President Trump MAGA Border Security Rally, El Paso, Texas – 9:00pm Livestream…

President Donald Trump Trump begins 2019 with a massive MAGA rally at the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, TX.   At this first rally of the year, President Trump is expected to reiterate his pragmatic proposal for a border security wall while Democrats simultaneously campaign against border security and advocate for open-borders.

The anticipated start time is 7:00pm MST / 9:00pm EST with pre-rally speakers and events ongoing.

UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkGST Livestream Link

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713 Responses to President Trump MAGA Border Security Rally, El Paso, Texas – 9:00pm Livestream…

  1. G3 says:

    Don Jr. has such a natural ability.

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  2. Summer says:

    I didn’t realize Don Jr. became such a good speaker.

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  3. blognificentbee says:

    Reddit kids reporting that Beto rally is a bunch of Spanish songs at this point…

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  4. Troublemaker10 says:

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  5. Ken Maritch says:

    What does everyone infer about PDJT based upon his pre-rally music?

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    • woohoowee says:

      That he’s “simply the best” 🙂

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      Well, it’s always wonderful to hear LUCIANO PAVAROTTI singing “Nessun Dorma” (“No One Will Sleep”), that fabulous aria from the opera, “Turandot”. The aria is sung by the Prince who is getting ready to answer the riddle in the morning given to him by the Princess—if he fails the answer, he will die; if he gets the answer, he wins the Princess for his bride. But, the Prince knows the answer, and the aria is his way of announcing that nobody will sleep this night because HE WILL WIN (“Vincero! Vincero!”). And sure enough, the Prince wins the riddle the next morning and the Princess as his bride.
      I think it’s a great song to play at the Trump rally. HE DOES WIN. SO DO WE, THE PEOPLE.

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      It’s great that they play “Nessun Dorma” (“No One Will Sleep”) sung by LUCIANO PAVAROTTI, from the opera, “Turandot”. The aria is sung by the Prince who is to answer a riddle given to him the next morning. If he fails the answer, he will die. If he gets the answer, he will win the Princess of the realm for his bride. The import of the aria is that the Prince already knows the riddle and the answer and is ready for the next morning, so he is sure that nobody in the palace will sleep that night. Sure enough, the Prince gets the right answer the next morning and gets the Princess for his bride.
      At the Trump rally, I think this aria means: that POTUS knows the answers and HE WINS and WE, THE PEOPLE win.


    • Concerned Virginian says:

      Sorry about the double post. First one didn’t “take”, so did the second one. Then both were posted. My computer is acting up. The live streams of the rally aren’t feeding well, either.


  6. MfM says:

    It’s great that Trump is having rallies as Democrats are announcing. Too often a President in his position doesn’t do anything until much later.

    That was why Obama was beatable his second election if Romney had really wanted it and did half as much work as Trump. When I think of the last several weeks of the campaign Trump was everywhere and Hillary had to get The Obamas and a bunch of Hollywood types to give her a big rally in Philly at the Liberty Bell… and then she didn’t even win PA. People didn’t come to see her and Bill, but because of the others.

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  7. sunnydaze says:

    I love that Don Jr. has given the DemMSM an open to talk about #LoserTeachers. hahaha.

    Let’s have that talk, America, It’s about time!

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  8. Army Mom says:

    Wish I could be there for this rally but unfortunately I’m on the other side of the state. I’d love to be there to show my support. Especially since I have been watching today that people who claim they are from Texas who say we don’t want or need a wall. I’ve never met anyone with that opinion. ..EVER
    We want and need the wall here in Texas. I love what the President is doing for Texas and America.

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  9. purpleibby says:

    Man this rally is PACKED!!!!

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  10. Landslide says:

    Playing “Simply the Best”!! Love it!!

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  11. Bendix says:

    What a great idea to have a rally in El Paso.

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  12. quintrillion says:

    There is a better feed of the rally from trunews:

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  13. SR says:

    Don Jr. is quicker and better speaker than PTrump. He remembers lot of facts and makes no mistake on fly talks/interviews. I can not wait him to run for any kind of office.

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  14. Cheesehead54016 says:

    Let the “Finish The Wall” Rally begin. Thank you El Paso and Gov Abbott.

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  15. Janice says:

    So my truck slid into a ditch today. We got it pulled out in rain and snow only to find steering linkage broken. It is miserable outside in Pierce County but woohoo we have power and we are kicking it ready for MAGA! Can i get an amen?

