President Trump Remarks During Signing of Women’s Global Development Prosperity Initiative…

“W-GDP” is the Women’s Global Development Prosperity initiative. Today President Trump signed the W-GDP initiative designating priority spending to empower women’s economic initiatives in the U.S. and globally. [Details of W-GDP Here]

[Transcript] Oval Office – 1:59 P.M. EST – THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. We’re here today to launch the first-ever, U.S. government-wide initiative focused on economic empowerment for women in developing countries. A lot of people have worked very hard, especially some of the people behind me.

I want to thank Ivanka for the incredible job that she’s done in leading this initiative. Thanks, also, to Secretary Mike Pompeo, Secretary Wilbur Ross, Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Ambassador John Bolton, Ambassador Mark Green, and Peace Corps Director Jody Olsen. I want to thank you all very much. I know how hard you’ve all worked. And thank you. Great job. So important.

I also want to thank Senator Chris Coons, who’s — we just left. We had a wonderful prayer breakfast this morning, which was a tremendous gathering of a lot of great people. Along with Representatives Mark Meadows and Michael McCaul for being here. Thank you all very much.

We’re thrilled to have so many government and private sector leaders with us.

As my National Security Strategy says, investing in women helps achieve greater peace and prosperity for nations — not only our nations; this is all nations all over the world. We’re getting together. We’ve developed a lot of really tremendous relationships because of what we’re doing right here.

American women demonstrate every day that when women are free to thrive and prosper, they create jobs, strengthen our communities, and bring greater peace and prosperity to our nation and all over the world.

Today, we’re here to take a historic step to achieve this goal. In just a few moments, I will sign the National Security Presidential Memorandum to establish the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, also known as the W-GDP. It’s a good name. (Applause.) That’s one you should remember.

Through this initiative, our goal is to reach 50 million women, and maybe more. And it looks like it is probably going to be substantially more than that — substantially more than 50 million women in the developing world. And that will be done, Ivanka, by 2025, they say.

The W-GDP will coordinate efforts. It’s sort of interesting — GDP — I’m thinking about “gross domestic product,” but that’s okay because that’s what we —

MS. TRUMP: That’s why. (Laughs.)

THE PRESIDENT: — you’re actually increasing gross domestic product —

MS. TRUMP: That’s why. Exactly right.

THE PRESIDENT: — when you do this well.

The W-GDP will coordinate efforts across the federal government and work with other nations, organizations, and private-sector partners to help women in developing countries fully and freely participate in their local economics.

So this is a tremendous step for women. Other leaders of other countries have asked to get involved and do it. And through the people standing behind me, largely, that group has done something that a lot of people thought could not be done.

I’ve directed the USAID to allocate an initial $50 million for a new W-GDP fund, which will implement our strategy of making smarter, metrics-based investments that catalyze private-sector dollars.

This initiative will be prioritized in the upcoming future and in upcoming future budgets. Our goal is to empower women to help their home countries become self-reliant and to allow a lot families — millions of families throughout the world — to become self-reliant, and also in the United States, very importantly.

Today, we are honored to welcome women from many different countries — and I’m going to have them say a few words — who are already benefitting from U.S. government programs and who are achieving in their own countries, and elsewhere, some really incredible things. Some amazing stories.

I’d like to ask Ivanka to say a few words, introduce a few of the folks. And, Ivanka, if you’d start off, maybe you could start right now and then we’ll do a signing when we’re all finished.

MS. TRUMP: Yeah, absolutely.


MS. TRUMP: Well, thank you for your tremendous leadership on this effort. And I want to thank everyone who’s in this room for their contribution over the past year, through the interagency process. As the President said, this is the first U.S. government, all-of-government approach to empowering women in the developing world. And we’re incredibly excited.

We will hit 50 million women by 2025 through one of three pillars. The first is women prospering in the workforce — so helping with vocational applications that will enable them to secure jobs; giving them access to technology, which will enhance the productivity at the work that they’re already doing.

The second is helping women entrepreneurs gain access to finance and capital that enable them to scale and grow their businesses. This will create a multiplier effect, lifting up communities.

