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  12. Anon says:

    Trump finally said it

    About time!

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Yes, he finally quoted someone saying it. Now I will sit up and take notice — “Obama intelligence agencies.” I noted the distancing. “Mueller is a coverup.” Good!


    • Robert Smith says:

      We’ll get there. It’ll just take longer than most of us want. Trump has said in the past that declassifying everything would cause much disruption. So he is mindful of that.

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  13. LULU says:

    John Ratcliffe doesn’t spend a lot of time on television. When he does – especially with Maria – it is worth a look/listen. Wasn’t he on the short list for AG? I’d have chosen him… Smart, clearheaded guy.

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  14. Zorro says:

    Trust Stealth Bill.

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  15. Pelayo says:

    Nothing “soft” about a small cabal of seditious pencil-neck geeks disenfranchising 63mm Americans. This cannot stand.

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  16. Zorro says:

    Sundance and Treepers, Andrew McCabe is the about the only person in the sordid mess that have even been referred for charges in my knowledge. We know the IG skated around bias and other stuff for someone like Swivel Head Strzok and James Wolfe, could have been charged for much worse than lying.

    Who is the power that allowed McCabe to be referred for charges when almost no one else has been referred?


  17. Bogeyfree says:

    This interview with Tony Shaffer and the Epoch Times from yesterday is Terrific.

    Tony absolutely nukes the FBI and the bogus investigation but maybe the best point Tony makes is that in order for the FBI to have investigated then Candidate Trump there had to be a waiver signed off by someone in NSC to approve this otherwise they had to notify him as an American citizen and he names that person as Susan Rice, who as we know reported directly to Obama.

    IMO this interview is the most powerful for Barr to hear as it screams that crimes were committed and investigations are in order of these FBI agents as no one including the FBI is above the law.

    Additionally it is the first time I have seen where there is a clear trail of dots (I.e. the documented waiver) that could lead everything back Obama possibly.

    I hope Sundance has seen this and will do a thread on it alone.

    I will be alerting Bongino as he too needs to do a podcast on it.

    Note I am posting this on all the Sundance Sunday threads to make sure as many people view/read this and to make sure it catches Sundance’s attention.

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  18. Ratcliffe makes an excellent point about McCabe–

    Absolutely ridiculous claim that POTUS fired Comey at the “direct order” of Putin. WHY? Comey was using false Russian gossip to undermine POTUS, and sow confusion. Always the goal of the communists.

    Second, as Ratcliffe aptly points out, McCabe was interviewed by Pres. Trump for the FBI Director position. So, as Ratcliffe says, WHY would McCabe willingly take that interview if he thought Pres. Trump was a Russian puppet. Total nonsense from McCabe. He cares about two things–MONEY and POWER.

    Bartiromo is fantastic as usual.

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  19. mj_inOC says:

    God Bless and guide these ladies in their study of Scripture… Since there is no mention whether or not their husbands also attend a Bible Study, let’s pray the Holy Spirit convicts these wives’ husbands to repent of their lies and evil sedition against America, and seek forgiveness… realizing God is a just God, and like Chuck Colson, prison may be included… However, Chuck started Prison Fellowship, forever changing lives for eternity… even now. Praise Him!

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