The All American “Gilets Jaunes” Presidency….

Love this. I especially love how much this draws out the elitist pontificating opposition; now tone-deaf giddy as they try and ridicule ordinary All American fast food.

POTUS Trump knows exactly what he’s doing.

Please Democrats; please media; please make fun of this….

Remember the “Freedom Fries“?…

This is how you do it Macron !!

It’s called “authenticity”.

Take notes, stat!


That’s our people’s President.

That’s OUR President.

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460 Responses to The All American “Gilets Jaunes” Presidency….

  1. thomas says:

    Good on Clemson for going makes me a fan..!!

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  2. Becky Pacey says:

    I love our President

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  3. MfM says:

    What most people don’t take into consideration is that planning and timing of events happens at the White House months ahead. Just because Clemson won last week doesn’t mean it was just put on the schedule last week. This event has been on the schedule with a general title for awhile. It’s likely been moved around as other things have come up and only finalized when Clemson won.

    That’s what Trump was talking about when he said either we did it today, or it would be some date in the future. Trump gave them a day they won’t forget, the first Fast Food reception at the White House.

    What were the Democrats doing? Hobnobbing in Puerto Rico.

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  4. Shelley Keith Childs says:

    In 2010 Obama didn’t feed them anything.

    “The program called for no food to be served, yet White House maitre d’ George Hannie, resplendent in a tuxedo, stood in front of the State Dining Room.”

    But look what they ate afterwards (at their own expense)…

    “By 2:30 p.m., the Alabama players and coaches had left the White House and headed east down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol. They went from there to the Lincoln Memorial, then to the Pentagon and then back to Reagan. The day cost Alabama at least $85,000 — including $79,000 for the Delta charter round-trip flight from Tuscaloosa to Reagan National Airport, $1,700 for four charter buses in Washington and $3,300 for box lunches (including a few extra sandwiches; this was, after all, a football team) delivered by Chick-fil-A to the team after the visit.

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  5. jackphatz says:

    I love the chandeliers, added elegance.

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  6. Jutes says:

    President Trump always appears as a gracious host. He looks like he enjoys company.

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  7. Zippy says:

    Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. please. Fresh, SOFT, TOASTED buns versus McDonalds’s cold, stiff, NOT toasted ones. I researched why they don’t toast them when they used to and somewhere their response online was that their customers didn’t care. BS. So, they save a step and save a fraction of a cent.

    I once picked up a Quarter Pounder at a drive-through and the bun was cold, stiff, the patty was cold, and the cheese slice was like they are when they come out of the refrigerator, completely unmelted. I used the restaurant code on the receipt to politely describe what I just described in an on-line complaint and I got a call from some female associated with that restaurant or the chain who gave all sorts of semi-beligerant excuses and made it sound like -I- was the problem.

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  8. InAz says:

    This brightened up my day.
    Awesome! Best President ever!

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  9. Jeff C-C says:

    If it isn’t Carl’s Jr., Trump missed a chance to support a buddy of his, nearly our Secretary of Labor.


  10. govlawyer says:

    I love the fact that he’s not ashamed to admit that he loves fast food–or that he puts ketchup on his steak, and it drives the libturds batguano. And if we ever see him wearing a yellow vest, the sound of exploding heads will deafen everyone–and be our call to arms!

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  11. Rgt says:

    Makes me hungry. Rare that you go to a fancy highbrow event and get something you like to eat.

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  12. Daniel says:

    I picked an awful time to go on a diet… sheesh. I miss McDonald’s already. They actually changed their burger mneat and how they prepare it. It’s REALLY good now. But diet… oh well.


  13. Now tell me Folks, that Pres.Trump doesn’t have a Sense Of Humor.
    ~Ooo La La… ‘Bon Appétit’~ 🙂

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  14. delighteddeplorable says:

    Sundance, looks like you got your wish for the MSM to go insane over this. Rush is talking about it now. They actually fact-checked POTUS’ statement that there were burgers stacked a mile high. This is rich! DIMS are completely around the bend and not returning. Hilarious!

