Lindsey Graham Discusses DHS Border Security Funding and Political Details….

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman appears on Fox News to discuss the border security funding bill.  Senator Graham urges President Trump to accept the deal that is presented and move on.

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71 Responses to Lindsey Graham Discusses DHS Border Security Funding and Political Details….

  1. freepetta says:

    Disagree. You’re wrong Senator. The Demonrats have some awful stuff in there. The President shouldn’t leave the decision on the wall to mayors, city councils and other politicians with agendas. Don’t do it Mr. President!!

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  2. hoghead says:

    “We’d be stupid as a party to not support the President on this…”

    They aren’t the restupidturd party for nothin’.

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  3. Austin Holdout says:

    Graham is a hard one to read. Sometimes I think he’s on our side and sometimes it’s darned hard to tell. One thing I feel sure about-you’ll be seeing Graham 2024 bumper stickers someday.

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    • TreeClimber says:

      I’ll give you a hint from a South Carolinian who’s been keeping an eye on Graham for a good several years. Lindsey Graham is for Lindsey Graham first, foremost, and always. He’s a rat but he’s anything but stupid. He’ll cozy up to whoever can help him most – money, power, whatever – he recognizes a winner when he sees one but likes to hedge his bets.

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    • Lone Pine says:

      I dunno I have no trouble reading Ms. Grahmnesty at all. 99% of the time he’s schilling for globalism and open borders. In the remaining 1% of the time I assume he’s eother drunk 😵 or sleeping.

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    • Everett Miller says:

      “Hard one to read”?
      He’s like a “Dick and Jane” book. (Look it up)
      He’s as predictable as any politician and especially so as the toadie of the traitor McConnell. Just like the slimy John McCain, could you read him?

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    • Linda K says:

      Not on anyone’s car.


    • JonB3 says:

      He’s Not on our side ! He’s just getting better at making believe he is.


  4. Admin says:

    The bill reportedly has a poison pill that allow small town mayors to veto and prevent the government from building walls in their towns. If true, Trump should tell them all to pound sand and declare a national emergency.

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    • James Carpenter says:

      Emergency declaration, yes.
      But no challenges to “pound sand”.
      There are ranchers, mayors, landowners in the mix who would wlecome a wall. Add the limited miles we can to their local stretch of border first. If you believe walls work, let these folks have their sections of wall and demonstrate by example how it has helped them manage border crossings better in their neck of the woods.


    • kfish63 says:

      The funding in this bill for barriers relates to 50+ miles in the Rio Grande Valley. Within those few miles you could easily determine which mayor, city government or private citizen would be objectionable to building a barrier. Next step: Move the barrier inland from those objecting and make their citizens have to enter and exit the barrier from the Mexican side. See how fast those locally elected officials change their minds!


  5. andy says:

    Time to move on. take the deal. Where there is Lawfare, just call out the politicians and let the locals deal with the entity that brings it. Save the money until cleared. Dont create any optics,
    Dont be fooled that Trump’s base will abandoned him over the wall. Abandoned to WHERE? there is no other option.

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  6. bessie2003 says:

    He sure is a snake in the grass;

    going on national television encouraging the President to sign a bill [all the while, and IF the stories are true that the bill contains provision for mayors and municipalities to over-ride a President’s authority to protect the nation, as well as knowing that this POTUS takes his responsibility to preserve, protect and defend this nation extremely seriously and so must veto any bill that has provisions that diminishes a President’s authority to carry out his duties]

    Graham must think he himself is going to come out looking like the calm headed on. What a snake.

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  7. JX says:

    Graham is saying “take 1/4 of what you asked for and move on”. Missing is any explication of what else is in the legislation. The fact that it is kept hidden tells me it’s toxic.

    The only worthwhile thing Graham noted is that last year’s appropriation bill and the defense budget makes available to the president a total of $4.8 billion. Leave the battle for the remaining $900 million for next year and tell Pelosi et al to get lost.

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  8. grlangworth says:

    Can’t believe it but Senator Graham is now making sense.

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    • Everett Miller says:

      Hardly. I’m, for one, going to be massively disappointed if my POTUS signs this bill allowing the government to keep wasting money on the wrong things while ignoring what we need.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      What???? Manure legislation. A disaster!!


      The Hill: “A Congressional Democratic aide said ***the funding bill would only allow the administration to use “existing technologies” for fencing and barriers. The legislation specifies that the barrier funding would have to be “pedestrian fencing” or “levee pedestrian fencing”*** in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.”

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  9. Azrajo says:

    If Trump signs this with the suspected provisions in it he is finished and sadly so are we.

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  10. President Trump must be amazed every single day at the depth of stupidity and skullduggery that goes on all around him. Does no one actually want to do an honest day of work in DC?

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  11. Moultrie Flag says:

    I keep seeing “Lindsey 2.0” in headlines.



    Please remember this.