And the third is the enabling environments, and creating the conditions for women to thrive.

We know that there is a very strong correlation between women’s empowerment and peace. That’s been well established. And thank you, Acting Secretary Shanahan, for your great work through this process to get us to today’s PM.

We also know that women, as 50 percent of the population, are absolutely critical to each country’s prosperity. And we want to further incentivize and fuel that, but make sure to have it be metric-driven and outcome-based.

So we have rigorous metrics. Our goal is to transform all the recipient countries from receivers of foreign aid and development assistance to self-reliant and, ultimately, trading partners with the United States.

So I think some of the best examples of this are right here in this room, under programs launched under this administration.

So perhaps Nino, from Georgia, if you could say a few words about your experience and how the U.S. government has helped support you and the effect it has had on your home community.

MS. ZAMBAKHIDZE: Thank you, Mr. President, Ivanka. First of all, I would like to thank you for this great initiative, and take the opportunity and thank the U.S. taxpayers because they have to know that they are changing the lives of every single person all over the world for the better.

I’m a grantee of Millennium Challenge Corporation, and I was the one who thought that the women in Georgia had no future. But the breaking point was when Millennium Challenge gave me the opportunity to overcome the challenge.

I started with two cows and I become one of the biggest farmer of Georgia in reality, and now am supporting my community in the terms of access to finance, education, and their prosperity.

So, Mr. President, with your leadership, Georgian relationship with the U.S. flourished. And each and every Georgian citizen feels that. And I would like to thank for that. And the cultural (inaudible), with your support and with the projects the U.S. government does in Georgia, really has been tremendous because women have future of Georgia.

You have thousands (inaudible) all over the world who cannot come here and could not say it. So on behalf of the beneficiaries of U.S. project, I would like to thank you again.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. I appreciate it. (Applause.) Thank you very much. Beautifully said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, please?

SECRETARY POMPEO: And I’d just like to add: This is an important project; State Department is fully behind it. The women at the State Department are a central part of what we do. And we will be — through multiple programs — we’ve got scholars here, from Fulbright, a long history. And this will be an important addition to America’s efforts to empower women all across the world. We’re proud to be a part of this, and we look forward to working on it in the days and weeks ahead.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s great. Thank you very much, Mike. John Bolton, please.

AMBASSADOR BOLTON: Well, Mr. President, this National Security Presidential Memorandum that you’re about to sign is founded in your National Security Strategy. The ideas that Ivanka has been pursuing here are critical, we think, to some of the central pillars of that strategy — very important for the United States to see this development around the world. And it’s very exciting. It really is a whole-of-government approach. And everybody is behind it.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, John, very much. Great job. Senator? Please.

SENATOR COONS: Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Ivanka. It’s been great to work with you and to be here to help celebrate your signing of this next step in this critical women’s growth and prosperity and development initiative. It dovetails nicely with the BUILD Act bipartisan bill you signed into law; with the WEEE Act, which recognizes this as a critical strategy.

In my limited experience in Africa, every extra development dollar the United States invests in women, they invest in skills, in creating jobs, in building employment, and in their children and the future. And in societies where women’s entrepreneurship is strong, there is peace. So I think this is a tremendous initiative.

Thank you, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Mark Meadows? I see you’re back there, Mark, and you were so instrumental. (Laughter.)

REPRESENTATIVE MEADOWS: Mr. President, thank you for your leadership. And, Ivanka, thank you for your role. But more importantly, thank you to all the people here in the room for your leadership on this issue.

But it’s the stories that’ll be told, Mr. President, that you’ll never hear in this Oval Office — the lives that will be changed, the people that will be empowered — that will be a lasting legacy of this effort today. And I want to thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Mark, very much. And, Wilbur, Commerce has a lot to do with what’s going on right now. And this is a big part of Commerce. What do you think?

SECRETARY ROSS: Well, it certainly is. If this goal is achieved, it’ll add $12 trillion to the world GDP in 2025. That would be like creating another China, but without the trade deficit. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: And we won’t have that for too long.

