A Panda Message in Dragon Language – President Trump Notes Bamboo Forest Shrinking…

President Trump tweets about a slow-down in the Chinese economy:


The message is toward the Panda.  The specific language notes the cunning Dragon behind the Panda mask.

Classic Donald Trump.

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119 Responses to A Panda Message in Dragon Language – President Trump Notes Bamboo Forest Shrinking…

  1. FofBW says:

    The Globalists have to be knee knocking and head scratching.

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    • budklatsch says:

      Why any unions continue to blindly support the Dems is beyond comprehension. You want good jobs and a good economy, vote Trump dammit!

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      • James Carpenter says:

        Perhaps it is more easily understood if you think of union leaders as looking out for their own personal interests. What’s best for tthe rank and file? Not so much. They are only the cash-cow dues payers to be treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed a steady diest of sanatized bullschitt)

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      • Judith says:

        They want their gubmint pensions. That is, for those who stick around for retirement. Many are opioid addicts and already out on disability.

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      • trapper says:

        It is union leadership that supports dems, the same leadership that spent the last 30 years sitting on their hands and doing nothing while American union jobs were packed up and shipped to China. Union leadership sold out their members for starry-eyed dreams of going “global,” while the globalists loaded the machine tools onto container ships and laughed up their sleeves.

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        • Cisco says:

          Ya’ nailed it!

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        • Dutchman says:

          In the 2016, sevrral of the leaders of big unions told Hillary campaign “We are RECCOMENDING our members vote for Hillary, but we can’t guarantee it!”

          This was a MAJOR departure from previous elections, where it was guaranteed the union rank and file would not only vote dem in lockstep, but play a major role in ‘get out the vote’ efforts.

          It was discouted as Bernie syphoning off some, mysoginists not voting for a woman, etc. But it was the membership waking up to reality; Union membership has GIVEN to the DNC, in $, in organising and effort, and have gotten screwed, just as non union blue collar, black and hispanics, pretty much every ‘interest group’ dems have said they are,working for.

          Oh, except planned parenthood and the rabidly pro-abortion, and LBGTQ and islamists. They haven’t screwed them, yet.

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          • Mike in a Truck says:

            Bwhahaha! Im a Union Trucker- in 2016 our business agent ( worthless) called a meeting and even brought some muckety-muck with him from the Grand Lodge.Held at a local hotel with plenty of food and drink he pitched how good HRC was for the economy and that we should vote accordingly. They barely escaped with their lives.Booed and spitballed they ran back to D.C. chased by the chant of Trump!Trump!Trump! We truckers saw the devastation caused by 8 years of Demos policies from the seat of a big truck.90% of us voted for Trump.

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        • mopar2016 says:

          I agree trapper.
          I was UAW for about a decade, and AFL-CIO for two decades.
          Around election time the chief steward would come around and hint that you should vote democRAT, but you’d be surprised at how many of us didn’t.

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        • The unions saw their income shrinking when their members’ jobs went to China, so they threw them under the bus and discovered a bigger more stable pot of gold in government workers and established public sector unions. Public sector unions should be illegal but it will take a miracle to do away with them.

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      • Latina says:

        They are communists. Remember former SEIU Thug-in-chief Andy Stern is a communist. They all are. Class envy, single payer healthcare… they want communism.

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      • They care no more for facts than anything friend. Their AGENDA, that is ALL that matters to them PERIOD.

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      • abdiesus says:

        Nothing that dems do makes much sense until you realize that it’s all about preserving the flow of money. Come to think of it, most reps aren’t much different. Funny that.

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      • snellvillebob says:

        I always looked at union membership as voluntarily asking for a second set of bosses.

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      • Steven says:

        It is a complex and vicious relationship. On one hand, if you blindly support the union (which inherently means you vote Democrat) you will no longer have a job due to globalization. However, when times are really good (like in Trump’s economy), you can use your union to place pressure on employers to give larger pay raises and better pensions.

