Two Potential Suspects Arrested for Attack on ‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett…

Chicago police have arrested two Nigerian brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo (pictured below), and are calling them potential suspects in the alleged attack against actor Jussie Smollett.

The arrest could be problematic for the victim if the police request a line-up to identify the perpetrators. Previously, the actor stated the attack was carried out by two white males wearing MAGA hats. Based on an investigative review of the alleged attackers they do not appear to meet the profile.

Chicago – Two potential suspects in the alleged racial attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett have been arrested, Chicago police said Friday.  […] Police also confirmed “they have a relationship with [Jussie].”

This news comes hours after police told ABC News they were classifying them as potential suspects.

“Detectives have probable cause that they may have been involved in an alleged crime and we are working to corroborate the allegations and investigative timeline as our investigation continues,” police said. (read more)

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263 Responses to Two Potential Suspects Arrested for Attack on ‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett…

  1. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Nigerian Caucasian…………………………….

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      African Rednecks

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Hey, George Zimmerman was a white Hispanic, right?

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      • EJ says:

        Many hispanics are white – they come from Europe – Spain!

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        • fred5678 says:

          It’s the Meztisos that are of a darker hue, compared to more pure Spanish ancestry.

          And Mexico is raaaaaaaacist.

          An estimated 80 percent of Mexico’s indigenous people live in extreme poverty. The southern state of Chiapas has a very high concentration of indigenous people, and is Mexico’s poorest state. The 1995 census showed that over half of the 3.6 million people of Chiapas lived on either no wage, or less than the minimum salary of US$4 a day. Indigenous homes have the lowest levels of running water and electrification. Indigenous populations also endure extremely poor health conditions, with little access to health resources. In 1990, for example, the state of Chiapas reported the largest number of new cases of malaria in the country@ Indian children have an estimated 41 per cent malnutrition rate.

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        • TwoLaine says:

          They didn’t mean it as a compliment at the time.

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        • eagle931 says:

          Frankly, I never understood why some people think that “white Hispanic” is an oxymoron. What this shows to me is an utter lack of knowledge about the racial make-up of Latin America. The fact is that in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil and Cuba (especially before the so-called Castro revolution) whites make up the majority, while they form a significant plurality in most of the other Latin American countries, even Mexico.
          In my opinion, the reason why Americans do not see it this way is because, generally speaking, immigration from Latin America tends to come from the economically poorer, non-white, population while the white population is generally better off and, therefore, has no need to immigrate for other than political reasons. Political immigration is where you’ll find that the majority seeking refuge is white. This is the case with Cubans, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans who sought only refuge for political reasons. In my case, I’m a Cuban-born individual whose ancestors hailed from Spain and France (If you saw my family on my mother’s side you’d think we came from either Germany or Holland).
          According to UN statistics, pre-revolutionary Cuba had the second largest European immigration in the world, with the U.S. being number one. So, yes, there is such a thing as a white Hispanic, whatever the term “Hispanic” means (because racially and culturally speaking, there is no such thing as a Hispanic).

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          • Bendix says:

            I don’t find it an oxymoron, I just find it, I don’t know, irritating or something, because I do know a lot about the racial/ethnic composition of the so-called Hispanic countries.
            I also know that the label refers to Spain, and people of Spain are white Europeans.
            Spanish people do not consider themselves all one ethnicity either, so it’s laughable when various celebrities and politicians try to let on that there is some kind of kinship amongst people of far-flung and ‘diverse’ cultures.

            So when the NYT takes the unprecedented step of naming a man they would normally consider a minority “of color” as a “white” Hispanic, to carry along the racism narrative, I call BS.

            I also know white Muslims.

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            • eagle931 says:

              You are absolutely right. This “Hispanic” nomenclature is nothing more than a political ploy to divide by ethnicity and race. The word Hispanic (also Iberian), of course, refers to Spain and those whose ancestry can be directly linked to Spain, but it has nothing to do with race; and, of course, all of Latin America, except Brazil, speaks Spanish. But having a common language does not mean that that there is a common culture, far from it. For the political class and for those who want to balkanize our country into warring factions, they try to sell “Hispanic” as a racial monolithic group of Mestizo or indigenous Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, etc., who think alike and who are “victims” of the system. I have been fighting this really stupid and false concept for years. I’m simply an individual whose philosophy is based on my own life experience. I don’t need anyone or any group to tell me what to think. I expect to be judged by who I am as person, nothing more and nothing less.