Would anybody like to like to say anything? Michael? Anybody? Please.
REPRESENTATIVE MCCAUL: Yeah, thank you, Mr. President. I just want to thank Ivanka for her tremendous leadership on this issue. And the WEEE was incredible to pass that. As the father of four girls, women rule my house. (Laughter.) And this will impact 15 million women across the globe. That’s very significant.

And, Ambassador Bolton and Secretary, thank you for making this a part of your National Security Strategy, Mr. President, because it is a national security issue, and I appreciate that.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Would anyone like to say anything?

MS. TRUMP: Acting Secretary Shanahan, would you —

ACTING SECRETARY SHANAHAN: Sure. Maybe just a couple quick words. Economic stability is good defense policy. The seeds of flawed ideology are born from the absence of economic security. I’m hoping, Ivanka, your initiative will put me out of business. (Laughter.) Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Very good. Yes, please.

MS. ZANDE: My name is Ella Zande, from Budala village, southern Malawi.


MS. ZANDE: I am a founder and chairwoman of the Budala Women’s Group. I started a group in 2010 with 10 women. Today, we have 65 women in three villages. Over the past eight years, we had four Peace Corps volunteers who taught us many things, like we have businesses. We are (inaudible). So now I am happy to be here in America. (Laughter.)

I am very proud and happy to be here on behalf of my group and my Malawi women. Thank you very much.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Beautifully said. (Applause.)

MS. TRUMP: And one of the components of this initiative as well is the importance of catalyzing the private sector to achieve our shared goals. So we’ll be announcing today a partnership with UPS to help women entrepreneurs gain access to markets through their services, as well as a partnership with Pepsi, a co-investment with USAID. So we really want to lean on the private sector to help us achieve these goals.

And the CEO of Deloitte, Cathy, is with us today, and has done tremendous work in this space.

THE PRESIDENT: Good. Would you like to say something?


THE PRESIDENT: Good. Thank you so much.

MS. ENGELBERT: Well, obviously, the benefits are well documented. The barriers are well documented. And we look forward to the bold strategy that’s ahead of us. So we’re really looking forward to it.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you so much. We appreciate what you did. Thank you. Let’s sign. Right? Let’s sign.

(The memorandum is signed.) (Applause.)

Okay, who would like this pen? Who would like this? I think I know who I’m giving it to. I’m giving it to her. (Applause.)

We have plenty for everybody. Everybody gets a pen. ‘

So here it is, folks. This is a lot of — a lot of very hard work. I think this is something very, very special, and very special people. Thank you all very much.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Q Would you accept a compromise from the congressional committee?

THE PRESIDENT: There could be. I hear they’re working on something. We’ll see what happens. But I certainly hear that they’re working on something. And both sides are moving along. We’ll see what happens. We need border security. We have to have it. It’s not an option. Let’s see what happens.

Q Should Matt Whitaker testify tomorrow, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: He’s an outstanding person. I would say, if he did testify, he’d do very well. He’s an outstanding person. A very, very fine man.

Thank you all very much.

Q He says he may (inaudible).

THE PRESIDENT: That, I don’t know.

Q No meeting with Xi in the next month or so?

THE PRESIDENT: Not yet. Maybe. Probably too soon. Probably too soon.

Q Not before the deadline, though, right?


END – 2:15 P.M. EST

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115 Responses to President Trump Remarks During Signing of Women’s Global Development Prosperity Initiative…

  1. Carson Napier says:

    Does this initiative include air fare for Occasional Cortex to go prosper in Venezuela ? If so, I’m all for it.

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    • vikingmom says:

      AOC says planes are bad…maybe we can send her on an ox-cart drawn by non-farting oxen!

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    • Hereward the Woke says:

      Isn’t this a bit sexist? What about men’s development? Or are all men just over-privileged penis-wielding oppressors?

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      • bertdilbert says:

        There is only so much pie to go around. If you give to one party you have to take from another. Like the government giving bidding preference to women owned business. A black woman vet gets triple preference.

        Since most women are married, one woman ends up taking money from the husband of another. Sadly, this is another form of socialism disguised as “empowerment”..