        Keep in mind union leadership are auditioning for roles within the Democratic party. You go from community organizer to union boss to political pundit / lobbyist / head of an organization.

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      • Actually, union leadership are acting very logically. No matter how bad they manage pension or other funds or union issues, they can get bailed out plus some by the Democrats in D.C….

        How many tens or hundreds of billions did Soetoro and the Dems give to UAW etc with their trillion dollar ‘stimulus’ packages? Fairly certain that I read that the aforementioned money completely bailed out those union pension shortfalls and/or retiree health plans.

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      • signreader says:

        They were the reason our company Mcdonnell Douglas outsourced to China! Bullheaded Unions and arrogant workers just won’t get through their thick skulls! The assembly line only needs semi skilled diligent workers not whiners! Then company was bought out by the competitor and everybody lost their jobs.I doubt they learned any lesson!


    • modustollenz says:

      Which explains all of the articles about a global GDP decline. Essentially, they can try to spin this to make it all seem like its Trump’s fault the world economy is tanking, which won’t go anywhere, or they can realize their best bet is to play ball and work out a win-win trade with US. If other country’s actually come at this straight, Trump has shown that he will make it a win-win (e.g. Mexico in the USMCA) or they can follow the Canada model and watch it all swirl down the drain!

      I am wondering what the Q4 GDP will look like? That is a big win if its 3.5% or higher. Trump can show that whatever he is doing may be bad for the rest of the world but USA is BOOMING! MAGA!!!

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    • trapper says:

      No shortage of articles handwringing and wailing that PDJT is “dismantling everything.” Damn skippy!

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Yep, I’m sad to see only 43 comments on this block buster story which will have a huge impact on on the economy, thus every American citizen. I note that right now there are some 350 comments on the next story of Kamilla Harris running for POTUS. A story that will die in a few months and impact virtually no one less her family and close circle of friends or acquaintances.

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  2. Wayne Robinson says:

    CHINA USES MISDIRECTION AND LIES AT WILL / they are excluding their income for building ventures in shit hole country’s just count onit . This is suttle hint we need to be more accepting of their shit .


  3. litlbit2 says:

    A wonderful time as we the USA has never been this far before. Witnessing one man using his years of training for this moment MAGA. What ever President Trump settles on, it will be light years above all the rest. One hundred percent All American. Our President

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  4. trapper says:

    LOVE the graphic. Dragon is just another reptile, Eagle food.

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  5. Latina says:

    Still, my favorite tweet from Trump was the response to the muslim Motherf***

    He said: “she dishonored her family”


    In Islam, that is punishable by death.

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    • Papoose says:

      True, that.

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    • Greg1 says:

      Goodness, thank you for pointing that out! There was “something” about that post that stuck out for me, but I couldn’t put it into words.

      You just did!

      There are numerous things that can be pointed out from what Trump said to her, way beyond just pointing out her hypocrisy. I think you pointed out the best of them.

      I appreciate your wisdom.

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  6. cripto says:

    I think this is just the opening salvo of twitter diplomacy. Nine days and counting before Liu He and the 2 vice ministers arrive in D.C. for negotiations. The President must know about the unannounced CCP meeting in Beijing. 😀

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  7. Latina says:

    China is in a losing situation. Up until last October they had Brazil as their biggest trade partner. Then Brazilians elected a conservative President who agrees with Trump on China and admires Trump.

    Brazil’s New Finance Minister: Who is Paulo Guedes?
    Guedes received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1978, where he was taught by future Nobel prize winners such as Milton Friedman.

    Not only that, but in his first week as President he formed a new nationalist, capitalist alliance with US, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Italy and others. He is VERY vocal about his plans on fighting globalism and marxism.

    Before him, Brazil was allied with Cuba, Venezuela, China, Iran, Russia and others.

    This is only his 3rd week, therefore no specific trade changes towards China were made yet, but the simple fact that he is openly welcoming former “enemies” like US and Israel is a MAJOR shift.

    What a change! China has to be worried!