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    • Tom H says:

      Rush mentioned that the Trump campaign plane always had McD’s burgers and fries. Howie Carr loves telling the story of being on the plane with Trump (going from Boston up to an event in Maine) and being served McD’s. He thought it was fantastic (Howie loves making fun of the phony effete eating snobbery of homeboy John Forbes Kerry, America’s Number 1 gigilo)

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    • Bendix says:

      As id no one ever used the mile high expression.
      I suppose if he said a football field’s length they’d be laying them out to see.


  15. MIKE says:

    I would GLADLY pay him Tuesday…
    for a hamburger today

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  16. Zorro says:

    Funny thing is that the Left would like to put Mickey D’s and all out of business. This would result in the unemployment of many of their constituents. I guess I shouldn’t worry about that, their $15/hr demands will do that anyway.

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  17. lisabrqwc says:

    Is that Mick Mulvaney chomping on some chicken nuggets in the way back of the 2nd photo SD posted?


  18. yy4u says:

    “The One” would have given them arugula salad, Kobi and Argentinian beef, chocolate eclairs, sushi and plantains in order to promote diversity and global inclusion. How gauche of an American president to serve American food to an American college team.

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  19. Zorro says:

    McDonald’s is just a deflection! Trump loves Russian food! (just beating the MSM to it).


  20. Colin the little brown emoji says:

    And of course, a Douche named Bush had to make an issue of the fast-food menu – faggot probably would have preferred arugula.


    • dobbsfan says:

      Just to clarify, that was Reggie Bush, the former NFL player who had to “forfeit” his Heisman Trophy and caused his college team to vacate a National Championship.


  21. Edith Wenzel says:

    For what it’s worth even the media in Canada made fun of it, so I would guess that your wish has been granted. Surely CNN and the other picked up and ran with it and I got a money request from the Democrats in which commentary on the fast food luncheon was noted.

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      And CNN’s problem with this is what? Instead of doing real reporting, Jimbo Acosta was hanging out in Burger King just a couple days ago.


    • Peppurr says:

      Of course they would make fun of it. Anything to make derogatory comments about President Trump. Pretty much a subsidiary of the USA msm. and soon to be well paid by the Trudeau gov’t, to do so.


  22. Dreaddboi says:

    I heard that the captains on the team requested the fast food after being asked what they wanted to eat..

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  23. TwoLaine says:

    It reminds me of Richie Rich when he invited his new friends over.


  24. Mike diamond says:

    I love our President Trump ! I got real tired of seeing Obama eating ice cream!


  25. Bill_M says:

    Troll level: Galactic Overlord!

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  26. Just showed my 18 year old athlete son and the first words out of his mouth were “that is RAW!!!” Every athlete knows that after months of training and dietary restrictions the sight of a huge table full of fast food is a hundred times better than some fancy schmantsy “luncehon”

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    • Will says:

      Back when I played college football we would routinely lose 8 – 10 pounds just in the morning practice. We then had huge lunch spreads to bulk back up, then would lose another 5 – 8 pounds at the night practice. We had mandatory weigh ins each morning to make sure we weren’t losing too much weight. At that age and practicing that much you’re burning 7,000 calories per day or more. Those Clemson kids probably tore through that spread like wildfire and loved it. I know I would have in college.

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  27. eric says:


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  28. Linus in W.PA. says:

    You know, back when Obama was in office, you’d see people swoon and get the vapors over every little thing he did, and the great majority of what he did was stupid, or at least incomprehensible to myself and other like minded folks.

    And, because we’re a ‘team’ oriented people, we are naturally inclined to see the other side in a negative light.

    But with the Trumpet, I’m actually a bit sad that these democrats/liberals/leftists (the other side), through all their baked in negativity to our side, are missing the glory of what is actually happening around them.

    So sad, but so great!!!!

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  29. dana says:

    serving up mcodnalds on porcelain china by the light of gilt chandeliers—imagine the self proclaimed elites gasping “quelle horreur!” as they sit down to truffles, stinky cheese, and craft cocktails.

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  30. Dennis Leonard says:

    You know the news media,late night,and all the libs are still talking about this,How dare he serve them Hamburgers,come over here we will serve you lobster,etc,etc.I love it.


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