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        • mashall says:

          Empowerment Initiative and Affirmative Action = Government Forced Discrimination.
          Any Preference is Unconstitutional and therefore Illegal.
          A Black Robed Tyrant twisting and redefining words does not.make it so.

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      • wodiej says:

        What an ignorant response. Women are still oppressed in the US.


      • Lactantius says:

        In many, many third world situations, women are as capable as men but are relegated to child care, cooking and gathering. Most primitive societies are very much alike. In the case of both men and women, when they are able to “produce” more than they consume, they are engaging in capitalism and building a better and more secure life. We have lots of “men’s initiatives” which help them become better providers. Showing women ways to join in building the financial stability of the family and the village is not taking from a limited pie, it is expanding the whole village security and standard of living.

        The truth is that factories which move in for intensive, but repetitive labor work almost always fill their jobs with women. I can’t explain exactly why, but the” invisible hand” learned it centuries ago.

        In the battle of the sexes, it is the men who claim the superior status. History is your guide to this truism. Some men are attracted to strong, equal and creative women. Some men run away from them. Whatever. Either we accept gender differences and learn to wend our way with and around them or we pretend that one gender is superior and the other is just there to breed and serve.

        I met a German feminist who relocated to Swaziland where she showed gifted weavers of baskets how to improve designs and color combinations. They took to it like crazy and now the works of true, labor intensive art that they turn out is sold worldwide in museum stores for what amounts to a year of income for the weaver’s family. That has resulted in better nutrition, pumps for wells and irrigation, electricity, health care and stability in the tribal community.

        Worldwide, poverty is being addressed and has been brought down significantly. That is a good thing. Having women participate in the success of positive development is a no-brainer.


        • Bendix says:

          This stuff tends to focus on areas where women certainly are oppressed because of being female, anyway.
          To me the odd thing is, we have women in this country calling themselves feminists, who are busy trying to bring that oppression here.
          Look at that head rag exception made for that angry Muslim in Congress, look how the despicable ugly Linda Sarsour holds her up as some kind of shining example, and look how women at those marches cottoned up to Sarsour.
          The irony is, in the Age Of Trump, women around the world are being encouraged to free themselves from their shackles at the same time the Sarsour nut is advocating for said shackles.
          She held up Saudi Arabia as a shining example of women’s liberation, despite women there not being allowed to drive a car.
          At the same time she was pushing for adopting backward Saudi ways in the US, the Saudis were deciding it was time to jettison some of them.

          God bless President Trump.
          You watch, the people who pretend to hate him because Republican will hate him for this, and the Republicans will still hate him.


      • Might I point out, that Prez Trump is focusing on manufacturing jobs in this country and the vast majority of them are going to men. That has been one of my complaints; yes, he is creating more jobs through his policies, but most of them are going to men, and I mean most of the better paying ones, too. So, Walmart is hiring? Mostly women there. Compare the salaries a woman makes as a cashier to what a man makes building cars.

        When women get into the workforce in the underdeveloped countries, the economy improves, for everyone. It stabilizes the country also.

        I am quite surprised by the negative comments here; I would say most have not watched the above video. There is a reason Commerce Sec Wilbur is there.


        • slowcobra says:

          You are clearly not from the detroit area, where lots of manufacturing, production, research, and engineering positions are held by women!!!! My joke is that Ford motor co should be called Female motor co. And I am a woman.
          Get over yourself.


          • No, I live in a small town. You are the one who needs to get over yourself….lots of women live in small towns and rural areas….and Walmart etc are the best places of employment. I like Walmart, don’t get me wrong, and they do employ many people who need jobs and have various barriers to employment. But, most of manufacturing jobs are in big (Dem) cities…there was no need to attempt to insult me…I speak from a different location and more in my location voted for Trump than yours.


        • mashall says:

          “When women get into the workforce in the underdeveloped countries, the economy improves, for everyone.”

          This is Globaiist-Speak Perfected. Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Globalist

          My economy does not improve when my Forced Taxes are given to others.

          If I give you my PayPal address, will you send me some money for my Empowerment Account?