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    • Duke of Cumberland says:

      Bolsanaro: the Tropical Trump
      Guedes: the Tropical Wilburine?

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    • mopar2016 says:

      I wish Milton Friedman was around today, his common sense and style was excellent.
      We need more people like him. And I wish that Andrew Breitbart was here too.

      It looks like China has to learn the hard way. If the Chinese are so smart, they should be able to create their own technology and intellectual properties and stop stealing it from others.

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      • G. Willikers says:

        Book smarts are not the same as creatively applying knowledge. Can’t remember who said it but a prominent Chinese CEO once lamented during a public speech that they’ve got a billion people and not one of them could come up with an idea like Facebook first.

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      • noswamp says:

        China will have to learn the hard way. Why will they not reach a deal with Trump now or in the near future? Because they have been told by the Dems and Rinos to hold on a bit more then Trump will be gone(debate as to when: hopefully 6 years more?) Remember according to Alt news related to Q Feinstein flew there secretly last week and was photographed as well, in Shanghai. Why? What really bothers me is Brazille’s tweet made the same day Pelosi was scheduled to leave the US.

        Probably nothing, to this and I mention this only as background, but the Chinese seem to me as if they are stalling and will continue to stall. Trump must impose sanctions. Chinese is old world and old school. They were promised the US in an economic coup, and now it is being taken away from them, they are trying to serve two masters and it will not work.

        How much you want to bet that there will be no significant agreement with China. I would not be surprised if Pelosi and others in the Deep State were telling China to stall stall stall, in two years the Dems will be in power in both houses(thanks to Google and FB).

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        • Vicus says:

          Who cares if China stalls? It’s not a negative impact to us. Trump and the Republicans will decimate the Dems in 2020. Stop concern trolling.


  8. cripto says:

    And the hits keep coming.

    Singapore is buying a small fleet of F-35 JSF from US, China’s nose out of joint. Singapore holds the Chair of ASEAN this year.

    PH and US Air Forces conducted 7th bilateral air contingent exchange (BACE-P) in Basa AFB, involving fighter jets including PH Air Force FA-50PH. It’s been held since 2016. Point to note is Basa AFB is less than 200nm from Scarborough Shoal. Also the PH Generals who favor the US are pushing back at President Duterte who was toying with leasing Subic to the Chinese. China’s nose out of joint.

    @USCG announces “multi-month” deployment of USCGC Bertholf to Indo-Pacific. “Executing national security missions throughout the Pacific” as part of @INDOPACOM. Mentions FOIP and RBO rationale. All while not getting a paycheck. Remarkable. China’s nose falling off.

    And there is more….

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  9. Smiley says:

    As I see the economies of the world slow down I am so happy that I am traveling on the Main Street and not the Wall Street.

    I just hope we are far enough away not to get splattered with their fallout.

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  10. nuke9101 says:

    what is it that I have to buy from china and can only buy from china…that I need right now? hmmmm nothing and once you realize the question and answer….that is China’s problem.

    if tariffs start to bite…China doesn’t lose some volume due to price elasticity (ya know..the price of some widget that you buy at walmart go up 20% so they sell 9% or 12% less units the next year…just making up numbers)… Walmart then sources ALL the volume from some OTHER country a year or two later as they find a new source at better cost…the tarrifs aren’t dent to China they are an existential risk to everything….the big guys in the usa that sell china stuff are worried but the sales to china have been debt fueled, low quality, and fraught with ip theft…..barely worth it…

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    • Then there’s the 😱 moment the Globalists realize why China stole their IP:
      • To DISPLACE them from the Chinese Market!
      • Then TAX them for idling their factories’ Chinese workers.
      • Then “BUY” their idled factories for NOTHING.

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      • railer says:

        There’s only one way they’re gonna learn. Trump tried to tell the Apple guy early on.

        They made a mad scramble for China 18 years ago. I just want to ask them, how’s that working out, folks?