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          • Daniel says:

            Because, I’m sad I have to point out, the wrong words are used to describe people. Do you think of Pakistan when you think of “Asia” or Pakistanis when you think of “Asian people”? Willing to bet that’s not the first place your mind goes and it’s demonstrably true that the majority of the time, they mean “East Asia” AKA “The Orient.” But some time ago, (some time after the movie “They Call Me Bruce”) the PC police determined you can’t say “oriental” any longer because it’s somehow harmful and that Asian is better and more ’empowering.’ It isn’t. There a massive average IQ difference between East Asians and the rest of Asia. It’s the opposite of empowering. It’s intentionally muddling meaning.

            I say this because the same is true of “Mexicans.” Sure, it’s imprecise. But “Latin American” is even worse. Do they speak Latin? No. They speak Spanish along with a few other languages. [Spanish, Portuguese, French, and the creole] Where did that term even happen? It happened because people wanted to make a people “sound better.” They don’t refer to people speaking the same languages in Europe as “Latin Europeans” do they? They “could” but they don’t. Why? Because they are white people, that’s why.

            You don’t understand? It’s done to make groups of people “sound better” and therefore somehow make them better.

            The truth of it is all sourced from political correctness changing the language and trying to create new appearances when the original language somehow becomes offensive. Changing the words does not change the meaning. How many different ways do they say “special education” today? How many different ways do they say “Negro”? It’s a never ending change of vocabulary to force people into saying things they don’t mean.

            But please continue in your support of leftist tactics through their control of the language. I’ll take Donald Trump. I’m not saying “undocumented immigrants.” They are illegal aliens.

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          • Go to Panama, (outside the Canal Zone) up around David, Chiriquí Province in western Panama, Folks, are WHITER, than most American or European folks..


    • mpmp2015 says:

      The Nigerian brothers can “identify” as Caucasian, thus making it a hate crime…

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    • Daylight58 says:

      Norwegian… Nigerian…. so easy to confuse.

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    • Jason says:

      lol.. well played 🙂

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    • Kevin Bogan says:

      They must have been in whiteface

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Chicago AND Nigeria……


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    • MaineCoon says:

      For Dimms, black is white and white is black. Hmmm….

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  2. Nick the Deplorable says:

    So if this goes to trial Smoletter testifies the guys who mugged him where while and the Nigerians are found not guilty and the whole thing then goes away.

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    • Nick the Deplorable says:

      white not while

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    • andyocoregon says:

      This is problematic for Smollett as well….

      “Prior to the police identifying and interviewing the two persons of interest, Smollett said he believes the two men in the photo released by police in the days after the attack are the perpetrators.

      “I don’t have any doubt in my mind that that’s them,” Smollett said. “Never did.””

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Same as the Jazmine Barnes shooting?

        Were these white guys in a red truck?

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        • nimrodman says:

          “Prior to the police identifying and interviewing the two persons of interest, Smollett said he believes the two men in the photo released by police in the days after the attack are the perpetrators.

          Yes. “Prior to the police identifying …” is key

          At the point Smollett made the “believes it’s them” statement, the only evidence known to him was that surveillance-cam photo of 2 dark-hooded, indistinguishable figures.

          So Smollett says “Yeah – that’s them!”
          … and then the next day, police find and book the Nigerians

          “So what?
          “So what?
          “… Oops, Suzie”


    • Admin says:

      I think more than likely it will come out soon that Smollet concocted this entire plan, enlisted their help, paid for their trip to Nigeria, and when his job was saved, that he would go to bat for them. I totally suspect these two people will turn on him and share the plan.

      But the media will spin and say Smollet was so terrified of racial tensions that it’s easy to see how a black man could be confused as to the race since it’s common for victims to misidentify characteristics of their attackers all of the time. They will drive home that this is now the norm for black men in America under Trump’s reign.

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      • andyocoregon says:

        This is a defining statement, IMO.

        “Police also confirmed that “they have a relationship with [Jussie].””