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  16. covfefe_USA says:

    JR looking great with the new beard/mustache! Excellent speaker.

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  17. bakocarl says:

    I guess WordPress is kicking my butt tonight!

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  18. covfefe999 says:

    I accidentally switched to PBS New Hour’s stream on You Tube, they have a whopping 1800 viewers right now. lol Got 90K on three conservative channels.

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  19. Robert Smith says:

    I had to bail on RSBN for Fox.

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  20. Don Jr. = 16 years of Donald Trump presidency—that will finish the left off for good! 😀

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  21. Serena says:

    Amen! Sorry about your truck,Janice. I know the rally will help you feel better!!!

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  22. 1stgoblyn says:

    He said “music”…who calls that music?

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  23. I figured out the problem with the livestreams is on this site…go to YouTube and they all work. Fox is on; cspan is having talk until POTUS shows up…a real boring drag…watching fox for now..

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  24. JX says:

    Why so loud?

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  25. Niagara Frontier says:

    So do we assume a late start because POTUS is getting briefed on this so-called last minute agreement “in principle” to avert shutdown?

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  26. jupitercomm says:

    “Sympathy for the Devil” is a great choice I wanted to be in rotation even earlier…. read the lyrics, or listen closely, they tell an interesting story

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  27. woohoowee says:

    Here he comes!

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  28. sunnydaze says:

    New RSBN guy (Jordan?) hasn’t seen many (any?) Trump Rallies.

    Never heard the Opera music before. Weird.

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  29. lizzieintexas says:

    🇺🇸God Bless the USA!🇺🇸

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  30. woohoowee says:

    God Bless the USA 🙂 God Bless President Trump45 🙂

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  31. Niagara Frontier says:

    C-SPAN2 for those interested in uninterrupted and commercial-free coverage.

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  32. Sporty says:

    I’m watching Beto with 12 other people.

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  33. woohoowee says:

    USA! USA! USA!

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  34. Majik says:

    OANN feed just came up as Mr. TRUMP walked out.

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  35. Landslide says:

    So happy that there is a great crowd!!!! It has to energize PDJT!

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  36. albertus magnus says:

    RSBN gets worse in their broadcasting rather than better as the years go by.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Agree. Let’s not forget they are contributor-funded. They’re doing their best with the little they have.

      But tonight was a major exercise in deceit. Notice when Trump’s speech was over, they didn’t stick around to interview people. And regardless of the angle of the camera shots, the people behind Trump were not the same people and not the clothing as we saw on other networks.

      Very sad because I like RSBN, they have great talent. They worked really hard during the Trump campaign.

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    • Black Irish Rose says:

      I give RSBN an “A” for effort, but until all the anchors stop saying “you guys” instead of “you,” they will continue to come off as juvenile frat boys and girls who have been handed a microphone. NO RSBN on-air personality whom I’ve heard is ready for a prime-time national audience–they all need remedial speech lessons or a thorough vetting by their local Toastmasters club.

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  37. woohoowee says:

    Today we started a big beautiful wall, right on the Rio Grand

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  38. MaineCoon says:

    DEJA VU!!

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  39. Michelle says:

    Wow what a welcome! What a crowd! I am always smiling ear to ear whenever I see him come out in stage.

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  40. woohoowee says:

    PT45 mentions SOTU and the crowd roars!

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  41. Marygrace Powers says:

    POTUS looks like he’s growing YOUNGER/GREAT GENES!

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    • cthulhu says:

      Heh. I have been hesitating to say anything because I might have just been imagining it. All other presidents visibly aged during their terms. VSGPOTUSDJT seems to be getting more and more of a bounce in his step, despite starting out so much older.

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  42. woohoowee says:

    America is WINNING again!

    America First!

    Crowd: USA! USA! USA!

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  43. woohoowee says:

    It’s a mainstream, common sense agenda.


  44. Main stream common sense agenda…
    52% ?
    Hello democrats!

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  45. woohoowee says:

    52% approval in spite of MainStreamMob. Hahahaha!

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  46. dutzie60 says:

    Raspusin 😂😂😂 he must read here. Some one called it Rasputin in a comment

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  47. MaineCoon says:

    Those hats are beautiful!

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  48. woohoowee says:

    Texans are at the forefront on this great American Revolution!


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