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        • Jake says:

          Didn’t Harley Davidson also decide to move a plant to China? That’s going to kick them in the ass pretty hard.

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          • cripto says:

            The Elon Musk story is even more interesting. This blogger,el gate malo, has an amusing thread you should read. It may explain what he’s up to in China with his mega Tesla plant.
            pack up yer tinfoil and hop in the mystery machine while we explore perhaps the most baffling aspect of the muskrat’s fraudy fiefdom: the boring co. it just makes zero sense a child can see that so what’s it all about? my tinfoil theory: it was never supposed to make sense. pic.twitter.com/dYLMFAZe39
            6:33 AM – 21 Jan 2019



            • ichicinnabar says:


              That Twitter feed on Elon Musk is amazing. What a scam. That’s why he cultivates the Howard Hughes image. Invent wild projects that require long term payments by municipalities who are short on oversight. Let the project go on for years and collect the check, never finishing the job. On to the next dazzling futuristic project that never works, but Government pays for.



        • Time for a mad scramble back!


      • And those SAME execs come to the congresscritters with hat-in-hand begging for a handout because they lost all to the “International Market” (hiint: China) and weren’t covered. We’ve been there, done that routine enough!!! PDJT/Mnuchin are going to be cleaning clocks and taking names after all of this is over. And the globalists companies are going to be on the back burner…OUCH!!!

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  11. cripto says:

    And so it begins: (notice the date–2024)

    China Offers a Path to Eliminate U.S. Trade Imbalance, Sources Say
    China has offered to go on a six-year buying spree to ramp up imports from the U.S., in a move that would reconfigure the relationship between the world’s two largest economies, according to offici… https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-18/china-is-said-to-offer-path-to-eliminate-u-s-trade-imbalance?srnd=premium

    Lots of problems with this if true as pointed out by Brad Setser. (Follow the thread very detailed on how such a deal may or may nit work).

    Brad Setser

    The first point is super cynical — the Chinese offer was to get rid of the surplus using the Chinese numbers (the US data has a $400b goods deficit now). So the easiest way to reduce the surplus? Export more to HK for reexport to the US … pic.twitter.com/yvt1PZCgw5



  12. Mike in a Truck says:

    China is so cunning theyve got their butts in a crack.Sun Tzu you have met your match!


  13. CountryDoc says:

    Trump is not doing this alone. Perhaps his ideas and vision, but he didn’t develop his vision alone. I wish we had access to the inner conversations, planning, delegation of projects. We could learn so much. I hope history is being recorded. I see Trumps methods becoming as well read and studied as Sun Tzu.

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    • POTUS is rewriting Benchmarks for Leadership that will never again be witnessed in our lifetimes.

      • They can’t copy Game-Changing strategic visioning that’s rooted in geopolitical tectonics-in-motion.

      • They can’t copy creative outside-the-box Dealmaking-on-the-Fly that mixes and matches Nation-State participants by generating unimagined sources of Leverage.

      • They can’t copy Scope and Speed of Decisionmaking that’s unmatched in human history.

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      • And do you know why that is? Politicians put their “political capital” first…PDJT does what is right for the country not a subset.

        And that is why a lot of these execs are loosing their little minds and the pols are getting stiffed left and right…meaning, they are not garnering the sums that they did because it is ALL drying up. Dry up the money, dry up the problem. And PDJT is the Enforcer of making the money dry-up…

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    • cripto says:

      Country Doc, there is lots of information in the public realm on these issues that the WH depends on or scrutinizes. We have some very talented people in Gov., maybe classified, but they are exceptional. You may not know their names but they are the subject experts, beavering away behind the klieg lights and tweets.

      We are blessed to have these patriots, unsung, who do their best everyday to protect America. They are in consonance with our military to serve their oath to the Constitution.

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  14. snellvillebob says:

    The reason Pelosi keeps winning the speakership is she raises more money for the DNC than anybody else. That means she is selling their votes and making herself look good. Now one has to wonder how much China has “invested” in her to win this wall issue, thinking that will make POTUS more vulnerable in their trade deal.