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          • I guess Commerce Secretary, Ivanka Trump, etc are Globalist speak Communists…better write a letter to POTUS and tell him his daughter is a Communist.


            • D Daily says:

              Wasn’t it just this week when PDJT was speaking out against socialism? Does that “first daughter” of his ever support the policies that WE voted for? Does she ever speak in support of him? I haven’t heard it. She has sheepishly spoken against him and then Sara Sanders has to clean up IT’s damage. What is she and her deep blue demonrat husband doing there?!!! But hey, as PT said during one of the rallies, she always had her homework done without him having to ask. So I guess she’s qualified!


      • ddswaterloo says:

        Tax slaves. That what they are.

        Until they revolt big time,


  2. Dutchman says:

    “PROBABLY TOO SOON”: There you have it. Relates back to “China isn’t ready yet” statement he made, months ago.
    The beatings will continue, till attitudes change. China thinks they can outlast POTUS, and they must be putting tremendous pressure on their quislings to DO SOMETHING.
    China spent plenty of $ in D.C., buying Pelosi, McConnell, Biden, Difi, Ryan etc.

    Now they are finding out they bought defective product, and no money back guarantee: serves them right.

    We have been buying cheap, break 2 nd time you use it crap from China, for far too long, so “turn-abouts fair play!”

    Explains the urgency and persistence of the resistance; China must be getting ancy.

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  3. DallasMatt says:

    …..thank the U.S. taxpayers because they have to know that they are changing the lives of every single person all over the world for the better….

    I didn’t see where on my 2018 taxes where I was asked to give money ‘to themwomen of the world showed bu US Stated Department’…instead of 4 close women of MY world I would rather support, two of which are retired and over 70 y/o….

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    • wodiej says:

      The women of your world had and have more opportunity than those in these oppressed countries.

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      • DallasMatt says:

        By what authority under the US Constitution does it say the money collected from me under threat of prison, do I have to surrender it, so the wizards at the US State Dept can give it to foreigners not living in the US? How do the Feds know this a better use than my giving to a Living Water Project in rural Guatemala (for those Guatemalans not already illegally living in the US, receiving free healthcare at Dallas County Parkland hospital – paid by my property taxes – which are now higher than my town’s property taxes) – a Central American country that already receives $257 million in US Aid in FY2017?

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      • Michael Todaro says:

        “Oppressed” ? “There you go again” wodiej. I think you’re on the wrong blog. You’d better double check.


      • mashall says:

        Flights Departing Daily for your Oppressed Country Getaway!
        Post Selfies when you can.
        I’m so proud of your courage. : )


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Can I have a tax deduction for all of the money I am devoting for my young adult daughter to get her start in the world?

      Wait! I had not thought of this! I need to put a business of mine behind her name, and be a preferred government contractor!

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    • I would like to know if W-GEP is available to women in the US also. Can women in the US tap into it or are we limited to SBA loans? I have chickens, goats and raised garden beds of which I sell at farmer markets in the summer along with custom painted furniture. It would greatly improve my life if I could expand or hire one or two people but it is cost prohibitive. So although women have more opportunities to improve their lives here, they may not have additional capitol to grow or want to get bogged down with sba loans.


      • mashall says:

        Ask a person who benefits from Corrupt Unconstitutional Affirmative Action Discrimination how long it should be in place before things are equal.

        They’ll answer “When I say it is equal”
        Parasites kick the hardest when being pulled from their Host.


      • Haha laughing Dennis, your a hoot! The mostly sarcasm was lost on you.


  4. Herbert Kroll says:

    Even more reasons why young men from third world countries will try to emigrate…


  5. Kim says:

    “Empowering” women = Destroying family life.

    Why is this a good thing again?

    And isn’t it about time we finally got around to putting up 100 meter-high statues of the Ur-Mother in every town center? Because surely this insane frenzy of women-worship that our society has been lost in since women got the vote (because apparently the woman has not yet been born for whom even an infinite amount of absurdly lavish praise and attention is enough) really needs to have more focal points.

    I mean, if we are going to have a religion where women are our gods, and we must constantly sing their praises and offer them worship, we need more public statues to constantly remind us of their divinity. Although, on the other hand, we do seem to have plenty of porn.Is that the same thing?