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      • wendy forward says:

        Movie star justice-the schleppers go down, the “star” skates.


      • Sunshine says:

        I don’t know of anybody, nor have I ever heard of someone, that leaves his warm apartment at 2h00 a.m. to buy a sandwich in sub-zero weather. I don’t believe his story of not having anything at all to eat in the apartment.

        Also, if he was so hungry, why didn’t he eat his sandwich at the Subway restaurant instead of bringing it with him in freezing weather?

        And if you were taking a flight to Nigeria, would you be out in the freezing cold wandering on a street a few hours before your flight? I don’t think so.

        Incredibly, he would have gotten away with his fake sob story had his friend not called the police.

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  3. over/under on this story completing its collapse by monday

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  4. fanbeav says:

    Jussie will never face consequences for this hoax and the media will cover it up also!

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  5. Mist'ears Mom says:

    More of our “new” Americans ….

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  6. lansdalechip says:

    The brothers should have stayed in Nigeria and sent lottery emails.

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  7. Somebody says:

    Man those white “red necks” sure have great tans. Where’s their MAGA hats?

    I’ve said from the get go it’s a hoax or some kind of kinky sex hookup gone wrong. I hope the police check his phone for grindr messages now that they have it.

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  8. John_in_IN says:

    Maybe they were wearing whiteface as disguises. Or,,, would that be racist?

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  9. MIKE says:

    “Make Africa Great Again”


  10. Admin says:

    Complete and total hate crime hoax. Claimed his attackers were white, Trump supporters, and screamed “This is MAGA country”. Turns out he has worked with both, follows one on Instagram, and reportedly has shared phone calls in his call log.

    Also interesting, these two individuals get a on plane for Nigeria the same day?

    It’s a total set up. Fake the attack, the two men leave the country and return later. Smollet assumed the Chicago PD would just validate his story and say they coudln’t find the perps and it would just all go away but allow Smollet to continue to play the victim card and smear Trump supporters.

    The police have wasted man hours and resources looking for a boogeyman. The fact that Smollet requested police turn off body cameras after calling them 40 minutes AFTER the attack and refused to provide his phone or complete phone records while he constantly changed his story and added more details each time, this man deserves PRISON time.

    We need a law that punishes people who make false claims against people and force them to serve the same sentence the accused would have faced. As i have said on other threads, all of these hate crime hoaxes would stop almost immediately. The Christine Ford’s would think twice before they try to smear a man’s reputation for political gain. The Duke Lacrosse players. The list goes on an on.

    That is what true justice is and until the punishment fits the crime, we will never move forward as a country.

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    • Absolutely agree on every point.
      And Smollett should reimburse Chicago PD for the costs of this waste of time investigation.
      Chicago PD have real crime and murders to pursue.

      If we had a less weaponized media this would never have occurred. And all done so Smollett could help retain his role on a TV show. Can’t make this gag-inducing stuff up!

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  11. redline says:

    I’m loathe to reinforce stereotypes of any form, but those two are straight out of central casting…

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      I work with educated Nigerian professionals fairly regularly. Based on looks, I could not distinguish my colleagues from these two. Different dress, for sure, but we don’t all work out at the same gym; we interact in business dress. Which, I have to say, is always sharp for the Nigerians, if I must access a stereotype myself.

      On top of that, a great portion of Nigerians here in the States are devout Christians.

      You will have to explain what the stereotypes are.

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  12. LBB says:

    All 3 planned it, or bro’s engaged in attack on Smollett , then they all realized they knew each other. Hence the cover story. Brothers are baffled how law enforcement were able to track clues to them.

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  13. cthulhu says:

    Wait….they’re actors……maybe they were wearing whiteface.


  14. redline says:

    Wait a tick, the media are still going with “… the alleged racial attack …”


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  15. kinthenorthwest says:

    Time to put an actor on permanent leave…

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  16. BigTalkers says:

    They’d need MAGA hats and some “white face” makeup to fit his description, I believe.


  17. Kenji says:

    Everyone … EVERYONE! wearing a hoodie concealing all but their eyes … is a criminal. And a 99.97% a BLACK criminal. Hence … profiling for a purpose.


