Seriously – Virginia Attorney General States He Too Wore Blackface in College….

If you thought Virginia politics couldn’t get any more bizarre… well, it did.

Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, who previously advocated for infanticide, is under siege for pictures in his college yearbook outlining Blackface and KKK tendencies.  Every local state and national Democrat has told him to step down…. However, the Virginia Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, who would replace Northam, is also under siege as credible claims of sexual harassment and sexual assault are starting to surface.

If Northam and Fairfax are forced from office, that would put the #3 official, the Virginia Attorney General, Mark Herring, into place…. but,… wait for it,… yep, now AG Herring is saying he also wore blackface in college.  You can’t make this stuff up:

VIRGINIA – Richmond, Va. (AP) — Virginia sank deeper into political turmoil Wednesday when another top Democrat — Attorney General Mark Herring — admitted putting on blackface in the 1980s, when he was a college student.

With Gov. Ralph Northam’s career in peril over a racist photo in his 1984 medical school yearbook, Herring issued a statement saying he wore brown makeup and a wig in 1980 to look like a rapper during a party as a 19-year-old at the University of Virginia.

Herring, 57, said he was “deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that I cause with this revelation.”

The disclosure further roils the top levels of Virginia government. Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who would be next in line if Northam were to resign, was confronted with sexual misconduct allegations earlier this week and denied the accusations, calling them a political smear.  Herring would be next in line to be governor after those two men. (read more)

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601 Responses to Seriously – Virginia Attorney General States He Too Wore Blackface in College….

  1. CM-TX says:

    Based on both their reactions on exposure, when considered with ages & the time period it happened in– these two are telling us exactly who they are, & have always been. Two arrogant, racist, tactless, asshats. But then they’re Dems, so…

    My son at age 13 or 14, had more sense than these two will ever have. He once decided to use spray-on hair-dye, in black. I don’t recall the reason for, beyond wanting a temporary change. But he got the genius idea to apply it the night before school, saving time. 2 cans worth!

    Unfortunately for him, he’s one of those having a sleep position that resembles a weird gymnastic routine.

    So the next morning, he comes running into the kitchen in a total panic. His face, neck, arms… pretty much everything above waist was coated or smeared in black paint!

    I burst out laughing– he looked ridiculous! But immediately felt bad for him when he whined, “I can’t go to school like this, I’ll get my arse kicked!”

    I’m not sure why he thought I’d actually make him go as-is, but I suggested he head for the shower as assurance.

    I did grab the camera first… this was a potential safety-hazard, & completely avoidable. Close friends & family needed to be warned! His expression was priceless. (I captioned it with dangers of using product the night before).

    He was in the shower a good hour scrubbing. But he came back in his usual form, with just some traces around the edges. He did complain some of the struggle, apparently it doesn’t just wash off. 😁


  2. Jack says:

    Virginia is for black-facers.


  3. dustycowpoke says:

    The cats and then the 3 stooges perfect! I had a grand laugh.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    OK, I’d suggest that all prospective politicians immediately sit down and do nothing from now until their elections. This way they’ll never run the chance that, at some point in the distant future, things considered now as perhaps moderately in bad taste won’t be considered a mortal social sin. Sitting still and doing nothing can also be considered honing a vital elected elected official skill so it’s win-win.

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    • jello333 says:

      There’s been times that I considered getting into politics. Mainly during periods where I think things are going SO bad that I couldn’t possibly do any worse than the current crop. Most people who know me like me, and I can get along with pretty much anyone no matter their age or background.

      Oh, and something else that I thought might work in my favor is that I knew there were no “skeletons in my closet” that would come back to bite me…

      BUT WAIT! Is that really true? Have I never done ANYTHING going back to my teen years (or earlier even!) that could now be used against me? No, I’m sure I’d remember if there was anything bad, but the thing is, it no longer has to be anything really “bad”, and it doesn’t matter HOW long ago this not-so-bad thing was, or HOW old I was at the time.

      Hmm… so nope, I see no political campaigns in my future. But I think you guys would like me if I did, and if I started getting drawn and quartered over some un-PC thing I did hundreds of years ago, how I’d respond. It sure would NOT be a tearful apology. Nope, it would be, “Gimme a break! If you people really care about what you’re whining about, then don’t vote for me, or remove me from office if I get there. Because right now I’ve got more important things to worry about than your PC lessons in hypocrisy. You want an apology? Here’s your apology, right here!…”


      • czarowniczy says:

        I worked all levels of politics from Federal to local and all I got from it was a strong appreciation for soap, hand sanitizer and bleach. And then I came to Louisiana – think Chicago politics with better food and an open bar.

        BTW, in politics no one is so squeaky clean that some lie can’t be created to smear them when needed, politica ain’t about truth.


  5. Skeeball says:

    There should be no doubt at this point that the riots in Charlottesville were staged by Virginian Democrat Klansmen led by Northam and Herring.

    There should also be no doubt that President Trump is responsible for casting sunlight on these vile people. Never forget…

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    • cali says:

      @skeeball: ^^^^^^^This!

      Ed Gillespie the losing candidate did NOT want the support of our president during his candidacy which we all know he lost. How stupid of him!

      Now the carefully concealed past of the democratic party making an ugly come back via the white hood dressing or black face decorating while the other – like Keith Ellison in MN or Robert Menendez appear to find it a-ok sexually assaulting a co-worker. I guess Bill Clinton set the tone and standard for that one including wagging his finger telling the world “I did not have sex with ‘that’ woman Monica Lewinsky”.

      Here were have Fairfax telling the attendees in a meeting Monday night “Fuck that Bitch” Mrs. Tyson and victim.

      My how times have changed – Karma is a b%tch!

      We are watching the democratic party imploding and destroying each other!

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  6. SGH says:

    Umm… Why don’t we have a visual on this yet?
    Just asking. I live in VA… Democrap politics aren’t shared by me. I’m just curious why this is a sudden state to focus on at this particular time. (That they’re all on the line).


  7. Mary says:

    You wouldn’t put on blackface to look like Michael Jackson. Just sayin’

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  8. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    OK gang, here’s my plan: If everybody wore blackface, then nobody wore blackface.


  9. Apparently these “Klan/blackface” parties were quite popular with college students in Virginia and North Carolina in the 1980’s. I hope someone who was there will describe exactly what was the point.


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