    Liked by 2 people

    • beachbum31 says:

      I thought about composing an email to my since high school female BFF highlighting this story and the crazy Cortez stuff from today just to fire up a debate I knew I couldn’t lose…
      Then I remembered her righteous azz doesn’t need to justify hating Trump.
      We dont speak anymore.


    • During WWII, women went to work in our factories to keep our country going while he men were off to war. Would you suggest they should have stayed at home cooking and cleaning while the country fell apart due to the fact there was no one to work in the factories?


  6. purpleibby says:

    Bunch of caca you wrote there.

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  7. franuche says:

    Great. Another initiative costing millions. Here’s an initiativefor you, Mr. President: stop inviting foreigners on work visas to come and steal our jobs.


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  8. Really not enough specifics to evaluate this, honestly.

    Microlending programs have been very successful in stabilizing villages and towns–small $$ for big impact. If this is a technique employed for these programs, then great. But it is not good if the only economic engine is women’s work–in fact might encourage mischief among men not busy enough.


  9. There may be more than meets the eye with the W-GDP initiative.

    The USA is a decade late in thwarting China’s ENTANGLEMENT STRATEGY to bribe the LEADERS, own the INFRASTRUCTURE and exfiltrate the MINERAL WEALTH of Africa and Latin America.

    Winning over and economically empowering their women might just give us an angle for influence to develop ALLIES rather than enriching China to accelerate their path to Global Hegemony.

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  10. mashall says:

    I Concur

    What ever happened to Hire American?

    “Trump’s pro-migration announcement prompted protests from a group of pro-Trump graduates who have organized to stop the outsourcing of middle-class jobs in the United States. Protect U.S. Workers wrote:

    As a group of Americans workers who have been displaced from their jobs and campaigned for President Trump and his Hire American Buy American policy, we are very disappointed with the approach he is taking by rewarding the H-1B visa abuse. We will not support the President if he continues to side with the H-1B foreign workers and the big corporations.”

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  11. alonzo1956 says:

    it was heartwarming to watch the woman who received the signing pen nearly faint twice. Lets hope that this initiative bears fruit in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • With our administration of Wolverines, this will happen.

      Wilburine drove the potential home:
      • If the goal is achieved [engaging and empowering 50 million women],
      • This could generate $25 TRILLION in GDP by 2025
      • The equivalent of China … without the Trade Deficits!

      Liked by 2 people

      • mashall says:

        Loyalty is admirable Taxes are America First.
        They can empower their Damn Selves with their own resources.
        “Engaging and Empowering” is Stunningly Barftastic.
        Using US Tax Dollars or Resources for Ivanka’s Make Work Global Initiative is Globalist.
        All of this should go to the Wall Fund.
        There is no time for this.
        We are being Invaded.


        • TwoLaine says:

          You are missing the forest for the trees.

          Empowering women allows them to fend for themselves and stay in their own countries instead of invading ours with their children and families. I much prefer the price tag on that to feeding and clothing them here for the rest of our lives.

          Give a woman a fish and she will eat for a day; Teach a woman to fish and you feed her for a lifetime.


          Women are still substandard models in many countries and have ZERO to almost nil rights. We have come a long way in 100 years in the USA. It is past time for everyone else to catch up. Would you rather ship them guns or fishing poles?

          International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation goes Largely Unnoticed
          8 Feb 2019

          BTW, we are ALLOWING this BARBARIC practice in the USA. CHILD BRIDES too. This has to STOP!

          Liked by 2 people

          • mashall says:

            Send them your own Charity.
            Let is know how much of your personal money your contributed, eh?

            Giving ANY TAXPAYER RESOURCES, including time, to any foreign national to bring their standard of living up, so they don’t invade?
            That’s called Blackmail.
            Create Utopia with my Tax Dollars? Negative.
            Globalist Initiative is Globalist.
            Globalist is not America First.
            Send them your own charity.
            Crying about not having enough money for the Wall and than throwing Millions at a Globalist Affirmative Action?
            Not America First.
            Dump this, Get reelected.