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  15. jephfree says:

    it’s getting so bad that when I went and got chinese food, at the end of the meal my cookie had no fortune in it.

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  16. dustahl says:

    Most retail stores sell 80% Chinese made items. Brick & Mortar is nothing but an outlet for Chinese goods. that is the problem and the solution. My opinion double import tax then triple The downside is all the multi-Nationals want access to the Chinese market, they think.

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  17. cripto says:

    The best report on China’s December GDP report.

    (It’s not paywalled and if you want to know the facts, figures and analysis it is a must read).

    “China’s quarterly numbers are in and China’s economic growth decreased to 6.4%. We are reviewing the most recent numbers and examining some inconsistencies. So diving right in, let’s pick up at the most recent quarterly GDP numbers in figure 1. Real growth in GDP by industry shows a decrease from December 2018 from July 2018.…”
    Tead more here:

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  18. Bendix says:

    I think a lot of the “thinking class” are so sore at Donald Trump because he noticed what was going on and they didn’t. All this time they’ve been blaming Americans, but not themselves, for the decline in our standard of living, and the “inequality” they claim to deplore.

    How come Oprah didn’t catch on? She did shows about this.
    She told Americans, many of who were really hurting (especially in her home of Chicago), that Obama was The One.
    Then when he wasn’t The One she never mentioned it again.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Oprah may be rich, but she’s no intellectual juggernaut. No more so than 90% of actors and media personalities. Look who they consistently support.

      They are only experts in creating illusion.

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      • Vicus says:

        Celebrities are dumb as bricks. Puppets.

        OT: Thee worship our country has for the entertainment industry is sickening. Look back at that “leave Britney alone” meltdown about a decade or so ago over negative Britney Spears coverage. Also, that was a dude, not a girl.

        There’s been a mind control that’s slowly breaking.

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  19. WES says:

    Chinese economy has been slowing for several years now. For last 2-3 years my brother has not gone to China at all to help GM (work himself out of a job!) produce cars over there. The 5-6 years before he was in China half the time. Things have definitely changed in China. There is a big push towards electric vehicles in China now. Since President Trump, GM no longer plans to import cars from China to the US.

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  20. peace says:

    Oprah was so busy focusing on building her own wealth that she never paid any attention to what was happening in her own backyard – in the South Side of Chicago. I have no doubt that karma will visit her one day. She could of done so much to help the people who made her rich and she chose not to. I suspect she does not ever really have a peaceful night’s sleep. Shame on her.


    • WES says:

      Peace: Her sole public relations effort was to set up a school for girls in South Africa so the girls could be abused. Sad. Nothing in Chicago though.

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      • peace says:

        WES: you’re so right – Oprah set up the girls school in S. A. but did nothing for the blacks in her own neighborhood because, in her words, the folks here weren’t appreciative. She’s going to die a lonely old rich lady with no positive legacy and a huge pile of money.


  21. cripto says:

    Above I mentioned the big CCP meeting in Beijing. Mystery solved.

    (From Xinhua)
    “President Xi Jinping tells senior officials to strengthen their ability in preventing and defusing major risks to ensure sustained and healthy economic development and social stability”

    According to Yufan Huang:
    “The big meeting in Beijing yesterday is important. The top concern of CCP now is “political security” and the way to address it is to focus on “youth” and “cyber”. I expect to see more censorship and social repression.”

    Evidently the expression ‘fengqiao experience’ (枫桥经验) was bandied about. Xi-Mao 2.0 has been using it for about 15 years with increasing frequency when civil disorder heats up.

    “The Fengqiao Experience is a Mao-era method for using massed groups of citizens to monitor and reform those who are labeled as “class enemies.” The method operates on the principle that “Ten people work together to reform one person so that conflicts are not handed over to higher authorities and thus the society is reformed from within.” In colloquial terms, this is mobilizing the masses against the masses.”

    Nice historical summary here (in Chinese(.