  12. William Schneider says:

    I for one can forgive LIndsay for many sins after the courageous and powerful defensive effort he displayed during the confirmation hearings for Justice Kavanauh. I think the man is basically a good man who is usually supportive of President Trump and on the side of the truth and justice. I will usually give him the benefit of the doubt as a man of integrity.

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    • Jan says:

      He opposes withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan. How supportive is that??

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    • Perot Conservative says:


      Didn’t vote for recess appointments. Is pushing this pile of dog manure.

      Multiple personalities like Sybil Romney.

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      • James Carpenter says:

        I think Graham is of two minds. He is conflicted, trying to serve two masters.
        One the one hand, he faces the same problem _ALL_ in Congress must deal with: campaign financing. You can’t get to or stay in office without money and the bulk of dollars out there wants open borders.- True, we have seen victories where the opposition massively outspent. And we will see more of them. But that doesn’t change current realities where money and politics are concerned.
        On the other hand, Graham has shown support for President Trump when it really counted. His umbrage during Kavanaugh’s trial-by-fire was genuine.
        Yes there’s a time to dig your heels in. But there’s also a time to run away and live to fight another day.
        Signing this bill won’t truly be “running away”. It’s just an escape from another “Half-Nelson”… and it will garner some “down payment”, allow us to fight another day. And another. And another. Until either the Uniparty/Swamp kills Trump or we voters drain Swamp creatures in 2020.


    • Ray says:

      No take his support and get rid of him for an actual MAGA candidate at primary time. He will and is back stabbing POTUS when convenient.


    • Donzo says:

      That’s him fooling you with his phony practicality and southern charm. He was the one pressing to go nuclear with an EO. Now he’s gone limp and accepts this horrible deal as the best Trump can get. Snake in the grass. Swamp creature.


  13. Retired IG says:

    So disturbing to me is watching Senator Graham trying to kiss asses on both sides of the political
    fence, Sooo disturbing. He is to me, A UNIPARTY, NEW WORLD ORDER “person.” that cannot remember from one day to next what exactly he “stands for.”
    Question Mr. Graham – what do you stand for? I want you to spell it out in your own words.
    So effing tired of “double speak.” Want to know: are you with us, or against us? Starting to think it is the latter.

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  14. Perot Conservative says:



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  15. Kelly says:

    My question of this deal is if does contain the bs to give mayors of border
    Communities to get the authority to veto construction for a wall/barrier??
    What good would the 1.4 billion do?
    Most of the Laredo/ Rio Grande look to be Democrat , which is where the highest percentage of illegal crossings
    are. So even if PDJT signs the deal
    An an uses his authority with the “284”
    Statute to get more funding together,
    Would he have to fight against a stack
    Of vetos? Am I misunderstanding the poison of that pill?

    I do not find it normal for any mayor
    To be able overpower our commander an chief On NATIONAL SECURITY !!
    Really?? First is one district judge that makes a decision for security for our whole country an now a mayor too!
    That is something to wake everyone up!

    Oh an Lindsey Graham is phoney!
    He has his weeble wobble walk down
    Pat! Why don’t he open his mouth like he did at the Kavanaugh hearing! After decades of not doing their job in the House an Senate on immigration reform
    He has the nerve to say to PDJT to sign
    This bill ! An I also read they put more funding for the care for illegal immigrants !
    Ok sign the bill an go the “284”
    Authorization route an use the
    Presidential power to shut the border
    Down till it goes to the Supreme Court !

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  16. Perot Conservative says:

    He claims there is $4B there for Defense (?) that can be moved around?

    Given all the game playing and inserts, I don’t believe him.

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  17. quintrillion says:

    Who knew Landmines had names and appeared on TV..hiding in plain sight.

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  18. kltk1 says:

    POTUS is in a tough spot, and the Big Club knows it. We’re still in the middle of tax season and a shutdown is going to piss off a lot of people when tax returns aren’t processed. $1.6B will hold him over until the next round in September. The bigger issue here is that we’re still getting CR’s instead of a real budget. I think he should start making the case now that a real budget is put on the table in September or the Govt shuts down again.

    That said, he has 6 months to aggressively go on offense and put pressure on Congress to get off its collective behind and do its job. A few indictments may get these folks to come around and start funding his agenda. Enough preparing the battlefield and waiting for IG reports that go nowhere. Perhaps even go so far as to put pressure on McConnell’s communist Chinese sister-in-law via President Xi. That would very likely get McConnell’s attention.

    “In January 2017, Angela Chao joined the board of the state-owned Bank of China”


  19. purpleibby says:

    I guess Lindsey 2.0 had a hard drive crash…..back to stabbing republicans in the back again. This bill is terrible. Do not sign it Mr. President.


  20. Paula Daly says:

    President Trump isn’t going to shut down the government again. He knows its a bad deal, it’s the only deal, because the republicans allowed the democrats to roll them again. It is what it is… We don’t blame Trump, we blame the Republicans for not having our backs. This should’ve been taken care of years ago.