          • mashall says:

            “Empowering women allows them to fend for themselves and stay in their own countries instead of invading ours with their children and families.”

            FYI Fallacy of False Alternatives or False Dilemma.
            “Fallacy of false alternatives — A fallacy occurring when the number of alternatives is said to be fewer than the actual number. Common examples of this fallacy are statements containing either/or, nothing/but, all-or-nothing elements.”

            I try to learn something new everyday.
            America First
            Stop the Invasion by any means Necessary.


            • TwoLaine says:

              Would you rather we give them guns? Because that is what we do in a lot of countries.

              Choose your poison wisely.

              Liked by 1 person

              • mashall says:

                “We?” Holy Community Oriented Compassion Graft Batman!

                Send them your OWN money, if you are so compelled.
                We need to reduce/cut off most Tax Payer funded foreign aid.
                Let Private Business and Charities give what they wish.
                US Politicians have allowed Countries to Blackmail US Taxpayers for Peace and Stability for far too long.


      • alonzo1956 says:

        I believe the figure was $12 Trillion, however your point is spot on. Ivanka believes it will be far more than 50 million. I firmly agree with their concept that empowering women in this way, can greatly reduce or eliminate conflict, particularly armed conflict. On top of that, it is in areas where China is trying to get a foothold and an advantage for sovereign nations resources.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Kim says:

          “I believe” + no reasoning.
          “empowering women in this way, can greatly reduce or eliminate conflict, particularly armed conflict.”

          What could possibly be your reasoning for this?

          Is it that war is caused by women acting the role of wives and mothers in the home?

          Is it that war is caused by a lack of peasants being caught in debt traps?

          Intriguing possibilities.


          • alonzo1956 says:

            When there is increased prosperity of any kind, it tends to reduce the stresses of life, thereby enhancing the prospects for peace. Aiding women in this effort is what I believe is a very good idea in enhancing a families prosperity. They otherwise would have little effect in reducing the stresses of day to day life. IMO Anything to help is worth a try, because the status quo isn’t an optimum situation. The more we can help lift people out of poverty, the better off the world will be.


            • alonzo1956 says:

              If the world isn’t a problem, then we wouldn’t have millions of illegal invaders inside our borders. I look at it as a pay me now or pay me later issue. I should clarify one point. I wouldn’t have a problem with building a border wall on the Northern AND Southern borders. Couple that with a means test for legal immigration that is primarily IQ driven. If we only let the smart hard working ones come here to live, we would ALWAYS be the nation where the world’s best want to go.


        • TY. You’re exactly right – it WAS $12 Trillion, the current size of the Chinese economy.


        • east says:

          Why should empowering woman reduce the risk of armed conflicts?? Woman are not peacefull.


      • east says:

        you need babies, and well educated kids. not woman in workforce.


  12. Law4Lifers … you’ve made AOC look like a genius by comparison.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. cthulhu says:

    Every time he does something that could be considered “nice” by someone, he ropes EVERYONE in to take the credit. It’s so obvious and so classic. Every victory by anybody erodes the “orange man bad” BS.

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Gary Lacey says:

    A global initiative, am I the only one who thinks this is absolute absurdity, a nothing burger.
    Look, I have no problem with promoting women, but this sounds like pie in the sky.


    • Kim says:

      “Global initiative” means “an opportunity for middle-men to carry out a lucrative scam under the cover of being involved in charitable or philanthropic activities”

      Are we really such rubes?

      If we have learnt nothing else from modern political-bureaucratic shenanigans, can’t we get it into our thick heads that bad actors love, love, love the cover of being good guys.

      White helmets
      Red Cross
      Clinton Global Initiative

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Mary Ann says:

    What did the questions for PDJT have to do with the woman’s initiative???
    Maybe I should become a reporter.. what I lack in education I make up for in common sense..
    If I could say so humbly.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I am so tired of special groups getting special treatment. Whoopeddydoo! You’re a woman. Why exactly should we give them a bunch of money based on their lack of junk or presence of female organs?