  18. California Joe says:

    Funny how the Chicago Police could get their text messages but nobody can get the FBI text messages?

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  19. They are probably more white than Pocahontas is red…………..just saying.

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  20. Linus in W.PA. says:

    So these two are pillow biters like Pussie Smollett??

    This is getting way confusing!!!

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  21. A Juissie story is a-comin’, I knew it.


  22. fred5678 says:

    When will the three “actors” claim it was all just street theater practice??

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  23. Genie says:

    Nigerians doing the work Americans won’t do.

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  24. trapper says:

    A couple more tidbits:
    the brothers BOTH worked as extras on Empire, and
    they “sometimes work out at a gym with Smollett.”

    This just gets better and better. It’s like watching those guys in the movie “Snatch.” From the movie: “You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.”

    Pass the salt please.

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  25. MIKE says:

    Need to add another charge to add to Juicy Smullett’s rap sheet… impersonating an actor.


  26. Herbert Kroll says:

    Some guy, somewhere: “Hey, that’s the Nigerian prince who ran off with my Ukranian mail bride!”

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  27. PaulR says:

    So America has to bring in Nigerians to do the MAGA ass-kickings that used to be done by Americans! LOL!

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  28. Polish Rifle says:

    Their MAGA hats = My Anus Greased Always. 3 butt bandits.


  29. Akindole says:

    If Obama had boyz, they’d look just like them.

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  30. Richard Whitney says:

    When you use Google translate on their names,you might find that Olabinjo means ‘fudgepacker’ and Abimbola means ‘sausagehider’.
    Or you may not


  31. Luke of the D says:

    Just look at their white privilege! They are so full of white privilege they have gone a full 180 degrees around the color spectrum!

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  32. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Wow!!!! They are the blackest white men I have ever seen….

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  33. redline says:

    Are they smirking? OMG! They *are* smirking!

    Yep, you bet they are.

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  34. Milo says:

    Dear CTH tree dwellers,
    Thank you for the entertaining posts.

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  35. Dad's son says:

    I don’t know why but the way this has gone makes me think of Tonya Harding and her gang of timberbilly stooges….
    Watching the story fall apart, as portayed in “I, Tonya” was an epic portait of dumba$$ery at work.
    Maybe Jussie can play himself in the movie?

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  36. Summer says:

    “Two US citizens of Nigerian descent.”

    They don’t send their best, folks ~ D. J. Trump

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  37. mickjt says:

    But, but, but, they are …Pause…BLACK…..I thought Blacks could not commit crimes…


  38. mickjt says:

    I think Smollet concocted this lie to get Publicity…it’s that simple. A failing career, a gay actor who has NO talent…what else could he do?

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  39. waicool says:

    the first rule about fight club is never talk about fight club

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  40. Alex50 says:

    Obviously transwhite suspects.

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  41. NavyBuckeye says:

    They are 1/102224th Caucasian. They went to the same school Lizzy Warren attended.

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  42. NavyBuckeye says:

    They are 1/102224th Caucasian. They went to the same school Lizzy Warren attended.


  43. Zorro says:

    Would it be racist if they put on whiteface and imitate a Northam moonwalk?


  44. Bendix says:

    This has overtones of the time actor Kevin Spacey made a claim of being mugged in a London Park.
    What is it with actors at the peak of their careers making stuff up for even more attention?
    First Spacey was mugged for his phone, then he withdrew the claim, if I’m recalling correctly.
    Then he admitted that he handed his phone over to a young man, who ran off with it, and Spacey gave chase. He said he was embarrassed to admit he fell for the con, and embarrassed that in chasing the thief he tripped over his small dog and was injured, so he made up the mugging story.

    Jussie may be emulating Spacey, who knows?
    BTW, I read at a couple of internet sites which I will not link to, because they are not reliable, that the real truth was something else entirely.

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  45. justlizzyp says:

    I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how Jussie failed to recognize their accents/ speaking voices when they were hurling racist and homophobic slurs at him during the assault….

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  46. CNY3 says:

    Oh yeah, that’s DEF the white-male-MAGA-hat-wearing-perps. 🙄

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  47. Mike in cinci says:

    They are good kids.

    This must be a misunderstanding.

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