President Trump and Secretary Pompeo Pay Tribute to Fallen Americans From Syrian Bombing…

Earlier today President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Dover Air Force Base to participate in a solemn tribute to fallen Americans.  President Trump saluted the casket carrying civilian contractor Scott A. Wirtz of St. Louis, Missouri, as his body was carried from a C-17 military aircraft into a waiting van.


Scott Wirtz and three other Americans were killed in a suicide bombing Wednesday in the northern Syrian town of Manbij.  He was assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency as an operations support specialist.

The bombing in Syria was the deadliest attack on U.S. troops since American forces moved into the country in 2015.  President Trump also met with the families of three additional Americans who were killed in the attack including: Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jonathan R. Farmer, 37, of Boynton Beach, Florida, (based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky); Navy Chief Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) Shannon M. Kent, 35, of Pine Plains, New York, (based at Fort Meade, Maryland); and an unknown civilian contractor. The transfer services for those heroes were held in private with the President observing.

Last week, late Wednesday night, President Trump reinforced his Syrian withdrawal decision during a meeting with about a half-dozen GOP senators at the White House.

Senator Rand Paul (KY) told reporters on a conference call the president remained “steadfast” in his decision not to stay in Syria, or Afghanistan, “forever.”  The senator did not disclose the latest thinking on the withdrawal timeline. Senator Paul said President Trump told the group: “we’re not going to continue the way we’ve done it.”…

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29 Responses to President Trump and Secretary Pompeo Pay Tribute to Fallen Americans From Syrian Bombing…

  1. grlangworth says:

    We have to lose our best men for the tree of liberty, enabling for the oblivious rest life, long and carefree.

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  2. Big Jake says:

    I don’t recall seeing Black Jesus ever do this.

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  3. Mary Ann says:

    A solemn reminder that our freedom is not free..
    May God comfort their family.

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  4. GenEarly says:

    Security Lapse imo and a tragic shame for 4 non combatants to be out in “Indian country”. Military should know better but there is still much of the Obama mentality still extant in the military, intel, and DOJ/FIB is still infested.
    Hope for the best with minimum loss of life.

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    • Nathan Hale says:

      General, let’s not cast blame for civilian casualties without knowing the details. There will be time for that later.

      Unlike wars in the past, there are no formal battle lines with straight lines of marching soldiers dressed in blue and gray facing each other and trading volleys while carriages filled with ladies and gents watch from the side. It’s painful to lose anyone in combat, but it’s very likely the civilian contractors knew the risk and thought it was worth taking.

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      • Monticello says:

        Hard to protect/predict against a suicide bomber.

        Honor them.

        Support President Trump 100%.

        Things like this send a clear message to every man and woman in uniform and to all veterans and their families…… appreciation for their sacrifices.

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      • De Oppresso Liber says:

        The General’s assessment is correct, regardless of the specific details leading to this tragic loss.


    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Yes, the curse of the Halfrican will literally take years to cleanse. Our armed forces today are a mere shadow of the forces which came out of the 80’s – 90’s, and performed admirably through about 2010-2012. Since then…… all rots from the head down, and is a precious and perishable resource which will take years to rebuild. Thank God we have technology and weapons systems to keep potential adversaries at bay.


    • OldParatrooper says:

      Intel Specialists are combatants under the Geneva Convention, not that the Taliban would care either way.


  5. NJF says:

    God bless these men and their families.

    God bless USA.

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  6. tyshab. says:

    They weren’t all men, Navy Chief Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) Shannon M. Kent, 35, of Pine Plains, New York, (based at Fort Meade, Maryland), and the contractor, Ghadir Taher, a 27-year-old Arabic interpreter from Georgia, were women.

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  7. Maquis says:

    God Bless them all, and may He grant their families great peace.

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  8. crewdog 52 says:

    My heart goes out to President Trump. Unlike Obama, he deeply cares for all of our warriors and first responders. Anyone who is familiar with casualty notification in the military knows how emotionally difficult it is to meet with newly grieving loved ones. I’m sure events like this tear the President’s insides out. If I were in his shoes I would be drinking more than one stiff drink, but he doesn’t have that option. Keep him in your prayers and every now and then send him a postcard telling him how much you appreciate his efforts. We Deplorables are all he has.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      You have very aptly written what I also feel. My heary goes out to POTUS Trump. Only by the grace of God does he do all that he does and this is the hardest. May God comfort the families.

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  9. jeans2nd says:

    May they rest in the peace of Our Lord, and their families find peace in the strength of Our Lord.
    ISIS, huh? not

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  10. lotbusyexec says:

    🙏 praying tonight for all their families. Their sacrifices are above and beyond what is expected. May their loved ones soul rest in eternal peace and when they one day pass and rejoin their loved one I just KNOW that they will get the biggest and best hug ever. In the deceased persons time it will feel like a second since they were last together but in our time it feels much longer. Stay strong and never forget!

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  11. Disgusted says:

    Remember that day not long ago when O and HC dishonered the families of the dead coming home from Benghazi when they were holding hands as if anything mattered to either of them. abd they lied to every one of the greibing parents? Ait was just a disgrace! so happy they seem to have disappeared from our lives now!

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  12. straightstreet says:

    My prayers for the families left behind.
    I’m proud that our President honors the fallen.


  13. ~ALL and Most Merciful Father in Heaven, I Beseech Thee, Please lay your Healing Hands upon their Grieving Families for Their Loss and Welcome Home, Those, Your Faithful Servants…..AMEN.~
    *Folks, This music is what I imagine that those who have Fallen in GOD’s Service will hear upon Their arrival at the Heaven’s Gates.*

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  14. DutchieC says:

    Thank you, Mr. President and Secretary Pompeo.


  15. thesouthwasrght says:

    What freedoms precisely were/are/is the US military and its collection of mercs (“contractors”) defending? As I ask my SF step son: “when was the last time the US military deployed to actually defend American soil?”

    As a vet myself I beg every young person to not fall for the patriotic propaganda, avoid the military like the plague. It is a sham. From top to bottom. Top being a being a General-corps that is selected not by who is the best at commanding units, but by who is best at bootlicking. Here’s an excellent read regarding that topic:

    Anyways, people need to steer their children into other endeavors, ones that lead to raising families and being productive. Not ones that end up getting you maimed, killed, and forever changed for nothing outside of making some richer than they already were.


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