  17. BobC says:

    Thank you, BKR, for your analysis. The problem with the naysayers is that they lack your perception of the ‘if we do this, then….’ (list of valuable knock-on effects that aren’t immediately obvious).

    This is why DJT is President and the naysayers never will be.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. wodiej says:

    It is difficult to believe that so many men think this is a waste of time and money to empower and protect women. I hope this is not the overall mentality of the men at the Treehouse.


    • east says:

      If woman are equal, they don’t need protection.

      If they are as smart, strong and dedicated like men, they dont need empowerment.

      if they are not, then they dont need empowerment because they are unable to do it alone.


    • Michael Todaro says:

      “empower and protect” ? What in the world is that ? Credit card & a high wall ?


    • mashall says:

      Strawman Fallacy of Logic.

      My Dogs needs empowerment and protection, send me some of your money for a flea dip.
      Then they won’t Invade your yard.


    • Luke of the D says:

      I get that women in third world nations suffer, but here in America, women are actually MORE than equal than men (I am a man, and I cannot under any circumstance kill a child… but a woman can at will in many places. Likewise, I cannot get a job or a scholarship or anything special due to what is between my legs… because that would be sexist or something). Women need no help in the USA.


  19. east says:

    if you need to implement something political and economicly to *empower” a group to reach economic goals – then this group is not able to reach this goal. Because you just reach goals if you try hard by yourself.

    There is no difference between genders how to get rich. It is completly the same thing.


    • Go to Africa and try that.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Me says:

      So the low unemployment numbers weren’t “empowering” to people? Changes in economic policy and other policies helped to lower the unemployment figures. This is a form of help and empowerment to the American worker. If all of us workers are smart enough, dedicated enough, etc then we shouldn’t need any policy help from Washington, we should just be able to reach our goals without the assistance? So high unemployment under Obama was not a result of his policies, just that we were lazy?


  20. sucesfuloser says:

    Black face is frowned upon, wouldn’t man wearing makeup and dressing as a woman be similar?


  21. Mrs P says:

    This move is a counterpunch to expanding Islam.
    Empowered women who envision the possibility of success will not freely bow to the jihadies expanding their threat in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

    Liked by 2 people

  22. 1stgoblyn says:

    Could we subtract that $50M (which will become $50B in no time) from the foreign aid already sent to those countries?


  23. Lulu says:

    In much of the world, the only jobs (or way to eat) for girls is prostitution. 6, 7, 8 year old girls working as prostitutes or being sold as slaves to individuals.

    In much of the world, when the family eats the men eat first, followed by the boys, then the adult women and the girl children are starved to death.

    The world is missing hundreds of millions of women due to sex selective abortions and infanticide.
    Leading to China having millions of young men with no prospect of marriage or a sexual companion. That is a huge incentive for China to o to war.

    In much of the third world, birthrates are 6 to 12 per woman depending on country. It has been known for decades that women with their own income have far fewer children. This is a good thing when we have fewer that 2 children per woman in the 1st world (below replacement rate).

    Lowering third world birth rates keeps them from overwhelming the first world as you can witness at Europe’s borders right now – the endless stream of third worlders entering Spain and France.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mashall says:

      The only reason Third World Losers enter into other countries are because National Leaders allow it. They are not escaping the Third World, they ARE the Third World and the First World does not have the Resources to endure them while maintaining their First World way of life. This leads to Civil War and Revolution, or Communist Oppression and shared Third World Misery.

      There are Flights leaving Daily for Third World Oppressed Countries.
      I’m certain you can make a difference.
      Please post Selfies when you can!
      I am so proud of your courage.
      8 ^ )


    • Bendix says:

      I think those things are true, Lulu, but I don’t like having the American taxpayer forced to pay for it.
      Let the tax-exempt “charities’ such as the Clinton Global Initiative do these things.
      We pay for those too, just not as much.
      I find that there are local organizations doing very good works on a smaller scale, i.e. one village at a time, and when you support them the money gets used more wisely.


  24. Me says:

    Maybe one husband ends up taking money from another woman’s husband. So the job market is now socialism? You need a bigger pie.


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