    • George 1 says:

      So true Paula. Responsible leadership would have taken care of this problem decades ago. Like by the early 80s, when it became obvious it was a serious issue. The repugs had the House and Senate for the past two years. Blame Ryan, McConnell and all of the other GOPe traitors. Lindsey Graham in good standing with the traitor wing of the party.

      The problem is either going to be solved, at least in large part, or we will cease to be a nation. It is the number one issue and the most deadly to the future.


  21. IrishEyesSouth says:

    Is Sen. Graham playing musical chairs again? I seriously doubt this will even pass Congress. This is a smack in the face to President Trump and citizens of the United States. The epic decrease in the number of holding beds is a punch in the gut to our Homeland Security officers with the sole intention of ending the program.


  22. railer says:

    Lindsey Graham is a dedicated Swamp creature. There is no Lindsey 2.0, there is just the same ol’. Why this snake has suddenly picked up this weird cachet is beyond me. He is what he’s always been. The Bushie Kavanaugh was and is the Swamp paymasters’ choice all along, and Graham goes where the money is, first and always. Why would he get “credit” for doing what he’s always done?

    The Swamp wanted Kavanaugh. McConnell wanted Kavanaugh. The CoC wanted Kavanaugh. The neocon/neolibs wanted Kavanaugh. Forget the butthurt resistance and nevertrumper crowd, they don’t matter nearly as much as the paymasters’ cash. If anything, this should demonstrate what the Swamp is truly about, not that Graham has suddenly become our savior.

    I like Trump seducing Graham, that’s just smart politics. But he’s clever enough to understand this snake will sell him out in a heartbeat, on the border and anything else his paymasters want.

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  23. Meems says:

    Does not appear to be a good bill. Cities, towns, able to veto the wall? I don’t think so. WE NEED REAL BORDER SECURITY!!


  24. Donzo says:

    PDT got a lot of traction from his SOTU. He should capitalize in it with an Oval office national.address. The illegal immigration issue is his strength and a make or break issues for him and the nation. Accepting this rotten deal will do great harm to the MAGA agenda. He must stand his ground in this battle. The bill’s $1.53B with the restrictions on the wall is a pathetic joke and giant win for Nancy. After this long battle he CANNOT accept this. Time to go with a national emergency. Bring in thr Corp of Engineers. It’s only 30 years overdue.

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  25. namberak says:

    So much for Linderace 2.0.


  26. Mr. T. says:

    Lindsey “Douchebag” Graham, still playing the fool and still very much Donahue’s bootlicker and buttkisser.


  27. Gunner says:

    Just like the saying, ‘a cat is a cat and that is that’. Substitute ‘politician’ for ‘cat’ and you’re good to go. I’m done for the day — gonna take my frustrations and go work out.

    Keep the faith, folks!


  28. rustybritches says:

    I am so mad this morning I cant see straight but Graham turned out to be just another traitor again
    by Talking the President into opening the Gov and giving the other traitors this time to put this bill together They now have him right where they want him and he will not get out of this easily

    Please someone call Grahams office and tell that person in the nicest of terms to get the hell away from the President because with Friends like him and Kushner he does not need any more enemies The three weeks and this bill only proves once more that if he signs this he will be hurt big time. and I am not talking about people moving away from Pt but you and I both know He should not sign this bill This piece of trash gives millions over what the President asked for to every one but him and the border people and this will also takes away his right to kill off programs that don’t work anymore and just throws good money after bad..

    Please everyone tell the President not to sign this bill to veto it or just do a line by line veto and
    send it back to congress to do the dam work they are suppose to do


  29. BarneyRubble says:

    Lindsey Graham needs to be tried and executed for high Treason.


  30. SSI01 says:


    Him and the bill.

    Trump takes it he’s done for 2020.


  31. emeraldcoaster says:

    Senate and House leaders are flexing their collective muscle and giving the American people the middle finger…again.

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  32. Rose says:

    Move on, how about filth like himself move on and jump off a tall building. Makes me sick they’d rather send billions to foreign nations than protect their own country. He’s nothing more than an elitist who pretends to be conservative when it suits him.


  33. noswamp says:

    We’ve now seen the bill. Not acceptable. Period. Time to make some phone calls.


  34. franuche says:

    Hows about you do your due diligence and read the damned bill before you give advice, Lindsay.


  35. law4lifeblog says:

    I literally despise this little beyotch, I can’t believe that after he had a couple of good days people around here actually called him a hero and even suggested he run for President. I’m also enraged that nobody is making them answer questions about why the bill grants amnesty to any illegal adult who manages to snatch an illegal kid.


  36. JAMES MINCEY says:

    Lyndsey Graham is my senator and I can say that I won’t be voting for him in 2020. Once a Rino always a Rino.


  37. mashall says:

    ANTIFA and GOPe could actually have their staff or lobbyist posting here


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