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    • railer says:

      The Soviet Union in the 80’s tried to open up politics while keeping a tight hold on their economy. The Soviet Union proceeded to dissolve, and the economy went soon thereafter. China won’t likely make that same mistake. They’ll keep tight control of their politics, as your sources imply. No sense that we continue to subsidize them though.

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      • WES says:

        Railer: You are 100% correct!

        In 1980s Russia loosened up their politics while still running a communist economy! We all know how that worked out! It didn’t! They hit a brick wall! I know I worked in Siberia in 1983! Even with my help they still failed! My Bad!

        The Chinese took note of this and decided to loosen the economy towards capitalism while keeping a tight grip politically. Now that their economy is slowing we will see the political grip tightened which will just make the economy regress even more! Until the Chinese reform their political situation their economy will continue to sputter.

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        • But neither country realized that (or were willing to move toward freedom sufficient for) a robust rule of law is he predicate for both a prosperous economy and a stable polity.

          And of course they are moving toward control.

          The scary thing is that these moves, focus on cyber and youth propaganda, echo those of the leftists in this country today.

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  22. noswamp says:

    I am no China expert but I do not see a deal with China on the horizon that is COMPREHENSIVE. The Chinese will shuck and jive and waste more primarily due our own politicians interference like Feinstein and other Dems and deep state types.

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  23. noswamp says:

    All China wants to do is stall stall stall.

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  24. edward schiff says:

    China currently has a monopoly on the Rare Earth Mineral market. This technology may end that, and that would be significant.

    CCTC is a start up clean coal company I mentioned here in the past likely being President Trump’s “clean beautiful coal”. CCTC was approaching commercialization a couple of months ago, but is incorporating their patent 3 of 3 to a slight delay. This upgrade extracts Rare Earth Minerals from coal among it’s many attributes. This is new news, and large. Turns out the clean coal may just be the byproduct.

    Here’s an hour long interview with CEO from the other day. Also includes interview from 3 months prior.

    Letter to shareholders from 1/16.

    ” The redesigned facility is expected to further improve on the BTU increase we achieved with the original test facility in Oklahoma and provide an automated extraction of by-products.
    Examples of products that can be extracted from coal are:
    Carbon ( all types~)
    Rare earth mineral
    Oil and oil products
    The possibility that our technology could eventually extract, in an economically viable way, rare earth minerals, is of great interest to the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, here in the USA. We are jointly (with the University) exploring opportunities with these Government agencies for utilizing our technology in this field.”

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  25. G. Combs says:

    G. Alistar says:
    “Yep, I’m sad to see only 43 comments on this block buster story which will have a huge impact on on the economy….”

    What is there to do except read, digest the information and nod our heads?

    Most people have very very little training in economics but we know China paid Billy Clinton to ship US jobs over to China and that President Trump has restructured our economy to bring those jobs back.

    1. ENERGY – One of the major costs in manufacturing is energy. President Trump unleashed American Oil and Gas.

    2. Corporate Tax Rate — The USA had one of the highest corporate tax rates and President Trump lowered it to a reasonable rate.

    3. Regulations — President Trump’s cabinet is striping away needless regulations unleashing small businesses a major driver of new jobs.

    4. Obummercare — President Trump has gutted Obummercare.

    5. Tariffs — It is no longer ‘advantagous’ to take advantage of China’s low wages because you get socked with tariffs that take that advantage away.

    6. Raw Materials — Most of China’s raw materials are imported. President Trump is unleashing US raw materials. (Think Hemp and plastics from oil for example.)

    With the addition of China’s habit of stealing technology and building ‘mirror factories’ combined with the loss of the financial advantages listed above, the move to China no longer makes any type of financial sense. Therefore companies are coming back to the USA.

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  26. WSB says:

    Has anyone heard from Elaine Chao recently?


    • WSB says:

      Pillsbury was Lou’s show this evening and mentioned that Elaine was inviting the Chinese in to help us out with our roads, bridges, and I guess, belts.



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